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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 10, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> following news, friendly fire apparently led to the death of 5us service members. you're looking at video here from the southern province, where the taliban initiate in the attack. the new york times says the coalition aircraft accidentally unleashed the air strike, killing those 5us service members, and an afghan
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soldier. cbs this morning will have more for you coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> more breaking news here at home, as well, frightening home invasion and robbery in philadelphia. >> right now the search is on for two men who terrorized a woman sleeping in her bed. "eyewitness news" reporter jen bernstein joins us now, on the scene, in olney with the latest information. jen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika, nicole. we are told the victim here has owned tellups tavern for more than 40 years, lives above the baron the second floor. told the police this whiling home invasion began when she was fast asleep in her bed. the woman who owns tellups bar and restraunts in olney said she was started awake around midnight. found herself in the middle of a nightmare. >> she was in her bed asleep when she was awoke end by these two intruders breaking in in, they had flashlights in her face which woke her up.
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>> reporter: the men tide her up with a clothing as well's extention card around her wrist, neck, ankles, demanded money zoo. he told them she didn't have any. that's when they ransacked her apartment. >> they actually ripped doors from the hinges of the closet, they overturned and broke furniture, they emptied out drawers. >> the men then left, leaving their victim still bound. the woman told police, she was tied up for another hour until she was able to free herself and call police. this morning detectives processed the scene, ran hoping the two intruders left behind anything that will aid police in their investigation. >> we're getting information that these two perpetrators may not have been wearing any gloves. so right now detectives are dusting for fingerprints. >> and we are hearing from police that they think those two intruders broke in around back of this bar and this restaurant. there are apparently dumpster
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there they either climbed on, or also a fence they could have climb up, got into second floor patio, were able to break-in through a window there. now, the victim does tell police she isn't missing any money, but she is miss ago small caliber handgun, which she says; registered to her. police will be checking surveillance cameras in the area which they say they did find to see if it has any casino of evidence on it. and information, clues. that will help them find these two men this morning. that's the latest from olney, jen bernstein, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". jen, thank you. clean up is underway in parts every montgomery county after heavy rains caused flooding. that will rain came down heavy and fast, stranding the driver in plymouth meeting yesterday afternoon. the storm also flooded the oswald family patio in elkins park. >> within the course every ten minutes we went from oh, ya, there is some water out there to oh, my god the water is all there. >> usually takes a hurricane to come here and fill my patio. >> family says the flooding is the worse they've seen in some 17 years. it is 03:00 right now.
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let's check on traffic and weather together. it will be a rainy week? >> absolutely. so much, with a we just heard from s residents, all based on location. your neighborhood may be tonightly fine after yesterday's storms, but, some spots just got pummeled with pounding rain. that's what we're finding right now, moving into chester county, as well as berks county. also, another pocket that is just about ready to cross over into sussex county here in delaware. so, you know, while not everyone is getting hit at the same time, where you are getting hitter getting hit pretty hardiments some of the rain embedded within the pocket has been responsible for, say, over an inch worth of precipitation, in a matter of an hour. so, it is very slow moving lit pocket here. you can see some of the most intense rainfall, started dwindle little bit. but still dealing with thunderstorms on the southern branch that far little batch of showers and storms, and flood advisories have as a result been issued. they lasted for about another half hour through lancaster county, and we will let you know if anything in the word
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every caught in the way of any warnings, watches, advisories here, meantime, your visibilities also awfully poor, under mile in trenton, in fill, with obviously the proximity to the river, that fog settling in very, very easily. but, we are going to be dealing with these rounds of showers, and thunderstorms, casino of off and on, throughout the day here. scat nerd nature, granted, but where they hit, they could hit hard. so i highly suggest an umbrella, even though, you may not need it all day. bob? >> 6:05. good morning, everybody, on a tuesday, slower than normal out there, poor visibility, and socked in with some fog. let's go outside, take a little quick tour, rain starting to move in here. live look at the roadways, becoming wet here on us, the 30 bypass, right near route 340, so the gang that rolls from downingtown, through chester county, as katie showed us on storm scan3, there, the storm is coming in through chester county first, and working their way over toward 476, the schuylkill expressway, and portions of that northeast extension, live look at i-95, right near girard avenue, southbound,
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stacked up from the betsy on in, and of course, the fog in the background, leaving us with poor visibility, all over the place this morning. now, because of the weather last night, penndot postponed a start of this new construction project. so current work zone, race to up girard tomorrow night. they'll kick in the new pattern, from girard up through allegheny. downed wires in chester county at warren and shepherd road. and speedometer readings across the board, 50 on the schuylkill, 55 on the blue route, and so far no delays yet at philly international. nicole, back over to you. >> here is a look at some of the things happening today. we learn this afternoon a timetable for the re-opening of the i495 bridge in wilmington. the bridge is tilting, and has been closed to traffic since last week. and, that is preliminary hearing for gary dudek the man accused of stealing skin grafter intended for a philadelphia hospital. he faces felony theft charges. and today is election day in trenton, voters are picking a new mayor at today's runoff election.
