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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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swat team has that home surrounded, weapons drawn, police are not saying what led to the standoff, only that the man is refusing to leave. so far no injuries reported but what appears to be a standoff situation in kensington a tense situation, we will stay on top of the breaking news here and bring you latest as we get more information.
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this is new this morning police think alcohol may have played a role in the crash on the 4,000 block of roosevelt boulevard, around 4:00 this morning. police say a black suv hit a pickup truck and then one driver is being evaluated for possible dui, there are no reported injuries. and it is also a show and tell that no one expect when a first grader brings heroin to school. >> overnight police filed charges against that little girls mother and her boyfriend. "eyewitness news" reporter jen bern stein joins us from commodore john barry elementary school with more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika and in a cash a we are told they are in custody and awaiting a rainment this morning. their names have have in the been released. they are facing charges including endangering welfare of the child, recklessly endangering another person or other offenses, in the meantime these first graders will return here to barry elementary school this morning. the doctors checked them out yesterday all are okay despite their possible exposure to
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heroin. escorted by the fire department with medics on board, 20, first graders on this school bus were taken to children's hospital, after a six year-old classmate brought 11 packets of heroin to barry elementary school. >> all of the parents are more concerned. a child seven years old. >> reporter: parent of the students are rush to the hospital dumbfounded by the fact that their children may have been exposed to the drug which can be deadly even in small doses. >> what he know that one of the packages looked like it was bitten and we have one student saying that the young laid hoy did bring the stuff to school did have that in her mouth. >> reporter: young girl was cleared to leave the hospital as were her classmates. >> apparently she was playing with the packet and showing it off. >> it doesn't make sense to me. it should never have been in the home. >> reporter: mean while these investigators searched home of the six year old girl and back at the the the school mother of that student decline to comment as she left to be
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interviewed by detectives. the school district spokesmen maintains letters were sent home and incident was hand old pope eighthly. >> substance is taken away from the child. classroom is evacuated. >> reporter: we're told a search of the girl's home did turn up more drugs, according to police, and we have also learn that the mother has a total of four children and that the department of human services is investigating. that is latees from west philadelphia jen bernstein cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you very much. we will keep following that story throughout the morning. here are some of the things happening today, kevin roper faces his first court appearance today. roper is the truck driver accused of cause ago this deadly crash that critically injured tracie morgan on saturday morning. delaware lawmakers are considering a proposal to lighten penalties for dult use of of marijuana that bill proposes making possession of marijuana the same punishment as a traffic ticket. u.s. defense secretary
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chuck hagel testifies to take in the first hearing over the exchange of five taliban leaders for solder bowe bergdahl. the the critics say they are negotiating with terrorist and some say bergdahl desserted the u.s. army. 60:00 46789 traffic and weather together now, hi there kate bilo. >> take a look at this video from yesterday, rain came down hard, fast, flooding a parking lot in glassboro gloucester county yesterday. this woman stranded in her car had ton helped to dry ground. we have had a lot have these storms this week. we call them gully washers where they just pop up over one area. they have a lot have of moisture. rain comes down fast and furious causing the risk for flash flooding. we are looking at another complex of storms this morning. in the meantime here on the skies deck it is misty, drizzling, light rain, that is not showing up on storm scan three because it is so light but i'll tell you what it is not feeling very nice out here. a damp, glummy morning. lets look at storm scan three
