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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 20, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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shape up for the weekend? details coming up. >> 5:00 o'clock on a friday morning, sun rising above the city here, looking live right near route 309. we'll check the rest of the major roadways, and mass transit, coming up next. erika, good morning. >> bob, thank you, good morning, 150 people had to be evacuated after hotel fire in valley forge overnight. "eyewitness news" reporter jen bernstein joins us now in king of prussia with the latest information, jen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. things are getting back to normal here at the radisson hotel at the valley forge casino, but just little while ago, couple of hours ago, guests here did have a rough wake up when the fire alarm went off about 2:15, fire was reported on the fifth floor, of the hotel, and the fire department had to respond here, luckily, police were already on hand, helping evacuate the building, while the fire department tried to figure out what exactly was going on inside. we should have video from earlier of firefighters here on the scene, as people stood outside on the sidewalk in
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their pajamas, nonetheless. the king of prussia fire department tells us the fire was contained to one room on the fifth floor. it happened in a h vac unit when their firefighters arrived, the fire actually was already out thanks to the hotel sprinkler system. now the chief told us when this hotel was originally built, it did not have that safety measure, but tonight he said or this morning, that sprinkler system probably saved some lives this morning. in terms of property damage, there was some in this hotel. and here's what he had to say. >> it is minor water damage to the surrounding rooms, smoke damage to the floor. fire itself was actually contained to the one wall. >> guests outside for about 45 minutes before they were let back in, this morning, i'm watching one by one, the lights in these rooms go out as guests get back to bed, try to make up for some lost sleep of course necessary because of the fire alarm. but luckily here no one was injured, again, thanks to that sprinkler system. that's the latest from king of
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prussia. jen bernstein, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". jen, thank you. red cross assisting two families after fire destroys their homes over night in trenton. fire reported just before midnight at colonial avenue. four adults, three children, were displaced, luckily, though, there were no injuries. and, some breaking news this morning, shots fired outside a restaurant, in northeast philly, lands an innocent man in the hospital. now, police tell "eyewitness news", the 20 year old employee of the ron day view restaurant sports bar in lawncrest standing outside when he heard the gunshots. he was struck in the thigh, is now in stable condition. police do not believe he was the intended target. and, more breaking news, this time out in colorado. three people are shot after concert at the famous red rock amphitheatre. newspaper video just into our news room. now, you can see, a lot of police officers on the scene thereafter the shooting in the parking lot, following a concert, with the rapper naz, police still looking for that shooter.
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>> looks like more financial trouble for the revel casino. employees could be out of work in just a matter of months. the revel, which opened in 2012, has filed for bankruptcy for a second time in two years. the owners are looking for a buyer for the struggle $2.4 billion casino. however, if a buyer can't be found, the casino could shutdown sometime this summer. >> it is very unfortunate. and my heart goes out to those people. but at the same time, the economy is what it is. >> in a statement revel's coo said we will reach to work an agreement with the new own here will help ensure revel's long-term financial stability, shares our commitment to providing revel's guests and players an exceptional experience. right now, 5:00 # three, katie, i love it when you have good news on a friday. >> isn't it just like wrapping it up with a nice big bo, the fact it is friday for one thing, then offer up a forecast like this? we've had absolutely gorgeous weekend weather the last three weekends, starting to get a
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little spoiledment can't last forever. not talking about a wash out this weekend, rather, just going to be a little less than ideal. let's explain, we start things off with a beautiful view for you, if we can. there you go. looking live over atlantic city, and the sun about to come up in the next say 30 minutes or so. in fact it, will already be popping over the horizon at this same time in the next 30 minutes. and rather we are going toned one more sunshine here today, high pressure builds n so storm scan3, look next, generally just clear, high pressure really building in place for us at this point. but the frontal boundary came through yesterday, messed when our forecast, brought in the clouds, the showers, and of course the very heavy thunderstorms, all well off to the south at this point. so, we're going toned up with a beautiful day as a result. let's take a look at your eyewitness day planner. by 4:00 p.m. up to about 83 degrees, i do think we'll hit 84 before said and done. so right on the money, for where we should be, for this particular day of the year. and it is also, guys, tide for one of the longest days that we see all year long. so, nice, comfortable, warm, a great excuse to hit the shore,
