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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 23, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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city avenue in bala cynwyd. police say the suspect held the clerk up with a gun and madoff with a unknown amount of cash. that clerk was not hurt. then, just short time later, a 7-eleven on city avenue in win win was held up at knife point. no one was injured. it is unclear how much money that robber got away with, police are looking to see if the two robberies are connected. good morning, everyone, in other news this morning, fear and concern after woman is raped twice in her apartment in rittenhouse square. her attacker still on the loose. >> he was, however, caught on surveillance video. police hope that these images lead to his arrest. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us now, at police headquarters, with the latest information. same, a good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika and ukee, police have released a surveillance video, in hopes of catching a man they say followed a 26 year old woman, to her apartment, in center city, and then raped her.
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>> we're getting a look at who police say first followed his victim on bike, then by foot. the camera catches the suspect, approaching the victim from behind, grabbing her waist, and according to sources, threatening and ordering the victim into her apartment, near 19th and spruce streets early saturday morning. once inside, police say, the suspect raymond the 26 year old, then fled with her cell phone and keys. sources say, the victim was so traumatized, she de did not even realize the suspect left. we're told the suspect returned a short time later, because he left his messenger bag behind, and police say, the suspect raped the victim again. when the man left the second time, police say, the woman called 911 right away. >> it is very upsetting, very surprising, and very angering. >> these women do not know the victim who is a doctor, but worked at the same hospital, and lived nearby. >> i found out about it because our program director emailed all of the girls in our program and asked if we
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were okay. >> what's not okay, city officials say, not enough real time surveillance cameras throughout the city. city council president, darryl clark, says incidents like this proof there is a need for better crime fighting technology. >> we'll just have prevented this particular problem? i don't know. but the reality is where ever we have the ability to enhance real time surveillance, we need to do it. >> and, the suspect is being described as a hispanic male, mid to late 20's, five-five, to five-ten. he was wearing at that time a black t-shirt and jeans. now, police are also hoping to release more surveillance video later today. live at police headquarters, syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". thank you, same a a look at some of the other news events happening today. pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen cane, will release a report on the jerry sandusky sex abuse investigation. cane says the report focuses on the police and prosecution's handling of the case. and, it is expected to clear
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governor tom corbett of any wrong-doing. a preliminary hearing today in the battle over the los angeles clippers. former clippers owner donald sterling fighting his he is take dollars wife agreement to sell the team. and supporters of camden schools will demonstrate on the steps of the new jersey state capitol in trenton. they want more funding for their schools. and, they want governor chris christie to remove the state appointed superintendent. it is 03:00, here is your traffic and weather together on the 3's. >> good morning, pretty nice start to the day. when you walk out the door, you may machines it feels little muggy outside, that's simply because this happens a lot. where the time of the morning is definitely what it is all about. where the temperature drops off to generally lowest level, and because it hasn't had a chance to rebound, could be closer to the dew point. so when you walk out the door, all that really means, may feel little stuck i to you. ocean city and up and down the shore line across the board the sunrise a beautiful one this morning. we can expect much more of the same here, full sunshine to
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help warm things up. take a look at storm scan3, you can understand why. high pressure to place, don't worry about wet weather, rather, just get nice, warm, summary day. yes, now we are officially in the summer of course, and we can rest assured we will keep pretty typical temperatures easily in the 80s, for the next seven. sixty-four the current temperature at the airport, cooler through the northern suburbs up toward pocono region, quakertown, pair of five's currently, 63 mt. holly where national weather service regional office is locate today i think we go for 84 degrees in the sit, just tad cooler at the area shore points, poconos, but everybody gets in on what looks to be real nice day. >> keep it going, 6:04, good morning, everybody, after nice weekends, good start to our monday morning, and it was nice weather, so nice, we shuffled some lanes around i-95. live look at i95, i want to point out to the left side of your screen here, the southbound lanes are now rolling on the newly paved stretch of the roadway. this is that stretch, between girard avenue and center city,
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for say the last two years, we've driven by here and seen the cranes and all of the construction, well, we are open for business this morning, so that's good news. so as you head south out of northeast philadelphia this morning, you will have the new stretch there, between girard and center city, but then all of this week, penndot will be working on the overnight, to move the rest of the lanes over to that far right side. so, it will be a hot bed of activity all this week, south on 95 so just be aware of the new patterns that will develop. an accident out here in coatesville, fisher ville road at reese ville road. that's closing the onramp to the 30 bypass. and a crash along back ton hill road at old valley hill road, and the route 13 ramps to 295 are closed in delaware, all because after crash. mass transit looking good. erika, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. developing right now, secretary of state, john kerrey, has landed in iraq. he's going to meet with the country's top leaders to talk about what assistance the us is willing to offer to help the country avoid a civil war.
