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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> this is every parent's nightmare. we're saying our prayers. >> reporter: right now at 11:00 o'clock, students and parents come together to mourn the loss of 13-year-old cayman naib the body of missing delaware county teenager was discovered today. good evening, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us much eighth grader disappeared on wednesday night and since then hundreds have been taking part in tireless search. his body was found on his parent's property not far from their home in newtown square. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers shows us how this teenager is being remembered. >> reporter: a 13-year-old remembered sunday night friends teachers most from the shipley school where cayman nai was an eighth grader. >> an extra young man. thoughtful he was bright, he was fun-loving, he made difference in people's lives.
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>> reporter: it was a somber toned a trying couple of days. community relentless searched for one of their own. hundreds of volunteers joined private search and rescue teams supporting local police and fbi who scowered dozens of square miles looking for the boy who disappeared wednesday night. in the end he was found close to home his body near the side of a creek on his pan's property. the greater philadelphia search and rescue team made the discovery. >> this community can get back to normal and this may not be the answer that they want but they do have an answer and they finally have closure on this. >> reporter: on friday his parents told "eyewitness news" that they believe their son panicked after receiving a bad progress report from school and ran away. what happened after that, is yet to be known. what is known friends say is that the family face as tough road ahead and they'll all be there to try and help. >> this is every parent's nightmare. we're saying our prayers and sending them our love and of course we'll do whatever we can
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to be supportive of them. >> reporter: upon receiving the sad news his family released a statement on a facebook page called find cayman in part " "please understand the family is still processing and struggling with this most recent news, but they would like thank all of the thousands of people over the last five days who have come together to support the family to find cayman" no cause of death in this case as yet been determined. although an autopsy is scheduled to be performed on monday. we're in newtown square, matt rivers cbs3 "eyewitness news". remembering a fallen officer today is a a* special mass was held for officer robert wilson i ii at a church in the same north philadelphia neighborhood where he was killed. officers and citizens came together to honor a man who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> candles were lit and special prayers offered at saint martin church a somber crowd gathered with heavy hearts trying to make sense of the senseless death of
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philadelphia police officer robert wilson ii. >> it's just unbelievable. young, fine, up standing man with two children. >> reporter: dozens of officers from the 22nd and 29th police districts stood at the back of the church as parishioners gave them a stand standing ovation. >> the police officers they do a brave job every day. >> reporter: pastor steven thorn organized the service and says although officer wilson was not a member of the parish, his presence was deeply felt in the community protect the and served served. >> he patrolled our area. perhaps he drove past here going to game stop on thursday afternoon. >> officer wilson died a hero protecting customers as that game stop. as 24-year-old ramon williams and carlton hipps rob the store. officer wilson was there to buy a gift for his son when the gunfire broke out. he died after being shot multiple times.
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on this day this parish, these officers are not focused on his violent end. instead they're seeking solace remembering a father, a son a heroic brother in blue. the two suspect who's are brothers are charged with murder murder. 29-year-old carlton hipps remains hospitalized and 24-year-old ramon williams was arraigned on saturday. also a show of support and a rally for peace at the north philadelphia game stop where officer wilson lost his life. a crowd gathered at 22nd and lehigh with signs saying, stop killing our philly cops. the rally was organized by operation save our city which aims to promote piece in philadelphia and raise awareness to the violence in the city. turning to our weather now for the first time in a very long time, we aren't talking about any weekend winter storms. the mild temperatures are going to stick around for just a bit. meteorologist justin drabick has the first look at a pleasant work week forecast for a change. justin.
