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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 9, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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need it, at least if you are hitting the road right now. but, as we said, we're setting up for somewhat of a stormy week, so gone are the days of the gorgeous sunshine, like we've had over the course of this weekend, so you want to make sure that you've got the umbrella on stand by. we'll breakdown details of course, and all coming up. bob? >> good morning, 5:00 o'clock everybody, little pay back for the weekend this morning. yucky morning rush hour underway, the roads are wet, not bad right here, on the roosevelt boulevard, we'll check the rest of the roads and mass transit coming up next. erika, nicole, good morning. >> good morning, tracey morgan is undergone surgery after chain reaction accident on the new jersey turnpike. >> yes, but spokesman says the comedian will be in the hospital for another new weeks. "eyewitness news" reporter jen bernstein is live at the robert wood johnson university hospital in new brunswick. jen? >> good morning, morgan remains in critical condition here at the hospital this morning. spokesperson said yesterday that he was more responsive after going through leg
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surgery, in the meantime, the man who police say is responsible for this really bad crash on the new jersey turnpike will face a judge today. this cbs-3 exclusive video shows the extent of this horrific saturday morning crash that killed one man, and seriously injured several people. the badly damaged limo bus was caring actor and comedian tracey morgan as well as six others. they were returning from a stand upper form ands at the dover downs hotel and casino in delaware. sixty-three year old comedian, james mcnair, was killed, tracey morgan, his assistant, jeffrey mallet a, and comedian artery, all sustained severe injuries, returned to robert wood johnson hospital in critical condition. morgan's spokesperson said yesterday morgan suffered a broken leg, fumo, nose, and several rinse, but expected to survive. he did undergo surgery on his leg. today this wal-mart truck driver, 35 year old kevin roper, will face a judge. he is charged with one count of death by auto and four counts of assault by auto.
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officials say he cause the crash by not noticing traffic had slowed down along the new jersey turnpike near cran bury township, as a, are crashed into the back every morgan's limo causing chain reaction. the driver of morgan's limo bus, tyrone, wrote this message, he said, i can only say feeling helpless on the hard way was very hard to take. there was nothing i could do but screams at times. i am truly sad for the loss of james mcnair, this is noting i will be able to forget in my lifetime. now, he suffered minor injuries during that crash. wal-mart did put out statement yesterday, where they said they place that driver on administrative leave for the time they say if officials say that their truck was responsible for that crash, they are prepared to take full responsibility. morgan is expected to remain in the hospital for the next several weeks. that's the latest from new brunswick, jen bernstein, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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jen, thank you. you can stay with "eyewitness news" as we follow the investigation into the crash. and when you are not near a television, go on line to right now, love triangle sparks violent confrontation at camden county convenience store, it happened yesterday morning, at the wawa, on the 800 block of north black horse pike in runnemede. police say that davis confronted her estranged husband's girlfriend, goldbe, sitting in a car. after getting hit in the face, police say that miss goldsbe then got out of the car with a knife allegedly stabbing miss davis several tips. >> it seems that miss davis track her estranged husband's phone to the wawa in runnemede, new jersey. he was on his way to georgia. >> now, the estranged husband was in the store at the time. he was not hurt. however, a gas station attendant who tried to break up that fight was stabbed in the arm. both women face assault charges. 5:03, katie, you need the
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umbrella this morning? >> yes, you know, probably good idea to have it on stand by for the next week? unfortunately. really looking at very un settle pattern in the days ahead, summer lie, not wash out, but it is going to be a couple of days here wherever single day has a real good shot at producing shower or storm. big reason i suggest keeping the umbrella on hand is that this air mass that we find ourselves in the midst of is so moisture rich. anything that falls from the sky will likely be in the form of a pretty heavy downpour at times. so, let's go on out to storm scan3, explain what's going on here. there you have it. pretty heavy rain specially up across northern new jersey, thankfully little more out of our hair at this point, there are these pockets, regardless, around the region, generally south of i-95 where you have the most in terms of widespread coverage. pockets of heavier rain rolling on through, not so much in the way of thunderstorms, although could you hear rumble every thunder there is area of low pressure currently moving through is actually weakening as it moves out. sixty-nine is the current temperature meanwhile in