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isis militants now control at least three border crossings, near jordan and syria. now, that could allow surge surgeons to move fight nears iraq. president obama's deploying 300 military advisors, to work with iraqi soldiers in their battle with those insurgents. the an administration has not ruled out the possibility of air strikes. also former pow bowe bergdahl continues his re integrate pros this is morning at texas military base. burying dall, release from the taliban activity, recovering and receiving medical care annex posh your to more people. military officials say the process includes gradual increase of social interactions and psychological counselling. the army is investigating the circumstances of his disappearance, and capture, five years ago. route 541 in burlington county new jersey is open again, after this violent crash. it happened shortly before 8:30 last night. several people were returned to the hospital. the cause of the crash is still being looked into. we expect to learn new becomes
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this crash sometime this morning. we'll let you know as soon as we get it. well, now to the stories some local fishermen will never forget and we'll talk about for years. up close and personal with a great white shark right off the jersey coast. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has this incredible shark tail. >> so, here is a fish story that is actually true. and by fish, we mean a great white shark. >> it swam down the lent of the boat. i that see it first. obviously was a little bit stunned. i didn't say anything to anybody. i was trying to process the information because it was quite a big fish. >> that voice is steve clark, avalon retiree, he owns the 35-foot boat that was all that stood between him and rose of razor sharp teeth about 30 miles off the brigantine coast. when he told others on board to look up, the video cameras came out. >> it was awesome. it wasn't scary. we are used to shark. it was awesome. the five people on board the boat actually went out fishing for make owe shark, and to attract those sharks they hung
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a chum bucket on the side of their boat. in the youtube video see the great white reach up, rip the chum bucket off the side of the boat. they had to go get a new one, told the story, the shop owner gave them a discount on the new one. shark hung out near the boat for about 20 minutes. >> would swim, circle the both bo, go under the boat, come back, look at us, stick her head up. >> she wade just shy of 1 ton and about 16 feet long. >> the boat is 10 feet wide. it was sticking way out both sides of the boat. kids looking on both sides of the boat looking. >> they got nervous? when it was gnawing on their outboard motor. calm view. >> likelihood of seeing another one that close is probably never going to happen. great event once in a lifetime deal. >> the fish story to top them all. matt rivers, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, i don't know but, but my first thought that ride at universal studios where the shark comes up next? >> amazing.
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careful where you hung your chum bucket, that's for sure. oh, my. i just like saying it. >> fun? >> combining sunday service with bash service. the church where bibles and booze combine for a unique lee lidge us experience. >> also ahead, $24 million yacht up in flames. the new piece of technology that allowed us to capture these great pictures. (cheers). >> then, the world cup a lot will be talking about. first pandemonium, then heart break. what it means for the americans on the other side with a tie. >> ♪ >> that's pitbull and j-lo singing the world cup song. all of the action for you including first in world cup history. how the weather prompted to macum precedented call, that's coming up next. right now just enjoy a little pitbull and j-lo. get psched. >> morning, family. >> ♪
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>> wild scenes like this one, played out all over the united states, as fans celebrated the us goals against part gal. this was at courtyard hooligan's in charlotte, north carolina. >> every living room, every bar, every restaurant. fans going bananas at the laughing man tavern in dc. >> rock the house in birmingham, at iron city. the go ahead goal. no shortage of american pride on display, as millions tuned
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in to watch team usa. >> unfortunately, that euphoria didn't last. americans just 30 seconds from a win, and an automatic bid to the next round. >> but, maybe it just wasn't meant to be. here is wendy gillette. >> it all came down to the last play, portugal used his head in the final seconds of sunday's match, to tie the game. keeping portugal in the tournament. >> usa denied right to the death. >> us, automatically advancing to the neck round. >> that, gut wrenching. >> better than a lost, tying a game is better than a lost. >> coast-to-coast, americans whether watching. thousands crowded into chicago's grant park, hundreds filled small stadiums, in wake county, north carolina, and tums a, oklahoma. and more fans showed their true colors in los angeles. at the sports bar in
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manhattan, 40 tv's were tuned to the game. >> this is bigger than it was for hockey or the nba. >> the world cup isn't just big business, it is also getting big television ratings, average of 11 million people watched the us team's first match against ghana, making espn's most watched men's soccer game ever. >> eric lee, happy to see the game he so passionate about becoming more popular. >> i think it will get better and bert in the u.s. i'm real excited about it. >> templet sa gets another chance taking on germany, needs win or draw to advance to the next round. wendy gillette, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and it was a first yesterday, during the usa game, weather prompts the referee to take the first water break-in world cup history, players had been complaining about the heat, and in the 39th minute the referee stopped play, for everyone could get a little water rehydrate and get back at it. >> see why the uniforms were soaked with sweat. katie out on the skydeck, how are we looking today?
