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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 29, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ >> we start with breaking news tonight. right now the coast guard is searching for a missing swimmer in ocean city. the 14 year old boy was last seen in the water near ninth street. authorities say the teenager was swimming with friends and it's believed he may have been swept away by a rip current. the others managed to make it back to shore. we did speak to a woman who called 911. >> i saw the children playing on the rocks and saw somebody fall
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in the water. that's when we -- we were not sure what happened. so we called 911 and i was -- i don't know what happened. i'm really upset. >> of course we stale on top of this breaking story and bring you the very latest developments as we get more information in to us. also tonight new information surrounding the tragedy outside of a rita' water ice. a little girl is killed when a security gate falls on top of her and now the investigation into why this happened. >> good evening, i'm natasha brown. tonight we now know the name of that three year old little girl who pass add way. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur is live in brewery town with new information for us. liz? >> reporter: natasha, police say their investigation is continuing recent now it is just too soon to talk about any criminal charges being filed in this case. in the meantime, we talked to the neighbors of that little girl in delaware county and they say they cannot help but wonder if this tragedy could have been
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prevented. >> questions still linger after three year old winter larkin of yeadon is killed when authorities say this metal security gate weighing 2,000 pounds fell on top of the child at a rita's water ice in brewery town. >> just was too late. like to rescue the baby. >> this man asked to remain anonymous but claims he tried to help to no avail. >> 14, 15 people on each side and could handle it. just too heavy. >> reporter: it happened saturday afternoon when the metal frame somehow came loose from the concrete store front. we're told the little girl was there with her mother for a fundraiser. >> little girl was just as personable as her parents, you know, speaking and it's just horrible. >> very nice little girl was very pleasant. >> reporter: heart sick and saddened neighbors now also wonder what could have gone wrong. >> i know structures just don't fall down. you know, it had to have been
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loose. >> reporter: in in a statement l andism says the department of licenses and inspections will only inspect these gates upon report of a complaint of an apparent defect. there were no open violations nor any violation history specific to the security gate that collapsed ". >> it always takes something to happen. a tragedy for something to be addressed. >> reporter: and according to l andism officials, the -- in these cases the security gates, they tell us it is the responsibility of the building owner to maintain and care for them. they identify the building owner in this case as p and g property development and tonight this building owner could not be reached for comment. reporting live in brewery town, i'm elizabeth hur cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> liz, thank you very much. also new tonight, neighbors and relatives gather for emotional vigil to remember the two people killed in a deadly house fire. "eyewitness news" in north philadelphia where dozens lit
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canals for 69 year old again dough len company field and five year old lamar james. neighbors tell us the little boy was her grandson. flames broke out inside their home on the 1500 block of north sixth street on saturday. the cause is still under investigation. >> happening right now, the pennsylvania state decides -- senate decides to recess until tomorrow after the appropriations committee votes to approve the state budget despite the committee approval critics call it a draconian budget saying they feel governor corbett won't discuss alternative methods of revenue generation to fund public schools because he wants pension reform. earlier tonight the governor called current pension plans unsustainable. >> we are seeing high pension costs killing our school districts all across pennsylvania. there are some that are looking at the political side of this game rather than the student side and i would you were them to work very hard on behalf of
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the students. >> corbett says if something isn't done the state is looking at more than $3 billion in pension contributions in the next three years. $32 million in philadelphia alone. the time is tick fiscal year begins tuesday and lawmaker need to fill a $1.4 billion budget gap. the house approved budget last week. and philadelphia public schools have been asking now for $150 million in new funding from the state on top of 95 million in concessions from districts. supporters rallied in harrisburg again today saying years of budget cuts have created a crisis. classrooms are too large and resources are too few. they say there are plenty of ways to make ends meet. >> we believe that there is revenue. marcella shale being the most obvious. 5% tax on marcella shale would make a huge difference. we also, we want to freeze the cuts to big business that have
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been going on during the corbett years. and to close some of the corporate tax loop holes. >> another possible revenue being considered by lawmakers is a $2 per pack tax on cigarettes. now we are about to turn up the heat a bit after another winning weekend of weather. those steamy summer days are just around the corner. meteorologist justin drabick is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with a first forecast for us. hey, justin. >> hi, natasha. it's late june you know the pleasant weather is not going to last and we will see that return to the humidity coming up for the work week but still enjoy what's left of the weekend it's very nice outside. warm, but at least the humidity is low. you can keep the windows open but today's high temperature right where it should be for late june. 86 degrees. that is the average high temperature and the record high 102 set back in 1934. you know this time of year it can be very hot and we're just not quite seeing that hot air mass yet. 72 at the airport in philadelphia. 75 still in allentown.
