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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 10, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> tied up and terrorized, a victim is tied up overnight in a home invasion. the way they enters the woman's apartment is daring. live with breaking details. this morning, many neighborhoods under water this morning. flooding across the area. now time to see if we can finally dry out. but apparently we're not out of the woods just yet. >> no, we check in with katie and bob right now with the latest on the situation.
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good morning. >> un for the lip, that's just it, guys. really not looking ahead to dry day for several days, i think, most of this work week, is going to feature a chance for showers and storms. and because it is such a humid and moisture rich air mass it, makes it that much worse. getting drenched right now in couple every communities, storm scan3 tour is coming your way. >> hit and miss depending where you begin and end your trip. hit with rain this morning, but i think everywhere, somewhere along the way, you are going see some fog. going outside, live look at the socked in platt bridge here, between the airport and southwest philadelphia. so that fog will knock down our visibility, plus have the updates on both the 95 and the 495 construction project, erika, back to you. >> more on the breaking news, search underway for two men, who tied up and robbed a woman in her home. last night reporter jen bernstein live at the scene in olney with the latest story. >> nicole, erika, frightening
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situation for this woman. she owns tulllup tavern, lives on the second floor. she told police around midnight, she was startled awake, when she was sleeping by two intruders, who were shining flashlights on her face. now the men then tide her up with clothing and extension cord around her neck, wrist, ankles, and then demanded moneyment she toll them she didn't have any, and that's when they ransack her apartment, tossing around furniture, ripping doors off her closets. they then left. she told police she was tied up for about an hour, until she could free herself and call police. earlier, detectives were processinghe scene, the video you are looking at right now, now, it is believed two men were able to gain entry in through the back where they either climbed up on a fence and stood on dumpsters to get to second floor patio and break-in. >> we're getting information that these two person traitors may not have been wearing any gloves.
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so right now, detectives are dusting for fingerprints. >> now the woman said the only thing she found missing is a small caliber handgun. she says it is registered to her. now, police say the woman had bruising on her wrist, but she did turn down medical equipment. and actually just little while ago, she had gone in a police car, i'm sure they had taken her down to the station, to just ask her a few more questions, and we did see her go back in. she looked shaken up, but otherwise, okay, considering what she had been through. police are also going to check surveillance cameras in the area. they say they found several of them on area businesses, as well as on einstein medical center, they're going to see if there is any casino of information in those that can help find these two men this morning. that's the latest from olney, jen bernstein, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, jen, thanks for that update. 5:33 right now, we will get you start wad check on the forecast, katie stant g by with more. >> pretty heavy rain currently moving through the western counties, so we focus on that at least for now, but also
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know, there is some fog issues as well. we start off by showing you, man, this is a fock cam. this is actually the view of the ben franklin bridge that we love to show you. it is a beautiful view epically. not seeing much more than your hands in front of your face here now across the river. where you have the moisture source of course in the way of the rivers, that surround the city of philadelphia, with a light wind, this kind of air mass, see fog set until easily. traveling the ben franklin bridge, many of the area bridges, may proof dicey this morning. but we'll also proof dicey is this: some very heavy rain, that's currently rolling through, lancaster, berks county, now crossing into some of the other counties, so specially in chester, where i want to focus here, you can see that there are some pretty significant lightning strikes, quite a few of them, that we've seen with the southern branch of the little pocket here, but specially through southwestern chester county, look at the bulk of the soaking rain between east nottingham. getting soaked right now, looking at this, precipitation rate coming down 1.34 inches
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per hour. this is moving along somewhat slow. so there is a shock that you pick up quick half, half inch every rain, out that the lil rounds right there. that will will slow you down. please, guys, if you see those flooded roadways always finds a detour around them. there may be some detours that are posted, if you see that, make sure that you respect them. 84 degrees our expected hi, meanwhile, in the city, little cooler through the resort towns, but muggy across the board, definitely unsettled. bob, over to you. >> morning, 5:35, this tuesday morning, you're right, visibility is going to knock us back a few minutes, and add a few extra minutes, just because one of those yucky starts again this morning. here is a live look at route 202, in the construction zone. good morning toalvern, headlights on, coming past the wawa here at route 29. you can barely make out 401 in th background, and it comes up on you fast, and thick at times, so just be ready for that this morning. going the schuylkil expressway, again little fog between conohocken and beont avenue. bu light volume so far near
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montgomery drive. now, there is an accident on the turnpike connector bridge, it is eastbound, right near route 130, right near the toll plaza there. some downed wires, in chester countyat warren and spherd road. now, because of the weaer, they have postponed the construction last night on i-95. now, here is the deal. the current work zone strehes from race street, north, up through girard avenue. tomorrow nht, begins this new traffic pattern,etween construction zone, and expect delays again today, this 495 closure, between exits two and three, and anyone that uses 495, basically forced off into wilmington, and you got to navigate the neighborhood streets there, the best bet, the best tip, add some extra time, and stay with i-95 to and through will among ton, dart, because of all of the congestion, usually running with 20 minute delays on the buses, through the morning rush. nicole, back to you. >> thanks, bob. 5:36 right now. in business news, this morning, how much tax would you pay for better roads?
