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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  January 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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coming his way. and costello back in. replaces wollenman. maryland second in the country in free throws made behind byu. two out of two for lay man. a pretty good afternoon. >> jim: 16 points. >> ian: costello on the kick. ellis open look. he's fouled. will shoot three free throws as layman extended out to defend. >> jim: i'm surprised that layman looked over at the coach's bench. he knew about now that i'm not supposed to be jumping at the shooter. he just couldn't control himself coming down. >> ian: alvin ellis iii is 68% at the line. one finally goes down for
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michigan state at the stripe. mark turgeon in his fourth year as head coach in maryland. it's taken some time to get things going. he came over from texas a&m. >> jim: one of the things when you have the new guy come in five or so newcomers came in especially if they're good that can cause problems in the program. but one of the things he touched on everybody is accepting their roles and there's no run away from the older guys to the newer guys. >> ian: he said the personalities meshed. you never know until you get everybody in the locker room and out on the court how it's going to play out: >> ian: foul called. it's against dawson. that means more free throws for maryland.
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14 points 10 rebound. four blocks. that's the quota for brandon dawson. he's replaced by marvin clark jr. layman misses at the free-throw line. 17 points. 12 rebounds for layman. his numbers are up across the board. one out of two. >> jim: especially rebounding numbers. starting to climb in terms of the fourth game of double digit rebounding effort. >> ian: he's averaging 6.7 boards a game this season. lourawls nairn, the quickness. time-out called with 1:20 to go. 13 point game. maryland up double digits.
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>> ian: this is a maryland team that averages under 73 points per game. melo trimble, huge first half. 21 points. just three points in his second half. but others have stepped forward including jay layman dez wells. nine points five assists for
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the senior. layman needs some help. trimble provides it. >> jim: those players are the guys -- they're the only team in the conference with three guys that score 14 more points. they're the guys that make it happen. trimble continues to get better. i don't know how he can get better than this afternoon. if they can just play more confidently in terms of a full 40 minutes. i like the way they blended the second half of slow downs with the pace they played in the first. >> ian: and layman on target for the three. >> jim: nice to see guys play with confidence. the triple there setting it up. confidently going to the middle of the floor. >> ian: 21 points for layman. and wells answers with the baby hook. down to 40 seconds left here in college park. layman got hacked. that means he gets to pad his stats with more free throws. >> jim: you know they're coming after you.
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you hold on to the basketball. >> ian: 73-59 maryland. for tom izzo still trying to figure out exactly who they are and what the rotation is going to look like. he made the change. he told us before the game this isn't set in stone. have to see what mix works in conference play. >> jim: will tweak that and a little bit. coming off the three wins that they had. so i'm sure they were coming in here thinking they would be more competitive. >> ian: that's it for melo trimble. going with the deckham look for the new york giants. it's working. >> jim: it worked for o'dell. i'm going for the stephen
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colbert mclovin look. >> ian: 36.5 left. 74-59. layman gets the roll on the second attempt. 11 of 12 at the free-throw line for layman. 23 points. and lamb is in for maryland. that should just about do it. maryland fans will enjoy this one. final 10 seconds in college park. another impressive showing from
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maryland in the big ten. they squeeze michigan state, 75-59 the final. maryland takes it. home of the spartans. we're coming back after this on cbs. not a thing, mobile share value customers get it automatically. it's how we show appreciation. you know i really appreciate that you appreciate me as a customer. and we appreciate how much you appreciate us appreciating our customers. and i appreciate that you appreciate that. and i appreciate you appreciating that. i appreciate that. aaaahhhh. introducing at&t rollover data. the data you don't use rolls over to the next month. all on the network with the nation's strongest lte signal. ♪ ♪
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must be a... ♪ ♪ clean, protect and style with new axe white label. >> ian: first year in the big ten, maryland sweeps michigan state. they get it done at home today against the spartans. tonight on a cbs, it's a night of mystery and drama beginning
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with "48 hours" followed by "ncis: new orleans." that's tonight only on cbs. for jim spanarkel, the rest of our cbs crew this is ian eagle saying so long from college park. final score 75-59. maryland over michigan state. this has been a presentation of cbs sports home of the 2015 men's national championship.
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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> developing now a new jersey mother accused of a heinous crime. tonight, she's charged with the murder of her newborn child. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. we do want to warn you that the details of this story are very disturbing. prosecutors say a young mother set her child on fire in the middle of a burlington county road. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live in pemberton township with new developments in this tragic
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case. natasha an unbelievably sad story. we did get more details from the burlington county prosecutors' office not long ago. the suspect in this case has been identified as 22-year-old. she has been charged with one count of murder after prosecutors say she set her own child on fire. doused in some sort of flammable liquid and set on friday late friday night in pemberton new jersey an unspeakable crime and the most innocent of victims. >> you see site like that it puts everything in perspective. >> reporter: day joseph saw the fire from his window many people have burn edgar batch before. he went to investigate. >> we thought it was a fire, somebody dumping everything down there but when we found out what it was, it was just -- it was a nightmare. >> reporter: says jeff says in the middle of road an infant was on fire. firefighters arrived put out the fire and the child was air
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lifted to saint christopher's children's hospital. that's where the baby died. >> as soon as i found out it was a baby, it was just -- the baby was charred. it was on fire for at least a little while. >> reporter: late in the afternoon on saturday, authorities confirm that the person responsible for the fire is the child's mother. she's 22 years old and officials say she was taken into custody at the scene. at some point a bit earlier witnesses had said she tried to leave the area. >> she was hiding. she was trying to defy what it was. i had her on the ground. i was just holding her down 'cause she tried to get away. >> reporter: the case is being handled by the burlington county prosecutor's office now tasked with figuring out exactly what happened and why you. >> never forget that. i just don't understand and i just hope that, you know, everything works out right. >> reporter: and the suspect in this case lives on this quiet street behind me in pemberton township. she was not at home, however
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l-we knocked on her door. her bail has been set at $500,000. she remains in jail this evening. we're live in pemberton township matt rivers, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> well, police are now saying that a two-year-old boy was killed in a car that collided with a river line train in riverside burlington county. this is iwitness cam video from the scene at new jersey and chester avenues yesterday. the child's grandfather was behind the wheel of the car and attempted to cross the tracks despite the signals. the grand father and several riders were injured. the undocumented immigrant who won her fight against deportation is leaving her sanctuary church in north philadelphia. a big celebration was held in honor of angela navarro today. the honduran national spent nearly two months there. earlier this week navarro was grant add stay of removal by the federal government allowing her to stay in the
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country with her husband and which i shall are u.s. citizens. navarro doesn't speak english very well but she says she's thrilled. the philadelphia fire department meantime is making history. commissioner derek sawyer swore in the first fire service emergency medical technician cadet class today. the graduation at the fire training academy the 46 cadets will serve in medic units all throughout the city. >> good sunday night. hope your weekend is treating you well so far. it's a chilly start to the weekend but at least we had the sunshine out today. that's going to change, though tomorrow. looks like we're talking about wet weather from our next storm system moving into the region. let's check in with our weather watchers. still skies mainly clear at the moment. a few high clouds starting to move into the region so allowing a drop in the temperatures to happen over the next couple of hours pretty quickly. already willow grove down to 27 degrees this hour, out in robbinsville, new jersey, steven checks in at 27. you get the picture.
