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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 19, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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up last night, this is video from university city as strong storms moved through. good news though is that it did break up the heat a little bit. at least. check out this photo shawn spotter sean sent thus picture of the lightning norwood, delaware county. impressive shot there. >> great image. >> that has caused damage too. we have video from chalfont bucks county where lightening strict a house and spark a fire. one person was inside at the time but they were not hurt. there were thousands of power outages, mostly in bucks county. >> yeah, worst of the storms appear to be behind us but we are not completely out of the woods yet. meteorologist katie fehlinger is tracking more rain for later today, katie. >> you said it, worst of the storms have actually already rolled through, i necessity we got probably woken up here, a little sooner or soon are then we would have like to. it might be a little extra cranky this morning. we can report that things are
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looking up, for the next few hours. if you look closely that sunnies really trying to peak through included cover, i'll give you that not the mess beautiful sunrise but that sunnies trying to do its part and if we get more sunshine, we will end up with a few more thunderstorm potential with that instability created. this is where things started to rock and roll. look at all of that lightening. these were really gusty, heavy, thunderstorms. so much lightening reported with this and it went through almost every county, as some point in some way, shape or form. here's where we stan at 6:00 a.m. we are clearing out, looking better, and this approach, and, tracking right now. seventy-three is our current temperature at the airport. just cooler in mount pocono, as we widen out we will notice we are in the 50's, so the
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cool air is starting to drop south. we will wait until later tonight before it is going to be much more noticeable. that said little will son, couple clouds, a few showers, a thunderstorm but nothing like what we dealt with overnight or is he rear weather. we are done at this point, bob. >> tough part for me i was woke up a half an hour before i was supposed to get up. you lay there thinking i cannot get back to sleep, is the alarm going off, willie be late for work. kids are up, dogs are up. if i'm up we all should be up, right. live look at i-95 southbound heading through construction zone here at girard avenue. we are seeing volume but all of the roads are damp, wet, on and off ramps could be slippery, a puddle or two for kids as they step out of the front door waiting for school bus. live look at schuylkill near king of prussia we have down wires along providence road near meadow lane in swarthmore, coming from south jersey in the bad, nothing out of the ordinary on 42 as we
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fly towards that construction here in bellmawr. all of the construction zones just be careful when we get rain. we have that closure of 495 down here in wilmington. that will throw us a lot of extra volume on the detours because fire fly music festival begins today at dover downs. mass transit looking good, natasha, back to you. new this morning an overnight shooting in north philadelphia leaves a 23 year-old man in the hospital, "eyewitness news" at 3300 block of west cumberland street where police say that victim was shot four times in the arm and face. at least 12 shots were fired at this man in stable condition. police hope cameras can help them find those responsible. police are on the manhunt for three men who put a northeast philadelphia family through an ordeal. they kidnaped a 15 year-old boy and robbed his parents. "eyewitness news" reporter jen bernstein joins us from police headquarters with the latest information, jen, good
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morning. >> reporter: these three suspects terrorized this family yesterday, this morning, police are still looking for those men, and police do tell us that the three of them did kidnap this 15 year-old walking home and then held him for ransom while at the same time they tied up his parents and robbed them in their somerton home. as of right now police believe they were targeted. christian was shaking yesterday after his family went through a scary ordeal. >> they had guns. they put us down. asked for money. >> reporter: he and his wife were expecting their 15 year-old son home in the afternoon. when someone knock on the door his wife didn't think twice and answered it, standing there were two armed men who said they kidnaped their son as they were walking home. >> they grabbed the kid, both wearing white color, dark colored pants and they are both wearing purple latex gloves. >> my son, called us from the guy's phone and said give us everything, give them
