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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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d every police officer who has been assigned here before going on duty was read the first amendment by commanders, a sign that police are dedicating, and right of free posts, and and and various speeches and as protesters and one of the city officials about what their goals were for that demonstration. >> and we're not going to make any bones about what we see we see anti blackness in this city and country and continues to be persuasive and we need to address that because it will not get better unless we talk about it which nobody wants to do. >> we are in support of everybody exercising their rights and we have been working with them to make sure everyone, who is demonstrating will stay safe. >> reporter: protests underway right the now, not sure where protesters may be heading to here. traffic is slowing around the hall, we will be back with live updates live from city
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hall, walt hunter for "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. live team three coverage continues with todd quinones and the daily life is a affected here in center city by the protests. >> reporter: chris, like walt has said there is a lot of passion here. there is a a lot of things and but have been and continue to remain peaceful outside city hall. crowd of a couple hundred have gathered here. this has been a well publicized evemore than a thousand people were expected. so anticipation of all this there has been some preparation that is were made today. police were out earlier this have afternoon, they were getting set up barricade were being put in place here outside of city had hall, and also some folding chairs on dilworth park were chained up and set aside all in anticipation for this afternoon's demonstration. the also the philadelphia court system closed down earlier this afternoon workers were sent home at 3:30 and we ran into a couple whoarried this afternoon at city hall and they told us how early shut down impacted
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their wedding day. >> our wedding was scheduled for three but because of the protest they push it back to 4:00. >> reporter: report because court system was shut down. >> reporter: upset by that. >> i was but it work out. it was highly upset but it worked out. >> reporter: philadelphia court system was shut down, because of quote an abundance of caution and for the purposes of crowd control traffic congestion, and possible reassignment of law enforcement. a as for situation here outside on dilworth park you can see the the protest remains peaceful. as far as demonstrations, a as far as the disruptions are concerned in and around city a hall here things appear to be somewhat limited right now. reporting live from center city, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good todd, thanks very much. now the latest from baltimore, the police department there delivered it report on the death of freddie gray to the state prosecutor's office today a day earlier
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then plan. state attorney jennies conducting her own investigation into how gray died in police custody. investigators today also revealed that the police van carrying gray made a previously unreported stop before he was delivered to the precinct. we now know 98 officers been injured since the violence in baltimore began on monday but half of those arrested have been released without charges. developing right now charges are pend ago begins a teenager who allegedly confessed to the hit and run of the temple university student. that student was critically injured last night while riding her bike on north park have avenue near diamond street in north philadelphia "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live at temple hospital with these new developments, math the math. >> reporter: jessica that student's name is rachel hall a senior at temple university. we have been speaking with her father all day long inside the hospital here. he tells us that his daughter remains in extremely critical condition after doctors performed hours of surgery
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here at the hospital, throughout the day-to-day. a stand out lacrosse goalie, dean's list student set to graduate next week and take a job as a police officer in washington d.c. all of that is now on hold for 22-year old rachel hall. >> he was riding her bike on park avenue near diamond street when she was struck by this car. its driver fled and rachel was rush to the hospital with severe injuries. meanwhile the chase was on for the the person responsible. >> about 10:30 we recovered the striking vehicle mitsubishi galante the first step that led us to the suspect. >> reporter: car's owner had called police and says his 18 year-old son had taken the car out last night without a full driver's license and might be responsible for the crash. thursday that son gave a statement to investigators. >> the young man had a permit. so he told us he was afraid and panic and left but he did come clean and give us the details of the crash.
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>> reporter: eighteen year-old is facing charge of the leaving the scene of the accident injury. news of the accident spread through the the temple campus works men's allah cross coach bonnie rosen said word cannot adequately express the the pain that rachel and her family are going through. the outpouring of love and support that had been expressed for rachel is a reflection of the fact that rachel is such an amazing person, a strong woman and a selfless teammate. now police have not released the identity of the suspect in this case. although he has given a statement to police he has not been taken in custody. that will happen when the district attorney's office a have prove charges in this case. we are expect ago this to happen. for now we are live outside temple university hospital, matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> matt, thank you. fiery scene in chester county and east coventry township auto shop filled with classic cars is destroyed in the fire. chopper three on the scene after 3:00 at handbury enterprises, fire fighters were able to take the flames
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under control in less than an hour and in injuries reported. well, count down is on we are now a little less than three hours away from the 2015 nfl draft and eagles fans, are dreaming of a certain quarterback from oregon wearing eagles green a lot of dreams out there we will see if they come true. we have live team three coverage with leslie van arsdal at chickie and pete but lets start with beasley reese at the novacare complex beasley? >> hi, guys, exciting time, of course, for eagles fans and the organization. first i thought the whole marcus mariota thing was balderdash no way they would try to get up that high, now i believe that chip covets this guy to the point that he is going to try to get him. lets take a look. 6-foot four, 220-pound, with the speed of a wide receiver, or a defensive back. marcus mariota is the most decorated player in ducks history.
