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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> reporter: little pup was six months to one year-old, a brownish pit bull terrier mix similar to this one. police discovered her wednesday in this create, wrapped and sealed in plastic, and it appears she had been dead for at least three days. >> the animal is a beautiful animal. the it is very disturbing that someone would take that avenue and then torture the animal to death. >> reporter: upper dublin up to ship police say the lifeless body and create inside was found just off of busy welsh road essentially just across the road from that bus stop there. they say anyone who would have been waiting there or driving by, likely would have seen it. >> if anyone did, it wasn't recorded. a private security company making round called it in. now as police work to find the culprit they are making sure that everyone does see, this image. >> since we have done this posting, we have had over a quarter million people see this post, and in relationship there is only 26,000 residents in upper dublin so it has gone far and wide.
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>> reporter: you main so side officer rhonda thomas who was called out to the scene has been with the spca for more than 30 years. she says cases of animal abuse don't get any easier. >> never, never. >> reporter: but she does it the because doing so she's hoping those innocent creatures who cannot help themselves. >> animals cab not help themselves. you know, they need people to treat them properly and they need people to advocate for them. >> reporter: thomas hopes now that son would out there watching, will stand up, and advocate for her. >> in montgomery county, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police are investigating the violent incident on a septa bus, in the crescentville section of philadelphia. to this started around 2:00 a.m. near roosevelt boulevard in langdon when police say a man following the bus, got out of his car and then smashed a bus window. the man, then pulled a woman off that bus, punched her several times and then forced her into his car. the witnesses tell police that woman was in a panic, over the
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man who was after her. >> it appears though from witnesses and bus driver that the female, who was on the bus, and the male, did know each other. >> the incident was originally reported as an abduction but woman later came forward to police, police are still searching for the the suspect, who was last seen traveling south on roosevelt boulevard, in his silver pontiac. negotiations continue between rail unions and new jersey transit, in hopes of the averting a week even strike. more than 100,000 commuters depend on new jersey transit's rail services to get into new york city. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us live from hamilton to tell us more bit, cleve. >> reporter: new jersey transit it says if there is a labor strike their backup plan will really only help about four in ten riders. hamilton station is a very popular place for people to go, to access, new york city and a lot have people we spoke with today wonder what about me.
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>> i need it, so i hope they don't have a strike. >> reporter: is there a nervous tension among new jersey transit rail riders wondering if the labor strike will bring their plans to a halt. >> i don't know if i will be able to get back home. >> reporter: new yorker lisa taylor is heading to atlantic city as she bought a one way ticket whose train will stop running thursday. >> i will guy a one way ticket, so i'll see, they will hopefully settle it and not go on strike. >> reporter: talks between transit officials and union representatives resumed friday after heated disagreement. members of the 11 rail unions have been working since 2011 without a contract. more than 100,000 rail riders could ab affect by a labor strike. new jersey transit's backup plan should help about 40,000 people by increasing capacity on their bus routes, contracting private buses to run from key park and ride locations and light rail. employers are making their own backup plans. >> everybody is doing surveys and trying to see how they can car pool and this ace that.
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>> reporter: there are students to consider, need to go decide from medford, how to get to rutgers. >> it also depend when i might miss my classes so i don't know how it will all work out. >> hopefully it won't last for long. >> reporter: the message from riders, get a deal done. >> i'm praying for you guys, and need to so i can get back home. >> reporter: hamilton station here is one of the five key regional park and ride locations that will have bus services but that only runs on weekdays in the morning and in the evening. reporting live from the essex station i'm cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is shaping up to be a half and half kind of weekend. half should be nice, the other, well, not so nice. for now though lets take the sunshine, this is rittenhouse square with people enjoying the weather, maybe eating lunch outside. lets see what is in store next, meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with the first look at the forecast, hi there, kate.