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as well. 79 degrees the expected high down thereunder cool sunshine. tomorrow, though, we do start to see the potential for shower with few more clouds building in, area of low pressure developing to the south. so we've got to watch for. that will sunday, generally sunny, i still have to throw in chance for shower, but like i said, not a wash out either weekend day. bob, if you have outdoor plans, i know you always do, you can keep them. >> i think we're going to nicole's house this weekend. >> you have to move along, bob. >> this weekend? >> yes. >> got to get your honey do list out of the way first, buddy. >> i'll mow the lawn. >> oh, boy! >> good morning, everybody, we're going to aunt nicole's house this weekend. let's go outside. live look, this is left over from yesterday, we had an accident, all right, we use this one first, route 309, no problems at all, as you work your way in toward for ft. washington, now to columbus boulevard, dump truck yesterday, knock down the overhead power lines across columbus boulevard. this is a cool shot here from the ben franklin camera. you only have one lane open on columbus boulevard, of course there is the delaware river,
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nice and calm there in the background, and they are still doing some construction along city avenue this morning, until about 6:00. from presidential boulevard, down to bryn mawr avenue. so will be a little dusty out there, and this big event, fire fly music festival down there, dover downs, expect a lot of extra volume over the next couple of days, yesterday, they closed the exits from route one, into the festival, because there are so many people flocking there during the morning rush hour, route 13, would be a good alternate, and don't forget with the weekend and the folks headed to the delaware beaches, 495, closed, good alternate could be just going into new jersey, and coming down the 295 corridor, and back in over the delaware memorial. than will avoid that closure in wilmington. otherwise, mass transit looking good. nicole, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. and happening today, a preliminary hearing is scheduled for barren alexander, the son of convicted abortion doctor goznel. will face a judge on burglary, theft, related charges.
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he is accused of breaking into his neighbor's row home, 3700 block every brandywine street, earlier this month. a resident shot and critically wounded him. he has since recovered. also, happening today, defrock minister frank shaeffer has hearing before committee members of the united methodist church in maryland. now, essay peeling the outcome of his 2013 trial, which stripped him of his title. shaeffer was found guilty of violating church's rule book when he officiated his son's same sex wedding. he already served a 30-day suspension. well, same sex couples will soon get more benefits thanks to move today by president obama. he's expanding access for married same-sex couples to take time off under smla even if they live in a state that doesn't recognize their marriage. 5:07 right now. president obama is sending american soldiers back to iraq and what he is calling a limited mission. this is a mid an ongoing conflict involving sunni militants, trying to take over the country. susan macinnis reports from
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washington. >> islamic militants continue to walt control of iraq's biggest oil refinery as they try to take over cities and towns through the northern iraq on their way to baghdad. >> president obama says, the militants are a threat to us national security, so he is sending up to 300 military advisors to the region. >> we will help iraqi's as they take the fight to terrorists, which ran the iraqi people, the region, and american interests, as well. >> the mission of the green bar a's to gain intelligence on the insurgents advise iraqi security forces but not to engage in combat. >> going forward, we'll be prepared to take targeted, military action, if, and when, we determine that the situation on the grounds requires it. >> here on capitol hill, lawmakers agree that the us has to takings. some republicans say there needs to be more defined strategy. >> i hope today was the outline of the first step, in a multi step process. >> we must counter terrorism.
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>> growing call for shiite prime minister to step down as sunni militants continue their fight. president obama has also called on iraq's leaders to create a more inclusive government. susan macinnis, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". it is 5:09 right now. a woman walking down the street gets the scare of a lifetime. we have the must-see video. > plus, there are new clues in the crash that seriously injured comedian tracy morgan. learning more about what was happening inside that truck, just moments before the wreck. >> also, several states swamped by downpours. now, that dangerous flooding is leading to new problem this morning. >> ♪ >> well, probably good for awhile, but summer officially arrives tomorrow. katie has a look at the first weekend of summer, how it is shaping up with traffic and weather together on 39's.
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5:09 right nowment thanks for joining us, we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> break being news out of camden, firefighters battling two alarm fire at industrial building. live look at the scene on ferry avenue. now, firefighters are still pouring water on to the building owned by the pcm company. the company's website says it is world leader in non-sticking coating technology. of course, we'll keep following this story and bring you more information as soon as we get it. the heat is being blamed now for the crash on the new jersey turnpike, that seriously injured comedian, tracy morgan. investigators say, kevin roper was driving 65 miles per hour, in a 45-mile per hour construction zone, when his truck hit morgan's van, earlier this month. morgan suffered broken leg, and other serious injuries.
