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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 23, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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e now spark an arson investigation. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us at one of the scenes if talcony where the flames spread to a home. >> fortunate this big car fire didn't spread to the inside of any of the neighboring homes bulk of the damage is to this vehicle, and home behind me here in the 6300 block of ditman street, in talcony. this family as suv as you can see is totaled and the flames fortunately just damaged the outside of their home. that second story overhang is burned, just slightly. but this is what the fire looked like, karen guffed in flames. now there is photo taken by neighbor who are who called 911 just after 2:00 this morning in her kitchen, heard loud bang, heard the flames, ran to neighbor's house to get the family out. meantime another neighbor's barking dog woke her and her husband up. it is a good thing these neighbors sprung into action family who lives here including eight year old girl were asleep inside and this
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car fire was happening right under a bedroom. now, everyone, was able to get out safely, and when fire crews arrived they got the fire out in just about 20 minute. the family car again is torched. a neighboring mini-van and deck were burned a little, as well, that was the main concern for neighbors that this could have spread very quickly, down the block take a listen. >> my concern was everybody has a propane tank. i didn't know if maybe the propane tank would explode or anything, you know we all have kids here, and my concern was just the kids, and other houses catching on fire, as well. >> three cars damaged at two low cases within just hours of each other than is an ongoing investigation, and back out here live on scene you can see the damage left
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behind fortunately though, no injuries here, just the damage to this suv the neighboring mini-van, and the exterior of the home behind me, as well as neighboring deck there is fire, again it, not get into these homes. continuing investigation and we will continue to keep you up-to-date. reporting live in talcony, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you argument leads to shooting in south philadelphia. detective tell us gunman shot a man three times yesterday after getting into a fight on the 1400 block of ritner. the shooter got away in a dark colored suv. >> a former philadelphia police detective charged with helping his girlfriend try to get away with murder out on bail. this is exclusive "eyewitness news" video of ron in handicuffs after surrendering to police. arraigned last night on charge of interfering with a murder investigation for allegedly trying to help accused killer erika sanchez. >> he actively shielded her hid her, financed her flight,
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failed to disclose material evidence and facts to his fellow police officers. and even to arrange her escape from the jurisdiction. >> sixteen-year veteran of the force. >> well the search is on for teenage here walked away from the children's hospital of philadelphia. let's show you the boy they are looking for, 15 year old alec from hamilton, new jersey left the hospital yesterday afternoon. now, we are told he is awe particular tis and suffers from anxiety last seek wearing black jacket, black face mask and dark jeans at the time. let's get our traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i good morning ukee morning, everybody things pretty quiet for us for now it, will not stay that way. so by later tonight starting to see the first flakes flying from our next approaching coastal storm. it is a moisture packed system. that is headed up toward our region, so all is trans will for now. you have generally clear sky out, there pretty light wind overall too. but here is the leading edge of the moisture. already, into tennessee and
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north carolina here. so it is really just matter of hours at this point before we begin to see some of the moisture moving n now it is obviously just rain right now in those zones. but you will see this start off with snow, in most spots and rehoboth one of the first spots that will see this precipitation move in, because it is obviously moving if from south to north as we take you out here to the live neighborhood network. looking forward in our forecast let's go ahead time things out. talking 9:00 p.m. tonight into midnight tomorrow, that snow begins again from south to north, steadiest accumulating snow will be most widespread, into the very early morning hours long before the sun even comes up. and as it does come up, we start to see change and mixing over with sleet and some freezing rain, and then eventually plane old rain for most of the area. but you will keep generally a snow event to the northwestern suburbs outside of philadelphia. so you may have shot to see some better snowfall totals there. meanwhile, backing it up here, we've got air quality alert in effect for southeastern p a and delaware just because we have higher concentrations of
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particle pollution. if you are maybe one of those folks that falls into the sensitive category make sure you're ready for it with urine hail error whatever you might need. do expect to see some sun out there, temperatures flirting with 40 in the city starting with some sun eventually the clouds build and eventually the snow will also begin to fall. i say the window, generally between nine p.m. to 10:00 p.m. from the south. >> thank you so much, good morning, everyone, traveling right now, not real a problem. if you are traveling on 95, and the rest of the majors besides the schuylkill, schuylkill usually always a problem, but as every right now dealing with a incident causing a big old delay. seventy-six, if you are headed in the eastbound direction you will notice we have some activity there, some flares, some emergency teams on the scene, police officers, as you will notice, as well, but if you are traveling eastbound on the schuylkill, this is the onramp from gulph mills. what you can't really see because it is a little dark, is this an overturned vehicle. and it is slanted on top of the embankment. now, if you are trying get to the eastbound side of 76, they
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weren't closing the onramp, but as you will notice it is causing a major gaper delay. you will need to give yourselves more time if you are traveling in this area. and i would really just suggest, instead of use that gulph mills onramp, definitely try and jump on the eastbound side of the schuylkill before you get to that point. just to be safe. as we maneuver now over to 309, right around the pa turnpike, no delays in either direction. again, not seeing return hour just yet. it is really only that schuylkill incident that's causing a delay so far. however, things can totally change. you know that. erika? >> as always, vet tore crashes thank you. our sister station wcbs in new york report delayed 911 call, gave this massive fire this happened remember in new jersey at apartment complex. that delay apparently gave it a head start. now, this is all that's left of the avalon at edge water in bergin county. we've learned that fire was started by a maintenance worker, using a blow torch to fix a leak. wcbs reports they tried to put the fire out themselves and did not call for help for 15 minute.
