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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 23, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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provided testimony, and interviews throughout the the day, to police, that led to this, this afternoon, police releasing the the first composite sketch of their suspect, with the hope that somebody at home, can provide any details, that will lead to an arrest. police, pleading to residents. >> we're pulling out all the stops. we are aggressively pursuing this but obviously we need public's help. >> reporter: day three of the investigation aimed at going public, including chilling details. >> keep your mouth shut, keep quiet, open your door. >> reporter: police say that is exactly what that he wanted suspect says to the victim a 26 year-old doctor, before forcing her into her center city apartment, beating, robbing and sexually assaulting her multiple times. monday the special victims unit released a composite sketch. >> it shows the offender, both with and without the baseball
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cap. >> reporter: police releasing new surveillance video from spruce street saturday morning before 1:30 just moments before the crime. watch as suspects locks up his bike, sees victim walk by and approaches, he does physically assault her as he does try to defend herself but unfortunately, she was overwhelmed by him. >> reporter: from there she's threatened and pulled upstairs. >> once upstairs it got a little more physical to the point where she has received some type of injuries. >> reporter: police say in a span of an hour the suspect assaults the victim at least twice before taking off on his bike. the the the police commissioner called him a coward. >> he needs to be in jail. beyond that, i don't think public television would allow me to say what i really say about it. >> reporter: if police told to us do one thing it is show this picture as much as human licensely possible. so again, sketch, the description, a hispanic or mexican male, mid 20's,
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about 150 in weight, slight build, and about 5 feet six with long or sorry short, black hair. police are looking for any information that will lead to the arrest of this man. meanwhile the the victim remains with police, family and been very helpful in providing information, that not only led to the sketch but additional details in this case. we're reporting live from the special victims unit i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen cain says that she would have done things differently had she been in charge when child sex allegations against jerry sandusky first came to light. an interest review found road to justice for sandusky was slow were you there is no evidence that now governor tom corbett in anyway slowed the process when he was attorney general. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is in our sat center with reaction from those who know the case best, matt. >> reporter: chris, big revelation came when attorney general kathleen cain said
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that during the investigation in the fall of 2009, two more victims said they were abused by jerry sandusky. attorney general said that could have been avoided if swifter action could have been taken. >> delays that are unfathomable to most of us. >> reporter: strong words from kathleen kane describing a report 16 months in the making. it was authored by independent investigators jeff molten. >> even a highly successful final result does not mean that the investigation itself was a complete success, particularly when a serial child molester was left uncharged for so long. >> reporter: duo described what they said were systemic issues with how the sandusky investigation was handled from early 2009 through november 2011 when now governor tom corbett was the attorney general. chief among the issues was how long it took prosecutors to take crucial steps in their investigation. for example they say a search warrant was not executed at sandusky's home until june 2011, just over two years after the attorney general's
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office first took the case. investigators eventually found photos of the victims. >> had search been conducted in 2009 and 2010, investigators could have used those photographs and names to find victim much earlier. >> reporter: prosecutors say they didn't have enough evidence to move forward with the search wanter. report says investigators waited until january 2011 to subpoena records from local and university police about the former coach. those records eventually led to the the discovery of four more victims, had steps like those been taken the attorney general says that the two additional abuse victims in 2009 may have been spared. >> if different tactics were taken and different route was chosen and sandusky was in jail, of course there wouldn't be more victims. >> reporter: fran fina was chief deputy attorney general during the sandusky investigation and says focusing on the slow progress of the investigation was a reach. >> it was a trick she used to gete elected. molten didn't deliver for her. what is she going to do?
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she has to come up with something else sensational to detract from the fact that she positive series of false hood to the public during her campaign. >> reporter: penn state trustee anthony said report did provide some value. >> for me personally, it really does validate what i thought all along that this too much longer then it should have taken. >> reporter: attorney general stopped short of calling the governor responsible for unexplainable delays but she inferred that he held at least some of the blame. the governor immediately responded this morning with the statement saying the that the investigation moved swiftly was never about politics and ultimately resulted in putting a serial sexual predator behind bars for life. we're live from the sat center, national rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have learned that an arbitrator says jerry sandusky should keep his state pension since he was in the convicted as a state employee. he is entitled to his $4,900 a month plus back pay.