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which is showing the rain moving from the west. heavier rain over lancaster county. you can see yellow and red shading indicating where heavier rain is and moving quickly towards the city. your morning planner by 8:00 a.m. i expect heavier showers, maybe a thunderstorm even near the city. by noon, we try to dry out. it is 71. upper 70's by even of the day. the cannot rule out a stray shower but it looks like ease win will stabilize things that perhaps the afternoon will stay dry. today's high around 80 in the city, 74 down the the shore and mostly cloudy in the poconos. showers and thunderstorms especially early today, the high of 73 degrees. the not the the best june day we have ever had, although it looks dryer than the the next few days this week. i'll have that seven day forecast coming up. bob, share some on of that hair gel with me when i come back in. >> i got a full jar ready for you, come on back in. 6:05. good morning. that fog in the middle of the air, bad hair day for ladies. lets look live at our roadways, in the bad here, the
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schuylkill expressway on the right coming into downtown right here near spring garden street. trying to see pockets of the volume, due on the traffic camera screen here but for the most part we're in good shape coming into philadelphia on the schuylkill and i-95. lets go to the blue route 476, mid county tolls again starting to see that pockets of volume at 6:00 o'clock rush hour start heading down toward the the schuylkill expressway and a trash truck accident that has a hazmat crew and shutting down route 50 close to the shore, it is stretch of route 50 between atlantic city expressway and route 30. stay with cologne avenue through the neighborhood there and then 495 close another with us for a while allowing extra time as folks use i-95 as alternate, erika, back to you. a surprising campaign 2014, house majority leader eric cantor lost the republican primary in virginia to little men economics professor dave brat. as susan mcginnes reports this
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upset is also a big victory for the tea party. >> reporter: surrounded by supporters political new comer dave brat summed up his stunning victory begins house majority leader eric cantor in a way others also see it. >> this is a miracle from god. >> reporter: tea party candidate and economic professor pulled off an unexpect upset last night dethroned the number two republican in the house ending cantor's hepp for an eighth term. >> obviously we came up short. >> reporter: defeat was a shock for cantor supporters, he out spend brat 40 to one. his own internal poll had him up 34 points over brat. brat center his campaign around one issue, immigration. he and his tea party supporters accused cantor of not being conservative enough claiming he supported amnesty for immigrants living in the country illegally. cantor denied that charge and promised to continue fighting for conservative values.
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>> i believe there is opportunity around the next corner for all of us. >> reporter: cantor was considered the top candidate to succeed house speaker john boehner and in a statement speaker boehner called cantor a good friend and great leader and someone i have come to rely upon on a daily basis as we make tough choices that come with governing. cantor's loss marks first time in history a house majority leader has lost a primary. susan mcginnes for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". trenton has a new mayor. unofficial returns show public works director eric jackson won the run off. that is over former security consultant paul perez 56 to 44 percent. special election follows removal of mayor tony mack after his corruption conviction. acting mayor george michelle did not run. a bucks county man meantime is held on five million-dollar bail for allegedly stabbing a police officer and then taking off with his chooser. authorities say matthew miller
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went missing from a work release, jed stopped by police officer michael jachimski near bristol pike and woodhaven road where miller allegedly stab the officer and then took off in his cruiser. the knife did not penetrate officer's bullet-proof vest, thankfully. >> this is just another great story, where the the bull the proof vest, most likely saved his life. >> miller was taken in custody in philadelphia after abandoning the the police car near knights and fair dale roads. he is facing numerous charges including attempted murder. the son of the philanthropist lewis katz is not moving ahead with plans to buy the the inquirer and daily news. drew katz says that the the turmoil after his father's death prompted his decision. on may 31st, lewis katz and six others died in the private jet crash near boston. just four days before that he and jerry lenfest bought the inquirer for 88 million-dollar. new lenfest will be the soul
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buyer. we do finally have a timetable for when the bridge on 495 in wilmington will be fixed and let's just say it will be a minute. >> it will be a little while. plus a teenager opens fire at a high school in oregon killining a student and injuring a teacher now police are searching for a motive,. also this is a story that will have you shaking your head this morning, surgeon under investigation while sexing while in the operating room, that story and more when we come back.
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was it a random shooting or did gunman target his victims. investigators hope to get answers to what led to a shooting in an oregon high will school.
