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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  May 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> glor: a rare sunday showdown in the u.s. senate up against a midnight deadline lawmakers debate key provisions of the patriot act as rand paul looks to block it. >> the stunning and sad death much beau biden. the vice president's son succombs to brain cancer. new tributes pour in today. secretary of state john kerry stops an overseas trip and plays home after breaking a leg on a bike ride. another crane accident in midtown manhattan injuring people below. and two cities starved for a basketball championship, two superstars ready to lead the way. golden state and cleveland set for the finals captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: hi, everyone, i'm jeff glor. there is developing news in our nation's capitol tonightment an unusual sunday session. the senate took up a measure
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to extend controversial provisions of the patriot act due to expire at midnight. but first politicians from both sides of the aisle stopped to remember beau biden. there's been an outpouring of grief for the vice president's eldest son including from majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> the senate offers its presiding officer and every member of his family our prayers and our sympathy. >> glor: beau biden passed away yesterday from brain cancer. his ill, had not been widely publi sides. he is the first child of a sitting president or vice president to die since president john f. kennedy's son patrick passed away two days after his birth in 1963. beau biden was 46 years old. major garrett has more from the white house. >> reporter: beau biden shared his father's name. the third generation of joseph robinette bidens, a son who followed his father into politics. >> i'm beau biden and joe biden is my dad.
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>> reporter: at the democratic national convention in 2008 beau was already delaware's attorney general. and that year deployed to iraq with the national guard. in that speech beau biden recalled the tragedy that defined his father's life and gave poignant urgency to their relationship. >> one of my earliest memories was being in that hospital. >> reporter: in 1972 biden's wife and daughter were killed in a traffic accident in delaware. beau and his brother hunter were seriously injured. joe biden age 30, had just been elected to the senate. >> he was sworn in in the hospital at my bedside. as a single parent he decided to be there to put us to bed to be there when we woke up from a bad dream to make us breakfast. >> truth be told the real reason i went home every night is that i needed my children more than they nedded me. >> reporter: diagnosed with brain cancer in august of 2013 beau biden underwent
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treatment and was declared cancer-free later that year. in the spring of this year the cancer returned. a hopeful biden still planned to run for governor in 2016. beau biden husband and father of two died at age 46. in a statement the vice president's office said his absolute honor made him a role model for our family. beau embodied my father's saying that a parent knows success when his child turns out better than he did. beau biden was quite simply the finest man any of us have ever known. the vice president discussed the heartache of losing a child in 2012. >> for the first time in my life i understood how someone could conscious ledecide to commit suicide. not because they were deranged, not because they had been to the top of the mountain and they just knew in their heart they would never get there again. parents never expect to have a child predecease them. never.
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>> reporter: in that speech biden said the day eventually comes when painful loss yields a smile of memory before it brings a tear of grief. biden and his wife jill are now on that journey. and jeff today president obama and the first lady lent their hand spending about 30 minutes with the bidens device president's residence. >> glor: major garrett thank you very much. >> now to that rare sunday session in washington and the debate over key provisions of the patriot act. julianna goldman has more on the dramatic day. >> reporter: with the clock ticking senators rushed back from recess but without a clear path for a compromise. >> we're here now facing yet another manufactured crisis. >> reporter: failure to secure a deal before midnight means several surveillance programs will end, including the nsa's controversial bulk collection of phone records revealed by edward snowden. if there aren't new laws to replace them, the obama administration and many republicans say national security is at stake. >> the fees lapsed. i think we're going to have
