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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the idaho nature sieve expected to be reunited when his family, but there is now no word right now on exactly how soon that will happen. following developing store hire at home, police looking for violent criminals, told they robbed northeast philadelphia gun store, and shooting range. >> the robbery happened last night outside the delaware valley sports center in bustleton. "eyewitness news" reporter jen bernstein there live with the development, jen? >> good morning there is happened at 8:30, we had two men coming out of the firing range, inside this building, they were here in the parking lot while when they approached by very dangerous power, now this morning, police are looking for a man and woman they say are armed and extremely dangerous. >> police say two men, had just finished up at the shooting range inside the delaware county sports center in bustleton around 8:30 last night, as they were walking into this parking lot, they found themselves face-to-face with a man and a woman, who announced a robbery. >> both the male and the
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female had guns, they demanded the guns from the victims as well as their money, wallets, and cell phones. >> they complied and handed over everything, but it wasn't enough for the pair. >> for some reason after the robbery, our male perpetrator fired one shot striking 67 year old victim in his groin. and he's presently in critical condition. >> dark colored vehicles, dark colored windows, sped off. >> now two perpetrators, male, female, initially both were armed with guns, stole an additional seven guns. so this is an extremely violent pair right now. they have nine guns in their possession. >> just wednesday, police say, similar robbery at the gun range. located on the 500 block of north percy street in philadelphia. police did not provide details on, that but say the two robberies could be related.
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>> we now police are looking agent surveillance cameras, exterior of several businesses, cameras, located on ex tore yore of this building, hope it will give them clues toes who these two are that's the late, "eyewitness news". >> jen, thank you. >> and new this morning, dozens every people were forced from their homes last night. by a fight officials say was intentionally set. approximately, 30 people are in the care of the red cross, contained to boiler room at the bensalem court and the in bucks county. fortunately, there were no injuries. >> we're coming up on 63:03, time for traffic and weather together. we start things off with kate. >> good morning, everyone, happy friday. we made it to the end of this stormy week, unfortunately, we still had to get through today before we get some nice weather back, but i think you will actually have couple of hours of sunshine this afternoon, keep eye to the sky if you're out and about.
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anything going on today, you got some like me pre-k graduation maybe this afternoon, or if you are out at a tee ballgame this evening, watch the skies. they could open fast, and pretty much at any time, seeing it this morning, as showers drift from the lehigh valley, right down through the philadelphia area, at the moment, and even down the shore, some heavy showers, so getting rain in the sit it right now. getting rain in the northeast up toward montgomery, bucks county, even into the lehigh valley, rain has been falling for much of the morning. now there is first batch of showers will lift on out by about 8:00 a.m. watch what happens starting at around 11:00 around noon, start to get some sun. see the breaks in the clouds there, notice there are still some instability showers even at that time. later this afternoon, evening, another round of storms, this is the cold front finally moving through, but any of those storms could be locally dusty. >> heavy showers this morning, patchy, dense fog, midday clearing, but watch for another round every gusty storms, strong winds, localized downpours, your day planner, fog, showers, at
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9:00 a.m. some sun at noon watch -- watch the skies, though. >> 6:04, tgif. another wet start, outside, live look, casino of getting used to there is all week long, every day this week we've had rain during the rush. live look at the schuylkill expressway, waking up south philly, heading in toward center city this again, expect slower than normal speeds, see the truck there, going through the big old puddle. we will see that in a lot of the areas with all of the heavy rain that we had on the overnight, if the drains are clocked, hit this put until second. ready? >> that water then gets sprayed onto the carson either side there. going out toward 422, right near first avenue, again, no problems coming in from collegeville, but, out near pottstown, eastbound, 422, there is a huge pothole that's
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leaves cashing with flat tires on the eastbound side. so look out for that, otherwise, the blue route, the schuylkill expressway, i-95. through the construction zone looking good. at the airport at the moment, no delays at philly international. erika, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. septa commuters are worrying about a potential strike on the regional rails. will meet to try to avoid t2 aoun ants representing electrical workers, working without a contract for the last four years, union leaders say they are ready to walk off the job saturday morning at 12:01, unless there is a deal on pension benefits and retro active wage hikes. >> inconvenience to say the least. >> unexpected, i wasn't aware so probably can't get to the city or back. >> hopefully work it out. before they have a strike, or maybe, president obama will go in, do some sort of injunction. >> president obama could intervene forcing workers back on the job, if governor
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corbett asks the fed for assistance, septa's regional rail handles about 120,000 riders a day. >> stay for continuing rail street. follow us on tv on line at and, you can just blame it on the rain. yet again, penndot has delayed construction on section of interstate 95, northbound. crews need better weather to paint new traffic lines and shift traffic between allegheny and girard. now, once traffic is shifted, penndot can begin rebuild that section of the road. the project now start a week from monday. local music teach is her behind bars, charged with sexually abusing his young students. forty-four year old antoine, accused three children, all six years old. alleged abuse happened at the malvern music school in chester county. the investigation began when a student told her parents, fomin, allegedly touched her private parts during a lesson.
