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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 16, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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scared of people which we thought he would be more skiddish, you know, of people walking around there were people around police officers just watching him and he was not afraid. >> reporter: police believe i is same black bear who appeared in waterford township last week and, first thing monday morning, was spotted crossing mount laurel and church roads in mount laurel. >> i want to see him. i'm not scared but i wanted to see what he looked like in person. >> reporter: this neighbor hoped to get a closer look at the bear, officials cautioning, however, no one should ever approach a bear under any circumstances, and police in mount laurel, issuing alerts to schools, and neighbors, to keep their eyes opened. >> obviously the bear population is increasing in the state we will see this activity more often. >> reporter: state game officials say over past 15 years bears spread across the garden state as natural habitats shrink. bear sightings reported in 21 counties and because of the harsh winter cut food supplies, bears like this one,
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driven by hunger had to gor for behind age deeper in residential neighborhoods. >> where is he coming from? i was than the educated on the fact that there was bears in south jersey, still the girl that i am. >> reporter: a lot of people surprise by bear sight goes. there is a second bear that was spotted in winslow township last week a couple times. they don't think it is same one that popped up here in mount laurel today. finally state gaming commissioners say they are not joining the search because the bear has pose nod threat, has not done anything dangerous. they are hoping that the big fellow just goes back where he came from. live from mount laurel, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up at 5:30, two men out for a running got the scare of the life time when black bear joined them on the trail. see the chase and find out where that happens coming up at 5:30. we suffered through a brutal winter for days, like this. bright, blue skies, brilliant
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sunshine, and temperatures are warming up. meteorologist kate bilo standing by out on the cbs-3 sky deck with the first forecast, kate, maybe it is all worth the wait. >> i think it has been. i have the plum assignment being outside on this beautiful evening, still hard pressed to find a cloud in the sky. one puffy one over center city philadelphia that is all i've got. it feels fantastic. the light breeze. the not too humid yet but the heat and humidity will be ram pink up and we will see those people who said they didn't complain about the heat this um iser we will see if we get complainers in the 90's. lets look at storm scan three. i want to show you a couple storms to track off to the west. zooming out here we can see them moving through portions of south central pennsylvania. they are fizzling a bit. they are not in dau continue county or york county or lancaster county but as we go through the evening a few spots off to the west could see storms and overnight shower and thunderstorm possible across the region. don't be shocked if you hear thunder while sleeping tonight. temperatures very warm and
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comfortable tonight, 87 at the airport. seventy-nine in atlantic city. eighty-three in wilmington. we have not the hit 90 this year but we may goat there over next few days. kay will have the full seven day in a bit. now back inside to you. >> thanks very much, kate. philadelphia police confirmed two men were shot by officers sunday afternoon near a block party in north philadelphia. this happened along the 3200 block of north randolph street. authorities say two male suspects would not drop their weapons and tried to runaway. police shot a 36 year-old man several times and he is listed in critical condition at temple. another suspect a three two-year old man was shot in the arm by police and he is in stable condition. another man is also in custody school bus and vehicle collided in northeast philadelphia this injured two people. chopper three over roosevelt boulevard and goodnau where that accident happened just after 8:00 this morning there were students on the the bus. they were not hurt. the accident is under
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investigation. well, the the news is moving quickly out of iraq tonight, sunni militants have seized control of yet another city in the north sending thousands oz have people running from their homes. the obama administration is considering several options. cbs news correspondent craig boswell is at the white house. >> reporter: sunni fighters are using weapons they have captured from the iraqi arm a begins iraqi troops. overnight group known as islamic state in iraq and syria took control of another city, tallafar and vowing to continue the the attacks to baghdad. militant released graphic photos claiming to have massacred more than 1700 captured iraqi soldiers, although cbs news cannot verify authenticity of the images. in an effort to help iraqi government regain control of the country the the obama administration in is open to discussion was iran, iran has close ties with iraq's shiite led government. >> we are not talking about
