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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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it is still winter can you believe that after today. we will go out to storm scan three. nothing to talk b skies have been clear all day long. we have blue skies. can see any wet weather staying off to the north and south and west as well as i zoom out, looking at all that rain over portions of the lower mississippi valley where flooding is ongoing. eventually we will deal with wet weather but that will take its time getting here. first and foremost we will talk about the warmth. in fact where i stand in the city of philadelphia, 77 degrees right now. the it feels like it. seventy-seven in reading. seventy-six allentown. low humidity. the nice breeze. the it feels great. cool's long the coast thanks to the 44 degrees ocean water temperature. today's high 82 degrees. the that is 32 degrees above average. warmest day since last september ape breaks previous record of 73 by a full 9 degrees. coming up tomorrow a day pretty similar to this i will tell you how warm it will get and cool down by end of the week. how cool? i don't think we will go back to march standard. i will tell but that when i
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join you inside. >> thank you, kate. we have to remember it is only march, right. so many of us making most of this warmth while it lasts, that includes "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter live at the cobbs creek golf course, i know ukee is jealous of you today, it is busy, did you get a round in, walt. >> hey, guys. weather is suiting us to a t you might the say. it is 14th tea at cobbs creek course. as ukee would agree any day where temperature is in march and in the 70's matches you're deal golf game in the 70's is in anyone's view just about a perfect day. it was a day, to have a ball, on rittenhouse square, or locust walk the at the university of pennsylvania. shorts, t-shirts, jogging, and biking. the weather forecast really just came down to two simple words. >> beautiful day. >> reporter: suddenly those winter coats were an unwanted option along kelly drive, lots
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of runners, as the temperature raced its way in to record levels. now on the cobbs creek golf course the warmth brought out the birdies, or par or bogeys. >> pretty beautiful day actually. it is like 82 degrees. i went yesterday played my first round yesterday. i'm coming out today to better my score. >> reporter: golfers all agree the the weather could not be any better. >> now as for their scores, well, that is another story. >> just enjoy weather and playing great golf, well, actually, great golf after being a recreational activity. >> reporter: we didn't expect to be out here in the middle of march so everybody gets a free ten strokes off their score on a daze like this maybe best comment for many golf error anyone elsie talk to on this beautiful day it should be illegal to be inside on a day like this. live from the golf course at cobbs creek i'm walt hunter,
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". yeah, they can take us outside. willing participants in that, thanks very much. in other news a pilot survives a small plane crash in limerick montgomery county. plane went down in the field near ridge pike and penn road at 1:00. the pilot was able to walk away from the crash with non-life threatening injuries. it is unclear if the plane was trying to take off orland nearby airport. body cameras worn by police could be a law enforcement cool in cases but tonight we are learning that they could also, have unintended consequences. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is at the police headquarters in camden with the concerns, alex? >> reporter: good evening, ukee. something interesting we found out that most camden county officers have cameras equipped to the front end of their tasers but not all of them are wearing them just yet, before that happens, they got input from those that they served. watch is being kept not overhead with you at ground
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level. >> i have been wearing this for approximately, two months now. >> reporter: camden county police officer tyrel bagbias part of the body camera program. >> i advice them they are on camera and they are totally fine witt. >> as long as you are being protected. >> when they turn them off, they turn them back on and leave them on. >> reporter: that is kind of input that the department is looking for, before em parking on a full roll out. >> if the person doesn't want it recorded should officer become pulled to turn it off. should the officer tell people when they are recording? these types of questions, that we're seeking answers to to get a sense of what the flavor is in our community. >> reporter: in glassboro officers have been wearing cameras for the past year, the benefits have been balanced by the logistics of dealing with the volume of data, and the request from the public to obtain their own copies. >> all of the requests, common law requests, discovery requests, with the fact that you have to keep it on there to make sure everybody is marked, tagged, flag their