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first heisman trophy winner, he won maxwell award walter camp award, too many university of oregon passing record to mention. as the best quarterback in college football he won the jb o'brien and johnny unite is a ward. >> you get the a chance to reunite the a head coach with a guy, who fits his system perfectly, with the the dual threat ability, that is obviously a pro there. you would feel that the head coach would finally have a guy that he candy sign his offense around. >> reporter: chip recruited marcus to oregon in 2011. he said at that time the kid had the skill and character to be a champion. he rated the highest of all quarterbacks in the draft of 90.9, arm strength, on the radar gun he clocked 56 miles per hour as a combine. that is the the same as super bowl champions russell wilson and joe flacco. >> i think marcus mariota will be a fine quarterback, at the
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nfl level. it to me the concern would be what price will it cost us to get him. >> reporter: marcus won 36 games in three oregon. he threw you 105 touchdown pass necessary his career against just 14 interceptions. that is why the coach covets this guy. that is it from the novacare complex, but what about the fans, we will get to leslie van arsdal at chickie and pete's in south philadelphia. >> hi, beasley. for fans the marcus mariota moment otherwise known as nfl draft, it is finally here and just a few hours the the fans will finally get some close another. >> i think they're going to get him. >> question is does chip kelly have what it takes to move to 20 to two and land oregon star and heisman trophy winner marcus mariota. >> give everything up. >> yes. >> why? >> we need a quarterback for next five or six years everything yeah. fill those holes. >> reporter: other fans, weary
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of giving up so much for just one player. >> i think eagles probably could get him if they really wanted to but i don't know if they should. they have to give up so much. from everything you hear from a lot of people they don't know if he is the andrew luck franchise type quarterback that will help you out for the the next five or ten years. wild card. >> reporter: merrill reese has been voice of the eagles for 38 seasons and says this is most intriguing draft he has ever seen. >> there hasn't been anything like this draft for eagles fans this anticipation, and this kind of off season. there is the marcus mariota factor. >> do you think that is even a real possibility. >> no. >> so yes, it would take a lot of wheeling and dealing but let me say that fans, trust chip kelly, if there is a guy to get this done, he is guy to do it. back to you jessica and chris. >> all right. we will know in a few hours.
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>> yes, we will. >> what do you think? do you think eagles will land mariota? connect with us on facebook and twitter and as always use the hash tag cbs-3 chat. doesn't necessarily have to happen tonight too, it could be later on. >> we don't know how these things work good dream will never die. put it that way. we will have much more on the draft live from chicago coming up later in this broadcast. also ahead a local officers hailed as a hero tonight, rescuing a five month-old from the hot car. and then a terrifying scene is caught on camera, we will tell you why police say a woman intentionally set that gas pump on fire. and then they were forced to evacuate was their backyard disappearing in the huge sink hole their homes on the edge. now a week later homeowners are still waiting for answers. we have an update coming up kathy? it will be cloudy and turning cooler, damp and dreary as we end the workweek, what about the weekend we will look at that as well
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back on "eyewitness news" with an update to the breaking news protesters continue to gather outside philadelphia city hall for a rally they are calling philly is baltimore. you can see crowd growing there. >> this is dilworth park side of city hall you can see it is a sizable crowd officials estimate it to be 600 or so right new but it continues to grow. they have been gathered for a little over an hour now and they are expect to march shortly which could cause some traffic grid lock in and around center city philadelphia if you are
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driving in the area take note of that and try something else but this is a group protesting what they see as instances of police brutality and injustice in society and they should be a presence for much of the night. we will keep an eye and have live report throughout the the night on "eyewitness news". a camden police officer is held as a hero after rescuing a baby lock in the lock car. >> that baby was taken in the hospital and is in good health tonight. cbs-3's alexandria hoff report fellow officers credit their quick thinking collogue for saving a life. >> reporter: behind this broken window is a blushing camden police officer who is being hailed as a hero. >> heroic act by this hero. >> reporter: officer ramos was on duty near cv. is on fifth and martin luther king boulevard. >> when she discovered a infant, five month-old infant, that was crying and she went over to the vehicle check the on the vehicle and seen the infant profusely sweating.
