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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  March 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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on the largest most reliable network. sksksk >> spero: t.j. mcconnell taking the game over. picking up where he left off against cal. tied his career high with 11. >> mike: his twitter handle "i pass for zona" and that's what he's doing in this game making it so easy for his teammates, if you have your hands up and you are ready to catch he will find you and get you the ball. there you see tying stanford with the nine assists. >> spero: fifth-year senior out of pittsburgh duquesne transfer first two years at duquesne before coming over. sean miller has said many times that he sees himself in this kid, t.j. mcconnell, and what a
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way for the young man to go out as this arizona team gearing up for the conference tournament and then of course the big dance coming up in a couple of weeks. >> mike: i know that sean miller doesn't even want to think about life without t.j. mcconnell. he's going to enjoy the run. if arizona starts to heat up from three, they are going to be a tough out in the tournament not that they're not going to be anyway. >> spero: stanford has not led in this game. every point you score against this arizona defense you've got to earn. >> mike: number one ranked defense in the pac-12. number one ranked offense in the pac-12. that usually results in a championship. >> spero: there are two teams in the entire country that are ranked in the top 15 in both offensive and defensive efficiency. kentucky is one. arizona is the other.
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arizona in no hurry. up 19 with seven and change left. mcconnell high off glass, majestic finish by the fifth-year senior. >> mike: you let him get to his right hand he is awfully tough. he normally looks to pass in that situation, but the lane opened up for him. >> spero: "m.v.p." chants for mcconnell. this is nastic. excellent footwork. a late whistle on ashley. nastic will step to the line. >> mike: the lane going away from the screen. rosco allen planning to go that way, a lovely teardrop high off the glass. a technical on foul charged to hollis-jefferson. >> spero: multiple technicals in
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this game on both sides. you saw tarczewski t'd up earlier in the half. hollis-jefferson whistled for the personal and then jawing at the officials resulted in the t. >> mike: sean miller -- >> mike: if you're sean miller you can't be happy with your club this is the second technical foul that one of his players has got onen. >> spero: sean miller getting the explanation. randle shoots the technical free throws and nastic to the line double bonus, two free throws for the canadian national. >> spero: nastic who played just five games as a freshman. broken foot ending his first
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year prematurely, since then incremental improvements in a kid who has turned out to be a fine player. >> mike: nastic has been scoring because he's been getting to the free-throw line. 16 of 20 the last two games and getting there today as well. >> spero: nastic has 12 of stanford's 14 points in the second half. what a handle by johnson. tarczewski wasn't ready for the pass. reach-in foul on nastic. if it's on him, that will be his fifth. nastic has fouled out. these fans will give him their own tucson sepd off. >> mike: they have been attacking him in the lane and
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picked up that fifth personal foul. we talked about the loss of michael humphrey and how well he was playing. in that situation, you can't try and make that play. you have to play smarter than that and not give up that foul. >> spero: 12 of stanford's 14 points in the second half from nastic but his afternoon is over. kaleb tarczewski at the free-throw line 67% free-throw shooter, mcdonald's all america as a high school star at st. mark's in massachusetts, for people who follow this team and experts around the country, tarczewski really is the key to this team's ncaa title hopes. >> mike: to me he doesn't have to carry all that weight on his shoulder. this is a very well balanced team and he's got plenty of help out there.
