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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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building and held for ransom. she chose to share her story only with "eyewitness news" reporter, elizabeth hur. >> reporter: terrifying moments when this 45 year-old woman for the for her life not only can you see how frightened that she was you can hear it, in her voice. her screams for help saved on her cell phone. >> i can never describe how i'm feeling right now. >> reporter: for her protection we are not identifying the victim still bruised and shaken. >> at the time he grabbed me i was talking to somebody. he said call your friend, tell your friend, what is going on and he will bring the money. >> reporter: forty-five year-old just returned home sunday night when she was followed in the entrance of her apartment by a stranger who demanded money. she said that she gave up everything that she had but suspect wanted more and dragged the victim back out to her car. >> when he was in the car with me he told me i got to go and blow your head, blow his head, if you call police.
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>> reporter: we're told for next 40 minutes victim was driven around the city waiting for the friend with the money. >> that is why i'm trying to convince him don't kill me. >> reporter: victim feared for her life but she believed that she managed to talk the suspect in to letting her go after returning to the apartment and picking up the cash from his friend. >> he said he got a family, he got his family. the only thing i tell him i would pray for him. >> reporter: when we asked her if there is anything she with like to say to her attacker she again said she will pray for him. as for the investigation police tell us that the suspect did drive off with the rick tim's car, police say they have recovered the car, very next day abandoned nearby. police are asking anyone with any information about this suspect to give them a call. reporting from northeast detectives i'm elizabeth hur for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new this morning a standoff with police has ended in south jersey. authorities responded to reports of the shots fired in
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the condominium complex overnight in hammington atlantic county. it happened at whispering pines on pleasant mills road. woman told police her boyfriend locked himself in the resident with a gun. we are told that threat is now over. women and police officers were not injured, the man's condition is not yet known. a call to action in rittenhouse after a young doctor is raped in the center city neighborhood over the weekend. city councilman johnson organized a public safety meeting at presbyterian church. at rest of suspect milton garcia has brought relief to residents in the area but it has raised questions about what they can do to protect themselves. >> it makes you think again because you do walk around thinking you are very safe in the neighborhood. women from all over and throughout the tri-state area we're all like really shocked and the amount of violence that is happening against women. >> reporter: along with the brief demonstration from the self-defense expert, attendees discuss resurrecting a town
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watch program. philadelphia police opened fire on a suspect during a traffic stop in olney. authorities say that the five five-year old suspect pointed a gun at officers. it happened last night on the 100 block of west champlost street. the suspect is listed in critical condition. police say they have recovered the gun from the scene as well as a bag containing what is believed to be marijuana. time for traffic and weather together and more rain on the way, katie. >> we're seeing more so then we will end up with a little bit. we had stormy weather last night the did you wake up? it moved through the area fast and furiously dumping heavy rain, lots of lightening strikes reported, and yes, we do look as though some of that wet weather may be lingering. nothing the in the way of what we saw through the the overnight. it shouldn't be anywhere near as widespread as that but more spotty in nature. as we are between systems, that is really issue here. you can see over my shoulders as we go full screen, to storm scan three the retreat of the heavier thunderstorms.