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report and does their report to match up the video, it is a very large task. >> everybody acts better when they are being recorded, public and officers themselves. >> reporter: two-way street and if officer bagbias walking down the street well, then so is this. when people see you have a camera on you, what is their reaction. >> would i say it vice positive. it the is a situation where there has not been a lot of negative matter of fact there hasn't been any negative encounters because they will look at the camera and then look at me and it is smooth sailing from there. >> reporter: surveys being conduct by nyu police project that could be found on the home page of the camden county police. tomorrow they are also holding a town hall where the community is invited, that is at the 5:30 at the crock center. reporting live from camden, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> alex, thanks very much. lower merion police officers and fire fighters worked together to help rescue three residents trapped by flames overnight. they were called to a home on
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rena road which boardes st. joseph's university campus. fire was quickly placed under control. we are told as many as eight people may have been inside at the time. three of them were hospitalized. >> smoke damage throughout the house. we had one bedroom that was destroyed by the fire. >> reporter: the cause remains under investigation. under cover philadelphia police officers jumped into action after witnessing a shooting in juniata park. the investigators say a suspect shot a man inside of a vehicle on the 1600 block of east hunting park. suspect then jumped in to a white suv and officer persued. suspect drove a few blocks away and then took off on foot. so far no arrests have been made. we will have the latest coming up in a live report on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. shoots comes after a violent night in philadelphia detectives are investigating six homicides in the city in less than 24 hours. the most recent happened in east falls about 10:00 o'clock last night. police found a man with several gunshot wound along
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the 3100 block of abbotts ford avenue. the victim is in his 20's or 30's but has not yet been identified. we have learned that the brother of nba player dion waiters is one of the homicide victims. he expressed his shock on instagram, 21 year-old dimitri pick any seen here on the left with waiters died in grace fur friday severe head injuries. police say he was apparently involved in some type of argument between riders of several dirt bikes. a natural gas explosion nearly levels a city blocks in seattle, overnight. that blast, flattened three businesses, north of the downtown area, and damaged several others. authorities say that nine fire fighters were treated for minor cuts and bruises from flying glass and debris. neighbors say the explosion, shook them right out of bed. >> hearing some shattering noise and this is it, at the very end. it is when i came to. >> reporter: gas company says it will be working with the
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seattle fire department to figure out what caused the explosion. now turning to campaign 2016, donald trump is inching closer to securing the republican presidential nomination. after three more victories yesterday. hillary clinton still leads on the democratic side, despite the a surprising loss to bernie sanders in michigan. correspondent marley hall explains which other candidates need a big win to stay in the race. >> reporter: donald trump is showing strong appeal with republican voters as he piles up election victories and delegates. >> the single biggest story in politics today, it is what is happening at the booth. >> reporter: trump picked up 58 more delegates after winning michigan, mississippi and hawaii. ted cruz won in idaho picking up 45. >> there is only two candidates with the credible path to the nomination and credible pass to 1237 candidates and donald trump and myself.
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>> reporter: cruz who pick up endorsement from carli fiorina once again called for marco rubio to drop out of the race. >> it always comes down to florida, doesn't it. >> reporter: rubio failed to win delegates tuesday night but did pick up endorsement from the chicago tribune. still the florida senator is trailing in the polls in his home state. >> it is marco rubio's last stand in florida. if he does not win florida his campaign is probably over. >> reporter: gregory is an associate professor of political science at university of miami. he says that florida should be good to trump, and hillary clinton. >> florida has a a lot of older voters and a lot of non-white voters and so it is good territory for hillary clinton. >> reporter: kroeger says bernie sanners will probably do well in tonight's debate but it is still not going to be enough to overtake clinton in the sunshine state. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and, in florida. and republicans turn tomorrow.
