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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 26, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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. and we have our eye on a vicious one-two punch of winter that's already being felt in our area this morning. here's a look at storm scan3 there on the left, and some of the current road conditions right now. good morning everyone, thanks for joining us, thanks for waking with us, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. today's snow could make a mess out of your morning commute but his is really nothing compared to what's headed our way coming up next. live team three coverage for this morning we start things off with katie fehlinger watching this whole system since last week. >> yes it, really has developed, guys, into what i would call a frankenstein. it is like one of those monsters that just took on a live of its own t hasn't even completely gun yet. so basically when you start to see the first snowflakes fall, you're not going to see them finish and wrap up here until sometime tomorrow. so this is a prolonged event at this hour, all is pretty
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quiet, all things considered, notice though, you know, we do still have at least able to see down across the ben franklin bridge at this point we'll continue throughout the course of the morning here to see that snow pick up with time. let's take you next to storm scan3, notice, not everyone is getting hit just yet. certain locations, certain neighborhoods, mainly north of philadelphia, are getting hit the hardest at this point with a generally light snow. but this is just the beginning, my friends and notice there is also some rain mixed in. and i would say generally through the southern tear of our region, kent, sussex county, southern new jersey, very likely going to see little mix initially of some rain and snow showers. but eventually the cold air is going to wrap in. what will happen with this storm, it is an almost just innocent looking clipper at this point. but what will happen is i want to zoom it out one more time for you here, there you go, energy up across minnesota dives south, wraps in with this guy and then you've got the roadblock off way off to the northeast from storm from
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the past weekends. so all that will happen is this storm will gather strength, and sit and spin, and crank winds. so that said here's our latest updates for in you terms of watches and warnings winter storm warnings in the hot pink shaded areas. so philadelphia included there, southern new jersey, included, lehigh valley up to montgomery bucks poconos winter storm watches posted however for lancaster county and sliver inbetween, those are your winter weather advisories now, it is also very important to note, ocean monmouth county have blizzard warnings that take effect at noon today. every single one of these advisories or warnings start to take effect by noon today. and then they last us until thomas the snow gradually starts to taper off. we are talking sick snow out of this, guys. it actually, believe it or not, could be worse. this will be a full-on major blizzard for new england. but we are right on the southwest cusp of where that blizzard is taking shape. so we're still going to get
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hit hard, still a big deal for us, and seeing snarled traffic as an r so heavy snow picking up with time. generally, the heaviest stuff and the deteriorating conditions really starting to pick up for us as we approach the typical evening rush hour. gusty winds in the meantime, and they could peak as high as 45 miles per hour at the shore, which does mean that you would be dealing with tropical storm force strength as long as those winds peak past 34 miles per hour. visibility, it will be reduced. this is going to be once we see that colder air wrap in and the storm intensifies strictly snow. and because it is so cold, with that nice cold dome of air in place it also means it is the lighter, fluffy variety of snow which will a accumulate quickly but b below and drift like, you know, it is really just going to completely reduce your visibility. so below quarter mile visibility not without question and absolutely hazardous travel. we can time this out little bit more specifically for you. the snow does begin