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>> i was shock, and an agree of distraut, and sad, that it is hard for me to put words, to which is still how i feel. >> my heart goes out to the alleged victims. >> urging parents to talk to their children. fomin meanwhile being held on $300,000 cash bail. skim of suspect, police in vineland, say he along with another man kidnapped and raped a 21 jerold woman last month. they allegedly kidnapped her millville, then took her to vineland, where the victim told police she was attacked. a $1,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. >> comedian tracy morgan, who was critically injured, in a accident, on the new jersey turnpike; reportedly doing bet they are morning. now, this good news comes after truck driver, kevin roper, he pleaded not guilty to criminal charges, and in saturday's crash. morgan's publicist released statement reading in part, quote, while tracey remains in critical but stable condition, he continues to show signs of
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improvement. his medical team remains optimistic his recovery is progressing. 6:08. a look at some of the things happening today. the man who allegedly flash a gun inside the community college of philadelphia faces a preliminary hearing. police say ryan fitch pulled a pistol during argument at ccp last month. >> also, the us secretary of transportation toward wilmington's leaning i495 bridge today. that bridge is closed for repairs, and off limits until at least labor day. >> and today is the last day on the job, for philadelphia fire commissioner, lloyd ayers. airs is retiring after 40 years as a fire department. he'll be replaced by deputy fire commissioner, derrick saw err. we wish him well. >> still ahead this morning, not one, but two bears are on the loose right now in south jersey. that's coming up. >> oh, oh. plus, some changes coming to facebook. the social media network is tracking your on line activity, even more closely than ever before. >> and, a shoplifting caught
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on camera. you might not believe what she shoved down her pants. >> oh? >> uh-huh. that story coming up. >> ♪ >> have you seen the movie gown hog day, you know why we're playing this song. don't worry, every morning, same over and over again, and we keep having rain over and over again. so, we have to may i got you babe. >> we got to break out of this patter. >> we got kate coming our way, i think you know what i a.m. talking about. kate has the details coming up.