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look at some of these numbers. mid-20's in chatsworth. up in perkasie chuck coming in at 25. a milder air mass moves in with this next storm system as we talk about a instead rain to finish off the weekends. live look at jack from the and big boulder, this is actually big boulder skiers and riders enjoying a cold night tonight but excellent conditions on the snow. you can see the snowboarders showing off their skills in the snowboard park. the wind is kicking up a bitter. this is what it feels like right now on exposed skin up in the poconos 9 degrees this hour, one in allentown, 22 in reading. so, if you're heading out in the next few hours there's a breeze to deal with. it will feel cold. the actual air temperature most reporting station hovering around 30 for philadelphia. look at the warmer air that will be moving in from the south and west ahead of our next storm system. already up to 46 degrees in pittsburgh. our low temperatures tonight pretty much occurring over the
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next few hours then they'll slowly climb through the overnight hours as the clouds roll in and next storm moves in. we don't see our storm yet. it hasn't developed. there's a cold front to our west. you can see that in the clouds, a couple showers over lake michigan this hour. then more cloudiness over the carolinas. that's going to be the storm that begins to fire up. it will be energized by that system so still dry over the carolinas. through the overnight this storm will take shape and bring a round of rain on sunday. here's what to expect. periods of rain, some heaviest in the afternoon. possibly an inch an quarter before the system is out of here. looks like the rain arrives from the south around day break, 7, 8 o'clock in the morning. there could be initially brief freezing rain up into the lehigh valley poconos but most likely this should all be plane rain and then the rain comes to an end by early evening, say by 5 o'clock this system could be long gone. let's time it out. 8 o'clock tomorrow morning that rain starts to move in from the south. notice a little bit of pink. that could be a few pockets of
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freezing rain some of the colder suburbs but that warmer air moves in. even in the poconos looking at steady rain. heaviest rain from the city eastward through the afternoon. that's a steady heavy rain. then 4, 5 o'clock the system is a fast mover, it's gone and we start clear out the skies for the evening. we set up for a dry martin luther king day on monday. going to be windy though. tuesday clouds return to the region ahead of our next week disturbance could bring rain or snow showers in the middle of the week. future rain amounts. areas in blue, trenton wilmington, could pick up over an inch of rain before the system is out of here. again temperatures tomorrow morning, we're going to be above freezing in most spots. could be some outlying suburbs around freezing but by the afternoon we're well above freezing with highs in the 40's. here woe go. the forecast for tonight stays dry overnight partly cloudy cold with a low of 30 degrees. tomorrow periods of rain milder with a high of 44. looks good monday for martin luther king day mostly sunny and windy and here's the
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exends ted forecast. dry monday and tuesday arc rain or snow shower wednesday. we keep it dry and chilly
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>> sixers on the road taking on the pistons. they've won 10 of their last 12. last night sixers had their biggest win of the season. the sixers went on to win. brett brown said nerlens noel had the best game as a sixer. they won that game 96 to 87. meanwhile fordham visiting. >> if you come to philadelphia you got to come with full force. we don't want to play around with that. we're going to come play hard every night. >> fordham visiting lasalle. solid game out of jordan price. gets the bucket here. he led lasalle with 15 points.
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then we have price again, he gets it to jarrel wright, back. lasalle wins 60 to 49. and picks up their tenth win of the
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>> ♪ >> well, that's "eyewitness news" for now. we've had this abbreviated edition but we'll be back on
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later with a full edition of "eyewitness news." for lez leaks justin all of us here. thanks for joining us. we'll be back here on cbs3.
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>> axelrod: tonight california dreaming. romney style. >> thank you! >> axelrod: a new speech leaves little doubt mitt romney is interested in a third run at the white house. >> i am giving some serious consideration to the future. >> axelrod: but will romney's party give him serious consideration? nancy cordes is in san diego. a modern-day bonnie and clyde. jericka duncan has the story of a 13-year-old girl on an alleged crime spree across the south with her 18-year-old boyfriend. is it bill cosby's last stand? the embattled comedian refuses to back down, no matter how loud the call gets to step out of the public eye. carter evans reports as cosby gets ready for another show tonight. and disabled veterans learn the recipe for new years at a bakery


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