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teen opened fire in troutdale near port land. he killed a student and then wounded a teacher before killing himself. students and staff held their hand in the eras they were evacuated from the school, and police, finally cleared the scene. >> we all heard a few gunshots and we hid and lock all of the doors. >> right now there is no word on the gunman's identity. teacher to suffer some minor injuries. also the u.s. now averaging about 16 active shooter incidents a year. about three times as many as just a decade ago. study by texas state university found between 2009 and 2012, 476 people were shot and 209 were killed in active shooter situations. >> time for traffic and weather together on the three's, hi there kate. >> good morning, everyone. a live look at storm scan three shows a batch of rain moving our way. these storms looked more intense earlier as they were
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part of the boeing line segment moving through portions of south central, pennsylvania. now it is just steady rain moving over lancaster county, you can see we don't have have pockets of ready in more but it is still yellow, orange indicating heavy rain falling. mess of the lightening is starting to fizzle as this area of unsettled weather, at least runs into some cooler and more stable air that has taken over our area thanks to an easterly flow. usually we complain about an east flow, east win will bring clouds, fog and cooler conditions with you today it is helping us out because as storms run into that cooler air look at what happens by 9:00 a.m. they will fall apart, fizzle out and this have afternoon probably quietes we will have this week, we will see sun break go through clouds. it will be cooler and should stay cloudy, but not so bad. 80 degrees, some sun, humid, and eyewitness weather seven day forecast more storms thursday and friday but we will clear it out, very good news, sunshine saturday and
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sunday, hi bob. >> sunday barbecue at natasha's house. >> yeah. >> good morning. 6:15. live look at roosevelt boulevard an accident at southbound boulevard between kelly drive off ramp here and the schuylkill expressway. so everybody is push off to what looked like within left lane. we have a couple vehicles involved here. heading south down towards the schuylkill may want to jump off here at ridge avenue kelly drive interchange to avoid getting stuck in the delay. lets get to the platt bridge a live look from airport camera where again probably as we had yesterday the airline pilot will have a little trouble navigating through the if you go so we will see delays this morning at philly international. in problems here on the platt and an accident involving a trash truck and a hazmat team on the scene along route 50 here between atlantic city expressway and route 30. use cologne avenue best stretch that connects you through neighborhood this morning and then, tonight is the night when the new 95 work zone kicks in, we will be
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working north bound between girard and allegheny avenue down to one lane tonight and that will cause big delays for anyone heading home, from the phillies game, erika, back over to you. it will be a long wait before you can drive on the 495 bridge in wilmington. dell dot shut down bridge between 12th street and terminal avenue more than a week ago because it is tilting. now officials say earliest that bridge cannery opened is labor day. pressure damaged support peers and then push them sideways. >> the the expertise, equipment and material to get this bridge reopened are on their way to delaware right now. there is a small chance we will to have completely tear down this 400-foot section of the bridge and rebuild a new section. earliest labor day, worse the year. >> but bob kelly has you covered, and lots of ways around that.
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here are headlines on cbs-3, breaking news right now, philadelphia swat team members are in place at north mash are and west huntington in whencing ton and a man is armed inside inside a home. police want to know if alcohol played a role in the crash on the boulevard. a black suv hit a pickup truck in northeast philadelphia around 4:00 this morning. there were no injuries. matter and her boyfriend have been charge after her six year-old daughter child brought heroin the two west philadelphiaia school. twenty children came in contact with the drugs. they were check out at a hospital. we will be right back stay with us everyone.
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all right. a little sports action here phillies sign their first round draft pick, pitcher aaron nola out of lsu, he was seventh pick and two time pitcher of the year. phillies open up their current home stand with the win. phillies and padres last night at citizens bank park and that is mar lor byrd, whose three run home run in the fourth broke a one-one tie and put philadelphia is head to stay. aj burnett gets win and jonathan papelbon pitched a scoreless ninth for his 300 career save. phillies win five-two and it will be cole hamels with the padres tonight. now to the nba finals where san antonio spurs came in my am up and blew out lebron james and heat. leonard had a career high 29
6:21 am
points as the spurs beat the heat 111-92. san antonio made 19 of 21 shots, hit basket at a 76 percent clip in the first half. san antonio now leads best of seven games in the final two-one with game four tomorrow night in miami. philadelphia union have fired its manager john hackworth. union has just three wins in their first 16 matches this season and hackworth will be replaced by assistant manager, and former player jim curtain. union is on a world cup break right now, curtain's first match as manager will be next tuesday against the harrisburg city islanders at ppl park. stay tuned for that. 6:21. we have a lot a i a injury a teen suffered after a shark bite in delaware just ahead. >> search is on for a burglar men for doing something pretty creepy do his victims, while they are sleeping, wait until you hear this, stay with us, coming up.