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eric janszen and paul perez top two finishers in last month's election, winner replaces toney mack convicted on corruption charges. shark attack will delay swimming today at delaware cape henlopen state park. sixteen year old boy was swimming yesterday afternoon, when a shark bit him on the arm. he used his other arm to break free. he was treated for garrison his left forearm. there is no word yet on what caused this shut bus fire at philly international. the pay less car rental shuttle bus burst into flames near terminal d and e baggage claim area last night. fortunately, no one was injured. police shutdown arrival road temporarily, however, the road reopened after the fire was contained. the truck driver charged in the accident that injured tracy morgan is expected to appear in court tomorrow. authorities say kevin rope her not slept for more than 24 hours before the accident. investigators say, his big rig, rearended the comedian's limo van on the new jersey turnpike, in cranberry township saturday morning.
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state police have released 911 calls to "eyewitness news". >> a vehicle is turned over. do you know if anybody is in there? >> yes, two, two vehicles and a wal-mart truck. >> the collision critically injured morgan and two others, and killed one of his passengers. a spokesman says morgan face as difficult recovery. in 2012, nearly 4,000 people died in crashes involving large trucks. now, to save lives, federal motorcade, is trying to combat one potential cause, driver fatigue. last year new rules took effect limiting the maximum average work week for drivers to 70 hours. drivers cannot start a new work week until they've had 34 hours of rest, that included at least two nights of sleep between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00 a.m. the legal battle between los angeles clippers owner donald sterling and the nba is apparently going into over time. in a new statement, sterling says, he'll fight the recently announced agreement to sell
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the team to former mike soft ceo. marlie hall has the latest from new york. >> reporter: donald sterling is calling a time out on the deal to sell the los angeles clippers. and, he says, he plans to move forward with his $1 billion federal lawsuit against the nba. an attorney for sterling, has confirmed, the embattled clippers owner has pulled his support for the sale of the franchise to former ceo steve balance nerve. in a statement released yesterday, sterling said: the team is not for sale. i love the team and have dedicated 33 years of my life to the organization. i intends to fight to keep the team. sterling's comments come less than two weeks after ballmer agreed buy the clippers from sterling's estranged wife for $2 billion. the nba was prepared to force the sale as punishment for racist comments made in a secretly recorded conversation with a former girlfriend.