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one every his friends was killed in that crash. roper has been working for almost 14 straight hours. he pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide charges. and, stop what you are doing, brushing your teeth, look at your screen right there. you she? motorcycle rider survived that frightening crash in florida, one more time for you. he cart wheels through the air after hitting a car, and ten gets up like nothing happened and start walking. he wasn't even hurt despite not wearing a helmet. they ticketed the driver of the car for making illegal left turn. but pops right up. starts walking. >> goodness gracious, unbelievable! thank god he is' okay, 5:13 right now. and boy looking at mud slide i guess in the minnesota area. a hospital was put on alert over this. hill along the mississippi river collapsed thursday night, right near the university of minnesota hospital's west bank facility. now, there were no injuries, and hospital officials say no patients were affected. there was flashflooding all
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over minneapolis. and the governor had to declare states of emergency in about 35 counties. so, a lot of rough weather that they're dealing with there this morning, katy? >> certainly, you know, those actually are part of the very same system that sort of dropped through our area. this is the time of year we tends to see this casino of weather unfold on somewhat of a regular basis, through the northern latitudes, because at this time of year, summer upon us, by tomorrow morning, we'll actually be official with the summer season. jet stream starts to lift north. along the jet stream you tend to find the storm track. that's where those clashes in the air masses can really set up. we want to bring you back to the here and now, we want to talk about our local forecast, our local forecast does in fact feature very, very nice weather today. and, thankfully, you know, also the time of year where the pollen isn't quite as prominent. spring, fall, tends to be the worse, when it comes to allergy season. right now grasses, dock, plantain continue to be the biggest issues, but these are awfully low. storm scan3, cold front drop through yesterday, can actually see some of the wet
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weather behind the lettering of storm scan3, part of the problem of the flooding rain that came through minnisota here at home, high pressure, and it will hook us up with stellar day. bright, sunny, comfortable, nice and warm, i mean, this is the good stuff. 84 degrees here expected hi, we drop it back down to pretty seasonable 63 later tonight. clouds do start to thicken through the overnight because we have area of low pressure developing to the south. that will help touch off just shower or two, not a wash out tomorrow, but definitely more cloud cover. high cooler, up to 79. by sunday, back up into the low 80s, partly sunny, still, the off chance for very isolated shower, monday and tuesday, start to see it spike on the thermometer. back over to you. >> good morning, everybody, friday, tgif. 5:15, off to nice quiet start this morning, we go outside, and check the jam cams. live look at the blue route, 476, headlights heading north in toward the mid-county interchange, see a lot of volume of course later this afternoon, as folks flock to the poconos for the weekend. but good to go here, if you are headed south all the way down toward the airport.
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nice pretty shot, from the camden side, ben franklin bridge, the skyline looking good coming into philadelphia this morning. again, no problems or delays at all as we start out our friday, speedometer readings across the board, in the 50's, look out for if a that construction zone here, again, new pattern northbound between girard and allegheny. that will throw us for a loop there over the weekend. today, through sunday, folks flocking into the convention center for the big wizard world comic con. see a lot of extra volume in center city this weekend, and through the weekend, with the nice weather, good weekends for the manayunk arts festival. that will will close down main street here, in manayunk, both saturday and sunday, and septa will have all of the bus that is typically use that stretch, on a detour. otherwise, at the moment, mass transit running with no delays. erika, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. breaking news begins our look at today's headlines on cbs-3, fire on the fifth floor of the radisson at valley forge hotel, forced 150 people out of that hotel earlier today. they've been allowed back in
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this morning. that fire was contained to one room. we're told there were no injuries. and, police are searching for the gunman who shot a 20 year old employee tehran day zoo sports bar, rising sun avenue and levick street. that victim in stable condition. investigators say he was likely knock the intended target. >> atlantic city's revel casino has informed its employees the hotel and casino could close this summer if a buyer is not found. the revel is in bankruptcy court for the second time in little over a year. summer season will officially get started here if philadelphia with the opening of the city's pools. but first 70 pools and nine spray grounds will open today. the rest will be open by the ends of june. now, all will be operational monday through friday, 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. then on the weekends, from 12:00 to 5:00. philadelphia parks and recreation also offers youth swimming lessons at several pools. great memories with the kids, you know, you know it is finally summertime.
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>> as an adult, still excited. >> exactly. 5:17 right now. dozen every people possibly expose today dangerous anthrax, it happened at one of the most unlikely places, too, we'll tell you where coming up. >> talk about risky rescue, right? dramatic effort to pull a man out of the cave. and why it took almost two weeks to save him. that story next. because the more y. at farmers, we make you smarter about auto insurance, cut. lower. shave.
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>> two alarm fire at industrial building, looking live at the scene on ferry avenue. the business that's on fire is called plastic consulting and manufacturing company. now, we check on line and found a specialized encoding materials, and plastics with resin. so far there are no reports of any injuries. we'll update you as soon as we have new information, nicole? >> 5:20, routine walk down a sidewalk takes frightening turn for a brooklyn woman. check this out. out of no where, that front wall that far building just came crashing down on her.