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>> former president george h.w. bush celebrates milestone by jumping out of a helicopter, america's 41st pretzel bathed his 90th birthday, with a pair shoot jump in kennybunkport, maine. he made tandem jump landing hard but safely just few minutes laterment by the way, former president eighth parachute jump. he's done this many times before. >> wow, incredible. >> happening today, former secretary of state, hillary clinton, will be in sudden -- in philadelphia. book called hard choices, will sign copies of the book this morning, at the central parkway branch of the free library on logan circle. if you don't have tickets for the event, don't bother. limits in cam -- police in camden county warning to be on alert for not one but two bears on the loose, video of one of the bears walking
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across the lawn on auburn avenue, waterford township. bear eventually went into the wharton state forest an eyewitness describes her encounter with the bear. >> look like he was on a sunday strollment just wandering around. probably looking for food. >> a second bear was spotted along wharton avenue in winslow township wednesday morning. if you see either bear, you're asked to call 911. , right now, three they are likely wet bears, right now, with all of this rain that we've been getting. >> wet bears indeed out there, erika. i think they've got the water resistant coats, they will, they'll be fine. just don't go up next to them, you don't want to be the food they're looking for. happening outside right now, we take you down the shore, atlantic city, "skycam 3" looking pretty gray, gloomy, damp, like living in london, living in seattle. i dubbed it jupril. not juneuaray, not colds out there, but lots of rain, just gloomy conditions, it has been all week long, don't even know
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what the sun looks like any more, but we will get it back, maybe even today for little while. showers moving through the shore points, you can see, lining up here, even some heavy rain moving through the city right now. into the northeast. so we continue to track these showers through the morning hours. >> it is warning -- it is warm, sticky, look moving through hot fudge, but not quite as delicious out there. sixty-eight for atlantic sit many. visibilities still low down the shore, not as yesterday, not as touch as yesterday. go through the course of today again we have these thunderstorms sweeping through this afternoon, and then, finally, good news, another nice weekend, highs in the 80s with sunshine, hey being bob? >> morning, 6:14, ouch. here is live look at an accident scene, south along i-95, right here, this fellow, obviously, smashed into the guardrail. got spun around, luckily, tow truck pulled up here, and blocking the right lane. this is all happening south 95, there is your spring garden street market frankford station, it is just passed the
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exit for center city, so just let that be an example that even though we may not have heavy rain, where you're driving, the roads are wet, and slippery, and that's an example whatever could happen if we're not too careful this morning. ben franklin bridge, coming into philadelphia, again, here comes the fog, it is starting to roll through here. we can barely see the upright. >> this time, yesterday, we could barely see the whole bridge it s so, dealing with some patchy fog, out there this morning, speedometer readings, starting to see the slow down, south on 95 in toward girard. no problems on the schuylkill or the blue route. so far so good, at the airport. nicole, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. breaking news, begins our look at today's headlines on cbs-3. >> us army sergeant bowe bergdahl is back on us soil. being evaluated by doctors at san antonio military base. bergdahl was held captive by the taliban for five years. >> also, a developing story right now. two armed suspect robbed two men outside bustleton gun shop last night getting away with seven guns. one of those victims was shot,
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we're told, he's in critical can. >> investigators say, a fire at a bensalem apartment complex, was intentionally set. about 30 people wewere forced from their homes, but there were no injuries. we'll be right back.
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the cubs tonight at the ballpark, tips fills have won three in a row. not too shake. afternoon ball yesterday, jimmy rollins, drivers in ben
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revere in the first inning against the padres. hit away from the all time record. john mayberry, junior, while, went three for four, three rbi's, phils beat san diego seven to three to sweep the series. >> the san antonio spurs secret weapon, leonard, 20 points, 14 rebound, and the spurs beat the miami heat 107 to 86 in game four of the nba finals. san antonio is now one win away from their fifth championship in 15 years. labron james had 28 points for the heat, but it wasn't quite enough. game five is sunday, in san antonio. well the family cup finals couldn't ends today, could end rather tonight if the kings beat the rangers in los angeles. the kings holds commanding three games to one lead in the best of seven series. tonight's game, will be game five, it will be on la home ice. we shall see. to the u.s. open at pine hurst north carolina now, first round lead is her martin keim where five under 65.