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we are basically in the clear, sunnies up, it will do its part to warm things up but because we're still between systems, the front isn't totally clear, we are still going to be dealing with very sticky conditions outside and we will heat up easily. let talk dew point. your dew point measures the moisture content. with the high dew point of 70 expect today it will feel somewhat oppressive. luckily it is not inn sufferable but it is pushing it. not ideal if you are trying to stay cool and dry here today. seventy-two is our current temperature at the airport. we have not viewed too much from that in the last few hours. as sunnies up it will do its part to help us easily warm up to flirting with 90-degree here. eighty-nine is expect high in the city. eighty-seven at the shore points. there will be some cloud cover along the way but you will also get that sunshine to really help heat it up and again, we will still see a lingering shower around as we move forward in the forecast, nothing terribly widespread or it should be spotty in nature. don't worry too much about keeping umbrella at the ready
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and you can get weather on the go with our brand new, hot off the presses cbs philly weather app. down load it right now on the itunes app store and coming very soon to android as well, bob, over to you. 6:05 on this thursday morning. everything damp and wet from the all of the rain we have had, and maybe a puddle or two. we will start to see sunrise over northeast philadelphia, down below there is i-95, headlights are heading southbound starting to see volume between betsy ross bridge and girard avenue. we have new construction pattern here and south of girard we are push over to that newly construct stretch of the roadway. looking good at 309 near fort washington interchange of the pennsy turnpike but left overs from last night a bound pole and wires, blocking eastbound lanes right at media bypass. traffic diverted as you head into media just watch for a few extra minutes needed there. flooding concerns old gulf road still blocked at williamson road from rain last
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night. traffic diverted on conshohocken state roid. crash in collegeville germantown pike at ridge pike. in south injuries any lindenwald the white horse road overpass where it goes over patco tracks is closed with structural damage. use somerdale road coming from voorhees and marlton, somer dale will get you to the white horse pike and that is how you'll gain access to the lindenwald parking lot this morning. back to you. here are other news events happening today. there is a preliminary hearing for douglass casey, charged in the robbery and assault of the tourist in the center city hotel in april. police say case he forced the man withdraw money and purchased gift cards. two women who worked for kermit gosnell face sentencing, with men acted as assistants in gosnell's unlicensed west philadelphia clinic. neshaminy school board votes on a new policy for its school newspaper. ate allows the paper to use the nickname redskins in some cases but not all. school board banned the use of
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the word last fall. and developing right now, australian officials announced overnight they believe the missing malaysia airplane was on auto pilot before it ran out of fuel and crash in the remote section of the indian ocean. now they will shift it south. plane vanish more than a hundred days ago. also developing this morning dozens of people in boston are hospitalized after attending a concert. paramedics took at least 36 people to the hospital and another 50 were treated inside the td garden during last night's aviche concert. several people taken to the er are teenagers. people at the concert say a combination of the alcohol, drugs and dehydration caused all of the trouble. >> there was one kid it took four cops, he was on something but he was just trying to fight back and it took four of them to take him down. >> this is any parent's worst nightmare, i can tell you, and i just pray for the family and
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children half been taken to the hospital, i hope everything works out. >> after that concert a ciche just hearing about the news is a terrible thing. i hope everyone is okay. my thoughts go out to those affected and their families. today new jersey lawmakers on the budget committees of the assembly and senate will cast their final votes on the democratic version of the budget. the $34.1 billion spending plan relies on hefty tax increases on businesses and millionaires. it makes the full pension payment required by law. high taxes, pension, health benefits reform are on new jersey governor chris christie's mind right now. he talked about them during his latest town hall meeting in haddon heights camden county yesterday. governor christie recently cut contributions to the state's pension fund, saying there are in other options for balancing new jersey's budget. >> i simply don't believe that for the most over taxed people in america, already that what we need to does raise more
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taxes. >> the governor also says he will veto the bill to raise taxes. road crewness delaware are making progress fixing the tilting bridge on i495 but it could be a little while before that road reopens. workers started drilling to installed 32 new support beams over the cristina river. it has been closed between 12th and terminal avenue for almost a month now. thinks after officials noticed the support beams were liens slightly. they say labor day is earliest that bridge will reopen. your time 6:09, it is draft the day in the nba and this is one of the most important drafts in sixers history. we will look at some of the prospects coming up in sports. also ahead what sounded like a tragic accident, a dad, absentmindedly leaving his toddler in the hot car for hours is now a murder investigation. we will have new details that police say tipped them off. ground breaking research right here in philadelphia we will tell but a new vaccine that is helping dogs with an aggressive form of cancer and how it could one day help
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people, as well. be right back.
