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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 21, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> now at 11:00, we're hearing from the family of a man killed in a crash on the atlantic city expressway. that devastating accident also claimed the life of a young child. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. the victims were traveling in pick up that slammed in a guardrail and then flipped. all this happened in the westbound lanes of the atlantic city expressway in hamilton township, new jersey. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is at cooper hospital where one of the injured is being treated. todd? >> reporter: chris, the 45 year old driver of that pick up was flown here to cooper where right now she is listed in critical condition. 35 year old james dennis was riding in the passenger seat of his own pickup truck friday when he was killed during a crash on the atlantic city expressway. the father of three lived in the frankford section of
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philadelphia. his family says he worked construction. >> he took care of everybody. if anybody needed help he never said no. >> reporter: it was dennis' ex-girlfriend 45 year old rosslyn corn gay who was driving when she lost control and struck a guardrail. the pickup truck overturned. three people who were riding in the bed of the truck as well as the three riding in the front were all thrown out. a four year old boy riding in front next to dennis was also killed. >> he was a very goodman. >> goodman. >> good father. good uncle. good cousin. brother. >> the accident 7:00 friday morning tide traffic along the westbound lanes of the expressway the crash happened near mile marker 22.7 in hamilton township. according to dennis' family corn gay's children 18 year oldish nick what abrams and 19 year old brian gregory were riding in the bed of the truck along with another juvenile male. everyone in that truck is from philadelphia. the three others injured rushed to atlantic care regional medical center where they were
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last listed in serious condition. as for the cause of this deadly crash, well, tonight, that still remains under investigation. reporting live tonight in camden, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> real tragedy on the expressway there, todd, thank you. chopper three now over the cape may bridge which was closed for a time tonight. someone found what looked like a pipe bomb under a car that was being serviced at a nearby gas station. traffic was rerouted. the bridge was closed. as a precaution. the atlantic city bomb squad found out that the device was not explosive and the all clear was given. >> comedian tracy morgan is out of the hospital tonight two weeks after he was in a very serious accident on the new jersey turnpike. his publicist says the actor was transferred to a rehab center today. he's expected to stay there now for a few more weeks. morgan was seriously injured in a multi vehicle accident back on june 6th. his friend james mcnair was killed. ntsb investigators say the driver of the truck that caused
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that crash was driving 20 miles per hour over the speed limit. >> new tonight two people have been charged in connection with a deadly hit-and-run in bucks county. a tip led bensalem police to this home on the 700 block of bridge water road. investigation prompted police to arrest melissa rachel. police say she was driving on suspended license when she struck philadelphia resident vincent perry as he walked along bristol pike last night. her boyfriend steven pagano was also arrested. accused of trying to help cover up that crime. >> it appears they hid the vehicle from our site that night. they then took it to a location in philadelphia where they did some other things i really can't get into right now. there's damage consistent with this accident. >> the vehicle and female suspect were located in philadelphia. police say there is no evidence at this time that drugs or alcohol played a role in the deadly hit-and-run. the couple remains jailed unable to post bail. >> developing right now chopper three live over i-95 and girard avenue in philadelphia where night lane closure in effect.
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take look at that. this is on the southbound side between the aramingo on ramp and 676. the travel lanes are being moved to the far right side of the highway. and the change is in effect until 5:00 a.m. keep that to mind. it's all part of a big construction project. >> this is the final night of spring and as we head into summer, we are tracking showers for some parts of the area. meteorologist kathy orr is outside on the cbs-3 sky deck with more on what we can expect as we start the weekend kathy. >> feeling like summer already. only hours away and right now we have a partly cloudy sky but it's very comfortable on the cbs-3 sky deck. it is just a sign of what's to come. now, on storm scan3 we're track something clouds moving our way from a system and they're making their way down the shore alrea already. you can see the boards still a little busy in ocean city, cape may county, and a lot of people heading down the shore this weekend. the clouds are rolling into philadelphia as well. the showers well to the south toward washington and even into
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richmond and a few of those showers and sprinkles will make it our way. right now, in philadelphia, 76. atlantic city 66. a big difference there. allentown 69 and cooling down to 61 already in the poconos. future weather shows the clouds thickening during the over into the with a few sprinkles possible into saturday morning. but notice some sunshine through trenton, philadelphia, even allentown and our suburbs on saturday morning. there is a chance of sprinkles. the best chance in the morning giving way to sunshine in philadelphia. some showers, spotty showers possible in south jersey, the shore more clouds than sun. poconos partly sunny. the temperature 74. coming up we'll talk about the better part of the weekend plus the sunny stretch that's coming in the seven day for the first week of summer. we'll let you know if it will feel like it. for now let's zen it back to you in the studio. >> kathy thank you very much. >> a building collapse in cherry hill camden county leaves a worker dead and another in the hospital tonight.