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everything, money, jewelry whatever you got. >> reporter: according to police the 15 year-old was held hostage with the third suspect. parents were tied up and forced on the floor. they complied. suspect searched the home and stole what they could taking avenue with the 15 year-old still in the car. >> i got outside fast and i grabbed my keys and i left. i followed them. i chased those guys. i almost caught up to them but they got away from me. >> reporter: the the suspects later left the 15 year-old near 23rd and fairmount. this morning he is back home with his parents. he suffered some bruising but other than that he is okay. we are told that the suspect made away with $30,000 in cash, jewelry as well as a home surveillance system this family does own several businesses in the area, police say that is why they may have been targeted but the family told us they didn't recognize the three men. if you have any information you are asked to call police. that is very latest, jen bernstein for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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a teenager charge in the income out attack on homeless man in upper darby is waking up behind bars held on hundred thousand dollars bail. police say trent epps and three others video taped the attack in the aronimink trolley station last wednesday, epps surrendered yesterday and now charged with assault. investigators received dozens of tips after this video was posted on facebook. >> this is a violent, mean spirited act committed for absolutely no reason. other than to just to be. >> detectives are still searching for the other three suspects. here are things happening today, christopher paying again owe the swiss chief pervert. and allegedly driving up to four women and asking to perform sex acts with swiss cheese. also, philadelphia city council votes today on a bill to make marijuana possession changes the same as a traffic
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ticket. the presidential addressed public school funding. wikileaks will release new batch of documents. julian assange say they deal with international negotiations. construction crews are working around the clock to fixed damage interstate 495 bridge in wilmington delaware. federal highway administration, confirms that a 50,000-ton dirt pile, right next to the bridge, displaced soil underneath support columns, causing them to tilt the owner of the dirt pile decline to comment. now more traffic issues are on the horizon as thousands make their way to the fire fly music festival in dover. some drivers say they just can't seem to catch a break. >> looks friday it took an hour an a half to do a 25 minute commute. >> i have to do things at alternate times to avoid being stuck in it. >> can we use your helicopter. >> bridge construction is estimated to wrap up around
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the end of the summer or so. meantime expect more volume on ultimate roadways, fire fly festival opens up tonight and runs through sunday. crunch time for new jersey lawmakers with the budget deadline closer there is a push to raise taxes on the state's wealthiest residents, also to fund a pension system payment. state workers will go to court over governor's plans to skip that payment. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan, explains. >> reporter: governor chris christie shared from the heart wednesday at a ground breaking ceremony for a substance boost treatment facility in salem county. >> two months ago on a sunday morning i got that phone call that my friend, 52 years old was dead in the hotel room in west orange with an empty bottle of percocet and empty quart have of vodka. >> reporter: with treatment resource necessary high demand the day top program in pittsgrove township will expand to include outpatient clients. conrad is six months in
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recovery and seen a dramatic change in his life from day top. >> there is hope to get better. >> while this was a bipartisan accomplishment between governor christie and steve sweeney it is impossible to ignore their brewing she down over new jersey's pension system. christie plans to balance this, and next years budget by cutting two and a half billion dollars in pension payments. >> i care about retirees, who should get their pension. we are obligated to live up to the commitment. the governor, there is a way to do this. governor just doesn't want to do it. >> reporter: state unions have gone to court. christie's office is expected to respond soon, governor said he has no choice there isn't enough money for pension payments. >> governor can you comment on the pension payment lawsuits. >> are you kidding? >> reporter: with two weeks left to pass the budget it doesn't look like governor christie or senator sweeney will budge on the payment plan for pension system that budget could come down to the wire. in pittsgrove township cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". crisis in iraq could
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impact your summer road trip, coming up any recent clashes are affecting gas prices. plus terrifying new details released about sandra bullock's accused stalker. find out what police found inside of his home. >> my eyes got about this size of golf balls. four. >> who doesn't love a good car chase, right, you don't expect to see this around a golf course, yeah, unless it is a golf cart maybe. that is coming up next everyone. a little closer tour weekend thanks for joining us, a bunch of storms moved through overnight will it be a wash out? katie has your answer, as we look at many roads across our area here we will be right back.