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will we be drenched with sweat, katy? >> only running around like those poor guys do. shouldn't be as humid. what's interesting to remember is that it is actually winter in brazil. crazy. nothing like a northeast winter, we know that much. right? but go ahead, talk about the tropics. so we start things off there, with nice wide zoom on the tropical satellite. we have a couple every rounds of showers, thunderstorms but no tropical activity. we have been calling for relatively quiet hurricane season, and i do i think we will wrap up the month of june without any activity, in fact, the last time we did that was back in 2004. but a lot of dry, dusty air, strong windshield limiting tropical activity. storm scan3 also empty devoid of actual storms, but eventually we will be dealing with showers, storms, here locally, takes it time to get here. next frontal boundery will arrive by wednesday, showers likely heavier thunderstorm, but meantime, not until tomorrow do we really start to notice the up tick in humidity, will keep sunshine both today and tomorrow, so if you have outdoor plans,
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absolutely keep them both today and tomorrow, by wednesday, may want to think about grabbing the umbrella, bob? >> 6:15, morning. live look at the schuylkill near the boulevard, not bad at all, roads dry this morning, light volume so far on zero monday, going to the maps, just got word, overturned tractor-trailer, blocking the reese ville ramps, the on and off-ramps, to reese ville road, for the westbound 30 bypass, closed this morning, you want to use the fisher ville road ramps, work your way back over toward downingtown to get onto that westbound side of the 30 bypass. good news, though, coming up from the delaware beaches, route 13 north, ramps to 295 reopened at earlier crash there. and a water break not that far from the station, 16th and brandywine, which is just a block off of spring garden street. and a crash over here in voorhees, over sham road blocked, from 73 over to crescent. otherwise, mass transit looking good with no delays. back you. >> a look at today's headlines.
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police want to know if two early morning robberies are connected. a man with a gun, robbed a sunoco gas station in bala cynwyd, man knife robbed a 7-eleven gas station in penn wynn not far away. >> also, list hope you can help them find a rapist. surveillance video shows mall suspect grabbing 26 year old woman near rittenhouse square early saturday. police say that suspect raped and robbed the victim. pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen keen releases new report today on the jerry sandusky case. the report contains new information about how police and prosecutors handled that case. be right back.
