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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 26, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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developing right not a manhunt is on for the carjackers who drove into a crowd killing three children and then taking off, we're live with the latest. also ahead few details about what exactly happened during that center city shooting and how lives were saved. today is saturday july 26th i'm elizabeth hur in for nicole brewer. good morning, everyone it is 5:00 o'clock exactly in center city philadelphia a let's check in with meteorologist carol erickson with our first forecast, good morning, carol. >> welcome to yeu. we will talk about why nicole is not here this morning coming up, it is exciting news. we have very comfortable temperatures, liz and i enjoyed coming in with temperatures in the lower 70's and a lot of would you like those temperatures. the lets see what we have
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right now out there. you can see we have temperatures that are comfortable even at the shore, margate, yes, there is something down there. that is a live look at the beach. 71 degrees before the temperature in margate at this point. storm scan three is showing a few clouds over the area and this weekend will be less sunny, much of the time and the chance at least of picking up an isolated sure or thunderstorm today but we have clouds over us right now and we cannot totally rule out a spotty shower here or there later on this afternoon. we have better chances on have that happening though by the time we get to sunday. as far as temperatures go most of them are in the 60's right now but we have a 50, well, a 56, and that is in the poconos. 60 degrees allentown. sixty-nine at the airport in philadelphia. sixty-four in wildwood. ocean temperature coming up up at 37 degrees. by noon we have 82 degrees. humidity will remain on the lower side. we will have have sun and clouds as we head into the
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afternoon about 86 degrees for our high temperature today and we have a chance of picking up a spotty shower those chances get better and those storms get stronger tomorrow and we will talk more about that, coming up, liz. >> thank you for that, carol. develop right now the the hunt is on for this morning for two suspects who carjacked a woman and crashed her car killing three children and injuring three others. this all began when two arm suspects forced their way in the suv at sixth and huntington, a short time later they crash in the group of people, at germantown and west allegheny west philadelphia. i on witness news reporter steve paterson is live at temple youth hospital with the details, steve. >> reporter: liz, i just spoke to temple university hospital officials about the the mother of those three young children. as far as we know at this point they are still working on getting an update but she remains in extremely critical condition in what detectives are calling within of the
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sadest cases they have ever work on. that reward boosted from 60 to now $110,000, for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the suspects, in this case. but i want to take you back to that faithful seen and video from yesterday afternoon. i wanting to back over what we have so far. here's the latest, three young siblings a 15 year-old girl, ten year-old boy and seven year old boy are dead. two adults. they are 34 year-old mother and 45 year-old carjacking victim are again, in critical condition, a six five-year old family friend who is at the scene at the time is injured, but is expected to be okay. here's what police are saying. they are saying shortly after 11:00 yesterday morning two suspects carjacked a woman at gunpoint a 45 year-old real estate agent at the 600 block of cumberland. from there they drive. would the men still in the car at gunpoint and then thrown in
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the back seat. at some point they blow a tire at the corner of allegheny and germantown, lose control and plow into that family. a crowd of woman and children. we are told, we're told those kids were selling fruit to raise money for their community church. afterward police deployed that drag net the search, the the community outraged, police pleading to the public. we got a chance to speak to the father of one of those young boys who was obviously emotional. >> turn yourself in, whoever y'all is turn yourself in. >> if you know the person that did this you have to look yourself in the mirror and say do the right thing and turn these folks in. >> reporter: that reward is at $110,000, just until noon today, that $10,000 is an additional amount of money for at rest and capture for those two suspects described right now as a black and hispanic male but that expires at noon
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time today. if you have any information, please, let police know. reporting live from temple university hospital, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to you, liz. >> thank for that, steve. within more time here's a recap about the victims, what we know a 45 year-old real estate agent is in critical but stable condition. would the man who was with the children at six five-year old neighbor is also stable, and once again you heard steve mention it and here it is again a reward in this case is new at $110,000 but of that, $10,000 will expire today, if no arrests are made by noon time. an update now on the medical, the medical center shooting in darby. we have learn the suspect arrived at the hospital on thursday with lots of ammunition, with the intent to pull the trigger on a mass killing. richard plots now faces murder and attempted murder charges and our diana rocco has the the story of some brave employees jumped into action