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won the players championship in may, and won the 2010pga championship. grand mcdowell, kevin, three shots back, rounds two, tee time, start in about 20 minutes. burped cop action starts. at 3:00, spain, versus the netherlands, and chilly faces off against australia tonight at 6:00 p.m. and really just a nice start for the host country, brazil. brazil scored the first good morning in the tournament into their own goal. they settle down little bit, added two more against first round opponent croatians won on penalty kick. the host country braze ill wins first game of the 2014 world cup, three to one, the us plays its first game on monday, against ghana. now, we all know soccer is the most popular game on earth. and, now, we're getting some proof from outer space. look at this image. the lights at the world cup stadiums and cities surrounding them are so
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bright, you can see them from the international space station, shot by roadways man, so sweet. love that. >> pretty big. >> 6:21, coming up, ten year old makes desperate plea for help on facebook at her father is pin down under a tree. incredible. it was her quick thinking and savvy social media skills, that actually saved her dad's life. well ' have the whole story straight ahead. >> also, one local town has already canceled fireworks for the fourth of july. find out where, and why, coming up.
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6:23, time to get traffic and weather together. >> good morning, erika, everyone, happy friday. really, nice weekend is on the way, but we've got to get through some problems here on this friday. take a look what's happening now on storm scan3, you can see, sweeping the area, and we are seeing some rain. specially off to the north. but, what i also want to show you here, on storm scan3, is we've got warning to tell but, flood warning. let me turn the warning layer on, seeing it shade in the that dark green color, flood warning, for the east brandywine creek near downingtown, not the whole county but flood warning for the brandywine creek, minor flooding forecast today, so if you have any roads that take you adjacent to the creek, watch out for some flooding there. otherwise, showers this morning, then gusty storms, this afternoon. good morning, bob. >> morning, everybody. 6:24, live look at the accident scene, southbound lanes every 25. look at this fellow here, crash in the guardrail, facing the opposite way, bumper hanging out here, just past
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the center city exit with the right lane taken out. going to city line, presidential boulevard. folks coming off the schuylkill expressway, again, everything is wet, slippery, and the potential for accidents are out there this morning. so, just give yourself some extra time, little extra wiggle room between you and the bumper in front of you. down in delaware, northbound pleasant valley road, pull as ski highway, airport looking good at the moment. nicole, back to you. >> thanks, facebook has a lot of information on you, more than just your friends and your likes. facebook has always collected data on its 1.2 billion users. for the first time, facebook will also allow use tears see what it calls their add preferences, which should give the user more control. >> facebook is in the business of, gathering date, a so should be careful about what they share, knowing that everything that they do there is going to be part of facebook's data base. >> there go. facebook will allow users tallets err their add
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preferences, also able to opt out of receiving the targeted adds. >> a case where social media saves a life. a daughter's plea on her facebook page, help save her father's life. >> ten year old brianna had life saving idea. storms tore through her west virginia town, downed a tree in front of her home. came down right on her father and two of his friends. they had no lands line phone, and the storm made using her cell phone to call 911 impossible, so she turned to facebook for help. >> i was scared. i needed help. my dad needs help. and there is nobody around. so i had to post that. >> quick thinking right there. someone saw that post and firefighters came to the house, they cut those men free, took them to the hospital. we're toll they're all expected to survive. quick thinking. i don't know if i would have thought to go to social media if you don't have your phone, smart girl. >> did she try to dial 911. when i realized she couldn't,
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very crafty way to do it. 6:26. this next story, falls in the category of things would you never really want to see. >> we look -- a woman in jail for trying to shoplift lobsters by stuffing them in her pants. >> oh, geez. >> yup. police say the woman seen here on surveillance video stuck seven lobster tails, okay, so no love lobsters. >> okay, that's better. >> still. she stuffed them in her pants, walked out of the store. store security officer saw that woman trying to conceal the lobster tails, then lever the store without paying, so she was arrested. >> a lobster stale. >> that's just being shellfish. >> oh. you want to eat lobster after it's been in your pants? >> only about 30 albino alligators in the world. okay? and now, a few of them are being relocated from saint augustine, florida to the great plane zoo in souix falls. well, the alligators have to be kept in a special enclosure because of their skin color.