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>> risky rescue, flames burn through some mountains near a park in glendale, rescuers used a helicopters to pluck the four hike presser nearby trail. that fire quickly spread from just 10 acres to more than 150 acres, in a matter of hours. tack a -- take a look at this, $24 million yacht goes up in flames in california, all caught on drone cam. a local boat captain, kurt role, shooting video of the shipyard when a quad copter and noticed heavy smoke nearby. no injuries were reported, and no word, wow, look at that, on a cause. >> just incredible. history made over the weekends at the washington national cathedral. delivered sermon becoming the
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first openly trans gender priest to preach there. june is the lesbian gay trans gender community pride month. and this event was the cathedral's month of celebrating equality. members of the gay community wered is to recite prayers and readings. bibles and beers. they're not things you usually talk about together. >> yes, unless you are in the city of montgomery, alabama. bar there doubles as church on sundays. the grace life church needed a place to congress great. so they chose rock bottom american pews. instead of buys, sit at bar tables, so far the idea seeps to be catching on. >> trying to reach people that still love having a relationship with god, but just doesn't like the four walls after traditional church. >> it was so comfortable, and, you know, i think everybody really enjoyed the surround monday, and you just -- everything was very laid back. >> now, also, alcohol is not severed during the service, bar reopens shortly after. pastors say most of the feedback they received has been positive, and i imagine,
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just the floodgate of excuses, now, honey, i'm going to church. oh, okay, have a nice time. >> everything positive, good to see. atlantic is he mayor has new idea on how to revive the struggling shore town. that for you on the other side. >> also, health officials warn of whooping cough epp tell i can -- epidemic. symptoms you should be looking out for. back in two minutes.
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>> just past 6:23. >> good morning, still pretty much clear outside, high pressure in place for yet another day, we keep in in place for tomorrow, as well, so, two straight days of some pretty nice summer like weather. now, the little caveat here, is that eventually we start to see the moisture creeping in on us. these dew points levers start to creep up. they will a little bit today,
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but the worse we can have to expect mere is about 61 degrees, on the dew point, which means, it is not bad. i love. that will just not bad. quote unquote. so little muggy, but not terrible. by tomorrow, you will notice the steamy necessary in the air. we keep the sunshine by wednesday, the showers, and probably, heavier thunderstorms make a return appearance to the forecast. bob this. >> 6:25, morning, hello to delco. live look at i-95, coming up past our cameras at ridley, folks headed up toward the airport, so light volume. starting to see pockets along the way, crash involving overturned tractor-trailer, this at fisher villain reese ville road. now, where the location is here, blocking the onramps from reese ville road to head west onto 30 bypass. you will have to work your way over to route 82, if you are headed west out every downingtown this morning. and some down pole and wires at nixon drive. accident south on the new jersey turnpike near exit number eight. ukee, erika back over to you. >> in sports, new all time
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hits leader jimmy rollins before tonight's game against miami. fans will get keepsake, and special guests on hand, and some surprises for j-roll. as he marks his milestone in his career. congratulations, once again. the phillies got do you have good start yesterday in the final game of their road trip. double put the phils up three-nothing early. but the phils allowed the cards back into the game. and the cards went ahead on a fourth inning safety squeeze bunt. cardinals win this 15-three, the phils finish tough road trip, not bad, five and two. and the flyers schedule is out for the upcoming season. the orange and black open in boston the eighth of october. the very next night the home opener against the devils. the defending champion kings make only appearance on the 28th of october, in town, and the rangers, the team who ousted the flyers from the playoffs, comes to town on "black friday". the penguins come in january, and that's going to be on the 20th, and the season wraps up against ottawa april the 11. i love hockey, but still june. let's enjoy the summer.
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>> go flies nation, marking on the date indeed. >> 6:26. under investigation right now, two armed robberies just minutes and miles apart on the main line. that's ahead. also, the search for a rapist, syma? >> reporter: that's right, police release surveillance video in hopes of catching a rapist. details are coming up. alsoso ahead, us soccer star hope solo due in court today accused of assaulting two family members. find out what her lawyers are saying this morning. >> bob and katie return with your traffic and weather together. we do it on the three, a and good monday morning to you. back in a couple of minutes.
