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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning, everyone. and thank you for joining us. in the news, a community in mourning comes together to honor three children killed in friday's deadly car jacking crash. cleve bryan is there right now. many came out last night to attend the vigil as the memorial at that scene continues to grow. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee. that's right. we saw that vigil last night and members of the faith community said that love is stronger than hate and that's certainly on display for this growing memorial for the young victims of the crash that we've now learned may have been preventible. >> heel these families, father, and put your hand on our
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victims of a fatal crash that police say began as a car jacking. their children are dead, their mother in critical condition. >> friday july 25th our lives were changed forever. our hearts are completely broken. weigh can't believe this is our new reality. a nightmare that just won't end. >> reporter: the three children ages 7 to 15 were selling fruit when an out-of-control suv ran them, their mother and a neighbor over. police say jonathan rosa and cornelius crawford were in a vehicle they had stolen sexually assaulted a real estate agent they kidnapped. >> what i want to thank you for is you helped solve this case. >> eyewitness news has learned that crawford is a career criminal who some say should not have been out on the streets. court documents show in 2007 he was convicted of terrorizing the
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community with a 10-day robbing spree, he had since been paroled, thrown back in jail and reparoled. >> they needed the bed in the prison and they put him back in the community and unfortunately this was an entirely predictable result. >> hundreds rallied to denounce violence and support those hurting. >> reporter: funeral arran arrangements are set for monday. and there is a fund set up to help with the medical bills of the surviving victims. we have that on our website. i'm cleve bryan. >> fighting continues between israel and hamas. israel says its hit 75 sites including five mosques it claims were being used by militants. this morning israeli tank shells slammed into a school where
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palestinians had taken refuge. the principal says shells hit two classrooms and a bathroom. right now 6:03. want to head outside to katie. >> another cool morning. and at this point we're flirting with records in a couple of locations. it is calm. i second-guessed bringing out a light jacket this morning. i'm not going to lie. but it is just right at this point in center city. let's take a quick peek here at storm scan 3. i do think we'll see clouds like we did yesterday, but generally speaking the story is about the temperature and the fact that it's still so much cooler than average. you're into the mid 40s in mount pocono. meanwhile at 62 in philadelphia. we would have to hit 58 in order
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to tie the record. we just flirt with it. 54 in reading, that's awfully close to the record. we will see how we do. it's going to come awfully close. 81 the expected high in philadelphia. generally looking at sunshine, but like i mentioned there may be clouds as the day progresses. lovely day at the shore overall, still with sunshine and high uv index to go along with it. up in the poconos, 73 the expected high here. because of some cool air aloft, you may see an isolated shower, if not a rumble of thunder fire up. the better part of the delaware valley is going to get on much like we saw yesterday. >> not a nice start for motorists that are heading out the front door and heading for the schuykill expressway. 6:04 and we're looking life from chopper 3 early morning backup
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on the eastbound expressway. here is the conshohocken it shut down eastbound lanes for about 20, 25 minutes and get traffic moving again. there is the accident. the chopper shot was right here in the conshohocken interchange. both of the lanes are open. if you're grabbing coffee and keys heading that way go ahead and do it. you should be good to go. a lot of folks zipped off there in villa nova. the birlg ton bristol bridge a disabled vehicle and only one lane is alternated on the bridge itself. the disabled is on the jersey
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side. and 4122 westbound, watch for the disabled. otherwise mass transit looking good. >> it was a sight tbehold in southern california. a water main breaks near ucla's campus. the rupture left a mess everywhere. >> reporter: this was not the doing of mother nature. it's what happens when a 93-year-old water main breaks, asphalt buckles, concrete cracks and a geyser shoots 30 feet in the air. >> i just see the water start pouring out and cement started falling everywhere. >> reporter: 35,000 gallons of water gushed out every minute severely damaging a portion of ucla's campus. it took crews three and a half hours to shut off the water. they faced questions to what took so long. as that was happening, cars were
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stuck and people were too. this is pauly pavilion. it's an athletic complex redone two years ago for $136 million. now it's in need of new repairs. in a nearby parking garage, 200 cars were searched, five people were trapped. one aided by a swift water rescue team. >> they got swept off their feet and got trapped underneath their car. >> reporter: luckily no one was hurt. in the end, 8 to 10 million gallons of water was wasted in a state that is dealing with a historic drought. >> a report of a drug lab sends the philadelphia police bomb squad to an apartment last night. once inside investigators say they found pipes, a pressure cooker and some sort of growing
