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tv   CBS News Sunday Morning  CBS  January 4, 2015 9:00am-10:31am EST

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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> osgood: good morning i'm charles ross goods this is "sunday morning." it's the tale end of the holiday weekend. mostly clean up the last of the new year's eve confetti and champagne bottles we turn our attention to the very big question, what's next. the first sunday morning of 2015 we've asked for a look ahead.
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>> four days in to this new year remains fairly blank. but from the threat of isis in the middle east to russia. to a republic-led congress in washington. >> our new majority whip -- world events are sure to make big news in 2015. a look deep in to the crystal ball coming up on "sunday morning." >> osgood: jennifer aniston has a new film in her future starring in a role unlike any she's ever played. she'll be talking about that with lee cowan. >> i think i'll wait. >> after all her girl next door roles. >> doing really well. >> i want to tell you that -- >> jennifer aniston is taking a chance on something a little different. >> sort of i told you so, i could do a role like this? >> maybe.
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>> ahead, jennifer aniston like you've never seen her before. >> osgood: the elk horn ranch in the north dakota bad lands was refuge for future president of the united states during the darkest period of his life. mo rocca will go there this morning. >> after 25-year-old new yorker teddy roosevelt lost his wife and his mother in a single day he needed to get far far away. >> he knew he had to do something to restore his soul. he knew he had to get a place where there would be sol dude but enjoy really vigorous, hard working life. >> the land that would transform teddy roosevelt. ahead on "sunday morning." >> osgood: acclaimed broadway musical is on tour for much of the new year. plenty of preparation and rehearsal. david pogue got a back stage
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glimness. ♪ >> 40 more days to put together a very complicated broadway show. >> curtain going up on what it takes to send a hit musical on a national tour. for lucy arnaz the high wire act. >> you wanted to do what? >> now? >> "pippen" on tour coming up on "sunday morning." >> osgood: the unlikely story of jeff kinney behind the wimpy kid book. and a losing basketball team turn around. burbank is having a fit over the crossfit exercise fad and more. first headlines for this sunday morning the 4th of january, 2015. recap to the crash foul weather still hampering the search for
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air asia flight 8501. so far 34 bodies have been recovered about a hundred miles off the coast of bornio. small plane crash in kentucky friday night may be best remembered for young girl 7-year-old who survived it even though impact left her with a broken wrist walk through a mile of woods knocked on the door at the home of larry kilkens who contacted 911. taylor's mother, father, sister and cousin died in the crash. not showing you her picture because of the young age. today buddhist monks will lead funeral services for wenjian liu, one of the two new york police officers shot and killed in the ambush. governor andrew cuomo attended the wake after the death of his father governor mario cuomo. federal appeals court in boston
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yesterday refused to delay the trial of dzhokhar tsarvaev. accused in the boston marathon bombing. jury selection begins tomorrow. over two-term senator edward brook of massachusetts has died. he took office in 1967 brooke a republican became first black elected to the senate by popular vote. brooke was 95. today's weather mix of strong winds, thunderstorms rain and snow across the eastern third of the country. deep freeze over the plains moves south, stormy in the northwest. week ahead expect cooler than normal temperatures except in the southwest. coming up, the wimpy world of author jeff kinney. but first, what's next around the world.
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>> osgood: we said goodbye to 2014. what's next for 2015? we've asked four of our cbs news correspondents to survey the landscape as the new year gets up to speed. >> this is ywyatt andrews in washington. the dome of the united states capitol is getting a $60 million
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make over to repair thousands of breaks, cracks and structural deficiencies. this facelift happening high above the capitol will soon be matched by a political make over in the hallways down below. this week republicans take over the capitol with majorities in both the house and senate and with congress itself in need of repair. public approval has sunk to around 14%. while both parties shared in that failure the voters put republicans in control. >> we're looking at back to back least productive congresses, keeping the government running for three months, six months at a time. >> dana milbank a columnist at the "washington post" and a keen observer of congressional inaction says republicans will have to show progress this year
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precisely because they're in charge. do you think the challenge for republicans is whether they can govern? >> republicans own the congress now and they're go to own those approval ratings so they have a powerful incentive. they need to look responsible. they need to look like broken ups. >> the republican legislative agenda begins with immigration tax reform and almost certain clashes with the president. >> hello everybody. >> but the president has also changed, says dana milbank because now he leads the opposition. >> i see president obama as being liberated by this election. it's just him against the republican congress. mano a mano. >> there will be tough fights. >> does it help the president as you've argued before that republicans are now afraid of failing? >> i think it does. he has nothing to lose. he can be a happy warrior right now. >> and then there's the war republicans will wage with themselves to define the
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direction of the party. does it hurt them that so many of their members are potential candidates for president? >> there really no leader of the republican party right now. rand paul thinks he's in charge and marco rubio thinks he's in charge. i do think you're going to see quite a free for all. both those vying for the conservative base of the party and those vying for what's left of the chamber of commerce mainstream of the party. one emerging political factor in 2015 is an economy now growing at 5% a year. both parties will claim credit but historically a growing economy helps the sitting president. that means both sides bring strong negotiating hands to the central question in washington will they work to fix the cracks, the breaks the structural deficiencies in the hallways below the dome.