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a georgia daddies accused of murdering his son by leaving him strapped inside a hot suv for seven hours. justin ross harris and his son, cooper stopped in the fast food restaurant last week. he was supposed to drop that
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boy off at day care but went straight to work. i'm not sure how someone could forget a child in the back seat. >> i have seen intoxicated and that is what led to him forgetting about the child. it could potentially support a murder charge. >> harris is being held without bond, he pled not guilty to second degree child cruelty charge. in detroit a 12 year-old boy is under going medical evaluation after being found in his father's basement. charlie, the fifth has been missing for 11 days, and police found the boy yesterday while serving a search warrant on the home he shares with his father and stepmother. they found the child hiding behind boxes and a large plastic drum. well, singer chris brown rejects a play deal for his washington d.c. assault case. he reject the deal without more jail time because he could not agree with the prosecution on the facts. he requests arrested after a fan accused him of being
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punched after trying to get in the photograph. brown's trial is set for the eighth of september. 6:13. traffic and weather together on the three's, here's katie. >> good morning, storm scan three is essentially empty, we are starting to see clouds thin out and we will end up with generally a sunny but hot, steamy day. the problem is we're still basically stuck between systems. cold front that came through last night is not living up to its name because we will stay hot today but worst of the stormy weather that it brought witt is now making a nice retreat out to sea, however again it is not completely clearing. i got to throw in the potential for residual shower today, perhaps a pop up thunderstorm but most of you are going to eke out a hot summer day. still stick which that high flirting with 90 degrees. lingering shower or pop up thunderstorm, cannot be ruled out. later tonight partly cloudy and seasonal. low drops down to 68. wind turnout of the northwest which means humidity levels won't be as obnoxious but looking forward to the forecast to friday mid 80's
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expect. still with the spotty sure or storm in the afternoon and evening and at this point the prognosis looks better and better for the weekend. it should stay dry with sun and highs in the seasonal mid 80's, bob. sound good, looks good. looking good here, katie, live look at the blue route, 476, roads are damp and wet from all that rain last night but wipers are not working or not needed here this morning. lets go to the been i starting to see sun glare rising over ben franklin bridge, we are good to go coming into center city. septa has had some problems yesterday, back to normal though on the wilmington line this morning. so you should have no problem coming from wilmington in towards center city. water main break, this just popped up in the last ten minutes in northeast philadelphia, rhawn and bradford, now you that is just off of rhawn and the boulevard there so we will see how that developed through the morning. an accident down the shore area toms river northbound on the garden state parkway right here near toms river interchange and fire works galore the next few nights.
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saturday, sunday right after the phillies game, down there in the stadium area. so keep that in mind if you are looking for something to do with the kids later tonight, ukee, back over to you. there are new developments in the head lines on cbs-3. police say the situation is over if you details are slow in coming after a stopped off last night. swat team surrounded a house in the condominium complex after neighbors reported hearing shots fired. surveillance video shows a man attacking a woman in oxford circle. that man forced her to give him what money she had and then contact friends foreign more. that suspect remains at large. australian authority say they have widened search area in their hunt for missing malaysia air liner, plane disappeared in march with more than 200 people on board, investigators believe that the plane was on auto pilot when itit crash. we will be right back.
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wow, here we go sixers nation. sixers have two very good picks in tonight's draft. the draft could alter sixers fortunes for years to come. sixthes have the not said who they will pick with the third and tenth pick in round one but it noise secret jabberi parker from duke could be a topic. so would andrew wiggins out of kansas. wiggins has work out with the sixers and he is confident. >> they put me through different drills and exercises. i think i would be good there. >> i would like to play any team. i fit any team perfectly.