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>> if you want to broadcast that you are associate withing black people -- >> sterling says his comments were recorded illegally and his rights were violated. in his lawsuit, he accused the nba of breaching his contract by fining him two and a half million dollars. the nba has not yet commented on sterling's change of heart. marlie hall, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, it is 10:00 right now. six time olympic gold medalist could be paralyzed after a nasty atv accident. that's coming up. >> also, chilling new videos released of the cup hole killed two las vegas police officers. what we're learning about what might have motivated them. and a judge intervenes to keep radio icon casey kasem al
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>> baseball size hail had cars ducking fog cover in new mexico. stormy werth moved into the town of wagon mound yesterday tying up traffic for miles. and, heavy rain, making driving difficult for folks up in newark, new jersey. many cars stalled out on flooded roadways there. one woman reportedly did not see a manhole cover, she fell right in. she was rescued, though, with a few injuries. right now, 13:00. dealing with rain, fortunately, nothing severe, what, across the country. >> also dealing with our own fair share of the flooding. you're right, no hail, no
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tornado activity. but we have thunderstorms to report for this morning. more than anything, heavy rain is going to be our story for the next couple of days. >> this guy is the one that's been causing the most issues. we are actually still seeing some thunder, lightning, reported within this pocket of that heavy rain. sort of just split the difference between chester county and new castle county, so, you're going to be hearing the thunder and lightning if you already are not across these areas through hokessing, for example, very heavy rain now currently moving through. take a look at the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, really don't catch too much of a break unfortunately, guys, until the weekend, at least the timing good here, but the next four days, feature unsettled weather f we had to pick one day of the next four that will be drier than the rest it is wednesday. that's where we likely just get little lull, but i still have to throw in shot for shower or storm, though may not be quite as widespread or as often throughout the day. back to you. >> 6:14, live look, at an accident scene here, again, barely make out the police lights here in the background.
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first of all the fog so thick, rain moving in, but this is i95 northbound, approaching the scutters falls bridge. looks like we're down to one lane of traffic here. going downtown, far right lane, trying to get to 30th street station, starting to see volume pop. a crash, on the lincoln drive, right near gypsy lane road work continues, construction closed between exits two and three, it has been hot mess the last week or so, and just a touch from talking to everybody, kind of seeing the traffic patterns, best bet is to just give yourself extra time, and stick with i-95. once you make it through this bottleneck here, it moves. it moves slowly, but surely, but it works you all the way down and otherwise you're push off into wilmington into the actual neighborhood, and into the side streets, and the traffic lights, and that becomes another whole problem. dart, because of all of that congestion, running with 20 minute delays, through the rush hour.
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nicole, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. some breaking news, thomas today's headlines on cbs-3. friendly fire, likely, killed 5us service members monday in afghanistan. group under attack by the taliban at the time. they have since intensified attacks in the southern part of afghanistan. also, police dusting for fingerprints after woman was tied up, beaten, robbed during a home invasion in olney. that woman freed herself after several hours, and notified police. and this afternoon, we learn the time line for the re-opening of the closed i495 bridge in wilmington. the bridge has been closed since last week, after experts determined it was tilting. we'll be right
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>> in sports, citizens bank park tonight, aj gills against the padres in kennedy. phils have lost two straight so far. hey, say hello to the lasing toll sign list contract, moving forward here first rounds pick marcus, did the deed. last of eagles 09 players on the roster make it official. he is linebacker out of louisville and the 26th overall pick in last month's nfl draft. deal worth $7.8 million including $4 million signing bonus over four years. not too shabby. the former flyers are making their mark on the stanley cup finals. jeff carter puts kings up one-nothing, at the end of the first period last night against the rangers. former flyers, captain, mike richards, also had a goal on last night's kings win over the rangers, three-nothing. the kings lead the series
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three games to none, and they could win the stanley cup tomorrow night with a win at madison square garden, erika? >> us soccer team in brazil ahead of monday first round worlds cup game against began a team had first training session at the home base for the tournament. us will play two of the top four teams in the worlds early in the draw. but right now they're focusing on ghana. >> oh, 100 percent, our main focus, we know we have portugal, germany after that, but if we, you know, don't table cake of business with ghana then those other games can end up being meaningless. >> tcb. >> very first game of world cup 2014 is thursday, this week featuring host country brazil against croatia. >> time now 6:20. coming up a little later, some lessons can't be taught from a book. heart-warming story for you about local teacher making the ultimate sacrifice for fellow educator. >> also, on line gamers shocked as they witness a crime happening live on their
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screens. finds out what's hapappening to this woman coming up.