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coordinating any military action in iraq with iran. we bone courage iran to push iraqis to address problems in a non-sectarian way. >> reporter: president obama is returning from a trip out west and continues to weigh what military action the u.s. might take on its own. >> there is a broader risk of stability in the region. i think the the risk to the united states home landis real. >> reporter: more u.s. ships air arriving, in the region including the the u.s.s. ship, carrying 500 marines, joining the u.s.s. george hw bush, and aircraft carrier already in the persian gulf. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". at 6:00 o'clock tonight our jan carabao sits down with the members have the local iraqi community talking about the situation there, what it means for them and their families. that is tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. lufthansa airlines is rebooking passengers air a flight from germany had to return with landing gear trouble there were no injuries when flight 427 landed safely
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last night. passengers tell cbs-3 that the pilot informed them that the crew had been trying to retract that landing gear. passengers on board the air bus a340 says it was scary, but it ended well. >> since we were heavier then usual we were going to have have to dump fuel and he flew around for 45 minutes, to see the fuel streaming out, from the wings, and we had a perfectly normal landing airport officials say flight 427 did not declare an emergency, landing gear was repaired. danger of tired trucker, deadly crash that critically injured the comedian tracie morgan brought that issue to the forefront and several local lawmakers want to act to ensure that the roads are safe. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is in paulsboro with more on new legislation working its way through the senate there, steve. >> reporter: if you can believe it, washington lawmakers are looking at
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relaxing federal regulations for amount have of time truckers can spend on the road without a break but it is a sentiment not met without a fight. >> in driver should be up that late. you should get your rest. >> reporter: john gidine says he is a good driver. >> i like it how it is now but they should not push it anymore. you have people trying to make money. that will get them killed or somebody else. >> reporter: he says many drivers would like federal regulations relaxed. >> the whole idea toys put bread on the table and nerd to put bread on the table sometimes it takes a little bit more. >> reporter: earlier this month the senate subcommittee voted to relax current weekly regulations from truckers from a 70 hour workweek before a long break back to prejuly 2013 levels which drivers could go 82 hours. but what a difference a month makes. >> we are fighting back against those who want to allow truckers to driver longers, with less rest, and ultimately put the the general
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public at risk. >> reporter: new jersey senator robert menendez in camden monday announcing plans to prevent that roll back by introduce ago moments to the transportation funding bill along with senator corry booker. >> we're in the trying to install new laws, we are just trying to simply protect the the laws that exist. >> reporter: fight comes after an accident on june 7th when a limo van carrying actor tracie morgan, was struck by a wal-mart truck, injuring morgan and killing his friend. criminal complaint a lens driver kevin roper went 24 hours without sleeping when he struck the vehicle. roper has since been charged with vehicular whom side. we have learned that roper pleading not guilty to those charges. meanwhile no update from the morgan camp on his current status but we have heard that he remains in critical but stable condition and ever improving. that is very latest from paulsboro, new jersey, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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department of interior award more than hundred million-dollar in grant money relate to go hurricane sandy and a lot of that cash is going to projects in new jersey n all, 13 gander state projects will receive money. those fund will be used to restore marshes, wet land and dunes to fortify communities against future storms. some towns in our area that will benefit will include avalon, stone harbor, ocean city and fortecue. you can get more information on cbs when do threatening comments cross the line into criminal activity. the supreme court will take up that issue ain't involves a northampton county man. anthony is serving a federal prison term for posting violent on line rants for killing his estrange wife and others. he claims his comments should be protect by free speech. his attorney said he contend he never intended any actual violence. court will now deciding whether that matters as long as a reasonable person would feel threaten.