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after this winter, a lot. >> no kidding, pot homes out there also which college major will pay you the most after graduation. >> jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange with those stories and more. >> good morning, nicole, erika. see if the markets can keep this rally going. s&p roast slightly yesterday, but still enough to close at all time high for the fourth day in a row. the dow jumps 18 points, also, new record, and the nasdaq, was up 14 points. a majority of americans say that they would be willing to pay more at the pump for a smoother ride on the roads. in a new survey from triple a, 52% of americans say they would pay higher fuel taxes, if it meant better roads, bridges, and mass transit systems. and, 68% of americans believe that the federal government should increase spending on infrastructure. amazon is moving in on pay pal. the on line retailer is
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reportedly becoming a middle man, between customers and companies. about 240 million americans already have their credit cards stored on amazon. they'll find an amazon payment button, which can be used to make payments for things like monthly phone bills, or digital music subscriptions. amazon would collect a fee for each transition. that and throw popjoy major may seem like good idea freshman year, but could be tough to get a job after college. h & r block looked at college major, entry level jobs, and industries, to calculate how someone's major affect how much money they make after college. the worse majors, anthropology anarch owe old gentlemen, film and video, and fine arts, and then the most in demand, business, computer and information sciences, and engineering. nicole, erika? >> indianna jones would be very disappointed with this survey. >> not to say it is not important work.
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>> just saying. >> the money may not be there. >> so true. thanks, jill. protesters greet pennsylvania governor tom corbett while he is at a fundraiser here in center city . >> hundreds every demonstrators including philadelphia school students, teachers, stage add sit in outside comcast center at 17th and jfk boulevard. now, police arrested six protesters, for obstructing the street. protesters want the restoration of $200 million, in state budget cuts. >> it that idea that we're here to educate. and we can't do it. our hands are tied in a lot of places. and when our hands are tied, kids are losing out. >> corbett and new jersey governor chris christie were in the comcast center for a fundraiser. >> the prisoner exchange that freed army sergeant bo bergdahl will undergo congressional investigation. the house armed services committee will investigate the swap of sergeant bergdahl for five taliban leaders in afghanistan. the deal has caused a political fire storm over the
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lack of congressional notification and fears the high level taliban could return to the battlefield. all right, 5:40 right now. up next, spring is a popular time for some home improvement projects. we'll show you which once should take priority. also ahead, evil on line character slender man is linked to another stabbing. the disturbing details coming up next. than is just amazing story, see how video gamers came to the rescue after fellow on line gamer, when they saw her become the victim after crime. katie? >> and nicole, somewhat of a stormy morning, for us out there, we've got some very heavy rain currently moving through the western suburbs, we'll show that you, but also talk about hutch rain we saw in the last 24 hours, flooding issues that we've had, and it looks like this will be a problem for us, for most of the week. full details are straight ahead. at farmers, we make you smarter about auto insurance, because the more y. cut. lower. shave. chop.