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>> tracking heavy rain as well as embedded thunderstorm, limb pocket you can see rolling through chester county, into newark, rather, new castle county, but a place like newark, in delaware, getting hit hard with some heavy rain, now, just about ready to hit the lehigh valley. so matter of time, but you can see it is casino of separated in nature. not everyone is getting hit by this. if you're not getting hit by the rain, you might be dealing with fog, over the course of the next four days, continue to track more weather err chances, little hire err than others, the rest of the week stays unsettled and muggy, too. >> live look at the 30 bypass,
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dealing with some fog, and now, here comes the rain. as it rolls from the west in toward the city here, this is live look at the 30 bypass, right near 322, same deal as yesterday, have to deal with the spray, the wet roads, throwing the fog into the breakfast buffet this morning, now, lincoln drive, an accident northbound, right at gypsy lane. and then, as we go flying south along 295, new traffic pattern, ramps to the walt whitman bridge are closed because of the construction now, so you actually is to go further south, down to the delsea drive, and flip around and come back north, on 295. erika, nicole, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. this morning, learning more about the cup hole killed two las vegas police officers then thirds man before turning the gun on themselves. police say jared miller and wife amanda on mission to kill when they ambushed officers allen beck, and identifying or at pizza shop. authorities say social media posting show the couple was anti-government and apparently also linked to a nazi
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movement. >> suspects pulled the officers out of the boot, on to the grounds, where they placed a flag, don't tread on me yellow flag on the body of officer beck. they also through a swastika on top of his body. >> after gunning down the officers, they stormed a wal-mart killing 31 jerold joseph will cox, who tried to stop the millers. the couple exchanged gunfire with police, and then amanda miller shot and killed her husband and then turned the gun on herself. and, this california man, who climbed on top of a rooftop about a rifle, now behind bars. forty-one year old nolan finally surrendered to police, after they fired tear gas into the north hollywood home he was barricaded in. incident began when they tried to arrest him or out standing warrant for threats. >> olympic swimmer amy vandiken, severed her spinal cord in a all terrain vehicle accident in arizona over the weekend. now, at this point, it is unclear if she will be able to
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walk again. vandiken, won six gold medals, underwent surge troy stabilize her spine. also, a judge has intervened in casey kasem's treatment. he's ruled that the radio personality should receive nourishment and medication while court appointed attorney's val agents his health. he is 82, in failing health. his wife, jean, and daughter kerrey, are in legal battles over kasem's care. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", jen bernstein following breaking news for us. plus this: >> is it a goal or not? new goal line technology being used for the first time at the world cup, could mean the difference twin winning or losing, i'm kara tsuboi, that story coming up next. >> bob and katie return with your traffic and weather together together on the 3's, we'll be back in two minutes.
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police looking for two men who robbed a woman in her home. >> jen bernstein live in olney with the very latest, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole and erika. yes, we're on west olney avenue. this is tellups tavern restaurant right behind us. we're told the woman who owns this establishment lives on the second floor, and that she was startled awake around midnight by with men breaking into her second floor apartment. and were shining flashlights, on her face. very scary.