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still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 rocky ran up them. you probably had to go with them yourself but a big project at the art museum could change the the iconic rocky steps as you know them. >> if you buy apple products where you do so may determine how much you pay? consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side tonight with where you can get steep discounts on your apple gear. love means never having to say i'll untag you, new trend in prenuptial agreements, we will tell you about the social media clause, more
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apple we know makes the world's most popular smart phones, tablets, lap tops but when it comes to getting a deal it just depend on where you shop. >> as three on your side consume your reporter jim donovan find some retailers lead the pack when it comes to offering those discounts. >> apple store cannot be beat when it comes to selection but when it comes to price. >> apple stories the worst price to go, when it comes to finding deals. >> reporter: loues ramierez tracked five years of deals on the hottest apple products and found where you buy dictates the type of deals you'll see. for iphones. >> think offer best iphones in the terms you get biggest discounts. >> reporter: deal news says sprint accounted for 28 percent of all iphone deals, wallmart was a close second with 23 percent. >> all of their deals were in store only so it requires you to go to wal-mart to get that
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discount. now, they do that in hopes that once you are there you will see other things, you might the see a dock for are uphone, screen protecter and case and you go shopping and buy that as well. >> reporter: looking for an ipad. >> hands down ebay has the best i pad deals, biggest discount between 50 to up to a hundred dollars off the ipad models. >> reporter: not worrying like you have to bid. >> what happens is a lot have have times e retailers, wal-mart, best buy, they have storefronts on e bay that they use to sell products directly to consumers. >> reporter: for something like mack book air no single retailer stood out of the pack but best buy accounted for 17 percent of the deal, amazon 14 percent. i will post more information on cbs philly to the come and my facebook and twitter feeds. >> shop around. >> yes, those are significant savings too because we are not talking about not popular products.
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>> reporter: he said only time you getty deal at apple is on black friday. >> they did that within time a year. >> reporter: yes, that is right. anytime a new product. >> you were out there, i saw you that one time with the hoodie on trying to keep away from our cameras. >> i have been trying to hide good it was just overnight. >> yes, it was an adventure. >> jim, thank you. we're waiting to see if construction along i-95 will resume tonight. if the weather holds up crews will paint new traffic lines on the northbound side between girard and allegheny avenues. three lanes will be shipped in the right side of the highway and once that traffic is shifted penndot can begin rebuild ago this section of the roads. good evening, everyone. the jessica was right, if that painting does go into place a lot of folks may try to take delaware to aramingo and follow that down to harbison trying to get in the northeast but that i would imagine will also be just as heavy, on top of the north bound volume
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you'll have on i-95 regardless. as we keep tabs on that here's is what happening during your rush hour commute. northbound side of i-95 around cottman avenue we had an earlier disable vehicle, that has been cleared but unfortunately both north and southbound sides of i-95 are jammed between center city and northeast philadelphia we are seeing delays as you move southbound i-95 in delaware county. lets talk about 476, traveling northbound on the blue route this delay here is approaching area of the mid county tolls. on the the northeast extension southbound around the pennsylvania turnpike we are dealing with an accident causing a gaper delay affecting not only extension but 476 and the pennsylvania turnpike. traveling every where else you'll find speed sensors in the teens. it is rush hour. eighteen on the schuylkill. twelve on i-95. sixteen on 476. no major problems for mass transit. chris and jessica. still to come on "eyewitness news" from barista to bachelor's degree star bucks is helping employees, win a free college education.
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we will tell you all about it. >> leslie. phillies start a seven game road trip in atlanta and we will look back at the career of tony gwynn in sports.
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and prevents... by keeping bugs out. the raid defense system... get the answers. beat the bugs. raid. kills bugs dead. scjohnson. a family company. u.s. games kicked off in new jersey today.