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>> many homeowners are working on home i am approval project. >> jim donovan explains why you should give careful consideration before tackling any job around the house. >> shortly after moving into her new home, heidi berkley discovered a plumbing problem, she had to address. >> the plumbing under the sing is really, really old. it was all metal plumbing. so when he took it apart it just fell apart in his hand. finally they had to replace all of the plumbing in the kitchen. that will was a big expense i wasn't expecting. >> countless home improvement project you can invest in, but it is wise to be selective
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because not all project add value to your home. one common mistake, putting wants ahead of needs. >> so if you want a new deck, and you need a new furnace, but only have money for one, be sure that you invest in those needs first, because it will be a better return on your monday. >> i you also want to avoid over investing in your home. >> remember, kitchens and barmes are two of the best things to invest in, because they get the best return on investment, usually around eight a %, but don't over invest here. the goal here is to keep up with the jones', but don't be the leader in your neighborhood. if your neighbors all have two barmes, don't put three in your house. >> another big mistake: homeowners make not taking enough time to do your research. a project installed poorly won't add value to your home, so hire a reputable contractor. this time of year you may dream of installing a pool, but unless you are the only one on the block without one, it is probably not a good idea. in most cases you won't even get back half of the month i you spent when it comes time
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to sell. for more advice from angie on avoiding home improvement blunders visit's list, i'm jim donovan. just past 5:43, time for traffic and weather together on the 3's, hey, katy? >> yes, nicole, you know, we've been dealing with very heavy rain as every late. yesterday we rounded out with couple of inches in a couple of spots. talking a lot this morning about the flooding issues in montgomery couldn't. shear look at your 24 hour rain totals on storm scan3. we can go ahead, zoom things in little here. see this lil rounds evergreen, which actually indicates where we did have some of the heaviest rain falling, some of the totals impressive. actually pick up about 2.2 inches, doppler indicated 2.2 inches right along 276 outside of abington, so idea how heavy the rain was, more of the same today, simply because we have such slow moving storms moving through, but a lot of moisture content in the atmosphere. so some of the rain is in fact very, very heavy. i want to zoom it all the way out though. you can really start to make
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out the two systems we're talking about that will basically rule the forecast for us this week. first guy actually more of a stalled frontal boundary, not terribly organized, looks more impressive. severe weather down across the deep south, will eventually be our next big thing, the next thing that we have to track. so we really aren't going to catch a break here until the weekend. at least we have that going for us. something to look forward to. but today, tomorrow, although tomorrow bridges us somewhat after lull, i still have to throw in shot for shower or storm by thursday, ran friday, talking mid 80s, still humid, still muggy, some showers and storms, still on the forecast, and really anyone every these days, because we have so much moisture to work, with any of the showers or storms although somewhat scattered could easily bring us some downpours. so, that's something that do you have keep in mind here, then by the weekend should start to clear things out. but we continue on with the shore regardless, sea isle thursday, for or at the shore, and pro view sea isle's business he is festival of the season, it is called the skimmer festival.
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it is this weekend. kathy will be giving us a taste whatever we can expect, and again, that's going to be on thursday. you can find it right here on cbs-3 on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00. >> interesting. >> i have no idea what it means, i think we should all tune n i'm quite curious. >> one of my favorite towns, too, so much fun there. >> beautiful town. it should be fun. >> bob? >> guess what today is? >> what's today? >> today is national iced tea day. >> i'm in. little lemon. >> little lemon, serving that up through the commercial break, little lemon, little umbrella. >> i'll take one! >> and one for you for baby. 5:46. good morning, we won't make out the iced tea here with the benny, live look here at the fog, that's impacting our visibility this morning. this is, believe me, the ben franklin bridge here, this fellow starting the trip in toward philadelphia, and you can only make out maybe five,
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there is a example of thick six car lengths here at best. fog and poor visibility that we're dealing with here, this morning. live look, this fellow here, disable until the work zone, i59 right near girard avenue. at least he is off to the shoulder here, as we head southbound, in toward the city. the rest of the major roadways, not bad, but dealing with some fog. 422, 202, socked in, as you head in toward king every prussia. that new traffic pattern, on 295, for anyone that heads southbound, now, as you work your way in toward the 42 freeway, the ramp to the walt whitman bridge, closed. so you actually have to go further south, down to the next exit, the delsea drive, flip it around, and come back north. so, there is a loft confusion, of course, a lot of extra volume pushed onto that stretch of 295, during the rush hour. so don't forget 24/7 stay to up date with all of the traffic backups and detours with our new app titled your drive. download the app for the android devices by going to your your drive. nicole, back to you. >> thanks, bob. ohio girl may have attack her
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mother with a knife. all because of obsession with affix sean al horror character. ohio mother says her 13 year old daughter attack her with a knife over the weekend, because of slender man. this, just one week after two wisconsin teens allegedly stabbed their friends to show dedication to that same internet character. now, both wisconsin girls are facing to up 65 years in prison. right now 5:48. and on line video games allow players to compete and chat with friend and rivals around the world. but, a game nerve arizona can thank her fellow gamers for helping save her life. that happened when they watched her on the web cam, as armed robbers stormed into that young woman's house. marcy val end eyes a has the story. >> 911 emergency? >> i need to report a possible robbery. >> one of several 911 calls helped police hager. >> these people calling in what really saved them, what made our response get here very quickly. >> callers witnessed the crime, though they were halfway around the world. >> i wasn't actually there.