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to stop the shooter from doing even more harm. >> reporter: investigators say he was planning a mass killing and his doctor was the first on his list. loaded with 39 round and a revolver richard plots showed up for his psychiatric appointment at mercy fitzgerald hospital but once the shooting started the plan was foiled when the doctor returned fire and two caseworkers wrestled plots to the ground. >> if it wasn't for the heroic actions of the doctor, and the caseworker, we believe he was there and going to reload that revolver and continue to fire and continue to kill. >> reporter: inside the office doctor lee s3lverman told police plots was agitated after an argument he pulled a revolver immediately shooting five three-year old teresa hunt a caseworker sitting in on the appointment. >> mr. plots took the gun and fired into her head in the left side of her head which we believe immediately killed her. >> reporter: that is when doctor lee silverman a license
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gun carrier return fire emptying his gun and hitting plots three times. two other caseworker heard shots and broke in the office, john, of darby wrestled plots to the ground and justice craft helped remain him. >> after he heard the shots fired this caseworker then went back in the room and engaged in a wrestling match with mr. plots. they were able to subdue him on the ground and take the the the revolver away from mr. plots report report outside his darby home neighbors are hailing him a hero even though he didn't want to talk about it. the hospital does not allow guns on their property, as a pol willcy, and that is why investigators say plots was so upset. it is important to note that doctor silverman also should not have been carrying a gun but authorities say in this case that is exactly what saved him. in the sat center i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and that five two-year old
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psychiatrist doctor lee silverman was released from the hospital after being treated for grace wounds. doctor silver man was seen friday afternoon walking around his house with bandages on his head and hand. he did not want to speak with us but his wife spoke briefly with the iteam charlotte huffman. >> he is okay. >> doctor silverman's brother tells "eyewitness news" his brother is recovering and his thoughts and prayers where his collogue and her family. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the medical center shooting, the the latest is a click way at cbs police arrested a man whom detectives believe fipebombed a row house in south philadelphia. chopper three over the scene, yesterday, in the 1700 block of segal street. now three people were injured including a three-year old girl as she and others inside had to jump from the second story window. police say a lieutenant, in
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plane clothe rush in the house, to help. >> kick in the front door and alert rest tents and instructing them to leave from the rear of the property. >> the officer was lieutenant jonathan josey the same officer who was fired after he was caught on video striking a woman during the puerto rican day parade festivity. the josey was late's quitted of the assault charges and reinstated to the force last year. in the meantime camden county prosecutors arrest a suspect in connection with the woman found dead on the side of the road, yesterday morning. the authorities say that 41 year-old jennifer banco was found at aerial and wilson landing rode around 12:30 a.m. she was stabbed death. five two-year old kevin amrose have of winslow was arrested and charged with murder. now to a story that has philadelphia talking, and the big question is, pope francis coming to philadelphia next year? now it appears as though he might but there is still no
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official confirmation just yet. archbishop charles chaput was quoted assaying the pope will be with us on friday, saturday and sunday of next september, you'll remember a delegation visit at vatican earlier this year to persuade the pope to come to philadelphia and papal em czar i came here as well but vatican says there are no concrete plans or announcement are expect, next spring. in the meantime a 12 hour humanitarian cease-fire is underway in the middle east to allow civilianness gaza to receive aid and evacuate to safer areas but just hours before it went into effect, explosions culled be heard in gaza city. yesterday, secretary of state john kerry failed to broker a week long truce at least four palestinians died in the clashes friday in the west bank, palestinian leaders say it is in response to the
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shelling of a u.n. shelter that killed 16 people. at least 864 people have died and more than 5700 wounded since the start of the israeli operation in gaza. for the second time this week, protesters hit the streets, here in philadelphia. crisis in the middle east, just continues to grow. "eyewitness news" at a pro palestinian city... where many carried flags and homemade signs, a rally took place outside the israeli consul on jfk boulevard, and there was no immediate response from the pro israel side and no impact on traffic. thinks where air algiers plane crashed in northern mali on thursday. the plane went down with 116 people on board, and no one is believed to have survived