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former blockbuster video store on route 38 had been vacant for sometime and was in the process of being torn down. the worker who died was found underneath concrete, metal and roofing materials today. cherry hill's fire director says that the final section of the building that was standing is what fell on top of those workers. >> this was permitted. they had all the permits. they had all the insurance and bonding and those types of things. the company doing the work so it was -- authorized and you can see from the area it was a big building and this is a very last piece of it coming down. >> and investigation that includes osha is now underway. there is no word on the entities of the victims. tonight a story won't see anywhere else. going back to basics to fight crime. only our natasha brown was invited along as philadelphia police officers set out on foot in one of the busiest districts in the city. she's live tonight to explain the impact that change is having on high crime areas. natasha? >> reporter: well, new
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recruits fresh out of the police academy are assigned to foot beats and some of the most vial license districts in the city of philadelphia. and as we found out, their presence is making quite a difference. for these 25th district officers fresh out of the police academy this daily role call meeting has become the calm before the storm. they're about to be thrust into some of the most dangerous areas of the city. so much so, that even i get suited up were i was bullet proof vest before hitting the beat with them. >> your locate i'll be coming around. >> war here the a kensington and allegheny the heart of one of the most violent districts in philadelphia. foot beat officers branch out into notorious drug hot spots. >> they're up here on the corner they get moved. they try to outsmart us. a lot of times we'll change up our routine. >> officers wallace and car pew chi two of more than 100 new recruits changing the face of protecting and serving as philadelphia police see a significant drop in crime by having officers walk the beat.
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>> we had a significant double digit reductions across the board in our violent areas. southwest philadelphia was one of our most violent areas of the city. it was historically 120 young men would be killed on yearly basis. and that number has been cut in half. >> loot of guns in this area. >> war on crime rages on -- >> these officers have imbedded themselves into these tough communities. their mere presence he had aing a sense of piece in areas normally clouded by violence. >> if you look on the streets you'll see a will the of older people sitting out on their now. children are playing in the streets whereas a lot of these neighborhoods were plagued with violence. >> foot beat officers are assigned to at least six of the most violent districts in the city. they are there not only to prevent crime but also to stab a rapport with the community they serve. we're live here at the 25th police district in kensington tonight, natasha brown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, natasha, thank you
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very much. pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen cane will release a report on monday about how her predecessor handled the jerry sandusky investigation. the criminal case against the now convicted pedophile began in late 2008. nearly three years did pass before the former penn state assistant football coach was arrested. she has suggested that governor tom corbett who was then attorney general slowed down the investigation during his run for governor. corbett has fiercely denied that claim. >> the pope is making some headlines tonight with his opinion on pot. we'll tell was the holy father says about legalized marijuana. a day after philadelphia's vote to reduce pot penalties. >> caught on video an unbelievable accident. a motorcycle rider is thrown into the air and you won't believe how he ended up. that story is coming upping in. kathy. >> we're taking a look at clouds rolling toward the region for the official start of the summer season. some rain showers as well.
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what does this mean for the first day of summer and for the first week? we'll have the seven day coming up. >> summer heat up, more daylight it can take a toll on your sleep. we'll tell you why tomorrow could be the worst day of all for sleep and what you can do to ensure that you
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back on "eyewitness news" with more severe weather in the midwest. all roads bleeding into blakely minnesota are closed after tour rep shall rains caused severe flooding. some areas saw more than a foot of rain in just one day. officials say all of the roads and bridges will need to be inspected before reopening but those inspections can't begin until the waters recede. hundreds of national guard members have been called in to help with the flood response. >> the man involved in a dramatic motorcycle accident is speaking out. take a look at this when you see a car waiting to make left turn all of a sudden a motorcycle collides with the car, somehow that biker michael smith lands on his feet. no injuries were reported.