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>> hi there guess contact to be fair to the weekend it is not a total wash out even once the showers move in but it will be hard to live up to the weather we have been enjoying for the past really four days to day was gorgeous, even though just slightly cooler, past few days were record breaker and we were 75 on tuesday n comparison the weekend not quite as nice but we will see sun especially into your sat the day. the lets look at is what happening, we will go out to storm scan three not much going on, high clouds drifting through today, it turned out to be a gorgeous day, little cooler but spring like weather outside. you can see moisture once again in the gulf of mexico and in the gulf coast states, that is going to be creeping our way through the weekend and next week. in the meantime we are still in the upper 60's in philadelphia a. sixty-seven and 68 in wilmington. the little will cooler in allentown but you can see temperatures dropped ten to 15 d will continue to decrease through the weekend, but it may warm up again. i will tell you when that could happen when i join you inside. torrential rains are once again pounding parts of the louisiana and texas and that
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led to numerous rescues. many roads are impassable. submerging cars, some people have been forced from their home to at least three people have died from the flooding, and mandatory evacuations are being enforced. >> we just got a house full of furniture and it is like, gone, even though, you know, god is looking out for us but it is like still, we weren't prepared for none of this. >> reporter: we're told rain will be slow to leave the area, more showers are expected, and the region tomorrow. hundreds of dignitaries and celebrities gathered to pay their respects to nancy reagan at her funeral will today. the former first lady is being remembered for her fierce devotion to her husband and country. correspondent chris martinez has more from that emotional service in simi valley, california. >> i know that my redeemer. >> reporter: a prayer was read for nancy reagan as her casket was carried outside the ronald reagan presidential library for her funeral. then her husband's favorite song was permanent as a reminder of his influence.
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>> ♪ >> reporter: the former first lady's life, legacy seemed inseparable from former president ronald reagan. >> fortunately for me that is for their could be no life for me, without you. >> reporter: president's letter to mrs. reagan on their first christmas in the the white house was read. >> i love the whole gang of you, mommy, first lady, sentimental you, the fun you. >> reporter: nancy reagan was very involved in planning her memorial service here at the reagan library. officials say she chose everything from the flowers, pallbearers to the program, and guest list. first lady michelle obama paid her last respects a as did former president george w. bush and three former first ladies. the reagan's children patty davis and ron reagan, junior reflect on their mother a's devotion to their father and their family. >> when my father was shot and my mother rush to the hospital they at the first would not let her see him. i have to, she said. you don't understand how it is
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with us. >> reporter: nancy reagan will rest in piece inches within the former president on the library's ground. chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". relatives of every president, dating back to john f. kennedy attend the funeral. reagan's hill side tomb faces west toward pacific ocean. >> she was loved by so much. >> what a mix of people there today with all of the people back to the kennedy administration, amazing. campaign 2016 republican front runner is picking up an endorsement from a former rival candidate. ben carson drew his support behind donald trump. he was able get over trump attacks begins him during campaign because he has gotten to know the other donald trump. >> there are two different donald trumps, the one you see on the stage and there is the one who is very cerebral. >> last night's republican debate left out the usual, personal a attacks, and florida, ohio, north caroline,
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and illinois and missouri all vote next tuesday. on the democratic side, bernie sanders held a rally in raleigh-durham north carolina he discussed the difference between himself and hillary clinton on trade and how wall street should bail out the middle class. clinton who was on the campaign trail, to attend nancy reagan's funeral. deadline to register to vote in local primaries is fast approaching. the voters in pennsylvania have until march 28th, last day to register in delaware is april 2nd. in new jersey it is may 17th. primary day in pennsylvania and delaware is on april 26th, and new jersey will hold its primary, on the seventh of june. a abuse allegations against dog whisperer sees an milan, coming up, incident that sparked an investigation, plus. fifteen police departments in bucks county signed on to use this armored vehicle sometimes used in military gas. i'm anita oh in yardley and i'll tell you what it will be used for coming up.