5:15 pm
>> it is hot outside so the baby was not okay. >> reporter: despite the office are not having any children of her own she said instinct took over she used her baton to smash out the front window and went around to get the crying baby out of the back seat. >> this is what we do. >> you think cops did the right thing. >> they had to rescue the baby, the babe would have died. it is hot out here. windows were rolled up and door lock. >> reporter: in good condition the baby was in the nearby bank to await an ambulance. when the child's mother exited cv. she claimed only to have been in there for a short time. >> we're looking at a infant baby okay. we're looking at the surrounding area. one second, 22nd it is just too long. >> reporter: mother was taken in custody and bain babe brought to hospital for evaluation. reporting from camden, alexandria hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right place right time
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for sure. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" do you want a raise? three on your side wants to increase your chances of getting one, our consumer reporter jim donovan has top three things you need to do to get that permanent bump in your paycheck. final preparations are underway in chicago with just a few hours until the nfl draft begins, we are live from the windy
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we continue to follow breaking news, chopper three live over philadelphia city hall this afternoon where police say 600 people have gathered for what they are calling the philly is baltimore rally. they are expect to grow in number as the evening goes on. this widely spread through social media and people coming together to express their feelings over what is happening, in baltimore and around the country. >> so, the death of freddie gray in baltimore and police custody, bringing, gathering together like this, all across the country. they were in new york last night and now they are out in force in philadelphia. the peaceful protest here, as we expect it to be we will keep an eye on it throughout the night. our walt hunter and todd quinones among crowds at city hall. we will join them later on. well, it is a nice evening outside there. it turned out to be an okay day to day. >> it is okay. tomorrow will be cloudy, cooler windy ending the month of april on a quiet note.
5:20 pm
tomorrow beginning may on a cool note. outside temperatures are mainly in the 60's and see observations courtesy of our weather watchers on the bottom of the korean. the let take a look outside where we have some sun, some cloud and we are waiting for that nfl draft all eyes on lincoln financial field. you can see sunshine. that will be a rocking place come late summer, early fall, very excited about that tonight. lets look at storm scan three. we have showers and and thunderstorms, that had a flood advisory, in cumberland county but it has weakened and moving out toward north east over salem county and now in new castle county. it is dying out but still bringing pockets of heavy rain through delaware it the i bear along 40 and 301. associated with this some ponding on area road, moderate rain, in the vicinity and salem county, new castle county just remember you could be caught underneath, this heavy shower. other than that not much going on as far as rain is concern. as we look through the in of
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april and say good bye to the month tonight i went through and saw how many truly sunny days we had, did you think it was a sunny month only two clear days we had 21 partly sunny days and only seven cloudy days. not so bad as we head deeper in the spring season. right now 62. seventy in lancaster. sixty-two in the poconos. the down the shore in wildwood at rio grand 61. cape may 61. cooler down the the shore. not so bad with the northeasterly win. ocean city 60. cool spot is barnegat light at 55 degrees on the barrier island. for tomorrow we are talking about cooler temperatures with more on shore flow, more cloud moving in, gusty wind at times and a few more showers especially during the afternoon. here's the setup, we have these two areas of low pressure coastal low and upper level low that is moving along the shore witt, temperatures in the 60's tomorrow, we have persistent on shore flow, sat the day, the same, influence
5:22 pm
weekend but there is a chance of the the late afternoon shower temperatures in the 60's. then high pressure build in on sunday and that is when our weather changes and it looks like it will change for good. temperatures well in the 70's, mostly sunny skies. this could be the beginning of summer-like weather before the summer season even begins. we deserve it. during overnight look for isolated shower and then just cloudy. low 48. tomorrow 61 degrees. little cooler. 10 degrees cooler than today. scattered showers in the afternoon but definitely cloudy cooler and look for more wind. 8:00 a.m. temperatures look for cloud 52. by noon 59. sixty's in the afternoon. fifty-seven during the 8:00 o'clock hour. coe but will need a light jacket. three day forecast calls for temperatures to bottom out tomorrow saturday 69 sunday 77. that is a look at the three day forecast, kate will be back next half an hour with th
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from the moment we woke up to day we were feeling this excitement. i mean eagles fans, they have been anticipating this day for months now and the nfl draft is less than three hours away. >> it is almost here now. big question is will the eagles make a splash? a lot of people hoping they will. joining us live from chicago is cbs sports reporter megan alexander. how is it there right now? >> reporter: i got to tell you excitement is building here, for the first time in 50 years, chicago hosts the nfl draft and the the windy city has spared in expense to kick off one of the biggest sporting event of the year. the nfl isn't known for subtlety so no surprise that the league is throwing this huge party to celebrate tonight's nfl draft.