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some 60s in south jersey. some suburbs very comfortable doylestown, mt. holly, new jersey, both coming in at 70 degrees. just few clouds rolling through the region right now on storm scan3 a couple of showers over central pennsylvania. they'll continue to diminish eastward and our temperatures early monday morning will generally be in the 60s so warm start to the morning. we'll see a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. it will be warm, 88 for the high in philadelphia. 80 at the shore and low 80s in the poconos. now coming up in the full forecast we'll talk about that humidity returning and some shower and storm chances but also get weather forecast any time on your phone just download the new cbs weather app available in the app store and coming soon to the google play store. natasha, we'll zen it back over to you. >> justin, thank you so much. now police are investigating a hit-and-run that nearly killed a man in lindenwold, new jersey. surveillance video shows the victim trying to run across the 100 block of south white horse pike last night. as he nears the curb, he is struck by an older model ford pickup truck with a silver tool box across the back.
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the 57 year old victim was ungraded to stable condition today but anyone with any information about this case is urged to contact police right away. >> a teenager meantime is listed in critical condition at this hour after being hit by a car in northeast philly. police tell us the driver had a green light as i was proved levick and the boulevard. when a teen on bike entered the intersection. the 17 year old went airborne and landed on the vehicle. investigators say the driver remained at the scene. neither drugs nor alcohol played a factor in this crash. >> it was a very solemn sunday for parishioners all across the archdiocese of philadelphia. planned closures and mergers take effect july 1st. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson talked to heart broken parishioners. (bell tolls). >> reporter: closing time for saint ann's. >> it's a very very sad day for this church ♪ >> reporter: what was a bittersweet last mass for some
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parishioner maryann lorenzo who grew up in the church says it felt more like funeral. >> i can't take it. you know, i'm very very sad. very heart broken. i said this is my church all my life. >> reporter: saint ann is one of 16 parishes holding final mass sunday before shutting down. announcement came on june 1st. part of a planning initiative that began mergers in 2010. >> always been here. they were baptized here i think they're start to go question their faith. >> church officials say the mergers are based on factors like population, family size, and attendance. >> we're not getting married as early as our parents did. we're not as generous in giving to our park river community. and we just don't have as many children. >> parishioner emily sullivan says it's as simple as that. it's generation al. times have changed and the reality is, the archdiocese better change, too. >> you can't keep every parish open if you're not dealing with catholics who are having six kids any more and who are willing to really be generous into giving to their parish.
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i think it's an effect of how parishioners are living their lives. >> back before the merger started in 2010, the archdiocese counseled 266 local parishes. after this next round of mergers, after monday, that number will be down to 219. reporting from levittown, steve patterson, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> courageous teenager who nearly lost her live to taliban violence will receive the 2014 liberty medal. malala will be presented with the prestigious award at a ceremony at the national constitution center in october. the school girl was shot in the head for supporting the education of women in pakistan. she's the youngest recipient in award history. >> stay with us every unwere. still ahead here on "eyewitness news", nine people are shot on one of the country's most iconic streets. we'll tell you what police are saying about this violent act in the big easy. plus, he's back.
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toronto mayor rob ford is ready to return to work after a stint in rehab, and some say you might not recognize him. >> also the summer travel season, it is certainly in full swing getting where you need to go, may be taking a big bite out of your wallet. what you need to know before you fill up at the pump the next time. justin. a comfortable finish to the weekend but now get ready for the heat and humidity for the work week. i'll show you the seven day forecast. >> and straight ahead in sports was marlon byrd two homeruns enough to keep the phillies from being swept by the braves? lesley has got the highlights and more when we come back. stay with us.