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>> this is elizabeth palmer. president vladimir put in barked in his moment of glory after seized ukrainian territory of crimea last spring. hello, comrades, he shouted. riding high on a wave of nationalism that then turned in to support for even more violent incursions in to ukraine. but they came at a huge price. punishing u.s. and western sanction, along with rock-bottom oil prices have hassled the value of russia's economy. internet mash up love to pock putin but it's actually a lack of money that will curb his ambitions in 2015. american-russian relations may be frosty right now but u.s.-iranian links haven't been this warm since 1979.
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secretary of state john kerry and iran's foreign men material javad zarif sound unbeat. >> i believe we can in fact reach a solution that can change the course of relations and would change general picture of our region and beyond. >> a deal could come as early as this spring. >> there is a fight against extremism of any stripe that are willing to behead innocent people or kill children or mow down political prisoners with the kind of cruelty that i think we very rarely seen in the modern age. >> it is the common enemy isis, an islamist terrorist group that helped to make frenemies of the u.s. and iran. while american war planes bomb
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isis from the air in iraqi ran's revolutionary guard attacks them with boots on the ground. the combined offensive has stopped isis advancing in both iraq and syria. but the group flush with cash is holding both its ground and at least one more high profile western hostage, the british journalist. >> some of us who tried to escape were waterboarded by our captors. >> war in iraq and in syria shows no signs of ending. it has shattered the entire region but it apparently hasn't rattled syria's president. his instagram account shows the dictator smiling serenely. ten million of his citizens may have been uprooted by the violence and the white house wants him gone. but there's no sign the u.s. or any of its allies are actually preparing toist him from his job.
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here in europe after six years of financial hardships things are finally looking up except the greeks may vote in 2015 to leave the european union this would set up a whole new round of financial chaos. >> this is lucy craft in tokyo. 2015 could mean break through for biggest trade deal in history, the 12 nation trade specific partnership. transform agriculture now dominated by inefficient farmers could mean windfall. with republicans controlling congress president obama may gain fast track authority and open japanese ad market already worth $12 billion to the u.s. but 2015 is also about looking back. asia marked 70 years since the
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end of world war ii, it's an anniversary the region still hasn't come to terms with. the strained relations between asia's two super powers were painfully obvious during cold fish handshake between president shi and prime minister at their recent summit. temple university professor says japan has never reintegrated the situation the way germany has in europe. >> here we are 70 years later, japan doesn't have any friends close allys in the region, neighbors feel japan has really never taken the measure of their shared history. >> shared his tore rye will be created later this month between india and the u.s. following the indian prime minister's visit last fall president obama set to become the first american leader at republic day festivities in new delhi. kingston says his trip to the
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world's biggest democracy is as much about geo-politics and containing china as trade or investment. >> china's obviously the aspiring regional power america wants to stop that building close relations with india is meant to counter the rise of china. >> meanwhile, the mass produced fuel cell cars are set to hit the road this year. toyota zero emission sedan releases only water. the fuel cell cars also built by honda on building enough hydrogen refueling station,s an ambition 100 are promised across japan. and the world's first humanoid robot designed to read emotion, pepper set to go on sale in february. while pepper can't make breakfast or take out the trash it's supposed to be great at relieving stress.
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high demand if this year is anything like last. >> in cape town south africa. these are the images of africa that haunted us in 2014. if 2015 takes off there remain many open wounds. the message from the vice president of the u.s.-africa summit in the summer of 2014 was positive. >> it has never, ever been a good bet to bet against america. and america is betting on africa. >> along the beautiful south african coastline you see the best countries like this have to offer, and south africa celebrated 20 years of democracy in 2014. but successes have been ebola militant violence and democratic
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states. in south africa headlines will likely be dominated by the sensational trial of one time olympic athlete oscar pistorius' shooting of his glamorous model girlfriend riva steenkamp. sentenced to paltry five years behind bars pistorius is unlikely to serve ten months. ex sect the prosecution to continue its appeal against in hopes getting murder conviction and longer jail term. in nigeria more than 200 school girls kidnapped by the extremist militant group boko haram are still missing. while the group's attacks grow increasingly violent. the nigerian government's military strategy against them appears to be fading. as they are outmanned without guns by boko haram. together with falling oil prices and tense presidential election,
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country could be destabilized this year. the biggest challenge facing this continents is ending ebola. experts believe epidemic will continue for at least another six months but dr. dan kelly who recently returned from sierra leone says he believes the race to develop ebola vaccines provides some hope for ending the outbreak by the end of 2015. >> while we're waiting for vaccines to roll out and become available in west africa, we need to be providing care and need to be doing best we can to use traditional public health measures. because unless we do those things there will be so many people infected and die. >> for these children already orphaned by ebola, a healthier future depends on that vaccine.
