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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 26, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> it is a stormy night across the region. heavy rains, wind, lightning, this is a look from our campbell's field cam. it shows the night skylighting up in the distance. here is a look now at storm scan3. it shows the large band of showers and storms that are
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racing through the physical region at this hour and there's already some damage to report. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. >> let's go right over to meteorologist kathy orr whose tracking the storms want we can expect through the night. kathy? >> we can expect very heavy rains, some rumbles of thunder, and potential for flooding on area roads and poor drainage areas. our streams and creeks are already running high. this line of showers and thunderstorms does have a history of dumping about 1 inch plus of rain in a short period of time. the tent is enormous from bangor maine down to washington, d.c. 600 miles long. it is moving east at about 30 miles an hour and you can see all the heavy rain associated with it. extending from our suburbs right through wilmington, of course, right down 95 through baltimore and washington. at this speed we do anticipate it will be in wilmington at this moment it's moving in philadelphia by 11:20. cherry hill by 11:36. and gloucester by 11:49. so for the rest of the late night hours we expect downpours
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on the philadelphia side. localized flooding frequent lightning and gusty winds. we already have a flood advisory in effect for our poor drainage areas and also our small streams and creeks. that are already elevated because of the rain. this is until 1:15 and right now it extends right through our northern and western suburbs toward new jersey. this is what we expect in the advisory area. some poor drainage flooding ponding on roads and, of course, those streams and creeks already flooded in some spots running high in others. coming up we'll look at some drier ahead up when the sun returns without the stickiness. we'll continue to track the storms as well. jess. >> all right, kathy, thanks. be sure to wake up with meteorologist katie fehlinger and i were the morning team. she'll have the very latest forecast to get you going and the news starts bright and early at 4:30. >> new tonight residents in rittenhouse square are warned to be an alert at a special public safety meeting. the call to action comes after the rape avenue doctor in the
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neighborhood. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has the details. >> reporter: certainly this weekend's rape has rattled the nerves of a lot of women who live and work in the center city neighbor. it was surveillance video tips from neighbors and tracking the victim's cell phone that led police to suspect milton garcia. the arrest of the 27 year old brought relief but also raised questions from women about what can they do to protect themselves. >> it makes you think again because you do walk around thinking you're very safe in the neighborhood. >> reporter: complete with a brief demonstration from a self-defense expert, a public safety meeting was held wednesday night at the tenth presbyterian church at 17th and spruce streets. the meeting was organized by city councilman kenyata johnson. women from center city and other neighborhoods came here to listen to possible ideas including russert recollecting a town watch program and suggestions to buy pepper spray. >> women from all over the city and throughout the tri-state area we're all like really shocked the amount of violence
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that is happening against women. >> reporter: saturday morning' as tack and sexual assault happened near 19th and spruce streets. the victim is a 26 year old woman who was walking home alo alone. garcia was arrested on tuesday. >> it's still an on-going investigation but represent assured he is the perpetrator of this crime. >> reporter: so in a couple of weeks the organization called handbags for peace will be holding a women's self-defense class. it will be for free. it will happen saturday july 12th from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the again man y at 401 south broad street in philadelphia. anyone interested in attending is welcomed. reporting in center city, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness new news". >> "eyewitness news" talking to night with a woman who survived this frightening ordeal. she was attacked in her own apartment building and had to beg for her life. she chose to share her story with "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur.
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>> reporter: the terrifying moments when this 45 year old woman fought for her life. not only can you see how frightened she was, you can hear it in her voice. her screams for help saved on her cell phone. >> i never felt like the way i'm feeling right now. >> reporter: for her protection, we are not department feig the victim still bruised and shaken. >> at the time he grabbed me, i was talking to somebody. so he say call your friend and tell your friend what's going on and he got to bring money. >> reporter: 45 year old had just returned home sunday night when she was followed into the entrance of her apartment by a stranger who demanded money. she said she gave up everything she had but the suspect wanted more, and dragged the victim back out to her car. >> when he was on the car with moo he told me, you know i got gun. i blow your head. i blow your head. i blow his head. if he's coming with the police. >> reporter: we're told for the next 40 minutes the victim was driven around the city waiting for the friend with the
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money. >> that's when i'm trying to convince him, don't kill me. >> reporter: victim feared for her life but she believed she managed to talk the suspect into letting her go after returning to the apartment and picking up the cash from her friend. >> he said he got a problem. he got a family. you know, the only thing i tell him, i'm going to pray for him. >> reporter: and when we asked her again if there's anything she would like to say to her attacker, she, again, said, she will pray for him. >> as for the investigation police do tell us the suspect did drive off with victim's car but police say they recovered that car the very next day abandoned nearby. police are asking anyone with information about this suspect to give them a call. reporting from northeast detectives, elizabeth hur cbs-3 ooh witness news. >> philadelphia police opened fire on a suspect during a traffic stop tonight. police say that the suspect pointed a gun at their officers. this happened on west champlois avenue in olney.
