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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 13, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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college, the good news is that as these showers, and storms, have moved through, we are having a stabilized at in months fear take over. the that means by the time these storms move through they may be in a weakened state. that is what we are looking at right now they are moving north east, and northern new jersey still seeing showers in philadelphia and, heavy rain. >> any one heading down the shore, expressway, 322, heavy rain in mays landing and hail indication, some small hail with these storms. nothing severe, but still, you can see gusty wind and hail in these small storms lewis delaware seeing rain, moving into cape may county and we will continue to track a few more band of rain that will be moving through the region over the next couple of hours. we have a flash flood watch in effect because of the rain that is already fallen, additional rain through the evening, flooding is still a possibility especially on area roads, streams and creeks are running high. right now through 8:00 p.m.
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heavy rain moving east toward the shore and some storms, round two between 8:00 p.m. and midnight the scattered showers to the west and weakened thunderstorms. after midnight gradual liz clearing from west to east. after that we will be talking with a weekend winner, and chasing 90 degrees in the seven day, looking forward to that as long as there are no storms. for now back to you. >> thanks, so much, kathy. >> if it is safe to take a picture during the the storm we'd like to see it. send your picks to us on, twitter and use hash tag cbs-3 storms. we are no less than six hours away from the possible strike on septa's regional rail line. governor corbett's office is offering to get involved. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live in center city tonight with the latest developments, walt. >> the decision on whether or not your regional rails train will be running 12:01 a.m. tomorrow may well be made right behind me, closed doors of the law office, on the 32nd
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floor of two liberty place, septa, union officials and federal mediator spent three hours this morning, they will be back at 8:00 tonight, so far, cbs-3 has confirmed that governor tom corbett's office is getting involved trying to head off the strike and sources also tell cbs-3 that a discussion of the possible two week extension is in play. as the negotiating team for two rail unions arrived for a session with septa officials and a federal mediator, they made it clear, after four years, without a contract, and, fruitless negotiations, they were prepared to strike at 12:01 a.m. saturday, idling all 13 septa regional rail lines, that carry 120,000 riders each workday. >> we're preparing to withdraw our services at 12:01 saturday morning, midnight tonight we will be on strike. >> we will make our very best
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effort to resolve this matter before the the strike. >> reporter: union officials claim both sides remain separated by substantial, economic, issues. >> we cannot come to terms with respect to the economic elements of the deal. and, we have repeatedly asked carrier to provide us with data to support their conclusions which they refused to do. >> reporter: after nearly three hours behind closed doors behind a center city law office, surprising developments. cbs-3 first reporting that governor tom corbett is now involved in trying to head off a strike. the the governor's press secretary telling cbs-3 that quote, the governor has directed the transportation secretary to help get to the root of the issues, both parties need to keep the needs of the people of the southeastern pennsylvania, in the front of their mind as they sit the at the table. >> reporter: corbett's press
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secretary adding that the governor's staff will not be directly involved in discussions when they resume at 8:00 o'clock tonight but will be monitoring them very carefully. so far no comment from septa, union officials say they may be speaking when they return here, to begin discussions at 8:00 this evening. live at two liberty in center city i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the looming strike, we posted septa's contingency plan on the web site at cbs a preliminary report is released on the plane crash that killed philadelphia inquirer co-owner lewis katz, his three friend and crew members. the flight data recorder shows pilots did not check to see if their controls work. the gusts lock system which prevents the plane from getting airborne appears to have been engaged and not turned off. plane ran off the end of the runway may 31st never gaining altitude. ntsb calls it rejected take
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off. they say that plane was going 189 miles an hour past the speed where take offs could ab roided safely. >> eye deadly house fire in atlantic county has spark a homicide investigation. fire fighters discovered a man inside a home on the 400 block of doty road at 3:00 this morning. autopsy is pending to determine the victim's cause of death and his identity. one fire fighter was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion. philadelphia police searching for two suspects who stole computers from a manayunk will school. surveillance video captured thieves taking 13 mack book computers valued at nearly $18,000 from the dobson school, both suspects are believed to be in their mid to late teens. they were last seen carrying a green camouflage duffle bag in the schools parking lot. right now u.s. secretary of transportation is in delaware, checking out closed i495 bridge. the span was closed after an inspection showed it was