6:20 am
>> good luck young man. ceo scott o'neill will be here live at 6:45 or so to talk about the draft and we want to know who you think sixers should pick tonight, weigh in on twitter and find us at cbs-3 mornings. phillies had one bad innings last night and it caused them going back, back, back, back over his head, dom brown misjudged that fly ball in the fourth and goes for a run scoring double. that ball would have been third out. next batter doubles in two more runs. chase utley drove in one run with the bases loaded sacrifice fly and that was just short of the grand slam. phillies lose, three-two. they will wrap up marlins series tonight at the yard in south philadelphia. today is the day for fans of the team u.s.a. as the americans take on germany in world cup play, a win or tie, against the perennial soccer powerhouse, of germany means that the u.s. advances to the next round. u.s. coach, shown here, played and coached the german national team before taking over team u.s.a., game time
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12:00 noon and our syma chowdhry will be live in the next half an hour with local fans getting out of work for world class world cup party. >> yes good she may have some ideas for you. >> yes, indeed good looking to dot same. >> there are lots of different sum are cam tops choose from. >> but one in chester county gives children a chance to see what it is like to serve and protect. thinks so cool. "eyewitness news" at tredyffrin township police summer camp. all week long campers will see police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, even bombing dogs perform various drills. >> we had a pair dropping off a son for his first year and he said because of some of the this contact, he wants to be a police officer. >> in addition to learning howie mergecy personnel do their jobs they will enjoy activity such as scavenger hunts, talent shows and relay games. >> what an experience. >> then a first responders. >> that is fantastic, thumbs up. new experimental vaccine being used right here in
6:22 am
philadelphia is treating dogs with cancer and researchers say it could help people as well, , that is coming up next. plus another great white shark spotted close to the shore, not far from frustrates,e will have that story coming up next.
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how sit looking, katie. >> not too bad. we have bright sunshine already to kick start the morning. the last night's rain is making its retreat but still pretty steamy outside. we will dodge a residual shower and a pop up thunderstorm. they will see retreat of the frontal boundary. cold front not living up to its name. it is still very hot with the high flirting with 90. eighty-six tomorrow, still with the scattered shower or storm in the afternoon or evening but by week end things turn in our favor.
6:25 am
we should get sunshine saturday and sunday as well. >> 6:24. a live look from airport camas sunrisees here over southwest philadelphia, platt bridge below and no problems or delays at the moment, they will be working on the platt heading towards the city later on today beginning at 9:00, new items just popped up here an accident in chester county on route 340 at route ten, that is all just above 309 bypass and a accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, between norristown and the valley forge interchange, mass transit looking good, nicole, back to you. just in time for summer swim season down the shore we have word of another shark sighting, now this time a fisherman off of new york's rock away beach hope this baby great white shark on sunday a mile from shore but this was no jaws just about an 80-pound youngster, little less threatening but you wouldn't think so by that picture. still one of the guys that ruled that shark in said it made him a little uneasy.
6:26 am
>> to see 15 inches in front of your face a mile from where you swim, was hum blink right now there is a lot of bait, and they come in the shallow water and they just eat. >> baby or not, just a little scary. >> they just eat. >> yeah, they will eat you. shark was released back in the water, of course, as required by water. >> i'm dropping my pole and everything. >> hello. >> this comes on the heels of this amazing video over the weekend by the way. group of fisherman got an up close and personal at this great white who decided to make a snack of their chum bucket, in the them. those on board estimated the shark to be 16 feet long weighing 1 ton. >> look out. on the healthwatch this morning the dangers of being a couch potato, study in the journal of the american heart association says adults who watch tv for more than third hours or more each he day may double their risk of premature death. adults should limit television
6:27 am
watching to one or two hours a day and consider increasing their physical activity. a ground breaking new treatment for dogs with bone cancer called osteo sarcoma. deniali a therapy doggies alive thanks to the experimental vaccine he received at the university of pennsylvania school of vet medicine. vaccine's concept is to educate immune system to recognize tumor cells and kill them, scientists hope it could one day, be used to treat children with the disease. >> wow. >> that would be something. >> promising development there. >> that is. coming up in the next half an hour why the house speaker is suing president obama. anand developing right now police in south jersey are looking for the woman caught on camera, beating a mother right in front of her child. also, get ready for a nail biter, it is do or die for the the united states as we take on german any world cup action, we are live with the preview coming up. bob and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the 's we will be right back in two minutes.