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now, the men tide her up with clothing and extension cord around her neck, wrist, ankles then demanded money. she told them she didn't have money, they ransacked her apartment, tossing furniture, ring doors off her closet, they then left. she told police she was tied up for about an hour until she could free herself and call police. earlier, detectives were processing the scene, video you're looking at right now, it is believed the two men were able to gain entry in the back where they either climbed a fence or stood on dumpsters to get into a second floor patio, and break-in to a window there. >> getting information the two perpetrators may not have been wearing any gloves. so right now they are dusting for fingerprints. >> when the woman went through her things, she said no money was missing, but was missing small caliber handgun which she says is registered to her,
6:31 am
police are looking into that right now as for cameras in the area, they'll be checking those to see if there is any kind of they had a can help them finds these two men this morning. that's the latest from olney, jen bernstein, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". jen, thank you. protesters greet pennsylvania governor tom corbett while he is at fundraiser in center city philadelphia. >> hundreds every demonstrators including philadelphia school students and teachers staged syd in outside the comcast center 17th and jfk. police arrested six professors for obstructing the street there. protesters want the restoration of $200 million, in state budget cuts. it is the idea we're here to educate. we can't do it. >> our hands are tied in a lot of places. when our hands are tied, the kids will are losing out. >> corbett and new jersey governor, chris christie, were in the comcast center for a fundraiser. treacherous driving
6:32 am
conditions, check this video out. rain came down heavy and standing some motorists in plymouth meeting montgomery county. some creeks also overflowed, flooding nearby roadways and homes, and don't hold your breath, we got more coming. right now we check in with katie with our forecast. >> that's right. actually right now, getting hit pretty hard in a kim of choice location was some very heavy rain, as well as few embedded thunderstorms this hour, as well, we start things off by taking you right outside though. show you storm scan3, baby tour, pretty heavy batch of rain thankfully out to sea, but some of us on dry land are getting hit hard by the heavy rain. most notably, obviously some starting to move in toward say the western most portion of lehigh county, the pocono region, 81, traveling that way, run into that, but specially here, we sort of split the difference between new castle, chester county, right across the state boards err, who zero, still embedded thunder and lightning, very heavy rain. some of the brighter shades on the radar, are indicative of anything from, say, one, to even, close to one and a half
6:33 am
inches per hour, in terms of rainfall rates. soap, that's going to slow you down. tan could be the casino every downpour that's blinding you on the roadways, if you can wait this out, in terms of the heaviest rain, i certainly would. but it all depend i suppose where you are headed, and where your travels take you. seventy the current temperature at the airport, dew points are very close to this. in other words, the air mass that we're in the midst of is nearly saturated. so, it is very, very much like pew soup. you have the fog, you have the humidity, palpable, out on the skydeck so far this morning, i can tell you that much, my hands just start to sweat because it is that muggy outside. at the area shore points, similar story, 76 degrees at best here today, still dodging few showers, storms, while the end tie day not wash out for anybody for that matter. i would keep umbrella on stand by, because these downpours are coming down in full force. >> i twice had to put it up yesterday. looks like we have to hole on again to today. tuesday morning, we go outside, dealing with wet roads, similar to like we had to deal with yesterday morning, but, we're throwing
6:34 am
in a little extra mission here this morning with the fog. so, socked in, with the rain the fog, slower than normal, route 100 near the pennsylvania turnpike interchange, to i95, again, socked in northeast philly, fogged in from academy all the way down through girard avenue. so, factor in some extra time, extra wiggle room, as the roads are wet, and the road conditions are going to change as you roll through the morning, little dry here, but out toward chester county, getting hit with the heavy dose of rain. now, because of the rain, penndot postponed the start of this construction project, on 95, last night. so, they're going to kick it in tomorrow night with that new pattern, between girard and allegheny avenue. so, we get little bit of a respit there. lincoln drive though an accident, northbound, near gypsy lane, the 495 emergency construction, closed between exits two and three, over the last couple of days, all of the detours, and alternates, that folks have been trying to use, i really think the best bet is we just except the fact
6:35 am