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it is unclear if the state pension board will appeal. state supreme court declined to hear an appeal on his child sex abuse conviction. we have been following the sandusky case from the very beginning. you can get a much better understanding of the investigation if you read that full report. we have set up a lincoln our web site at cbt investigators are on the scene of the police involved shooting in west oak lane that left one person injured. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao has the very latest. >> reporter: the shattered glass and shell casings, littered the street in west oak lane on monday after an officer involved shooting sends one man to the hospital. >> i heard one gunshot and then i heard another and i started looking. i seen a gentlemen with the orange shirt and shorts on just shooting down the street. >> reporter: asking that we not identify or show him his face that is account from an eyewitness who lives nearby. he had just come outside when he heard gunshots. >> i seen rear window of the suv go out and just get blown out, vehicle will kept going. >> reporter: as police marked
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evidence left behind they are trying to piece together exactly what happened, the the shooting unfolded here on the corner of 19th and plymouth street around 1:00 monday afternoon. an officer involved and one suspect involved in the black suv. after that shooting we are told the vehicle was located around the corner at 18th street and cheltenham avenue. police took the injured man to einstein hospital where he is in stable condition tonight. now people live in this neighborhood want to mow what provoked the shooting. >> you don't shoot 11 times at a vehicle when there are kids on the street. >> as always, gun shooting, every time you turn around, somebody is getting is not west oak lane. >> reporter: this shooting just continues a string of violent days for philadelphia. yesterday a man was shot mutt i am times and killed in the 1900 block of 69th avenue in west oak lane. police say he was one of two people killed in eight shootings over the weekend. >> it used to be a beautiful neighborhood. i could sleep on my back and front porch anytime i wanted
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to. i'm afraid to do that now. >> reporter: no officers were injured during the incident and police are not yet identifying the man who was shot and injured. of course, we will keep you up to dayton air and on line at cbs reporting from west oak lane, jane carabao, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fire fighters are called to cherry hill high school west this afternoon to fight a fire on the roof. chopper three overhead this happened at after class was dismissed for date. those still inside were evacuated just before 4:00. the cause of the investigation is still under investigation. no one was hurt. it it was a beautiful day across the area as we started off the workweek but it is not all good news, unfortunately. "eyewitness news" in south philadelphia, as people wandered around today enjoying the weather. but those muggy conditions, are making a come back. kathy orr is outside on the cbs-3 sky deck with the very latest on that kathy. >> they are dog days of summer chris, find a pool, find a friend who has a pool, this is
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going to be the week to enjoy it. take a trip down the the shore, temperatures are rising through the 80's, we have lose humidity, dry air mass over us but it isn't going to stay that way. on storm scan it three is a beautiful evening. so, no weather issues. in philadelphia, 81, eight is two our high. allentown two. poconos seven 46789 mild down the shore in the 70's. we will watch temperatures fall through the 70's and 60's by 11:00 p.m., skies will stay partly cloudy a great evening to be outside. suddenly it will get sticky, steamy, we will that have forecast coming up, plus a chance of thunderstorms with that humid air coming as well. i'll see you later on the broadcast with the seven day when i join you inside. >> delaware county girl sarah murnaghan whose need sparked a national debate last year is now speaking out to the media. she and her family are reacting as a national
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transplant board weighed in on a ruling that gives children better shot at donor lungs. stephanie stahl is live outside sarah's home in newtown square where sarah and her family just spoke, stephanie. >> reporter: that is right, it is a victory for murnaghan family their battle that started over a year ago to save sarah's life has now resulted in a permanent transplant rule change. >> first grady felt like i didn't think it was possible. >> reporter: sarah murnaghan and her family said they were happy about the decision that will permanently change transplant rules giving children easier access to adult lungs. >> very rewarding that the medical community agrees with us. >> and listen, it is for the bet are. >> reporter: sarah parents started a battle a year ago a judge first ruled in her favor and united network for organ sharing, allowed for exceptions, sarah then had two lung transplants with dult lungs.