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that blaze displaced more than a thousand people. two civilians, two firefighters sustained minor injuries. ukee? >> our time now 5:37. in business news this morning is there a connection between your smart and your smart phone? the main thing impacting investors later this morning. money watch's jill wagner up at the stock exchange in new york jill, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, investors in a buying mood after the european trend travel bank announced major buying band to help struggling economy. the dow rose almost 260 points yesterday, the nasdaq was up about 83. southwest airlines says it will save nearly $2 billion this year on cheaper fuel prices. but just like delta said earlier this week, southwest will not be lowering ticket prices. on the bright side, though, southwest is the only major american airline that is still lets travelers check up 22 bags for free. turns out it pays to be uber driver. they make nearly 50% more than
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the average taxi driver. that's according to a new paper issued by uber and princeton. now, drivers for the ride hailing start up earn average of $19 an hour. compared to roughly $13 for taxi drivers and chauffeurs. and the new study is suggesting smarter people prefer iphones. this study by on line add network found college graduates tend to have higher iphones sales, people with higher incomes also tends to prefer iphones. >> ukee, erika? >> well, need that higher income to afford the darn things. >> i have a flip phone. what are they trying to say. >> oh, stop. you little fibber. >> what are they trying to say. >> hole your phone up. it is into the flip phone. >> what's one them? >> busted. >> thanks, jill. >> all right, right now 5:38. and philadelphia public schools are facing another big budget deficit after the teachers union wins a big legal victory. a group of judges said the school reform commission
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cannot cancel the teachers contract. the src canceled that contract last october forcing teachers to pay portion of their healthcare costs. and src chairman bill green responded to the ruling by tweeting quote disappointing news. 80 million-dollar deficit next year, if holds those cheering this decision please show me the money. congrats to pft. the school district could appeal this decision to the state supreme court. >> well, plans are in the works for presidential advice knit philadelphia next week. president obama will speak at a gathering for house democrats in society hill on thursday. vice president biden will also talk to the same group on friday. now, the president got the last laugh from a youtube interview. green, popular for her green lipstick made a gas whether she had a gift for the first lady. >> so i have green lipstick, one for your first wife. >> my first? >> i mean -- >> do you know something i
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don't? >> oh. oh, for the first laid. >> i one for the first laid. >> i and the first children. >> oh. >> now, the president said he would ask mrs. obama to try on the green lipstick, there is no word yet on whether she did or not. >> oh, your heart just goes out to her. you can be sure she was nervous talking to the president. >> first lady? first wife? >> hey, still ahead this morning, major milestone today for the bold and the beautiful. >> we have the words on how you can be a part of the celebration later today and even meet one of the stars. also this. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up jennifer lopez explolores forbidden attraction in the boy next-door. and johnny dep and an all-star cast race to recover a stolen paint. >> can keep memory problems away big brain boost you can get from just a few nuts. we'll explain coming up.