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operation. we're told although the items appeared suspicion, nothing illegal was happening in that apartment. >> gunfire rings out near the campus of temple university. eyewitness news in the 10000 block of carlisle street was shot in the chest last night. he was taken to temple hospital in critical condition. >> a driver involved in a single car crash is in custody this morning. the driver suffered minor injuries. police say they tried to stop the car before the accident but did not pursue it. the driver has undergone questioning. police have not filed charges as of yet. a close call for a family of three in bucks county. a trash truck rolled over and landed on top of a minivan. amazingly a husband, wife and their son suffered overall minor jersey. a first responder says a utility pole prevented both vehicles
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from falling down an embank. >> within 30 seconds of arriving on scene, a hef he duty wrecker happened to be passing by. i flagged him down, pulled him over, told him what i needed of him and he went right to work. you don't usually see a crash of that magnitude with such minor injuries. >> and the driver of the trash truck was not hurt. if you know anything about it, please call the traffic safety unit. >> here is a look at some of the things happening today. several defendants in the alleged main line drug ring will be in court today. they're accused of supplying drugs to students and others in local high schools and colleges. funeral services are today for teresa hunt, the caseworker killed last week by richard plotz. >> and there is a hearing today at philadelphia city call calling for equal pay for women.
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advocates say there is a large pay disparity between men and women and they want better ways to report discrimination. >> an urgent health warning about mosquitos inin new jersey. not one but two viruses have been detected in the garden state. >> heart-stopping video of a train bearing down on two women stuck on the tracks. but what happens next will probably really make your jaw drop. ♪ >> beautiful day down for you down the shore. looking live as the sun starts to creep up into the skyline and just some beautiful temperatures, too. low 60s in late july? >> that fall feeling once again. >> love it. >> see how long it lasts. katie has your fast, bo
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it's a very close call for two women walking on a railroad bridge in indiana. >> it's all caught on tape, too. they were close to the middle of that train bridge, 80 feet high above lake lemon. once the women realized they had no where to go, they laid down and let the 100-car train pass right over them. >> we had an engineer who thought he had killed two people. this train was moving about 25 miles per hour and it took a thousand feet for that train to stop. >> amazingly neither woman was seriously hurt.
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however, the trouble does not stop there. those women were identified and they could face charges. right now just 6:13 traffic and weather together. katie? >> nice day generally speaking. it actually looks somewhat similar to how it looked yesterday. the frontal boundary that swept through sunday night, it's still here. and just because there's a large area of high pressure building out over the atlantic and that's going to keep us from really seeing this front get a chance to clear out. so in the meantime, today's nice. it's still pretty quiet. but with that area of high pressure developing and expanding and becoming stronger and stronger, it may end up meaning that we have not the best weekend ever. the front that i just showed you is becoming stalled out. there will be pieces of energy that move along it and that does mean that we've got the potential for showers or a thunderstorm as early as tomorrow. but with time that chance starts to get increased as we see more
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moisture being drawn up. so let's talk about the hear and now, which is the good news first. currently our dew point temperatures are very low, so it feels awesome outside. and even though it is kind of cool for now. we should warm up to the low 80s today. still below average, still getting sunshine, but as early as tomorrow afternoon or evening we might see a spotty shower or storm and the weekend has a better chance for widespread rain. >> an update on the schuykill expressway. between conshohocken heading into the curve. we're almost going to say at the normal volume right now. we always have a backup right here as we try to squeeze in toward the conshohocken. all lanes are open. now an accident east on the pennsylvania turnpike, east of the norris town interchange. it's off to the shoulderer but attracting some attention as we
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go through. if you use the burlington bristol bridge they're alternating traffic, watch for a disabled west on 422 out near the trooper interchange. >> here is a la at today's headlines. funeral services are set for monday for the three young victims of last week's car jacking. hundreds attended the vigil to remember. >> also more than a dozen people are dead and 90 injured after israel bombs a school in gaza. >> president obama announces new sanctions on russia over their support of separatist rebels in ukraine. similar actions were announced by the european union. we'll be back.