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"eyewitness news" invited you to the ceremony from lawrenceville. athletes will compete in events throughout the rest of this week. this is was the first soccer match held this morning, in west windsor township, and, the game, will wrap up on saturday and good luck to all competitors. kathy is with us now, i was outside walking in to work and i thought i don't know if there has been a finer day. i mean since last year. >> pretty unpetable. >> perfect temperature. >> it is perfect temperature, it is perfect sky, unfortunately that will change. humidity has to sneak in on cue and during the day we will talk about temperatures around 90 degrees, much like today but with more humidity and a few degrees warmer. it the will make all of the difference in the world. in center city philadelphia, of course looking across the bridge to the city, it is getting hazy out there as well. this view from campbell's field in camden home of the river sharks. lets go down the shore where sea breeze is not scarring
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anyone away. down the shore ocean city cape may county temperatures made it to 80 today but with the sea breeze kick nothing we're down in the lower 70's, but hey, lucky enough to be at the beach you are lucky enough. high temperature in philadelphia climbing through the 80's today up to 87. we are still waiting for final number, normal high being 83. record 100 degrees, setback in 1991. now, on storm scan three we have a few scattered showers, isolated thunder showers. you can see through harrisburg, hageers town maryland all this moving toward the south east. there is a slight chance we could see a scattered showers out there this evening but that is it. temperature fairly warm, atlantic city inland 78, but right now on the beach, it is 71, wildwood, in rio grande, 79, warmer then on the barrier island. millville 83. cherry hill 87. as you go further towards i-95 corridor those urbanized areas
5:22 pm
with that whole urban heat effect we're talking about urban heat island and temperatures in the upper 80's. mulika 88. philadelphia and palmyra 87. you can see through allentown, quakertown and ambler at 86 degrees. looking ahead high pressure builds off the coast we will get that heat pump, going on, summertime set up with temperatures in for tuesday and even into the day on wednesday, and then we will watch this front back in, create a chance of showers and thunderstorms, even through thursday, temperatures will be warm, but it also will be quite sticky. we will be seeing some clouds as well, as far as uv index is concerned, at a seven tuesday and wednesday, more cloud cover thursday sitting at a five. overnight low temperatures in the 60's during the day tomorrow, high 90 degrees, first time since last year. on the exclusive three day forecast 90 for tuesday, 93 on wednesday, by thursday, 86, down the shore in the 80's before the afternoon sea
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it is phillies and brave tonight in atlanta, braves in the top spot in the nl east, phillies in last place. phillies lost two out of three giving cubs their first road series win of the season and first series win in philadelphia, in 13 years. yesterday phillies were shut out for ninth time this season. >> just been, we have been hot and cold, and, inconsistent on a string of games on the the the offensive side of things. we have tried to do different things. everybody had had a chance,
5:26 pm
everybody has had opportunities, we have in the been able to put numbers up on the board. >> sports world is mourning loss of the legend hall of famer tony gwynn who spent his 20 year career with the padres and one of the game's greatest hitters has lost his battle with cancer at the age of 54. won eight what thing titles and one of the most bee love athletes in san diego. he blames his oral cancer on years of chewing tobacco. his son tony junior has left the team temporarily to be with the family and tweeted this this afternoon. today i lost my dad, my best friend and my mentor. i'm going to miss you so much, pops. i am going to do everything in my power to continue to make you proud. love you pops. >> everything i have heard about him he was just a great, great guy. >> tremendous athlete, tremendous man, in doubt about it. >> leslie, thanks very much. coming up, a big project is set to get underway at philadelphia art museum, it is
5:27 pm
a project so bigot could change iconic art museum steps as we know them. we will explain in a live report. also they disappeared hitchhiking in the disputed west bank now the search for three teenagers, including an american has led to an arrest, we will have more, on that, when we come back.