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officials say plane disappeared from radar a hour into the flight after changing its flight path because of bad weather. so far crews have found one of the flight recorders, the cause of the crash remains under investigation. in eastern ukraine a small group of dutch and australian investigators walk through the crash site have of malaysia airlines flight 17. investigators found what they believed are machine gun holes in the piece of the plane's fuselage. it is not clear how the holes got there. the plane went dunn last week killing all 298 people on board, most of the victims were dutch citizens. a wall of dust still ahead on "eyewitness news" us this saturday morning incredible video of a storm that seemingly swallowed an entire city and we will have this. >> reporter: i'm daniel nottingham at children's hospital in los angeles where doctors are experimenting with a new procedure, that could
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back now on "eyewitness news" with a daring search for evidence atop the brooklyn bridge, new york city's deputy police commissioner was among the group that climb the bridge's suspension cables, they were retracing the paths taken by the group that
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removed american flags from the bridge and then replaced them with white flags. video taken around 3:30, tuesday morning, shows four people at the scene of the crime and police say they have taken, dna evidence from the scene, and they are right now checking for clues. and take a look at this, incredible images from the arizona desert, that is a wall of dust consuming the city of phoenix. this is what is called haboob, when a storm system kicks up dust and sweeps ate cross the the city. it is a as dusty as my house. >> a haboob that is something new for me. >> you know, look at this list, we are looking at the sunrise starting to come upright now, just a glimmer of the beautiful sunrise that we're find to go day but also i think you get the idea there are a few clouds out there we will be keeping some clouds today, most of the day, most of the time in most area,
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should be dry. that doesn't mean it is all the time but would i say vast majority of the day for everybody will be dry today. that might not be the case tomorrow but it is a beautiful start as we look at atlantic city at this point. we will go to reading it is dark there. 67 degrees. it is hard to tell what is going on. things look quiet with the few lights we saw up in reading. we have a temperature of 69 degrees in philadelphia 63 trenton. sixty-five in wilmington. 60 degrees. up in the allentown area still in the 50's, up through poconos and, down through the shore areas, temperatures in the 60's. ocean lost 1 degree and it is now 72 degrees but that is more comfortable then some of those weekend with the water temperatures in the 50's, even this summer. clouds, we have them and we can see, they are here on our storm scan and also off to the west we have got a couple of showers. these are not a big deal but i might find one especially probably later on if you were to see one.
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i will put a future weather on that and we can actually time it out, otherwise, temperatures tomorrow will be close to 90 degrees. might not quite make it but close to 90 degrees and then a bunch of stuff comes through here and violent enough we could find some strong storms and then after this thing goes bye, not quite on monday, but by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday, things improve greatly around here. so clouds are out there right now as you can sianni then by 2:00 some scattered showers and they are widely scattered. you might find one or two that are heavier then somebody else. by 4:00 most of the area dry, still a couple of chances of picking up a shower by 5:00 mostly gone, we are left with a halfway decent overnight and then this is tomorrow morning, this computer model says we get a lot of precipitation in here. we will get some storms out of this first thing tomorrow morning. we will get a lull after that
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it looks like and then we will start to pick up with chances of some showers and thunderstorms, late on sunday and then again, maybe on monday. this is a look at monday. so, i think it is kind of unsettled here before we get into some tremendously gorgeous weather by in middle of the week. we have a severe threat though this is for sunday for downpours, strong wind and hail possible and that is over the entire area, again, that is for tomorrow, and we will continue to machine for this situation. otherwise we've got temperatures today 86 through philadelphia at the shore. eighty-two. in the poconos, also 82 degrees. wind light. dew point not all that bad, so it will be fairly comfortable today and sun, clouds will be the general mix in the sky. tonight 68 degrees, we just have a chance of a scattered shower around and then tomorrow 89 degrees, close to 90 degrees, that could be especially the second, maybe the very first part of the day, and then later in the day and into monday we could be
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looking at some showers and strong thunderstorms and then by tuesday and rest of the week, it looks fantastic. liz, so we will get to enjoy that. >> fantastic, sounds lovely. now right the new on cbs-3 healthwatch this morning, an experimental procedure is giving deaf children the chance to hear. doctors at children's hospital in los angeles are taking part in an experimental trial and cbs correspondent danielle nottingham introduces us to the first toddler in their study. >> reporter: two months ago a drum beat would not have got then reaction from august mccowsky, the three-year old was born deaf. >> learning their chillies deaf is just difficult. you just testify think it in, cry it out, you have to move object for the sake of your child report report when implants didn't work august's family traveled from canada to los angeles to have an experimental surgery.