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>> thousands are saying their good bye to former first lady nancy reagan during first of two days of public mourning. former first lady's casket was carried in the, and, and, and, children followed, is his devotion to ronald reagan. he has come from all over the, and. >> and, did a lot, for our community, and, for the united states. >> you know,. >> nancy reagan died of congestive heart failure on sunday at 94. first lady michelle obama will attend, and, on friday. music industry is remembering sir george martin record producer many people, call the fifth beetle will. he sign, and first record contract and all of the group's recordings. he produced 1700 records in
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his 50 year career. ringo star broke the news on twitter last night, sir george martin was 90 years old. coming up on "eyewitness news" tonight, a bizarre story out of washington d.c. that apparently began nearly 2,000 miles away. how the suspect wanted in the shooting of a pastor in idaho end up outside the white house, and why he is blaming, martians for his alleged crime. a tiger on the loose causes a traffic nightmare roaming and growling through cars on the highway. find out where this big cat came from. and it the is television sexiest night we will give you behind the scenes look at victoria secret fashion show and tell you one of the hottest looks for the season, that is next.
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just a bizarre scene from overseas, take a look, it is a tiger, roaming on a highway this video is from qatar.
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he fell off a trouble traveling on the highway during morning commute. tiger was eventually caught and no one, no one was hurt including the tiger. fell off the truck. >> that is amazing they better watch that. >> yikes. >> feels like spring but tonight we're thinking summer. >> victoria seek red swim special airs right here on cbs-3. one angel tells me it is not your average fashion show, take a look. >> the fashion show is a fashion show so you see us walking down the runway. this is very much more kind of inside glimpse at what one of our swim shoots is like. you get to see us in the morning, throughout the day what happens with days off, and it is really fun, different and get to know our personalities. i cannot believe i get to do this and work, and within my best friend and be silly and have fun, it is just awesome, to have nick jonas and demi lovato. it was so cool to be on a
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island with these superstars singing to us. it was kind of incredible. >> reporter: incredible but a little scary getting there. >> there is a notorious flight, it is only like five minutes long but to get through it, you have to like glide through, these cliffs, like these hills and they turn the engine off as you are gliding down and uglied on to this tiny runway, and so it is pretty actually scary. they filmed the girls on the the flight for the first time which i'm curious to see how they did. for my first time i was like ugh, hyperventilating. >> back to business, i want to know, what is a a great trend in swimsuits this season? >> i love the sporty trend, it is really sexy and different. high necks, razor back, very athletic, and neon bright colors, and it is very much my style. >> reporter: all right. >> there you have it. >> through go. >> you can see victoria secret special starring angels, nick
5:17 pm
jonas and demi lovato tonight right here the at 9:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. >> she likes the sporty. >> i know, yeah. >> others like one piece suits. >> that is true. >> somewhere bikini. >> itty bitty bikinis. >> why do we call it a bikini. it is tonight's good question submitted by john from cherry hill, knew it had to be a man, come on now, it is ultimate two piece. others, they get a little bit more coverage but why a bikini? >> how do bikini get its name? it has always been a bikini, it is what i thought. >> the bikini, i have no clue. >> oh, boy. >> well, i will have that answer, to why they call it the a bikini tonight the at 11:00. stay tuned for that. do you have a good question out there? let me know, log on to cbs philly dot the come/good question and tweet us using the hashtag cbs-3 good question. i'm going to say live from the movie brooklyn and say we
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all put on bathing costumes today. >> yes. >> that is what we called them way back in the day. >> it usually feels like bathing suit season is farrah away, in march but today is a reminder it is coming. >> yes. >> tonight will be more of a reminder. maybe out in kelly drive, that is what i'm saying get outside. >> to see those angels. >> to do exercising outside. what a beautiful day it has been. temperatures in the 80's. it is still early march. technically still winter but it felt like not only spring but right into early summer a a gorgeous day in philadelphia nice weather is not the done just yet. lets look outside to our spring garden camera. so where skies are still blue and days are longer a and longer, gaining two and a half minutes of daylight each and every day. traffic moving just find out there on broad and spring garden streets no problem. maybe a little sun glare this evening. that is your worse weather impact on the road. here's the live look here, gorgeous evening, you you