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both officers fired their guns hitting the suspect who at last check was in critical condition. police say they recovered gun from the scene as well as a bag containing what they believe to be marijuana. delaware state trooper is recovering tonight after being wounded in the line of duty. officials say a short chase between corporal lloyd mccann and suspect dennis hicks ended in magnolia this morning when hicks got out of his car and shot mccann twice. the trooper fired back and killed the suspect. hicks was on the run following a domestic violence incident. >> a woman and a man described by police as hoarders are hospitalized after getting stabbed in olney. "eyewitness news" on north fourth street. police found the 71 year old female victim unconscious on her neighbor's porch. she had been stabbed at least 15 times. the woman's 54 your old roommate was found in doorway. a back window showed signs of forced entry. police say all the clutter in the house made their work that much harder. >> it is filled with stuff and
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debris and trash and furniture and anything you can name from the third floor to the basement. >> also troubling for police when they arrived on seen an 18 year old neighbor was washing down the sidewalk and the female victim with hose. 20 cats in that home are now in the care of the pspca. >> a tragedy in sharon hill, delaware county, a pedestrian is hit and killed by an amtrak acela train. chopper three over the sharon hill train station. a person crossing the tracks today was hit by the amtrak acela as it traveled to washington from boston. there's no word on the victim's identity tonight. train travel in the area is back on regular schedule. second arrest tonight in two gun range robberies in philadelphia. this is jeffrey chandler whose now in custody. this is his accused female accomplice who surrendered right after the robberies about two weeks ago. police say that the two shot and critically wounded a man and stole nine guns outside the
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delaware valley sports club. chandler and his alleged accomplice face attempted murder and other charges. a close call at a pool during summer camp today. a five year old is now okay after he had to be rescued from the water. this happened at the flourtown summer day camp in montgomery county. managers say that lifeguards spotted that boy this afternoon in water 4 feet deep and he needed help. they jumped in quickly and pulled him out. >> there was distressed swimmer. the child is fine. staff activated the emergency action plan. they followed all proper procedures and protocols. >> jumped right in, got him out. made sure he was okay. >> managers are complimenting this lifeguards for their quick action. protesters new jersey governor at his latest town hall meeting in camden county. at did's meeting governor christie spoke about high taxes, pension and health benefits reform. christie recently cut contributions to the state's pension fund saying there are no other options for balancing the
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state's budget. >> i simply don believe that for the most over tacked people in america already that what we needed to is to raise more tax taxes. >> christie says he will veto the bill to raise taxes. meantime governor chris christie tonight praising a judge's ruling allowing him to reduce the state's contribution to public workers pension funds. governor christie argued that cutting the payments due this month and next year was the only clear option for balancing the state budget after a surprise revenue shortfall. a group of unions sued to try to force the state to make the full payments. it is unclear if they will appeal. >> the national football league is revising its concussion lawsuit settlements. today attorneys for the nfl agreed to remove a $675 million cap on concussion related damages. a philadelphia federal judge denied a preliminary approval of this deal with nearly 5,000 retired players back in january. she worried the settlement
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wouldn't provide enough money to cover those who suffer from did he menendez is a and other diseases linked to repeate repes to the head. fisherman in new york gets a little more than he bargained for. a great white shark finds its way on to his hook. we'll tell you what happened after this encounter when "eyewitness news" continues. kathy. >> in the went center we're tracking showers and storms some with heavy downpours and some lightning to talk about as well. these are closing in on philadelphia and will be here in a matter of minutes. a few rumbles of thunder overnight. i'll show was comes next with the seven day. >> also, ahead, this is not supposed to be a water ride. record floods take over popular mews many park and the worst is yet to come. landmark supreme court ruling that could impact the way you watch tv. we'll have the details when "eyewitness news" at 11:00 continues. ♪
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>> the threat of the worst flooding in more than 20 years has residents of minnesota bracing for another round of raging waters. homes in more than half the counties in that state have now been impacted by floods. an amusement park outside of minneapolis had to shut down because rides are underwater. president obama will travel to minnesota tomorrow trying to rally support for a higher minimum wage but the governor is expected to ask him for federal help. >> syrian war planes bomb sunny militants inside iraq and that deepens concerns that the unrest in iraq could morph into a wider regional conflict. new insurgent offensive against christian villages in northern iraq sent thousands of christians fleeing their homes. they are seeking sanctuary now in curdish controlled territory. the house speaker john boehner files a lawsuit against president obama complaining the president has misused executive