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imagine having a peaceful round of golf when a car chase makes its way on the course that happened on a minnesota golf course on tuesday giving new meaning to the term, playing through. >> yes, check this out, those pickup truck there comes tearing on the course, right down to the fair way sending golfers scrambling. police cars followed that truck, on to the course with the police helicopter, overhead. >> it is pretty crazy especially for golf tours see that going down. >> there was people running. i could see in the distance people scattering, running all over the place. >> there was damage, of course, but look at those greens, the the tire tracks, of course from those cars. grounds keeper was hoping they would just catch the chase, on
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the driving range but that was my first thought all of the damage to the course because they are so particular where you can walk. >> yes. >> let alone drive. >> that is clearly not allowed. incredible overnight storms. that at lighting up the screen. larry boarden sent this into us from margate. look at the lightening strikes. true power of mother nature. it is why we always say if you hear thunder, head inside because you can the not have thunder without lightening, they go hand a hand but luckily worst of those storms have retreated, well out to sea. they are sipping out of here. they have been gone now since we have been on the air since 4:30 this morning. that is some good news. we are just despite the the fact that worst of the storms are of the here in a lull in, other words we will eventually see more wet weather pick up. morning drive is fine, do i think that the worst of the severe storms is done, because
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it almost just zapped the energy out of the atmosphere here but we are likely to see additional showers and embedded thunderstorm today too. not totally out of the woods but it isn't quite as hot it is still steamy. this wind flow will turn more northerly which does bring in more of a confident level but skies do clear and tonight i would say you can getaway without air conditioning. it should be cooler, a lot more comfortable for you and tomorrow looks the same. even though temperatures are very similar in where near as steamy. lovely day. nice and comfortable at 84 with sunshine. there will be sun throughout the entire weekend but saturday especially still brings a chance for shower or a storm. not a wash out, you can keep these outdoor plans
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testing. live look from the airport cam, platt bridge no problems here. we have had one or two flights this morning first one mainly to chicago that was canceled because of the then are storms. so check with the airline before you head down there. a crash out here in pottstown, that has eastbound, 422, blocked, right at kind street. so 724 would be your best alternate as you are rolling out of the driveway this morning. another accident up here, just outside of allentown route 33 right here near william penn highway, watch for delays there and some down wires, in media, swarthmore, this along providence road, right off of meadow lane. the rest of the majors in new jersey, not bad at all, coming in up and over the bridges look fine and no delays on mass transit, erika, back over to you. well, more legal proceedings are expected today in the donald sterling case, shelley sterling's attorney will be seeking protection for her legal team and doctors, who declared donald sterling mentally incapacitated. they will try to stop mr. sterling's attorney from threatening, harassing and
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intimidating his wife's legal team and experts. they see protection foror witnesses to determine if shelley sterling can sell the clippers. we will look at sports when we
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in sports phillies continue their road trip tonight in st. louis and we will hepp that the bats stay hot. phillies won three straight, let's keep this going. phillies finished off a sweep of the braves with the season
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high 18 hits yesterday. ryan howard and four other phillies had three hits on the day and howard and john mayberry, junior had three rbi's. phillies were losing early but they win in the end ten-five. also historic night in los angeles as two time cy young award winner clayton kerrshaw threw a no hitter. he struck out a career high 15 batters and the only base runner reached on a error, in the seventh inning, dodgers won eight to nothing. second dodgers no hit they are season. josh beckett no hit phillies last month. surprising news from the world cup defending champion spain lost to chile two to nothing. spain won european championships in 2008 and 2012 and last world cup in 2010 but they get home early this time. now sixers will be picking up some new players in the nba draft a week from tonight. >> in the meantime they are picking new dancers.
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>> ♪ >> hey, all right. dozens of candidates showed off their best moves during sixers dance team, rather dream team danza digses at wells fargo center. more auditions up in new york. team members will be announced later on this summer. wow. >> i am just tired looking. >> i know. >> yes, end of the washington redskins? coming up ruling that could mean end of the team's controversial name. also ahead a six time gold medalist but she may never walk again after a atv accident and now amy van dyken is talking about her injuries. this is just a remarkable story, woman takes a selfie while having a stroke, and it could have saved her life coming up.
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lets check with katie to get the latest on these
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storms. >> worst of the overnight stuff is now well out of our hair. i think at least morning rush will be looking better, but i know some of us are crank toy get woken up at 2:00 in the morning but lets start off by taking you out to what is a gorgeous, really cool hot shot, look at this, you can still see storm clouds making their retreat over atlantic city, but sunnies trying its best to win out the situation here. you can see these storms making a retreat. we are not looking at a completely dry daze however we have to get this next cold front through and in the done just yet. we will see another shower if not a thunderstorm, nothing as severe as what we saw overnight but still steamy at 85 today. tomorrow, mid 80's, continue but it is more comfortable, bob, over to you. accident pottstown blocking eastbound lanes of 422 at kind streets. leaving pottstown use 724.