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light and fit greek. taste the power of satisfaction. ♪ dannon ♪ >> osgood: now a page from our sunday morning almanac. january 4th 2010. five years ago today a spectacular debut for the world's tallest building. that was the day the burj
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khalifa opened for business in dubai. resembleing, sourced 2716 feet more than half a mile. features corporate offices, apartments and luxury hotel. the dizzying structure became an instant landmark even played cameo in the 2011 film "mission impossible-ghost protocol." with tom cruise performing his own stunts some 1700 feet up. not that the pride of dubai can rest on its laurels, saudi arabia has launched construction of the kingdom tower designed to rise a full kilometer, that's 3,280 feet, more than 500 feet taller than the burj khalifa. but for how long will it be the tallest? for as far back as 1956 late american architect flank lloyd wright proposed a mile tall
9:24 am
skyscraper, the illinois. there is posting next to elevation that was itself 22 feet tall. it was never built of course, but who knows. for now at least dubai's burj khalifa remains securely in first place. having just rung in the new year with fireworks and light show that would be hard for anyone to top. >> thank you! >> osgood: still to come author jeff kinney's growing pains and -- ♪ "pippen" hits the road. on top of things. i was a doer. then the chronic, widespread pain slowed me down. my doctor and i agreed that moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed
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>> osgood: talk about unlikely story. a failed cartoonist writes a book for adults end up on the children's best seller list. unlikely or not story our rita braver has to tell. >> if you're wondering what all the cheering is about it's because jeff kinney has just produced something all these kids have been waiting for the ninth book in his mega-selling "diary of a kimy kid" series,
9:28 am
this is called "the long haul." is this kind of nightmare of family road trip is that how you describe it? >> i think every family road trip of more than three hours is a nightmare. i think i got cover image just right which is way back in the mini van under pile of luggage. every time i show that to kids they say that's me, i've been there. >> greg is greg heffley. perpetually stuck in middle school and he puts it with a bunch of morons. he's always being embarrassed by his parents and he's got two awful brothers, aeneas tore older one and a tattle tale toddler. then there's greg. who is a very nervous sort of sneaky and fearful but bullied and bullying. >> that's right. >> protagonist, right? >> that's right. >> why have someone as main
9:29 am
character who is not the least betty rock. >> i was actually reading harry potter, he's brave, he's magical, he's powerful. and i wasn't any of these things as a kid. i wanted to create a character who is more like i was. >> were you a wimpy kid? >> i was a kid who was an average kid but i had very wimpy moments. >> jeff kinney grew up outside washington d.c. dream can ring of becoming a cartoonist. he actually created a successful comic strip for the university of maryland's campus newspaper. but when he tried to land a cartooning job after graduation. >> i went about three years sending out submissions and getting rejected. it was soul crushing. >> then he got a day job designing online games. on the side he started writing and illustrating "diary of a wimpy kid" but it wasn't for kids. >> in fact the first draft was
9:30 am
1300 pages long. meant to be sort of a primer nostalgia piece for adults. >> he worked on that for eight years. why didn't you give up? >> i was prolonging the rejection in a way. part was just putting off the inevitable for me. >> still, in 2006 at a comic book convention he showed a short exert to an editor from abrams books mostly known for elegant volumes on art. >> and then he just looked at the first page he didn't read anything at all. and he said, "this is exactly what we're looking for and this is why we're here" he said it's going to be for kids. believe it or not that was huge shock tore me at the time. never for a second in the eight years i was working on "diary of a wimpy kid" did i think i was writing for kids. >> but when "the wimpy kid" was marketed to a young audience it took off beyond jeff kinney's
9:31 am
wildest dream. >> i i'll never forget when the "new york times" list came out i had made the list. i couldn't believe it. my wife and i were jumping up and down on the bed. in fact stayed on the list for more than five years straight. i pinch myself every day. >> it's still surprising to us. every now and then we're like, how did this happen? why did it happen? this is nuts. >> nuts or not, jeff's wife, jewelry, and sons will and grant, seem to take it all in stride. even the fact that jeff has been an executive producer of three films based on the series. >> let me get something straight. this is journal. not a diary. to stay close to his readers jeff kinney travels all over the country turning up in places like edward molin school in newburyport, massachusetts. where everyone seems to be a fan.
9:32 am
just raise your hand if you like the diary of a wimpy kid books? yeah? what do you like? >> i can't stop reading them. like i read them over and overall the time. >> it's just so funny and interesting, you never know what's going to happen next. >> but some adults have been critical of kinney's simple drawings and writing style. the books have even been likened to literary junk food. >> it's kind of a combination of huge compliments and very almost angry insults about the book. >> yeah. i think what most parents and teachers have come to understand is that my books are good gateway reading. they're not the books you want your kid to end up reading but great way to get them started. i'm very comfortable with that. >> it's hard to argue with success. there are more than 150 million copies of his books in print. making the author a very rich man.