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right now just past 6:23 we will get traffic and weather together. how are storms looking, kate. >> they are starting to weaken as far as those then are storm activity are concerned. we have heavy rain with these storms moving through lancaster county just creeping into southern chester county and we will hit portions of northern new castle county in an area hit by very heavy rainfall yesterday and we could see more this morning. it is starting to weaken as it moves into cooler more stable air and we won't see them around all day long but watch for those showers and storms through the next hour or two, temperatures still very warm, muggy, drizzly and it is glummy out there this morning. good morning, bob. >> those storms coming through double whamy here we will to have deal with them in the vehicles. kids depending upon their timing, standing on the the bus corner could get soak this
6:25 am
morning. the southbound on the boulevard an accident approaching schuylkill expressway, you can see brake tapping here down toward schuylkill. rest of the majors south i-95 seeing a delay from wood have men to downtown. with the 495 construction close another between exit two and three everybody seems to go in land toward wilmington to find an alternate. little tip forget there is a liver here, and try going into new jersey, down 295, and cam back over delaware memorial bridge. difficult this earlier in the week, and it was a breeze. i had no problem at all, and got there, well ahead of time instead of sitting in that grid lock through i-95. erika, back over to you. a delaware beach is back opened after a frightening even counters, a teenager suffer a shark bite. that boy was attack monday in the waters off of cape henlopen state park. andrew vance is recovering after a shark bite to his arm. the teenager posted this picture. you can see the image there
6:26 am
officials say it is unheard of for a shark to bite swimmers in that area. >> in 20 years i have not dealt with any shark by the. >> based upon the bite this shark was not interested in feeding it was an instinct bite. >> experts believe that teen was bit bine a young san war shark, he received 22 stitches. seattle doctor meantime is accused of endangering lives of his patients by sexting during surgery. state's medical board suspended there arthur silverstein, accused of sending hundreds of inappropriate texts while providing anesthesia to patients during child birth and other surgeries at swedish medical center. medical board also alleged that he i am presently prescribed oxycodone and other drugs. the charges do not indicate anyone was ever hurt by his alleged actions. unusual break in are under investigation in the boston suburb. someone has broken in to three homes in brighton in the middle of the night. person was wearing a mask, kneeling at his victim's bed
6:27 am
and tickling their feet. as soon as he is spotted, he runs out of the house. >> and woke up and looked over and there is a man crouched right next to his head, and he kick at the guy and he ran out of the door and started yelling and i woke up and i saw a man running by my bedroom door. >> police say burglar didn't take anything, they add however in each case the doors were unlock. >> start locking your doors. >> immediately. or wear shoes to bed. >> stop it. coming up on/i witness news we are live with the story that has a lot have of parents concern this morning, jen. >> a man and her boyfriend are charged after a first grader brings heroin to school i'll have an update coming up. plus the name corry birch, makes woman every where drool over handbags, and clothing, but did you know she's from our area, see what the mega designer aid to fans in philadelphia about making their dreams come true. also bob and kate return
6:28 am
with your traffic and weather together on the three's, kind of a glummy little foggy start to the morning, kate has your forecast, how is your weekend looking? we know you are thinking bit all right. we will be right ba
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okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too. we're updating breaking news that standoff situation we were telling but in
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kensington this morning has just ended. "eyewitness news" at north masher and west huntingdon street where we just learn that the man has surrendered peacefully and is now in police custody. police still are not saying though what led to this standoff. jen bernstein joins us at par i elementary school where parents are outraged this morning, jen, good morning. >> good morning, erika. mother of that six year-old child and mother's boyfriend were charge. they are still in custody this morning, they are awaiting arraignment. but their names have not been released. they are facing charge that he is include endangering welfare of a child, recklessly endangering another person and other narcotic offenses. in the meantime we have those first graders returning here to barry elementary school in west philadelphia, yesterday was a real scare for parents as well as teachers here, 20, first graders were put on a