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on the cbs-3 healthwatch a new technology, for the treatment of a disease that is the leading cause of blindness in this country. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has promising results for people suffering from glaucoma. >> reporter: interesting new technology, call this kind of a smart contact lens, for glaucoma patients. it was recently approved by the food and drug administration, doctors say it will help them know whether the disease, is progressing, slowly or quickly. paul siegfried has been living with glaucoma for 15 years. >> if you you get the diagnosis you should take it very seriously. >> reporter: glaucoma damages
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optic nerve which can leave patient was vision loss and blindness. pressure inside the eye is only risk factor that can be controlled. >> look straight ahead. >> reporter: paul took part in the new study that tested a smart contact lens on 40 glaucoma patients. as eye pressure fluctuate a sensor detects changes in the curvature of the eye. >> the signal will from this contact lens allow to us differentiate those that are progressing faster from those that are stable. >> reporter: patients wear a wireless device that send a read out to the operation mol goodies. doctors say the ultimate goal, it is to help machine for patients continuously day and night. >> we have no way of monitoring pressure at the night, so we are missing critical pieces of information. >> reporter: paul's test result show he is at low risk for his glaucoma advancing quickly. >> maybe i'll have trouble in my 80's and 90's and if i make it that far i can live with that. >> reporter: the 68 year-old is able to manage with eye drops and sees his operation mol goodies regularly.
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researchers say this lens can help doctors' val wait glaucoma medication toss see if they are working for a patient. this is really very interesting, cool new technology. >> very cool. >> thanks, stephanie. spectacular show in an argentina national park is a huge shards of ice fly off the marine owe glazer and then collapse into lake argentina many tourists traveled to the park to witness natural phenomenon. the glazer park is almost a hundred square miles. experts say collapses happen every few years, the last one was in 2012. well, this weekend we will spring, forward an hour. >> we do and that also means that it the stays lighter, later. but it also brings up a good question, why do we still do daylight savings time? it is tonight's good question smithed by eight different "eyewitness news" viewers. the hot topic indeed. get ready for your day to start on sunday. now, who necessary why. >> we need more time to play outside before we have to come
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inside to bed. >> it the is same daylight and same time because i need more time and more daylight in my days. >> right. we can all use a little extra time. but nicole will answer why do we still do daylight saving time tonight at is 11:00. do you have a good question? log on to cbs question. just make sure you use the hashtag cbs-3 good question. >> we will get extra sunshine and cloud will roll in. >> we will lose an hour so we will lose an hour of clouds on sunday. >> okay. >> not too bad. >> the weekend is not bad at all, we're still about ten to 15 degrees above average, we cannot complain about too much if it is cloudy, and showers, it is in the 60's. we could talk about 40's,ers, upper 30's with snow showers. so we will take it, but definitely not going to be quite as sunny and beautiful as past few days have been. lets take a look outside, we will go out the to the spring garden camera looking live at intersection of broad there.
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you can see blue skies and the cloud in the background. beautiful day, in fact, i hesitate to say this but for my money today was my favorite day of the week, past two days were warm. maybe too warm for march. this is like perfection. sixty's, sunny, a cool breeze, get outside, not sweating, in the blasting air conditioning in the car, just a perfect, spring-like friday afternoon and the fact that it is friday makes it all of the better, actually outside today. the beautiful panoramic view of the city. let take a look further north up to the kutztown area middle school where it looks great there as well. the loves blue skies and 48 degrees which is comfortable. still above average. we should be lower 50's this time of the year. we have been well above that all week long. storm scan three shows clear skies in our region. you can see this bank of cloud moving in the portions of the carolinas and back through tennessee and heavy rain impacting golf coast. they got another round last night into this morning and these rainfall totals just immense.