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dover, atlantic city at 69 degrees, so definitely mild, and i can tell from my own personal experience right now here in the cbs-3 skydeck, also very muggy outside. so an indication of the moisture thereto work with. sixty-three currently in quakertown, into the 60s essentially here across the board. you got to go up to the poconos if you want anything cooler than that. kind of clammy up that way. meanwhile here is how the day shakes out. gradually add couple of degrees to the thermometer with every passing hour, so much so, we ends up hitting about 80 before it is said and done. i think we'll see at lows little sunshine, but it will be one of those days where it is kind of hit and miss off and on, clouds, little sunshine, showers, storms, nothing severe thank goodness, but right on cue the wind kicks n unsettled start to the week. most of the week looks like it will stay much the say same. bob, over to you. >> 5:05, so far yucky start on all of the major roadways here, some roads wet, some seeing steady rain, so the wipers getting work out this monday. live look at the blue route, 476, you can see the glare in the road surface, and the
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wipers on, that's a sign it will just be one of those wet and slower than normal morning rush hours. so, factor in extra time, if you can this morning. going out to 202, be careful, and all of the work zones, like here on 202, where we have the tendency to see the ponding and the puddles pop up pretty quickly, and without notice, especially, where the drainage greats are all shuffled around that. 495, construction, still with us, closed between exits two and three. so, again, allow some extra time as you head to or through wilmington, during the day, and dart with 20 minute delays on the buses. tonight is the night. new construction project begins on i-95. now, the one we're currently used to here, the current work zone, stretches from race street up to girard avenue. so, tonight, heading northbound, that construction zone will extend for about a mile and a half, from girard all the way up to allegheny avenue. what we will start to see tonight are the guys out there moving the construction barriers around, basically
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taking three lanes, moving everybody over to the right. so that shoulder will become that far right travel lane between girard and allegheny avenue. again, that all begins later tonight after the evening rush hour. nicole, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. and happening today, governor chris christie's chief of staff is set to appear before the new jersey legislative panel investigating the bridge scandal. lawmakers sent subpoena to kevin owe dow, expected to face questions about meeting with fellow staffer and christie, that may have included discussion of the closures late last year. meantime, christie will be on the campaign trail in philadelphia. he's on the fundraising circuit with fellow republican, pennsylvania governor tom corbett. on friday, protesters and supporters greeted corbett and christie at funds raise nerve pittsburgh. corbett is running for second term as governor, early polling in that race shows corbett far behind democrat tom wolf. >> also today, a trial begins for a man accused of running down an off-duty philadelphia police officer with his car.
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he was -- it was in july of 2012 when officer mark brady was hit while riding his bike in the east mt. airy neighborhood. kareem allen, dating officer brady's exgirlfriends at the time, was arrested the next day. defense attorneys for allen argue the death was an accident. man involved in another deadly crash also begins his trial today. jerome brooks accused of deadly hit-and-run crash in southwest philly in december of 2012. fifty-two year old dianna teal was walking across chester avenue when she was struck. she died at the scene while brooks allegedly took off. he faces charges including murder and homicide by vehicle. if you drive i59 listen up. major changes coming your way to the highway tonight. crews will start setting up the concrete barriers northbound side of the highway between girard and allegheny avenues. now, it is all part of $211 million project to rebuild that stretch of the highway. you can look out for new construction patterns on the highway just in time for rush
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hour tomorrow morning. in delaware, now, crews almost done removing 50,000 tons of dirt around this tilting bridge on i495. they think the dirt caused the bridge to lean slightly forcing officials to shut it down last week of the the bridge is closed between 12th street and terminal avenue, tan may be closed for several weeks, or even months, while they fix that problem. >> right now, 5:09. and las vegas police department is reeling this morning, after two officers are killed in a ambush. people watched in horror during the rampage. >> i feel like -- i seen like people falling, stuff like that, like it was pretty scary. >> by the time it ended, five people were dead, including the shooters. the bizarre message the suspect screamed during the attacks. >> bo bergdahl opens up about his five years in captivity, the torture he received at the hands of the taliban. >> another unsettled start to the week for us here. but most of the week looks like it will stay that way.