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there is depth. >> spero: ashley turning allen back. pass for johnson a little bit too strong. the freshman was all alone for the dunk. >> mike: you've got to come in awfully strong if you're going to try to get to the rim with this team. >> spero: looks like an inbounds violation. jump ball at this end. t.j. mcconnell a jump ball he forced and the possession arrow favoring arizona. he does a little bit of everything. >> mike: and the little things too, spero, the scoring there is a bonus but he's the heartbeat of this team. >> spero: mcconnell. pretty spin and a whistle blown against reid travis the
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freshman. the jump mcconnell forced on the inbounds barely able to tiptoe off that baseline. >> mike: he lifted his heels up. he has been -- he has been terrific defensively. and he has gone at randle all game long. >> spero: among the favorites for the pac-12 conference player of the year award, all eight of mcconnell's points have come in the second half. randle. going at him at the other end. left it short. arizona in cruise control, up 21 points with under six minutes left. >> mike: you wonder if they're going into a mode where they're going to try to run some clock off and go with 10 seconds to go no better guard to have in
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the country than mcconnell in that situation. >> spero: mike as deep as they were last year as good as they were with aaron gordon nick johnson and the rest stanley johnson lost the handle how well equipped is this arizona team? how far do you see them going in the tournament? >> mike: i think they're really well equipped with stanley johnson coming in and playing as he has, as a freshman the depth, the size that's there -- i just go back -- brandon ashley being healthy, i go back to last year if he didn't get hurt and think about that team with him. >> spero: ashley suffered that broken foot on february 1st. a lot of people felt like if he was healthy for that game against wisconsin he would have been a good defensive match-up for frank kaminsky who hurt them in that game as they just missed on a chance to go to the final four. >> mike: reid travis has to pick up the scoring slack inside and
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allen has been quiet. they closed him down from three. >> spero: nastic the steal, four quick points marcus allen when was who was scoring had the first half with seven since the intermission as a quick whistle blown against stanford double bonus and two free throws for arizona. mike you know johnny dawkins well. he's telling his guys it's good to be aggressive. you you have to be smart here with arizona in the double bonus. >> mike: you have to be solid and defend without fouling and try to get traps. it's so tough with this team. we talked about how well stanford takes care of the ball. arizona, the same thing. >> spero: last home loss for arizona, february 10 of 2013 against cal here. since then 37 straight wins as
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you saw earlier, longest home winning streak in the country. foul charged here to chasson randle and he's fouled out on. first it was nastic and now leading scorer randle. a kid who is usually so well composed -- >> mike: you see the look there, total frustration and he and mcconnell have gone at it all game long and mcconnell got into his head on that play, randle for him, you can't make that sort of play. >> spero: you hate to see randall randle's day end that way. that's part of what makes t.j. mcconnell so great. all the intangibles.
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in a game with so much emotion. mcconnell able to get under his skin. >> mike: now on stanford in a situation where they're going to on have to win the pac-12 tournament to get a bid. they had to win this game to get on the radar again. >> spero: elliott pitts getting in on the party. arizona blowing the doors open. up 22 points. long two from brown barely nicks rim. ashley clears. we told you about arizona. still the outside shot at a one seed. locked up their second consecutive pac-12 regular season crown here thursday. looking for their 28th win of the season. >> mike: what was interesting is that sean miller didn't let them celebrate the championship. "we've got business to take care
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of on the weekend and then we can celebrate. he wanted them focused on this game. >> spero: rosco allen a couple of threes. he's cooled off since. sean miller, you watch him practice and lead his practice one of the rare coaches that runs the scout during the practice when they go over what the opposing team is going to do so business-like during their practice today and it has shown today. ashley. gorgeous move down the paint. 15 points for the junior from san francisco. >> spero: brown against mcconnell. takes him to the rim. pretty finish. switching to the left hand and a quick time out taken by johnny
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fifth seeded team in the country at this point. you see their handiwork. they'll get to their 38th consecutive win. it's about how deep they can go later this month. >> mike: the fight for the one seed is important to try to stay away from kentucky for as long as possible. >> spero: kentucky completing its perfect regular season earlier today. 31-0 with a home win against florida. mcconnell outside to pitts. second three for the sophomore. >> mike: i think this is -- again, if they're shooting threes like this it makes them all that much better. >> spero: t.j. mcconnell 11 assists to match his career high for a second straight game. ♪ nice! gr-reat! a shot like that... calls for a post-game celebration. share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes.
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>> spero: mcconnell tying his career high for the second straight game. >> mike: only fitting that he goes out this way. you knew there was a good chance they were going to win this game and it's going to be nice for him to get a curtain call and a great exit on his last time on this court. >> spero: he will go down certainly in the lore and the rich tradition of arizona men's basketball. he will get a standing ovation in a moment. first, ashley and tarczewski. that embrace from sean miller tells the story. >> mike: he talked about -- sean miller talked about wanting to make this a statement game and i think the statement has been
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made by arizona. >> spero: t.j. mcconnell coming off the floor for the final time. >> mike: that's chills stuff watching him kiss the floor and then fall in to sean miller's arms. that's a shame for the one-and-done guys and the guy that is leave early, they never get that moment and it is such a special moment to share with your coach and your team. >> spero: here is another senior drew mellon who has just come on the floor for the first time. mellon for the three. had place was ready to erupt but the senior couldn't hit.
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allen misfires on a three. sean miller will burn a time out to get hollis-jefferson off the floor and another well deserved standing ovation. mike you've seen the top teams. you've seen kentucky. you've seen duke up close. where does arizona stack up? >> mike: the thing that impresses me if they can shoot the three like this and get on a little bit ofa i run -- a six-game run in the tournament that's going to add another component that hasn't really been a big part of their offense over the course of the year. >> spero: this will be their eighth straight win since that last loss against arizona state. a team that is peaking and so well balanced as they get ready for the conference championship later this week. >> mike: they've got everything you want spero. they've got size. they defend. their offense is sound.