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could see pretty clouds out there. 73 degrees, in kutztown, very warm, for this time of the year. we have had record broken all over the place today, ill a's show you those in a moment. first lets peak at storm scan three we will show you general set up here. we have this area of showers, generally off to our north, you can see over portions of new york state. we are in the warm sector. nice and warm in the big warm bubble as we go through rest of tonight or into tomorrow, but take a look what is lurking off to the west. we have got very heavy rainfall being lifted from the gulf of mexico, just this corridor of rain over the lower mississippi valley portions of arkansas, louisiana a, tennessee and that is continuing as another round of what we saw yesterday. eventually that moisture will head our way as we head toward weekend but really in the start of next week. temperatures right now 77 degrees, this looks like a computer glitch here. seventy-seven in trenton. seventy-six in allentown. you can see green shading down the shore. here's why, ocean water temperature is only
5:20 pm
44 degrees. you can see much cool's long the coast and in fact only mid 50's in barnegat light and ocean city. stone harbor 64. warmer in rehoboth beach right now at 73 degrees. today's high look at these record, everyone you see here was a broken record except atlantic city which was tied in pennsylvania known a. 78 degrees. seventy-three. eighty in allentown. eighty-one wilmington. eighty-two philadelphia reading broke a a record as well hitting 80 degrees. winter to um iser. temperatures are rising 40 degrees. forty-two on saturday. remember that, today 82 degrees. what a quick turnaround. future weather shows things dry tomorrow but we have a chance for a few showers, tomorrow night, into early friday morning. so, overnight tonight, passing clouds, still warm, 58 degrees, your overnight low. for your thursday another record day shower possible at night, the high of 8o record is 76 by the way. you're witness weather three day forecast does show a little bit of the cool down but it is a little bit of the
5:21 pm
cool down. normal high is 50. even friday at 67. feels fantastic. saturday, not the too bad, increasing clouds, maybe a shower but more likely sunday and monday. >> fast forward into summer. >> it is incredible. >> it will be tough, whenever we have to go back. >> yes, we will. hopefully it will be. >> we will tell you more about that in the seven day. >> still ahead tonight on "eyewitness news", this isn't your average grilled cheese sandwich, it has been voted one of the best in the the nation and it is right here in philadelphia. >> it looks so good. we will tell you secret ingredient and how to recreate cheesy magic at home, don. recreating a super bowl contender they hope so on the first day of free agency eagles are making bold moves. find out hoist coming to philly next in s
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a little bit of time off and my man don is back. >> good to be back. good to see eagles making strong strides in the right direction you know what i
5:25 pm
mean. that is what it is all b we are an hour and change in the new league year for nfl. that means free agency is officially underway and birds are making deal after deal after deal. here's what they have done so far. they have signed former kansas city quarterback chase daniels to a three-year deal. more in a moment. favorite of head coach doug pederson. they added 26 year-old guard brandon brooks, former texas gets 40 million over five years. safety rodney mccloud will join after signing five-year deal worth 37 million. he played with st. louis last year. getting back to daniel, 29 year-old career backup, has only made two starts, in his career, bringing him to philly, likely means that quarterback mark sanchez will be either traded or released. sanchez is set to make five and a half million this season. those are guys coming. here are ones going. eagles have officially traded byron maxwell, kiko alonzo and their 13th pick in the draft to miami in exchange for dolphins eighth pick. also demarco murray was trade todd tennessee along with a
5:26 pm
fourth round choice. birds jump up 13 spots, and take titans pick in the fourth round. hope you got all that. listen, funny you look at that last full screen and names on there those are all guys that came here because of chip kelly. it is almost like they're raising that era from the books, it never happened. >> that is what it looks like. >> yes. chip guy, you are gone. >> my head is on the swivel every time. >> yes, exactly. >> don, thanks. coming up next, cream sugar and cuddly cash, we will take you inside the first cat cafe and tell you why just one visit could change your life. >> unaudible. >> this man started with a paris dream for perfect daughter and now everyone here enjoys a monthly party just for them. starting now in, this very plane, police stationary exception area, something is going to happen that has never occurred before in the state
5:27 pm
of pennsylvania. something, that will save lives. we will tell you what it is, co