5:21 am
doctor mark craiger and his team at children's hospital of los angeles placed a tiny device deep in his brain called a auditory stem plant implant. >> it bring satellites in the outside world and transmits it directly in the brain. >> reporter: august is one of ten children under the age of five who is taking part in a u.s. experiment. his therapist doctor laurie ice evenberg says he is responding to sound but will need years of therapy. >> he has to go through the same steps that an infant would go through to learn to hear, to learn to process speech. >> reporter: august's mom says therapy is the hardest part of his day but it is worth it if he can communicate better. >> if he end up hearing really well or speaking, i mean that is a bonus. >> reporter: in los angeles, danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". sci-fi adventure and action ruled in theater this weekend we have a sneak peak coming up. hi everybody i'm nancy
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odell this week rock brings mythical hero hercules to the big screen and scar lot johannson kicks serious butt in
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back to school whsavings at staples?out the ladies? these guys? or these guys? when you get guaranteed low prices on everything you buy the most, everybody gets excited! staples. make more happen for less. and welcome back everyone, in theater this weekend, two action movies hit the big screen and nancy odell from entertainment tonight gives us this preview.
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>> reporter: this week dwayne johnson gets buff to play hercules and scarlet johannson gains unexpect super powers in lucy. scar lot johannson plays lucy a young woman exposed to a mysterious drug by gangsters and gains incredible access to her brain. >> she's put into these extenuating circumstances i would say, this really lead her to be able to use a greater and greater capacity of her brain. >> reporter: all that brain power, her good amount of brawn. >> when you see her, you know, how she stand, how she maneuvers, it is with a lot of, you know, kind of an inner strength. >> reporter: speaking of strength, check this guy out. >> i am herc lease. >> reporter: that is dwayne
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johnson giving his all to play legendary hero hercules a role he has been dreaming of his entire career. >> i had the best time but it was the most challenging, six to eight months of prep. 10 ounces of red meat, it was 5 ounces of oatmeal and three or four egg whites. >> that was just breakfast but it all paid off for epic story which can be seen in eye popping 3-d a lot of the scenes were not fairly designed for 3-d and when they are not designed for 3-d you let the authenticity of the scenes, the script, play out. >> reporter: for entertainment tonight i'm nancy odell and new back to you in the studio. stay tup date for all of the news with entertainment tonight on tonight and every week night at 7:00, on cbs-3. and here's a fun one for you do you you think you have what it takes to be a contestant on the hit show survivor? cbs-3 is hosting a casting call today, join us at trump
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taj mahal in atlantic city friday noon to 3:00. looking on to cbs for complete details. and is there much more still ahead in the next half an her here on "eyewitness news", a university of delaware student, behind bars what i did in campus bathroom that will make you shutter. and, a new take on a popular arcade game, except this one is only for, adults we will tell you how this beer claw machine works coming up, stay there uncle craig, what's the deal? can't record that many shows at once. why? you can't save every single cartoon. why? you know you can't pause the tv here and play it in another room.
