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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 17, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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dangerous weather threatening much of the country today. severe storms are in friday's forecast for millions of americans. an under the radar flight puts washington on alert. the landing of a small helicopter on the capitol lawn could spark new hearings on d.c. security. >> hello. i'm stuck in this plane. i'm in this plane. >> you're where? in-flight emergency. a 911 call made by an alaskan airlines worker who became trapped in the cargo hold of a passenger jet. >> we're home. and a galaxy far, far away feel as little closer. the next trailer for the next
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star wars movie sends sci-fi fans into orbit. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, april 17th, 20156789 good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin this morning with another flare-up of potentially severe weather that's expected to last throughout the day. the risk of damaging winds, hail, and possible tornadoes stretches from the central plains to the gulf coast. the system is made up of a string of storms. texas, oklahoma, kansas alabama, florida, and mississippi are at particular risk. this tornado touched down in western oklahoma last night. it was on the ground for about nine minutes. the storm also produced quarter size hail but there were no reports of serious damage or injury. it was one of ten tornados reported yesterday, many in the
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oklahoma/texas area. in north texas near amarillo there was flash flooding. four inches of rain fell there yesterday. partshe area were swamped. some residents couldn't leave or get to their homes. overnight in colorado. snow. by tonight the higher elevations could get 3 feet. the snow has made for rough travel. numerous wrecks have been reported. numerous storms are posted through saturday. well the florida postman who stunned washington by landing his small helicopter on the capitol lawn is expected to return to his home in florida today. by flying undetected through restricted airspace doug hughes set off a monsoon of questions and finger-pointing. edward lawrence is in washington. good morning, edward. >> good morning, anne-marie. a federal judge released douglas
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hughes on his own reconnaissance. he was deem not at a flight risk but will wear a gbs. doug hughes left a washington, d.c., courthouse a free man for now. >> reporter: the 61-year-old man flew his gyrocopter under radar. he's been charged with knowingly operating an unlicensed aircraft and violating national air defense space. he faces up to four years in prison. hughes has been given home detention in florida and he's been ordered to stay out of the sky. >> they want to deter others from trying such missions but they don't want to send a 61-year-old who is no threat to prison. >> reporter: the content of the letters was less importantet than how they got here. >> the chain that's going to happen afterward is going to invoke a lot of questions by members. if you didn't detect it why,
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and if you did why didn't we hear about it. >> reporter: minority leader nancy pelosi was alarmed at the capitol that one of the most visible and secure buildings was breached. >> it's stunning. and we're interested in getting achbss to that. >> reporter: lawmakers plan to hold hearings looking into the incident. the flight caused or prompted security concerns to be more aware for police around the white house and also the capitol hill. the national park service and secret service are working to improve the fence around the white house. anne-marie? >> edward lawrence in washington. thank you, edward. this morning an ohio man who prosecutors say trained with a syrian-based affiliate of ail day is being held on charges that he planned to launch a terrorist attack here in the united states. david martin reports. >> reporter: according to tin dietment this 23-year-old said he wanted to kill americans,
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especially members of the armed forces police officers or anyone else in uniform. specifically he wanted to go to a military base in texas and kill three or four soldiers execution style. his backup plan was allegedly to attack a prison. the indictment alleged mohammed travelled to syria one year ago, flying to turkey and crossing the border to join his brother who was already fighting for the radical islamic group called al nusra. he received training in breaking and entering explosives and hand to hand-combat on the front line. a naturalized citizen from somalia, mohammed has already made one court appearance back in february when he was brought up on state charges in ohio and held on a million dollars bail. mohammed's attorney says hesitate client will plead not guilty to the charges which
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carries a maximum sentence of 3 years in prison. as for mohammed's brother, he was killed fighting in syria. david martin cbs news the pentagon. in iraq this morning isis troops are moving closer to controlling the city of ramada western baghdad and the anbar province. u.s. warplanes have been hitting isis targets in the air if days and they have broken the perimeter of iraq's largest oil refinery. iraq's prime minister has been in washington this week consulting with the obama administration. al abbady told charlie rose he did not ask for american troops. >> there's no need for travel oroops or boots on the ground. we didn't ask for it and we accept that. >> you can see more of charlie rose's interview coming up on