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across country mystery we are following a bizarre story outside the white house that apparently began nearly 2,000 miles away. "eyewitness news" continues now at the 5:30 i'm ukee washington. aim nicole brewer in for jessica dean. the suspect wanted in the shooting of the pastor in idaho was arrested outside the white house, cbs news correspondent craig boswell tells us how suspect drew at tension of the secret service. outside the white house. the secret service says odom through unknown material over the south fence lawn of the white house complex. odom is accused of gunning down pastor tim remington outside his church in idaho on
5:31 pm
sunday. police, said odom planned the attack shooting remington six times. >> ricocheted, you know, in and then in his skull right above his temple. >> reporter: jeremiah remington says amazing list his fatties he recovering in the hospital. remington delivered a rally for republican presidential candidate ted cruz, last saturday. the connection remains unclear, and the question of how odom managed to fly across the country to washington d.c., after the shooting, remains unanswered. >> we put a warrant in the system, how you someone with felony warrant could board an airplane, i'm not the person to answer that question, i'm sorry. >> reporter: police say odom took a taxi to the white house and a manifesto mailed to his family and news organizations mentioned lawmakers by hand. >> maybe a dozen or 15 or so u.s. senators with twice that amount from the u.s. house. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news that e-mails obtained by investigators confirmed odom has spent time in the the va medical center before the shooting and his family was surprised to find out, the
5:32 pm
former marine had been released. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police are also concerned about odom's facebook posts and claims of an anxious civilization from mars ruling the world. odom claims pastor he shot was a quote amphibian humano id from mars. u.s. commandoness iraq captured a chemical weapons expert working for isis. the capture has led to the at least one air strike on a building, where mustard gas munitions were believed to be manufactured. there were 12 reported instances of ice is using mustard gas in the battle field. obama administration deployed commando force in december, their mission is to capture and kill isis leaders. former philadelphia city worker is facing charges in a $400,000 insurance fraud scheme. the prosecutors say robert otterson used his position in the fleet management office to steer work to american collision, a south philadelphia body shop.
5:33 pm
owner robert galety senior and his son are facing fraud charges. >> once the city awarded the contract to american collision to be the office of fleet management secondary overflow repair facility, otterson was all too willing to send more work to the galety then they should have received. >> all three defendants are scheduled for trial, september . on the cbs-3 healthwatch new research on heart health and certain kind of exercise, but first, some breaking news about the uterus transplant we told you about on monday. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here now with some disappointing news from cleveland clinic. >> we are just hearing about this. first u.s. uterus transplant as failed because of what is being described as a sudden complication. this was 26 year-old lindsey, two days ago, describing how a dream had come true, the ability for her to maybe some day of a baby. she received the uterus transplant in late february at cleveland clinic, the womb coming from a deceased woman.
5:34 pm
lindsey appeared to be recovering well but according to a hospital statement late today she experienced a sudden complication, the transplanted organ was surgically removed yesterday. happies now exploring what went wrong. in a statement from lindsey it says in part, i'm doing okay. i appreciate all of your prayers, and good thoughts. now moving onto our other health story today people with heart disease could benefit from a chinese exercise, that was found to improve quality of life, and reduce depression, plus more. at 82 years old robert hogan is trying something new to get his daily exercise. >> when you reach my age and say wait a minute, not only do i want to stay alive, but i want to be able to move. >> reporter: he is serious bill proving his heart health, he has high blood pressure and high cholesterol but now he is among the group taking tie che classes. >> circular. >> reporter: researchers reviewed 35 previous studies
5:35 pm
and found traditional chinese exercise like tie che lowered blood pressure, bad cholesterol and triglycerides. >> anything that helps with all of those risk factors can limit risk for advancing disease. >> reporter: new research shows this kind of exercise may improve cardiovascular health and well-being of patients with heart disease and stroke. >> not strenuous exercise but it is still engaging the heart much more than sitting down or laying in bed. >> reporter: hogan just finished his third tie che class. >> it doesn't look like it is tiring or doesn't look like anything but it really works. >> now despite the benefits study found traditional chinese exercise did not significantly improve participants heart rate or aerobic fitness. tie che isn't your thing you you can do regular old walking that works just as well, right. >> i would like to try that. >> yes. >> cooler. >> cooler, i like that. very good. >> a appreciate it. new cafe is opened in philadelphia's brewerytown neighborhood and specializes in cats.