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throughout, finding it now but will continue through midday, i would say generally pick up one two maybe up to 3 inches out of the first part of this, that's just your clipper. then, that clipper takes on life of its own and becomes that monster nor'easter. so heavier snow picking up, i would say as early as evening rush turning in with some of the real strong winds along the way too, and i would say gusts in the city anyway as high as 35 miles per hour, but by tomorrow, throughout the course of the day that snow will be tapering. we are talking general six to 12 inches for the city of philadelphia. but as go out toward the shore points, a full-on blizzard takes shape for ocean and monmouth counties, looking at well over a foot in spot. exclusive snowfall map. we have updated it since last night. so you certainly want to stick around for the updated totals there. but we do want to continue our team three coverage, sends things out to meteorologist carol erickson, man, you are putting a lot of miles on that mobile weather lab carol? >> this weather is forcing us out all the time, early in the
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morning, too now the good news, at this point is you can get out. we're not having any trouble out here, in fact, these roads look soaking wet got to be brine, because it feels like as you're driving through it, it is like a rainstorm even sounds like the roads are as wet as after a rainstorm, with temperatures of 28 degrees here in the mobile weather lab. i think they've been out the penndot crews just dumping stuff on these roads they're fine at this point not seeing any precipitation coming down right now, we're headed out to the pottstown-doylestown area. and those are areas that we've seen the light snow. >> this clipper system coming in from the west. and those are also the areas that while they see the snow first, they're probably going to be on the very drier ends, if you can say such a word, with this system coming in here, the least amount of snow would be areas west of the i-95 corridor. so they're going to probably be spared little bit more than those of us who are to the
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east of the i-95 corridor. i've been through new jersey, out to the schuylkill, no traffic problems at all that i have experienced this morning just wet roads and plow crews on the ready standing at the side of the road and they're waiting for when this really starts to pick up later through the noon hour, beyond that, certainly by early tomorrow morning so, quiet for now. we'll try and keep the weather doing that as long as we possibly can this morning erika. >> i'm with you, carol thank you. >> as carol was talking about as the philadelphia area gets ready for this dose every winter the roads are treated we saw that from the mobile weather lab, "eyewitness news" report jan carabeo joins just bucks county, a check on the roads out there good morning. >> err cape, good morning coming to you live from the corner of county line and york roads, where you can see there is already snow on the roads in this area, very wet as
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well, where the snow has melted. we've seen couple of plow trucks come through here already, all be it, plows are not down, those blades are not down quite yet. couple of salt trucks are already coming through here, treating the roads to try to keep them in the best shape as possible. if we take a look right here, along york and county line, you can see a plow truck coming through here and the blade at this point not up, not plowable snow at this point. now, penndot crews spent sunday preparing around 400 trucks were salting and brining the roads at philadelphia's five-county region, plows are now ready to roll as soon as there is plowable snow. seen quite a few of the trucks on our way sitting on the sides of the roads on stand by this morning where the areas the roads are just wet. now, penndot says it is prepared to bring in extra contractors should the need a rise. crews will be working on the 12-hour rotating shifts. they have 90 tons of salt at their disposal. penndot officials expect to use it all once the snow really gets going. take a listen. >> as we move into monday and
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we will be monitoring the forecast very closely and all indications will be that if we have a heavy accumulating storm, we will be bringing in additional contractors to add to our compliment, so fully expect that we would be over 400 trucks as we move into monday evening. >> reporter: back out here live in warminster, see the roads pretty quiet except for couple of plow and salt trucks that come through here, every now and again, it is snowing ever so slightly right now you can see the roads have a little bit of snow and a lot of wet still on them this morning. of course we only expect the conditions to get worse. so the best advice of course if you have to be out take some extra time, be very careful. but penndot asks if you don't have to be out stay off the roads so their crews can do their work. reporting live in warminster this morning, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> we'll check back with you thank you. pennsylvania governor tom wolf hasn't been on the job for a week and he's already dealing with the first major weather event of his administration.