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>> two arm robberies, first around 1:30 at sun so co-gas station in conshohocken, city avenue, billion akin wood. held the clerk up at gunpoint, made off with unknown amount of cash. second robbery happened nearby minutes later at this 7-eleven on city avenue in win win. police say that suspect armed with a knife demanded cash, no one was injured. it is unclear just how much monday that i robber got away with. police are investigating if those two robberies are connected. the search is also on this morning, for suspect who tried to abduct a teenager outside a wawa in philadelphia. it happened yesterday afternoon, in the 6400 block of torresdale avenue in
6:31 am
talcony. police say a man in his 30's approached a 15 year old boy. that suspect fled, when the ten punched him in the fails. the between was not harmed. >> just frightening attack, caught on tape, young doctor raped twice in philadelphia's rittenhouse square neighborhood. women in the area are on high alert. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us now from police headquarters with the very latest on the manhunt. syma? >> a man raped a 26 year old woman in her rittenhouse apartment. he followed her on a bike to her home, watching closely, parked the bike, then he ended up wacking on foot, and in the video you can see the suspect approaching the victim from behind, and grabbing her waist. sources say, he threatened and ordered the victim into her apartment near 19th and spruce streets. once inside, police say, the suspect raymond the 26 year old, then fled with her cell phone and keys. but we're told the suspect
6:32 am
returned a short time later because he left his messenger bag behind. that's when police say the suspect raped the victim again. when the man left the second time, the woman called 911. city officials a are now speaking out against this crime saying there is a need for real time surveillance cameras. >> our police department does a great job, but we need to give them a way to project their ability to monitor some of these dangerous conditions out here in the community. >> and, the suspect is being described as a hispanic male mid to late 20's, about five-five to five-ten, at the time he was wearing a black t-shirt, and bluejeans. now, police are asking for your help, if you have any information, you are being asked to come forward. in the meantime, officials are hoping to release more surveillance video of this man, later today. live at police headquarters, syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and it is coming up on 6:33, here is your traffic and weather together. >> good morning, ukee, everybody, off to a pretty pleasant start overall, so little humid outside respect
6:33 am
because of the fact it is early in the morning. let me explain real quickly. all we have got going on here is the fact that the temperature, early in the morning, has drop off little more so, as it tends to do overnight. it is a little closer to the actual air dew point. in other words, the moisture content in the air is close to the air temperature, so, the air mass becomes little more saturated and that's actually why we've got some green speckles popping up here on storm scan3, no, not tracking any showers, rather, we've just got moisture that is pent up in the atmosphere, starting to actually build with time here. so, even though we have high pressure, and full sunshine today, it is feeling just little bit muggy, too, at the moment. that's going to fade with time. 64 degrees your current air temperature, just check, 59 the actual dew point, the closer that temperature is, to the dew point, the muggier it will feel. we have's got very light winds, too, also few incidents of fog out there, not everyone getting in on, that but generally speaking all looking ahead to nice bright sunny day. seasonably warm for that matter. eighty-three by 3:00 p.m. very likely hit about 84
6:34 am
before it is all said and done, that my friends is right where we should. so true to form, nice, summer day, to kick off either work week or maybe wrap up a three day weaken if you are lucky you have no have the day off. you pick good one for it, if will be nice day all over the place, the shore certainly in the city and definitely up in the mountains, as well. >> 6:34, good looking weekends back to work this morning, getting ready for monday morning rush hour, outside, live look at brand new traffic pattern, in the far back side of your screen, there that's the southbound lanes every i95 pushed on to the newly constructed stretch of the roadway here. between girard avenue and center city. >> now center lanes will become the actual construction zone. but as we go to the maps, over the next couple of nights, you'll see whole new pattern that will take place from allegheny all the way down to center city. so pay attention, if you are coming out of the northeast, coming into philadelphia, not only this morning with the new shuffle, but over the next cup many elf days, as women.
6:35 am
accident out in chester county, overturned tractor-trailer on the ramps from the reese ville road interchange to head west, on the 30 bypass. if you need to go west this morning, we'll need to use the route 82 ramps to do so. water main breakdown town, 16th and brandywine, that's just block off of spring garden street. and a crash over here, in voorhees, has evesham roadblocked from 73 over to crescent road. otherwise, mass transit looking good w no delays. erika, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. while the us men's soccer team competes for the world cup in brazil, one of the most famous placer from the world's teed heads to court. goalie hope spent the weekend in jail after argument with some her family members turned violent. cbs news correspondent co-em has more. >> women's soccer star goalie hope solo expected to be in a suburban seattle courtroom today to face domestic violence charges. over the weekend, police received a 911 call claiming a woman at this home was hitting people.
