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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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popular diner at a hotel nearby evacuated. live on that scene, look at the damage, and also, what this means for all every those hotel guesses. and, it is primary day, and super tuesday part two may very well be survival tuesday. for some of the presidential candidates. also, why new jersey governor is facing even more criticism for campaigning with donald trump. >> and, showers linger this morning, making for another slow, wet commute. but once the rain moves out of here we've got some good news, your forecast dramatically improves. good morning, it is tuesday, march 15th, i'm erika volume teal. the focus of the positive. check in with katie on the skydeck. >> roads look pretty positive so far this morning, that's a good thing, katie. how about the forecast? >> notice i do not have the umbrella today. if you many, if you were with us, it was powering here on the cbs-3 skydeck, obviously not the case any more. still the ever so finest drizzle, that's out here right now, but not enough that you
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even need umbrella so i do think that if you want to get away without the umbrella feel free. one extra thing you don't have it cartier long with you. storm scan, again, few little speckles of green that show up, a lot every times fine mist, drizzle, isn't going to show up on the radar. at this point starting to see things try to dry out at least little bit here. >> cross the maryland border into citizen travel pa may get in on little that far before said and done, but eventually is skies are going to start to clear out. later on today. >> you'll have sheen on the roads, and everything else, you might have to flick the windshields wipers once, twice, by far better drive than yesterday. produced for the morning commute. temperatures eventually rebounding nicely too. we could barely make it to the 50's yesterday but today see the low 60s with no problem. meanwhile here is a look at current winds speeds, not strong, but just strong enough that we will start seeing any of the worse of any low-lying cloud cover, thin out, and
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that will also allow eventually for those clouds to completely, hey, what's this? bit of sunshine toward the tail end of the day? so come 3:00 p.m. talking maybe 59 degrees, but we should at some point late in the day hit about 62. >> who could beat that. >> i'll be honest, yes. >> a lot better this morning as you can see, moving here on the schuylkill expressway, at the boulevard, starting to tighten up as go out west here, on the schuylkill, but that's what you get when it is 6:00 in the morning, but so far, so good right here. ninety-five southbound, you can see it start to get little bit tight right here. you head toward cottman, that's your normal routine here on 95 in the morning. here is the vine street expressway, same thing, moving pretty smoothly right now, should fire up in the next few
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minutes, and the blue route right now is also looking pretty decent, not too bad right now. traffic moving here, the headlights moving southbound, and your travel times right now the blue route 476 to 95, 17 minutes, everything looking good, erika. >> popular diner goes up in flames overnight in chester, two alarm fire also forced hotel to evacuate. january car bear owe joins us from the scene, i know fire investigators looking for the cause of the fire this morning, jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, fire crews actually just left the scene here in chester, but as you mention fire investigators still have to determine the cause you can see the roof charred, torn apart, meantime people staling at the days inn which is attached to this diner have all been allowed back inside, so bit of good news here this morning, fire started here at the great leaves diner at 13th and edgemont in chester just before 3:00 a.m.
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fire crews received 911 call about the fire. though saw smoke and fire coming through the rest trent, took three minutes to put out the fire. smoke got into the hotel so it forced obama vacuation. those guests actually just allowed back inside within the hour. they are very tired this morning, some say, they awoke to fire alarms, other to firefighters, banking on their doors. >> i thought they was coming through my door they were banking so hard. i don't care about nothing else that i made out and my baby got out. >> made it through the restaurant area, had fire up in the roof area of the restaurant. crews went in, pulled sealing, extinct wished the fire. >> fortunately, there were no injuries here this morning. neither to firefighters nor to anyone else in the area, the diner though as you can see
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heavily damaged, fire officials will be checking out the fire alarm system and the diner later today to make sure it was working, also, again, be searching for a cause, erika, back into you. >> thank you for the update. >> a driver is in custody after his car smashed into a police vehicle on i-95 south this morning. the driver is suspected of driving under the influence, he hit a swat vehicle near academy road while officers were assisting the driver of a different disable car. >> and emotional vigil in west philadelphia, where a teenage girl was killed by a stray bullet. meantime, the search continues this morning, for the shooter. hundreds gathered near salford and callowhill to remember 18 year old nadge, she was shot and killed saturday night white sitting zero the front porch. her mother pleads for the shoetree come forward. >> my daughter was innocent. she wasn't a perfect chimed.