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orders to side step congress on immigration and health care. >> constitution makes it clear that a president's job is to faithfully execute the laws. in my view the president has not faithfully, queued the laws. >> that lawsuit could serve as a test on the constitutional checks and balances between the legislative and executive bran branches. unanimous ruling from the supreme court. police may not search the cell phones of people they arrest without first getting a warrant. chief justice john roberts wrote that opinion. he said cell phones are not just another technological convenience but rather devices chock full of private information. chief justice acknowledged that barring searches would affect law enforcement but quote privacy comes at a cost. >> high core issued another big ruling today. it found the internet start up area violates copyright law when it takes broadcaster off the air signals and provides them to
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their subscribers. cbs the parent company of cbs- 3 sued areo for copyright infringement. chief briar wrote the pin saying areo'ings system is for all practical purposes identical to a cable system. >> because of the fact they look a like like a cable company they'll be regulated in that same way. >> some networks threatened to bull programming off the air if they lost this case, but now will continue to collect lee transmission fees from cable and satellite systems. cbs did release this statement on the rule it read "we are pleased with today's decision which is great news for content creators and they're audiences". >> tonight marks five years sin the death of michael jackson. the king of pop died of cardiac arrest caused by a lethal combination of prescription drugs. fans paid tribute to jackson laying flowers and candles at his star on the hollywood walk of fame. michael jackson was under
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bankruptcy at the time of his death. but his estate raked in $7 million over these past five years. >> it seems like we've been doing that one a lot these days. another great white has people in our area thinking twice before maybe taking a dip in the ocean. if you four sean off rock away beach in new york hook this baby great white sunday a mile from shore. this is no jaws just an 80-pound youngster. still one of the guys that helped real that shark in says it made him a little uneasy. >> to see 15-inches in front of your face a mile away from where i swim i mean it was humbling. right now off rock away there's lot of bait called bunker they come into the shallow water. they don't care and just eat. >> that shark was released back into the water as required by law. now of course this comes after the amazing video from the weekend a group of fishermen got up close and personal look at this great white who decide to do just make a snack out of their chum bucket there. those on board estimated this shark to be about 16 feet long
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weighinweighing roughly 1 ton. >> wow! >> not a baby. >> no. >> not baby. >> orr at the shore tomorrow. keep your eye out. you know, see what's out there. i will not be entering the wat water. >> not any time soon? no, don't worry about that. it's getting a little cooler, too. as far as the ocean water temperatures are concerned. but it's going to be heating up again with heat and humidity tomorrow afternoon. right now, though, the main focus showers and thunderstorms right about to move through the city of philadelphia. let's take you outside. this is a view from our cbs-3 studios here in center city philadelphia. and right now, seeing a few flashes in the sky. we'll continue to see some heavy rain moving through overnight tonight. a cold front is moving through but not so cold tomorrow. on storm scan3 you can see the line of showers and thunderstorms with the bright yellows and oranges and reds from maine all the way down through baltimore and washington. 600-mile long stretch of real estate almost really covering
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all of i-95 there and we are looking at some very heavy rain, frequent lightning. downpours, though the real issue with this and as we take a zoom in you can see it moving right toward philadelphia and its adjacent suburbs on the new jersey side. now, this will be in the city by 11:24. camden by 11:31. gloucester by 11:45 and in pemberton shortly after midnig midnight. so the main threats with this we're talking about heavy downpours, some lightning. winds gust to go about 30 even 40 miles an hour. but hail and tornadoes clearly not a threat with this line of thunderstorms. now, now through 11:30 thunderstorms in philadelphia and its suburbs and 11:30:30 to 1am showers and storms through south jersey and then about after 1:00 a.m. some showers through south jersey and delaware. but by then it will be a much weaker storm system. right now in philadelphia, 79 with some showers moving in. wilmington 79. but look where the rain has been. 70 in allentown and reading. lancaster 69. mount pocono 68. still quiet humid.