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past 72 hours we have talk last night about northern louisiana now take a look at southeastern louisiana and southern mississippi, do you see that light pink shading. that is around 20 inches of rain in the past 72 hours. police chief there says he has never seen anything like it, devastating flood ago cross portions of the deep south. reason why this system just isn't moving, the whole weather pattern is not moving. while we get days and days of warm dry weather, unfortunately in the the deep south and gulf coast they get days and days of very heavy rainfall. for us our high today 69 degrees in philadelphia high so far 72 in wilmington. seventy. hit 07 in dover. seventy-one in millville. sixty-six in the allentown. cooler in the poconos. all and all 69, early march can't beat it and temperatures right around 20 degrees where they should be this time of the year. future weather shows clear overnight with clear skies, and north wind. it will be a cooler night dropping down in the lower 40's. tomorrow morning starts sunshine, noon it is still sunny but look what is creeping in a few more clouds, here they come and it will
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turnout cloudy in the afternoon. few high clouds sat the day afternoon. all and all a dry and nice day. then on sunday we will have morning with sunshine and then cloud roll back n you can see a few showers around 2:00 p.m. not a wash out but looking dreary by sunday afternoon. that will continue into the day on monday. so as we head through next couple of days we will look at temperatures still above average. 64 degrees your high on saturday. sixty's on sunday, not knock that temperature down. cloud ver will keep it the cooler. don't forget the we just talk bit. we have to spring, ahead, our sunset time is at 7:06 p.m. it will be cloudy out there but it will still be light later which everybody seems to enjoy and that means for a lot of folks by the time they leave work it will be bright daylight which is something interesting to go get used to and always a good thing. mainly clear, colder overnight. tomorrow we are at 67 degrees. temperatures in the mid 60's through tomorrow. philadelphia, shore, poconos, all looking good, in the 60's, little cooler in the poconos,
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coming up we will have our full forecast as we look ahead to next week and we may have more 70's to talk about. >> how about that. >> thanks, kate, as we continue tonight how a new program will give some families access to cheaper diapers. also this... >> reporter: the franklin institute is prepared to open up its new exhibit entitled science behind pixar. here i am trying to get dor to you. look just right, perfect. coming up we will take you behind the scenes to show you four different interactive exhibits set for tomorrow. from manning to mark how eagles sent sanchez to the raining super bowl champs. plus madness of march continues, st. joes and dog fight in brooklyn, highlights of the a-10 tournament coming up after t
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don bellies here to talk about mark sanchez. >> the eagles wheeling and dealing guys. every day we talk about a ridiculous move. this one is pretty good. as of right now, at the very
5:24 pm
second, very second, starting quarterback for super bowl champion denver broncos is mark sanchez, eagles traded sanchez today for a conditional draft pick, reports say seventh round selection in 2017, great job by eagles personnel boss howie roseman, he managed to get something for a guy who was likely to get cut and he managed to save more than 4 million in cap space, absolutely brilliant, good stuff. bad news for sixers though, jahlil okafor will miss six weeks. he has a small tear in the mens cuss of his right knee, the right knee will require surgery which sixers say is minor. sixers will try to snap a 13 game losing streak tonight when he they host the nets. brooklyn nets. college hoops st. joes and george washington hooking up in the a-10 quarter finals, speak of brooklyn this game, first half we will go, hawks down 12. alex, hits from downtown. colonials taking a 14-point lead at the half time. hawks charging back, second half down by two, james demry
5:25 pm
quarter pocket, good. st. joes claiming first lead since it was eight-seven in the first half. time winding down, hawks up by four, deandre bembry grabs the board find isaiah miles. make some money. hawks out scored gw by 20 in the second half and they serve up their biggest come back of the season. they will play dayton in the semis tomorrow at 1:30. american tournament, temple and south florida, from orlando, nobody on josh brown, the owls jumped out to seven-point lead. second half we will go, dan dingle, running the floor behind the back for obi initchona, and temple cruzs to a 79-62 win, they will get u-conn in the semis, tomorrow at 3:00. u-conn beat cincinnati in four overtime. >> goodness gracious. >> great game. >> yes. >> selection sunday coming up.
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>> you know it i'm ready. >> coming up in our next half an hour, it is fit for a war zone and weighs 50,000-pound, where in our air contract you will see this monster crime fighting machine and how police plan to use it. have you ever wondered what it is like to be a princess? american woman is getting that chance, the vip treatment that she's getting for being named the world's biggest super fan. new at 6:00 "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter sits down exclusively with the head of the philadelphia's alcohol, tobacco and firearms agency, find out is what being done to stem the tides of gun violence, in the city.
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since the great recession - a good start. katie: the u.s. has added 14 million new jobs but too many families see the special interests gaining the upper hand in washington, while paychecks don't go far enough. if you work hard, your paycheck should show it; you earned social security - it should be there when you retire. and you shouldn't have to go broke to afford college. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn.
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breaking right now on "eyewitness news" police are searching for a man wanted for a sex assault in northeast philadelphia the special victims unit has just released this sketch of the suspect, police say a 22-year old woman was walking on rhawn and winchester when a man approached her from behind, taped her mouth shut, cuffed her wrist to her ankles and forced her in the woods. if you recognize this man please call police right away.