5:26 pm
>> it is bigger and bigger every year. >> reporter: for next three nights n fl32 teams will select players in the first round, each team will have ten minutes to decide on a pick. a moment that will change the players and potentially the team's future forever. matt heartwell is true blue indianapolis colts fan. >> i'm hoping that the colts take bj humphrey a tackle out of florida. >> reporter: jameis winston is expect to be the topic and will likely go to the first team to choose, the tampa bay buccaneers. heisman trophy winner marcus mariota is expected to be second potentially becoming a tennessee titan. before tonight's draft those looking to become next stars on the field learn how to shine off the field with a stop here at chicago's shriner's hospital. the children here got to play with tomorrow's nfl heroes, right up his alley. >> i can relate to these guys.
5:27 pm
it is really cool to me. >> reporter: draft is cool for players too. by this time tomorrow some of these young men will be worth millions. now, over 10 million people, tuned into watch the first round of the nfl draft last year, a lot of that had to do with the excitement surrounding johnn this year noise different with jameis winston marcus mariota at the top of the roster. the as you know here on the gold carpet the biggest story is will chip kelly reunite with marcus mariota and do that deal to bring him to the eagles. a lot of excitement as count down is on to the 2015 draft a lot of nerves here in philadelphia. if you hear a collective a shriek after tennessee drafts mariota, that is philadelphia. that is all of us. >> the whole city. >> chris hey. >> we will see what happens. long way to go. >> thanks, megan. there is a lot more coming up here in our next half an
5:28 pm
hour, we will continue to follow that breaking news going on in center city, hundreds of marchers are in the streets showing solidarity with the the people of baltimore, voicing their concerns about police brutality, we will have another live report just a few minutes from right now. a shocking scene caught on tape, wait until you hear why this woman set a gas pump on fire. police say she did it on purpose. more than a week after large scale erosion forced home owners from their houses in florence township questions still linger i'm cle
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old el paso says... start somewhere fresh we're following breaking news tonight marchers are gathered in philadelphia showing solidarity with protesters in baltimore. hundreds of people voicing their concern as what they see as police brutality. this is expect to cause grid lock tonight. we will have a live report from city hall in just a moment. charges are pend ago begins a teenager who confessed to the hit and run of the temple university student, rachel hall was on her bicycle last night the when she was hit she's in critical condition. a camden police officer rescued a baby lock in the hot car, and an officer used a baton to break a front window and save that baby. we are told a mother was taken in custody. lets check on the weather with kate, hi kate.
5:32 pm
today started off beautiful but by this afternoon few cloud rolled in and we are between two systems, upper level storm here over portions of ohio and this coastal low. this is heading out to sea. this is digging southward so this looks scarier then it is on storm scan three. the a as far as we are concern we are still seeing filtered sunshine notice showers have fizzled a bit, we have one thunderstorm over lancaster county. we will tell you how that coastal system will impact tomorrow and good news for weekend. back to you. lets get back out to our breaking news. >> as we said hundreds of people are demonstrating in philadelphia in solidarity in protesters in baltimore. this is a live look at the the scene from chopper three. it is philadelphia city hall dilworth park. you can see big gathering there. police estimate about 600. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter ace monk the crowd and he joins us with the very latest walt. >> reporter: this loud but peaceful protest involving as you said about 600 protesters still underway in the west
5:33 pm
plaza of city hall. there is chanting, there are speeches, right now in its second hour, everything is, very peaceful, although very passionate as everyone expresses their viewpoints. the lets look at this video. this is more of a close-up look at exactly what is going on here in the west place, protesters began gathering around 4:30, 75 coming in from the university of pennsylvania area in west philadelphia others on the plaza. police were here, there are scores of them around the the a area but they are keeping a very low key and as you are seeing in this video before all these police went on duty, they were read the first amendment to the constitution by commanders. i asked deputy police commissioner richard ross about the practice have of reading the first amendment before the demonstration got going. >> it is important. what we do is we are here to protect the constitution, rights of all, that is what we will do. they have a right to protest. we support that.