6:25 am
nasty accident. police are on the scene there north bound route one at horning road right before the turnpike interchange, watch for a crash. we have a closure of 495 between exit two and three. we will getty big crunch this weekend. not only do we have folks heading to the delaware beaches but we have fire fly festival at dover downs that begins today. if you are heading south try use that commodore barry and south on 295, coming back in over the delaware memorial bridge. natasha, back over to you. thanks very much. eighty-nine northeast philadelphia man is accused of serving as nazi guard. johann briar was held without bail yesterday on a german arrest warrant. federal marshals arrested briar tuesday night at his home in the northeast and took him in custody. he is charged with aiding and a betting the killing of over 200,000 jewish men, women and children. >> his guarding, along with the other guards, who were in
6:26 am
that circumstance in the battalions that he belonged to were making it possible for those killings to happen. >> well, briar's extradition hearing is scheduled for august. right now 6:26. man accused of stalking actress sandra bullock is facing more serious charges. police arrested josh corbett earlier this month and charged him with burglarizing bullock's home in california. when they searched his home investigators said they found an arsenal of assault weapons including seven machine guns. his bail was set at two million-dollar. former olympic swimmer amy van dyken-ruin is showing her fighting spirit after a devastating accident. six time gold medalist was in good spirits before being air lifted to a colorado hospital specializing in spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. almost two weeks ago she was seriously injured in a atv accident. her spine severed and her legs
6:27 am
paralyzed but she continues to push through her recovery and says every day is a gift. >> yes, this injury sucks and yes, things hurt but i'm alive and i'm so thankful to be alive and so he that is why i can be positive about it, it helps get me through the pain. >> she credits her athletic training with helping her recover more quickly as she continues to go through physical therapy. >> chin up. >> such a fighter. >> brave woman to have that positive attitude. >> good for her. >> coming up the in the next half an her of "eyewitness news" more video of storm damage across the area jen? >> reporter: three suspects terrorize a family in somerton i'm live with the latest information on this home invasion and kidnapping. plus it could beginning of the even for redskins a decision on the use of the team name is handed down but the fight is not over just yet. plus bob and katie return with traffic ape weather
6:28 am
together on the three's we are because back in two minut
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6:30 am
mother nature put on quite a show, last night, all that thunder and lightening may have woken many of us up.
6:31 am
>> indeed. >> "eyewitness news" in university city here where rain was coming down fast and furiously. >> your heart goes to the guy running out in the rain. >> in doylestown lightening struck a chimney and blew up a part of it, debris is all over the yard. there is the chimney. fortunately in one was hurt. similar scene in west deptford gloucester county, fire fighters think a lightening strike sparked a fire in the chimney of this house on lynn drive, they got that fire under control very quickly, thankfully. we have reports of damage like that all around the area and there are power outages to tell but as well. >> good news we have seen the worst of it for today. we have that going for us. >> yes. >> lets check with katie tracking more wet weather though. >> we are in the in the clear yesterday. there will be a few showers and thunderstorms. storms really zapped the energy out of the atmosphere. it will take a lot for those storms to reerupt. i dent think it has legs to stand on we are in the lull. rest of the morning commute
6:32 am
should be okay, granted, it is damp but you can see we have cleared things out on storm scan three but a lot of lightening came through, with those thunderstorms, so, you have thunder with that. you cannot have one without the other. as a result so many of us got woken up. here's a short list of the damage reports that came in to us that we have been mentioning. lightening strike caused a fire in chalfont on a home. multiple strikes in doylestown. the list goes on in trumbauersville, wires down in quakertown, margate, homes were struck. these storms really meant some business. we have included to ground lightening it is absolutely dangerous to be outside anytime you hear thunder, you want to head inside because it means you are close enough to get struck. at the the airport we are 73. we are in that vicinity, ballpark with temperatures right now. it is muggy. we are shooting for 85. it is not as hot as yesterday was but bob, that humidity is still up so it will feel sticky outside. >> everybody could be grumpy
6:33 am
as they got woke up at around 2:00 this morning with the thunder boomers. lets go outside to a live look at schuylkill expressway. headlights westbound past conshohocken. roads are damp and wet from the soaking we received. maybe a down tree branch or trash can lid blowing around as well. as we go to the maps, rest of the majors speedometer readings look good here at 202. in problems the blue route. we are seeing a slow down on the schuylkill expressway. an accident just popped up here in south jersey berlin cross keys road at chews landing road an accident at horsham and norristown road. we have had an accident just popping up in the last 15 minutes a closure of 422 eastbound block at kind street in the heart of the pottstown, you want to use 724 out of the gate this morning. northbound route one right before the turnpike interchange we will find a crash. otherwise mass transit running honor close to schedule, erika, back over to you. three men kidnaped a
6:34 am