6:36 am
officers found visible injuries on solo's sister and 17 year old nephew. police say solo appeared to be the aggressor and was intoxicated and upset at owl of control party. neighbors heard the chaos. >> sounded like they were banking on something. i don't foe for sure. but i was scared. >> the two time olympic gold medalist now tends goal for the seattle rain. but the team played without her during sunday's game in new york. >> we're continuing to be a team, continuing to be us. and, you know, we hope everyone is okay. we're just -- >> solo faces two counts of domestic violence charges. but her attorney says solo is not guilty, and she, herself, was assaulted during saturday's inches dent. cbs-3, eye with witness news. other news this morning, former new england patriot aaron hernandez back behind bars in massachusetts after weekends trip to the hospital. the sheriff will not say why hernandez went to the hospital but he says it wasn't caused by a fight or security issue
6:37 am
at the jail. the entire trip lasted less than a half hour. hernandez is waiting to go on trial for three murders. well, former pennsylvania governor dick thornburgh is recovering this morning after suffering a mild stroke. thornburgh was rush to the hospital in pittsburgh over the weekend. doctors reportedly told his wife that the 81 year old will recover. governor back in 79, many of you may remember, thornburgh led the state during the 3-mile island nuclear crisis. he later served as u.s. attorney general under presidents reagan and george h.w. bush. weaver some break cents news in the city's spring garden section. "eyewitness news" live on the scene right here, of water main break at 16th and brandywine streets. you can see the water trickling down in the street right there. the water has been flowing, we're told, for almost an hour now, and the water department is on the scene, they're work to go fix that mess. right now, though, you can see the barricade is up. sixteenth street is closed at brandywine street, because of that water main break, we'll
6:38 am
stay on top of this and bring you updates. meantime, changes could soon be coming to atlantic city. live look of of ac. nice day down the shore, mayor don guardian wants to transform atlantic city for port of call for smaller cruise lines. found city waterways are deep enough to accommodate those shims. guardian plans to ask the federal government to help establish the port. well, are you looking for a job in if so, coast-to-coast career fares, they're going to host a job fair in philadelphia today. hundreds of employers will will be on hand. it will be held at the crowne plaza hotel on city avenue, from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. also, a career expert will be on site offering free resume critique. >> crest to impress. now, to some heartfelt moments at children's hospital of philadelphia. >> this just touches your heart. this is fantastic. children who underwent fetal surgery were re-introduce today their doctors yesterday at the part of annual event. more than 1700 people gathered for fun outside of chop.
6:39 am
the children once in incubate remembers climbing rock walls and jumping in bounce houses, having great time there. the team is has hosted this event for the past 18 years. and you can see when we zoom in on the docks, their smiles are as big as the kids. >> this is my favorite day of the year you see all of the kids, and they're grogan healthy and what could be better than that? >> agreed. doctor says hang on, see that, little something, love that, the doctor says 150 fetal surgeries will be perform at chop by the end of the year. and he says many people don't realize the biggest center for that in the world. >> they do great work. and batman and captain america were there, too? did you see that? >> quite the showing. i saw face painting, great day, the parents see they're so happy, too. >> feel good. no doubt about it, childhood infection that's largely forgotten until now. where a whopping cough epidemic was just declared. coming up in our what's up doc segment. doctor rob is in the house to talk about the symptoms and
6:40 am
how to protect your family. we're looking at top winners up next. >> ♪ >> this is the sound we've come to expect from pearl yam. so fans were surprised when they broke the mold at a concert this weekend. check out the song they performed. when we come back.