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>> arson investigators want to know if car fires in talcony connected. one fire on ditman street spread from one car to another. another car fire at torresdale and robbins just few blocks away. >> philadelphia police searching for the man who attacked a high school student on septa troll any north
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philadelphia. this disturbing attack was caught on camera. a 17 year old suffered a broken nose and other injuries. >> delaware state police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run on interstate 495 in edgemore, forecast he will county. happened in the northbound lanes. police say the victim was hit by several cars, none of them stopped. >> a close call in western pennsylvania when a train derails. and just narrowly misses some houses. seven cars caring sand went off the tracks yesterday, in union town, outside of pit burying. one of those cars tipped over, just feet from the front porch of the house. one person -- no one was hurt, we're told, but crews had to empty every car before they could move them. >> all right, 5:43 right now we want our traffic and weather together. kick things off with katie good morning. >> get ready to see some of this later tonight and tomorrow. the snow in texas is headed our way right now actually generally rain, which you will see on radar in a second. we won't see nearly as much as they did here in amarillo
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after the storm dumped a foot of snow. and amarillo, ugh, my gosh. crazy stuff. let's go ahead move onto what we have in store here in our area. so here's your storm. yes, little left over snow back here, right now across the arkansas, missouri state border as well as still near the big bend of texas but eventually we will see this storm, not only just make a little bit of left-hand turn here, but will join up with this colder air, starting to drop in. so those two pieces come together and then you have got much more complex system out of t it also means that we're going to ends up with whole mixed bag of different things happening for different communities. look at the winter advisories in effect. currently and coming up here, you can see how it just works its way right up the coils t gives you good sense of where the edge of the northwest section of the storm will be. and our whole region is under a winter weather advisory, as of later on tonight. let's weak you through future weather, too. so walking through the whole day here, the storm will be making its way up the
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coastline through really just up through the appalachian range of the mid-atlantic. notice though the leading edge of that air mass is going to be cold enough, because talking 9:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m. tonight, combination of the moisture mover n so see it start with snow, basically everywhere, perhaps chilly mix every rain though down toward the shore points, and that's when we will get our best chance to accumulate this snow. as we look ahead to 1:00 a.m. two, three four, 5:00 a.m. you're going to still find some pretty decent dumping snow. heavy moisture is with. >> this eventually the rain-snow line starts to take over. see that? there will be some icing. also eventually turn over to rain. this is going to start to move away pretty speedily. it makes quick progress. but just because you may have enough cold air, in the northwestern suburbs, you may end one little more snow. it could limit you as the turn-over to rain takes place through philadelphia, and specially offer to the south and east. so, our updated and exclusive snowfall mag pegging one to 3 inches around the i-95 corridor, but real good shot we think for there to be a
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sliver of three-five maybe 6 inches. i would actually say we could even drag this line little bit further south into western chester county and mercer county. so, you know, it will be a fine line. there is obviously very sharp gradient hereof what you see. you could see double the snowfall from philly up to allentown. but that said, we're all getting in on it, all going see something, all going have winter weather advisories. break sunday, don't bling sunday night next system here. i think it will make a mess of the morning drive monday with more light snow. yes, more, vittoria. >> not pumped about it, katie you know how i feel about it, but those are the cards we're dealt w we'll hands t just like we'll handle what's happening on the load whales. not too much. we do have incident on the schuylkill we'll get to in just a second. traveling right now on the roosevelt, southbound commuting, do have few more vehicles jumping on the roadway, but real now major delays only 5:46. usually don't see the bubble of a rush hour, until about 6:15 or soy. so we have little time. unfortunately, for the schuylkill expressway, it is a little bit different. eastbound on 76, we have
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incident overturned vehicle accident, at the onramp to the eastbound 76 side from gulph mills. as you will notice, traffic still using the onramp, but you do have emergency teams on scene. the last time i looked at this shot it, did look like tow truck was none -- now on scene to remover the overturned vehicle right up on the embankment here, causing bit of gaper delay. still have flares on the gown, still very active scene if you are traveling in that area. i would suggest avoiding it if you are jumping on the eastbound side of the schuylkill. try and get on before or after that point. and, also, watch out for accident, in montgomery county, this is at ridge pike, north lane, police directing traffic due to malfunctioning traffic lights as a result of that accident. ukee erika? >> the words is milestone. >> daytime celebrating its 7,000 episode of the bowl and the beautiful. and to show their fan appreciation don who plays bill spencer, he is going to host a viewing screening party at parx casino. two lucky guests will even get