9:33 am
>> this has been about five years in the making. >> what is he doing with his earnings? well what is going on in his adoptive hometown of plainville, massachusetts. >> well, there used to be a old market in the middle of town, a general store, it was falling apart. >> kinney is building something new here. >> there's going to be a book store, a cafe coffee shop. we're going to have a big function space for people to use for community and cultural events. >> jeff kinney calling the book store. >> an unlikely store glee because that is what his own story has been. and he still can't quite believe it's true. he claims he still feels like a failed cartoonist. >> i will always admire the real cartoonists for cracking that nut and i couldn't do it myself. >> does the rouge pile of money that you make, make up for any
9:34 am
of this? >> i feel lucky that didn't get the dream. because this is a better dream. i'm going to hold on to that. >> you're my hero! >> thank you. >> when i was hell bent saying that's not true that's not right, that's not fair. >> jennifer aniston speaks her mind.
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♪ >> osgood: that's "corner of the sky" from the broadway musical "pippen" show is now on tour after months of rehearsals. david pogue got up close review. >> sasha allen has performed on broadway. she was final list on the tv show "the voice." but nothing has prepared her for a challenge like this. >> i've never done this style of dance before so the training that i've been doing has been kicking my butt. >> allen leads the cast of this new national tour of "pippen" the broadway music revival won
9:37 am
four tony awards in 2013. she had only two months to master a role immortalized by ben vereen. ♪ we've got magic to do, just for you ♪ >> "pippen" originally opened on broadway in 1972 directed and choreographed by legendary bob fosse. pippen and his father king charlemagne were actual historical figures. but this musical is no history lesson. it's about a young man's very modern journey through war politics and love to find himself. to find his corner of the sky. pippen was played by a 26-year-old unknown jailed john reuben tine. remember that name. >> ♪ we've got magic to do. >> for the broadway revival tony
9:38 am
winning director tushed the show's chorus in to a troupe of circus performers as she sees it the circus theme is perfect for a national tour. >> they're actually going to pick up that tent and move it city to city. there's a reality of that touring life that i think is only going reinforce the meaning of the show with every stop we make. >> the touring cast will make stops in more than 25 u.s. cities. >> ♪ as we go along our way ♪ >> the circus theme also means that singing and dancing aren't enough. the cast also has to learn acrobatics. pippen's grandmother is played by lucie arnaz. and novice on the trapeze. >> they said here is how you get strong, you do these and you do those and you do this.
9:39 am
and trust the process and pretty soon you'll be able to do that. my body is this way and i have to still sing the last chorus of the song and then go upside down and sing the last line. but that's kinda fun. >> also learning new tricks in the title role. >> this is pretty much my first big gig. >> think like a monkey. >> i've never even thought about being acrobat like learning whole new art form. >> he'd be learning some someone who has been in his shoes. on the national tour, king charlemagne is john reuben tine who created the role of pippen in 1972. >> you're the original pippen? now you're playing your father. >> yes. >> what's that like? >> it's wonderful. the main thing is that i didn't have to pit all those high notes.
9:40 am
>> it's not weird? >> you know what it's like? visiting after 40 some years your home. and you had amazing memories, you come back and it's the same place and it smells the same. but they have redecorated and you have a new family. >> magic! lust! >> paulus and her cast rehearsed for a month and a half in new york city and made something new. >> be strong. turn around. now look at the whole space. now turn to pippen. >> she pushed sasha allen. >> you're not in control. >> and the rest of the cast, not to simply recreate what's been done on broadway but to make the show their own. >> it's not about them at all. >> in a way the national tour is
9:41 am
the opportunity to visit it again, hopefully make it a little better. you get your second chance to go in there. this morning we were actually making some changes of things that i wanted to change. >> see her. see her. >> is it possible the tour will be better than broadway? >> yes. absolutely. >> now this next is a little vague. speak to the chorus. >> but that means that selig fresh out of college had to exceed his director's demands as they explored this new corner of the sky. >> what are you going to say next? >> got to find my corner. >> of the what? >> the sky. see what i mean. make this work. we are ready to go to denver. >> as rehearsals ended the show's elaborate rigging went up in denver, the first stop. for eight more months the 50 members of the cast and crew will be family. >> people are going to get mad at each other and people are going to fall in love. >> and stuff did happen.