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fewer tools. >> cia director john brennan told bob schieffer today that ending all data chrexz could lead to an intelligence failure an even to another 9/11 style attack. >> the tools that the government has used over the last dozen years to keep this country safe are integral to making sure that we're able to stop terrorists in their tracks. >> reporter: senate leaders must decide whether to move forward with a house bill that would reign in the nsa program. the usa freedom act is backed by both president obama and house speaker john boehner but it is opposed by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell without says it will make the country less safe and kentucky senator rand paul who has vowed to end the nsa program. >> this is a debate over the fourth amendment. this is a debate over your right to be left alone. >> reporter: republican senator mike lee told cnn he's optimistic the house bill will pass. but he conceded paul may get his way even for a few days. >> i think the question is not really about whether
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we'll get this passed but when. it will happen either tonight or it will happen on wednesday. or sometime in between them. >> reporter: even if they get a deal tonight, the programs are still likely to expire for a brief period. and jeff an administration official said that it would still even take a few days after that to get the nsa servers back up and running. >> glor: all right julianna thank you. secretary of state john kerry had to cut short a four nation trip today after breaking his leg in a bicycle crash in france. we get pore now from our state department correspondent margaret brennan. we know the secretary likes to go on long bike rides domestically and overseas. what happened here? >> reporter: well, today secretary kerry broke his right thighbone after he hit a curb and took a tumble. we know he was stabilized and flown by helicopter to the main hospital in geneva. and the state department says he was wearing a helmet. he didn't lose consciousness they don't think these injuries are life
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threatening. but we know this type of bone fracture often requires surgery. the concern is that this injury's nearby the same hip he had kerry replaced six years ago and that is why he flies back i havea medical transport to boston to be examined by his surgeon. >> glor: the secretary has a rather jammed schedule coming up in the coming days and weeks so what happens next? >> good question. we know the injury is going to at a minimum seriously impede his very intense travel schedule. he already cancelled a trip to madrid and to paris to meet with the iraqi prime minister about the fight against isis. there's some really high-level diplomacy scheduled for this month including the reopening of the u.s. embassy in cuba. and he is staring down a june 30th deadline to finalize the fine print of a nuclear deal with iran. now the white house says kerry can negotiate while he recovers. but if surgery is irared it might inhibit those plans. >> glor: margaret brennan thank you very much. >> an with more on the negotiations for a final
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nuclear deal with iran elizabeth palmer is in tehran. >> reporter: before secretary kerry had his accident, de meet with iran's foreign minister jawad zarif to discuss the outstanding issues of there with two big ones. the iranians want all sanctions to be lifted immediately once the deal is done and the u.s. wants a phased in approach. the second one is the amount of access if any the international inspectors will have to iran's military sites to make sure they're not making bombs. iran's supreme leader has said no outsiders are going to be setting foot on those military bases am even though there are two big obstacles, both sides said they will keep talking and they still hope to have a deal by the end of june. elizabeth palmer cbs news tehran. >> glor: qatar has agreed to extend the travel ban on five men released from guantanamo last year. referred to as the taliban five, the men are limited to
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the country of qatar. the ban was to expire at midnight. the member were released exactly onier ago in exchange for american pow bowe bergdahl. greece is trying to strike a deal with its lenders to not go bankrupt. they say they will not make the 1.7 billion in payments it owes this month. here with more is cbs news business analyst jill schless-- schlesinger. deal or no deal. >> i think there will be a deal. not sure when. greece can probably make a payment due on friday. but after that there's about a billion and a half more to pay off and they don't have the money to do that. both sides want a deal. they're likely to get one. >> glor: greece was supposed to be hunkering down what happened to the austerity program. >> it didn't work out very well. imagine if you owe a million dollars, if you cut back on the number of lattes you drink it will not make a drink. so too to greece. it has hurt the economy the economy contracted in greece in the first quarter this year. one out of four people overall unemployed. youth unemployment runs at
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50%. >> glor: question a lot of people here ask is how does this affect the united states and why should we care about this? >> treasury secretary jack lew said something interesting. he said we want them to come to a deal before an accident occurs, what is an accident? it means investors get really scared that there is in deal coming. they sell everything and they cause the crisis them ef iss. it wouldn't be as bad as what we went through in 2008 but it wouldn't be a lot of fun either. >> glor: not a financial meltdown but not good. >> not good. >> glor: jill, thanks. >> thank you. >> glor: the death doll-- death toll from flooding in texas and oklahoma keeps climbing at least 28 people have been killed, ten others have been missing for a week. don dahler is in dallas tonight. >> reporter: in dallas an eight-year-old girl became the latest victim when the veck she was riding in crashed and she was thrown into floodwaters. her body was recovered later by emergency workers. in wimberly, five adults and children are still missing. 1 week after a wall of water swept away a vacation home. 2,000 volunteers continue to comb the tangled debris