northeast philadelphia teen and then they used them as a bargaining chip. now police are looking for those suspects. "eyewitness news" reporter jen bernstein joins us from police headquarters with the latest on that search, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that 15 year-old is back home with his parents this morning but it was a very scary ordeal for he and his family. now, this morning police are searching for those three suspects, who kidnaped the 15 year-old as he was walking home and then at the same time tied up and robbed his parents inside of their homes. we have video of police on the scene as they taped off the house after it happened and gathered evidence. boy's stepfather and mother were home, when they heard a knock at the door. mother answered and was confronted and kidnaped her son. one of the suspects made the young man speak to his parents. police tell us he was out identify in a car with a third suspect. robbers tied up the parent and searched the home then. they took what they could and
6:35 am
left but sped off with the 15 year-old still inside. we were able to speak with the teen's stepfather yesterday. >> as soon as they left they tied me up. i grabbed my keys. i left. i followed them. i chased these guys. i almost caught up to them but they got away from me. >> reporter: men then dropped the 15 year-old off near 23rd and fairmount and was able to go to the gas station and call for help. we necessity they got away with $30,000 in cash and jewelry and home surveillance system. they are business owners in the area, the family. police believe they may have been targeted. that is latest from police headquarters, jen bernstein, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". eyewitnesses say militant surrounded iraqi's largest oil refinery, but top security official say government still holds it. top congressional leaders met with president obama in the oval office.
6:36 am
iraq's shiite led government asked for u.s. air strikes to advance their campaign against militant. nor i al-maliki made a tell visaed dress to try to regain support from disaffected sunnies and kurds. iraqis second largest oil producer in opec. more than 3 million barrels a day but unrest there could force oil prices much higher. that price hike would be passed on to consumers, of course, just as busy summer driving season gets underway. you may have seen those funds inside your retirement account. they are called target date fund and they have been greg in popularity too. >> but you need to be careful of these simple investments. for more we are joined by cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger live in new york, good morning to you, jill. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> so we want to start by reviewing what target date funds really are. >> well, these funds' sentencely out source your
6:37 am
retirement plan investing to a money management company and that company rebalances your portfolio, periodically and adjust risks in your account as you near your desired retirement age. this was a pretty great, simple idea and government even liked it. it allows retirement plans to use target date funds as the default investment option for anyone who enrolls in a retirement plan. >> that sound fantastic but what should we know that could be negative about target date fund, jill. >> you know what they say fit sound too good to be true. >> yes. >> here's the problem, many participant have no idea that the risk in these funds can be significant. for example, if your look at the fidelity fund 2030 it is 86 percent in stocks, 14 percent in bonds. if you are a 50 year-old and think i'm investing in a balanced portfolio that allocation could take a big down side hit if the stock market were to drop. additionally you should know that the fees for many of
6:38 am
these funds can be steeper than index investments that are often also offered within retirement plans. >> a lot of investors misuse target date fund, who is that. >> according to a recent study more than 60 percent of work hers who hold money in these funds also invest in other fund. that under mind all in one benefits for participates. the misuse is hurting returns. on average those work hours were partially allocated to target date fund, they had returns 2 percent lower than those who used the target funds exclusively. for more on how you should be using your target date funds, you can go to jill on >> all right thank you. >> take care. >> a decision from the u.s. the patent office has added pressure announcing washington redskins to change this controversial logo. >> people are divided over the issue too. patent offices trademark and trial appeal board sited with five native americans in a
6:39 am
dispute working its way through legal channels for decades saying redskins name is disparaging to native americans. the redskins say that they will appeal that ruling, and that they have in plans to change the name, of that team. well, stay with us, still ahead it is not your typical selfie or self-made video here this one may have saved a woman's life. >> this is an example of what happens. >> this woman was actually having a stroke but he didn't get medical treatment that she needed until she had this video proof her remarkable story is coming up next. they called it the conscious uncoupling when they separated, do you remember this but gwyneth paltrow and chris martin could be consciously recoupling, they are getting back together maybe, word is coming up nex
6:40 am
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more storm damage just in, a live picture right here from mobile three in bucks county. you can see several branches right there, scattered around the yard on a north main street right here. no word if that damage is as a result of the ferocious wind we saw overnight or lightening strike but looking live here in bucks count which a number of branches coming very close to that home. >> katie, what can we expect the rest of the day. >> it does lah like the worst of these storms cleared out and what a beautiful view in the wake of that bright sunshine glistening off ocean water, light waves, it is a pleasant start to the morning.