6:32 am
school bus and taken to children's hospital after a six year-old classmate the brought 11 packets of heroin to school. we know one of the packets was bitten, one student told police the girl who brought packets to school had one of them in her mouth. all of the children were examined and cleared including that six year-old little girl but parents came to pick up their kids at the hospital were shocked, angry by what happened. >> i don't know why a first grader would be able to bring heroin to school. it just doesn't make any sense. it should never have been in the home. >> the school said it followed protocol police agreed with that. we know school district spokesperson says a letter had been sent home to parents and are awaiting an update this morning on the mother and mother's boyfriend who are still in custody and have been charged, awaiting arraignment this morning. that is latest, jen bernstein cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks so much for that
6:33 am
update. we have good news for people in olde city, firehouse that closed after a fire, back in september, is on track to reopen this summer. finally. work to restore the firehouse at fourth and arch could finish by the end of july according to the incoming fire commissioner derrick sawyer. workers have have found more areas that need repair. once work is completed it should take a few weeks or so for inspectors to clear crew toss finally return. lets check on that weather, it is awfully glummy, kate. >> it is glummy, and drizzly and misty. we are still dealing with that moisture in the atmosphere, and with us throughout the week. you can see where heavier rain is, lancaster county, and just starting to edge into portions of the southern chester county as well, continuing to track that batch of showers and storms, mainly rain, lightening has dissipated but we are seeing that wall of wet weather, moving into our western suburbs. we will watch it throughout
6:34 am
the rest of the morning. it may dissipate moving into some more stable air, clouds, cooler conditions with the east flow over city of philadelphia, we will have have some showers crop through in the next few hours. sixty-six in trenton. sixty-nine in millville. seventy-one at the airport. look at these dew point is very warm and humid. sixty-six in philadelphia dew point is 68 in wilmington. the air is completely saturated as these showers and storm comes through. they have in moisture to work w here's what we can expect, you can still see showers and storms to the west. they will start to fizzle. i don't think anything gets down the shore with the east flow it will have a hard time surviving. this afternoon most of the showers and storms are well off to the west. that is good news. watch tomorrow, 8:00 a.m. couple showers and rate through afternoon, showers and storms move through and on friday, scattered showers and thunderstorms, and, at 11:00 actual front, there it is at midnight, push through
6:35 am
and finally clearing for upcoming, weekend as sun returns highs back in the 80's. southbound boulevard heavy from broad street going down, approaching the schuylkill. and then delays on i-95, south wound heavy out of northeast philadelphia out of the that construction zone in girard avenue. an accident at route 50, involving an 18 wheeler type trash truck, and a hazmat situation now, closing route 50, between the atlantic city expressway, interchange and route 30. cologne avenue, in the neighborhood use that stretch, that is way to go to stay away from the delay. forty-two, 55, seeing delays heading in toward the city,
6:36 am
295 construction zone, a new pattern down there near walt whitman bridge and keep in mind 495 closed indefinitely here between exits two and three. if you are tired of getting stuck in the delay and looking for an alternate here's a tip, for get there is a river there, iron use 295. i tried this the other day and it work great. i went over commodore barry, down 295 and came back over delaware memorial. zero delay, on my trip, heading southbound, maybe for the weekend you can give that a try heading to the delaware beaches. natasha, back to you. well, three is on your side new with another car recall, toyota is recalling 650,000 more cars, over faulty air bags, and expanding a recall first announced last year. new this latest recall only effects cars in japan but it is more bad news for car maker. total number of recall cars now stand at the 2.8 million.