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now, she tried to escape in the street, but didn't quite make it. the building is empty, and witnesses said crews were doing demolition when that accident happened. wow. well, took almost two weeks, but rescuers in germany have finally saved a man trapped in a cave. he was exploring a cave earlier this month when a rock hit him, trapping him 3,000 feet underground. can you imagine? >> now it, took more than 700 people and 11 days to pull off that delicate rescue, up through the difficult terrain, as you can imagine. doctors say the man is in stable condition. so that's some good news. >> 5:21 right now, major shake-up just days before the nba draft. the big injury that could change the sixers pick. plus this: drop dead gorgeous, his eyes are a knock out. he has that stair going on. >> oh, he'll knock you down. ladies are going crazy for this guy. but that's not modeling head shot. that's his mugshot. smooth criminal picture going
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net10 wireless. >> one of the longest days, ties for tomorrow, as women, one of the longest days that we've seen the entire year, all because summer solsus happens tomorrow morning. soap, nice full day every sunday shine to enjoy that. and, we'll start things offer here with quick check on storm scan3, not heck of a lot to see here, folks, weaver the sun just about ready to pop over the horizon, barely cloud in the sky, it will be a gorgeous sunrise, i'll make sure i bring that to you in the next, here, if you are going up to the poconos, not bad weekends to do camping, likely see little sunshine here both weekends days, but the problem is we are dodge ago few stray showers here and there, so, it is not a wash
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out, if you have outdoor plans you can value absolutely keep them, in the city, shooting for 84, full sunshine, comfortable air, nice day. bob, over to you. >> good morning, 5:25, off to pretty good start this morning, going outside, along route 100, and say good morning to exton, chester county, where they're picking up the cones after a well needed repaving project there along route 100. let's go to the schuylkill expressway, not bad at all. good morning to conshohocken, as we start to see the sunrise, above the tree line there, in the backgrounds, through the weekends, if you are headed north on 95, in toward northeast philadelphia, just keep in mind, that new traffic pattern, is in play, between girard avenue and allegheny avenue. and through the weekend, the philadelphia triathelon will take over the martin luther king drive. although close down the strawberry mansion bridge, also portions of fairmount park. otherwise, at the moment, mass transit looking good. here's nicole now with a look at sports. >> thanks, bob.
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phillies and a.j. burnett take on the cards. phils have won four straight games for the first time this season. ryan howard as has success at bush stadium. last night he hit his 14th homerun of the season, and drove in three runs. that was plenty for rookie starter david buchanon, who pitched into the eighth, and struck out four cardinals. the final phils four, cardinals, one. well, kansas center and possible number one draft pick bead undergoes surgery today. that could impact the sixers draft day plans. now the draft is thursday night, and many have bead going in in the top spot. but with stress fracture surgery today two, teens ahead of the sixers could actually change their plans. they could actually pick andrew wiggins or parker, who the sixers like, before the sixers even get to pick. gm san hinge i could be ready to trade up or make another deal. we'll see how it all plays out. >> right now 5:26. coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news", we are continuing to follow several breaking stories, including a fire at a camden
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building that is happening right now. looking live, we'll go back therefore an update on the situation coming up. >> plus, hard warming video that's been watched more than two and a half million times. a blind dog, sees his family for the first time, and by the looks that far tail he is pretty psych about it, we'll hear from the local family about that video that's going viral. >> bob and katie return. they have your traffic and weather together on the 3's. we'll be right bac
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>> live look at this scene on ferry avenue. this is called plastic consulting and manufacturing company. we checked it out on line, and found a specialized encoding metals with plastics and resin. fire fight remembers still
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pouring water on that fire, and so far there are no reports of any injuries at this time. also, breaking an early morning fire in valley forge, forced 150 guests to evacuate. it happened just after 2:00 a.m. at the radisson hotel, at the valley forge casino. it started on the fifth floor and it was contained to just one room. the hotel's sprinkler system was able to put that fire out. >> originally built, it was not, sprinkler now really probably saved some lives tonight. >> the fire originated in the room's h vac unit. eventually, the guest breast allowed to return to their rooms. >> and, updating our braking news from northeast philadelphia's lawncrest neighborhood. a man is hospitalized, after he catches a stray bullet in the thigh. the 20 year old victim told police, he had just left work at rendezvous restaurant sports bar on rising sun avenue when he was shot. police are viewing surveillance cameras in that area,


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