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authorities and neighbors are tracking bears, the latest sighting in mount laurel and evesham burlington county. last week there were sight goes in winslow and waterford townships. the situation in iraq deteriorates. sunny militants has captured tallafar. secretary of state john kerry says drone strikes in iraq are a possibility. those funds will be used to restore wet land and dunes and marshes, which act as protection, from future weather events. kathy? we're tracking a few showers on storm scan three, chris and some with lightening to the north and west and they appear to be moving towards baltimore, washington and keeping an eye on these as well across the state. big story is heat and humidity
5:31 pm
and with that the state of new jersey does extend in pennsylvania suburbs as well in the northern and western suburbs. we are talking about unhealthy air for sensitive groups, very young, elderly and if you have breathing problems, heat and humidity, poor ozone will create these issues. coming up the forecast for the weekend is on the way,. >> kathy, thanks. all out search is underway in the middle east. the troops are rounding up dozens of senior of hamas leaders to find three teens including one american who disappeared on the west bank last week alfonso van marsh has more. >> reporter: israeli defense forces round youd up the speakers and others as they go house to house looking for three missing israeli teenagers. >> the the city here. >> reporter: this palestinian man says israeli soldiers are hysterical, throwing stun grenades towards the house while peeping were sleeping
5:32 pm
one of the teenagers, shown here hold two israeli american citizenship and his, aunt says family knows the government is doing everything it can to ensure their safe return. >> we are very, very worried. i mean really want to see him home fast. >> reporter: she described frankel as a sweet kid. >> very friendly and full of fun and life, and he played basketball, and he plays the guitar. >> reporter: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu also holds palestinian president mahmoud abbass responsible saying unity government he created with hamas fostered the atmosphere for the kidnapping hamas has praised kidnapping but has not yet confirmed involvement. alfonso van marsh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". tonight the a group linked to al qaeda is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack on a small town in kenya overnight. they are known as al shebob.
5:33 pm
they killed 48 people and set two hotels on fire. witnesses say they were targeting non-muslims and anyone who did not seek the some language. security forces regained control after hours after gunfire massachusetts mother gets the apology she wanted after a flied attendant refused to allow her daughter to use a rest room. jennifer was traveling with two girls on the flight from new york to boston. when their plane was delayed on the tarmac. her three-year old needed to use the rest room but the the two weren't allowed to leave their seats. the child wound up wetting her seat. devereaux is happen that i jet blue has done the right thing. >> she said i'm a mom too. i totally understand what you are going through. i'm so sorry this happened to you. i don't care about a voucher. that kind of stuff doesn't really matter to me. i did want an apology for my family because we really felt like we were mistreated and felt awful about it.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: jet blue employees will undergo sensitivity training and they offered the family a $50 credit and $5,000 to a charity of their choice. it is a done deal, philadelphia school district sells one of the most valuable properties to pay its bills this fiscal year. this 14-acre site used to house the university city high school and drew he will meantry school. drexel university city development bought it for $25 million. the it plans to possibly build a k through eight public school surrounded by residential, retail, and research facilities. that project would cost almost a billion dollars and create more than 4,000 jobs. big day for deserving students awarded scholarships to attend the school of their choice. lots of excited parents, students filled the miriam theater as those awards were announced to more than 2,000 families. the the children's scholarship fund of philadelphia grants need based scholarships to kids from low income families. >> we are all here war one
5:35 pm
thing to further educational opportunities for all philadelphia children. we are all working hard to educate the next generation. >> reporter: the children's scholarship fund awarded more than 6.6 million-dollar in grants this past year. well, next week, for the first time, the philadelphia art museum will open up an exhibit bits own future. it will unveil a comprehensive renovation plan that has been years in the making. >> and the public will be able to see mod else that depeck just how the art museum will look inside and how it might look on the outside. pat ciarrocchi is live at the art museum to tell us more, pat. >> since 1928, when this museum opened to the public, for the first time, no one has under taken such an extensive renovation. it will begin with mechanical and electrical systems and this terrace where i'm standing on the east side of the museum will be excavated to create massive new galleries and then would certainly would become the the most controversial proposal from the world renowned
5:36 pm