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that's right, natasha. signs of spring in our forecast. there will be a few rain chances as well but temperatures actually returning a bit above average for this time of year. it's been awhile. now, today we made it to 50 degrees in philadelphia. that is the average high. felt pretty warm though not used to these temperatures this warm and strong early march sun put a dent in some of the snow pack across the delaware valley. here we are cooling down a little bit 38 degrees at the airport in philadelphia. 39 trenton. 33 allentown. we have some clear skies for the moment. so all the heat we had today is able to escape quickly back into the atmosphere but clouds will start to roll in through the overnight hours. so temperatures should level off off. some areas will be below freezing especially to the north of the city. there the cloud free skies over us right now. thin cirrus clouds start to roll in the south and west. light rain breck breaking out across ohio that will track eastward weak disturbance. you saw some of the temperatures slightly below freezing there could be patchy light freezing drizzle in the lehigh valley and poconos early tomorrow morning. it will be isolateed really not a
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big event. that could make things just a little bit slick very early tomorrow morning before day break. there you go. freezing temperatures right around the lehigh valley 34 for the temperature by the time you wake up tomorrow morning for philadelphia. nice looking afternoon monday. back to some sunshine. 52 for the high a couple of degrees above average. 50 at the shore. still chilly in the poconos. some sunshine temperatures there in the upper 30s. coming up in the full forecast talk about how long the mild temps last and rain chances the in the seven day. >> you can keep tabs on the forecast on your phone or tablet by don't loading cbs fill the weather app much it's free and available right now on i tunes and google play. new tonight a vigil for a mother from south jersey police believe was murdered by her husband. erika krippin hasn't benzene new year's eve. she was living in mt. laurel with her husband and two children. today was her birthday. and at into tonight's vigil friends and family saying happy
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birthday and released balloons. >> we got do keep praying. because she is somewhere out there. i believe that and the lord is it going to bless you because we're keeping her alive. exactly. we're keeping her alive in spirit. >> kyle crosby is behind bars on murder charges. police say he was driving her car when officers found him and he allegedly tried to run away. her body has not been found. police in new castle county, delaware they're trying to piece together clues in a very bizarre crime. a car found in a ditch off of route 13 in new castle. inside two shooting victims one of them dead. as "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson shows us, the focus of this investigation is now on another vehicle discovered just down the road. >> reporter: the investigation into what happened sunday morning starts with what's under that yellow tarp. >> there were numerous bullet holes in the side of the vehicle, yes of the. >> reporter: delaware state police corporal jeff hail says a
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passerby found this great mini van in a ditch along northbound route 13 in new castle at about 5:00 sunday morning. the samaritan called police when they saw what was inside. >> it appears that the mail and female were both shot. >> reporter: police say a 33-year-old wilmington man was found slumped over the passenger seat and pronounced dead. the driver a 33-year-old wilmington woman was taken to the hospital. she's in stable condition. >> as soon as she's well enough to be interviewed they will be talking to her. >> reporter: then sometime during the investigation police made another discovery. >> secondary vehicle was located on i-495 northbound just south of route 13. >> reporter: that puts the second vehicle just around the exit less than a mile it way from the original scene. police say they found evidence near that second seen to link everything together. >> they are attempting to locate the owner of that vehicle and conduct interviews of him and of any witnesses that may have seen what had occur but right now we can't say that was actually a
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suspect vehicle. >> reporter: no suspects have been named. police are waiting to notify family before they release the names of the victims. in new castle, delaware, steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news" news". a woman is in critical condition tonight after police say a man shot her eight times and then turn the gun on himself himself. it happened this morning on the 4600 block of spruce street in west philadelphia. inside an apartment. police say the gunman and the woman were neighbors and were having problems with each other. >> he was accusing her of dripping water into his apartment and flooding it. additional al cued her of having listening device and listened to his conversations so there apparently was back and forth between the two individuals. >> police are not sure what exactly led to the shooting. investigators have not released the names of the victim or the shooter in this case. a new information about a deadly car crash in mercer county, new jersey. police say the two people who died were coast guard cadets who
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um any greated from georgia. a third cadet 21-year-old joel mc arthur was injured in the crash much he's from berks county pennsylvania. two cars collided on route 31 saturday morning in hopewell township. the cause is still under investigation. ♪ >> stay with us. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight a mack us will story of survival. a car crashes into a river some 14 hours later rescuers discover a baby. still alive inside tom night we have an update on the child's condition. plus, one year later and there are still very few answers into one of the greatest mysteries of modern times. how families of malaysian air flight 370 marked today's somber anniversary. justin? temperatures will stay on the mild side for the up coming work week but i'm tracking some rain chances in the seven day. those details coming up. >> and straight ahead in sports, the eagles with a lot of moves today. lesley has who is coming, who is going. what's going on. that's coming up in sports.
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stay with us.