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not good, it's not the best. no, it's not fun. look at it this way, you're kind of on top. if i was like this, all day. switch from the bottom to the top and see why millions of satisfied customers have made fios #1. sign up for a verizon fios triple play online with a 2-year agreement and get an amazing $400 back plus a free lg g tablet or up to $200 off any tablet from verizon wireless. but hurry, don't wait - this great offer ends august 10th. a mosquito borne virus from the caribbean has been found into the area three months into the mosquito season. >> 20 new jersey residents who have traveled to the caribbean have tested positive for chikungunya. it causes high fever and severe joint pains. the state department also says west nile virus has been found. some far no one has tested positive for it. >> the timing of a heart attack could make all the difference. that's according to a study by
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the american heart association. researchers found patients who arrive at the hospital daurg the evening or on weekends or holidays have a 13% higher risk of dying when compared to patients who arrive during normal workday hours. >> pet owners listen up. you may not be the only one in your home suffering from allergies. vets say this is the worst season for pet allergies in recent years. pets aren't the own ones who suffer. owners say they're also having a heart time dealing with their pets' allergies. >> it is a lot. scratching in the middle of the night waking you up, it is that extra ten minutes it takes to wipe his feet off, wiping his belly down. >> the pet allergies are not curable but they are manageable. the vet suggests wiping off their belly and paws with a wet
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clothe when they come in from the outdoors. >> do you have issues? >> bat kid may join batman on the big screen. >> we want to show you the official trailer for bat kid begins. it's a documentary about miles scott's battle with leukemia and how san francisco turned the bay area to goth a.m. city for him. >> two thumbs up for miles and the project. no doubt about it. that's great. our time is 6:21. a major announcement coming from the philadelphia union. >> also crushing resultsts in t latest round of crash tests. >> if you are on facebook and you like to send messages on your phone, you better have the app. the big change that takes effect very soon. we'll talk about it on the other
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>> katie, good morning. >> good morning. and i'm hearing from some of you on twitter that you're not liking this one bit. you had to turn the heat on in your car. sorry. it's cool out there. our temperatures are way below average out there. mount pocono 45 degrees right now. we are about 3 or 4 degrees shy of tying the record low. the uv index will be high, the rip current risk will be low. we've got some sunshine and that should stick even through tomorrow. >> good morning everybody.
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6:24 on this wednesday morning. chopper 3 live over this burned out shell of a pickup in the frankford section of the city. watch with local detours until they investigate what's going on here. west on 422, disabled right near that trooper interchange with the cones down, be ready to hit the brakes. mass transit looking good. back over to you. >> the phillies take on the mets in afternoon baseball today. cole hamels led the way for the phils last night. he went eight shut-out innings with eight strikeouts lower hig era to a tomorrow nant 2.55. he is now 6 and 5 on the year. chase utley smashed a grand
6:26 am
slam. phils win it 6-0. the trade deadline is tomorrow. >> put us in a position to have to dump money or to dump players. and so we're not in that mode. what we're trying to do is trying to make the best baseball deals for the organization and move them forward. if we can't do it during the deadline, there are also opportunities to do it during the off season, and opportunities to do it during the course of the end of this season. the cubs won the longest game in their long history last night. with a 16th inning base hit that scored john baker from third base. the game lasted six hours and 27 minutes. longer than a 5-hour-plus game back in the '80s. baker scored the winning run and got the win by pitching. he's usually a catcher.
6:27 am
they say they're making a major announcement but there's no official word on what it will be. local experts tell us it's likely about an international goaltender or moves to get one of the the union plays in kansas city friday night. the eagles are back at it today. they resume workouts. they had the day off yesterday. regular season action gets under way september 7th right here on cbs 3 against the jaguars. and the cowboys are in training camp as well with weird drills, they're drenching receivers with ice water to deal with distractions. those cowboys have a couple of unorthodox practice ideas. they finish 8 and 8 last season for the third straight year. they'll try anything. >> i don't get. how does that help you?