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amazingly but smith recounts what went through his mine right before that crash. >> i had to break brake for impact. i knew there was no way i was dodging it. >> smith was cited for not wearing a helmet. the driver of the car was cited for making an illegal left turn. >> pope francis says he is against any move to legalize recreational drug. that comes a day after philadelphia city council voted to lessen the punishment for the possession of marijuana. speaking at a drug enforcement cop presence in rome, the holy father said "drug addiction is an evil and with evil there could be no yielding for compromise. people need to say yes to life, love, education and opportunities so there nobody no room for addictions. >> the number of scientists who might have been exposed to anthrax has now gone up from 75 to 84. the cdc says researchers were exposed to the bacteria after not following proper procedures. dozens of scientists are being
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treated with antibiotics and will be closely monitored for up to 60 days. federal officials say the incident does not pose any risk to the general public. >> thee on your side updates us tonight on a story we've been tracking now for many months. a formal complaint has been filed against five out of state electricity suppliers claiming those companies engaged in deceptive marketing. the company the complaint was filed by the pennsylvania attorney general's office and the office of consumer advocate. thousands of pa residents who get their electricity through third party suppliers saw big rate spikes this winter. the complaint alleges that the companies violated the law and the prices they charge customers didn't really reflect the cost to serve reasonable energy nee needs. the state wants those companies to pay civil penalties and as well as provide appropriate restitution including refunds. on the health watch to tomorrow is the beginning of
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summer, and the longest day of the year. it gives us all a little extra time to enjoy the summer sun. but doctors are warning that it could cause trouble for the millions who suffer with sleep problem. health reporter stephanie stahl tells us why. >> reporter: tiffany rittenhouse works at the jeff son sleep center and ironically, suffers with insomnia herself. >> never feel rested and just feel miserable all day report roar for millions like tiffany who need as much darkness as possible to sleep, saturday the summer solstice the longest day of the year could be especially troublesome. >> as soon as i see the light i'm up. >> reporter: sunrise on saturday will be at 5:32 in the philadelphia region. and soon hours later, the sun will set at 8:33. it's a lot of daylight which reduces product of the hormone melatonin that regulates sleep. >> light antagonizes melatonin. >> director of the jefferson sleep center stress and other things can you tell us interfere with sleep. but the extra dose of sunlight that comes with the solstice can
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make insomnia even worse. >> because of that, we don't sleep as well. melatonin is important for sleep but not secreted later into the night. >> he says shutting out as much light as possible will help. it might sound strange but he also recommends wearing sunglasses in the early evening until it gets really dark. that will help stimulate melatonin. >> already sleepy because we're not sleeping enough because of work and other demands, and now because of all the light in the environment we're sleeping even less. building up more daytime sleepiness. >> because of the extra daylig daylight, people generally sleep a little less in the summertime. we have more information for you including some ways to help fight insomnia at click on health. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that explains everything. >> um-hmm. >> we have been waiting for this summer to arrive for what seems like forever and it's finally here. ly. it is here finally. it seem like it came very quickly. long winter. long spring.
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and now here it is. tomorrow morning summer begins. i hope you have the time to enjoy it. the forecast is actually looking brighter for many of us even for your saturday. take a look outside where we have a partly cloudy sky. it is a comfortable night in center city philadelphia with temperatures still in the 70s. this is the view from our cbs-3 studios. let's take to you storm scan3. you can see some clouds moving in and some showers to the south. we do have a frontal boundary down there,s a storm system or an area of low pressure will ride along it bring something spots a chance of a shower tomorrow tomorrow. right now in the city it's 76. 69 in trenton cooling in the poconos to 61. 64 in millville and 71 in dover. ocean water temperatures still warming up at 71 degrees. pretty good today. and it's keeping the shore temperatures pretty mild. beach haven, atlantic city, in the 70s. 69 in stone harbor right now in cape may 65. and rehoboth beach, delaware, it is still 71 degrees. tomorrow summer begin.
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15 hours and 38 seconds of daylight. i hope you enjoy it but i hope you to get a good night's sleep. future weather shows the clouds moving on that in. tomorrow the possibility of a few sprinkles and even some signs of some clearing going on to the north and the east. over the course of the day a few spotty showers. the best chance would be to the south of philadelphia and then we slowly dry it out during the evening and the overnight. sunday looking like a real nice day. so here comes that area of low pressure tracking a little bit farther to the south. and earlier today that easterly wind will keep the clouds in and cooler temperatures in the 70s with some breaks in the clouds and once again a chance of a shower or best chance to the south of philadelphia. for your sunday high pressure moves in and really pushes that low to the south. a much better day, a milder day, blue skies, temperature in the 80s and it stays nice for monday. we'll see a really nice first week of summer. with a limited amount of moisture. so far so good. overnight, clouds increase. it will be comfortably cool. the low 63.