that it is closed, forget the alternate, and just stay with i-95, if you are going to go all the way through, and just throw in extra ten, 15 minutes to the trip. dart throwing in extra 20 minute delays in there for the buses because of all of the extra volume being pushed into wilmington. erika, back to you. >> bob, thank you. new investigation is underway into the swap of american pow for five high level taliban members. susan macinnis reports, committee's chairman says there is some serious concerns about that exchange, and about the obama administration's failure to notify congress. >> the house armed services committee will investigate the circumstances that led the white house to real -- release five taliban fighters guantanamo bay prison in exchange for army sergeant bo bergdahl. >> i hope that we don't have a year from now a hearing on people that were killed because of five released. >> saw the taliban's proof like video of bergdahl from
6:36 am
last year. white house says the video shows bergdahl's declining health. administration officials say that, and concerns, the taliban might kill the pow, are the reasons the swap was pushed through without notifying congress. many lawmakers emerge from last night's briefing, angry that dozen of people in the white house at the pentagon and in intelligence agencies apparently did know about the release in advance. >> they made it clear that there were 80 to 90 people who knew ahead of time about the bergdahl release. now, not one of whom was a member of the united states congress. >> but, some democrats defended the white house. >> we leave no soldier behind. today, white house officials will brief members of the senate armed services committee about the events leading up to bergdahl's release. susan macinnis, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". it is 36:00 right now. new revelations on the va scandal. >> law makers in washington grilled va officials,
6:37 am
newly-released audit shows more than 57,000 veterans have had to wait more than 09 days to receive care. an additional 64,000 appear to have fallen through the cracks, never getting appointments, even after enrolling. well, "eyewitness news" has obtained the average weight times for veterans to get their first point the at va facilities in our area. here, in philadelphia, it is 26 and a half days. in coatesville, average wait over ten days, in wilmington, average wait 25 days. still ahead this morning, just a crazy story, and imagine playing a video game when all the sudden you become a witness to a crime, you see it happening live on your screen. >> incredible. plus, a local teacher, who spent her life educating children, was in desperate need after kidney. that's when friends and fellow teacher, stepped up, gave her the ultimate gift. >> it is amazing feeling. i just don't even know how to put it into words. i just think this is the ultimate gift that anybody could ever give anybody. >> in this morning's brotherly love, a real lifeless on in selflessness, and compassion.
6:38 am
we'll have that story next. >> ♪ that's how i feel about anchoring this morning, i have a friends. >> oh,. >> and you've got a friends out, there as well. we're here to get your morning started here on "eyewitness news" news. more, weather and traffic. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> bare market hang over still has investors waiting on the side lines. >> if you're immobilized can't with a finds your way into the mark, jill schlessenger has some advice, live in new york this morning, good morning to you, jill. >> morning. >> good morning. so, keeping money in cash, is not only an us trends, apparently, right? >> yes, i mean, that recession real did i number on everyone across the globe, according to new research by state street bank, retail investors, around the world, were holding an average, an average, of 40% of their assets in cash. and here's the thing, that's up from 31% just two years ago. lowest levels of cash, india. 26%. highest level of cash, 57%, in japan, and us, smack in the middle at 36 percent, that was a ten percentage point
6:42 am
increase in just two years. when i first red headline, just because everyone who is retired, went to cash. but, no, the jump was equal, across the age spectrum. yes, of course, older investor ers having higher percentage in cash, retire ears, near retire ears, holding 43 percent of their monday any cash. boomers, 41%, jen x, 38%, and the youngest investors, millennial's, 40% of their money in cash, they cannot stomach the ups and downs of the market. >> little skepticism. wow. should these investors get back into the stock market, jill? what do you think? >> hard depend on your time horizon, 30 years old, have decades to go before you need your money, you probably need to create some casino of plan, to dollar cost average again,
6:43 am
don't have to have a ton in stock, but having so much cash really automatic loser once you factor in taxes and inflation. so, here's what you do. choose affixed dollar amount, or percentage, each month, that you will rotate back into the stock market to get you up to your desire allocation. if you are considering getting back into the stock market, i know what you are thinking, it is making new highs that will go down as soon as dow it, probably right. >> jilt, thanks. >> thanks, jill. >> take care. >> 6:43, time for traffic and weather together. on the 3's, and seeing a lot of rain this week, right? >> we certainly, are nicole. on top of that, also dealing with fog. actually view of center city where the fog has been settling in for us. all we really need is a little wind to help get rid of this. still going to be a lot of moisture to work with in the atmosphere, to allow for that mugginess. when you walk out the door, but as soon as wind kicks in, it should start to