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she wasn't an angel. but this time, she was innocent. >> i just want to know who killed my daughter. >> police believe an argument led to that deadly shooting. a $20,000 reward is being offered for information lead to go arrest and conviction. >> hundreds of delegates at steak in five president a.m. primaries today. donald trump is trying to inch closer to the republican nomination before the summer convention in cleveland. winner take all, in ohio governor john kasich is in virtual dead heat with trump. in his native florida senator marco rubio is trailing trump. done champion will join us live from miami florida coming up at 6:30, with update on the campaigns. new jersey governor chris christie campaigned for donald trump yesterday and that's angered the head of the state troopers union. who says the governor should have been attending the funeral of a state trooper. hundreds of law enforcement officers attended services for trooper sean cull never his hometown every cinnaminson.
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he died last week after a car hit him on interstate 295 while responding to an accident. trooper cullen leaves behind a pregnant fiancee and nine month old son. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt picks up the story . as hundreds in uniform paid respect toss officer sean cullen killed while on the job, governor chris christie was in north carolina, on stage, with donald trump, playing interviewer. >> and how would you bring the same principal's you've broth, man manage g great company to our relationships with trade with other countries around the worlds. >> one of the biggest problems we have in our count have i trade. >> we checked it out. this is the second trooper funeral christie did not attends. the other was trooper eli mccarson's funeral in december. no officials protocol foray tending funerals of state troopers. christie has attends the some in the past. this time lieutenant kim was in his place. head of the state trooper
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union told "eyewitness news" quote we are focused on honoring our fallen brother today, quite frankly we did not expect someone who has consistently shown distain for law enforcement to pay his respects to the cullen and state police family. may sean rest in peace. wonderful family tragic the governor's decision make something predicated on selfish political opportunism. that much is clear, end quote. christie and trump have been seen together in texas, florida, ohio, and north carolina. >> this guy would come to my office and say could i have $350,000 for the republican governor's association, right? >> that's right. he would come to my office like year and a half two years ago. >> later in the day former alaska governor sarah palin introduced governor christie in florida before trump took the stage. according to donald trump himself expect to see more of chris christie on the campaign trail. >> and i want to point out i reached out to the governor's offers for comment. i didn't hear back. governor christie has said in the past he will not be a full
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time surrogate for donald trump on the campaign trail. reporting in the sat center this morning, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> still ahead this morning, four month old baby abducted just feet away from his father. >> my life just stopped. everything just stopped and just dropped at the bottom of my feet. >> where he was found safe and the mistake that baby's father made that put his child's life in danger. also, imagine waking up to see this face in your bedroom. coming up a little bit later we are live for the search for this man wanted in a terrifying home invasion on the main line. >> and a dolphin stampede. where hundreds of dolphins were seen frolicking in the water coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> dreary morning out there. a lot of headlights on, folks headed to work and school.