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>> governor wolf says the state is doing everything in its power to be prepared for this week's snow. >> we've notified the national guard, i mean, everybody everything that we could possibly do to prepare for this, and again we don't know how big a deal this will be, but i want to make sure that we're prepared. we have plenty of salt, plenty of trucks, and backups so we're ready. >> and if you are out in this storm, first and for most, be safe. and if you are able to take some pictures, let us know what you're seeing. you can send them to us using the hashtag cbs-3 snow or use our cbs philly weather app. we hope to share many of them with other viewers here on "eyewitness news". new this morning carbon monoxide poisoning sickens five people, including two children inside a northeast philadelphia home overnight. it happened along the 800 block of east sanger street in lawncrest. first responders opened doors and windows to help air get out of the home there. we're told the children were
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taken to st. christopher's to get checked out. the adults all went to jean's hospital. what starts in attempted robbery ends up in a stabbing. she left 7-eleven on mascher street, when she stopped that man we're told with a ski mask took her purse and then stabbed her. investigators say the woman fired a gun but missed, drove to friends' home on wyoming avenue. we're told that woman is in stable condition. >> the family of missing bucks county teacher christopher tully says divers have recovered his body from the schuylkill river. the married father of three disappeared on january 6th after getting out of his parent car on ridge avenue in east falls. tully worked at the middle bucks institute of technology for the last 12 years. an autopsy is pending. >> a philadelphia police officer shot and killed a dog who reportedly attacked the officer's partner. it happened after 11:00 last night on the 4400 block of live street in frankford. police say the dog bit the
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officer on the hip then her partner fired at the dog three times, there is no word on the officer's condition. >> deadly police involved shoot something under investigation in winslow township, new jersey, police responded to domestic dispute yesterday morning, in the 300 block every new brooklyn road. officer found william campbell chasing a woman with a gun. >> tell us pointed at gun at officer and the officer fired fatal shot. >> there is criminals shots. looking down the barrel it doesn't matter. >> campbell died at the scene police recovered a weapon, now trying to determine if campbell fired a shot at the officer, during the incident. no one else was hurt. well straight ahead this morning on "eyewitness news" deadly shooting at a home depo while shop remembers stocking up for the storm. finds out how one witness says store employees sprang into action when the gunfire errupted.
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>> and return to violence in eastern ukraine, we'll show you more of this unbelievable video of rocket attack in the disputed sit. >> i of course keeping our eye on the storm creating rush hour headache this morning and much bigger system following close behind. live look at the conditions courtesy of our mobile weather lab. good morning family, we'll be right back
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>> our eye on the storm coverages, jill mel worth on road patrol, good morning to you, i had few flakes coaling in when i came in. what are you seeing, my man? >> at least a inch in collegeville untreated neighborhoods streets definitely going to be covered if you're headed out route 29 near 422 that's a packed down coating authorities see the lane markers, and much slower there than usual. route 422, though, at least around collegeville, fairly
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good shape. saw a plow and salt team already out here headed westbound, eastbound looks treated and plowed, still slushy visibility issues as you head out this morning. >> not many folks out i would imagine this time of morning or not? >> not too many just yet. seeing, talked to couple of people grabbing their coffee, they say roads are pretty decent for now but it is definitely snowing here. >> buddy, slow your roll out there. we'll check with you throughout the morning. thank you jim mel worth reporting for us. >> yes, sir. >> i saw couple every trucks with salt on the side of the road myself coming in this morning, so they're definitely standing by. let's get more on the forecast. here's kate. >> i they absolutely are. you know what, guys, this is just the beginning so modest little inch that jim has found in collegeville, it is only going to grow and become much, much more than that. i got to tell you, as we watch the newest models, and the guidance coming in here through the course of the weekends, it was almost scary to see it coming in, just the way it turned in from this tiny little clip their we thought would maybe bring few
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inches to just this almost frankenstein-like monster with a mine of it own. soap, i want to gave you a sense every what's going on out there in terms of why this is happening, what are you actually going to see? so here's your live neighborhood network similar scene what jim mel worth is finding, 19 degrees already coating on the road surfaces. this is the driveway for the school busses to come through pleasant valley, middle high school, broad heads ville avenue feeling they may be dealing with some either early dismissals or perhaps some delays here this morning. just starting to see the signs of life on radar, last couple of hours obviously not everyone included here, notice also finding some shades of green, indicating it is too mild for anything but plane old rain, through at least the chesapeake bay area. so i would say southern delaware, southern new jersey, you have good shot to maybe see some rain showers mixing in with the snow showers initially. but this is generally a pretty tame looking clipper system, there is a very big problem here however actually two big ones so, first and for most, see this trail of