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back to work, back to school for a loft folks. at least it is nice out. >> if you are lucky you have no have scored the day off, lucky you. nice day. pollen report, what we like to start off with. those levels remain very, very low, today, and tomorrow, for that matter, they town decline, with time, and that's actually as a result of the next frontal boundery rolling in, brink wag likely is some heavier rounds of showers or thunderstorms by mid week. meantime, we're clear as a bell, yes, little muggy even hazy, all depending on hoe case, but still clear with high pressure in place for yet another day. it will stay in place tomorrow, as women. so expect sunshine, seasonal warmth, 84 degrees, doesn't get better than, that right? sixty-five later tonight, pretty typical, partly cloudy sky, move forward, start to notice the up tick in humid it, even off to muggy start, will gradely fade with time. tomorrow pretty much whole day, feels little steamy definitely true on wednesday. by that point i would suggest
6:44 am
an umbrella, looks like wednesday afternoon into the evening, does feature showers and locally heavier storms. than should start to clear out as we move in to thursday. >> live look at the delay, westbound, headed out every town from the boulevard, out through belmont avenue. sun as soon as it peaks over the tree line will give us sun glare coming inbound this morning, 422, again, delays, beginning to build here between royersford and collegeville, as you pass our camera here, at oaks, but the roads are dry, something we have going for thus morning. out here in coatesville, ramp from reese ville road to hess west, on the 30 bypass, is closed this morning. gain access to the bypass, over in moorestown, new jersey, route 38 eastbound right near nixon drive, a downed pole came down through the overnight with some wires there. south on 95, starting to see delays woodhaven into center city and new traffic pattern
6:45 am
this morning, pushed everybody over to the right, from girard avenue into center city on the newly constructed stretch of the roadway, new, along route 100 both directions near route 113. ukee, back over to you. >> here is a look at today's headlines, police hope surveillance video leads them to the suspect who robbed and raped a woman in her apartment near rittenhouse square saturday morning, investigators will release more video later today. >> kathleen cane says report on jury scandal clears governor of any wrong-doing. centers on law enforcement handling of the case. s battled a tough portugal keep. port call scored as stoppage time ran the u place to two-two draw. united states place germany on thursday. >> public health officials say
6:46 am
california dealing with worse outbreak of whopping cough in years. >> cdc reports nearly 10,000 cases of the highly contagious respiratory infection just so far this year. so, you might be wondering what the best way to protect your family? we brought in doctor rob dan off, family physician with the answer, thank you for coming in. >> thanks for being here. >> so this seems to be such a spike. why do you think we're seeing more cases now? >> erika, every three-five years, tends to peak, and unlike measles, never gotten rid of whopping cough or per it is cents, but rears its ugly head there is year 24% high nerve cases than last year, and here is the thing for everyone case that's reported another ten at least not reported. we are concerned, because for everyone person infected they can infect another 15. >> you said it right. whopping cough? >> yes, whooping cough. >> the difference between regular cough and whooping cough? >> not everyone gets there is the reason we call it, it
6:47 am
sounds like a whoop. people cough in spasms. all the sudden your a fine then you start coughing for minute or more. >> not everyone does it, but so bad, imagine say in a instant you're coughing so much they can't eat, can't breathe, they can't drink, so it can be very bad. many adults can get it, all the sudden fine then just cough throughout the day or at night, and get you so tired, that it is a health problem. >> exactly, you're trying to make up, because every time you cough you exhaust air. and you're coughing so much it is like wait i have to take a breath. you know, like that. >> now you think so much of infants when you think of whooping cough. but adults can get it, too. at what point when you see your kids cough, you are coughing, when should you go to the doctor? >> great point. first of all if you have a cough that lasts more than a week, week to ten days, or a cough that wakes you up at night or causes shortness of breath, some adults cough so
6:48 am
hard that they break a rib. so it can cause pain, infants typically may moth whoop, but sometimes they just stop breathing. so do you have really watch them. or they vomit. so if you have any of these symptoms, please, see a doctor or if you have been around someone who has been diagnosed with whooping cough, then go see your doctor. >> how do you preact them them? >> we call it cacoon, basically surrounding infants with five people who have been vaccinated. infants can't get their vaccines until six weeks at the earliest, any time mom is pregnant between 27-36 weeks gets vaccine. don't let anyone visit your young kids unless they've been vaccinated against whooping cough. they can spread t do you know that 80% of all case that is are spread to youngsters are by household members or friends. so you want to make sure that we're all vaccinate. have you had your t-back vaccine. >> i've not doctor,. >> listen, i will get awe tour, come right to my office, we'll find awe great spot. i have i'll have erika give
6:49 am
you the snot. >> erika, ready? give it to him? >> born red. >> i we don't want to fool around with this, it can be serious, called the hyundai cough, it can last that long. >> do you have to get a booster vaccine in if you had it as a baby? >> by age six usually you've had five shots. a the love adults haven't gotten their booster, and a lot of times kids going to college may not have gotten their full series, so not fully protected and the vaccines can wear off over time. bottom line, talk to your doctor, find out when the last time you had the vaccine, please, get it if you need to. it will protect you, and protect our youngsters. >> you got t that's the bottom linement thank you. >> your time right now 49:00. we see what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie roads joins us up in new york with the latest, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, ukee, ahead margaret brennan in baghdad where secretary every state john kerrey arrived for a surprise visit. plus, nora o'donnell sits down with president owe bamm a she
6:50 am
asks about the white house push to help working families, and cents awe know, fans are stunned after portugal tied up last night's world cup game in the final second. then in brazil how team usa is refocus g, with the showdown with germany. and michelle miller takes a closer look at why starbucks is raising its prices. all that and more. the news is back in the morning. >> see in you about ten minutes. >> you got it. >> since the coffee was so cheap before. thanks, charlie >> the words today is winning, the young and the restless, big last night in the daytime. >> one more time? >> the young and the restless. >> thank you. the show took home five awards including one for out standing drama series. philly miller also on that list for actor in lead drama. and the actress who won best spotting actress, congratulations. >> wedding bells are ringing for katie couric. veteran television host married john in her home in the hamptons saturday.