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now other children will have the same opportunity. >> it is not an enormous impact that will change adult lung transplants but it is significant. every life counts. >> reporter: home video from her family documents sarah's long, sometimes difficult recovery but she says she's enjoying her summer. >> going with mom and dad and we go to the pool and we go to some parks. >> reporter: now the family says that they have a lot to celebrate, including, a new baby on the way. sarah's mom janet is due this fall. reporting live from newtown square, stephanie stahl, cbs3 "eyewitness news". students rallied with elect officials calling for more funning for education. they took to the steps of the state house, in trenton today. they presented a set of have bills to the new jersey higher education legislation panning age or help for short.
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they want lawmakers to increase education funding to $1.9 million. >> to see young people get themselves organized, through their own self-interest and not only for your own self-interest but for the interest of the few you tour of our state. you have done a terrific job. >> organizers there say the national student debt is $1.2 trillion surpassed credit card debt in this country. is there much more ahead on "eyewitness news" including a warning for bothers in pennsylvania. what you need to know if you are taking a spin on the the water in the next few weeks. justin? we are live in margate where it is another beautiful day here on the beach and water temperatures actually warmer then what they should be for june i'll have details in the forecast, leslie. well, justin phillies will pay tribute to their all time hits leader before tonight's
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game with the marlins at the ballpark. flyers saying good bye to the fan favorite, hear from scott hartnell coming up later in sports. male announcer: during the 150th anniversary of the war between the states. order our civil war trails guides at and download our new civil war mobile app. maryland. land of history.
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male announcer: coand join oure wtraveling celebrational as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery. atlantic city may be an option for those looking to cruise closer to home.
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chopper three over historic gardener's basin, which is the proposed site of a port. mayor don guardian says that an engineering report shows waters there are deep enough to handle ships up to two hundred feet long, and he is asking the the federal government for help in making that happen. the area that he hopes to develop is about the size of baltimore's inner harbor. well, we all know dangers of dui. >> but boating under the the influence is just as dangerous and just as expensive. coastguard officials gathered at the delaware river front to warn the public about the penalties of bui, the blood alcohol level for boating is the same as it is for driving, .08, if you're caught drunk in federal waters, fines can range from 1500 to $7,000. well, okay, as we have said it has been a beautiful day across the region but for anyone who is down the the shore, they know the best
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parties the fact that the the water there is starting to warm up. >> they are right on time, we will check with kathy orr for a check of the forecast in just a moment but, first we will talk to justin drabick with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab in margate, justin. >> good evening, everyone. that is right, good news. even for this time of the year we have warmer water temperatures. warmer than average. there is a nice breeze coming off the ocean right now. still a few people hanging out on the beach in margate. why not. perfect weather. typically ocean takes longer to heat up then air temperatures. usually a month later. check out these current water temperatures. we will start off in atlantic city where we have a current temperature of 57 degrees and that is average, well above the 60's for this time of the year. even warmer in cape may. this water temperature taken closer to the delaware bay so that water is in the upper 70's. then down to delaware, rehoboth beach, lewis, ocean city maryland, lower 70's right now. it ace above average where we
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should be in the upper 60's. back here hive with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab let me show you a graph of the water temperatures from atlantic city. this takes you back to thursday. uphill climb. we are peeking right now at 75 degrees. nice weather, bringing in the warmer weather. get some water and get down here and enjoy it. for the rest of the forecast and inland temperatures new back to the studio with kathy. >> planning a trip now, thanks very much. inland we're talking about temperatures that are warm, temperatures that are in the 80's, plenty of sunshine out there in center city philadelphia and on the new jersey side, the river, just looking beautiful this afternoon work those sunbeams bouncing off of it. right now in fill at the temperature is 81. allentown 82. trenton 78. down the shore 77, in atlantic city at the airport but that is in pamona 9 miles inland. at the beach, 75 degrees, mirroring that ocean water temperature. stone harbor 76. cape may 76. rehoboth beach delaware reporting in a land temperature of 76 degrees.