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to sit next to him for the show from noon to 2:00 the celebration, i'll be there to talk with him about this special day. you can catch my live report and interview on talk philly at noon. be sure to catch don and the rest of the cast of the bolds and the beautiful as they take a look back at the show's incredible 27-year run t all starts at 1:30 right here on cbs-3. 7,000 episodes. >> twenty-seven years, my goodness, didn't realize it was that long, nice. 5:48. jennifer lopez has a steamy affair with the wrong neighbor and johnny dep leads all-star cast chasing a painting and each other. >> kevin frazier from entertainment tonight, what's new in theatres this weekend. >> need help with your black. >> no, i do not need help with my bag. avenue bloody manservant. >> lord charlie unconventional aristocrat and art dealer hired to find a
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missing painting. >> joining the chase, an all-star cast including motorcycle gregor, olivia, jeff and gwyneth paltrow as charlie's no nonsense wife. >> i'm afraid i shall have to put my foot down darling. >> all of these characters, you know, everything's coming together where they will eventually collide. >> and you are? >> noah. i'm staying next-door with my uncle. >> in the boy next-door jennifer lopez has a night of passion with a younger man. >> no judgement. no rules just us. >> passion quickly turns to obsession. >> it really is that moment that defines the whole movie. because it is that moment that he can't forget. and here you have this young
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boy who is ' nam order with this older woman and just can't -- just woman hood for him. et cetera just like i have to have her. >> ryan guzman place the knot so friendly neighbor. and he couldn't believe it when he got the call. jennifer want you i'm like get outta here. jennifer lopez doesn't want me. it was one of those surreal moments. like don't screw up your lines. just have fun and make them realize that you can play this role because you want this role and you want to work with her. >> stay away from me. >> i can't do that. i live next-door. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier. now back to you in the studio. >> come a long way from ac fly girl on in living color. check her out. for more on what's happening in hollywood watch entertainment tonight. on tonight and every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs36789 break time, be right back.
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>> in you want to give your brain a boost, just eat a hands full of wall nets every day. it can improving your memory, how fast you process information. walnuts are packed with antioxidants vitamins, owe mega three fatty acids. the california walnut commission currently paid for this stud. >> i 5:53 right now we want to get our traffic and weather together. katie you're bus knit weather center definately have a lot to cover that's for sure. we start things offer right away looking at the here and now, last few hours we haven't seen a heck of a lot out there. to storm scan3 show you what's going on, again not heck of a l we have storm waiting in the wings from the south. it will arrive and it bridges in a general inch to 3 inches, we think around philadelphia, and that little sliver over the city, of lighter blue, the lightest blue obviously
5:54 am
further south some milder air moves in to help it turn over to rain. but if you are looking for the bull's eye steadiest heaviest snow, generally the northwest suburbs adjacent to the city then points un to the north and west here, up toward the lehigh valley. you're probably not going to see as much in the poconos simply because you'll be right on the edge of where the fringe outer fringe of the system s we are expecting some pretty decent skiing weather here coming up. it doesn't look like you'll be seeing as much in the way of the rain portion of this. more snow than anything. sunday's quiet. sunday night new storms already here. vittoria? >> thank you, so much, katie. traveling out and about not going to be fun on the schuylkill expressway. i know it never is. the schuylkill looks like the schuylkill but at least close to 6:00 this morning not seeing a rush. we are seeing delays here as a resusult after overturned vehicle accident. you'll want to stay tuned more details on this and the rest of your soon to be rush hour coming up
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>> three cars torched in northeast fill. >> i teenager on her way to school attack on septa trolley. now she is speaking out about that horrible beating. >> do you have any unused, unwanted gift cards in your walt net we have the best ways to re-sell them so you can get something you really need or want instead. we're back in two minutes. see you in a bit.
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you get sick you can't breathe through your nose... suddenly... you're a mouthbreather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicines alone so you can breathe and sleep shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. >> here's what's happening two. cars set on fire overnight in northeast philly. all three cars are destroyed and the flames even spread to a nearby home. >> now the search is on for an arsonist. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now in talcony where investigators are searching for clues january, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, the fire marshall's office is investigating, car fires at two different locations here in talcony this morning arson sniffing dogs, have already been on scene here, on ditman street. and investigators are trying to determine if this car fire and another nearby are related and were intentionally set. >> the family suv unrecognizable fry morning. its shell still smoldering 6300 block every ditman street. fortunately this car fire didn't spread to the inside of any of the neighboring homes here in talcony but the threat was high. >> my concern was everybody has a propane tank. so i didn't know if maybe like the propane tank was going to explode or anything. and we all have kids here. my concern was just the kids and other houses catching on fire, as well. >> this neighbor didn't want to be identified, but she snapped this photo just after 2:00 a.m. she was in her kitchen when she heard allowed bang and saw these flames. after calling 911 the woman ran to get her neighbors out. >> banki


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