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determined to keep searching until everyone is found. >> in houston residents are nervously watching the brazos river, it continues to rise and is expected to crest at 50 feet by tomorrow morning. >> that has not been to my house since almost five days now. i just got pie house paid off last month. so it's paid for. so i don't know. what we'll do. >> reporter: water has become the enemy in this drought stricten region destroying homes, stranding livestock near the trinity river. and disrupting lives. water leaked into the main concourse during a game between the houston astros and chicago white sox despite the stadium roof being closed. >> and the 14th hole at the byron nelson championship in $as was converted from a par four to a 104 yard par three when a lake formed on the fairway. the receding waters left behind fish where there were none before. >> reporter: but of course many people's thoughts around here are still on the missing and their families. two more women's bodies were found along the banks of the blanco river yesterday.
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jeff, they can't be identified until autopsies are performed. >> glor: don dahler, thank you. in new york city today frightening images after a construction crane accidentally dropped its payload. seven people were hurt. ti-hua chang is there. >> sunday morning in new york city turned to dust in midtown. a crane operator lifting a massive air conditioning unit into an office building instead apparently smashed it into the 30th floor. the bus-sized unit then tumbled to the street below tearing off sections of the office building. it then pancaked flat. cafe manager steven kalt was a block away. >> i heard a big loud noise. everybody is turning when i see a wol bunch of smoke and stuff and something fell off that windeau. >> reporter: two construction workers and five people on the street including someone in this black car were hurt though not critically. city officials said many more would have been injured had this been a weekday on crowded madison avenue. fire chief ronald spadafora added the conditioning unit bounced off the building.
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>> a number of setbacks in front of that building, we are lucke that this piece of equipment didn't go directly into one of those setback roofs and go through the building. >> reporter: while unknown if this accident was operatorer railroad or equipment failure, it immediately group brought up the specter of a crane collapse in 2008 in which seven people were killed. that crane was faulty and had not been inspected. new york city mayor bill de blasio. >> i don't think anything has changed. we need to find out why this is happening. >> reporter: the crane has been-- but there is a gaping hole. based on osha records since 2008, there have been six crane accidents in new york city. and 11 people have been killed jeff. >> glor: ti-hua chang, thank you very much. >> a colorado town is on edge as police search for a possible serial shooter. and a 92-year-old runner is proving that life is a marathon. when the "cbs evening news" continues. well, when you have copd it can be hard to breathe.
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>> glor: windsor, colorado is on edge after a series of shootings, one that turned deadly. the attacked happened weeks apart but police say they are connected. here's daniellee nottingham. >> reporter: the town of windsor had not had a homicide in eight years until a cyclist was shot twice and diedment a month earlier a 20ier old woman was shot in her car. windsor police chief john michaels. >> this week we did recover evidence that links these two shootings together. >> reporter: cori romero says she was driving along interstate 25 when her window shattered. romero was shot twice in the neck. >> i didn't think it's tear that people should have to go out and fear for their lives when, you know they're driving to work. >> reporter: on may 18th john gentleman cobby was found dead. he was involved in so many community activitiesing people there called him the unofficial mayor of windsor. >> he knew more people than anybody in town. >> reporter: in nearby
6:18 pm
larimer county several drivers reported their windows were shattered including randy lingbloom. >> i knew this had been happening around this area. and i drive up and down here all the time. it's just something that you hear about. you know it. but you don't think it is doing to happen to you. >> reporter: so far police say they are only linking jacobby murder and the attack on romero but they won't say how the cases are connected or what may be behind the string of attacks. the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for information. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> glor: bob schieffer ended his 46 year run at cbs news today. his final farewell is next.