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>> reporter: the marries calling it heart breaking, police say it is one of the sadest cases they have ever seen, three children are dead in a fatal carjacking and hit and run, coming up, we will give you an update on the mother and the ever increasing reward, that is next. also, they are called the best band in the land, and known for their eye catching performances but now this college marching bandies in the middle of the sex scandal. hear what the leader is accused of making his members do and we will have this. >> reporter: how much does the average american feel to make to feel successful? i will have the results of the new survey coming up i'm jericka duncan. it is saturday july 26th
5:31 am
good morning i'm elizabeth hur, nicole brewer is off. it is 5:30. here in center city philadelphia let check with meteorologist carol erickson, yesterday was a beauty, what are we in for today. >> well, i don't think quite as beautiful as yesterday was, humidity was down, temperatures were comfortable, it was absolutely perfect. today, liz, maybe in the as perfect but not all that bad. i think most of the day, most of the area will remain dry today. we will find a few clouds out there. temperatures will be warm. humidity will still be low though so that will help and then we will get into stronger storm chances moving into sunday. center city looks wonderful, sky scan three notice a few clouds and sunnies just waking up. we will sees if they have a fight in the sky over will get more air time either clouds or the sun. we will move to ardmore and what do we see there? well, if the picture looks almost black and white once we get light in there it will start to brighten up, a temperature of 66 degrees
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right now. wind are very light out in every location. storm scan three notice some clouds over our area, you'll go back to the west and there are some showers there, if anybody around here sees them it will be isolated and it should not be for very long, if anybody sees anything today. tomorrow a much better chance of that happening. 69 degrees in philadelphia, at the airport 63 trenton, 65 in wilmington. our dew points are comfortable when they are in the 50's or just barely 60. it is a nice start to the day. temperatures will be warming up. our high temperature with that isolated shower chance starting later in the afternoon of 86 degrees. we will stay dry here most of the time by 2:00 o'clock one or two of those could pop up. we will finish that time line and talk about a fantastic seven day forecast, just ahead, liz. now a carjacking, a crash, three children killed and three others injured, this morning an all out search is on for the suspects. "eyewitness news" reporter
5:33 am
steve paterson is right now live at temple university hospital with this story, steve. >> reporter: well, temple university happies where the mother of those three children remained, at this point, we are hearing she continues to be in extremely critical condition, meanwhile, as you mention that had police drag net out over the entire city of philadelphia, we have been watching the reward that went from 60,000 to 100,000, and now $110,000 for any information that leads to the arrest and capture of the suspects that police say are on the loose. i want to show you video of yesterday's faithful scene from late in the afternoon. three young siblings killed, a 15 year-old girl, ten year-old boy, seven year-old boy, dead, two adults. the the 34 year-old mother, 45 year-old carjacking victim again in critical condition. meanwhile a six five-year old family friend was injured in that crash but she's expect to be all right. police say shortly after
5:34 am
11:00 yesterday morning when two suspects carjack a woman at gunpoint at a 45 year-old real estate agent that somewhere in the 600 block of cumberland. from there they continue at gunpoint driving the woman in the front seat that pulled in the back seat. they blow a tire somewhere around allegheny and germantown, lose control and plow into that family a crowd of woman and children. we're told those children at the corner there of allegheny were selling fruit to raise money for their community church, afterwards, the police drag net and search of the community outrage. we again spoke to the father of one of those young children who was obviously upset. listen to this. >> well, turn yourself in, whoever y'all is turn yourself in. >> if you know that person who did this you have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and say do the the right thing and turn these folks in. >> reporter: that is the word and plea from the mayor and the police department, again, that reward at this point, the
5:35 am
the $110,000 reward, is time dependent. at additional, and, will run out at noon police are looking for any information that the public has, they are depending on the public for their support at this point. reporting live from temple university hospital, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", back to you, liz. >> thanks for that update, steve. in the meantime a university of delaware graduate student ace accused of putting cameras in campus bathrooms. investigators say 38 year-old javier soto hid video cameras in various rest rooms between 2012 and this year. now officers confiscated video evidence from soto but so far there is no evidence that the videos were shared, on line. merck is cutting 600 jobs in north wales and lansdale by the end of next movement the reorganization will save the company, they tell us, two and a half billion dollars.