architect with the change of the steps that have made rocky famous. the philadelphia museum of artist iconic, when you see it, you know you are in philadelphia but changes coming. >> actually split the art museum. >> we want people to look inside and see what is going on. >> reporter: with museum director timothy rub that look inside these elaborate models the center piece will unveil an unprecedented expansion plan. >> first parties the core project, we will take auditorium out of the center of the building and build a new beautiful public space calling it the forum that is going to exist just below the great stair hall. >> reporter: from that point change is am bush with us a time line of at least ten years. a new 55,000 square foot gallery will be created. >> just below this great porch, that would be entrance in the new east galleries underneath the the terrace.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: earth and rock underneath the the east terrace, which faces center city would be excavated. down to the kelly drive level to the steps. yes, the famous steps. >> we're toying with the idea of changing the steps and perhaps introducing a window seat. >> reporter: to look out and into the new gallery but very difficult to run up in victory. >> just an idea we are putting out there no. it can go either way. >> reporter: and, as speaking of the steps, timothy rub actually told me he would be open to the public's reaction to this proposal as well as historical commission in charge of the the exterior of the art museum. as far as the the cost of that core project, very beginning stage, the the cost right now 150 million-dollar. reporting live, from the art museum pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> look at the future there thanks very much. nation's founding the
5:38 pm
fathers are under wraps tonight, the 42 life sized statues at the national constitution center were wrapped up today as part of the preparations prior to construction on a new gallery there. the the statues, which have been part of the signers hall exhibit will stay wrapped until the fall. traveling on the roads you will expect nothing but rush hour volume. look at ben franklin bridge a construction project on the ben causing this problem taking out the right lane, so heading from new jersey into pennsylvania will be a very, very slow ride. as we move our way down 476 lets talk about the blue route for a second. traveling northbound approaching mid county tolls we are jam but not only with rush hour delays, earlier on the northeast extension southbound we did have an accident approaching the pennsylvania turnpike. it caused a gaper delay on the northbound side of the extension which affect north bound side of the blue route. from the schuylkill to mid county we are seeing volume
5:39 pm
problems. southbound we are moving fine but as you went further south around broomall, upper darby, media swarthmore where you hit volume problems once again. twenty-seven is your average on 422, 11 on 202 and traveling on the schuylkill and i-95 northbound is jammed 40 minutes between center city and northeast fail and 25 minutes between vine and blue route on the westbound side expect heavy delays eastbound as well. the mass transit looks great, chris and jessica. still to come on "eyewitness news" if you have concerns about what your future spouse might put on facebook, we will tell but a new type of prenup that includes a social media clause. trend to go day a black bear chases a couple joggers out the for a thrill run and it is all caught on camera, kathy? in weather we are looking towards summer sizzling weather in the 90's and not just the the heat, also the humidity which is a game changer. we will have your forecast coming up including next weekend as "eyewitness news"
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we're following some breaking news now out of south philadelphia, where police say a 13 year-old has been shot.
5:43 pm
chopper three live over that scene in the 2,000 block of hamburger, the teen was shot in the thigh and arm and was rush to children's hospital. that teen is now listed in stable condition and we're told two male suspects possibly armed are barricaded at a home in the 2,000 block of mountain street. we will continue to update you on this breaking news in south philadelphia. >> posting an embarrassing picture of your spouse could cost you big bucks. >> you may have heard of prenuptial agreements but have you heard one that contains a social media clause. there is a new trend out there with this and it is not just for celebrities. social media clause states that couples cannot post any nude or otherwise embarrassing photos that could harm their spouse's reputation. the divorce attorneys say social networks are involved in more than 80 percent of divorce proceedings these days. a canadian bear gives some joggers quite some scares.
5:44 pm
two men out for a run in alberta came face-to-face with the black bear and then decided to join them. they were recording video and you see bear just start to chase that bear. they are heard huffing and puffing and run back to their car but that is the wrong thing to do. expert say when confronted by a bear, you stand your ground. that animal is testing you, you are supposed to act aggressive liz and look straight in the eyes f that thing was running after you, easier said than done. >> yikes. also trend to go day the hid up cash craze hits new york's central park. few people found $50 in cash stuffed inside envelopes there. california real estate investor has been hiding them in public places all over the nation. he posted clues on his twitter page as to how to find them but no clues for philadelphia we will see. finally, and, and, and, and, on a stop on a string. he looks surprised when he comes back.