6:44 am
dissipate. the fog that is. but, it will be stuck here with some very, very clammy, very muggy conditions throughout the entire day and really the next few. looking at the pollen report, always like to start this particular segment off with, that levels are low, but also means still unsettled, for the next four days. but, what's good, is that i do think things will finally quiet down for just time for the weekend. latest and greatest, pretty heavy rain continues to fall, right now, starting to move into carbon county, west most edge of lehigh, and then down around that split between the p a and delaware border, we've seen quite a few thunderstorms rumbling through some very heavy rain, as well, if you wait that out, especially if you have to maybe travel south on 95, i would try to. it is definitely very heavy rain, and moving along somewhat quickly. so if you can wait it out, great. if not, just be ready to to be slowed down. temperatures in the 80s next couple of days, right through the forecast, but stays unsettledment tomorrow somewhat of a lull. but, we're still tracking that potential for shower or storm. and that will continue to be the case thursday, friday, before we finally clear out
6:45 am
for the weekend. good timing there. bob? >> sound good. good morning, 6:45, live look, hello chad forward, route one near creek road. as the rain continues to fall here, this is the area right near the brandywine creek, that typically floods out, when we get the heavy rain and the high tide, all at the same time. so, we keep an eye on this stretch. traffic getting through the without a problem at least for now. live look at the blue route, we go from wet roads in chaddsford, to just some damp roads here. so the rain either probably hasn't made it to this point yet i guess, as we look at storm scan three but already the delays, mainly because of the fog, this morning, rolling through delaware county. and an accident on the lincoln drive, right near gypsy lane. and that new traffic pattern, on 295, throwing us for a loop, as we head south on 295, the ramp to the walt whitman bridge closed, so do you have actually go to the next interchange, you have to further south on 295, and flip around at exit 25a. and then, come back north, so that, in itself, is throwing
6:46 am
some confusion, and extra time into the trip. and they'll be working downtown on the vine expressway today, both directions, beginning at around 9:30, erika, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. several 911 calls by people around the worlds may have saved an arizona woman's life. this after her friends witnessed a burglary while she was live streaming video games police say the woman was on her home playing on the computer will armed men burst inside. live streaming via a web cam in many people witnessed that crime. that is when phonecalls started pouring into the tempe arizona police station. >> from my understanded g, several call presser around the worlds that were trying to find out where this victim was, watching this whole thing occur while she was -- while she was being assaulted and the home invasion was occurring. >> can you believe this? the first call came from europe. police say the alleged burglars had plans to take the woman and her roommate to an atm before their plan was thwarted. that's just fantastic. the gaming community really helping each other out.
6:47 am
>> from europe? miles and miles away? incredible. >> right now 6:46. a real lifeless on in sacrifice, and selflessness. >> such a great story. teacher at saint pal bert the great store in huntington valley just received the ultimate gift from friends and fellow educator, a kidney. here's their inspirational story and in this week's brotherly love. >> if teaching is the act of caring, christine did you have if i has given plenty, now she is being repaid. >> i just think this is the ultimate gift that anybody could ever give anybody. >> the thirds grade teacher at saint albert the great school in huntington valley received kidney thursday, from fellow educator, and friend, barbara didonato. >> i felt that i was blessed with good health, good family support, and i thought it was,
6:48 am
you know, time to share, share, it is only fair. >> was on waiting list for three years. >> no luck finding a match. that's when barbara and three other teachers decided to get tested. >> chris is such a good person. and i've been blessed, my life has been so blessed, and i can't -- i have such good health. i can't imagine why i wouldn't do this. it really wasn't a tough decision. >> i think it is an incredible act of love, and care, and showing concern, and giving, you know, the value of life to another person. you know, giving of everything you have. >> a lesson in sacrifice, and selflessness, one her seventh and eighth grade students will learn through her example. >> in spite of bad things that happen in our lives, by helping others, it lifts us up. it makes us feel better.