9:42 am
a week before opening night selig left the show. >> that was a hard moment for him, for us. i adore him. he was doing great work. but he just needed vocal time off to take care of himself. >> so the show needed a replacement pippen fast. somebody who already knew the part. somebody who had played pippen on broadway. somebody like -- matthew james thomas. >> i'm going do a backflip. >> who played pippen when the revival opened in new york city. but he hadn't done the show in five months. thomas had just six days to learn all the changes that paulus put in the show. >> like the birthing of something. going to be painful. you have no idea what is going to happen. >> what did happen? rave reviews for the whole cast,
9:43 am
including the original pippen and the original, original pippen, john reuben stein. they will perform this show eight times a week in city after city. hartford, connecticut, is the next step. >> welcome to the show, ladies and gentlemen! >> attending these rehearsals took me back. as a kid i wore out the "pippen" cast recording, it gave me the broadway bug. in fact before i became a humble tv correspondent i worked as a broadway conduct for. here i was with my pippen. i had to ask, would you consent to letting me accompany you on eight bars of "corner of the sky." >> sure if i can still sing it" it" ♪ everybody has it's season. everybody has it's time. show me a reason and i will show you a rhyme ♪ cats fit on the window sill ♪ children fit in the snow.
9:44 am
>> 41 years after creating the role on broadway john rubin tine sang pippen's signature song once again. something this touring company never thought they would see. >> they could fly ♪ >> it's very emotional being on the stage with john. he is pippen grown up. >> ♪ find my corner of the sky ♪" >> oh, yeah. >> he's still got it! [ cheering and applause ] >> oh, my, god! thank you. >> osgood: next, remembering a small wonder.
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the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and it was a real easy switch to make.
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>> osgood: it happened this past week. the loss of three americans who made their marks in very different ways. donna douglas died thursday in baton rouge of pancreatic cancer. a small town louisiana native she hit the big time in 1962 as elly may clampett on the hit cbs sitcom "the beverly hillbillies." after the show ended its nine season run in 1971 she went on to record a number of gospel and country albums. donna douglas was 82. ♪ just 4'11" "little jimmy" dickens was one of grand ol' opry's biggest stars.
9:48 am
a singer-songwriter with comic touch he last performed three saturdays in a row. he died friday after suffering a stroke on christmas day. little jimmy dickens was 94. >> there is despair mr. president, in the faces that you don't see, in the places that you don't visit in your shining city. >> mario cuomo electrified the 1984 democratic convention. >> how can anyone say that we are safer stronger, for better. >> born to immigrant parents in the new york city borough of queens, cuomo grew up to become a lawyer and politics. winning his first term as governor in 1982. a lib aboral without apology. he disappointed his supporters by declining to run for
9:49 am
president in both 1988 and 1992. >> it would be in the best interests of the democratic party that i abandoned any such effort now. >> though he lost his bid for a fourth term as governor in 1994, the cuomo era in new york is hardly over. two months ago his son, andrew, was re-elected governor. >> thursday, new year's day, day of second inaugural mario cuomo died of heart failure. he was 82 years old.
9:50 am
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9:52 am
of theodore roosevelt's death. reason enough for mo rocca to explore a little known chapter in our 26th president's life. >> for 25-year-old new york state assemblyman, theodore roosevelt, february 1884 began joyously. >> he was the happiest man on the planet. his wife had just given birth to a baby girl. >> but then came some distressing news. >> he gets a telegram say snook come back immediately. your wife is dying and your mother is dying." >> the future president rushed from albany home to manhattan to find the two most important women in his life suddenly fallen ill. his mother, martha, with typhoid fever. hi young bride alice with bright's disease a failure of the kidneys. >> his younger brother elliott ran out of the house and said "there is a plague on this house." he got there just in time for his wife to die in his arms and
9:53 am
his mother died shortly later. it was just awful. >> his diary entry that grim valentine's day a stark x and eight simple words. roosevelt needed to get far, far away. >> he knew he had to do something to restore his soul. >> ted roosevelt, the 4th, is president theodore roosevelt's great grandson. >> it just devastated him. he had enough sense, he knew that he had to throw himself in to work. he had to be in the outdoors. >> so he headed west to, the wildest, loneliest place he knew, the badlands of the dakota territory in what is now north dakota. >> he described it as a bizarrely shaped country with a haunting melancholy beauty. everything, the hills, the kinds of trees the grass here, this is exactly what he saw.
9:54 am
>> for three years he lived here along the little missouri river, in the shade of the cottonwood trees. >> there is no sound that is more soothing that the wind going through the cottonwood leaves. it makes a lovely russell. it's just beautiful. >> the trees they glitter. >> that wonderful glitter. >> the same trees that tr saw from the front porch of his ranch. same kind of birds he heard. >> here hear that dove in the background? tr wrote about the dove there. can be no more mournful sound of unending grief than the sound of a mourning dove. >> we're walking up to what would be the entrance? >> the ranch house old lion built with his own hands is gone now. only the foundation stones remain.