5:34 pm
everyone should know that. we want everybody to do it peacefully and that is important. >> reporter: right new driving around city hall here all of the roadways are open. they have been closed off earlier. what is unknown is when this protest will end and whether any of the protesters will leave here and go to other destinations obviously that could cause congestion in center city and other areas. we will be here live live from city hall i'm walt hunter for "eyewitness news". walt, thanks very much. it has been weeks since two south jersey homeowners have been told to leave their homes because of this situation this their backyard. officials say erosion there made it too dangerous to stay but where do they go from here. our new jersey reporter cleve bryan went looking for answerness florence township burlington county. >> the anxiety is incredible. >> reporter: it has been a week since chris and lynn odeli vac waited their home because of the eroding cliff that gobbled up much of their
5:35 pm
backyard. what was it like coming back to this. >> it is not easy, not an easy thing to do. i want to be home. >> reporter: florence township engineer says there is no telling or their neighbor jean woodley's houses will tumble down the 07-foot cliff in the delaware river. >> we are getting in touch to a consulting firm to get an inn group to assess what is going on. >> reporter: bv in the cliff comes to a point a have above an underground pipe that the rape storm reruled just last week. no one seems to know how long it has been gushing water in the embankment but burlington county put on a cap last week. >> storm drain and street, that is a county property that they take care of. >> we have not her word from the county yet. >> reporter: as odells remain hopeful with working with local and county agency another type of help is underway. first baptist church of florence is preparing a home as a place for woodley or odell toss live in if they live it. >> you know the lord helps and it is always good to be
5:36 pm
able to help somebody out, you know, not often we have the opportunity to, you know. >> it is a wonderful thought and feeling as a community we can all come together. >> reporter: big question about the big chunk of crumbling land is who if anyone, is responsible for fixing it. i made five or six attempts to get answer from his burlington county and only response i get is same thing odells, it is that they are still investigating. cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia's monsignor william lynn is back in prison. a judge revoke his bail and ordered him to continue his three to six year sentence. on monday state supreme court reinstated his 2012 conviction for administrative role he played in allowing abusive priests to stay in the ministry. defense is filing an emergency position so lynn can remain on house arrest. lynn argues he was not responsible for children's welfare under state law at the that time. david wellstein is expect to plead guilty for his role in the george washington
5:37 pm
bridge scandal, according to bloomberg news. former aid to governor christie is accused of orchestrating 2013 lane closures for political reasons. bloomberg said he may be cooperating with prosecutors. governor christie says he did not know about those lane closures. a shocking act of violence is caught on camera, woman in israel ignites a fire at a gas pump. take a look as she asks a man for a cigarette while pumping gas. he says no. then in an ago of what police call retaliation she uses a light tore set that gasoline on fire. the man quickly pull the pump out of his reek will but that flashed a flaming gas on the ground there. luckily, in one was hurt and that woman was arrested. wow. signs of hope in nepal a mid all of the devastation a teenage boy and a woman have been rescued from the ruble today, five days after that massive earthquake.