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just take it easy. give yourself a little extra time if you k we'll be back with a check on your forecast and also those roads. good morning.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. (terrifying month here as tornado touches down near dayton, ohio. the national weather service confirms, an ef1 tornado ripped through phillips berg yesterday afternoon. resident stay storm sounded like a freight train barreling through their towns. several barnes and homes in the path of that twitter -- twist remember damaged. so far no report of any injuries. >> severe storms brought strong winds and golf ball size vale in greenville, south carolina the good news for the folks, there the sun does
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return today with temperatures in the mid 70s, you can here it there just pink that car. thankfully nothing for our forecast today,. >> same system brought us dreary weather, and also what's going to bring potentially shower today. >> cleared out across the carolinas, but see how everything else is lifting out of here. so here's what actually had been pretty disorganized area rotating away. regardless the set up still there to see severe weather down in ohio and the carolinas, that said, really just looking at lingering shower at this point. i don't think you'll have to deal with much more after the morning rush is over, but as we move things forwards in future weather maybe little fine mist still out there. future weather trying to pick up okay maybe little blip on the radar, for the tail end of the rush but otherwise skies will try to clear out. there go. call it partly sunny by this afternoon, say, if the kids are getting home from school, you might finally see some of the rays of sun coming through many tomorrow not looking bad at all. we spike on the thermometer
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for one thing, get to 70. see the tell tail green showing up through central pa eventually late day shower or sprinkle, is going to come in here, potentially once the sun gone down too. most of the day looks fine. if you want to get in some outdoor plans i say go for it, saint patrick's day however looks like the radar will be celebrating in short. we will see some green out there in the form of some scattered showers through the course of the day. so, that said, our very festive saint patrick's day forecast, hey, leprochans still dancing despite the fact couple of showers out there. actually since upped the expectations for highs, 06 degrees what we're shooting for still well above average. now looking forward in the eyewitness weather seven day, first day i can absolutely guarantee it stays dry, really doesn't come until the weekends. but that said, no day is a wash out. by any means. and many of you are likely to stay dry in the next couple of days, evan flow on the thermometer obviously, by saturday looking lovely. seasonable for the standards of mid march with sunshine. >> and 70 tomorrow, not bad. >> ya, we'll take it.
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>> 53 degrees though when get upset. >> isn't that bizarre? >> the closer we go? >> so bizarre, that's right where we should be. >> yes. >> there you have it. >> holiday looking very nice by the way. >> i'll take six off. >> yes. >> maybe some sunshine? >> few peaks of it, we'll take that. >> all to celebrate saint pat's. >> oh, as we celebrate pat's. >> any time we can celebrate me, ya, great thing. roadways little wet this morning. any celebration about me? it has always got to be about me. that's the way i do it around here. 202 north at route 29. looking good so far. the roadways as you can see still little wet from that drizzle, and all the rain, today better on the roadways, no ponding, no pooling, definately good thing. this is a look at 95 at girard, volume picking up southbound as it normally does this time of the morning. so, as you know, you're coming through this area it, will take you a little extra time. going over to the schuylkill
6:16 am
expressway, excuse me, 95, 452. at route 452, taillights going northbound. still smooth sailing right here. and the schuylkill, that will start to tighten up little bit as it is as you go out westbound here at the boulevard. and your wide map, everything actually looking pretty good. 27 miles an hour going 95. south. but everything moving pretty good so far. erika? >> pat, thank youment also moving pretty good check it out show off the coast of southern california. hundreds of dolphins were in some sort after dolphin stampede off of dana point. captain dave dolphin and whale safari posted this video. that jumpy behavior can happen any time without any known cause. when dolphins repeatedly leap in the water like this it is their fastest mode of travel, allowing them to move at speeds of nearly 25 miles an hour. wow, we'll be right back. ambulance
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argument between neighbors turns deadly. men got into fight and one pulled out gun. shooting other multiple times. it happened around 9:30 last night in the 4600 block of north 16th street. the 31 year old victim was rushed to the hospital, and later died. police are inched viewing witnesses, investigators also have vehicle in custody, they believe, belongs to the shooter.