9:55 am
this is original? >> that's original, absolutely. >> i have to say as history buff i kind of geek out on something like this. >> it's kind of cool. >> to think that theodore roosevelt laid this in 1884. >> yes. >> two guides he'd befriended in the woods of maine came west to help. >> he was good with an axe but he overheard the two guys talking amongst themselves they said something to the affect the boss he beavered down 17 trees. >> it's still impressive. formerly asthmatic child is beavering down 17 trees. >> that's no mean accomplishment. >> yes, roosevelt was a sickly child who by nonstop activity bulldozed through obstacles. the embodiment of the strenuous life. >> talking about theodore roosevelt's energy, don't take this the wrong way is there
9:56 am
some sort of chemical imbalance? his ability to do so much. >> you know, that's a great question. he wrote i think poignantly if a man rides hard and fast enough he can leave black care behind him. he knew that he had to really engage himself all the time because he might get depressed. >> he became a cattleman, albeit a harvard educated aristocrat particular one. the people out west, this was really out west then must have thought that he was from a totally different world. >> totally different world. he wore glasses which was unusual. dressed in a fancy way. used language in a way that was totally different than their's. but the experience was one which rubbed off this sort of thin, brittle veneer of the eastern dude. and he became a regular guy. >> and this wild, beautiful land shaped the way roosevelt viewed the environment. that's why it's known as the cradle of conservation.
9:57 am
>> it's where he learned saw firsthand the need to save the land. >> but today this view, virtually unchanged for more than a hundred years is indeed beginning to change as north dakota's oil boom encircles the elk horn ranch with pump jacks gas flares and roadways. >> there is a rig there on the ridge line that would not have been here in tee door roosevelt's day. one of seven wells within the historic district. >> steph me meeks is executive director for the national trust of historic preservation which placed the elk horn ranch on most endangered places list. >> it's a visual intrusion in place that was one of solitude. we'd like to protect anything that teddy roosevelt could have seen from the front porch of his cabin. >> it's not just the sights that
9:58 am
are threatened but also the sounds, that soothed tr's wounded soul. >> that's what we want to preserve. it's a solitude. the scenic beauty of this and the sound. >> the man who would go on to create five national parks and protect 230 million acres of land once said, "i never would have been president if it had not been for my experiences in north dakota." >> he wanted to protect great landscapes for the american people for all time and it's our turn now to protect this landscape so that it can influence and inspire people for generations just as it did teddy roosevelt. >> osgood: still to come. jennifer aniston. >> doing really well. >> osgood: more than just a friend. but first --
9:59 am
>> there you go.
10:00 am
10:01 am
>> osgood: score one for hard luck team that defied all the doubter. not to mention all the odds. steve hartman has our play by play. >> intensity, intensity. desire. >> since 2011 the climax-fisher high school lady nights have been on a street booting and bobbling their way in to the record books. this team from western minnesota somehow strung together 84 straight losses. that's four straight years of ridicule. >> people always make fun of you. >> it's honestly embarrassing to lose that many games. >> we lost game 90-3. but those kids played like it's 5-5. >> jonathan vonesh is their coach. you're impressed with them. >> absolutely.
10:02 am
>> jonathan says few girls have quit but ones that remain are more determined than ever to turn this team around. >> see if they can make outside shot. >> because why it was so heartening to see what happened last month. in their game, the climax-fisher lady nights in white got off to one of their best starts in recent memory. at half time they were actually leading by a point. >> i just felt like, wow like, we are in this. >> and crowd was getting into it which made it even better. >> really in the zone. >> then things went really wrong. >> really wrong, yeah. >> unfortunately in the second half they got major foul trouble. one by one their seniors fouled out of the game. all of them. before it was over, the juniors would be gone, too. in fact for last three minutes they only had three girls left. two sophomores and a freshman. the most inexperienced players
10:03 am
on the losingest team in the state. >> are you telling them we can win this? >> i don't think i used that term. you continue working to the end. >> that's really all their coach was expecting. a valiant effort. can't win three on five. in fact they didn't even score once. but they did play stellar defense. and when they did get the ball they were able to draw some fouls. and when they did draw those fouls they made those free throws. enough of them that when the budser sounded the lady nights of climax-fisher were on a new streak. >> we're all hugging and crying and screaming our heads off. probably the best moment of my life. >> whether they ever win another game or not they will never be the same team again. >> we learned no matter what people say about you, if you
10:04 am
keep putting in time and effort it will pay off. >> there's a lesson that will last a lot longer than a basketball season. advil stops pain right where it starts. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. fact. advil liqui gels are faster on tough pain than extra strength tylenol. and not only faster. stronger too. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. available at walmart for a low price every day.
10:05 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you want it ♪ ♪ go out and get it ♪ >> when he flirted with other women? >> no. it bothered me when he slept with other women. >> it's "sunday morning" on cbs. here again is charles osgood.
10:06 am
>> osgood: jennifer aniston can always get a laugh in the long running tv show "friends." now she's trying her hand more serious role that is when she's not besieged by paparazzi. lee cowan has our sunday profile. >> there's a fascination with jennifer aniston that seems to know no bounds. she is arguably one of the most photographed celebrities in hollywood, the subject of unrelenting gossip. no wonder she doesn't do a lot of extended interviews. >> something i really wanted to do. >> when she sat down with us jennifer aniston seemed anxious to talk. >> i wanted that challenge. >> especially to answer one question. one she's actually been asking herself. >> can i do it? am i capable? is there a reason i'm not always the go-to girl for these kind of parts? >> how is it going?