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>> you have to catch the ball in traffic sometimes. >> in traffic is different than laying across somebody. >> tony romo has to get the ball to you first. don't get me started. >> 6:28 right now. coming up in the next half hour, heavy bombings in the middle east. palestinians say civilians in gaza are getting caught in the crossfire. plus? >> reporter: the results of a new crash test for new small vehicles are in. coming up, a list of the best and worst performers. >> and bob and katie return with your traffic and weather together we do i
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developing right now, smoke continues to rise over gaza as the fighting continues between israel and hamas. the spokesman for the un is asking the international community to protect the 200,000 people fleeing that war. palestinians claim that civilians in gaza are once again caught in the crossfire. israeli tank shells hit a school that doubled as a shelter. >> reporter: palestinian health officials claim nearly 20 people died when israeli tank shells tore through classrooms at this united nations school today. the building was being used as a
6:32 am
shelter for people trying to flee the fighting between israel and hamas militants. the violence has been raging on for 23 days. israeli air strikes illuminated the sky over gaza overnight as israel targeted dozens of hamas terror sites. israel is also destroying a network of tunnels between gaza an the jewish state. hamas says this video shows its fighters using the tunnels to infiltrate israel. israel is also coming under attacks from the air. its iron dome system continues to block rockets fired from gaza. john kerry has tried to broker a truce between the two side amid mounting criticism. >> this is not about me, but about whether or not there is a way forward that could avoid the loss of soldiers for israel and the loss of civilians in everywhere. >> reporter: the turmoil brought the leader of hamas's military wing out of hiding yesterday. in a rare address, he vowed to keep up the fight and said there
6:33 am
will be no ceasefire until israeli aggressions stop and the blockade is lifted. >> russian stocks are taking a tumble this morning as its central bank promises to. >> president obama says they are supposed to pressure putin to end support of separatists. the decision is simultaneous with similar action by the european union. and it marks another escalation with an already strained relationship. >> the major sanctions will continue to watch et up the pressure on russia including the companies that are supporting the illegal actions in ukraine. >> the white house is also accusing russia of violating a 1987 nuclear arms treaty. the u.s. says they have been testing missiles capable of striking europe.
6:34 am
>> here is yaur traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everybody. we've got a nice morning under way. maybe you slept with the windows open last night. wasn't it comfortable when you woke up? for some of you it's down right chilly as we flirt with a couple of records this hour. let's take a look as we look live here, all is calm, it's quiet in terms of that wind as well. with that low humidity, it's a nice morning. storm scan 3 is next, we do have a couple of showers and storms that have fired up here through upstate new york especially. but some of that isolated wet weather may survive through the poconos today. i think we'll end up with a few clouds like we saw yesterday. this is basically where we're going to bottom out. we stayed somewhat level with temperatures in the last 90 minutes or so. currently 53 in allentown, 45 in mount pocono means you're 3 shy of the record. philly 62, we would have to hit
6:35 am
58 in order to actually tie the daily record setback in 1981. meanwhile what can you expect? we've got sunshine but it is cool for late july anyway. but we should hit 81. by thursday and friday a new shot for rain or a thunderstorm starts to move in. bob, send it over to you. >> good morning everyone. i've been jumping this morning in the traffic department. 6:35 as we get ready for a wednesday morning rush hour. this is westbound 422. disabled off to the shoulder now, we got some help there. this is westbound right near the trooper road interchange. we've got four lanes open now coming into downtown philly and of course on the right here you have the one-lane construction pattern as you work your way in toward new jersey. a disabled vehicle mid span on the burlington bristol bridge. so there's only one lane to begin with in each direction.
6:36 am
they're only using one lane alternating until we can get this cleared up. expect a delay in both directions. an accident eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike. we're going to find delays eastbound near that early accident near conshohocken. but that one off to the shoulder. mass transit looking good. >> the national transportation safety board has closed the book on the paulsboro derailment and placed the blame on conrail. the report found that a train rolled past a red signal indicating that the rails were not aligned. a conductor not trained in bridge inspection looked beforehand and said he had found no problem. they said the conrail did not follow its own consultant's advice to close the bridge.
6:37 am
the report also criticized local emergency officials for their handling of the toxic gas release. >> your time is 6:37. and 3 on your side has new crash test results for you this morning. small cars are more popular than ever. the insurance institute for highway safety puts them through a newer, tougher crash test. the reports are mixed. >> reporter: the mini cooper countryman was the only small car to receive a good rating in crash tests by the insurance institute of highway safety. >> the occupant was well restrained, side curtain air bags, frontal air bags, seat belts all worked great together. >> reporter: the institute performed its newer, smaller overhappen lap test. >> the crash simulates what happens when the front corner of the car collides with another vehicle or tree. it's the first time this institute performed this particular test on electric and hybrid vehicles.