5:36 am
8500 employees, will lose their jobs, and that is 10 percent of the company's total work force. now most of those positions are fieldworkers who visit family doctors in medical facilities. the cuts take effect, august 26th. and new information on a story we first brought you, last year, the pennsylvania attorney general's office reached a settlement with a wedding videographer who received 83 consumer complaints. the settlement revolves allegation that is videographer kenneth the stillman have of bucks county failed to provide wedding videos to clients. under the terms, of the settlement, still man is required to hand over any video that he still has to those couples whose wedding he shot. he must also pay restitution to eligible couples, as well as civil penalties to the commonwealth of pennsylvania. it is regarded as one of the best marching band around, but now, the ohio state
5:37 am
university marching band find itself in the middle of a controversy, the university has fired band leader jonathan waters after an investigation revealed that he ignored a sexualized culture in the ban. that culture reportly included, degrading tricks, explicit nicknames and marches in underwear called the midnight ramp. former ban members are now speaking out. >> you see the the band as this really high prestigious ban. you never realize how much secret stuff that happens within the the band. >> that investigation into waters began in may after a sexual harassment complaint was filed. facebook's surging stock pushes the company to a new high, get this, the social media giant is now bigger than coca cola and at&t. founder marc zuckerberg is $1.6 billion richer thanks to the surge after a weak initial
5:38 am
public offering facebook stock has ballooned 183 percent over the last year, zuckerberg's net worth is now a whooping 33.3 billion doll ars. and we are now learning that the company offering credit protection to millions of target customers had trouble of its own. customers whose credit card information was stolen last year were told they could get identity theft protects from the credit bureau spherion but sometime before the target, they had their own date leak through a subsidiary. both companies say though that the two incidents are not related. and, when it comes to money, what we need and what we want don't always match up. a new survey found many americans want more. cbs correspondent jericka duncan just tells us just how much more. >> reporter: most workers are not earning what they want, according to a new survey. are you making your desired
5:39 am
salary? >> no, the answer to that question is always no. you always want to earn more. >> reporter: career says 65 percent of workers surveyed say they are in the currently making their desired salary, many people say taking home 75 to hundred you this dollars a year would be ideal. the survey also fun that roughly 55 percent of people can feel successful making less than $70,000 a year. >> money doesn't necessarily make you satisfied or happy, so certainly you could make less if you have to. >> if i love that job and i feel i'm good at it and successful at it, then that with make sense but they are happier with the lower sal salary. >> reporter: when it comes to asking for a raise men are more likely to do it then woman and two-thirds of those asked receives. jim hinkie said it work for him. >> if you have a list of things saying this is what i do and this is why i believe idea serve this then that is why two-thirds of the people do get their raise report report almost everyone agrees whether you make a lot or a
5:40 am
little, it is better to have a job then to be out of work. jericka duncan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on "eyewitness news", the fans who take comiccan quite seriously. >> reporter: for many of those who dress up at comiccan these are more than just costumes this is a hobby. i'm bigad shaban in san diego, coming up more on the phenomenon known as comiccan. and also a wish come true a amazing response to a six year-old's birthday how people across the the country including those in our area came together to make this special day, one to remember. a fantastic start to the weekend but carol is back to tell us when it will get more humid and she will tell us about our next chance for storms coming up.
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back now on "eyewitness news" with a new twist on a classic game a couple in omaha, nebraska has come up with an adult version of the claw machine, now instead of trying to snag a stuffed animal people go after beer. a company in new jersey helped build the the reinvented game, all a person has to do is insert a dollars and pick up one of the 38 bottles. >> everyone is competitive to a certain degree whether they want to admit it or not ape this brings out the best in people i think. >> in so many inventions i see
5:44 am
my gosh why didn't we think of that. >> the couple says if the idea fails hey, at least they can say they had fun and at the very least have a whole new game in their basement. it is a bird, it is a plane, no, it is comiccan, the annual comic boon convention in san diego. many of those attending this week are following tradition of dressing up as their favorite comic or sci-fi star and cbs correspondent bigad shaban is in san diego with some fans who take their costumes very seriously. >> reporter: super heroes and super villains are main attractions of comic can. twenty-six year-old tally smith is passionate about her costumes and rel playing. the combination known as cosplay this would be a newer dress. >> reporter: we visited smith at her los angeles apartment to check out her collection. >> it has made me come out of my shell and be more comfortable in my own body.