6:37 am
the sixers are crossing the the delaware. team is moving its practice and business operation to the camden waterfront. the new jersey economic development authority has approved an 82 million-dollar tax credit for the team. the money will help build new practice facility and offices at martin luther king boulevard and delaware avenue. right now sixers practice at the philadelphia college of osteopathic medicine. >> we need a place that is 24/7 operations that is ours, that is more than one court that we share with medical students. this is a whole other level. this is going to be the biggest inn best training facility ever built in the u.s. >> team plans to move into that new practice facility in early 2016. well, construction on the new sixers facility begins this coming fall, as "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan tells us, camden city officials hepp this will attract other businesses. >> this is a catalyst for
6:38 am
change. >> it is not number of jobs or number of tax revenues that has camden leaders excited about the sixers building a practice facility at the the waterfront but possible ripple effect. >> this will be transform. >> franker moran believes while removed from the center of camden what happens at waterfront helps people on main street or in camden's case broadway. >> if it goodies enough to move in the camden and build their practice facility then other investors will, most likely take advantage of that opportunity. >> reporter: moran says thanks to the 2013 new jersey economic act, camden has a powerful tool to assist current employers like cooper hospital to expand and bring in new business that is won't location at the waterfront. >> we want citizens to walk up and down and have a coffee, or have a meal or a salad or whatever it the may be, right in the area where you work. that is what we're talking about. >> reporter: michael marriott whom we spotted wearing sixers jersey says he is excited about a team making commitment
6:39 am
to his city. >> i think the city needs some change. it has been messed up for a long time now. i think everything is good, change is good. >> reporter: city officials say 76ers want to go build a practice facility had to be a secret so it would the not interfere with the deal. they have other economic development in the pipeline, and we should expect more announcements in the coming months n camden i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now 6:39. fashion designer torey birch returns home to philadelphia. did you know she was from the area, philadelphia girl. she's here to help woman grow their businesses. >> more than a hundred people gathered at rittenhouse hotel for one on one time with the established entrepreneur. the torey birch foundation is partnering with bank of america, to offer mentorship and millions in low interest loans to help woman grow their businesses. >> we're hearing more and more that woman entrepreneurs had trouble accessing capitol. the that has been a real
6:40 am
barrier to their expansion. >> something negative happens learn from it and see how to move it forward. >> other advice from mentors including happening the right attitude and never giving up. >> good advice. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> coming up, do you ever get angry when you have not eaten when your hung are pains change your mood and make you angry. it is a common problem. coming up in today's what's up doctor segment we will look at how you can prevent this from happening. a new high tech trend using smart phones as a way to purchase stuff with cash, sounds good to me. we will shshow you how it works coming
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welshing we are now learning sandra bullock's allege stalker who was arrested over the weekend owns an illegal machine gun. >> that is just scary. police say 39 year-old joshua corbett broke in the actress's home in los angeles and spent more than a half an hour inside were they were called. authorities have have charged corbett with burglary, stalking and possession of a machine gun. corbett did not have the gun on him at the time of the break in, however, a bullock was at home. j lo pulls an about face, it looks like jennifer lopez will sing at the world cup have after all, lopez originally back out of the opening ceremony performance but new a representative says she always wanted to be there and she's just working out the
6:44 am
scheduling and logistics of it all. >> it is like a spring break party. >> okay. that is channing tatem reacting to the red carpet premiere of his latest premiere of 22 jump street. teams up with joan a hill going under cover this time at the a local college campus. they are trying to catch drug dealers on campus. twenty-two jump street opens up nationwide this friday. first one was kind of silly but i enjoyed it. >> it it was silly but cute. >> maybe john i dep will make another cameo, we shall see. >> as long as tatem is in it. >> i'm there. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. good morning everyone. you know, nice movie wet they are week if you are home with the kids and need something to do/rainy day maybe not that movie but nice weather path attorney do indoor activities. we have another round of rain moving our way this morning. you can see where it is, lancaster county, berks county, we have light rain here, moving into chester county and new castle county
6:45 am
as well with heavier showers moving through kent county, delaware. we will track this throughout the entire morning, still in this overall pattern, of really just stormy weather. you can see this rain lifting through and then dries out this afternoon but more where that came from for your thursday and again for your friday afternoon. here's your pollen report. pollen is higher then it will be for next couple days because we dry out this afternoon. we're at 3.7, low to medium range, predominant pol even, grasses, it does get lower tomorrow and friday thanks to more rain in the forecast so allergy sufferers will be enjoying that even if they are in the enjoying rain. for today sunshine, humid. thunderstorm this morning. eighty will be our daytime high. for tonight mostly included which a shower or then are storm down to 66. here is you're witness weather seven day forecast and shore cast. more then are storms thursday afternoon, friday afternoon as well, good news, just in time, we will clear it out, dry it out, sun returns. good news.
