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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news"." >> center field. herrera going back toward the wall. does he have it? he reaches down. does he make the catch? he made the catch. the 13th no-hitter in philadelphia phillies franchise history. >> phillies ace cole hamels tosses the first no-no of his career in what may be his last game in a phillies uniform. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining
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us. since the all-star break the phillies look like a brand new team. we're going to bring in pat gallen. pat, if this is cole hamels' swansong a way to go out. >> amazing afternoon. cole hamels has been the subject of constant trade rumors. recently he has been uncole-like. he has allowed he 14 runs and 20 hits but today a no-hitter against the chicago cubs. here is the final call from scott fransky and larry anderson on 94 wip. >> hamels with a three-two pitch. swing and a high fly ball deep center field. herrera back on the track and he -- did he make the catch. >> he did. >> he fell down and he's got it. he's got it: herrera has got it and cole hamels has a no-hitter. >> home mels tossed 129 pitches strike out 13. it was 13th no-hitter in team history. phillies fans they are celebrating.
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>> if we have to trade him we have to trade him. it is what it is. great late start. he's been a great pitcher for you know, all this time now. >> i'm excited about cole hamels. he was due. he was due for a great game. lifted the spirits of philadelphia. fantastic game. >> coming up in sports we'll hear from cole and we'll give up a forecast on the trade winds that are swirling. plus, carlos ruiz just seemed his place in history behind the plate. we'll explain there and of course full game highlights an whole lot more in a few minutes, natasha. >> you've got lots to chat about. >> a the lo going on. >> time for a look were the weather. lots to chat about there. it's been a gorgeous last few days or so but looks like we're in for heat and maybe storms. meteorologist justin drabick is in our weather center with a first locket at that forecast. >> hard to believe it's late july over the last four days. now we're back to reality as we finish off the rest of the week. today did warm up, 90 degrees
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officially at the airport. humidity levels on the low side. average high 87. we're above that. that's where we'll stay over the next several days. looks like we're looking at another heat wave for the middle of next week. mid and upper 70's for the warm spots right now trenton wilmington. comfortable 69 degrees in mount pocono this hour but the winds switching out of the south. anywhere from five to 12 miles per hour so that's going to start to bring in that warmer air and more humid air mass and we're seeing that in the dewpoint temperatures last weekend at this time when it was so humid these numbers were in the mid 70's. today they were in the lower 50's but now we're in the lower 60's indicating more humid air mass building on in. that's going to continue to build over the next 24 to 48 hours so eventually we'll see those dewpoint temperatures return to near 70. pretty quiet on storm scan3. what you'll wake up to tomorrow morning, 60's to about 70 degrees and then mid 90's in the seven day. i'll show you that in a few minutes. natasha. >> thank you justin. it has been one year since a car crashed through a fruit
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stand in philadelphia killing a mother and three of her children and today the community gathered to remember the victims. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson has the story from tioga. >> reporter: they marched in with swagger and smiles to a scene filled with color and joy, a soundtrack of dance and laughter. final reclamation for dozens of lives tapped careless into a year of hell. >> it's been devastating but i've been doing my best hanging and trying to stay strong. >> reporter: one year ago this was the worst place in philadelphia. on july 25th, 2014 police say two men jonathan roseann cornelius crawford carjacked a woman blocks away. police say she was being sexually assaulted as the suspects lost control of her suv, ramming into a crowd of five at the corner of allegheny and germantown avenue. three children, 15-year-old kiara williams, 10-year-old joseph reed and eight-year-old terrence moore were killed
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instandly. their mother keisha williams died in the hospital days later. >> they need a parent to raise them, so i'm taking over and i'm trying to make the best of it. >> reporter: aunt charmaine williams has custody of keisha's two surviving children. one year later one of the first lessons she wanted to teach them, how to learn from strife. >> i'm celebrating their memory. not their deaths. i'm celebrating they life from when they was here. >> reporter: with the final sendoff this place once of anger and sadness now a source for inspiration. one of the biggest communities projects coming out of this now completed the faces of the fallen now painted along this fence line, a mural in memorium. and also we're hearing about the suspects, they both have upcoming court dates in upcoming weeks so of course we'll stay with that. reporting from tioga i'm steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> police in mount laurel