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clouds, it addition in, that's your trough. this energy, that's currently pent up over wisconsin minnesota it, will drive in, join up with this, and help it energize on top of that all remember, we had storm over the weekends? you think we were done with it that's actually helping this storm stay put because essentially acting like roadblock. so everything is getting jammed up in the atmosphere. this storm won't have chance to go anywhere. so it will draw on it own energy. it will draw on that atlantic moisture. we end up with a full blown blizzard as of noon today across ocean and monmouth counties specifically, those gusts could peak as high as 50 miles per hour. inland not blizzard, but still a very significant storm. i want to gave you a sense of the timing. through this afternoon midday talking winds increasing, snow becoming heavy, it is blustery tonight, and actually do want to get you here too since starting to get the wrap, got to show this exclusive snowfall map. because we have tweeked the totals. it is still significant system, six to 12 inches for
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philadelphia, but higher totals as you go northeast. if you travel new york city this could be a crippling storm that actually shuts the city down. that's where we start to see blizzard like conditions. for us, definitely a big storm, can you believe it, though, it could actually be worse? speaking of, erika? >> yes, as katie was saying, manhattan, shoppers run from pet home depo store out getting supplies. the store was stock up for the storm, we're told police say a worker walked in, shot a store manager, and then turned the gun on himself. police say that gunman was a 31 year old man who had recently i am great from the africa. witnesses describe the chaotic moments as they unfolded yesterday afternoon. >> like really really heavy fireworks. then just became chaos. everybody was saying everybody out, everybody down, everybody out, everybody down. couple of home depo employees said follow us, follow us. and they were incredible. and they gathered us and took
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us all out the backs exit. >> police say they do not yet have a motive for the shooting. delta airlines flight is diverted over what the car carrier is calling a security concern. flight 1601 from los angeles to orlando made an emergency landing yesterday at dallas fort worth airport. passengers were busted to the gate while authorities swept that plane. the flight was eventually given the all-clear. then headed off to orlando. >> at least 30 people are dead and more than 100 injured after a return to violence in eastern ukraine over the weekend? one driver recorded the moment rebble rocket fire came range down on the disputed city. shells exploded on the street just few feet away. western military officials claim the weapons being used suggest russia may be supporting the rebel groups. moscow denies those allegations. >> meanwhile, more violence in egypt to tell you about at least nine protesters and security officer died in classes yesterday in cairo. demonstrators hurled firecrackers at police, as armored vehicles advance toward the crowd.
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the protest marked the fourth anniversary of the 2011 uprising that toppled mubarik. one day earlier female protesters was shot to death during what was designed to be peaceful demonstration. president obama continues his three-day visit to india. this morning he and the first lady watched the end yan republic day parade. later the president and india's prime minister will attend us india business summit. >> coming up on "eyewitness news" this morning, duke basketball coach gets win number 1,000. we'll hear from coach k on his incredible accomplishment. >> new push to give marijuana to some children. why many doctors say it is a good idea, and major group that is now standing behind them. we'll be right back.
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>> we have our eye on storm, snow in the suburbs parts of montgomery, bucks county, they had more than inch by midnight. we are expecting more snow today, tonight and tomorrow,
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so a warning that you want to be prepared and be careful, if you can be home by about 5:00 p.m. today that would be fantastic. katie says she will keep us to up date throughout the morning, up a date for you coming up in just a couple every minutes. >> please, give them their space, five people returned to hospitalization because after gas leak on the 800 block of sanger street in lawncrest. fire department and pgw crews were on the scene just after midnight. there is no word right now on the condition of those victims, at st. christopher's and jeannes hospital. >> and philadelphia police officer is in the hospital right now after she was bitten by a dog. this happened last night with the 4400 block of liper street. we're told the officer was bit never frankford. the officer shot and killed that dog once again after the dog bit her partner. >> katie called this a frankenstein storm. watching it last week, of course, but just really new we're seeing just how much it