5:36 pm
"eyewitness news" at le cat cafe on west girard avenue. cafe opened up its doors today, its mission is to encourage and facilitate adoption of the rescue cats. you can pay to get into see the cats and then if you find one you would like to adopt there is an additional fee. >> a cat cafe is a bet adoption platform to adopt a cat. the cats are free roaming, you have a better sense of the what the cat is like, more user friendly for both cat and person looking to adopt. >> cafe says it is also a great way for those in need of cats companionship to get it if they are not in a position to adopt. >> very, very nice. >> like how you said cat cafe. >> very nice. >> that is so sweet. >> very nice program. >> very nice. still to come on "eyewitness news" a bride's wild surprise when she walks down a aisle that no one saw coming, plus this. >> ♪ >> on this dance floor in one is left out, i'll show you
5:37 pm
joyful results of a parent's dream. and votes are in, one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in america is right here in philadelphia, where you can get one, plus the ingredient that makes this particular sandwich, so special. kate? still feeling like summer outside and more record on notice, but how long can this warm spell stick with us? i'll have your full forecast and answer coming up when we come right back.
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well, the cost of olive oil is on the the rise, up 20 percent in the last year.
5:41 pm
droughtness spain and crop disease in italy devastated more than half of the europe's olive harvest. spain produces 40 percent of the world's olive oil. italy accounts for another 20 percent, that is some consumers switched to alternative oil toss deal with the cost increase. well, now to some viral video involving a little boy who got a little reward. >> watch as the four year-old runs up, and, jumps on the train, here it comes, wow. he went for it too. she was on her way to the alter, the bride is a aunt, they are related this happened in ireland at their wedding. fortunately they had a sense of humor. video has been viewed a half million times on line. >> sense of humor. if i was a kid that did that on my sister's dress. >> if i was that boy's mother. >> boy, you are going to get it. >> i mean really. >> he is so little though. >> it wasn't in the mud or anything like that.
5:42 pm
>> that is true. >> positive. >> all right. >> coming up, are we done with the big coats, boots, that is the question? kate has your updated
5:43 pm
since the great recession - a good start. katie: the u.s. has added 14 million new jobs but too many families see the special interests gaining the upper hand in washington, while paychecks don't go far enough. if you work hard, your paycheck should show it;
5:44 pm
you earned social security - it should be there when you retire. and you shouldn't have to go broke to afford college. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn. get ready for your mouth
5:45 pm
to water, over this next story. >> um-hmm. >> some of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the country are being made right here in philadelphia a. >> i like the way this sound. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao shows us what makes these sandwiches so special. >> reporter: even talked away in the back corner of the the bustling reading terminal market grilled cheese lovers now, where to find sandwich's gold standard. >> it is right here. >> and, and, red and green, hand made, mozerella, baby spinach and fresh tomatoes. >> it is a real melty and kind of everything you want in a good grilled cheese. >> reporter: rebecca fox man is grilled cheese chef here, has been since day one. idea came from the need to show off cheese, produced at the creamery, in new jersey,
5:46 pm
which has 30 different varieties. >> number of sheep's milk, goat's milk, number of different cow's milk chooses and mixed milk as well. >> reporter: vic ferguson is cheese expert and still makes it at reading terminal location. he hand pull and braid 30 of these a day. >> stir, twist. >> reporter: too bad i'm a slow learner. >> back outside, here in the kitchen, the menu offers eight mouth watering grilled cheese sandwiches, including the valley thunder, a fan favorite. >> it has macaroni and cheese in it, jewish style braced beef brisket and also, there are two month aged cheddar. >> reporter: melt kraft sells 400 to 500 sandwiches a day at reading terminal alone, and it is now five locations, in between philly and new york. >> great way to see the diversity of the cheeses that we sell and possibility of
5:47 pm
what you can do with them. >> reporter: melt ka has two locationness philadelphia, one the at reading terminal market, other here at 17th and chestnut street, melt kraft is opened seven days a week n rittenhouse square, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i know what i'm getting for dinner, sold. >> wow. >> that first one. >> with the tomato and basil. >> it makes my kraft singles thing i do like silly. >> on the wonder bread. >> that is still good. >> butter on the bread. >> that is where it all started. >> we could talk all day about grilled cheese. but we will talk about the weather. >> great, great weather, um, um. >> gorgeous day. 82 degrees today. lets get a round of applause. 82 degrees. the nice day, ninth day of march. this is beautiful day for june. beautiful day for august and september. in march it is astoundingly perfect. i hope you got a chance to get outside and enjoy.