5:30 pm
an argument in trenton turns violent when police say a gunman opened fire sending several people to the hospital. police say several women were arguing around 2:30 on olive avenue when two men pulled up in a dark colored car. one of the two men, then began shooting, injuring three women and two men. none of those injuries are life threatening, but police are searching for those two suspects. good news this evening for the philadelphia school district, some of the jobs eliminated due to budget cuts could becoming back. superintendent william hite says one full-time school nurse and counselor will be added to every public school as long as the district gets money that it expects from the state. the extra workers will be hired for the next school year. two customers at a joe's crab shack mere minneapolis made a disturbing discovery in the the restaurant's decor. historic photo embedded in the table showed hanging of the the black man for robbery and murder in 1895. he is surrounded by a crowd of white people.
5:31 pm
it includes a word bubble that says all i said was i didn't like the gumbo. >> just felt sick, confused, and it was just sickening, it was discuss continuing and it the just, it was just so shocking. >> the restaurant chain released a statement apologizing, the photo has been removed. animal trainer caesar milan known as dog whisperer is known for animal cruelty stemming from an incident involving his reality show. the entertainment tonight cameron mathieson has that story. >> reporter: caesar milan is being investigated for animal cruelty following february 26th airing of this episode of caesar 911. during a behavior session a french bull dog mix named simon attacks a pot belly pig biting its ear. >> my god he got the ear.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: following an on line complaint animal control officers, visited milan's dog school center near los angeles where the episode was taped but milan was out of tape. caesar is reportedly still under investigation. >> what do you think. >> a pal. >> reporter: statement from that ge o wild that airs 911, said they put simon on a long lead to assess his behavior before removing the leash. >> now lets take the leash off. >> it is important that i train him to behave properly off leash as well. >> reporter: following the attack the pig was tend todd immediately afterward, shield quickly and showed no lasting signs of distress. >> episode conclude with the dog and pig successfully coexist continuing. >> don't eat the pig but you can eat with the pig. >> reporter: cases of extreme cruelty can result in fines and or jail time but those are very rare. in the meantime milan is and will continue to fully cooperate with authorities. >> it is a good boy. >> reporter: of course, we will have much more on tonight's et, ukee and
5:33 pm
jessica, back to you. >> cameron, thank you. local departments are rolling out heavy equipment to help protect and serve. >> more than a dozen armored police vehicles are in bucks county. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh tell us why they are not the just for the swat team. >> thank you. >> reporter: in fact, they would not penetrate. >> reporter: these nearly 50,000-pound military grade armored vehicles were designed for war zones. >> mine resistant ambush protection vehicles. it is designed for military, against ied's and other explosive devices. >> reporter: as part of the federal program these trucks are transitions out of military combat and into local police departments, including 15 in bucks county. >> it is to protect our officers responding to hostile scenes. >> reporter: such as in 2012 when off-duty new jersey officer bear contactedded himself inside his doylestown home raining gunfire on officers. >> he disable some vehicles, he disable another armored
5:34 pm
personal vehicle that was there this type of vehicle is able to withstand a lot more abuse. >> reporter: lieutenant jason, of lower makefield police say it can be used in severe weather situations like flooding. >> back in i believe it was 2006, that happened three times, and we were using backhoes and front end loaders to get across the high water. to get to people. so this is able to go through several feet of water. >> reporter: $865,000 truck is federally funded. lieutenant says that there has been no cost to the bucks county taxpayer, financially or otherwise. >> it is used as a defensive vehicle. it is not an offensive vehicle. >> reporter: pennsylvania aclu also sent "eyewitness news" this statement, it says our neighborhood are not war zones and police officers should not be treating us like wartime enemies. use of military gear encouraging overly aggressive policing. they often promote fear, traumatized, individual and families, and they result in
5:35 pm
damage to personal property. it is better to have one and not need it then other way around. >> it is an asset 100 percent. if it is used one time and it was worth whatever job we could put out for to it keep our officers safe. >> reporter: layer makefield isn't only police department on get an arm a ordinary vehicle. it has been used at departments across the country, and here in bucks county the warwick police department got one of these, a a few years ago but actually said they have not had a reason to use it just yet n yardley anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come tonight on "eyewitness news", saving money on diapers, it could be soon a reality for some families, the program that will make the must have baby item more affordable. and from the game from inside out ever wonder how your favorite animate the characters come to life on the big screen. we will take you behind the scenes of the new pixar exhibit and tell you how all of the movie magic happens, coming up, kate? it is another beautiful day but not a record breaker
5:36 pm
and temperatures trend downward through the weekend, coming up i'll tell you when to make these plans and which day is coldest and wetest in the seven day forecast, when we come right back.