10:07 am
>> i'm doing really well. >> it's this part in an upcoming independent film that she hopes will erase any doubts. >> i want you to verbalize to me how her suicide. >> jumped off a freeway overpass landed on a flatbed truck. >> body got stuck in customs like week before her husband could claim it. >> way to go nina. >> aniston plays a woman suffering from chronic pain. she's out of friends, addicted to pain killers and suicidal. it's called "cake." >> i can't think of anything. doesn't matter. just blow them out. >> i really was ready to just disappear and really go into the depths of a character. >> where did all that come from though? >> in me? well i'm pretty on edge i
10:08 am
mean, i can cry at a pampers commercial. just access your own emotions. >> i wanted to tell you that -- "cake" has already earned her a sag and golden globe nomination and some whispers she could even be up for an oscar. >> is there a little part of you that's sort of "i told you so. i could do a part like this"? >> well, maybe. maybe a teensy one. >> ever since jennifer aniston became a household name on the wildly popular sitcom "friends." >> this is from your friends at work. >> she's been thought of mainly for her comedic timing. >> wait a minute. that can't be right. is that beer bong for a baby? >> darling, that's a breast pump.
10:09 am
>> did i say i was done guessing? >> she's appeared in series of romantic comedies. >> what my baby wants my baby gets. >> i wanted 12, baby wants 12. >> but aniston says she always had her heart set on becoming a serious actress. when one of her acting teachers pointed out her sense of humor might be an asset she got mad. >> i was like, i am not funny. i am a serious actor. he said, no, you're actually funny and i think you should pay attention to that. >> did you have a sense you were funny? >> my family was funny. i liked making people laugh. such a source of survival far me as a kid to be a clown and make people laugh. >> survival, because she says, it helped her deal with her parents splitting up when she was just nine years old. how much do you think that shaped you having your parents
10:10 am
get divorced? >> divorced? everything. >> really? >> oh, yeah. the best thing that came out was my sense of humor there were some pretty sad moments as any kid from a divorce will tell you. >> born in sherman oaks, california, aniston was actually raised right in new york city. in an apartment filled with entertainment, starting with her father john. he's appeared almost continuously on tv since the 1960s. >> what do i have the pleasure? >> he's still on "days of our lives" playing victor. >> i feel for you. >> a role he's held for almost three decades. >> your dad didn't want to you become an actress though, did he? >> no. no no. he didn't want my heart to be broken. maybe that was my rebellion oh, yeah, i'm going to do that then. i'm going to try to be an actress. >> she was accepted in manhattan la guardia high school prestigious school for performing arts. >> i met my best friend here.
10:11 am
>> lie brother was not her favorite place. >> just wanted to be downstairs in the drama department. >> we found your year book. >> you didn't? >> yes we did. >> oh, my, god. this is so fabulous look at all these people. >> but then aniston was a bit more round as she puts it. partially love affair with mayonnaise and white bread sandwiches. >> how round i was. really well done. >> still enjoys a good order of french fries at one of her favorite hang outs. where she worked as a waitress between auditions. >> i would get a play or off broadway, thee always let me go, do my play. always have spot for me when i
10:12 am
finished. >> when she turned 20 aniston traded burgers for the beach. moving to l.a. where her life in tv began. her first sitcom was called "malloy." only lasted one season. as did her next role on "ferris beuller" another flash in the tv pan. >> you were getting all these pilots though never seemed to go past couple of episodes. >> didn't matter to me. >> really? >> i was just working. i was excited to be working. >> and then came "friends." the role that made aniston and her hair famous. >> she's doing it because she wants to be more like you. >> well then, you know, couldn't she have copied my hair cut? >> "friends" was a cultural
10:13 am
phenomenon. it made aniston america's sweetheart. also made her a darling of the tabloids. the paparazzi were even waiting outside our interview to grab these shots of aniston leaving. seems like you have to deal with it so much more than anybody that i can think of, pretty much. >> yeah. just don't pay attention best you can. i think i used to really there was a period where i was hell bent on saying "that's not true" really sort of -- now i just think you got to let it roll off your back. everybody this most it's all bs like soap op from on paper. >> you understand the appetite? >> i don't understand it. >> yeah? >> no. i just think it's -- it's like watching soap opera. >> a soap opera that reached circus-like proportions after her divorce from brad pitt a decade ago.