6:20 am
you can see thief runs into running van parked outside west philadelphia store. said he left his four month old son to grab water whether he came out his van was gone, he then remembered he left his phone in the car. >> ly actually texted his phone, from the store owner's phone, he told me where my son was at. >> the thief left the boy on germantown street and the baby was found unharmed about 15 minute later. the suspect remains at large, so, if you know his whereabouts, there is a shot of him, you are asked to call police. still ahead this morning, how local fans and businesses are getting ready for march madness. >> also, this is great, picture seen around the world, angry woman riding splash mountain. what's funnier is why she is so mad. we'll tell you. katie, this is great. >> i know. >> not so great, our forecast, sorry, showers. >> so excited to hear this story, i've been really looking forward to. >> this stick with us. also, we have to talk about the fact that we still have
6:21 am
some wet weather issues down the road here guys, swing on the thermometer, a lot of very active weather going on in this forecast, we will talk all about it coming up on the other
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>> hope you are working on the march madness brackets, it start with the play and games tonight. temple, st. joe's, villanova
6:24 am
already in the big dance, and fans are stocking up on gear to show off their favorite teams. they also know it might not be too easy to see games during classes but some fans say, they're prepared. >> definately have guys sneaking in, sneaking in to their phones, and stuff, to kind of check the score and whatnot. hope my coach doesn't see that. >> campus stores report rush on gear for the owls wildcats and hawks. hoping one of those teams can bring home title for us guys, here go. >> here is a schedule local teams playing in the tournament two seed villanova tips off against unc ashville at 12:40 friday afternoon, right after that game ends, temple will take on iowa. and, you'll have to stay up late to see st. joe's play cincinnati. that will game scheduled to start just before 10:00 friday night. you can watch all three of those games on tru tv. so the question is do you think you know who is going to win it all this year? then sign up right now for the bracket challenge on cbsphilly.comment grand prize win letter take home $5,000 american express gift cards.
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not bad. also surprises for winners in each rounds. be sure to get the picks in at well, chances are you have seen the picture of the so-called angry splash mountain lady. but now we know just what made her so unhappy. jordan alexander from syracuse said all she wanted to do was ride splash mountain at disney world with her husband steve. it is her favorite ride. but, steve was apparently tired, and decided to sit that one out. so, jordan decided to give him a harsh stair on the camera the way down. with that, grumpy mom was born. >> aid crying baby, and my husband informed me that he did not have it in him to ride my favorite ride. >> when she first showed me the photo i just lot it -- lost t how could you not? i was like did you coordinate this with them? because it was so perfect. >> really s now, since the post dollars that picture on line it has got viral, has been photo shopped everywhere
6:26 am
from bernie sanders rally to even sky diving, and we're told grumpy cat also got in on the fun. so, glad the folks can laugh about it. there is the back story for you. all right, coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news", search for suspect in a terrifying home invasion. justin? >> good morning, home invasion meet horror story. take a look at this burglar bookie man who broke into a home. woman was sleeping. woke her up and robbed her in that mask straight out of halloween. more on the details and disguise when we come back. >> it is a do-or-die day, for some presidential hopefuls, five key states hold primaries today. i'm don champion in miami, with the latest from the cam campaign trail coming up. >> i'm pat gallen, i've got your traffic, morning commute is firing up as you can see right here, an accident, i'll tell you where it is at, and how to get around it, when we come back, right here on "eyewitness news".
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>> not quite super tuesday, but could decide the fate of two candidates. now the steaks are certainly high today in campaign 2016. those primaries could show whether donald trump get clear pass to the republican nomination, and whether two other candidates survived. in one state the two democrats are just neck and neck. we want to check in with don champion checking in with don champion in florida. >> with donald trump still steaming ahead, political futures on the line for marco rubio and john kasich today, both men tried making last stands in their home states yesterday, meantime, on the democratic side, hillary clinton is trying to avoid any surprises. >> bernie sanders riled up supporters late last night in
6:31 am