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so, i'll have the end in site for you here? eyewitness seven day, when does the rain finally retreat? it will be a while. i'll have the answer on
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>> police say a man and a woman shot and killed two patrol officers as they were eating lunch at this cici peas an in las vegas. alec bok, igor soldo both died. >> it is a tragic day. it is a very, very difficult day. >> police say the suspects grabbed the officer's weapons and ammunition, before running out. lopez said the pair confronted
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him in the parking lot in they had a back pack. i saw their guns in their hands, and he just told me to tell the cops that it was a revolution and he had just killed two cops inside cici. >> suspect then stormed busy wal-mart across the street, where they shot and killed a third person inside the front door. >> and then this is when you started seeing people running, yelling, like run, run, somebody's shooting. >> witnesses say, swat teams and officers swarmed the store within minutes. the sheriff says the suspects opened fire on police before turning a gun on themselves, and in a apparent suicide pact. >> preliminary appears the female suspect shot the male suspect then took her own life. >> last night, police searched the home of the suspects looking for clues. officers beck leaves behind a wife and six children. and officer soldo, a wife and a baby. danielle nottingham, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well this morning, sources tell cnn and las vegas
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newspaper, two alleged gunmen were actually married in late 20's, both held extremist views toward police. just past 5:13 right now, a check on that forecast with katie. hey, katy? >> good morning, happy monday everybody. bit more of unsettled forecast for us out there. we are looking ahead to almost every single day featuring more of this. you know, some unsettled weather in the way of couple fronts moving through. the direction of our wind flow, variety of reasons, right now, actually area of retreating low pressure. that is the source of the wet weather that issues we're finding right now, we start off as we always do, our pollen report, what you notice with the unsettled weather those levels get held back extremely well. so, especially tomorrow, looks like it will be pretty good day to be outside, the problem is, you're going to be dealing with the unsettled weather in the days ahead. really is trade off we are dealt here when it comes to allergy season and wet weather issues. storm scan3, we explain what's going on, retreating area of low pressure, heavy rain with
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this actually right now up toward new york sit. meanwhile again retreating area of low pressure, weakening as it goes along, not finds being much in the way of stormy weather along with it, just mainly just rain. meanwhile out toward the southern planes also still tracking some very stormy weather, right now, across the red river valley for example. some very heavy thunderstorms have been rumbling on through, eventually that will start moving our way. we go ahead, quick peak of what it will mean for the rest of our day and beyond. shower or storm, high up to 80, we drop down to 67 tonight. still, shower or storm. annual either see the word shower or storm or unsettled featured in almost every single day of this forecast. now, i have it on good authority eventually it will get out of here but will take a while, looks like sunday at this point ends up being the nicest day of the next seven, so, up until that point, we've got shot for shower or storm every day. bob, over to you. >> two magic words for the week there, good morning, everybody, 5:15, good monday morning, paybacks i guess for the great weekend we had. outside, live look, all of the roads are wet, expect slower
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than normal speeds this morning, as we are dealing with shower or storm, as katie mentioned, throughout our morning rush, and depending upon where you begin and end your trip. wipe working full strength, maybe hit and miss with the intermittent stage here. live look the headlights on the schuylkill heading past our camera at south street. live look, route one near the trenton morrisville bridge, you have to deal with the spray, coming up off the cars in front of you. and again, the puddles and ponding specially in the work zones, we have to deal with this morning, south on 95, so far so good. woodhaven into downtown, no problems on 202, from oaks into 202. and then new construction project, new pattern here, for the gang in south jersey, southbound 295, the ramp to the walt whitman bridge is closed, all part of that bellmawr avenue reconstruction, so, here is what you have to do. do you have stay on 295, go down to the next exit, which is 25a, and flip around, at the delsea drive, and then come back north on 295 in order to gain access to the
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walt whitman and philadelphia. of course, the patco high-speed line construction continues, again, delays expected along, bring your patience, expect those service gaps throughout the morning rush. erika, back to you. >> water department is work to go fix a large water main break that damaged two properties, and also turned north philly street into huge mess. the water that gushed from this ruptured main left gaping hole at 27th and master streets in brewerytown. workers capped the 36-inch main. no one lost water service as a result that far break. officials are not sure just how long it will take to fix the broken pipe or when the road will be fully repaired. 5:17 right now. a lot of people still drowning in debt. years after graduating college. well now president obama is offering some help. >> also, following developing story, when terrorists take over a busy airport. how that tens stand-off just ended overnight. we'll be right back. at farmers, we make you smarter about auto insurance, because the more you know, the more we can help you.
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>> told 54 year old volunteer firefighter collapsed outside this building, witnesses say the fire likely fueled by chemicals inside of it, took more than two hours to get that fire under control at union beach. developing right now, the taliban just claimed responsibility for a deadly attack at pakistan's busiest airport. flames lit up the sky after ten militants dressed as police officers stormed into the airport late last night. by the time the five-hour siege ended this morning, at least 18 people were killed, including all of the terrorists. it is also been three months since the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370, now authorities are rethinking their search area. they're using known facts, such as its speed, altitude,
5:21 am
directs, to consider an area further south. however, it could still be a few days, maybe weeks, before they decide on this new location. meanwhile, families of those on board are now work to go raise $5 million to support the ongoing search effort. still ahead this morning, taco bell pushing the envelope again. we'll show you the fast-food change's newest creation hitting restaurants today. >> they're on top of t ever wonder how your brain actually works? well, only "eyewitness news" is taking you behind the behinde scenes of the franklin institute's brand new brain exhibit this morning. that looks fantastic. can't wait. we'll be right back. good morning nelly! woah. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice?