5:38 pm
the 15 year-old boy whom you see here was trapped between two floors of the building, to get the attention of the rescuer he through lou rocks at the a piece of metal amid the debris. remarkably he suffered no broken bones. the death toll in nepal has topped 5500 people and frustration is growing as thousands remain in need of water, food, shelter. senator bernie sanders is throwing his hat in the presidential race, he kick off his campaign in washington d.c. today. sanitiers has represented vermont in congress for more than two decade but he is challenging hillary clinton for democratic nomination. sanders says his campaign will be more different from the rest. >> i believe that in a democracy when elections are about a serious debate of another just issues, nl gossip, not making campaigns into soap opera this is in the red sox verse yankees. this is the debate over major issues facing the american people. >> senator sanners acknowledges he has an up hill battle to win that many
5:39 pm
in nation. today marks 40 years since the end of the vietnam war on this day in 1975 americans and vietnamese alike scrambled to board helicopters and escape saigon as north vietnamese forces closed in. 2 million lives were lost6+22 during that war. tonight at 6:00, vietnam war veteran waited decade for this moment. today he became a u.s. citizen. he will char his long journal that i led to this day with "eyewitness news" tonight at 6:00 o'clock. still to come here on this broadcast are you trying to land a raise at work? there are things to do to increase your chances of getting one? when should you ask? how do you talk tour boss? three on your side's jim donovan has top three ways to get a raise. scare on stage for brittany spears, big las vegas fall that left fans gasping and singer injured kate. >> outside this morning you may have felt how warm it is now, not quite as warm, all thanks to the east wind, i'll
5:40 pm
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teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them. we do continue to follow breaking news right now crowds have gathered in large numbers at philadelphia city
5:47 pm
hall for the the philly is baltimore rally. >> chopper three over the say so far 600 people are rally with anything support of freddie gray, died in police custody in baltimore. so far protests have been peaceful we will continue to keep an eye on this and update you throughout the evening and on cbs philly to the come. meteorologist kate bilo joins us for a look at the forecast, it was a pleasant enough day. >> we had more sunshine this morning then what we had anticipated and that helped and got temperatures in the 70's today i went for a run this morning. i saw people outside enjoying this. but now it is cooler, already. lets look at what is had happening outside we will take you down the shore and one area that the cool air is really already being felt. this is, of course, ocean city boardwalk in just a few months, this camera will be hopping as it always is once you hit memorial day and throughout the summer. just a few folks out there in their jackets enjoying a cool breeze off the ocean down the shore today. one of the days where salt air
5:48 pm
hits you in the face minute you step outside. storm scan three does show a few showers moving through lancaster county over toward baltimore area. rest of the area has luck out. we had a heavy thunderstorm over salem cumberland counties that has moved on out and for right now things are quiet. lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers. they are reporting cooler temperatures even just a couple hours ago. we are seeing temperatures in the 50's in one spot. this is up north around trenton, as we check with steven declemente in robbinsville, new jersey down to 57. a few more cloud north certainly today but still hanging on to 66 checking in with jim in media. 66 degrees. the cloud, they are moving in. let look one more time at storm can three. we will see how most of these showers and thunderstorms they are pushing west, they are wrapped up in an upper level storm over ohio valley, we will show you what we're talking about. there are two storms and they will join forces but they are not headed our way.
5:49 pm
storm number one is right about here, storm number two off the coast and what happens here is storm number one will transfer its energy to the coastal low and they formed into one. buddy system here. then this starts to move out to sea mess of the rain, thunder will miss us to the south. there could be a few showers down across portions of delaware tomorrow but for the most part this will not be a big rain maker for us. look at how temperatures have dropped throughout the day. we got to 72 by 1:00. we are down to six two. east win kick in. shaved 10 degrees off the temperature in a few hours. same thing in atlantic city. you can see that east win keeping things cool. notice temperatures in the 50's, down to the 40's overnight. cloud locked in tomorrow. in better than upper 60's. i want to tell you about the chance for a couple spotty showers off to the west even on saturday as we try to get this influence of le pressure to move on east and out of here. overnight, cloudy, breezy
5:50 pm
isolated shower at 48. few scattered showers tomorrow. biggest impact cloudy and breezy. broad street run on sunday, 59 degrees with unshine to start things off. look at how beautiful sunday will be. sixty-nine saturday. sunday 77 with a west low developing and in the 80's next week. beautiful stretch ahead chris and yes, sir contact, back over to you. thanks kate. well, if you want more money at work you can always ask for a raise but never an easy thing to do. >> there are certain things to do continue on crease your chances of making it happen. three on your side's jim donovan has top three ways to get a raise. do you think you deserve a raise? why don't you ask? according to the web site pay, only 43 percent of workers ask for a raise. and women are less comfortable negotiating then men. >> it ranks up there with paying taxes or getting a root canal, one of the conversations people don't like to have.