10:14 am
>> the fact that it still follows you around, it's got to be painful. i don't like it when people bring it up. but people dill do, right? >> i don't find it painful though. i think it's the narrative that follows you because it's an interesting headline. it's more of a media-driven topic. >> you've moved on. >> well everybody has. >> you guys still talk? you and brad? >> we've exchanged good wishes and all that sort of stuff to each other but not a constant thing. do you talk to your ex-wife? >> no. >> when i do, i do. >> she's currently engaged to actor justin theroux happy and blissful she says, despite the spotlight. >> can you and justin turn off all that noise and static. >> we absolutely do. we know what our truth is.
10:15 am
that's all just static. >> i actually brought you a -- >> her latest role isn't glamorous like all those magazine covers she graces. instead it's gritty, sad, in parts funny. she'll always have that. but she hopes now fans and critics alike will see that jennifer aniston is more than just the girl next door. >> it feels like there's some page is about to turn, it could just be closing of a book or it could be a new chapter, who knows. i just know that for me personally did i something for myself that was important and -- always worth it. yeah. >> osgood: next -- worked up over a workout. but to get from the old way to the new
10:16 am
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>> osgood: getting in shape is popular new year's resolution. popular and sometimes problematic as luke burbank now explains. >> if you have driven down is the in any major american city you probably have seen them. exhausted software designers and soccer moms hobbling down the sidewalk carrying or dragging something way too heavy. despite how it looks this isn't some north korean reeducation program. it's actually a work out/lifestyle called crossfit she's sweaty stockholm syndrome sufferers are paying good money to be part of it. how do i know? because i was briefly one of them. before my escape. it started off innocently enough i had reunion coming up i wanted to get in shape. the trick everyone in to thinking i had been staying fit all along. you know, like you do. i typed "get in shape fast" and up popped crossfit.
10:19 am
i found a class and i joined up. soon i was learning a whole new language. crossfit gyms are known as boxes. a wad is the work out you'll be doing on a given day. the snatch is unfortunately named weight lifting technique a burrpee is exercise designed by satan himself which seems easy at first but eventually becomes completely impossible. despite hard core ethos or because of it crossfit is sweeping the nation. back in 2005 there were 13 gyms. excuse me, boxes. now more than 5000 throughout the country. why is it so popular? well, for one thing, it works. turns out getting up at the crack of dawn like some old timey strong man that will change the shape of your body. then there are the friendships you form, like any group that's been through traumatic
10:20 am
experience together you bond with your fellow crossfiters. holding each other and sobbing quietly at the beginning of class when you see the work out you have in store. i tried to be strong, tried the tell myself i was one of them. the pain was just weakness leaving the body. what they don't tell that you it's also pain leaving the body which is painful and tiring. eventually i had to admit i'm just not crossfit material. i simply called the gym -- i mean box -- and told them i was cancelling my membership the guy on the phone sounded unsurprised which i admit hurt, a little. but not nearly as much as doing one more of those burrpees. a doer. then the chronic, widespread pain slowed me down. my doctor and i agreed that moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica.
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>> osgood: here is a look at the week ahead on our sunday morning calendar. monday forbes announces it's 30 under 0 list. 30 people under the age of 30 who excel in 15 categories. thursday is the day baseball hall of fame announces it's 2015 class of new members. wednesday sees 41st annual people choice awards honoring tv and movie stars chosen in an online poll broadcast live here on cbs. >> ♪ you ain't nothing but a
10:23 am
hound dog." >> thursday elvis presley's 80th birthday. scheduled on the grounds of graceland. on friday the supreme court is expected to consider possible review of lower court decisions upholding same-sex marriage bans in at least four states. and saturday has been decreed national cut your energy cost day by activists urging us to use less electricity in our daily lives.
10:24 am
>> osgood: take a moment to wish warm "sunday morning" welcome to the viewers of wttv. to our old friends good to see you and be seen on this first sunday morning of 2015. broadcast number one out of 52. we will be here if it weren't for you. now to bob schieffer in
10:25 am
washington for look what's ahead on "face the nation." good morning bob. >> schieffer: good morning charles. the uneasy conversation about race in america we'll talk to, among others, senator chuck schumer of new york and director of the lbj presidential library. >> osgood: we'll be watching. next week here on "sunday morning." >> just move forward to shake hands. >> wait. >> my gosh. >> i'm done. fit greek non fat yogurt gives you the power to help make temptation shrink away! light and fit greek. with irresistible flavors like strawberry cheesecake never have 80 calories tasted so satisfying! light and fit greek. taste the power of satisfaction.
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10:27 am
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10:30 am
>> schieffer: i'm bob schieffer. today on "face the nation" the uneasy conversation about race as new congress. one of the new york police officers assassinated police officers is being laid to rest today. but a showdown is looming between new york cops and mayor bill de blasio over handling of the case. what happens next. we'll talk to new york's democratic senator, chuck schumer. will the anger against police in the black community spread? we'll talk to maryland democratic congressman elijah coupling. we'll get a republican take from former house speaker newt glick griffin. we'll explore the the over civil rights film "selma" with the head of the lbj presidential library, mark updegrove. and we'll


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