5:45 pm
he tried to use his paws but just not working for him. he does keep trying though, he puts the gear there. >> everybody is happy. >> i'm with you, if your face-to-face with the bear. >> right. >> idea of standing your ground sound great in theory but yeah. >> you are supposed to make a lot of noise on a trail, and bear is around they don't like to be startled. >> there you go. >> now you know, if you are in south jersey you have to pay attention to this advice. >> w
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5:48 pm
good afternoon, in weather today a bit of the summer sizzle from the city to the shore, but not the case, right now down the shore as we have a sea breeze. people on the boards late this afternoon and it is feeling very comfortable there now our live neighborhood network takes us to the the least mayor beach front inn in cape may where temperature is 71 after a high in the 80's because of the sea breeze. wind shifted. beautiful day there. over course of the afternoon it was very busy on the beach and even at this late hour close to 6:00 o'clock still a few people, mess of them packing up, it is dinner time. we are seeing mainly clear skies but a few scattered showers north and west and they are moving south east keeping an eye on these west of williamsport i do think that they will lose their strength, as they get in the more stable environment around
5:49 pm
the philadelphia area as we get closer to sunset. right now in philadelphia 87. high 88. allentown 86. seventy-nine in the poke knows. millville 83 degrees. we have a lot of heat to the south and thinks moving our way. some 90's through the south and west and that summer heat will be pumping into the region with this area of high pressure. flow around it is clockwise we will get that strong southeasterly wind and humidity and that will make it feel like it is even warmer. enduring the day wednesday heat, humidity and then we will get a break but still sticky for thursday with temperatures in the 80es a. dew point is measure of the moisture in the air. this is our comfort index. dew point is 54 which is comfortable. tomorrow we will be at 66. in that category it is steamy, very uncomfortable. so enjoy the dew points in the very comfortable range today in the 50's and lower 60's because big changes will come tomorrow with the heat. during late night hours isolated thunder showers possible, another wise low of
5:50 pm
62. during the day tomorrow 901st one this season. mostly sunny hot and humid. going down the shore temperatures will be in the 80's warm and breezy before the sea breeze on tuesday. on the seven day forecast looking steamy and sticky through most of the period, until the weekend, when we get back in the 80's. we are going to make a run at 90-degree temperatures and there are record we could challenge. we will toss to it kate with more on that, hi kate. >> feeling fantastic. you showed us comfort index. dew points in the mid 50's. that is very comfortable. if you want to get out and about and do some grilling outside tonight is night to do it because it will get oppressive throughout the next couple of days. however right now i can tell you i'm outside and it feels fantastic. challenging records. i don't think we will break record. lets look at records over the next couple have of days, record high 98 degrees in 1957 as kathy just showed us our high of 90 we will in the break that one.
5:51 pm
we will get closer on wednesday, also 1957, 96 is record for wednesday's date and our forecast ted high of 93. we will get closer to say we're challenge ago this record on wednesday does not look like we will break any this week. the high tomorrow, 90 degrees, last time we hit 90 was back on september 11th of last year we got to 94. haven't been in the 90's since and we will hit 90's at the the end of may but not this year. it is in mid-june. we have in the got then yet. we will get there tomorrow but as kathy showed we don't get there tomorrow we will get there wednesday as temperatures rise towards the middle 90's. reporting from the sky deck i'm meteorologist kate bilo for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight new numbers show 30 million people in the u.s. now has diabetes and those numbers are rising. but a new study shows there are ways to prevent or slow down that disease. >> three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl has more on why thinks an
5:52 pm
important issue around here in particular. >> reporter: it is, guys. die beat is a big problem in philadelphia health department tells us about 16 percent of city resident have diabetes, the national average is 9 percent. now the highest rates in west and north philadelphia, this new research says that there are ways to change, the upward trend like most patients newly diagnosed with type two diabetes doctors first told arlene to get more exercise and work on a healthier diet. >> healthy foods like vegetables, salad and fruit. >> reporter: new national study followed high risk patient force 15 years and found established prevention treatments for diabetes work. >> diet and exercise, use of the drug metformen were able to prevent progression to diabetes to a very significant degree. >> reporter: people more likely to develop type two diabetes are often overweight and set friday and having a family history increases odds