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now to the latest in the crisis in iraq. the battleground today was tikrit the former hometown of saddam hussein. sunny militants then as isis captured the city earlier this month. security officials say the u.s. is helping to coordinate the ground and air assault that
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began on saturday. the offensive. tomorrow the white house meantime will ask congress for more than $2 billion in emergency funding to help handle the recent surge of illegal immigrant children into the u.s. cbs correspondent daniel nottingham has more now. >> reporter: more than 52,000 children have poured over the u.s. border from central america over the past nine months. almost twice as many compared to say the same period last year. they're being housed in overflow shelters along the border. now the u.s. government is scrambling to come up with housing options before the kids are eventually set back. >> it's a crisis like nothing i've ever seen before at the border. we have refugee camps now in my and your home state of texas it's a very serious concern. i don't think the flow will stop until a message of deterrent is sent back to central america. >> reporter: white house calls the surge an urgent humanitarian situation. it's requesting more than $2 billion for better screening
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and housing of fast track authority for deportations and tougher punish many for those caught smuggling children. the president also delivered this message to central american parents during his interview with abc. >> do not send your children to the borders. if they do make it, they'll get sent back. more importantly, they may not make it. >> reporter: on monday homeland security secretary jay johnson will check on the facilities housing children in texas. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> also, president obama plans to nominate new veterans affairs secretary. ex procter and gamble ceo robert mcdonald's was a rest point grad army captain and the son of world war ii veteran. if confirmed, the 61 year old would replace acting va secretary sloan gibson who replaced eric shinseki. he resigned may 30th after apologizing for the agency's problems. popular tourist spot becomes the scene of what police are now
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calling a heinous crime. nine people were injured during a shooting on bourbon street in new orleans. it happened early sunday. seven people are in stable condition. a woman is in critical. the ninth victim's condition is not available. police are still looking for two men who they say started shooting after getting into a fight. >> and toronto mayor rob ford is expected back to work on monday after a two-month leave to deal with substance abuse problems. it's reported that ford will speak to members of the media and the public. canadians are also expected to see a much slimmer rob ford. he is said to have lost a substantial amount of weight. he attracted international attention after acknowledging that he smoked crack. >> now if you're hitting the road for the fourth of july holiday, be prepared to spend a little more at the pump. three on your side finds gas prices are surging. a gallon of regular is selling for 3.75 on 22nd street in philadelphia. 3.99 on string garden street.
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the average nationwide is 3.68 and aaa says it's the highest we've paid in early summer in six years. >> pennsylvanipennsylvanians arg 3.78. >> justin i may need the umbrella on the fourth. possibly. not the best news. i'm doing my best. >> do your best. you've got days to work on it. right. temperatures are on the rise. that's going to happen for sure. talk about heat and humidity returning to the forecast. still pleasant outside. check out the ben franklin bridge. just a few clouds passing by. tonight. we'll keep it dry. again, it's warm we're in the 70s but still comfortable with low humidity. 72 the official number at the airport. 71 in trenton. dover, delaware, upper 60s very nice and south jersey a breeze off the water mid to upper 60s. inland areas that are warmer. clouds trying to move through the region right now. showers diminishing across north
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central penn. some showers and storms across western pa will move into upstate new york. we're still pro tucked by high pressure these showers will diminish. keep things dry overnight. later in the middle of the week, tuesday, wednesday, thursday best shot for some more showers and storms. here's the reason. high pressure starts to move offshore. tomorrow still dry. it will be hot, though. back into the upper 80s humidity a little bit of a and ryan bess not bad yet. tuesday when that humid air mass really arrives. temperatures break around 90 degrees. sunshine but with that heat and humidity we'll see a chance for an afternoon shower or storm. better chances for showers and storms wednesday and thursday as slow moving cold front key word there slow moving runs into the hot and humid air mass. we see the showers and storms returning very humid. high temperatures in the low 90s for wednesday afternoon. depending on how fast this front moves, depend -- determine if we're try for the fourth of july. watching the tropic. a weak system right now off the
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coast of florida. doesn't look like much but just sitting out here over very warm ocean water and eventually the winds in the upper atmosphere will go light that's perfect ingredients for tropical formation. high chance that this system does develop into at least a tropical depression if it would become a tropical storm it would be named arthur which is the first named storm of the season. we'll keep a watch on this and eventually should make a turn back to the north as that front picks it up that's why we could see showers extending into fourth of july. until then, dry for monday. into tuesday afternoon we go. there is that isolated shower or thunderstorm. better shot in here on wednesday. with more widespread showers and that trends into thursday as well. dew point temperatures, show this a lot. showing it a lot later because they've been so low. you don't see this for late june. in the 50s even 40s. very comfortable. dry air mass but watch what happens. monday afternoon we're back into the mid 60s. that's when it starts to feel humid and then we break into the low 70s. on tuesday and wednesday, that's when it feels oppressive.