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future weather showing mainly clear sky tonight, and even into the late the night hours, mainly clear to partly cloudy, a few clouds towards morning with the few sprinkles or showers to the west. so no issues there. enduring the day on tuesday, everything really riding well to the west, keeping it dry and keeping it comfortable with an increase in humidity, so we will definitely feeling the difference. overnight it will be partly cloudy, miles, temperatures in the mid 60's. during the take tomorrow high in the mid 80's. the it is more humid in the afternoon with that southerly wind with ten to 15 miles an hour and that wind will continue through the week becoming southeasterly and that is an even more sticky situation. for your tuesday mostly sunny high near 80 degrees down the shore. temperatures will be riding high, ocean water temperatures as well. uv index nine. rip current risk will be low with the southerly win. once things change a little bit on wednesday we have a storm moving toward us.
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temperature 81 degrees. a few more clouds will keep that uv index down but rip current risk maryland rate the so stay away from beach that he is do the not have guards. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast and shore cast, wednesday we will go 86, thursday 88. friday 86. saturday and sunday warm, stormy sunday, monday 88. i should mention wednesday afternoon some showers and storms, some with heavy downpours, we will keep an eye on that, big problem this evening would be sun glare, wouldn't it vittoria. >> absolutely, kathy. sun glare is affect roadways all over the place now. on top of rush hour volume expect low visibility but lets talk phillies traffic as well, northbound i-95 delayed approaching 420 up and over girard point bridge down toward broad street exit. take a look at rush hour delays, three is your average on i-95, 14 on the schuylkill expressway and 35 traveling on 476. watch out for high volume around the mid county toll plaza affecting blue route, northeast extension and
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pennsylvania turnpike. keep in mind 70 westbound at 295 we have an accident and that is causing volume as well, stay with us as cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we will be right back. ♪watching everybody eating
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well, flyers gm ron hextall very busy today, signing center brayden schenn to a multi year contract extension, and trading very popular winger scott hartnell to columbus for rj umberger and a fourth round draft pick. in seven years with the team hartnell scored 171st 57 goals, 326 assists. he was very active in the community with his hartnell down foundation. hartnell says he was shocked and upset, but still waved his in trade clause when the flyers asked him to. >> it takes me a few days to kind of comprehend things and stuff and looking forward and looking at columbus and kind of what they have done in the
6:25 pm
last few years with their organization, kind of where they are going and, you know, i was actually, really excited to go. >> well, philly is start an eight game home stand taking on the marlins. before the game there will be a special tribute to the team's new all time hits leader jimmy rollins. thinks a big home stand for phillies facing marlins and then division leading braves, they have a chance to gain some ground in the division, right new they are five games out of first place. teams that we're familiar with and teams that we need to play good baseball and we just played good baseball on the road trip, with a chance to win seven games and coming up with five wins. we want to continue that momentum here and do it here at our home stayed yum. >> all right. world cup action netherland taking on chill east, dutch scored two goals late in the
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contest, and, top spot, in group b, and of course, thursday is taking on germany. >> i want the passion of the world cup, enthusiasm, it is so much f fun. >> it is special, nothing quite like it lets see how things work out thursday, fans will keep it going in this country. >> we will be right back
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on wpsg the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. "cbs evening news" coming your way next. u.s. getting closer to military action in iraq. there are reports from baghdad and pentagon coming up. scott pelley reports from new york for the "cbs evening news".
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>> pelley: tonight, america joins the struggle to save iraq. in baghdad, we hear u.s. military action may come soon. >> the very future of iraq depends on choices that will be made in the next days and weeks. >> pelley: u.s. troops get a green light. margaret brennan and clarissa ward report from baghdad. david martin is at the pentagon. insiders who knew the truth about v.a. hospitals were inin ignored for years. wyatt andrews with the new revelation. ecstasy ends in agony. elaine quijano on what's next for team u.s.a. at the world cup. and what if you posted a mailbox in the middle of nowhere? chip reid on the treasures we


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