6:43 am
still very mug any ocean city but we are seeing light of day out there, although we are not out of the woods just yet. lets get to the pollen report and give you heads up on that. thankfully levels are very low overall or low to medium, in general the next few days and we are getting to that time of the year where worst is starting to wind down, by far it will start to ramp backup. lets enjoy the fact that those pollen levels are low for now. with the change in seasons comes stormy weather. we saw that overnight here, it is now out of here. we are not just done yet. that one is done. we have a lull for now and a new round crossed over pennsylvania turn border. it has started to fizzle somewhat but we have to get that through before we can say we're in the clear. that will happen later tonight. mid 80's expect today and tomorrow but totally different days. still steamy with the unsettled weather today, later tonight more comfortable. tomorrow is the same but still warm, it just feels so much nicer. got to throw in the shower or
6:44 am
storm chance on saturday. sunday is probably dry for most of us and we are expecting high to hit 84 degrees. hey guys, it is orr at the shore time. join kathy today in atlantic city. you can see it this evening at 5:00 and 6:00. bob, over to you. good morning, live look at route 202 in the construction zone, roads are damp this morning from the rain soaking, that we received last night. starting to see volume i am bound on the schuykill expressway past our camera here at montgomery drive. lets run down the accidents east on 422, good news, one lane is opened but backup that begins here jammo at route one hundred heading through pottstown. crash on berlin cross keys road at choose landing road. accident at horsham and norristown road. all these accident popped up in the last half an hour just be careful, the roads are still slippery from the rain we have received last night. north bound route one a crash right before the turnpike
6:45 am
interchange, and fire fly music festival begins at dover downs. we will see folks flocking down to the festival and heading to the delaware beaches. 495 closed here in wilmington, coming and heading south, try coming in over new jersey, use 295 and come back in over the delaware memorial, pick up route one from there and keeps you well away from the backup that is sure to occur here through wilmington. natasha, back over to you. here's a look at today's headlines on cbs-3. very violent night of storms, meant damage in self areas overnight. lightening strike sparked a fire in chalfont and another caused chimney damage in doylestown. police are searching for three suspects in the somerton home invasion. they tied up a man and woman and demanded ransom for their son. the 15 year-old kidnapping victim was released several hours later. police are searching for gunman who shot a 23 year-old man along cumberland street in
6:46 am
north philadelphia man was hit three time andes in stable condition. canadian woman takes matters in her own hands when doctors refused to believe her. she recorded herself, having a stroke. we now have the. >> reporter: report it was a night much like this one stacy was at home, watching tv when it happened. >> the whole left side went numb and tingling. in my head i said this is a stroke. i can't be having a stroke. >> reporter: she went to her local hospital for help, doctors said it wasn't a stroke. >> they had said it was stress-related and told me to manage my stress. >> reporter: when it happened again, in her car a few days later, the 48 year-old did something inn chrisible. >> this is an example of what happens. >> reporter: using her smart phone she taped her own
6:47 am
symptoms. >> it is tingling, on the left side. >> you have the wherewithal to turn the camera on. >> yep. >> reporter: what possessed you to do that and why. >> i needed somebody to see what was happening. when i'm telling people this is happening and they are saying it is stress i said i know this is in the stress. >> reporter: her video was shown to doctors at toronto western hospital. >> this small area right here is the area have of injury. >> reporter: and stacy's self to go was confirmed. she had a mini stroke. three of them in fact. >> things that we typically think in an older age like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, it is happening more and more often to younger people. young patients cab present with strokes. >> relief that finally somebody believed it was not stress. >> my tongue feels very numb. >> reporter: stacy is at home recovering and that video she took her local hospital has asked for it to have a look at it, and then learn from it.