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the white house is taking, action, to help families who cannot afford diapers with their babies. obama administration officials say one in three families has trouble affording diapers, the new program, gives low income families diapers access, access to diapers up to 25 percent cheaper then current prices. now diapers are not conferred
5:40 pm
under federal assistance programs, the diaper program launched at the end of next month. and apple announced it is holding its next press event monday march 21st. >> new smaller ieven if will be likely introduced, rumored to feature a 4-inch display like the one on the iphone 5s but with an updated chip and camera. tech giant is expect to unveil a new ipad. caitlin jenner has sign on to a appear in ads for clothing retailer h and m. jenner will be part of the h and m sports campaign. jenner is partnering with mack cosmetics, her lipstick shade is called finally free. sales will go to transgender support groups and charities. >> how about that. >> coming up, coming up, what some hotels are doing to help you get the a better night's sleep. stay with us.
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winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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well, britain's queen elizabeth will mark her 90th birthday in less than 90 days. >> there are many celebrations leading up to the big event, including the crowning of america's biggest royal fan. >> those are the places that i have to go first. >> reporter: ohio resident christine weir has admired britain's royal family from across the pond since she was a kid. >> hello christine. >> now she's giving a vip pass and. queen elizabeth's 90th birthday bash, city tourism agency launched a casting call for one lucky american to experience their own, royal weekend. >> these types, do happen, once in a lifetime. >> reporter: he got everything from a royal make over. >> i had lines of dresses waiting for me from here. >> reporter: to the royer tour of london's mess popular sites. >> to do that in a 1951 bentley was just,
5:45 pm
unbelievable. >> reporter: royal curiosity brings in big money for uk, u.s. visitors alone spend $3 billion a year. >> i think u.s. citizens like all that history, heritage, pomp, circumstance is amazing to witness. >> my gosh i cannot believe i'm standing here. >> reporter: but her fairy tail must come to an even. she said shell never forget her once in a lifetime trip. >> she's a speech pathologist from ohio. queen's actual birthday is april 21st but the official party will be in june, when the weather is nicer. >> just a tad nicer we know about that. >> queen is like i'll have my birthday, when i have my birthday, in june when it is beautiful. >> i like that. >> it has been feeling like june for past several days and not today, today felt like may or april. >> yes, felt good. >> we cannot complain too much about in march but it has been a nice pattern, question is how long can this last and how hard will it be when we have to go back to march-like
5:46 pm
weather. we don't have any real march-like weather in the the forecast except for maybe monday. we will talk about that in a moment. lets look outside and start off first and boy, beautiful looking evening out there. in problems, just which ispy cloud in the the sky, great evening to take a walk, sit outside, whatever you plan to do tonight, it is not as warm as past few nights have been but it feels great out there we're still in the 60's in much of the region but temperatures will drop tonight. if you are heading out to dinner in the city and plan to stay out late once the sun goes down you will need light jacket as temperatures will drop quickly after the sunsets but a beautiful panoramic shot as we pan through center city philadelphia lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers and see what they have to say about this day, we will start off, 63 degrees, a and 63, just north of philadelphia, lets take a look, as it pops up, this is barbara lane in willow grove, lots of sunshine, 63, not bad at all. sixty-five, heading out toward main line we will check with christopher in, saint david, just a few clouds, he is perfect friday evening, just
5:47 pm
finish a great tennis match what a perfect afternoon to play tennis. sixty-six down into portions of southern new jersey, margot simmons in buena vista township, sunshine. beautiful day for march. delaware in the mix as well. we will check with jason in middletown with sunshine there. and one more peak at another delaware number here, 67 degrees and who is this? it is stubborn here, thinks greg, mccoy in mash tollton, delaware. he a says beautiful spring day, sunny, warm, gentle breeze. the greg sent this photo of daffodils peeking up out of the ground and we are seeing that all across the region. in fact our eyewitness weather watchers sent us photos of them popping up here. we have, daffodils, et cetera here and look at lynn's cat just lounging in the sun. that is settle amount she has best seat in the the house here today. we will take a look what is happening on our live neighborhood network pleasant val any broad head villain in the looking too bad. we have a few more clouds today and that has kept things cooler, in our far northern
5:48 pm