5:45 am
>> reporter: how many costumes do you have. >> i have like 50 costumes. >> reporter: smith wears them to hospital charity event and comic convention as cross the country. she has a separate closet to store them and made them mostly herself from super girl to cat man. the star of the hunger games. >> if you are doing a character that there will be a hundred other girls doing that same character but you kind of want to find a way to stand out. do i that in the small details. >> reporter: tony ray is a cos player from new york and always working on a new costume. >> where my head would go. >> reporter: he dresses up for comic conventions about once a month. >> some places it is the the new hot thing and in some places it i go still yo what are you doing. >> reporter: but at comiccan. >> that is how we role. >> reporter: ray and smith fit right in with the crowd. >> you guys look great they. >> reporter: bigad shaban for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and a largest summertime higher balloon and music festival in north america is
5:46 am
underway right now and it is close enough for to you check it out this weekend. thirty-second annual new jersey festival of ballooning kick off in readington, new jersey. thirty-nine day event features more than 100 balloons from all around the world, balloons take off, twice a day and it is quite a sight. the time ride now, 5:46, let's check back with carol erickson. a lot of people are counting on beautiful weather for this festival. >> they can count on me for the weather. the wet he whether how beautiful it is, we may find a few clouds. i think today might be the better day of the weekend because tomorrow we could be fining these stronger storms moving in and i will time that out for new just a second. right now ocean city boardwalk, not all that much activity but people are waking up, they will be out there, they have a nice beach day and a very nice day to go shopping and eating all of the things that you swore you wouldn't eaten though you ate them yesterday. we are looking at a nice day
5:47 am
here. it is also nice in margate. let me show you ocean rolling in right on schedule and we have a temperature of 70 degrees. quiet on the beaches and quiet on the boardwalk and probably pretty quiet around your house as well. we have temperatures 69 degrees. sixty-three in trenton. 65 degrees in wilmington. still in the 50's in poconos at 56 degrees. temperatures in the 60's along the shore. the the ocean is warming up slightly at 72 degrees. storm scan three is showing the clouds that we have over us this morning, and, showing an area of precipitation through the center of the state. we might pick up an isolated shower or a thunderstorm today but bulk of the weather that we're concerned about this weekend will be coming tomorrow. could becoming in two separate round on sun take, one early and within later on. by the time we get to tomorrow when things heat up around here in every sense of the word we will fine temperatures close to 90 degrees. we will get a cold front that moves through after a warm front has been here. there is a low pressure system. all of the ingredients you
5:48 am
need to kick off these stronger storms and we are in that slight risk category for picking up stronger storms this might still be going on by the the time we get to monday. we have chances of showers and thunderstorms even on monday, so, future weather lets see what this has, if it has changed its mind about anything. the not really. i mentioned isolated and scattered and that is this afternoon at 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. not everybody seeing everything. anything you get moves on quickly. 5:00 o'clock most everybody is dry at that point. by the time we get through the overnight though, and first thing tomorrow morning, we will start to pick up, according to this computer model our first round of some of these stronger storms, look at these colors, a bull's eye and you can go back to the west of the poconos and find activity there. this is 8:00 o'clock in the morning as this rolls through the first batch of it. this gets primarily out of here as we move in through the afternoon hours on sunday, we will be picking up a file scattered showers but i think later on as we go late sunday
5:49 am
night and into monies when we start to pick up more chances of getting these showers and thunderstorms. so weather to machine for and storm prediction center and those of us here in the eyewitness weather team are monitoring this tomorrow. for downpours, strong wind and the possibility of some hail coming out of any of these showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. otherwise today it seems quiet by comparison. eighty-six in philadelphia. eighty's at the the shore. poconos 82 degrees. every location at least an isolate chance of an isolated shower. tonight 68 degrees. still that chance continuing. and then tomorrow we could be finding some of the stronger storms moving in here, and, again, most of them should hold off until the afternoon but as you can see we showed some, starting the day as well so just watch for possibility of two round of some stronger storms tomorrow. monday, still chances of showers and thunderstorms but when this is out of here, it is out of here and we have phenomenal weather coming up tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, low humidity and le temperatures, liz. >> thanks, carol. now to the worldwide
5:50 am