5:53 pm
for developing the disease. doctors say there is good research showing the risk can be significantly reduced. >> lifestyle changes, percentage-wise, work twice as effective as medication alone in preventing progression to diabetes. >> reporter: arlene at 68 says after taking charge of her health with diet and exercise she has dropped 18 pounds and lowered her blood sugar levels. >> i have the the aerobics class, pill ates class. >> reporter: doctors say an estimated 79 million people are at risk for developing type two diabetes. complications can lead to things like blindness, even heart disease. in philadelphia, it cost an estimated 250 million-dollar a year in disability, loss of productivity and early death. so, these lifestyle changes, diet, exercise can make a difference. >> take some control. >> makes a big difference, thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a lot of star bucks
5:54 pm
barist as will be hitting the book. >> the coffee giant is offering a free college education to its employees, we will give you
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
it pay be ton an educated employees at star bucks. >> cota announced an on line college degree bram. cbs news correspondent jericka duncan has more. >> reporter: star bucks employee tammy lopez personally thanked ceo harold schultz for the opportunity to attend college for free. >> thinks not about pr. this is about the future of our company which is doing right for our people. >> reporter: schultz was in new york to announce starting this fall star bucks will help employees get an on line bachelor's degree at a steep discount and they don't have to stay with the company after they finished. star bucks is partnering with arizona state university, eligible workers can choose from 40 under graduate on line programs, freshman and sophomore can receive partial scholarships and full tuition reimbursement as juniors and seniors. how important is a college degree these days to you. >> important. >> reporter: lopez has been working part-time while going to school for more than a year. she plans to apply for a new
5:58 pm
program to study business. >> i never thought i would be get the assistance and the help but star bucks is providing it, it just never crossed my mind. >> reporter: dozens of corporation was hourly employees offer tuition assistance and discount but star bucks plan is one of of the most generous. >> that we cannot build a great company and we cannot build a great enduring country if we're constantly leaving leaving behind behind. >> reporter: schultz says if star bucks were a 20 chapter book the company would be only in chapter four or 56789 jericka duncan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 breaking news a 13 year-old shot in south philadelphia and police think they have track down the shooters barricaded inside a home, we will have have a live report, the kathy? in weather we are looking ahead to summer, sizzling weather not just 90-degree temperature but humidity that will make it feel like summer, we will look at the the seven day coming up. also new bear sightings in
5:59 pm
the suburbs, we will show you where these animals are showing up now and find out why we're seeing more of them. plus we hear from the iraqi community in our area about the increasingly tense situation in their home country what it means for them and family members in iraq. breaking news a 13 year-old is rush to the hospital after being shot in south philadelphia. >> police surrounded a home in which shooters may be barricaded. elizabeth hur is in south philadelphia near the scene with the very latest now, liz. >> reporter: chris and jessica, right now we are standing at corner of 20th and morris where officials have have set up their staging area, this is whereas can see behind me here fire crews and paramedics are on stand bias police have officially declared a barricade situation. that situation, according to police is just a block over in the 2,000 block of mountain street new as far as the
6:00 pm
information is concerned, this is what we know at this point. police say it was shortly before 5:00 this evening eyewitnesses told police two men opened fire. their target appeared to be a white car. police say a 13 year-old is sitting inside that car, was hit twice, once in his thigh, and once in his arm. we found that car nearby, park in the 2,000 block of hamburger street and we in fact saw about a handful of bullets on the front passenger side of that car. and, at this point as you mentioned police say that the 13 year-old was immediately rushed to chop and right now that child is listed in stable condition. once again this is a developing story, police are on the scene, once again they believe, according to eyewitnesses here at the scene the same two men, who were involved in that initial shooting are reported to have run into a home in


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