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tilting. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is live in wilmington with the very latest tonight, jane. >> reporter: jessica, this is a 24/7 operation, crew is here working on 12 hour shifts and you can see some progress behind me here tonight. that is all new equipment, dell dot saying these crews have hit the ground running. it has been nearly two weeks since tilting i495 brink in wilmington closed to traffic. equipment and tools though now you in place for crew toss start working on a temporary fix. that machine will drive these large 4-foot diameter, down deep in the ground. anywhere from a 140 feet, to 170 in bedrock. >> reporter: u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox joined jack markell and delaware's congressional delegation on site. >> when this bridge goes down, the ability of travel all the way south into miami, all the way up the eastern seaboard is
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impacted. >> reporter: dell dot case riding the road temporarily will cost roughly 20 million-dollar, 2 million in the form of emergency funding from the federal highway administration. >> twenty million-dollar repair, emergency repair is 100 percent federal money. anything beyond that is about 90 percent federal money. >> reporter: dell dot says it is still looking into that 50,000-ton pile of dirt which many say, caused the problem here, they are trying to find out how long it the grew, besides the bridge and what the agency can do better to prevent from it happening again. >> if we need to get out here more often, if we need to put technology up, i don't want to touch our bridges we are building now we are installing sensors so they are talking to us. >> reporter: now secretary fox says the rest of the nation could see this as a learning experience, however, his main concern right now is reopening this bridge to traffic, after all next major event happening in dover, we're talking about the fire fly festival which
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attraction 70,000 people. if you are one of those people you can check out cbs and we have posted dell dot's recommended detours. reporting from wilmington jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". shiite leadership in iraqis calling on iraq toys defend their country from sunni militants. they have seized large swaps of territory. president obama says he is weighing options for countering that inn urgency but the president warned leaders that he will not the take military action unless they move to dress the country's political division. any action that we may take to provide assistance to security forces has to be joined by, serious, and sincere efforts by iraq's leaders to set aside differences to promote stability, and account for the legitimate interests of all of iraqi communities and to continue to build the capacity of ane medicative security force. we cannot do it for them. >> the the detear racial in
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iraqis tough for many americans to swallow especially for those who for the there our lost loved ones in the war. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson talk with veterans say that situation has them reflecting. >> reporter: in its worse case scenario security and streamism rising and with baghdad bracing for invasion iraqis on the brink of civil war, and collapse. >> it will not end without violence. >> reporter: all with frustration in the states reaching new heights. >> you would be lying if you weren't at home saying what the hell was that all for. >> reporter: three years after american boots left the ground veterans saw their fellow friend and soldiers bleed cry and die, now questioning why they ever went in the first place. iraq war vet joe diamond is one of those men. >> all of the little things that most people don't think about, you know, you are saying for what now. >> reporter: diamond, a former marine sergeant on the ground in 2006 says all of the pain and death said it was worth
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something if it meant stability but after the withdraw of american troops, revealing even more instability and larger insurgency, diamond says the military community only feels resentment. he spoke to the mother of a friend who was killed. >> this mother reached out to me and said it is a dam shame, a mother's worst nightmare. >> reporter: diamond's company develops this, it is called mckurd i's arm or named after a solder friend killed in fallujah by snipper fire, a deployable defense system used in five to ten countries including afghanistan and iraq. >> the the only way we are ever going to win a war like this is through education. >> reporter: brendon says he isn't sure what the way forward should be, but he says the only way he was taught stability emerges is by face-to-face interaction and that would mean, once again, boots back on the ground. in marlton, new jersey, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". tomorrow is flag day and members of the delaware valley vietnam veterans are hard at work on a flag memorial at falls township community park in