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"cbs this morning." there are more allegations that a tulsa reserve deputy who shot an unarmed man to death didn't have the training he claimed. they show more than 400 hours of training but sources close to the sheriff's office tells cbs news some of those records were falsified and that the officers were pressured to make the changes. and the documents do not include certification to carry the .357 revolver that he used to shoot eric harris. the tulsa sheriff's office says it's reviewed the entire reserve deputy program. bates, an insurance executive, said he thought he was holding his stun gun when he fired the fatal shot. coming up on the "morning news" now, a desperate 911 call. can somebody stop it? >> a baggage worker trapped in a plane's cargo hold makes a plea for help. and on the edge of a cliff
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12 months at no cost. lady antebellum singer laurie scott is safe after her tour bus caught on fire. scott, her husband, their tour manager and the driver all escaped without injury. the fire badly damaged the bus though. an idaho man is being credited this morning with a heroic rescue. he pulled a driver from an suv hanging from the edge of a cliff. he smashed the passenger side window with a rock and pulled the man to safety. the driver suffered minor injuries. only a chain link fence kept the suv from plunging to three
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stories below. a 911 call of a bagger carrier trapped in the cargo hold. >> he got trapped 14 minutes after takeoff. it was carried a passenger not on the manifest. a baggage worker had taken a nap in a pressurized cargo hold and awoke to a nightmare. >> 911. >> hello. i'm caught in this plane. >> you're where? >> i'm inside a plane. flight 448. can you please have somebody stop it. >> where are you in a plane at? >> after about 45 seconds the call disconnects. >> are you by yourself or with somebody. >> the 911 operator tried calling back but got no answer. the trapped man had also called for help using something a bit
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more analogue his hands. >> i think we have a noise from the baggage compartment. it could be a person in there. we're going dom back around. >> the plane landed minutes later. the worker was unharmed. danielle nottingham cbs news los angeles. straight ahead, cyber controversy. wikileaks defends giving everyone access to leaked documents in the sony hack attack. and the old star wars gang is back. a look at the new trailer for episode 7. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs morning news" sponsored by international delight. leave a little room for delight. introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. new flonase outperforms a leading allergy pill so you will inhale life. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. this morning public health officials are sounding the alarm about the soaring use of electronic cigarettes among teens. the cdc says the number of high school students who tried e-cigarettes tripled in one year. it jumped to more than 13% in 2014 from about 4% the year before. traditional cigarette use fell to a record low. smoking kills more than 480,000 americans each year. on the "cbs moneywatch" now, a big leap for cable tv as
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verizon decides to unbundle. and a peek at the new star wars trailer. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, anne-marie. rents are on the rise and the bad news is that's not going to change. the average u.s. rent rose 14% since 2010. that's faster than inflation. this year rent's expected to rise to another 3.3% to an average of $1,161. the one reason for that is young people find jobs and leave home while more people are apartment hunting. this morning sony pictures. these are documents stolen in last year's crippling cyber attack. wikileaks founder julian assange says they're newsworthy and the
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center of conflict. the sony hacking attack came just before the release of "the interview" the comedy on the assassination of north korean leader kim jong-un. the obama administration says north korea was behind the attack. stocks are on the reboundafter ending slightly lower. the dow slips 6 points, the s&p dropped 1%. >> they'll be offering slimmed down tv packages. starting sunday fios kpaers can sign up for a group of channels. the cheapest plan will cost $55 a month and include two channels. the chair house committee says he has a, quote, private and personal relationship with
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an airline industry lobbyist. he says his relationship with shelly row beno is unreelated to his work. she works for airlines for america, a trade association. she does not lobby schuster directly, but he got more contributions from the airlines industry last year than any other congressman, over $128,000. and sci-fi fans are drooling after getting an early glimpse of the upcoming star wars movie "the force awakens." disney released the 90-second trailer yesterday. it shows ex-wing battles and storm troopers, some new characters, and some familiar faces. >> chewy, we're home.