chicago, urging them to take him to victory. >> let us see this great state help lead the country into a political revolution. >> hoping to slow hillary clinton's momentum, sanders is looking for upsets in illinois, ohio, and missouri today. but the vermont senator faces an uphill battle in the delegate rich state of florida and north carolina, where clinton holds a sizeable lead. >> i'm asking for your support. i would be honored to receive it. >> millions of votes have already been cast here in the winner take allstate of florida, where on the republican side, donald trump leads marco rubio two to one in polls. a trump win here will likely spell the end for rubio's campaign. >> we have to vote tomorrow. trump -- make sure no one stays home. >> he won't clinch but he'll have a spanning lead in delegate, and nab commanding
6:32 am
position to get the rest that he needs. >> kasich cannot make america great again. can't do it. >> in the winner take allstate of ohio, trump is neck and neck with john kasich, the popular governor. >> give me a vote so i can continue to run for president of the united state. >> in missouri, ted cruz is fighting trump for delegates. and in illinois, the latest cbs news battlegrounds tracker pole has cruz within striking distance. >> and just to show you how big today is, there are basically more delegates up for grabs today than basically any other day on the primary calendar for some of the campaigns, it will be onto states like arizona and utah from here, erika? >> see what happens. don champion for us in miami florida, thank you so much. >> not feeling like miami florida in philadelphia here today. dealing with dreary weather, kate. >> i we are expect to go see any of the dreary sort of lift out of here, get in some sunshine before the day is san aid done. that said, march is one of
6:33 am
those months where it is very typical to see everything thrown at you. temperature extremes, both cold and warm, and also some crazy weather when it comes to precipitation. that's exactly what we've found thus far folks. we take a look at the month so far. temperatures are actually trending, over 8 degrees above their seasonable average. had inch even worth of snowfall, and the highest temperature, you remember this, 82 degrees, and that inch of snowfall and high of 82 actually all happened within a week. so, you really can see a lot of flip flopping going on with the forecast, because, this is transition month. trying to change seasons. so you will get a lot of evan flow. that's he can actually why our forecast is a little active here the next couple every days. storm scan, pretty quiet. at least initially. do still have a loft clouds. do still have what we say damp start to the day. may be straight up shower rolls through some of the communities before the morning is all said and done. but eventually start to see the clouds lift out. i would say, off to chilly start. but you can lever the umbrellas at home at this point. 45 degrees both trenton, wilmington, 45 kind of the
6:34 am
magic number across the southern tear of the region but we are expect to go get into the low 60s at some point later today, that's going to come courtesy of those clouds thinning out, for, dairy say it sunshine later today. pat it does get better from here but off to bit of dreary start. >> today looking good, looking better. you know what never looks good? the schuylkill expressway, and it is no different this morning as you can see. there is an accident right there. it is at the conshohocken curve. as i walk over to this beautiful green screen. seventy-six eastbound at the conshy curve. it is blocking the left lane. it will take awe long time. if you want to try, you can try 23 east, if you want to get around it. but as you know, at this time of the morning, it is really going to be stop and go with the lights on 23. so, maybe your best bet just to try and sit through this. both directions, though, as you can see the other way, the brake lights, it is going to be slow go. as you look here on the schuylkill expressway. looking at 202 south henderson road, car fire, it is blocking the right lane. and it has been pushed off to the shoulder. one lane getting by here on
6:35 am
202 south. take a look at the 42 freeway over in new jersey, the volume starting to pick up as you head toward i-295. and toward the city of philadelphia. also, as you know, nine # a southbound, cottman, always a problem spot at this time of the morning. erika, we send it back over to you. >> pat, thank you. residents along the main line are on alert after mask robber terrified a homeowner over the weekends. justin finch joining us at trediffryn township police department with the latest on the suspect. good morning. >> erika, police say they are working actively and tirelessly to track down the suspect who woke this woman up in the dark of night filling her with fear in her own bedroom, in her own home. here in the 100 block crestline road in the stratford neighborhood, tredyffrin police got haunting home invasion call back on saturday march 12th. woman saying she awoke to this mask man, in her bedroom, and standing at the foot of her bed about 1:00 a.m.