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can impact your day your kids today, your commute today, commute tomorrow, everything. >> katie is standing by. >> that's right, as we continue to track this storm system at the moment it, doesn't look all that menacing, but certainly is going to become that way as we move forward in time here, really start see the storm a gather some more energy, and then, b, casino every just get stuck. that is roadblock in the atmosphere in short. so we eventually start to see that snow picking up. let me take you outside dow want to show you what's happening here one more time on the wide zoom of storm scan. so you start off with what looks to be a generally innocent looking clipper system. some rain, some snow with it, and then the moisture, off across wisconsin minnesota will join forces, start see things picking up as the day progresses in terms of not just snowfall rate but also the winds picking up. so, at this hour, not even finding all that much on the radar in choice few counties here most of delaware, still dry. most of southern new jersey,
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still dry soy almost waiting game seeing throughout the morning from our reports start today see some that far snow sticking, and accumulating to up at least coating, some spots even a inch already. but, again just the beginning. let's continue forward here. take you through the rest of the morning, morning drive no picnic definitely not as bad as what this evening will produce, light snow will be fouling throughout the day and again, most locations, so you'll easily have coating to inch on the grounds, eye i spots a possible, because we show you storm scan, a moment ago, rain mix in the out there, so slow travel i mean, almost guarantee. so, this is one of the situations where hopefully you had the chance to set the alarm nice and early because you will require the extra time to get to your location. another look at our eyewitness weather snowfall map in case you missed it last time around, there is very obvious bulls eye that is starting to take shape here. >> this could very easily and
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crippling storm system that shuts down the city of new york. so if you are one of those folks that commutes up that way or maybe just have to commute little closer toward these areas this is where the sweet spot the heaviest snow will be, and major blizzard, unfolding for those areas. soap, new york sit going to see blizzard out of this, than will also include the rest of southeastern new england. meanwhile, we're right on the edge of where the worse of this storm will be, but still big deal. six to 12 inches around philadelphia generally vertical swat down into southern new jersey, not messing around back through lancaster and berks either, western chester still four to 8-inch snowstorm. so everyone is shoveling from this just how much are you shoveling based on the way this storm develops. now, future wind gusts the other big story, it is snow and winds. not exactly blizzard conditions. it doesn't necessarily meet the criteria, unless you're in ocean, eastern ocean counties, start to see the gusts picking
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up 40 plus miles per hour at the coast. so that's tropical storm force wind gusts. here is a look at your eyewitness weather seven day expect the snow and winds to last us through tomorrow. it will taper time through the day. but i have to tell you thursday, thursday night specially, already looking like we might have another round of snow. it just keeps coming, ukee. >> appreciate the heads up. we'll get back tonight busy day yesterday for the all-star squads? sports, best in both hockey and football going and it sunday. two flyers in the nhl all-star game in columbus. jake voracek played for team, and captain claude giroux was on team. no defense of course, that's the way it rolls. and the flyers lit it up. claude giroux had a goal and assist. voracek made the most of his first all-star game. he had a hat trick and three assists. and that tide mario lemieux's record for most points in a all-star game. team taze won in the highest scoring nhl all-star game ever. the final score 17 to 12.
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to the nfl pro bowl in sunny arizona the birds were represented by evan mathis, jason kelce connor barwin, codey parky darren sproles sproles had good game. three rushes, 42 yards, and seven catches for 86 yards. team irvin as in michael beat team cart he eras in chris, 32 to 28. next sunday in the same place superbowl 49 patriots and seahawks. hey, milestone for duke university. head coach mike is the first ncaa division one men's head coach to reach his 1,000 career win. the blue devils flew past saint john's, 77 to 68. known as coach k his record now stands at 1,000 wins, in just 308 losses. >> i'm honored don't get me wrong. i'm the lucky guy. i'm the lucky guy. been two great institutions, west point and duke. >> coach turns 68 next month and he hint he may be ready
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for retirement soon. but it is in his blood. he took over when i was playing at richmond down at duke, been there ever since doing some great things. >> what a great milestone for him, too. going to retire, what a way to go out. >> how about it? great job. >> still ahead coming up on "eyewitness news", while another check on the storm system that's already bringing snow to the region this morning, and also, we're talking about this much more serious weather that's just a day behind us. >> plus, award season rolls on. we will take a look at the winners, losers, and surprises from last night's awards. be right back.
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