6:28 am
they're more sensitive to sunlight as you can imagine, than other alligators. >> i appreciate that, because how many times have you looked to the alligator in the zoo and never can fine them because of the camouflage? this guy you can spot dead-on every time. >> poor thing. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", army sergeant bowe bergdahl the last american prisoner of war is back on american soil. but he has long road ahead. we'll take a look at what's next. jen? >> reporter: a man and a woman are wanted for violent robbery, outside after gun range in bustleton, i'll have more coming up. >> and disaster, dog and nine pups found dangerously close to busy highway in new jersey. we'll have that store. >> i bob and kate. they have your traffic and weather together. looking liver outside right now, yup, you need the umbrella one more time. katie has some good news for your weaken, though,
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>> army sergeant bowe bergdahl back in the united states, flew overnight in germany, to a facility in texas. where he'll continue the next phase of his recovery. now, sergeant bergdahl was released after prisoner swap, with the taliban, roughly two weeks ago. >> now, he is is undergoing at brook army center where he is expected to eventually be reunited when his family.
6:32 am
omar free a franco live in san antonio to bring us up-to-date. good morning. >> good morning, erika, nicole. bergdahl arrived overnight here in san antonio. it was dark of covers, since it was nighttime. he was snuck onto brook army medical sent near small motorcade where he is now starting the next phase of his re integrate. >> next phase every beg dallas recovery takes place at the brook army medical center in san antonio. teams have been preparing to help the 28 year old, with his return to society. that includes psychological treatment. also access to a lawyer if he wants one, will eventually be reunited when his family. >> but, there won't be any reunions until doctors here in texas believe bergdahl is ready. psychologists say, timing is crucial. >> bringing him home, getting him off the plane, then turning him to his family would be too far at one time.
6:33 am
>> bergdahl freed less than two weeks ago in exchange for five taliban prisoners at guantanamo bay. the swap sparked controversy. several soldiers claim the army sergeant deserted his post in afghanistan. say bergdahl could spends weeks possibly months receiving treatment before returning home to idaho. >> no timetable how long he will be here at army medical center in san antonio. could be few days, might ends up being a few weeks, we have to wait and see. >> omar, thank you very much. >> 6:33, we want to get to today's and our weekend forecast with kate beil glow hey, guys, good news, weekend looks great. bad news we still have to get through today. little soggy friday. although we may have a brevin leud in the afternoon, where we actually get some sunshine and some drier conditions. so if you have any errands to run, get outside today probably midday your best bet. take a look down the shore, clouds bubble up, blue sky there, do you see that behind
6:34 am
the casinos there peaking through the clouds? we see little bit of brighter conditions out there today, as we sweep the camera trying to find just little hint of blue. not whole lot out there. >> most of the rain this morning sweeping north along warmfront, cold front still well back to the west, few spotty showers, ohio, west virginia, heading here late this afternoon. meantime once we get rid of the warmfront showers, waiting pattern until the cold front storms come through later this afternoon, again, may get some sun inbetween the two times. we sweep the area over toward maple shade, new jersey, seeing heavy rain around the radnor area up toward upper merion, showers at the moment. flood warning to tell you about, couple of flood advisories, the flood warning to the east branch of the brandywine creek, showing up as the entirety of chester county, not really accurate. ma inchly that particular creek, below downingtown, flood advisory further north. you can see the timing today. clear it out by midday. after the sun comes out,
6:35 am
another rounds every storms late this afternoon and this evening. hey, bob? >> morning, 6:34, roads wet, slick, handful of accidents, sort of the same deal we've been dealing with all week long, let's go outside, live look at this fellow, you think you are having a bad start to the day? this guy on 95, cracked into the metal barrier here, got knocked back, spun around, what's interesting is that he has for sale sign in the back of the car here. so he's going to make some repairs, before he actually sells the car. but this is 95 south near center city interchange. to the next camera, live look, i59 actually right near the betsy ross bridge, headed from the betsy, down in toward center city, and you can see the spray that's coming up off the cars and trucks, actually, in the middle of some showers, depending upon where you begin and end your trip. accident down towards the shore area, moss hill, hyden berg avenuement also delaware northbound pleasant valley road, crash near the pull as ski highway. keep in mind with the busy