suburbs but for most part storm scan three just showing which ispy clouds across the region, no problems there and again see rain in the deep south. some of this moisture will eventually start lifting to the north, it will not be quite as heavy but it will get here by late sunday and especially monday. monday will be, the worst day of the week. worst day of the forecast as far as rain and cool conditions. we will still have a elevated fire wrist income new jersey. we talk about this yesterday with the wild fires, warm dry air in place low relative humidity. still breezy conditions. if you are outside, we will be careful planning on grilling, don't ever throw cigarettes out the car window in the pine land area of new jersey, fires could spread quickly. relative humidity will be rising over weekend and that should mitigate the vet a bit. temperatures right now boy does that feel nice on a march friday evening, 67 degrees, sit outside, all of the outdoor cafe and bars in the city run pack. fifty-nine in allentown. sixty-seven in millville. 68 degrees in wilmington. when you wake up saturday it
5:49 pm
will be colder then recent mornings. we will start day at 37 in trenton. forty-one will be your morning low in philadelphia. thirty-six in reading. definitely need jacket if you are heading out tomorrow morning. this morning felt nice, didn't drop that much overnight. still around 60 in some spots this morning. tomorrow morning, a whole lot colder. as we move forward in time, start to see those clouds drift nothing. they will get the here by saturday afternoon. the most of saturday is dry with sunshine. you can see by 8:00 p.m. it is cloudy and does stay dry. on sunday more clouds and light band of showers starting to move through at 9:00 a.m. off to the south, by 2:00 p.m. showers are bit more numerous and heaviest of the rain will be early monday morning and then, we will see showers lingering through rest of monday as well, possibly even into tuesday morning. lets talk about our spring count down, two more days until today light savings time begins, set those clocks forward saturday night, nine dates until official start of spring, 23 days until average high is 60 and that does not seem so exciting since we have
5:50 pm
been in the 70's and 80's and 30 days until phillies home opener. so through overnight hours tonight, it is chilly, clear we are at 41 degrees. mid 60's saturday, turning sunny, breezy, pleasant, nice day, more clouds in the afternoon. then on sunday cloud with the afternoon shower, monday, cooler and damp but then we will rebound, more back to 07 by middle of the next week. ukee and jessica, back over to you. >> rebound looks good. whether traveling for business or vacation getting a good night sleep isn't always easy. >> hospitality industry is taking note. karen mitchell reports on unique strategies hotels are implementing to make sure guests can sleep soundly. >> reporter: for many hotel guests traveling for work or pleasure falling asleep can be difficult. >> if i do it the in the wrong way it will feel terrible. >> reporter: the nice when you sleep program at a boutique hotel benjamin in the city, mark wild says bedtime is a dream come true. >> i travel a lot all over the country. this is best i have ever
5:51 pm
found. >> reporter: fair to say you this bye sleep a lot. >> indeed i do. >> reporter: doctor rebecca robbins is a author and sleep expert at the hotel and, helps develop the program. >> we want guests to sleep, best night sleep, maybe of their life. >> reporter: options include things like bedtime snacks, and extensive menus, featuring a selection of pillows, filled with water, some even play lull a by music. >> for so long the industry was giving chocolates on the pillows and leaving things that would be the worst thing to do before bed. there is definitely an industry shift. >> reporter: hotels across the country including marriott and conrad properties have similar pratts with sleep amenities ranging from aroma therapy to bedtime books for kid, even blackouts blinds. >> 209 sleep. >> reporter: general manager at this hotel says customizing sleep options isn't just good for guests but good for business today's travelers are looking for unique experiences and this provides this for
5:52 pm
them. >> i like the pillows and firmness of their math the trust that work well for me. >> reporter: karena mitchell for cbs news, new york. i can sleep anytime, anyplace, anywhere. >> it has to be the position, you just learn to sleep where you you canny can stretch out on this desk, good night irene. >> you don't need buck wheat pillow. >> no, not at all. >> one of the funniest segments on late night television is coming to prime time. >> net the janet? >> ♪ >> i see you head. performances have turned car pool car oak any to james coburn into a hit. now there will be a hour long special here on cbs-3 featuring the greates sing along with sir elton john, justin beiber, mariah carry to
5:53 pm
name a few. there will be a new performance with jennifer lopez riding shotgun. the don't miss car pool karaoke special, on the 29th, of march. there he is light there. >> always fun, every time, he puts a new you spin on it, it is so great. still ahead on "eyewitness news" bringing your favorite animated characters to life. >> is this some kind of a practical joke it is not funny, and i know funny, i'm a clown fish. >> new exhibit at franklin institute we will show you the science, behind the pixar movies like finding nemo. that is next.