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must be filed by october 6, 2015. you may have a right to vote on garlock's plan to reorganize and pay claims. call 844-garlock or go to >> glor: bob schieffer made his last appearance as host of "face the nation" this morning, after 46 years with cbs new, bob ended his final broadcast by turning the attention away from himself. >> it takes a lot of votes to get this show on the air-- folks, and i'm really proud of all of them. so here they are, and i want all of you to take a bow. (applause) >> glor: cbs news political director john dickerson was there for bob's last day. he takes over "face the nation" next sunday. >> the solar impulse 2 took
6:22 pm
off from china today on the longest leg of its jurny around the world. next stop hawaii five days from now. swiss pilot andre borschberg plans to fly over 5,000 miles without a drop of fuel. it would be the longest uninterrupted solo plane flight in history. >> in ingallwood california today, preparing for possible football. that was the grandson of the once iconic hollywood park horse racing track. developers want the land for a proposed nfl stadium which does not have a team yet. >> harrettee thompson is 92 and today she ran a marathon. she finished san diego's rock 'n' roll marathon. it makes her the oldest world record holder, the oldest person ever to complete the 126.2 mile, the length of a marathon. her unofficial time just over 7 hours and 24 minutes am still ahead two cities hoping to end championship droughts can their superstars deliver?
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the warriors, they were born in the same hospital, ago ron general about three years apart, this year both want to win a trophy for the warriors it would be their first in 40. for the cavaliers their first ever. more now from ben tracy and adriana dooez. >> their long-suffering cleveland sports fans this run to the championship means sports gory may finally return to the title starved city. it also means something to future hall of famer lebron james. >> it is very emotional. it's very, just something i don't know i mean could i foresee this at the beginning of the season i couldn't. >> reporter: this was the first season back in cleveland for james who played his entire career for the cavaliers until 2010 when he went to miami and won two championships in four years. feeling betrayed many cavs fans said they would never forgive him. until they did.
6:27 pm
>> it's so exciting. it's we might actually win. >> their history as a sports city has been just a litany of disappointment. >> reporter: ken berger covers the nba for >> then they get the greatest player in the world and now they are waiting with bated breath to see if they can finish the job. >> we believe in unfurnished business and i stood what these people are going through. >> who says you can't go home again? not this guy. >> curry's quick release. >> i'm ben tracy in the golden state where two some fans the four decade drought feels like two lifetimes. >> we waited 40 years for them i'm only 21 but 21 years of hardship. >> reporter: until recently the warriors were, well terrible. >> curry steps back. the wait is especially sweet or adorable if you fact never golden state's secret
6:28 pm
weapon steph curry two-year-old daughter riley. >> her dad is this area's most valuable player. >> king james might strike fear in most team not here. >> as long as the warriors handle their business, we will be all right. around worried about lebron are you worried about lebron. >> i'm not. >> lebron doesn't seem worried either. though he says steph curry sun stoppable. >> he just creates so many matchup problems for your defense and you always have to be aware of him. >> how do you slow him down. >> the wam way-- same way you slow me down. you can't. >> that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. later on cbs "60 minutes." and first thing tomorrow cbs this morning. i'm jeff glor in new york. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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. >> ♪ >> i'm natasha brown. next on "eyewitness news" remembering beau biden. the former delaware attorney general and son of vice president joe biden passed away after a battle with brain cancer. we hear from those who knew him well. justin. >> i'm tracking showers and thunderstorms as we finish off the weekend and head into the upcoming work week. complete details in the eyewitness weather forecast. >> plus, a crane accident injures 10 people in manhattan. details next on "eye there are a lot of channels on your tv
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