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avenue friend that stroams video games on line through like a web cam. >> this is what they saw via web cam at 5:00 o'clock in the morning local time. the victim, a on line gamer; sitting in front of her computer will someone storms in. >> the girl gets up, and moments later, a man with a gun walks in the room. >> you know the interesting part is that again on this is that there were, from my understanded g, several callers from around the world that were trying to find out where this victim was, watching this whole thing occur, while she was being assaulted and the home invasion was occurring. >> police say the first caller was in europe, called someone they new in the u.s. who, in turn, called tempe police. >> web cam screaming this on the internet. >> within minutes police were on their way. >> were going to be here for longer period of time just being there getting what they wanted and leaving. >> police say the alleged burglars had plants to take the woman and her roommate to atm machine and get money from them, but their plans were
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foiled thanks to virtual witnesses thousands of miles away. >> wow. and that's one time when the internet and that streaming video game stuff really comes in hand. >> i makes a difference, across the country, be able to help out. just great. >> amazing. >> 5:50 right now. still ahead two, cats that proof they have nine lives. >> also, word is jennifer aniston is still nervous about running in brad pitt and angelina jolie. now she is taking action. we'll tell you who she hired. >> first a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> hired confidence coach to help her face ex-husband brad pitt and angelina jolie. >> quite scared of how many rating her sever. after years every avoiding public run in's, the former couple may actually see each other at george clooney's wedding. pit pit reported to be clooney's best man. >> when angelina jolie is involve, i would need ten confidence coaches. >> i'm with you. the words is halle barre, judge approved child support arrangements for her six year old dolt where ex-boyfriends, gab re he will aubrey. bar toy pay $16,000 a month to support their daughter. the actress will also pay for her tuition. right now, 5:53. we want traffic and weather g. the rain just keeps on coming. >> really does. not everyone getting hit. i did get a tweet, mike arc, delaware, hearing the thunder like crazy in the area. lightning reported with southern branch of the very heavy pocket every rain and this err storms, not everyone getting hit with the fog.
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we need winds to get some that far out of here. we are socked in in a lot of spots. comfort index and in other words the dew point, measures the moisture content in the air, it is high today. zero seven before said and done, will feel oppressive. i feel my hair feeling flat, climate controlled, and it will be very muggy day and muggy week in joined with all of these storms moving through. bob? >> 5:54, good morning, everybody, the rain starting to move in, to our jam cams, lets guess outside, to live look at the 30 bypass, folks leaving downingtown, coming through kennett square, the 30 bypass here, right near route 113. not only do you have to contend with the fog, and now starting to see the rain impact road surface, rest of the roads, 95, again, volume between cottman and girard, schuylkill, no problems to speak of, but again, both major roadways, socked in with fog, this morning. we will check in with mass transit when we come
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>> firefighters are being called heroes this morning. >> these guys went above and beyond the call every duty. family of five escaped burning home without injury. but their beloved cat suffered smoke inhalation. those firefighters got down the front lawn, to administer oxygen, and save their pets' life. >> i think they have one right here, crews, in some units do, have animal sized oxygen masks, ones for cats, ones for dogs, so they can do this. >> makes sense. auto mechanic helped rescue another kitten, different kitten, jacksonville, florida could you hear the engine on this causer purr. it was because a kit hen climbed into the engine kitten watt not injured. not sure how long he was this, there but he is now out, safe and sound, so darn cute, the kitten named rusty after its rescuers rusty the mechanic. >> could have been a cat-astrophe. >> there you have it, alll week. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news",
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world cup kicks off in bras nil just two days. and for the first time ever, referees will be using some new technology to eliminate scoring controversy. >> plus, a local teacher's ultimate gift to a friends and fellow educator. we'll have more on the kidney transplant story that's teaching students about the importance of giving. we'll be right back.
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>> following news, friendly fire apparently led to the death of 5us service members. you're looking at video here from the southern province, where the taliban initiate in the attack. the new york times says the coalition aircraft accidentally unleashed the air strike, killing those 5us se


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