6:36 am
weekends headed to the delaware beaches, 495 closure still there 25 minute delays at philadelphia international. >> thank you, following developing story right now, man and woman considered armed and dangerous on the loose this morning. they're wanted in a violent robbery at northeast philadelphia gun store, and shooting range. "eyewitness news" reporter, jen bernstein, joins us now at that scene in bustleton with the latest, jen, good morning. good morning, erika. police tell us this robbery happened at 8:30 in this parking lot right outside of the delaware valley sports center, right behind me. now, these two men were inside at the time doing some recreational shooting, when they came out here, and were face-to-face with two very dangerous robbers. we go to some video last night, investigators, here, on the scene. again, this happened 8:30 last night. police tell us man and woman, demanded cash, wallets, cell phones, even the guns. these two had just used inside
6:37 am
of the firing range, and both of them complied. police tell us they did give them everything, for some reason it, wasn't enough for these two robbers, and one every them the man in this did fire off a shot. he hit the 67 year old in the crown. remains in critical condition this morning fighting for his life. that's what police told us. now, those two robbers then jumped in a dark colored car, with tinted windows. and sped off. >> two perpetrators, around with guns, stole additional seven guns. >> this extremely violent pair right now. they have nine guns in their possession. and police tell us, that there was a similar robbery that happened wednesday night, outside of the gun range on percy street, 500 block, they aren't giving us a lot of details about that one, but they do believe it may be
6:38 am
police want these guys off the streets, will be checking surveillance cameras in the area, including exterior surveillance cameras on this very building that may have caught the shooting on camera. that's the latest from bustleton, jen bernstein, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jen, thank you. philadelphia police officer, is rushed to the hospital, after he's involved in a accident in a unmark car. "eyewitness news" on the scene last night, sixth street and erie avenue in north philadelphia. we're told the officer was driving that black car. at least two other cars were also involved in the wreck. we are working to find out how that officer is doing. >> the excitement is building this morning for the 2014 special olympics. "eyewitness news", on independence mall right here. this is yesterday. for one leg of the law enforcement torch run. flame of hope is on its way to newark, new jersey, where the special olympics will begin sunday. right now though, last minute preparations runway it frantz form mercer county park into the special olympics village. more than 80,000 people are expected to a ten the games.
6:39 am
officials say, this is the largest national special olympic games in the nation's history. >> now it is crunch time, volunteers a significance us, putting these games together for the 3500 athletes coming from all over the united states. with events at about dozen locations, in central jersey, the region could raise 50 to $100 million. well, plans for fireworks for the fourth of july fizzle. another south jersey community . >> cherry hill is cans else fireworks next month. it has attracted larger crowds at cherry hill high school west. >> family of dogs rescued in a new jersey neighborhood. >> a woman and her children, spotted two puppies and their mother walking dangerously close to a road in toms river.
6:40 am
animal control officers got involved, found seven more pup nays wooded area. can't stop looking at their face. >> the one in the front, so darn cute. dogs said to be in good health, thank goodness, if in no one claims them they will be put up for adoption in a few weeks, i know our weather producer jeff he's interested, and may have nice loving home for them. >> he called dibs. >> friday the 13th. here is something that might scare you little bitment check it out. solar flyer could sends shock wave to earth. find out what it means for you next. >> yikes. pippa middleton coming to america, all to go on 3,000-mile bike ride. why she is taking on this grueling challenge. >> also, we have some very special guests here this morning. the united states army bands own quinn at the time here to celebrate flag day with us, and treat us to aa performance coming up after the break. you don't want to miss t we'll be right back.