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meantime are searching for this get away van they say a stolen copper generator cable worth a hundred thousand dollars is inside. police say the mandy picketed in this sketch took the cable from a shipping container at sun belt rentals on route 73 july 11th. the white gmc van had a very disruptive black mark about midway on the driver's side of the vehicle. if you have any information please contact police right away. las vegas surrounded by smoke. a fire at a hotel swimming pool center huge plumes of black smoke high into the strip earlier today. the fire started at the cosmopolitan. pool cabanas and trees were engulfed in flames. one person was taken to the hospital and the hotel was evacuated. the cause of this blaze is still under investigation. a louisiana community is mourning the deaths of two women gunned down inside a
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movie theater on thursday. cbs news correspondent kenneth craig has more from the emotional vigil in lafayette and the very latest on the investigation. >> ♪ >> reporter: hundreds of people attended an emotional candlelight vigil saturday night for the victims of the of the deadly shooting rampage two days ago in lafayette. >> when somebody you love is the person that's in the headlines, it's devastating. >> reporter: a makeshift memorial grows outside the store owned by jillian johnson. she and 21-year-old mayci breaux were gunned down inside the grand movie theater. nine others were injured. as the community mourns, signs like this ask for prayers for the victims and their families. across town people made prayer flags for the victims. >> i didn't know the two victims personally but it just -- it breaks my heart that something like this could happen in our town. >> reporter: the community plans to sew these flags into a large quilt. at the same time investigators are trying to figure out why
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john houser chose this quiet city. a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation tells cbs news police found writings in houser's room that said he wanted to target law enforcement, government agencies and abortion clinics and anyone else will do. he had even written the name of the movie and show time he planned to attack. authorities say the gun houser used to carry out the shooting was purchased legally last year despite his criminal history and mental illness. kenneth craig, cbs news lafayette, louisiana. >> in illinois, family and friends gathered for the funeral of sandra bland today. the 28-year-old was found hanged in a texas jail cell two weeks ago several days after she had been arrested following a controversial traffic stop. bland's death remains under investigation but prosecutors say preliminary autopsy results reveal she committed suicide. her family is calling for an
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independent autopsy. president barack obama is in africa tonight. this morning the commander-in-chief made his first visit to kenya as president. president obama called for gay rights in the country where homo sexuality is outlawed. >> i believe in the principle of treating people equally under the law. and that they are deserving of equal protection under the law and that the state should not discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation. >> president obama also visited the site of the 1998 u.s. embassy bombing in nairobi he placed a wreath to honor the victims. and tonight we are getting a never before seen look at the day of the september 11th attacks. these pictures were released by the national archives in response to a freedom of information act request. you can see the president vice president dick cheney and members of the president's cabinet as they react to the
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attack that killed nearly 3,000 people. most of these were taken inside president george w. bush's emergency operations send below the white house. we are now one year away from the democratic national convention here in philadelphia, the city is lighting upland marks in blue this weekend to celebrate. "eyewitness news" along boathouse row looking lovely out there. the convention is scheduled to be at the wells fargo center from july 25th to july 28th of 2016, that's one week after the republican national convention in cleveland. stay with us. straight ahead on "eyewitness news," a clark at the shore. find out where a local fisherman reeled this fish in and what he did once he took it off the hook. justin. >> we had apple's sander start to the weekend but now the temperatures are going to be heating up with high humidity. i'll show you the seven-day forecast coming up. >> more on cole hamels no-hitter today plus highlights from today's u.s.a. game at ppl