effort underway to help grant a birthday wish for a little boy with terminal cancer. all that danny nickerson wanted for his sixth birthday was mail and boy, did he get it. here's cristina hageer from our sister station in boston with danny's story. >> reporter: it is a birthday party for little danny nickerson. >> ♪ >> reporter: the boy who got more mail delivered to his hometown post office then all of fox bureau combined. >> lets take a random one. >> they have a picture of him. >> he said he wants mail for his birthday. so, he got mail. >> reporter: so boxes and boxes and pallets and shelves full of birthday cards. all for the boy with the rare inoperable brain tumor an army of friend and relatives spent days shuffling them to his home. >> yes. >> reporter: it seems like this car could not fit one
5:51 am
more envelope. >> aruba, texas, california, overseas. >> reporter: even greetings from a squad ron of marines in afghanistan. >> it is overwhelming when how much stuff we have to let him open. he will have another year to open them up. >> reporter: he was playing in the avalanche of boxes. in his local pub now a part which many more cards in the works. these would be added to all of those piles from the post office. danny's uncle marcus moore. >> it just makes me quiver and shake to see all of the presents and kindness and generosity. >> reporter: in all about 50,000 letters so far and much more mail on the way. and even though his family says danny's illness is tough, look at him, he is smiling. in foxboro, massachusetts cristina hager for cbs-3 "eyewitness
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
it has been a rough couple months for philadelphia sports fans but the day many of us have been waiting for has arrived, birds are back in town for training camp and this year the spectations are high arrival day for the the players, with few question marks the at key positions. >> you just recommendation are is in about everything the last few years and the off season, and it is actually here so i necessity we are all giddy. >> reporter: as flock arrives they took turns at the microphone offering their thoughts on kelly camp round two. >> a lot of april advertise patient for this season and it starts today. >> we're excited to be here to see everybody and to get started and move yard from where we were last year. >> reporter: receiver jeremy
5:55 am
maclin is back from injury with the additional spent of replacing desean jackson as the go to guy. >> i never got it but if they plan on me being a big part of the offense like i think they are then numbers will come. >> reporter: lane johnson four game suspension for using a banned substance was a big topic. >> usually if you take a supplement you are supposed to talk to the head trainer, and he is good at informing people. it was my mistake. i'm paying the price for it. >> little use safety keylen johnson was excused from camp while he sort out an arrest for pushing a police officer. other than that all present and ready to begin what should be a very exciting season. let's switch gears to citizens bank park. phillies hosting diamond backs. ryan howard is not in the starting line up for third consecutive game but rest of the offense getting off to a good start. bottom of the third darren ruf with the line up for howard,
5:56 am
gets a sacrifice fly to sent their send ruiz home. codey ash had the rbi single. fill boys eventually put up six unanswered runs but d backs got things going in the sixth inning. bases loaded for alfredo and came up with the grand slam. that is as close as they would get, dominic brown with the two run home run in the next inning. phillies take the win by a final score of nine-five. before the game general manager ruben amaro, junior fielding questions about the future of ryan hour with the team. he wouldn't comment on any trade rumors but he did say they have no plans to cut ties with him after the end of the season. and that is you're witness sports, i'm beasley reese. and now we have some very exciting news to share about our very own "eyewitness news" family. we are growing, we are pleased to announce the arrival of jack hudson, born to "eyewitness news" anchor nicole brewer who you are used
5:57 am
to seeing here on saturday and sunday mornings. little jack entered the world just after 2:00 in the afternoon yesterday. we send our congratulations to the brand new parents, nicole and her husband kill an. mom and baby and jack are doing great. coming up at the top of the hour on "eyewitness news",er with live with the very latest on the search for suspect in a carjacking. drove in the crowd killing three children and then taking off. we have the latest on the condition of those injured, the latest on a reward offered in this case. also ahead, newest details about the shoot-out inside a medical center in darby. what happened inside to avoid a mass casualty situation. and wonderful wet tore start the the weekend, carol erickson returns with your saturday forecast straight ahead.
5:58 am
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it is one of the most sad cases i have come across. >> it is a crime that turned, and saddened even the veterans of the philadelphia police force. a carjacking, a crash, three children are dead and two suspects still on the run, we are live with the very latest on the conditions of those injured and the latest on the the reward offered in this


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