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(vo)cars for crash survival,ning subaru has developed
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our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. >> ♪ >> great song for friday the 13th. are you superstitious? if you experience cell phone problems today, don't blame it on friday the 13th, or even the full moon. blame it on the sun. yes, the sun had three major flares over the past few days, and nasa says the flares, which are actually bursts of
6:44 am
radiation, on the sun surface, could knock out gps and communication signals, thereby affecting your phone. just past 6:43, a check on the forecast, hopefully we get lucky tomorrow, kate, not today. >> not today. although there may be little time midday that the sun tries to come out, which would be good news, of course, one of those days where generally speaking if you have cold front coming through, and you get some sunshine, the sun just creates heat, creates instability, so sun can actually be casino after downfall. it will create stronger thunderstorm. we will see sun midday, gusty storms could get even nastier late this afternoon, first day in the rain, lifting to the north, cold front way back here, will take some time, real estate between us and that cold front. you can see the heaviest rain starting to lift out right now. will try to clear things out little bit here as we go into the midday hours, still one steady shower over portions of montgomery, bucks, one moving may maple shed in towards willingboro. flood warning, flood advisory to tell you about, i want to
6:45 am
zoom in on the flood warnings, east bran of the of the brandywine creek below downingtown, there it is right there for you, minor flooding forecast, for this afternoon so please be safe. pollen levels low today. notice they will be climbing flew the weekend, predominant political send grasses. we try to clear things out around 9:00 a.m. notice sun, breaks in the cloud cover through 2:00, 3:00. then later this evening, gusty storms, scattered stores, but locally heavy, will playing the area once again. hey, bob? >> 6:45, southbound 95, just past the center city exit. so anyone passing center city headed down toward the airport area, only this left lane getting on throughment then, the schuylkill expressway, heavy already, leaving town, westbound, heavy approaching city avenue. out toward belmont, again, all of the roads are wet, they're slick, we've had handful of accidents, they keep popping up. this one south on 295, south of that bellmawr interchange, right at route 45, and a lot
6:46 am
of this traffic here, folks come down 45, flip the u-turn, because of the construction up here, on the ramps to the walt whitman, then, south on 95, there is a disable, right near washington avenue. pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, watch for some delays just near the philly-bensalem interchange. we had earlier accident, and now we have a disable, as you work your way in toward that route one interchange. busy weekend, sunday, the kelly drive will be closed, the schuylkill navy regata coming to town, and already looking at 25 minute delays, at philly international. nicole, back to you. >> thanks, bob. breaking news that tops our look at today's headlines on cbs-3, army sergeant bowe bergdahl is back in the united states after being held captive by the taliban for five years. he's being evaluated by doctors at military base in texas. and developing story, 67 year old man is in critical condition, after he was shot during a robbery outside a bustleton gun shop. two armed suspect got away
6:47 am
with seven guns from the robbery victim. and, more than two dozen people are in the care of the red cross this morning, after a fire at a bensalem apartment complex. investigators say, the fire at the bensalem court amounts was intentionally set. it is 47:00 right nowment tomorrow, is flag day, but we're kicking off the celebration a little early this morning. erika live with great guests. >> great way to get new patriotic spirit to celebrate flag day. look who i am joined with in our studio b right now with reputation as one of the most highly respected bands, no surprise army band, playing everywhere, feel free to wave to your families, guys, it is okay. tomorrow performing here in philadelphia to celebrate the flag day, and the 239th birthday, too, and i'm joined by sergeant john bingham, and sergeant welsh. first the history of this great ban. can you give us little backgrounds?