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the movie comes out december 18th. anne-marie? >> i have one predilkzer that movie or december 18. a whole lot of people will be calling in sick. a mysterious flu at that time. thanks a lot, jill. adrian peterson is cleared to play in the nfl once again. the minnesota vikings apz running back was reinstated thursday. he missed most of last season while dealing with child abuse allegations. peterson pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and agreed to go to counseling. it's unclear if he'll continue to play for the vikings though. peterson says he no longer wants to play for minnesota. when we return an espn reporter is caught on tape letting the insults fly. >> do you feel good about your job? so i could be a college dropout and do the same thing? we'll tell you who brit mchenry was talking to and why she's sorry now. one helps keep you awake- the other
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. this . this morning dr. oz is under fire from prominent physicians. ten doctors are calling from columbia university to oust oz from his position. they say he lacks integrity from what they call quack treatments. he rejected the call citing his academic freedom. espn reporter britt mchenry is off work for a week after she's caught bee rating an employee at a towing company. do you feel good about your job that you're a college dropout
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because i could do the same thing and i have a brain and you don't? >> well, the video which appears to be heavily edited shows mchenry criticizing the attendant's weight and threatening to sue. hours after the video surfaced espn suspended the 28-year-old for one week. she late err apologized on twitter. and this morning, country's biggest stars are tuning up for academy's country music awards. ♪ >> that's luke bryant rehearsing his hit. he's up for four awards. other stars. miranda lambert, kenny chesney, and keith urban. you can watch the 50th academy awards this sunday on cbs. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," jan crawford talks to country
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comedian trevor noah takes over for jon stewart of "the daily show" later this year. how his yub bringing influenced his comedy. >> can i ask you a question? >> reporter: whether he's portraying a california surfer girl. >> if you're like from africa like have you ever had aids? >> reporter: or savaging the double amputee track star. >> look at him. no ligs, no legs, but he didn't let that stop him from becoming a killer. >> reporter: he lies to say he was born a crime. his mother a black, his father a swiss, their marriage once illegal during a partied.
4:26 am
>> i don't care, i don't care. come tell me. i want europe white man. crazy mama crazy. my dad you know how the swiss love chocolates. >> reporter: the racial tensions of africa infused his humor. so do his roots where he was raised by his grandmother frances. she told us he was always getting into trouble. >> her and i, man, have a beautiful bond and love for each other. we have this thing ever since she hit me. >> come and full of life. come and catch me. let's play the game. and then what do you do? you must laugh really. that's trevor. >> reporter: 13 years aeld his agent said that noah walked into her office as a teenager with big dreams. >> he was full of pimples and
4:27 am
said what to do with these pimples, doorly. i think i was his first comedy routine. >> reporter: noah's irreverent style of humor caught up with him when he was called the head of the new "daily show." a handful of tweets have been criticized as anti-semitic and sexist but he's showed scant regard for such. he once portrayed drunk abilities of bill clinton. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. now the taste will be whether this home grown brand of humor has the muscle to trance end south africa borders. debora patta cbs news south africa. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," dr. jon lapook looks at eeset
4:28 am
cigarettes and their effects on teenagers and jan crawford looket as country's biggest stars and actor kelsey grammer joins us in the studio with his new broadway show "finding never neverland." that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. i'm anne-marie green. thanks for watching. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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. from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". developing this morning, a police involved shooting in frankford. the situation that led a police officer to fire his gun. plus new surveillance video released gives police new clues to the hit-and-run in kensington that killed a two year old little boy. >> and looking at some rain and some storms in our forecast. will it ruin the upcoming weekend? it is friday. good morning everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm natasha brown in for erika von tiehl. straight to check on the wet forecast this morning. i certainly had my umbrella this morning. >> good job. this will be one of those days guys, where we're dealing with scattered showers. you know, not necessarily going to be talking about widespread wash out. the steadiest heaviest, what we've got going on out there today, happening


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