5:48 pm
if you didn't, hopefully tomorrow we will afford you that opportunity. it is another record breaking day. lets look outside and take you outside to the roof camas we check with our weather watchers. things are looking great out there, just a few which ispy cloud, still in the 70's, so even if you are stuck at work all day this evening, get outside, go for a walk, take a dog, maybe throw some burgers on the grill, something like that just pretend it is a summer evening because that is how it feels tonight. great look in center city, lets check now and see how they are enjoying this little sneak peak of summer in late winter. barbara lane is in willow grove at 78 degrees. full sun there. seventy-seven moving over into new jersey, lynn springer, in cherry hill and lynn says nothing bad to say but this warm, spring like day, and that rimes. i don't know if she meant to do that. she's a poet and doesn't even know it. afternoon blues, gorgeous day. we are in the feeling blues outside. high temperatures from our weather watchers, look at these numbers. much cooler in ocean city.
5:49 pm
james at 62, thanks to that colder ocean water. gary, got to 81 in landingberg. ed's house at theglenn, 80 degrees. barbara read 88 degrees. it could be accurate. you never know, if it spikes up in a sunny spot get up to 88. jason in middletown, delaware at 80. lou, in eagleville 80 as well. margot in buena vista township 79 degrees. not feeling like march. we are okay with that. we're over 30 degrees above average today. so lets take you out to storm scan three and see is what on the way for next couple of days. we will see a cool down to tell you about, not a big deal but it will feel cooler by the even of the week and by week even. still above average. when you are 32 degrees above average it is going to take series of events to start incoming that temperature back down to where it should be. we're so farrah above normal it will take a while to drop back down to anything like seasonal, and i don't have have a day even in the seven day forecast that is not above 50. keep in mind 50 is where we should be. so we are clear outside right
5:50 pm
now. no problems, zooming to the west, you can see moisture here, over again the mississippi valley. portions of eastern texas, the region as they call it this moisture will lift in over the weekend. it is on a delay. it is not moving quickly. tomorrow, another record breaker. friday that system comes through. we could have showers thursday night into friday morning. cloud break for sun, upper 60's, cooler but still beautiful. on sat the day, increasing cloud we will see sun in the morning and cloud thicken. here's what it looks like throughout the rest of today, things are dry, we will start with a few clouds but any wet weather through the north stays off to the north. 3:00 p.m. still seeing sunshine. those showers coming through overnight friday night. mess miss us. there are not many to speak of. we will clear it the out and get sunshine on the saturday. we will see that moisture creeping toward us, through the day saturday, so cloud, increase during the day saturday and there could be a stray shower in the afternoon. chance for a couple spotty showers on sunday as well. overnight patchy clouds, look at how warm, 58 degrees your
5:51 pm
overnight low, tomorrow another record day, 80 degrees with that stray shower at night. then we will have to, spring ahead this weekend, daylight savings time begins and that means sunday sunset is at 7:06 . that will be fantastic. eyewitness weather seven day forecast, cooler over weekend but still in the mid 60's. back to the 07's by next week. now back to you guys. >> kate, thanks. >> looks good, right. >> leaving high school can get kind of leanly you no longer see your friend and harder to meet people your age. >> harder for young adults with special needs. in this weeks story of brotherly love parents create a place to hit the dance floor and be like everyone else. >> it is friday night and the party is hopping, and maureen m welch elementary school in churchville montgomery county. everyone will tell you it is a good time, you can hear it in the music. >> i wouldn't do anything right. >> reporter: most of the young adult have special need,
5:52 pm
physical limitations, autism, down syndrome. >> a adults with disabilities, and kid with disabilities, they have a really hard time socializing, making friends. >> reporter: robin young knows her 27 year-old daughter hanna has down syndrome and she also loves music: >> reporter: robin and other volunteers started with the lower bucks family ymca specifically for young people like hanna. >> to listen to some music and to have that chance to dance and be like everybody else, it is really, really important. >> you you can see people who come in who don't know anyone, to partner up with other people and they start dancing and they start having a perfect time. >> reporter: parents and caregivers enjoy a night out, as well. >> it is like a wedding, i mean, the adults, will be up dancing. >> reporter: attendees dance $5, donations pay for snacks, rental, the dj.