5:51 pm
>> reporter: which why is we culted karen snail assistant dean for student professional development at temple university's fox school of business. >> we need to focus on yourself, not what others are making. >> reporter: with her help we came up with top three ways to get a raise. tip number one, timing is everything. according to best time to ask for a racist early in the week, forget about thursday and friday, that is when your boss may already have their weekend on their mind. it is in the just time of the week to consider but also the time of the year. figure out when your company sets its annual budget and go two months in advance. if a budget is set in october august should be your deadline. tip number two be confident know what you want, experts say come in with a number and aim high but not too high. do your research and know your value. >> there is so many salaries, glass door, pay and
5:52 pm, job search, get an idea, what compared salaries are like. >> reporter: finally tip number three schedule a meeting. the be sure to tell your advance what you'd like to speak to them about so they don't feel ambushed and be prepared to highlight your strengths. you may even wh what is known as a report. >> think back of your accomplishments, quantify those, and what were the the the results. survey show employers are planning to give pay raises 3 percent this year on par with the two-point the percent average raises given in 2013 and 2014 but still below prerecession levels. >> it is all interesting. i love brag report. that can be a hard to do to sell yourself but it is important. >> i would show up with a big box. i would be like here give me the money. >> you know they will in the come to you volunteering a raise so you have to do it yourself. >> exactly. >> be bold. >> indeed. >> good adv
5:53 pm
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5:56 pm
well, the the great brittany spears is recovering after injuring herself on stage at her show in vegas. >> insider michael yo joins us with details michael. >> reporter: chris and jessica, video tells the whole story and it has got to hurt. now it goes viral. tonight we will go on stage injury that could side line her show. here's the insider in 60 seconds. >> ♪ >> it started out as a normal night for brittany during her planet hollywood show in vegas when a slip of the stiletto led to this.
5:57 pm
ouch. let's see that again. brittany spears falls down twisting her ankle in the process. thankfully since she is a consummate professional she gets up, performing despite clearly income pain. he responded with this tweet. thank you for tweet wishes, had a scare on stage with my ankle but i'm okay. >> ♪ >> reporter: this wasn't brittany's first on stage snafu, two weeks ago she was harassed by heckler and responded. her show is dark tonight but good news for brittany fans she's scheduled to return to the stage friday night. >> ♪ i'm not that innocent ♪ >> reporter: i'm a big fan of brittany spears. she's scheduled to continue her big show throughout 2017. chris and jessica, hopefully in more slip ups. back to you. >> that looks like it was painful.
5:58 pm
>> be careful, my gosh. watch the insider tonight and every week night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. we continue to follow breaking news in the city. hundreds are rallying at city hall. their message to the people of the baltimore and to the city they call home. temple university student is fighting for her life after a hit and run on campus, police say a teenager confessed to being behind the wheel of the car that hit her kathy. more cloud and turning colder, across the region before the first week end in may, we will talk about that with the seven day. plus, we're that much closer to the nfl draft tonight and all eagles fans have their eyes on one guy marcus mar yet, "eyewitness news" sports team breaks down possibilities, next on "eyewitness news" at 6:00.
5:59 pm
we will begin at 6:00 o'clock with breaking news. hundreds have gathered on philadelphia's dilworth plaza today, protesting police brutality and injustice. we have live team coverage with "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter and todd quinones in the middle of it all and we will begin with walt hunter, walt. >> reporter: jessica, protests moving in the end of the second hour. it continues to be loud, passionate, but peaceful here on the west plaza of city hall. at i probably about 600 people here, according to police that has dwindled somewhat. look at this video this is part of the police force part of the contingent here, they are actually being read their first amendment the first amendment, of the constitution by commanders, that was done for all police officers here today, guarantying the freedom to protest. as you get closer to the protest you can hear voices of those gathered here this he
6:00 pm
were loud, passionate, we spoke to many of them. here's a thought of one protester who came here to listen and to participate. >> i'm hoping to see legtive change their laws, because something has got to stop when it comes to police brutality and if it means us getting out here every day to fight for justice, then so it shall be. i will be one of the ones standing right here. >> reporter: back live you can see right now the protesters for the first time moving off of the west plaza of city looking live, they are now moving north across 15th street and it does appear that traffic at this moment is going to be blocked on the the west side of city hall as the the protesters assemble. now where they might be


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