6:49 am
and i told them even though i am giving a kidney, they can't do that yet. but they can do other small things. >> small things, that can make a big difference, in their lives and in the lives of those around them. >> so, so true, simple act every kindness can go a long way, quick update following last thursday's operation, we are happy to tell you, that mrs. didonato is home and doing very well. >> good. >> mrs. did you have is he getting stronger every single day, and her new kidney apparently is doing its job very, very well, as well. >> wonderful story. great example for the kids. >> amazing women, yes. so humble about the entire experience. so just great pair. >> love it. 6:49. let's see what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us live from new york with a preview. morning, nora. >> hey, good morning to you, erika, nicole. ahead the latest on the bombing in afghanistan that killed five americans and the possibility that it was friendly fire. plus, laura senator marco
6:50 am
rubio will be with us, we'll talk to him about the immigration crisis, the bergdahl prisoner swap, and when he will decide on a run for the white house. and bill plant ran into president obama outside a starbucks, he takes closer look at presidential cases of cabin fever. the news is back in the morning, so we'll see in you about ten minutes. >> they said bears loose. >> thank you. well, the worlds cup is kicking off in brazil, for the first time at a world cup, referees will be assisted by technology designed to eliminate scoring controversy. cnet's kara tsuboi explains how the goal line technology work when a goal looks too close to call. >> one goal, can be the difference between winning and losing. >> that goal can be determined by mere inches. >> you have to be able to see the green on the other side.
6:51 am
>> with linemen so far away, can be real hard to tell if the ball actually crosses the line specially if it is in the air. >> to eliminate any guess work for of reese, force time, using goal line technology at each map. here is how it works. fourteen cameras mounted above the field. seven at each goal. they track the balls that fly through the nare real time. if it crosses the goal line, the software program transmits signal to the referee watch within a second. it claims to be accurate down to 5 millimeters, and it is end crypt today prevent hacking. >> the biggest stage, so much on the line, that, you know, just clear up those decisions, the flow of the game, but there is so much at steak, especially at the highest levels. >> soccer entheusiasts hope the technology doesn't change the spirit of the game. >> i think that the argument is just affecting the purity of the game the float of the game. there is so much at steak, especially at the highest levels. >> but accuracy comes at price. goal control system comes
6:52 am
around $400,000 to install in each stadium. kara tsuboi,, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, anything to keep the fans from getting up. >> the a lot of people watching. >> missed calls, look out. we'll be right back. >> first, a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
6:53 am
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quick check here on storm scan3, see heavy rain right now moving across portions of i95, splitting the difference really between the delaware and pa state border levels starting to climb, so, slow it down out, there you might get slowed down for variety of weather-related issues today, bob? >> 6:55, look underneath that active storm cell, right on the i-95, 495 split, there, so coming down at good clip. we got the rain, causing the spray, coming up off the cars and trucks in front of you there. and then all of the major roadways pretty much in a slow go mode this morning. here's your speedometer readings for 95, into girard, schuylkill running slow. and even the blue route slow
6:56 am
through delaware county. erika, nicole, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. simple walk to starbucks isn't so some able when you are president of the united states. >> president obama with plenty of secret service around, greeted people thereon pennsylvania avenue, outside after coffee shop. it is about a block from the oval office. cbs news white house who are con spent bill plant was there, asked mr. obama how he liked his coffee and the president said his tea. i love that about him. >> mine is tea, too. >> he's the president and, you know, i'm me. but there go. >> there tough. >> coming up on sister station the "cw philly" the latest on breaking news in philadelphia, and also, overseas. >> plus, talk about burning love. that couple's wedding pictures are going viral. you can see why? the wild fires burning behind them. seymour of those stunning pictures and hear from the couple about very memorable wedding. >> oh, wow. lifetime of happiness.
6:57 am
>> find the "cw philly" on comcast channels. >> and reminder to join us bright and early every weekday morning here on cbs36789 we kick things off 4:30 a.m. coming up next on cbs this morning, local company with a new pilot program. hiring adults with autism. >> love that. to continue follow your local news weather and traffic turn to our sister station the "cw philly". we'll be right back after this break. (vo)cars for crash survival,ning subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet.
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a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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good morning. it is tuesday, june 10th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." five american soldiers killed in afghanistan, friendly fire may be to blame. a new cbs news poll reveals a majority of the u.s. paid too high of a price to free bergdahl. we'll ask marco rubio how the white house handled it. a crowd of corruption. corporations that bailed on the biggest sporting event. >> we begin with a look at the "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. we are hearing about the death of five american troops and what appears to be a friendly fire incident. >> anotherk


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