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18 month old girl survives a car crash that killed her mother after she was strapped in car seat upside down for up to 14 hours in i was tal river. lilly gross beck is being cared for at a salt lake city hospital tonight. this accident happened on friday friday. police say 25-year-old lynn gross beck was driving home from her parent' house when she lost control and drove off a bridge. a firefighter who responded to the call of the car in the water opened the door and unstrapped the toddler inside. >> got the baby in my arm raced its head up out of the water as i tried to release the seat belt
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belt. >> police say they don't yet know what caused the accident. the little girl meantime is in fair condition and is expected to survive. her mother lynn died at the scene. also protesters took to the streets for the second full day in madison wisconsin after a police officer shot and killed a 19-year-old man. authorities say officer matt kinney opened fire after 19-year-old tony robinson assaulted him. robinson was not armed. today about hundred demonstrators block traffic at the scene of the shooting. madison's police chief called for calm and reportedly also met with robinson's family. the state department of justice is currently investigateing. and for a second day thousands gathered in selma alabama marking 50 years sin the historic civil rights demonstration don't as bloody sunday it centered around the edmund pettus bridge police attacked peaceful voting rights demonstrators. correspondent marley hall reports. >> reporter: star whitley
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drove with her familiarly from atlanta so they could all retrace the historic walk across the edmund pettus bridge. >> my daughter was a little concerned in the beginning, you know, before we started marching she was wondering if we were going to get beat up and i said no. that was 50 years ago. so things have changed since then. >> reporter: 50 years ago this is where police used brutal force to stop a march for voting rights. the violence of what became known as bloody sunday became a turning point for the nation. president lyndon johnson sign the voting rights act into law five months later. >> there is a sea of people lined up for blocks for a chance to walk across this iconic bridge named for a couldn't federal general believed to be a clue clucks clan leader. many of the original marchers crossed yesterday alongside president obama. 89-year-old jenny newton wanted to be among the crowd commemorateing her sacrifice. >> it feels nice. because it means they still remember what things were about.
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>> reporter: before the walk, worshipers gathered at brown chapel ame church. they heard from the reverend al sharpton martin luther king the third and attorney general eric holder. >> we remain undaunted and undeterred in our pursuit of a meaning while right to vote for every american. >> many marchers will be back monday morning setting off a 5-day journey to the alabama bam state capital. marchly hall cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> a year after malaysian airlines flight 370 disappeared familiar and friends gathered to mark the first anniversary more than 100 people came together wearing t shirts with the plane and the words search on. a video tribute to the lives lost was also played at the event. meanwhile the australian prime minister promises that the search for the plane will go on. >> we owe it to the families of the dead. we it to the traveling public to
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do whatever we reasonably can to resolve this mystery much it's one of the great mysteries of the 21st century. >> a report just releaseed today showed the battery the locator beacon for the plane's data recorder expired more than a year before the plane vanish. and swiss pioneers will set off on monday on the first around the world trip ever attempted with a solar powered plane. the take off of solar impulse two will cap 13 years of research and testing by two swiss pilots. they will take turns at the controls of the aircraft which is made of carbon fiber. the flight is to begin in abu dahbi united arab emirates and end there as well in late july. ceremonial start of the famed iditarod dog sled race in anchorage alaska was more slush than mush. organizers were forced to make changes to the race because of the lack of winter weather. the sort was moved to fair banks but even then they had to ship in snow.
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and the new route has the mush chers travel ringling on river ice for 200 miles. the winner is expected to arrive in gnome in 10 days. we can give them some of our snow. >> i was going to say that. >> some of boston's snow. >> yeah. >> we can get them some snow. >> they'd be theme get rid of that boston snow. >> oh, boy. >> our snow starting to turn into mush as well with these warm temperatures and that early march sun is pretty strong. putting a dent into the snow pack. getting cold outside right now with the clear skies. we've good radiational cooling going on but eventually clouds will start to roll on there and level off these temperatures. warren johnson checks in with 37 degrees this hour in shall continue. downingtown twenty eight degrees. perkasie 30 in buena vista township, new jersey, margo has 29 degrees. phil in philadelphia at 33. upper 20s in burlington township township. and you can get the 10. temperatures right around freezing. slowly below or above.