6:36 am
>> that is not all, that frightening face spoke, she says, saying be quiet. and you won't be hurt. she says he tide her up with duct tape, ransack her home, stole her car keys and wells fargo atm card. the mask man reportedly brandished what appeared to the woman to be a stun gun. attempt to scare her into giving up her atm personal identification number. in her stolen car, police note he hit the road quickly. not getting far though, only .2 after mile to this wells fargo on the 700 block of west lancaster avenue, taking with him her jewelry, and a radio. wells fargo surveillance recorded him there using the stolen. tm card snapping close up of the unforgettable face. meantime the woman was sprague herself to quickly call police. >> also working quickly police did notice in that surveillance image the man has cents a flashlight, small
6:37 am
flashlight, also wearing gloves. the woman's car was found in nearby stratford train station. police also note this man stands about five-ten, weighing 180 pounds, and was also seen wearing a heavy sweatshirt there, as well. erika, back over to you. >> justin, thanks for that report. >> pennsylvania lawmakers plan to vote on medical marajuana bill by the end of the week. the supporters held rally at the state capitol in harrisburg where the house is debating the measure. it passed the senate last may. that will bill would allow doctors to prescribe marijuana for various medical conditions including cancer, aids, and parkinson's disease. some changes are coming to mayor jim kenney's soda tax proposal for philadelphia. his budget team plans to lower the levy on fountain drinks to bring it more in line with the bottled beverages. that will means everyone would pay 3 cents, per ounce, if city council approves that plan. kenny wants the tax for universal pre k, parks and recreation, and the city pension plan. right now 6:37. new research predict people will use their cell phones to
6:38 am
make 90 billion, billion with a b, dollars in mobile payments over the next year. that is up from 12.8 billion spent in 2012. but, the convenience every replacing class wick your cell phone does pose security risks. we want to check in with cbs news business al list, jill schlessinger, will set us up. if we use mobile payment, what's the best form of payment to use? >> well, you know, you have got few choices, you can have your device linked to your credit card, your debit card or your phone bill. so here is the deal. experts say, a credit cards is preferable. i know debit card, but here is why. credit cards provide the most consumer proking it sean for you, if you happen to have your information hacked. if you have linked your mobile payment account to credit card you have got the ability to dispute fraudulent charges, before they're paid. also, you know you're using your phone right? so you want to use an app rather than a public wifi
6:39 am
browser for any financial transactions cents, most mobile apps have better layers of security that are built in, which prevent the app from accessing other data on your phone. also, fire walls that will hopefully keep those prying eyes out of your mobile wallet. >> yep, fingers crossed. so you know about the app. does the phone itself matter? >> look, your biggest risk obviously, losing your phone. so what do you need? you need a strong password. and you should not disable the device's security features. this is favorite of my mom. i don't want to put a number in every time. you really need to do that, okay? so, many smart phone and tablet manufacturers are also installing something called kill switch. it sends signals to deactivate the device if they are lost and stolen. so check that out. should also be aware, and be on the look-out for malware, matters software, that can steel your personal information from your device, like passwords and account numbers. now, here is some great information that consumer federation america, just
6:40 am
launched new website to give you information on it really growing fields. check it out, consumer fed payments. i promise up, your wallet, going away. >> all right, jill. by the way i've had the same conversation with my mom if it makes you feel any better. >> oh, good. >> thanks so much, jill. take care. hey, like the sounds of. >> this free food alert, dairy queen giving away ice cream for good cause today. you can get free small vanilla soft serve cone at participating dairy queen outlets. in returns the company is asking for donations for children's miracle network hospitalization. all of the donations collected on free cone day will stay in the community too. the company raised $140,000 last year. >> coming up this morning, the movies, were a huge hit. now, hoping you will love rush hour the show.
6:41 am
>> (movie clip). >> justin hires stars on the new action comedy. and he's in our studio right now it tell us why we should watch. that's coming up. >> ♪ >> the who rocks philly, it is what they did before the concert that really has fans and really everyone singing their praises, that story is next. good morning. >> ♪ this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices are down. savings are up. my giant.
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is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. >> rush hour based on popular feature film franchise, two rather unlikely partners. justin hires one of those stars of the show joining me now in the studio with more on this series, so pumped to have you, thanks for stopping by. >> thanks for having me. love the movies. >> you have carter lee,
6:45 am
basically two partners, one being like maverick, do anything, that i feel like, within reason, to solve a case. and then you have lee, who is like by the book >> we learn we have to work together, and my character, does not want us to work with a partner. >> we don't have time to look after a chain east cop. >> but you do. >> i'll stop you. >> because it almost sounds like you're asking me to bake i -- babysit. >> i hope you hate it.