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they've got depth. >> spero: dorian pickens for stanford. who knows about what his future holdsment such a highly touted freshman. might this be his final home game? >> mike: the only senior is mcconnell that you know is leaving, but if they get him back and then the understudy jackson cartwright this year will get the keys to the car next year. >> spero: this is jackson cartwright trying to find ristic deflected back into his hands. one to on shoot. off balance. then knocked out of bounds by arizona.
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52.8 to play and the wildcats by 20. >> mike: tears right there. what a great senior day for t.j. mcconnell. very happy for him. >> spero: his dad, tim, who is one of the top coaches in western pennsylvania high school basketball unable to be here today. he is coaching in the first round of the pennsylvania state playoffs. was able to fly out and was here this past thursday for their second-to-last home game against cal in what was a very emotional night. his dad tim, who on coached against sean miller's dad, john we told you earlier, connection between their families that run deep. elliott pitts, his third field goal since halftime. >> mike: i fully expect t.j. mcconnell to be sitting on the bench sometime in the near future with a suit on on coaching his own program. >> spero: you and a lot of other people.
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matt korcheck. another senior playing out his final home game at mckale center. tonight on cbs. "c.s.i.," and "c.s.i. cyber" followed by a new edition of "48 hours." tonight, only cbs. matt korcheck. raised here in tucson. a local kid coming off the floor at mckale center for the finley time. three-pointer from cartwright. too strong. 15 seconds left. arizona will finish the regular season at 28-3. their home on winning streak will stretch to 38 straight. it's over.
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so much emotion for t.j. mcconnell as arizona gears up for what they hope will be a deep postseason bid. so long from tucson. your final arizona 91, stanford 69. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> spero: we'll send you to greg gumbel in new york after these messages on cbs. her happy anniversary. next time you talk to caroline, i'll remind you. oh, and remind me to get roses when i'm near any store. sure thing. remind you when you get to store. cortana, it's gonna be a great night. oh, wow! thanks for the traffic alert. i better get going. you're making me look good. thanks, cortana. you bet. great no-contract lumia devices as low as $49.88 at walmart. [crowd cheering. phone ringing] hey. hey steve, i was gonna order a pizza and watch the game. you in? you were going to order
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>> greg: you've just watched arizona knock off stanford. meanwhile earlier today florida at kentucky. what a day for the wildcats. >> clark: john calipari looking to stay undefeated kasey hill gets to the rim. kentucky up three at that point. karl-anthony towns find devin booker crosscourt. he splashes that three. aaron harrison steps into the passing lane. gentle throw-down and the kentucky wildcats off and rolling towards 31-0 on the regular season. >> greg: after kentucky's perfect regular season coach john calipari telling the media "you're not going to ruin my day, dudes."
6:26 pm
>> there will be some stuff written and said. i want to tell you all, no one will steal my joy. if you want to attack what we're doing, if you want to be nasty about it have at it. you're not stealing my joy. coaching this team with these kind of kids you're not stealing my joy. [laughter] >> greg: this is just a guess on my part but i don't think anybody is going to be able to steal john calipari's joy. >> seth: i want to know who he's listening to. i know people are going to take shots at him here and there but most quarters in the media and everybody around the country is praising the job he's done with his team the way they play their unselfishness, their teamwork i would tell him ignore the detractors and be joyful. >> clark: you would say that? >> seth: i would. >> clark: are you able to do the same on twitter? >> seth: i'm trying. >> clark: making progress. >> greg: he's got a lot to be on proud of. >> seth: this is a team that epitomizes what you want to see
6:27 pm
in basketball, unselfishness and playing with the composure and joy that says we're enjoying ourselves,the competition. >> clark: that's what they're attempting to try to do. >> greg: if you are perfect playing in the school yard you have done something. congratulations, wildcats. we invite you to join us tomorrow for more triple header action on cbs at noon eastern time memphis takes on cincinnati followed by the missouri valley conference championship game wrapping with sixth-ranked wisconsin at number 23 ohio state. we remind you, too, tonight on cbs begins with "c.s.i." and "c.s.i. cyber" followed by a new edition of "48 hours" coming up tonight only cbs. for clark kellogg, for seth davis, for all of us at cbs sports.
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>> a developing story a community joins together to help find missing delaware county teenage ever. plus, new developments in the deadly shooting of a philadelphia police officer.
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fast as downloads. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> developing now search teams head out in force looking for a delaware county teenager who vanished earlier this week. 13-year-old cayman naib hasn't been seen since wednesday. >> reporter: natasha the lower gym here at the episcopal academy has served as the home base for the hundreds of volunteers who spender saturday searching his area for this missing


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