levittown. the flags are a tribute to all veterans past and present. still to come on "eyewitness news" a former secretary of state is in philadelphia, thousands of people, flocked to the free library as hillary clinton talks in the city of brotherly have love. we will show you how early people showed up to meet her. you probably know about the world cup of soccer but you may not know about the world cup of field hockey that is going on right now hear from a local woman who is playing on team u.s.a., kathy? girl power. temperatures are cooling down, with all have of this rain, if you are driving down the the shore, to the delaware beaches you will be in and out of downpours. it will be that type of an evening, we will track this storm, not one, two but three round of rain tonight coming up, as "eyewitness news" continues. hi, rob? >> this is rob ellis, coming
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up in sports big weekend for phillies, they come off sweep of the padres and look to do same against cubs and jimmy rollins can possibly tie or pass mike schmidt for all time hits record for the phillies, also u.s. opened, it is a german who is tearing up the course. we will tell you about tonight sports com
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coming up tonight at 11:00 find out why this woman likes getting stunning by bees, it might sound crazy but helping other and others with common medical conditions. health reporter stephanie stahl explains the healing power of have a bee tonight at 11:00. hillary clinton's national book tour makes a stop in philadelphia. former secretary of state and first lady signed copies of hard choices. at the free library at 19th and vine. she took no questions but did chat with the hundreds of people who came up to meet her. line for book signing wrapped around the block and we talk with the first person who arrived at 5:00 30 this morning. >> i have the utmost respect for mrs. clinton this was a once in a life time to meet her and i'm very exited to read her book. >> clinton has not decided
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whether to run for president in 2016. philadelphia is shining a spotlight on the growing tech community. mayor nutter was on hand to help cut ribbon at art's web, start up software company moved in the larger mark street place after sharing a spot at indy hall. it stopped by three other growing center city companies to show the city's support for entrepreneurs. >> this is a community we pay a tremendous amount of attention to. bringing people to the city and creating this entrepreneur rally with tech savvy hub that philadelphia is and will continue to grow. >> it was in partnership with the philadelphia industrial development corporation. u.s. women's national field hockey team will play for a bronze medal in the 2014 who can i world cup. despite a tough loss yesterday in the shoot-out team u.s.a. says they are staying focused. team ranked tenth but katie o'donnell from our area says the team is working hard to prove under dogs can win with
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the right step. >> we for the really hard to get here and i think we shock the world, and those memories alone people coming up and telling us things, us things, present each and every day, those are moments that in one can take away from you. >> team u.s.a. will play argentina tomorrow morning at 6:30 for that bronze medal. well, it is not a great night so far for baseball. "eyewitness news" at citizens bank park where you can see downpour happening outside the stadium. hopefully field is cover and things will clear up to get that game with the cubs tonight. kathy, what are we thinking about that. >> two more round of showers, heavier rain is through philadelphia, but we could see a few more spotty showers, and thunderstorms popping up. it will not be as powerful as the the first round, that is the good news, i think the first round of the storms can lay the the ground work for some more mellow storms.
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>> sure, why not. >> let me show you what is going on outside here with sky cam three and center city fail from our studios. you can see cloudy skies. we had storms well to the north and west of the city but other batch of the storms that went through the city well, they are on their way through south jersey and getting closer to the shore. as we look down the shore we can see some rain falling, wet on the boardwalk with some light rain, but i do think many of of these people on the boardwalk in ocean city will be scrambling, so if you have friends on the boards make sure they know that potential heavy rain is coming, in southern cape may county right now. lets look at storm scan three, line of storms reforming here with heavy rain over last hour, right through central burlington county, in western parts of the ocean and monmouth and right here through parts of the atlantic county moving to the north into burlington county but right here near white horse pike to the north we have precipitation rates of
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2 inches an hour where you see that blinking red through mulika and heading toward egg harbor city. but this is moving towards the north and towards the east. we also have to talk about that heavy rain, i have been watching moving across lewis, delaware, heading toward cape may. these cells in the bay will be converging right over cape may county. sea isle city, ocean city, wildwood, avalon, you are going to be in these storms path and into stone harbor. please if you have friend on the beach or boards let them know that the rain will get heavy, and we could have thunder. rain one to 2 inches especially to the north and west earlier. now heavier rain moving in south jersey but we have that flash flood watch in effect for most of the region because we have already had heavy rain. we have additional rain coming this evening, within the next two to three hours and then we will slowly be clearing it out. right now temperatures in the 70's, still humid but dryer