6:48 am
cbc news, toronto. >> how about that. >> that is amazing. 6:48. t time is underway for first round of the u.s. open in north carolina. >> all eyes are on this little 11 year-old girl lucy lee. she just finished sixth grade. she's the youngest golfer qualified to be in the tournament. not everyone is happy to see her on the court. number one golfer doesn't think children that young should play in such a huge tournament. >> if it was my kiddy wouldn't let her play in the open qualifier at 11 but that is just me. >> i just wanting to out there and have fun and play the best i can. i don't care about the outcome i just want to have fun and learn. >> u.s. woman's open is biggest event on the lg pa tour with the purse of four million-dollar. >> i can see how that would appeal to the sixth grader and rest of her. look at that swing. i have have to learn from her. this day is a perfect excuse to head to a museum, movie theaters, anywhere air
6:49 am
conditioned. >> including adventure aquarium in camden. >> i check by to check out the hippo haven exhibit. did you know button and jenny, they eat 70,000 calories a day, each. >> wow. >> just guess what their chew toy is. >> um. >> we have a tire in there, it is a big tractor tire. >> that is their chew toy. >> yes. >> it is like a kong for a dog they can really have at it. >> coming up tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news" i'll take you inside hippo haven and introduce to you button and jenny. do not miss this, when food came out they went right to the glass. >> ♪ >> well, the word is gwyneth paltrow and chris martin may get back together now. >> it is a conscious recoupling, paltrow famous lay announced their separation as a conscious uncoupling back in march. people magazine reports that
6:50 am
the cold play front man moved back in their california home. they were married for ten years, they have two children together apple and moses. beyonce, kelly and michelle are at it ban. destiny's child reunited for say yes, colorful high energy music video was just released yesterday and shows the ladies doing what they do best together, singing and dancing, say yes is first single on williams upcoming solo album journey to freedom. here is your first official picture from the new 50 shades of gray movie, universal pictures released this picture of jamie darnan as christian gray to celebrate the character's birthday. you have to wait longer to see darn an in action, it won't hit theaters until valentines day of next year. hopefulllly this hold you over. >> just a glimpse. ♪ they lived.
6:51 am
♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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well, it is now 6:53, a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us from new york with the preview, charlie, good morning. >> good morning natasha and erika. holy williams is in iraq with the fight over control of the country's largest oil refinery. we will take a close look the a the new technology rolling out in airports across the
6:54 am
country and tells us how switching from radar to satellite can make flights safe and more efficient. from substitute to star, graham suesy tell us how to prepare for next world cup match as he set up game winning gola begins ghana, the news is back in the morning, we will see new ten minutes. >> thank you. time for traffic and weather together, good morning. >> good morning, natasha. good morning everybody. we have heavy duty thunderstorms as many know from being woken up by them, throughout the overnight but now those have long since cleared out, we are in the lull. i cannot tell you we are out of the woods just yet we have a cold front that has yet to cross, we will eventually see things clear out and turn comfortable but still sticky and even despite things being dry, quote unquote for now eventually some showers and thunderstorms will least ignite, though nothing as severe as what we saw overnight. tomorrow we will look temperature wise similar but feel different. more sunshine, much more
6:55 am
comfortable. not a wash out but we have to throw in a shower or storm on saturday, bob. live look at an accident southbound i-95, you think you are having a bad start to this day look at this fellow's rear end all bunched up. this is southbound in girard avenue off to the side there and a crash in south jersey on berlin cross keys road at chews landing road. an accident northbound route one right before he gets to the turnpike interchange and crash involving three vehicles horsham road at norristown road. mass transit airport looking good, natasha, back to you. we have had our share of bear sight goes. >> but in alaska they are not sight goes but they are sitting town for lunch too i am town counselors says they are getting too comfortable around humans and rangers are afraid that someone might get too close. other day bears apparently walk right up to the table, see pictures right there and help themselves to some young campers lunch.
6:56 am
>> he licked the inside and it was gross. >> i had a sandwich. >> mine were all inside of it, and... unaudibley don't know what he was saying bum it ace adorable. >> chatty youngsters. children said their lunches were raided. experts say that they want to make sure your trash is covered and secured or bears will be paying you a visit. >> that happened to me when i went camping at nine years old. i was balling i was so scared. >> my mom was cracking up. >> yes. >> that is still a point of contention. >> moms are packing good stuff in the lunch bags. >> really. >> fresh meat, i'm telling you. >> not the campers. >> villanova law professor talks about the redskins trademark case, also imagine working more than 4500 feet above the bottom of the grand canyon, what a job.
6:57 am
more of this job site, grateful for your job. >> you can find cw philly on these xfinity and verizon and rcn channels. >> join us bright and early every weekday morning, we start off at 4:30 a.m. next up, clint eastwood talks about bringing jersey boys from the broadway to the big screen. >> to continue following our local news weather and traffic please turn to the cw philly where "eyewitness news" continues after this break. see you there.
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