6:46 am
>> do love my name or do you understands how to say it? >> that clown. >> thanks, man. >> talking to chinese guy. >> i hate this guy. >> for fans, what do you think they'll enjoy most about the show? >> i think they'll love the most that it is an action comedy on television. there are no action comedies on television. i mean, so it blends, martial arts, action, comedy, i mean, we get to have so much fun on this show, and i think people get to see that. you know what? in this world of diversity on television, if you don't see diversity from this, i don't know what to tell you. >> i hear that, justin. now, you mention the action. i love all of the apply production, quality, and do you a lot of your own stunts. >> i do a lot of my own stunt. i'm a first degree black belt, so that compared me for this, fun fact, me and kevin hart have the same stunt double. >> stop. with big personality. >> big personalities, yes. >> i love it. you can tell there is great
6:47 am
movie quality to this, the explosions, everything really top notch. >> yes, we have serious explosions all throughout the season, the first episode, like helicopter ride through the city, through the los angeles, i mean, the scope of this show is pretty epic for network television, and i'm very proud to be a part of it. >> what was it like filming this? >> incredible. you know, 13, 15 hours. just having fun onset. >> did that help you doing the show, comedic timing quick on your feet? >> doing stand up for nine years prepared me for this show. it helped me develop my, so i'm not doing chris tucker, i want to make sure, and because every though years of doing stand up it, prepared me for this. >> fantastic, you have a busy april, not just starring in it. v show? >> i'll be in baltimore at baltimore comedy factory april 14th through the 16th,
6:48 am
the following weekend i'll be in denver at comedy work, yes, i am working. i'm working. >> hat off to up, justin. >> trying to be the other short comedian. >> thank you so much. and hey once again rush hour premiers march 31 at 10:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3, and speaking of rush hour i want to head over to pat with our forecast, not forecast, with the roads. >> that's perfect segway, though, rush hour to rush hour, i'm actually meisha johnson stunt double. they needed someone. >> does that work? >> this is 202 south at henderson road. car fire that has moved off to the shoulder, also blocking little bit of the right lane, one lane just barely getting by. right here as the camera moves around. move to the schuylkill at the conshy curve. there was accident in the left lane. that has since moved offer to the shoulder. so they are getting by but it is slow go. slow with the black lights, and let's look at map, there is an accident atlantic city expressway westbound, passed berlin crosskeys road. the left lane is blocked
6:49 am
>> no explosions here but let's give you this map right here, which is 95, southbound, cottman, i'll let you take it away. >> as you can see, a lot of red light, a lot of red. okay? that means, that people going to be late for work. shout out to the lateness. why is it always like this on traffic? you got one side open and you got another side, what has happened on this side for it to be no rush hour? >> well, the red construction. so it is always a mess on that side. >> oh, okay. how long they been doing that construction though? >> a long time. >> i know, because construction never ends. >> true. >> this is the ben franklin bridge, so between camden and philly. >> okay, ben franklin bridge. i need a martin luther king bridge. can i get a martin luther king
6:50 am
drive. >> we have a martin luther king drive. >> they have a martin luther king drive everywhere. i need a massive highway. >> we'll build you one. >> nice job. >> 10:00 p.m. cbs-3, you are the man. >> thank you. >> nicely done. all right, tough act to follow, guys. we'll check back in very quickly here, get a sense what we are finding around the region walking out the door. little on the chilly side for sure, into the 40's quite few locations, zero in on couple of spots here start things offer go right here to 43 degrees, comes in to us from christopher out on the main line saint david's finding 43 degrees under chilly damp start to the day here across the river is her know to sandra, report 45 degrees, she has actually got more than anything just some clearing skies right now, burlington, so that's definitely some good news. but she did report some light mist out there as well earlier on, and now skies are starting looks like to clear out little
6:51 am
bit for her. 44 degrees comes into us, new castle county from sally got a lot of clouds still over hit in wilmington, casino of the story around most of the board >> normally it be we had clear skies gorgeous sunrise shot for you. not find that at this point. meanwhile storm scan also showing few little speckles of green popping up off to the south and west i won't be shocked if some of it tries to survive but wednesday through. >> you can bank on finding little sun before the day is said and done. quite the i have and flow, 07 tomorrow, generally dry, watch for late day string em or shower. >> who celebrating 50 years of music with big tour
6:52 am
>> the who has been together for more than 50 years, selling millions of records, world-wide. bands members say the who hits 50, tour will likely be their last. now, before the concert, the bands made generous donation to the children's hospital of philadelphia. through the band's charity, who cares attorney cancer america, chop's teen patients will is soon have a place to go to take their minds off their illnesses. roger daultry spoke with stephanie stahl about why he is make that donation. >> you got a terrific children's hospital, and a nursery, tan will have, you know, clowns on the wall and toys to play with and teddy bears and you name it, they'll have everything good for a child. you ask them what they've got for a teenager, adolescent, a young adult, nothing. >> teen cancer america has facilities in about dozen hospitals around the country.