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we're following breaking news a violent home invasion in the philadelphia's strawberry mansion neighborhood. thinks brand new video. two men broke in the 2700 block of west berk street around 4:00 this morning. now they hit and tied up a man inside before taking off with the television, some cash and a mercedes. victim's injuries we're told are not life threatening, we
6:31 am
will continue to follow this story and bring you latest when we get more information. right now though police in south jersey are looking for a fast food work's accused of unleashing a vicious attack, while that victim's young son watched. >> the entire ordeal was caught on tape. "eyewitness news" reporter jen bernstein joins us from salem count which that disturbing video, jen. >> reporter: ukee and nicole, the police chief did post on his facebook page yesterday that the suspect has been identified and charges are in the process of being filed. we are going to show you this video but it is incredibly disturbing and very violent so ab wear as you watch this right now. it does show a with man wearing what appears to be a mcdonald's uniform beating another woman, while the victim's toddler watch and pleaded for violence to stop. at the same time others watching the violence take out their cell phones and record it without intervening. you can see the woman is hit and punched while her son
6:32 am
tried to intervene, by trying to kick the attacker several times but the attack continues. this happened on tuesday, this rid yes has been posted on facebook. police were able to copy video before it was deleted. once the judge sets bail would the man will be apprehended and incarcerated and cheap has that suspect identify and that charges are in the process of being filed, back to you in the studio. >> can't get over how disturbing that is. >> jen, thank you. house speaker john boehner is filing a lawsuit begins president obama. republican leader says the president is misusing executive orders, to sidestep congress. >> cons dogs makes it clear that a president's judge is to faithfully execute the laws, and in my view the president has not faithfully executed the laws. >> quite frankly i'm not sure that an announcement that house republicans are preparing a taxpayer funded
6:33 am
lawsuit against the president for doing his job will be very warmly received by the american public. >> lawsuit could be testing constitutional checks and balances between legislative branch and executive branch. 6:33. here's traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everybody. we are looking ahead to a nice day overall, but it kind of depend how you look at things. i'm hearing from people on twitter asking about the fall and winter which i feel is early for that. let not get ahead of ourselves but it is going to be hot and sticky out there today. make no mistake it feels like dog days of summer out there. storm scan three empty as we make the sweep here we are not picking up on anything but we will put things in motion and zoom it out, did you get woke up by that mess out to sea last night. we had quite a bit of lightening reported, quite a bit of nasty thunderstorms rumbling through. they are out of our hair at this point this was a cold front not living up to it
6:34 am
name. is there nothing cold about this forecast. seventy-two at the airport. we are off to a very warm start. we will expect to heat up easily with the sunshine already out there. it is a mixture of sun and clouds throughout the day but because of the humidity still with us, we could see a shower, pop up thunderstorm but it will be a sticky afternoon and we are expecting a high to flirt with nine on degrees out there, bob, get your ac ready. >> 6:34. good morning. pool party at ukee's house. >> yeah. >> after talk philly. >> yeah, right. >> i love going to ukee's house. >> yeah. >> i like taking other people to ukee's house. >> i-95 southbound, gang time to make the doughnuts. we are rolling from the betsy ross into girard. is there sky line in the background rolling through the construction zone, how is that schuylkill looking. live look right here near belmont avenue salt shed here. we are seeing volume pop coming into fill a, all of the roads are dam from the rain we
6:35 am
had last night and an accident popped up here northbound lanes of 295 right here near exit number one that first interchange you hilt over delaware memorial bridge. here's a major problem for gang that uses patco high speed line in lindenwald station. white horse road bridge that goes over patco tracks closed indefinitely with structural damage so from voorhees and marlton you'll need to use somerdale road and white horse pike to get access in the parking lot for high speed line at lindenwald, ukee, back to you. world cup fever is rising and many fans are getting fired up, fired up as we say ahead of the showdown between u.s. and germany. >> only thing that could get in the way of watching the game at noon is work, that little problem. >> yes. >> "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live with more on how some fans plan to get around that, right syma? >> reporter: that is right, nicole and ukee. this bar i'm standing in front
6:36 am
of here has been really popular among those trying to watch world cup games but last game u.s.a. played in was on sunday, so with them taking on germany today on a workday it is posing a problem for those who have to go to work but yes, have to watch the game. u.s.a. is still in the returning for the world cup and as the steaks get higher, more and more eyes will be glued to the tv. it was easy for many to watch the u.s. take on portugal since the game was on sunday but with the team playing germany at noon on a workday people are doing whatever it takes to watch the game well, it is difficult to be at work. >> i'm going to watch it. >> difficult for people 9:00 to 5:00 to get out and enjoy the game. >> is there always long lunches, do a half day.