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your body is a finely tuned instrument. diarrhea can throw it out of rhythm. imodium multi symptom relief combines two powerful ingredients to relieve diarrhea faster and ease gas, cramps and bloating. restore rhythm with imodium.
5:57 pm
we first told but it yesterday and tonight we are taking you behind the scenes of the new pixar exhibit at franklin institute. >> our jan carabao shows us how movie magic happens. >> like any good pixar movie, this story starts with a stop motion animation, that iconic lamp, bounce ago cross the screen. >> not too shabby. >> reporter: it is just one of more than 40 interactive element of the franklin institute the's new exhibit the science behind pixar. >> this is one of the most exciting exhibitions we have had here at franklin institute ever. >> reporter: exhibit takes you through pixar pipeline, eight step process that brings your favorite characters to life, starting with sketches and story art ending with a process called rendering. >> into that final image that looks good enough to see on the screen. >> we go into great detail
5:58 pm
about how interesting and how much fun all of those steps of technology can be. >> reporter: and evan is director of technical artists at pixar. come away with a greater understanding of what science go into our films. >> reporter: from the science of rigging which creates the digital allowing, characters to move to making of the digital sets and virtual camera movement. walli is here to teach visitors about camera basics and different angles. for example going from a wide and toll a close-up shot and switching focus from say a rubix cube to our face. >> all of the things we do the a franklin institute to make science accessible we have to break it down. it is just breaking it down. >> reporter: like the science of the lighting, "eyewitness news" took a sneak peak with the franklin vice-president of science and education doctor fredrick berkley. >> you are recruiting and that is why pixar is so good because it feels authentic. it feels lifelike. >> reporter: pixar and the exhibit a beautiful mix, not only of science, technology, engineering and math but art
5:59 pm
too. >> you combine them the world is so tough. >> reporter: any pixar character would be proud of. at the franklin institute, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> is there nothing like losing yourself in an hour, and a half pixar film. >> to be able to show, especially kids how science can be applicable in real life, and be creative witt, great the idea. >> wonderful concept. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a memorial to a fallen philadelphia fire fighter is stolen, tonight how the community is making it right. finding gun violence, the head of the atf speaks to "eyewitness news", how agency is working to get illegal guns off the street and how many of the weapons have been confiscated in just the past year. >> it was dumped out in the backyards. >> deadly substance blowing in the wind, around our area, what it is, and what is responsible for its presence in our region. the news at 6:00 starts right
6:00 pm
now. and right now on "eyewitness news" restoring a stolen memorial, a plaque honoring a fallen philadelphia fire fighter disappeared. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. that plaque was dedicated to fire fighter harry mcgee back in 2006. now his family is hoping on get a new memorial to honor the fallen fire fighter. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live at strawberry mansion with more on that story, alex. >> reporter: somebody has come forward to offer to help pay for a new plaque but family does not the want it to go back to where it is stolen from but instead placed at engine five railroad james mcgee was working when he took his final call in 1898. in the los angeles times, besides an update on the spanish american war, the story of a fallen p


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