5:53 pm
>> jump, jump, jump. >> reporter: young people pay them back with joy. >> each monthly dance has a theme like spring fling, or a crazy hat dance. you want to find out about upcoming dances, go to cbs keep on dancing, family. >> they were cutting serious rugs. >> they were having a great time. >> yes. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" our victoria woodill gets a view of the high life, a story that she describes as a once in a lifetime experience. >> stay with us, she will give us a sneak peak.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
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well, we see them more and more construction cranes piercing the philadelphia sky line. we wondered what was it like, working in one of those tower cranes. >> when we asked one company if we could get up there, they said yes, yes, they did. vittoria woodill was on her way up to experience the high life. vittoria is on the skies deck with a preview of the story exclusive tonight at 11:00. tell us all bit. >> that is right. that is the crane, right there, coming up tonight at 11:00 i will get a once in a lifetime chance to do what few people ever get to do. find out what it is like way up there at the top of the tower crane. and, to do it, we headed up in this metal box, hoisted nearly 800 feet above center city street to talk to this guy,
5:58 pm
and find out what it is like to work in the cab of the tower crane. tell me about the first time that you got the in to that crane and what it was like. >> probably same feeling you are having right now, i was very nervous. >> reporter: well, believe it or not, we took the easy way up, how this archbishop ryan grad gets up in this cabbies something you do not the want to miss. after this story next time you look up you'll have a whole different view of what is happening high above your head. it is truly the high life tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. i'm light headed looking at that video. >> you are so great, torey. >> reporter: i was pushed a little bit, but it is once in a lifetime. >> all right. >> thanks, very much. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 saving lives in upper darby, how a new police policy will help some people get help they desperate thely need while keeping them out of jail. >> a philadelphia police officer is injured while
5:59 pm
responding to a shooting, what happened just before the officer was hurt and latest on the investigation. >> reporter: a new jersey tribe fighting for their future against the state of the new jersey, i'm cleve bryan and coming up how they faired in court today. >> right now on "eyewitness news" a first in the state, drug program, in delaware county that could save countless lives. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. guess case off. upper darby police are turning the station in the walk in drug treatment facility. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter shows us why the department believes this is the best way to fight addiction. >> reporter: police say this video showing man whose identity we are concealing collapsing from heroin use aboard a septa bus shows just how out of control, the addiction has become. >> it is not only our youth, it is middle will aged
6:00 pm
accountant, it is the house wife, it is someone with a dental problem that god hooked up. >> reporter: this time officers using drug narcan revived the victim but starting right new there is a new program based in the lobby of the upper darby police station that is aimed at saving many more lives. >> this program is opened to people who voluntarily walk through the front door of the police station. make a phone call and say you know what, i need help. >> reporter: reversing the role of confining people the program called change is possible, will open up the station's doors. volunteers from the house, shepherding addict toss treatment centers, cutting through medical and insurance red tape. >> i don't want to make it that it is some miracles happening here, it is a start, where they can start. >> reporter: these doors will be opened from 9:00 to 5:00 monday to friday, all who seek help here will be upper darby resident at least 18 years old and not have any opened criminal cases. on the september bus that


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