6:48 am
>> starting our 92nd year of existence, started by general john j percy. certainly been a great ride. this particular group was started in 1971, and if you can believe it, there is 85 years, combined service, in the quinn at the time here today. >> fantastic, such love of music, too, what drew you to music? >> blessed. my family was in the army band, my mother and father both. i grew up around the organization, and i am thought, well, that might be something fun to do. here i am 20 years later. >> and you have been playing all across the us and a broad. any favorite locations in what was it like? >> couple of years ago we had a chance to go to china, outreach program, it really was incredible experience. >> also talk about tommorow's events, how folks can see, what we have to anticipate? >> absolutely. so, the thirds year infantry regimen, us army band as well as several other element. us army will be at independence hall 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. conducting a various number of activities there. >> any favorite songs you just
6:49 am
love to play? >> myself, i don't play, i am not a m bands. i am a member of the thirds us infantry regimen honor guard. us army, o guard. i don't enjoy playing but i enjoy list edge, they do a great job. >> i'm right there with you, i can't play a lick. but we want to hear these guys perp form. let's hear you take it away. all right, gentlemen. >> ♪
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>> update on home we told you about the other day, home hanging on the edge after cliff in texas. officials were stumped on thousand save it or how to get rid of the darn thing. crews considered tying cable around it, pulling it back, but then decide that wouldn't work. now, they've come to the plan of burning the home. and then excavate the debris, because i guess you can't just leave it hang interesting? >> beautiful home. large home. >> man, that would make you sick, wouldn't it?
6:54 am
>> all right, 6:53, and the sister of the dutch it he is of cambridge, grueling up for grueling challenge, cycling across the us. pippa middleton park of team to bike from california to maryland starting tomorrow. also will company or according to this map, they're going to ride along the southern border of pennsylvania. middleton, her brother, james, and their friend, are cycling on behalf of charity. well done. just past 6:53, how is it looking? >> not all that great out there actually this morning, although starting to see the showers we've had all morning push to the north. we take a look on storm scan3, not whole lot left, willingboro seeing rain, bensalem, as well, up into the lehigh vale. sweeping the area, not much more out there for now, however, we are going to be seeing more rain this afternoon. we've got flood advisory, flood warning to tell berks flood advisory off to the north, upper montgomery county into eastern berks, portions of northern chester county, also take a look at the east branch, below downingtown, flood warning, along that
6:55 am
branch. that's very prone to flooding this year, and watch out for some at least mine or flooding on adjacent roadways. today morning fog, showers, gusty thunderstorms this afternoon, then much nicer weather returns lower humidity and sunshine, finally, for the upcoming weekend, now we check in with bob. >> look out along route one, creek road, always floods whenever we have problems on the downingtown creek. live look, i the -- i95 northbound, see one of the yucky morning rush hours, combination of the rain, the spray, all of the roads slippery, and an accident here, eastbound, i78, lehigh valley right at route 29. we have the accident, heavy rain, flooding along the stretch of i78. keep in mind, it is the weekend, heading to the delaware beaches, that 495 closure will impact everyone, that is headed south, friday afternoon's always crazy to begin, with but here is little tip for you. forget that there is a river there. and let's use 29a if you go over the commodore barry bridge, take 295 south, and come back in over the delaware
6:56 am
memorial bridge, you will avoid the entire mess there, through wilmington. nicole, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. some colorado students are competing for college scholarships. >> this competition, though, not based on school work. i think we could get one every these scholarships here. >> might hurt a little. >> this scholarship includes belly flopping. annual belly flop contest near denver awarded 4,500-dollar scholarship. how about that? best belly flop. judges check out the techniques, the level of daring, and the size of the splash. >> oh,. >> to award. >> hey, boom. >> there you go. >> bob just reminded me, i probably shouldn't be doing this. >> you can't do a belly flop. >> hole off for at least a few months. coming up in a couple of minute, more local news weather and traffic on sister station the cw. >> also, have another special performance from the us army voices celebrating flag day and the army's birthday, they're live in our studio right now, few pay tree the i can's by the ends of this day
6:57 am
for sure. >> that will put now good mood. you can find us on these channels. coming up next on cbs this morning, towering new controversy, for donald trump. why he is changing the face of the skyline in one of america's largest cities. >> to continue following your local news weather and traffic turn now to our sister station the "cw philly". >> ♪
6:58 am
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good morning. it is friday, june 13th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." extremists close in on baghdad. hundreds of thousands are on the run. washington debates how to respond. sergeant bowe bergdahl arrives back in america overnight. the next step for the p.o.w. world cup chaos. elaine kquijano is in the strees of sal paolo. but we begin this morning with today eye opener


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