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>> back now on "eyewitness news" with images of a shark caught in ocean city. fisherman paul trunzo snagged the fish on 30th street beach yesterday. lucky for the shark this was a catch and release type of situation and trunzo went right back to fishing after letting it go. also tomorrow will mark exactly 25 years since congress passed the americans with disabilities act and today disabled americans from all around the can't tree gathered right here in philadelphia to celebrate just how far they've come. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff was there. >> they want no know about the wheelchair life. they want to know how a brother make it it was a modern tribute to historic legislation. >> people with disability have more freedom and control of their lives and access to services support jobs because of this law. >> reporter: she's talking about the 1990 americans with
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disabilities act. philadelphia's commemoration began with a kickoff event at city hall leading up to a parade that shut down market street all in order to. >> celebrate our community and our past accomplishments and our future goals. >> we want to be working. we want independent. we want our lives. we all have abilities. we all have rights. >> reporter: it was 25 years ago that disabled americans from across the country and their families gathered on the lawn of the white house as george bush senior signed the ada act into law. the national constitution center seems like an appropriate place for that procession. there we met up with former senator tom harkin. his brother was deaf. >> i had a a nephew who couldn't get up the stairs. i thought wait a minute this is not right. >> reporter: harkin introduced the americans with disabilities act to the senate but says there's still work to be done especially in the
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areas of independent living and job placement. >> can you say hi, alice. >> reporter: at 25 colleen's son sean is as old as the act designed to protect him. she has a message for anyone who thinks this cause doesn't apply to them. >> you're going love somebody or get older and most likely have a disability. so it is everybody's problem. >> reporter: alexandria hoff cbs "eyewitness news." >> you better go to the store and stalk on hair spray. >> don't worry i've got my share. >> yeah, back to reality. typical summer like stuff for late july bringing back that heat and humidity. was past over the last few days. let's take you to the shore where it's still rocking there, ocean city the boardwalk people enjoying a nice finish to the saturday. maybe get something ice cream funnel cake, good stuff there on the boardwalk right now enjoying pleasant conditions. the rides still going this hour. let's talk about our weather headlines. what's ahead. it's late july so typical hot humid conditions. we'll talk about a few storm
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chances, not a big chance but the threat there and our next heat wave will occur next week it looks like. now here's the stats so far for the month of july. even though it was so hot last weekend temperatures really only .7 of a degree above average. we had that cool spell early in the month. so overall pitches epps temperatures pretty much where they should be for the month so far. rainfall we need some. only 2.18, down over an inch of rain for the month. our highest temperature happened twice, both coming in at 95 degrees and we may hit that again before we finish off the month of july. 78 currents temperature at the airport, 69 in mount pocono. so warm but still comfortable this hour. keep those windows if you want i think one more night. things to change up tomorrow. we start to increase that humidity level you'll start to feel the difference. it becomes steamy on monday and tuesday. then it gets worse for wednesday, we're back to the oppressive conditions and that will be the trend into thursday as well when we reach our high temperatures probably in the mid 90's those days. high pressure over us right
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now keeping things fairly quiet. little disturbance across upstate new york bringing a round of showers and storms up there. a few clouds around overnight. a week cold front through the great lakes could touch off a shower storm but mainly well north and west to the city. it will be hot and humid temperatures getting up to around 90 degrees for the inland spots. that front will cut across the region monday and kind of just weaken over us. that will keep some clouds around monday is our best shot to see wet weather. they'll be scattered so no need to cancel outdoor plans if you have them for monday. that end we're back to hazy hot humid conditions for to us. high pressure moves back in, low 90's. we crank up that that humidity as well. let's talk about those rain chances. for sunday mainly late in the day we'll give 820 percent chance. up to 40 for monday and looks good tuesday and wednesday with no chances and we'll show you this in our future weather model. things quiet through the overnight.