6:38 am
the ford c max hybrid and electric chevy volt received acceptable ratings. the volt was the only car in the test group to earn the 2014 top safety pick plus, the institute's highest award. >> it also rewards vehicles that have ford collision warning systems and systems with autonomous braking, which is available on the volt. >> the volt's ket competitor, the leaf rated 4. the fiat 500 l, the news an juke and the mazda 5 were the worst performers. the safety agency says the passenger spaces came apart in the crash test. >> the ncaa reaches a $75 million agreement in a class action lawsuit on concussion-related injuries. the ncaaa will also contribute
6:39 am
$5 million towards concussion related research. new protocol would prevent athletes who have sustained a concussion from returning to a game or practice that day. >> players are being returned to the game too early. because of bad concussion management. if you go to the game too early, you are at risk for a serious long-term brain injury and is that's what we're trying to prevent in the settlement. >> the settlement does not provide financial compensation for injuries, but rather allows individual players to sue for damages. >> how would you like to open your hotel room with the smart phone. >> this going to be a reality soon. guests at hilton hotels will soon be able to use smart phones to access their rooms. you can also choose your exact room for your phone check-in and also make some special requests too. the company plans to implement that new technology by 2015.
6:40 am
>> if you want to continue chatting with your friends on facebook, you have to download the standalone messaging app. the new app has been rolled out to android in parts of europe. >> it's 6:40. a terrible discovery in the wheel well of a u.s. air force plane. that's coming up. >> a surprise kiss coverry at ground zero. an 18th century ship is discovered and it has ties to our areas. >> you are so cute. i love his cute little smile. oh, my god. i want him to stay little. >> she wants him to stay little. that little girl has a complete breakdown when she is told something about her baby brother. the news that sent her over the edge in this video that's gone viral. that's coming up next.
6:41 am
>> some big news for n-sync fans. >> can you imagine bob on stage? >> i can, actually. i'd like to see that in his next traffic report. >> good morning, family. be right back. >> okay bob. come here. let's practice.
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right now 6:43. and katie has been saying on twitter that you're channelling neil diamond. >> i certainly am because it is a like a september humidity returns, the heat returns, the chance for showers and storms also returns. in the meantime a check on your pollen report, the levels are medium to medium high for the next couple of days. as we go through the day, today looks lovely, some sun, a couple of clouds. tomorrow is our next chance for a shower or storm. it should be isolated. but right now the weekend may bring in some rain. >> 6:44. a live look at the 42 freeway
6:45 am
coming in toward philadelphia. starting to see some volume here, as you work your way into the whitman you have that split. let's go to dell co. a live look at i-95, using the 5 between ridly and the airport you're going to hit a speed bump and there's going to be an uneven rocky ride. they're in the process of milling that pavement. an accident out here in spring house, right at fox field road, watch for police there. an accident eastbound at the pa turnpike at the willow grove interchange. it's the second crash this morning in the eastbound side in that same area. and we're looking at a disabled mid span on the burlington bristol bridge. that's causing delays on both sides. the rest of the bridges look
6:46 am
fine and mass transit running with no delays. >> here is a look at today's headlines on cbs 3. the three young victims of last week's car jacking will be laid to rest on mob. the vigil last night remember the youngsters. >> at least 15 people are dead and 90 injured in the latest bombardment in gaza. israel says their bombardment will continue as long as hamas continues with the rocket attacks. >> a water main break on l.a.'s sunset boulevard. >> the pentagon is investigating a major security breach after the body of a small child was found in the wheel well of a u.s. air force cargo plane. the discovery was made during an inspection of the plane at
6:47 am
germany's ram stein air force base on sunday. the plane made stops in several african nations before it arrived at the air base. investigators are trying to determine how he was able to lodge himself above the landing gear of the supposedly secure plane without being spotted. and there's a local connection to a shipwreck discovery at ground zero. it was found in 2010 under the world trade center in what was once an underground security complex. it was likely built around 1773 at a shipyard here in philadelphia. it appears it was made from the same kind of white oak trees used to build parts of independence hall. >> thousands of people every year are shopping and giving at the same time through thist stores and one area chain stsmt is making a difference.