6:46 am
>> 6:45. here's a picture sent to us by hamilton township 911 folks of the accident i have been talking about along route 50. this is a nasty crash, involving an 18 wheeler carrying trash. is there a hazmat situation that they are dealing with right now. lets go to the maps. this is route 50 between the atlantic city expressway and route 30 in hamilton township. for the the rest of the rush hour, at least until they can get a handle on this, cologne avenue will be your best alternate between the white horse pike abe the atlantic city expressway. otherwise we are seeing slow downs on the schuylkill between conshohocken and city avenue no sun glare. just fog delays this morning with the low ceiling, make sure your head lights are on, south on i-95 heavy from cottman in through girard avenue and here's a live look, girard avenue, on the southbound side, this is i-95, near girard on the southbound side. you think you are having a bad
6:47 am
start. look at this one, wow, we have to get his license plate and send natasha brown out there to pay him a visit. >> erika, back over to you. we like that. >> for now it is 6:47. feeling extra moody at work or the office but not sure why? it turns out you may be angry. >> all right. that is term now used to describe when you are hunger leaving to anger or other mood changes and swings. doctor rob danoff is on call to tell us about what this is and what we can do to avoid low blood sugar during the day. >> have you ever noticed your mood changes if you are hungry. >> oh, yeah. >> i notice it sometimes if i had cookie, cake or pretzel. half an hurry to hour later your mood change, you might get tired or anxious. we have seen sometimes changes in blood sugar can affect
6:48 am
certain people where it affects their mood and how they feel. >> how can you tell fur blood sugar is low good for people with diabetes they often know they have certain symptoms but even those without diabetes you may get agitated. you may get increase in your heart rate. you might get moody. feel on edge. feeling like your hearties beating quickly. maybe sweating. and some people get low blood sugar when they sleep, they will get all sweaty or bad nightmares. these are for people work out a lot, maybe don't eat enough or don't have a bedtime snack. there are certain things we know that affects their mood. is there a study done a few months ago that says couples when they discuss sensitive subjects they got in more arguments when they were in this state and they carl lated with low blood sugar levels. >> so what can you do to avoid this. >> biggest thing ace void simple sugars. sometimes i'll get hungry or let me have a candy bar. that is worse thing because you get sugar spied but then
6:49 am
rally of fatigue. don't skip meals. your body is used to energy. that is what food is, have healthy snacks, high protein, that is good for us. something humus with olive oil, you want protein, complex carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, april well peanut butter and snack throughout the day every four to five hours to have something. if you or one who works out a lot, doesn't have fat reserve you want to have constant fuel throughout the the day and you don't want to skip meals. but biggest thing we have found is type of fuel. those people who eat simple carbohydrates go up and down with their energy levels and blood sugar levels and it will affect how they feel. >> when do you know this could be a larger medical issue that you should look out for. >> when you start to feel thinks happening a lot, getting sweaty, moody or notice correlation how you feel ites best to go to the doctor we want to make sure you don't have diabetes or other type that we can help. food is fuel, and food can act
6:50 am
like a healthy we will feel better food is best medicine. >> exactly. >> thanks doctor rob. >> thank you. right now 6:50. lets see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king joins us live from new york with the preview, good morning, gayle. >> hi natasha ander contact i can tell you a political shocker is what we're talking about today, republican strategies and bob schieffer will talk about the fall out after eric cantor lost his primary bid for reelection. the plus fake fedex trucks, police cars and school buses, filled with drugs, creative ways drug traffickers are staying ahead of the law. soccer fans from all around the globe pouring in brazil for world cup, but will the country be ready. elaine keyan-o is there with the last minute preparations. the news is back in the morning. we will see new zero minutes from now. >> tough assignment, i mean really. >> i know. i have never been to brazil.