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7:00 a.m. sunday morning waking up to some cloud cover. we'll see some sunshine for the afternoon. then mid to late afternoon we see some spotty showers maybe a few thunderstorms breaking out, really not a severe threat at all. a lost this is north and west city. we should keep things nice and dry at the shore. into monday we go, through the overnight hours, slight chance for a shower but better chances again late afternoon with all that heat and humidity around. so, the forecast around overnight, still somewhat comfortable, partly cloudy mild. low of around 70 for center city, 60's out in the suburbs. sunday forecast more humid an isolated storm possible late in the day, high temperature up around 99 degrees. at the shore, well, we'll get some relief. nice southerly breeze keeps the air temperatures in the low 80's, ocean is nice at 76. high u.v. index. make sure you wear the sunblock. rip current risk moderate tomorrow with that southerly breeze chopping up the water and make sure the lifeguards are on the stand before you enter the ocean. upper 80's monday, with more
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clouds, showers and storms especially in the afternoonly we heat it up middle of the week low and mid 90's for wednesday and thursday with a chance f
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>> pat cole hamels he's got to stay now, right? >> we'll see after that you hate to get rid of a guy that pitches that well. if today was his last start for the philadelphia phillies cole hamels went out on top. forget about the trade rumors for a moment because hamels had the game of his life. exactly three years ago hamels signed that six year, $144 million contract and today ham fels fired a no-hitter at wrigley field in chicago but first, he needed a little help end got it. in the third inning ryan howard would supply the
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offense he connects with a three run homer for the big piece. seventeenth of the season. he puts the phils up three-nothing. in the seventh hamels locked in. that's anthony rizzo looking silly and jorge solare no energy for him chris donofrio don't even bother. fans loving it. on to the ninth, three outs to go, here is addison russell with the ground out. that is out number one. everyone can feel it. cole knows but he's locked in. dexter fowler 96 miles an hour right down the middle. phillies fans the hearts pap at any timing. chris bryant sends one to deep center field. will it stay? will it go? it stays and odubel herrera miss plays but recovers and makes the catch. it is the first no-hitter at wrigley field in 50 years. sandy colfax is the last to do it. how about that carlos ruiz that's his fourth no-hitter behind the plate tying a major
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league record for catchers as cole and chooch with more magic. here's cole postgame. >> i think nothing will top winning the world series but this is on that top list. it's right under it. a great hitter up there in chris bryant and to be able to keep that in the ballpark and then for herrera making that amazing play the second time you know, outstanding for him to be able to do that and to go all out. >> odubel are you lucky my friend. for the cubs not much to discuss. they gave hamels a tip of the hat on twitter. this photo here courtesy of our friend turtle producer at 94 wip he was out in chicago, this just moments after the no-hitter at murphy's across the street from wrigley it's a help wanted sign, trade for hamels now. the cubs one of the teams showing interest in cole along with the yankees the dodgers
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and a few others. cole hamels is getting all the attention but he is not the only one on the trade block. the washington nationals reportedly had discussions with the phillies about jonathan papelbon who has made it known he wants to pitch for a contender. the other problem he stated he'll only accept a trade to a team that will keep him as their closer. that may be tough to find. hall of fame ceremonies in cooperstown normally a time for celebration not confrontation. ad allegedly reggie jackson was involved in an altercation with a fan. jackson confirmed that the confrontation occurred but denied that it turned physical. on the eve of the gold cup third place game u.s. head coach admitted disappointment that the team would not be playing in the finals that the linc on sunday. that's understandable. the u.s. battled panama for
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the consolation prize at ppl park in chester. with the u.s. down a goal in the 70th minute, he turns and finds clint dempsey. a beautiful goal. that would tie it at one and we would go on to penalty kicks. demarcus beasley is turned aside and panama has the upset. they beat the u.s. three i've two on pk's. they take third place. edd is a major problem. elaina delle donne no different in a wnba all-star game in connecticut. delle donne putting up 16 points. a nice up and under basket there. but the east squad would fall to the west 117 to 112. a week after the british open the tour hits ontario at the rbc canadian open. no jordan spieth. some big names still around but it's ontario native david hearne who leads after 15 rounds. if you ain't first you're last
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that was the great ricky bobby. today the qualifying for the brick yard 400 at indianapolis one of the biggest races of the nascar season. daytona 500 champion joey logano misses out on the pole for a second straight race. to carl edwards. don't go anywhere. we're going to com
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>> welcome back. as astronaut scott kelly
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continues his historic journey in space. he tweeted good morning philadelphia. one of your cheesesteaks would be great four months into my #year in space. he snapped this pic from the international space station where he is conducting his record breaking mission. all right, justin, we've got to get him a cheesesteak when he gets back.
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>> that's "eyewitness news." we're back at 6:00 a.m. bianca is up next. have a great night everyone.
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