6:37 am
you know, the flu is going around. >> i have to watch at work. >> reporter: how. >> we have tv, in each room. >> i just can't watch it because i'm working. >> reporter: will you get highlight later. >> yeah. >> reporter: and one man told me that he is going to dvr and watch it later. i cannot tell him anything that is going on. so, a lot of options out there, technology has definitely grown but ukee and nicole, turf say, i'm feeling a little under the weather. >> yes, likely story. >> i knew that was coming, um-hmm. >> that is for the dvr guy he needs a large pair of ear muffs because news travels fast. >> take care of yourself, syma, feel better. >> yes, all right, talk to you later. a lot of people looking for an excuse to get out of work, watch that game at noon. >> forget doctor's note team u.s.a. coach got one for you.
6:38 am
u.s. soccer posted this night the from the head coach on twitter. it says, i understand that this absence may reduce productivity of your work place but i can assure you it is for an important cause. u.s. mens national team has a political world cup game verse germany and we will need full support of the nation if we are to advance to the next round, how about that, think the boss will buy in. >> do you think sue and john will get in on that. >> our bosses. >> i will go with no. >> yeah, right, you got it. >> anyway, 6:38. housing reports over past week has shown a pick up in activity and slow down in price increases which makes it a perfect time to be a buyer. >> if you are ready to jump in the market cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins with us common home buying mistakes to avoid. she's up in new york. good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> what are the most common mistakes. >> reporter: number one, not running the numbers. it is so important to understand how much you can
6:39 am
afford to buy and whether home ownership might preclude you from addressing other important financial issues in your life like paying down debt. another mistake, failing to account for up keeping. here's a good rule of thumb, include 1 percent of your purchase price as an annual amount for repair and maintenance. as much as people complain about realtors it is tough to go through the home buying process alone. most important quality in brokers honesty, experience, good connections with other agents and referrals from buyers like you. remember though most agents represent the seller not the buyer. >> what about the mortgage process what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: one big mistake, not addressing credit reporterrors before you start are the mortgage process to do so just request your free report at annual credit another mistake waiting to long to get preapproved for a mortgage. the process can actually take
6:40 am
up to 90 days in some cases. so you'll need patients and follow through. start early, compare apples to apples and don't forget to ask for itemized total cost you should expect to play. >> you are on a role, give us a few more please. >> we know you got them. >> i love this one. >> reporter: getting too attached to a property. my mommies a realtor and one of her favorite sayings a house is like a man is there more than one for you in the world. >> wow. >> reporter: don't get too attached. do you like that. >> i do. >> actually, you know what happens you get so attached you blow through your budget or you are so attached if you don't get it, you become disheartened when you lose the property. not too much, okay. next, not hiring a real estate attorney. this is a major transaction, no cheaping out when it comes to legal fees. finally please don't skip the home inspection. you want an engineer to walk
6:41 am
through the premises with you. if a problem arises no big deal it can be solved with an adjustment in price. for more mistakes to avoid go to jill on do you like that. >> you will get me in trouble my husband could be watching, all right. >> you only need just one man. >> thanks, jill. i appreciate it. we will talk later. 6:41. it is draft the day in the association, the nba, and it is a big one for the sixers. up next sixers ceo scott o'neill will join us to talk about some of the prospects and hopefully shed some light on what the team might be thinking. i'm looking at him right now. >> getting set up in here. >> it is not a rat so what is this thing? new mammal species is discovered and turning heads with that pointy old nose. we will have more on that coming up
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so grasses and dock will be the biggest issue for next few days but levels are really low. if you want to mow the lawn today you wouldn't have a major issue witt. storm scan three retreat of the latest cold front not living up to the name. it will be a hot, sticky day, guys. we can expect to see daytime
6:45 am