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right now it is still in the oppressive category as far as the humidity is concerned. so not so comfortable tonight. when we see dew points in the 70s or upper 60s, it extremely uncomfortable. and that is what we're seeing now. and it will continue into the overnight. but during the day tomorrow, and in the wake of that front high pressure builds down from the north with this clockwise flow. more of a northwesterly wind so that will drag the moisture out of the atmosphere. drier air will move n dew points will fall. slowly feel more comfortable tomorrow we're heating up right through the 80s again. friday mid 80s, partly sunny. little bit less humid as well. and saturday looks nice with plenty of sunshine and dry conditions. after tonight, our next chance of storms will be on sunday. so that will be a nice change. overnight some scattered showers and storms. some strong with heavy downpou downpours. the low temperature 72 degrees. caught in a downpour remember if there's ponding on area roads just slow the down. for your thursday, clouds. giving way to sun.
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warm and humid the high 88. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast. looks good for friday, saturday, sunday a chance of a storm. late next week high temperatures approaching 90 degrees with heat, humidity and of course those summertime storms. shore temperatures will be in the 80s. speaking of the shore, orr at the shore will be traveling tomorrow to 40th street beach in sea isle city. sea isle named a silver star beach and new water quality report. so we'll have to check that out. but join us live. also, keep track of the ever changing summer forecast with our new weather app. you can download it now. it's available free at the app store. the android version is coming soon. beasley, did you get that app yet? did you download it yet. >> in fact i use it to check my golf. >> perfect. >> see what's going to happen. >> your golf score -- >> oh, conditions for golf. >> the weather. >> pefect for that. and everything else. >> we'll work on that golf score, too. >> the phillies doing good work
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in south philadelphia. i'll physical you about that tonight. aj burnett on the mound and the aussie says it's a sixers draft him he will easily form a bond with mcw we hear
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>> short losing streak broken. aj burnett tried to keep the phils new one game winning streak alive in south philadelphia. here we go. fourth inning where we'll pick the up. no score. two outings two runners on for the marlins. dom brown misplays the line drive goes over his head and that's a problem. so they score. next batter hits a double into the left centerfield gap. two more runners come around and now it's three to nothing. the phillies would get back into the game. dominic brown redeems himself in the sixth hitting a single to drive in marlon byrd to make it three-two. jimmy rollins had a chance. struck out in the ninth to end the game. phillies lost three-two. nba draft is just hours away. this is the most anticipated for
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the sixers since they selected allen iverson almost two decades ago. sam hinkie has the third and tenth selections. and he's keeping things close to the vest. andrew wiggins and jabari parker should be gone when the sixers pick barring a trade. will they take the injured joel embiid or donte ex sm who thinks he can play with mcw in the back court. i'm willing to go in a situation where we can work together. i think that's how you get wins. you cooperate with a team. >> eagles training camp starts in a month at the novacare complex. players report on july 25th and the first practice is on july 26th. once again, they will hold open practice foss are to the public. july 28th and august 3rd at the linc. and august 10th at historic franklin field. >> scotty hartnell cleaned out his locker at the flyers 68 zone
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and said good boy to philadelphia. traded to columbus on monday after seven years wearing the orange and black. >> i'll never talk bad about the city. never talk bad about, you know, holmgren or hexi or any of the guys. um, just some things you got to -- i guess make a change and change is good. >> several of the top nhl pros specs took tour of philadelphia today. they're in town for the nhl draft that will be held at the wells fargo center friday and saturday. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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>> new night a preview of the newest park along the delaware river waterfront. >> big crowd turned out for preview party at spruce street harbor park. the park transforms the entire north side of the penn's landing marina into an urban oh asis entertainment there all summer long. the park open to the public on friday.
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get out and enjoy it. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> we thank you for watching cbs throw "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" returns in the morning 4:30 with ukee washington and nicole brewer.
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for beasley, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with david letterman is next with guest mark wahlberg. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ paid presentation for derm exclusive instant anti-aging, brought to you by beachbody. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. hi, everybody, and welcome. i'm deborah norville -- journalist, author, wife, and mom -- and today i am joined by grammy-winning music superstar chilli of tlc. woo-hoo! [ cheers and applause ] and television phenomenon turned entertainment reporter mindy burbano stearns. [ cheers and applause ] now, what do i have in common with these two talented ladies? >> we are all competin k


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