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>> 523:67:89 some of you are in the midst of pretty heavy rain, generally across southern new jersey, parts of delaware. we go first to storm scan3, you can see, the heaviest of the activity has long since start today retreat out to northern portions of new jersey, and into long island, new york city, for example. but we do still have our fair share of those pockets of the heavier rain. likely be back edge to this, and then re-ignition of some showers, perhaps thunderstorm later in the day watch we're looking at right now not temperature but dew point. the lower the drew point, dryer the air. when you get to about six an on the dew point, it starts to feel muggy. snow is definitely a more humid air mass we're starting to roll in through here, guys. eighty-three the expected high. should get some sunshine, but still be dodging some showers, storms, especially into the afternoon, later on, then again, tomorrow, and probably wednesday, as well. over to you. >> 5:24, hope you enjoyed the nice sunny weekends, roads wed this morning, we go outside, take live look at route 309. near the pennsylvania turnpike, headlights are on,
5:25 am
wipers are on, maybe intermittently depending where you begin and end your trip today, but just tack for in extra time, may need it this morning. coming back from the shore as folks like to do on a monday morning, 42 freeway, before the walt whitman bridge, new construction pattern to look out for. otherwise, the a.c. expressway, route 47, looking good. then work coming midday today, to the vine expressway, crews will be working between i-95 and the ramps for the schuylkill expressway. otherwise, mass transit looking good. here's nicole with a look at sports. >> thanks, bob. phillies open six game home stand tomorrow night against the padres, phils just finished up a road trip. they've lost eight of their last nine. not too great there. but yesterday, against the reds in cincinnati, pitcher homer bailey, drove in two runs and four run fourth inning, then showed that's all they needed against the phils. bailey went eight innings, struck out seven, and the reds beat the phils four to one.
5:26 am
now the miami heat bounced back in game two of the nba finals, labron james had double double last night in san antonio, and the heat beat the spurs 98-96. king james had 35 points, and ten rebounds, a close game, and it took a three pointer by chris bosh in the final minutes to seal the win. game three is tomorrow night in miami. now the eagles are working on their organized team activity, again today, that's what they call it, now we'll hear from some of the birds today as they get ready for the season. apparently ota's are the coaching staff's first chance to look at some of the newer players. mandatory mini camp set to start later this month. >> talking football already. whew, can you believe it? let the summer start already. >> i know, let's enjoy. >> let's wait for fall sports. >> we love football season. >> of course, got to love the birds. coming up in the next half hour, bizarre robbery at local pharmacy. the unusual weapon the suspect used to steel medicine. >> plus talk about true story of brotherly love. i just love this story.
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why a teenager walked for miles. caring his brother on his back. >> also, bob and katie returns, we've got traffic and weather together. when are the storms out of here? katie has the answer, back in two minutes. thisfind the perfect gift for dad... ...on sale at hhgregg. like this 51" samsung hdtv for just $429. for huge savings on all the gifts dad really wants... ...come to hhgregg. and fill your home with happy.
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♪ oh oh, here she comes thisfind the perfect gift for dad... ...on sale at hhgregg. like this 51" samsung hdtv for just $429. for huge savings on all the gifts dad really wants... ...come to hhgregg. and fill your home with happy. >> right now tracey morgue showing signs of improvement after deadly crash that killed one comedian and injured several other mean on the new jersey turnpike. the driver accused of driving the wreck is also due in court today. live with the latest information on that crash. >> and wet start to the week. showers moving through our area. and it will be a pretty familiar site this week. let's check on weather and traffic with katie and bob and start things off with katie. >> good morning, nicole, that's he can actually it,
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start to seymour unsettled weather take over, already has in fact, with some of you getting pummeled with soaking rain here just in the last couple of hours, maybe got woken up by the rain tapping on the roof here, may have been pouring down on you in some instances here, but we start things off, outside here, looking liver at atlantic city sun trying to peak through the cloud cover. pretty low cloud deck. we are still dealing with an area of low pressure making its retreat. little damp out there this morning, if not still raining. let's go next to storm scan3. i show you what's up there. heavy rain continues to fall down f we can take a look at the radar, it has pretty heavy rain with it right now, through portions of burlington county, crossing over into west most ocean county, even into sussex, or kent, new castle counties, delaware, just about ready to get hit again with steadier raindrops. area of low pressure making its retreat, weakening as it goes along, but only one of several different systems that will be affecting us through the week. so stays unsettled. sixty-nine the curre


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