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that's when you want to be inside with the air-conditioning much that's what you have to look to for the middle of the week. mild overnight a few clouds, 67 degrees. low temperature. warmer day on monday, partly sunny 88. for the high temp. and some relief at the jersey shore delaware beaches near 80 tomorrow. ocean water very nice. 74 degrees. and here's that fourth of july forecast partly sunny, keep that threat for showers depending on how fast that front moves and if we get moisture from that system off the southeast coast. here's the extended forecast. it's hot, humid tuesday, wednesday and thursday highs in the low 90s. shower and storm chances wednesday and thursday and possible fool friday. and hopefully friday night we can get them out of here so we can enjoy the fireworks. weekend looks dry, sunshine and mid 80. >> always beautiful weekend. it's a streak. >> appreciate that. >> lesley has got sports highlights or not. >> yes. >> no. it was supposed to be the weekend that the phillies would get back into the nl east race but now they're eight games back and realing after todays game against the braves. details coming up.
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>> phillies will start 10 game road trip on tuesday. they've now lost eight of 10 games after being swept by the braves. to the second inning of the game. no score. upton with the fly ball to centerfield. check out ben revere trying, trying, trying but cannot make that catch. the ball goes off the fence. two runners will score and the braves take the lead. now, in the phillies half of the inning marlon byrd hit the first of his two homers of the game and that's going to help out cutting the lead to one but the phillies just could not come up
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with a clutch hit. they went zero-seven with runners in scoring position and swept by the braves three to two. >> ♪ >> in todays act the netherlands taking on mexico. the dutch trailing by a goal late in the game making a furious call become scoring two goals in six minutes. the last one on a penalty kick. 93 beat mexico two to one and will advance to the finals they'll face costa rica. they beat grease five-three and advance to the quarter finals for the first time in their history. coming up next in the sports zone we'll talk about the phillies two and six home stand and drivers and sixers draft with glenn macnow coming up in just a few minutes. >> lots to chat about. thank you, lesley.
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♪ >> welcome back everyone. transformers are back and they're ruling the weekend box office. >> the rules have changed. we are all targets now. >> got to see this. the fourth installment of the more thanking robots. this is fourth installment of the robot series earning $100 million opening weekend much that's the biggest debut for a movie so far this year and
11:30 pm
the fourth largest june opening ever. here's a look at the rest of the top five movies. 22 jump street was a distant second earning $15.4 million. how to train your dragon two followed by think like a man two and maleficient. >> would you be able to dine he will tracks company here some 15 stories in the air. >> no. >> probably not. a hotel in shanghai a offering diners to enjoy a meal sit tag table suspended by crane. it's the new air restaurant and some of the diner it's scary up there at first the table is shaky but the view is apparently great. once you get over everything else. whew! deal with that height. >> all right. justin is coming back with a last check on your work week forecast much the cbs-3 sports
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get this samsung french door refrigerator for only $999. or a samsung 51" hdtv for just $398. get savings storewide on amazing deals and the boxes they come in. come to hhgregg. and fill your home with happy. >> all right, justin, hot week ahead. that's right. coming off nice weekend. we'll warm it up tomorrow. 88 degrees. a little bit more humid. we hit the 90s tuesday, wednesday and thursday. it looks like wednesday and thursday best shot for scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. very hot and humid. 93 on wednesday. but independence day friday still potential for showers in there. we'll watch a front very slow mover and possibly moisture from a storm off the southeast coast. that could bring lingering showers in here for friday hopefully they get out of here later friday we look good for the firework but the weekend as of now looks dry, more sunshine comfortable highs in the mid 8 80s. >> it's got to protect the firework.
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we do. >> little display is cute. you like that. thank you -- justin that will do it for us tonight. we're always on for you we're handing things over to lesley and the cbs-3 sports zone. have a great night. ♪ >> this is the cbs-3 sports zone presented by lexus. >> the sixers wheeling and dealing on draft day.


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