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that's where we'll be for the overnight hours but also want to show you a colpium picture accept in yesterday and today. this is glasgow park sent in from walter much these were kids having fun yesterday in the snow sledding. but this is south facing hill right on route 40 in glasgow delaware. look what happened today. strong sun eight away that snow pack. that will be the tendon the next few weeks. warmer temperatures help melt the snow along with rain chances chances. live look at the ben franklin bridge. currently clear skies. but those clouds start to filter in from the south and west. like i said a lot of snow cover still on the ground. check it out. through much of the northern mid atlantic all the way up new england but this will be eaten away bite early strong march sun we'll be dealing with for the neck few days. you can see the high snow back indicated by the purple colors up to the north in the lehigh valley and poconos. that's great news for the skiers and riders at least another month or so the resorts can stay open. also daylight saving time here. so we're talking about sunset
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tonight was at 7:00 o'clock. 7:25 by april 1st. almost at 8:00 o'clock by the end of april. and we're gaining more than 2.5 minutes of daylight now each day. signs of spring all over the place. clear skies turn currently clouds starting to move in from the south and west. pocket of light rain coming in through ohio. again temperatures could be below freezing in some areas. particularly the lehigh valley poconos as this moves in around five 6:00 a.m. a few areas of light freezing drizzle north of the city. not a bad looking afternoon sunshine with high pressure in control for monday. we'll get back above 50 degrees. our next storm comes in tuesday much this will spread some more clouds through the first half of the day. late tuesday afternoon through the night we'll see around of some rain. temperatures little bit cooler because of the cloud cover in the 40s. that storm is gone by wednesday. we're back into the 50s with more sun shy. so let's time things out for you. here's that little dash bans that rolls on through this is 6am early on monday morning. some showers north of the city
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may be a little frozen precipitation up nearly a len town and the poconos could be light freezing rain or maybe a few flurries mick the in there. by the afternoon mostly sunny skies, nice mild day. here come the clouds for tuesday tuesday. this is noon. we're still dry. it's late in the afternoon and evening we'll start to see some rain moving into the region. not big storm. should not cause flooding with the combined rain and snow pack that's good news there. how much rain we talk about? about a quarter of an inch of rain maybe a little bit higher in some spots. especially from the city on southward as you get closer to the center of the storm. but overnight chilly park partly cloudy, low of 34 for center city. colder in the suburb. mild day on monday enjoy it partly sunny 52 degrees. here's the extended forecast again a few rain chances the next seven days. the first one will be tuesday late in the day. back into the mid 50s for the high on wednesday. thursday looks nice. sunny with a high near 50 another storm by the end of the week. friday into saturday could bring some more rain. that cools us back down into the
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40s. overall not bad. a lot better than what we've been dealing with. >> definitely. i like that 55. >> thank you very much. lesley what in the world is going on. >> a lot. >> yes. >> eagles very active today. we'll go through who is coming hasn't is going. coming up in sports.
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free agency nfl doesn't officially begin until tuesday a whole lot of activity today on the eagles front. none of this official. multiple report the eagles will sign byron maxwell on tuesday. he'll get a five year deal close to 25 million guaranteed it has been rumored for sometime maxwell was the eagles top target this off season. we also have reports former 49ers running back frank gore will sign with the eagles this week. he's 31, rushed for 3700 yards last year hadn't his best game of the season again the eagles
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rushing for 119 yards and catch catching a 55-yard touchdown pass. publish reports say jeremy maclin no longer eagle. the wide receiver will reunite with former eagles coach andy reid in kansas city. he had a career high 85 catches for over a 1300 yards and 10 touchdowns last season. coming up tonight in the buick sports zone we'll have the latest on all the eagles moves. we'll break down the moves gone go other rumors floating highlights of flyers/devils game right of a the news. we'll be
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♪ welcome back. some philadelphia residents went bald today and it was all for a great cause. "eyewitness news" at head shaving event at if you dough irish pub on locust street. it was organized by sane badrick's which raises money for research to find a cure for childhood cancer. there also be two morehead shavings this month. march 19th at lasalle university and march 28th at the second street irish society. there you go. >> no worries. there are others. justin is back with a last check on your work week forecast and th
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justin this is awake up forecast that we just don't mind. >> pretty nice. >> finally. >> talking about some 50-degree temperatures this week. tomorrow after morning clouds should wake up to sunshine 52 for the afternoon high. more clouds move in tuesday. some rain late in the afternoon and at night. temperatures in the upper 40s but wednesday some dry out. we're back to the mid 50s and by the end of the week another storm for friday into saturday bring some more rain but temperatures there generally in the 40s to around 50 degrees. much better than what we've been dealing with. >> finally warming up thank you justin. thank you so much for joining us us. we're always for you now we're handing things over to
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lesley and the cbs3 sports zone v a great night everyone. ♪ this is the cbs3 sports zone presented by buick. hold on to your hats the birds making moves in free agency and it look like secondary help has arrived. plus the phillies have temporarily shut down cliff lee after a flare up in that injured elbow. and good evening and welcome to the buick


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