6:53 am
great to see them giving back. we'll be right back. first what's coming up on cbss this morning. >> ahead, john dickerson here with what to expect from the day's primaries. plus we'll talk with ohio governor john kasich of the the political ads trying to stop gop frontrunner donald trump. the impact they have in key state, and eugene levy and catherine o'hare an are here. the news is back in the morning. see you at
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>> one more update, fire investigators on the scene every diner fire in chester. our jan carabeo out there right now. good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, fire investigators still have to determine the exact cause of this early morning fire here in chester, but you can see, all of the damage left behind this morning, this diner, badly damaged, the roof charred and ripped apart in the meantime people staying at the days inn which is attached to the denver all been allowed to go back inside. now the fire started here at the grape leaves diner at 13th and edgemont in chester, just before 3:00 a.m. when fire crews arrived, they saw smoke, and fire, coming from the restaurant. it took them about 30 minutes, to put out this two alarm err. they contain the fire, to the diner, but smoke got into the days inn hotel so it forced evacuation. crews ventilated the building and those guests were allowed back inside within the hour. fortunately, there were no
6:58 am
injuries here this morning. fire officials will be checking out the alarm system here to make sure it was working properly. and again, they are looking to determine the cause. we will keep you to up date. for now live this chester, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news", back to you. >> jan, thank upment bit of dreary morning for all of the guests to be outside standing in the colds. >> little chilly out there, too. but at least it does get better, one of those days sort of half and half where you start off obviously very gahm i at 43 degrees at middle township, cape may courthouse, finding it generally around the board as well. >> the accident on schuylkill expressway moved off to the shoulder but the schuylkill, it will take you long time anyway. this is 202 at henderson road, another, car fire, actually, move off to the side. one lane getting by, stowe will be slow go in that area, as women. >> hey there is will brighten you up little bit. easter bunny got some furry company at the cherry hill
6:59 am
mall. "eyewitness news" was cents there as pet owners brought along their four leg kids, and the rest of the family to meet peter con the tail. altogether, the bunny posted for some pictures, no doubt promising sweet treats to be dropped off in the baskets. i'll have to say that's one brave bunny. i mean, certain dogs don't react. >> and the dogs there well behaved. >> very much so. i would not be doing that. >> so cute. >> next on cbs this morning, imagine, a no phone zone? why you can find your smart device in temporary lock up if a new start up has its way, that's coming up right now on cbs this morning, hope you have a great day. >> ♪ >> ♪ #
7:00 am
good morning. it is tuesday, march 15th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a pivotal primary day. donald trump hopes to knock out his rivals, and hillary clinton tries to expand her lead over bernie sanders. the worst flooding in more than 100 years threatens entire communities in the south. and we're in miami beach with struggles to control the wild spring break parties. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. >> this is the place i want to win. this is the place. i want to do it. ohio is going to make america great again. >> trump fights for the gop nomion


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