6:51 am
the couple heist been together for about two years now, cleric -- couric first announced on marriage. first husband you may remember passed away in 1998. how about that? new rock-and-roll twist on the song let it go from the hit disney movie frozen. that's pearl jam performing it during a show in italy friday night. they were in the middle their song, daughter, when they broke out into the frozen song. the bands will wrap up european tour this summer before heading back to the u.s. in october. that is so neat to be there. that songs the movie, catching on, everybody loves. >> when pearl jam is singing it, i mean, you know something big. >> t that's for sure. we'll be right back. good morning. >> ♪
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nice summer day to kick off what's maybe still work week, maybe lucky enough to have scored the day off. or it is your vacation week, i think it takes a pretty good one. we'll end one more sun and heat than anything, but will be some storms to track, here is a look at jack frost, big boulder, no frost to be found up there, nice mild start to the day for you. and, we're going to expect to
6:55 am
see sunshine not here in the poconos but everywhere else. next to storm scan3, qet in the northeast, all you need though is to zoom it out little bitment you can see the activity starting to ramp up, texas, next area of low pressure, which whether eventually zip northeast, drag the cold front through our region here, specifically by wednesday, so we have two solid days of pretty nice summer like weather to enjoy. going tore 84 today, but by the time we're at the first pitch time here against the marlins, for the phillies, more sunshine, 74 degrees, looks like decent evening if you want to hit up the ballpark. tomorrow steamier, start to notice the humidity ramming up by wednesday, i would suggest umbrella, start dry eventually some showers and likely heavier thunderstorms start to move our way. bob, over to you. >> 6:55, hovering above center city spring garden neighborhood, brandywine street, between 15th and 16th street. where we had water main break, erupt on the overnight, crews got out, they turned offer the water, but locally, in the neighborhood, brandywine
6:56 am
street is blocked hang with spring garden. police have letting the cars here get out, moving the barrier, but for the most part, it is just brandywine street blocked, just off of 16th. to i-95, new traffic pattern, coming southbound, penndot pushed everybody over to the newly constructed stretch of the roadway. right here, see where it gets a little pinch, where you come around the curve. so new pattern this morning, headed south on 95, and over the next couple of days, a loft changes here on 95. just be aware headed south into the city beginning this morning. ukee, erika, back over to you. >> we've been talking about it all morning, sport that we want to playwrite now. >> right now. >> fans get psched for world cup around the world, we're wondering could a bubble soccer world cup be that far away? >> we're in. >> could happen right here. this is great. look at your tv if you can. had a chance to play soccer,
6:57 am
huge inflatable plastic bulbs. no one kicking the ball. notice that? just bumming into each other. only rule, you can't knock someone when they're down. >> bubble soccer league later ththis year. >> we've got to do this. >> oh, that was fun. >> let's get four of those began out in the park later today? >> game on. we're keeping it local on the "cw p
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is monday, june 23rd, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." overnight secretary of state john kerry makes a surprise visit to iraq. margaret brennan is with him in baghdad. and norah asks president obama about the threat to americans. an unfolding disaster in the midwest. several communities could face weeks of flooding. and last-minute goal stuns team usa. what is next for their world cup hopes. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry has arrived in baghdad to deal with the growing threat. >> isis militants close in on the capital. >> capturing more


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