6:51 am
>> neither have i. >> thanks, gayle. more people are saying good bye to their wallets and checkbooks and sending and receiving cash through their smart phones. >> as cbs-3 consumer reporter jim donovan find young people are rum pink on board this high tech trend. >> reporter: when adam pays his roommate madeline his share of the rent he doesn't get out his checkbook but pulls out his smart phone and fires up vinmo. >> it connection tour account. >> reporter: adam, registered with when one owes the other money it is as easy as finding name, entering amount and hitting send. >> got it. >> beautiful. >> thank you. pay pal and google wallet work in the similar way, several banks have their own payment app is allowing parents to pay baby-sitters, friends to split dinner checks and more. >> the the convenience factor paying with your phone considering it is something you are carrying all the time, and fantastic. >> reporter: many can be used
6:52 am
to pay retailers, analyst james wester says after a slow start mobile payments are hitting their stride. >> do see it taking off in a big way starting right about now. >> reporter: most apps are free but some charge a fee if link to the credit card or debit card. now by the way users can only send money to people who have the same app that they do. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. checkbooks will be obsolete. >> you are so savvy already. >> we will be right back. >> but first here's is what coming up on cbs-3. good morning nelly! woah. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice?
6:53 am
yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet.
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6:55 am
it is time for traffic and weather together, good morning. >> hey, good morning everyone. we are tracking two lines of showers and tn are storms moving in from the west. lets take a look, you can see one lifting and weakening over lancaster county and another segment off to the south now looking to intensify. lets zoom in on the northern most line, this is mainly rain not a lot of lightening over berks county eastern lancaster county and chester county. we have got steady rain over portions of new castle county delaware. look at this batch over portion s of the chesapeake bay into eastern maryland and that one with the a lot of rain and frequent cloud to ground lightening.
6:56 am
we will track that coming up on the cw at 7:00. for now here's bob. >> good morning. live look at the schuylkill expressway, jammo leaving town, heavy from the boulevard bumper to bumper all the way out through belmont have avenue. then we have that accident we have been talking about here closing route 50 in hamilton township between atlantic city expressway and route 30 white horse pike. watch for down tree here in the neighborhood arden road at gulf road. delays on the schuylkill from conshohocken and city line avenue. folks heading in the city and delays expect on the patco high speed line with the reconstruction project there. back over to you. we are getting a look at some of the most breathtaking art anywhere. >> better get a look at it now because it will be gone in an hour or two. andre, uses nothing but a rake to make art on the beaches of california. afterwards he uses a hell cooperate tore get a good vantage point and makes post cards that sell the world over. as soon as tides come in he
6:57 am
has a brand new drawing. and then dog comes along and messes it up. >> doggies adding a flare. >> cool though. >> well, coming up on our sister station cw philly a look at fathers day gift ideas for you coming up this sunday right. >> yes good fab four in philly, we will go to abby row without leaving studios we will look at the tribute show, right now we will see you on the cw.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is june 11th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a tea party takedown. house majority leader eric cantor voted out of the office, sending shock waves through washington and the country. and president obama loses his patience after another deadly school shooting. >> plus, fake fedex trucks. police cars and even school buses all filled with smuggled drugs. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> this is a miracle from god. >> a stunning political upset in virginia. >> house majority leader eric cantor d


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