high flirt with 90 degrees: hot, humid, pop up shower, rumble of thunder, similar forecast for tomorrow not quite as hot. high pressure will go south enough that we will have a good weekend. every model run that comes out paints nice picks door for weekend and keep my fingers cross that it holds that way. looking ahead, low 90's guys by tuesday and wednesday. as we kick off month of july it is heating up, in the delaware valley. bob, over to you. good thursday morning. 6:45. live look at 30 bypass combination of the damp roads from the rain we had last night and we are starting to see sun pop out and burn off some fog we have. eastbound on that bypass slow go heading towards 202. live look at blue route no problems working your way down towards schuylkill expressway but a couple accidents one in south jersey 295 southbound heading in to route one near hamilton square. an accident on the westbound pennsylvania turnpike at the valley forge interchange and
6:46 am
that is causing a delay and chester county crash on 340 at route ten. we had wires coming down last night with the storms rolling through media, delaware county baltimore pike eastbound is blocked and they are pushing everybody off to the route one media bypass this morning. we had hiccup on the wilmington regional rail line services suspended for evening rush, everything is back to normal and running with in delays this morning. ukee, back to you. tonight is arguablably the most important night in the history of the 76ers franchise. joining us new you to talk bit is one of the men in charge sixers ceo scott o'neill. merry basketball christmas to you my friend. >> it is like christmas today. >> i can't wait to see what is under the tree but you have some watch parties for the fans. >> we do 76 watch parties, at 76 different bars across the area. you can get one of these hats, one of these incredible t-shirts as give away and, if
6:47 am
you will, win a moses malone autograph jersey. >> can we bring messes back. >> can we bring messes back. >> you got to be pumped up. this is it as far as future is concern. >> it isn't at. there are three ways to build a team. >> the draft. >> free agency. >> trades. >> so we have the plan is set, we are starting to roll out a huge, night and we want to get it right. nobody will be at work, no one will be out smarted. we are getting after it. >> the the man in charge sam hinkie, he is sam the the man with the plan. >> he is sam the man. >> get into his head right now, what do you think he is thinking. a little bit. i saw you pause. >> here's the the great thing about sam, okay, he is quite the deal maker as we necessity from last year if you go through his history. knows how to pick players. number 11 pick, picks rookie of the year. he traded how can you trade an
6:48 am
all-star we get nerlens hoist jumping like a pogo stick and we will get the tenth pick this year. he will be very active. he is very much excited about this. he has been working around the clock. he is go home at 3:00 a.m. back at the office at 6:00 for the last month. >> sam is the man with the plan but he is also undercover brother because he keeps it close to the vest and we know the the fans. >> no, as a fan, you know this, you want us out on tv saying we will take so and so. the trade wore looking most forward to. we need leverage. information is power. >> as a fan which like to know who might be an impact player. >> let me tell you and your millions and millions of viewers at this hour. >> i see where you are going. >> everybody else knows. power of information is really important. >> give us some information on the big fellow joel embed, how do you think that will shake up the draft. >> i can tell you that everyone is scrapping and husseling to find out as much information as they possibly
6:49 am
can about every player in the draft but not specifically about joel but it is sad. >> it is, i'm thinking milwaukee will take him they have not had a, big guy since jabber back in the 70's. they waited 40 years, they will wait six to nine months what you do you think. >> i hope all of the teams are as prepared as we are. >> you are not giving up anything. >> i'm not giving up anything. >> give us your perspective on wiggins and jabberi i'm not saying you will land with those guys but as players step right in. >> i defer to you, what do you think ukee you defer to me, i think both of them, believe i can see step n would i like to see jabberi parker in the sixers uniform. >> good news is, tonight we will find out. >> unbelievable. >> yes. >> but very consistent. coach brown and sam hinkie on the same page talk about the dynamics. >> absolutely, nearly
6:50 am
different guys all with the same goal, same name but coach, when he talks about hear him talk about is finding that philly fire, he wants guys on the court that will get after it like iverson was, never say die between those lights. >> its daunte xiom one of those guys. >> we will find out at one point, won't we. >> come on, throw me a a crossbone you don't want me throwing no bones. >> you don't want to know. >> free agency lets do that before we go, you guys active. >> can i just enjoy it, this is my favorite day of the year. let me enjoy it. >> i gotti guy, we had him on yesterday, here he is. >> here he is. >> what do you think because forbes magazine came out with the top ten reasons why this could happen, what do you think, you were with the knicks when you courted lebron james. what type of guy is he. >> we cannot talk about players before july 1st. we just can't do that.