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for your saturday, clouds giving way to some sunshine a stray shower. the high temperature going for 78 degrees. and if you're heading to the pock nose, you're farther away from this storm system. so you'll have more sunshine. clouds to sun saturday. plenty of sunshine sunday. monday mostly sunny the high year 80 degrees. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast, sunday looks great. 83, mostly sunny, down the shore 77, monday great. tuesday great. wednesday a chance of a late shower or storm with a frontal boundary. it stays steamy. little sticky thursday and friday and some heat as a frontal boundary stalls to our south. shore temperatures staying around 80 degrees. i hope you enjoy the weekend. it's going to be pretty good one. >> nice and summery. >> good. kathy thanks our great hall here at cbs was the back drop for award ceremony and fundraiser tonight. a benefiting the up town theater in north philadelphia. and sports director beasley
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reece was the host. sam reid former band leader of the up town received a president's award tonight. while imprint, lady b and jamal dean come ma were inducted into the hall of fame. the funds raise benefit the renovation of that historic theater. it was a lot of fun. great group tonight. >> everybody played the up town. yeah. >> apollo in new york. up town in fill. royal in baltimore. >> special place. >> howard in d.c. in sports the birds taking a summer break. sixers draft is getting a little crazy plus the fightin' phils look for five straight
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♪ >> kind of hard to believe but your philadelphia phillies winners of four straight games. they've done it on the road. sweeping the braves in atlanta then beating the cardinals four to one in st. louis on thursday night. here we go. aj burnett on the mound for the phillies after a 70 minute rain delay at bush stadium. good start for aj. three balls and a strike. no strikes it is and he got ground out double play. burnett also got it done at the plate rips this one off the centerfield wall. almost left the yard and rbi double would tie the game at one. the next inning the phillies pile the up. jimmy rollins with a sack fly. the phillies on top five-one. right now they're in the seventh inning of play. phillies hanging on to that le
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lead. >> sixers draft turmoil who will take the injured joel em bee. the kansas center has foot fracture. turn the draft upside down. what's going to happen now. cavaliers and bucks take andrew wiggins and jabari parker that leaves the sixers with a decision to make with that number three pick. all the drama comes on thursday night. all right. eagles are done with ota workouts. they will take 35 days off. sounds great, right? before returning for summer training camp. every single bird decided to take part in a voluntary activity that was the last camp and, and chip's guys all in ready for 2014. he says the guys are locked in and they will stay out of trouble during the break. >> i think a lot of that we take into consideration in our requirement, h we acquire these guys and shrek these guys much that's a real big important thing to us is that, yorks want a bunch of guys i have to worry about when we're away -- i got to worry about how they're supposed to behave. i think they understand. ♪
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>> world cup action we had a french beat down hammered their neighbors switzerland five-two. france has now scored eight goals in their first two games. they have been one of the big surprises at the tournament. >> good game between honduras and ecuador. ecuador came from behind to win two-one. it featured a bunch of players from our league. they performed well with the entire world watching. costa rica beat italy one to nothing. they advance to the next round. england is eliminated from the tournament and italy will play you're gray to move forward. >> north america has won four of its seven games in this world cup. >> how about that north america? >> i'll tell was. >> how about it. >> how about it. >> we're on roll. see if we can keep it going. >> all right beasley thanks
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♪ >> it is day two of the fire fly music festival in dover delaware. you can see just how huge that crowd is from chopper three. >> huge. >> festival continues through sunday. and the emergency closure i-495 is making it difficult and time consuming for those with tickets to make it there. plenty of them have made it there. that's for sure. we compiled a guide with travel tips even details. you can find it at cbsphilly.c >> it was a beautiful evening for a great event in phoeni phoenixville benefiting charities.
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>> "eyewitness news" was at the phoenixville fond degree for motor cars under the stars. those who were there got to get up close and personal with vintage automobiles, trucks and motorcycles. proceeds from this event benefit united ya'll palsy of philadelphia and vicinity. the attorney tom klein was honored by the organization tonight and our own kate bilo and bob kelly. took part in the festivities. we'll be right back.
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>> thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we're back in the morning at 5:00. for beasley, kathy and all of us here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> i'm. um jessica dean. the late show with david letterman is next with dave chappelle. have a good night an great weekend. ♪ ñsñqñwyx >> announcer: the following paid program for the shark sonic duo is brought to you by euro-pro. [ shark sonic duo buzzing ] >> [ buzzing ] >> [ buzzing ] [ buzzing ] >> [ buzzing ] [ buzzing ] >> i've never seen anything like
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