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air coming from the west and then we will be seeing this southerly air months back in during next week feeling like summer. here's future weather with a good look at is what going on right now. more storms moving through but as you can see a little more spot the any nature through 8:00 o'clock, 9:00 o'clock and 10:00 o'clock but by in midnight everything begins to move off shore. after midnight our skies will clear. the good news is tomorrow and sunday look great, so finally a break from this weather. throughout the evening, showers, scattered thunderstorms moving from the west, clearing overnight temperatures will be in the 60's during the the day tomorrow, pleasant, low humidity 81. down short nice day for saturday clearing skies. temperatures approaching 8o will make it there on the fathers day. looking to the eyewitness weather seven day forecast and cher cast 84 for sunday. increasingly warmer and more humid chasing 90 degrees as we head toward the mid period of next week and beginning of summer, looking good but tough on the area roads, vittoria,
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tell us about that. >> absolutely, the kathy. if you are heading to south philadelphia take a look traveling platt bridge down towards 26th and pen rose you're jam. same goes on i-95, heading on i-95 into south philadelphia in the southbound direction, a lot of it because phillies game and folks down towards walt whitman bridge. we have busy weekend in south philadelphia keep in mind at these times traffic will be heavy. traveling right now we are dealing with extra heavy volume on the schuylkill, 19 eastbound is your heavier delay from the western suburbs down to the walt whitman bridge. four on 476 is your average there, 20 on i-95, give yourself more time. heading down the the shore take a look, 47, experiencing delays in either direction, on the southbound side of the 42 lets say from pennsylvania up and over walt and down 42 to the ac x we will find a jam there and 55 southbound we're also experiencing some high volume but folks taking scenic route down the shore. heading to philadelphia international airport because
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of the showers we have been experiencing we are having delays up to an hour and a half so give yourself more time. stay with us on "eyewitness news"
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rob ellis from chickie and pete's and it is a rough go for phillies first couple months to say the least. however, they did get back on the winning track, three game sweep over san diego padres looking to dot same against the the cubs, and phillies get a combination of different things, good pitching. >> timely hitting, he came up big and other story line is jimmy rollins, he is one hit away, from tying mike schmidt's all time, hit record for the the phillies. should be very interesting. jimmy has had a flare for dramatic. it may happen tonight. after splitting first two games in san antonio the spurs came to play, in games three and four in miami putting an
6:26 pm
absolute hurting on the heat and it was an offensive clinic on many different levels, leonard was big, tim duncan, tony parker, usual suspects, but also got contributions from danny green, splitter, the spurs will look to close it down on sunday, in san antonio. also, three-one situation in the nhl cup finals, kings lead rangers three-one. they will look to close it out tonight. rangers stoppede limb nation with the little luck but they were able to stope limb nation other night in the garden. question is can they come back from a three-o deficit. maybe u.s. open in pine hearst but a german has been front runner thus far, martin kymer has been unconscious through first two rounds, 130 through two round, 65 both days, that is one better than tournament record. he has been on fire. it would take a pretty big collapse for anybody, to catch him, i'm rob ellis stay tuned
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and back on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight president obama addresses crisis in iraq, will u.s. intervene. plus steve hartman on the road with the fathers day message from the child dying.
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here new you from new york is scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight, the president considers military action. >> ultimately, it's up to the iraqis as a sovereign nation to solve their problems. >> pelley: as islamic militants dismantle a fragile nation, we are there with clarissa ward in baghdad, holly williams in northern iraq, and elizabeth palmer in syria. bowe bergdahl is back in the u.s. manual bojorquez has new information on his condition. yet another g.m. ignition switch recall. jim axelrod reports this time it's camaros. and steve hartman "on the road" with logan rosati's father's day gift to his dawght. >> he wants me to have a wonderful life. i wouldn't trade him for a million dollars. captioning sponsored by cbs


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