6:51 am
>> i know you can't. >> you know what the fine is for me talking about the players. >> 20,000. >> 1 million. >> here, get this out of here, get this out of here. it will be a fun night a great night, i cannot wait. >> i'm so excited. >> i will text you right before it happens. >> promise. >> yes. >> you heard it first right here, and tweet it out, thanks brother. appreciate it. >> lets go sixers.
6:52 am
6:53 am
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here is a lot today's head line shocking video of a woman being assaulted by a mcdonald's employee. police in salem city, new jersey say suspect has been identified but remains at large. police standoff is all clear at this hour, police have not released details but swat teams surrounded a home in whispering pines condo complex late last night. >> dozens of people were sickened at a concert at td garden in boston. swedish dj aviche, and concert goers blame alcohol drugs and dehydration for their illness. 65:00 #. time for traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everybody. overall we have a decent day setting up but a few side issues that will be noticeable. spotty shower or thunderstorm we will get that out first and foremost but main cold front starts to make its retreat. problem is we are still very sticky at home. it will be a steamy daze much like it will be for a world
6:55 am
cup match at high noon today verse germany and united states. mostly cloudy and showers and 80 degrees. i have a feeling they will be sweating early down there. next couple days back in the 80's. weekend is looking good. we will heat up next week. bob, over to you. >> 6:55 on a thursday morning live look at 422 heating up here. inbound delays from collegeville in towards king of prussia rest of the major roadways i-95 south, just under half an hour from woodhaven to downtown, roll through both construction zones, schuylkill inbound, the sunnies trying to pop out here but not yet at that conshohocken curve. we will put 20 minutes on the clock coming into philly, crash outside quakertown, allentown and kieser road and crash south on 295 at route one heading in towards hamilton square. mass transit running with no delays, ukee and nicole back to you. take a look these are water melons but in the like any you have seen before. farmers in western japan are
6:56 am
shipping square water melonness japan. >> that is wild. >> they are grown in square containers. they sell for a hundred dollars. >> hundred dollars. >> at department stores and officials say they are becoming more and more popular overseas. >> why? >> they ship them until mid-july. >> square water melon everybody has got to have one. >> a hundred dollars. >> you grow them in the box. >> that is how they get square. >> i think that is square. >> yes. >> for a hundred dollars. >> well, we are getting a look at new species on planet earth. >> it is exciting. >> it was discovered by sheer luck. the experts say, experts say that it is developing right now. >> wait for it. >> here it is, an elephant shrew even though it looks like a mouse or a rat. it is related to a pachyderm and in the rodent. scientists say he discovered it in africa. he almost steps on it we're told when he investigated its
6:57 am
unusual look and found that new species. >> long nose, gives him away he is kind of cute. >> strange little nose. coming up next on cbs this morning why one woman is suing perfect former employer for refusing to change her hours and what this case could mean for you. >> to continueue to follow your local news weather traffic and sports we are keeping it live and local on the cw philly. certainly hope you can join us. good morning family.
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, june 26th, 2014. welcome to cbs this morning. the parents of the first two victims in the santa barbara rampage break their silence. what they want to hear from the shooter's family. team usa just hours away from a showdown with germany. is america ready to shine on the world cup stage. and the answer is yes. plus, what seth rogen and james franco did to tick off kim jung un. your world in 90 seconds. >> this is the biggest game of a lot of our lives. >> world cup frenzy hits a fever


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