6:48 am
>> he brings me here and i'm like oh, my god. what did you do to me? it's beautiful. >> she's discovered impact thrift store. so have thousands of other people. >> it's a really busy intersection. everybody seems to know us. >> and they shop, 40,000 square feet of clothes, books, nick knacks at low prices. you can even get your christmas decoration early. >> clothing really flies out of here. >> reporter: one of the biggest draws is the new and used furniture. dining room sets, couches, tables, even pianos. everything inside is donated and tax deductible. >> some cd's they've got good books here. >> reporter: half of the net proceeds from their four locations, which comes to about $25,000 a month, helps fund 16 charities in the delaware valley. >> all the charities we support
6:49 am
help families and children in crisis. >> impact has been essential in terms of supporting us. >> reporter: the 230 employees get more than a paycheck. >> they want to be able to have a good job and make a difference in the community and it's one of the reasons i'm here as well. >> reporter: $1.8 million to charity since 2002: and to find out more about impact thrift thrift, check out our website. >> good morning. >> we are ready. we are getting ready for you today. millions of gallons of water wasted in drought-stricken southern california. we're in l.a. where crews are still cleaning up. first on cbs this morning, i always like it when we can a that, jesse ventura joins us
6:50 am
after being awarded $2 million in an antidefamation suit. >> and chair, cell phone cases and soon parts of computers all made out of thin air. a company that learned how to turn pollution into plastic. we'll see you in about 10 minutes. back to you two. >> before you go. i understand you had a little wardrobe malfunction yesterday. what happened? tell everybody what happened. >> that's kind of a doy moment. they put the labels in the dresses for a reason of the i did not realize i had it on backwards until i was at a meeting at the oprah magazine. >> it was cute. i liked the neck line. >> you were rocking it. >> thank you very much, erica. >> i said you were rocking it.
6:51 am
can i get a little love? >> you know my love for you has no bounds. and today i'm wearing my clothes the proper way. i'm happy to say that. >> looking good. >> talk to you soon. >> the word this morning is surprise. >> there's a new album for n-sync that they apparently didn't know about. they have a new album coming out called the essentials. the album's release took some of the band members by surprise. lance bass tweeted out who know when he heard about the album. >> bad news for dancing with the stars fans. maksim is leaving the show. he would consider returning to the show if he got a seat at the judge's table.
6:52 am
>> maybe a power play there. make a me a judge. >> the royals love to photobomb. last week the quueen got in on the act and this week prince harry. once again the common wealth games is where it happened. >> that's great. we'll be right back.
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>> good morning. we have some breaking news into our news room. sources just confirmed federal agents arrested six philadelphia police officers this morning in connection to federal corruption charges. all of those officers are current or former narcotic officers. this is the result of a two-year federal investigation. now, additional details will be released later today during a news conference. once again, six philadelphia police officers currently or formally assigned to the narcotics unit are now in federal custody facing corruption charges. let's get your traffic and weather together. >> good morning. it's going to be a pretty nice day overall. we've already got the sunshine up over the horizon, it's going to warm things up from where we
6:56 am
stand. 81 the expected high in the city. we're shooting for just shy of 80 at the shore. it should be a lovely beach day. maybe just a spotty shower or form today. >> rush hour underway. heavy from the betsy ross, the schuykill expressway running slow westbound out towards city line. back over to you. >> one of the most popular youtube videos has reached more than a million and a half views. >> check out little sadie who has just learned that her little brother will grow up some day. >> i don't want him to grow up. >> you want him to stay little forever? >> yeah. he's so cute. >> he's so cute and it makes you cry? >> oh, you are so cute.
6:57 am
i love his cute little smiles. oh, my god. i want him to stay little. >> oh. and the baby smiled almost like i'm cute when she looked at him. just adorable. sadie can't deal with the thought of her little brother getting older but he certainly is a cute baby. she is adorable, too. >> i feel the same way. >> when they watch this in 20 years that should be fun too. >> coming up on cbs this
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good morning. it is wednesday, july 30th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a water main breaks sending gushing water into the streets of los angeles. air strikes intensify. >> and jesse ventura talks with us about winning millions in a lawsuit against the navy s.e.a.l. and his widow. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i just see the water pouring out and cement falling everywhere. >> a broken water main floods the streets of los angeles. >> staggering how much water was coming out of there. >> a 93-year-old pipe burst sending a geyser of water 30


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