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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 6, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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both direction from his 12th street to terminal avenue. drivers are diverted now to i-95. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is live tonight as many drivers are just trying to get down to delaware and the maryland beaches at this point. jane. >> that is right, natasha and no doubt, the the commute throughout the workweek is down right painful. these crews are trying to fix in place and that is still weeks away. but it looks like summer is off to a slow start. >> i cannot imagine all summer long trying to to this every day. >> reporter: this weeks commute around the twisted tilting i495 bridge in wilmington has been trying to say the least. >> it will take meehan hour an a half. >> it usually takes. >> thirty minutes. >> reporter: for the first time since this bridge closed on monday, tri-state beach goers heading to south maryland, to pack their patients. >> keeping an eye on i-95. we can see it. we are monitoring it closely.
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>> reporter: triple a mid-atlantic say you plan too. >> if you are looking at route 13 to run south, or north to get to delaware beaches or maybe to the new jersey shore that is fine. it will go east through new jersey throughout the delaware memorial bridge. it will take 202 to route 41, and down to the route 13. >> reporter: following governor markell's trip, u.s. senator chris kuhn offered his sport moving forward. >> much more will be needed in federal resources. i'm committed to working with the rest of the delaware congressional delegation to make sure they are available. >> reporter: but moving forward will be slow going. this pile of dirties still being removed and a exact cause of this problem, still undetermined. >> we need to fully understand the ground movement before we can get all of the possible solutions, work out. >> reporter: and again, it could be weeks or even months, before a solution is in place.
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here in the meantime engineers are also busy inspecting bridges similar to this one. we are told those inspections are complete, in new castle county. we are coming to you live from wilmington, jane carabao, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, it is going to be a great weekend, for a getaway if you can get where you are going. meteorologist kathy orr has gotten where she's going tonight live at the cbs-3 mobile weather lab in olde city, philadelphia for a fabulous first friday, hi kathy. >> well, the lab has been terrific this afternoon, we have been tracking all of the weather and we're talking about a beautiful evening. you can look down the street, this is second street, and all of these wonderful artists are out with their wears. they will be here until 9:00 tonight they are independent artists down the street we even have a lot of restaurants that are bringing lots of dining tables outdoors as well. lets take a look at the the temperatures across the delaware valley. the high today in philadelphia made it to 77. right now we are in the mid
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70's. elsewhere around the region the same thing lower to mid 70's through trenton, allentown and reading. down the shore comfortable as well where we're ranging from the lower to mid 70's as well. let look at our first forecast, it will be sunny through early evening, 7:00 o'clock temperatures 72. clear at nine with a temperature of 70. by 11:00 p.m. clear skies, high temperature or i should say the 11:00 o'clock temperature 67 degrees. back here live we are looking forward to a fantastic weekend, coming up, kate and i will have forecast from the city to the shore. for now back to you in the studio. "eyewitness news" exclusive now, parents are demanding, answers after kids are served dog treats at a montgomery county elementary school. now this happened at new hanover upper fredrick elementary school in gilbertville, montgomery county. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson picks up the story. >> reporter: kids and their parents say it is all in poor
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taste. >> i thought wow, did i really eat dog treats something that a dog eats. >> reporter: on thursday the taste for something not meant for human consumption. next day the flavor of mistrust bees betrayal, friday morning school officials telling parents that their children were served dog treats. >> i was upset, that we were supposed to trust in the school and supposed to take care of us, or do that to us. >> reporter: preteen whose family wanted to keep his identity hit enis one of dozens of kids school officials say were served with what they thought was a normal cookie on thursday during recess, at the new hanover upper fredrick elementary by a school lunch aid. an e-mail sent home to parents says the treats came from a pet store. in a statement hand todd cbs-3 the superintendent confirms that approximately 75, fourth graders, in this school were handed those treats during a recess, it also says that the park time aid who handed out those treats have been placed
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on administrative leave and was ago ago loan. >> i don't know what possessed her to do something like this. >> reporter: , this mother says she was a lunch aid at the school for four years. >> we weren't allowed to hand anything out to the kids. >> reporter: district officials say in illnesses have been reported ape they are investigating, but kids, like lynn's fifth grade son, zach say they know difference between right and wrong and this was wrong. >> who gives like children dog treats. >> reporter: in gilbertsville montgomery county, steve paterson, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a bucks county drizzle being held tonight on $150,000 bail on child pornography charges. officials say an on line under cover operation led to the arrest of 36 year-old quinton parker of bristol township. police say that they found videos, pictures on parker's computer of young girls engaged in sexual acts. a 46 year-old missing
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persons case is now solved. teenager sandra stiver and her sister in law martha went in missing in frankford back in 1968. now, dna tests have confirmed that two bodies found in southern berks county back in august of 1968, and then april of 1969, belonged to those two young women. sandra was shot to death, the cause of martha's death is undetermined. no arrests were ever made in their murders. well, a burglar, breaks into a bucks county store and steals a cash register all captured on surveillance video. this happened may 20th at lou's farm market in bensalem. you see the suspect there yanked out the register and he then casually just walk right out of the store. it is official, the city of philadelphia is campaigning to host 2016 democratic national convention, mayor michael nutter made this announcement just a short time ago. >> we have submitted a very
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competitive, sealed bid in accordance with the dnc rfp process. philadelphia, of course, is a great city in, which to host the huge event. >> reporter: cleveland, columbus and new york air machining the city of philadelphia will be competing with. well to day marks the 70th anniversary of d-day, of the 16 million americans who returned home from world war two, barely a million are still with us. today, veterans gathered for d-day event at independent see sees port museum. artifacts are on exhibit there. among them american, flag, carried troops and equipment and june 6th, 1944. "eyewitness news", walt hunt er spent his day with the d-day vet who like so many helped change the course of history. >> it didn't hit you until you get into there and you saw shells flying over.
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>> reporter: now, the legs need a little help from a cain, and from le vana his nursing aid but you on this day, 70 years ago, there were brothers in uniformal his side and they were dying. >> it was crazy. it was absolutely crazy. we had all these bodies floating around in the water and all of these dead people laying on a peach. >> reporter: like so many of the greatest generation, lucas was young, barely 21, jumping from this landing crash, struggling through the waves. >> the water was up to our neck, and little guys we had to carry him we had 40 or 50-pound packs on her back. >> reporter: lucas showed me the purple heart and other medals he earn, after he fell wounded. >> everybody started hollering, man hit, man hit. i said who hit? take a look you are bleeding. i gave a look, it was me. >> reporter: as warriors lucas and his brothers helped change the world that bloody june day but time is the one enemy they cannot defeat, when he meets
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with his fellow vets at their group, every two weeks, the number of empty chairs, always is growing. >> every day i look at the obituary i'm afraid to answer the phones. >> reporter: they are just disappearing. >> there aren't many guys around that still remember, if they are not dead they don't know what is going on. i'm one of the lucky ones. >> why me? why was i so lucky? >> reporter: just this past year, philadelphia lost two of our remaining, 101st airborne vets from d dave. veterans affairs says our nation's one and a quarter million world war two vets are passing at a rate of 413 a day, that is on this day, we're especially grateful abe lucas and his brothers for his service and lessons their word holds for all of us. live from the news center, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greatest generation indeed, thanks very much. president obama was in normandy marking the
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anniversary. you can see that part of the story tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30. well, dozens of senior citizens may soon be out on the street. >> south jersey nursing home could close and staff could be laid off, coming up, why the home was placed on the federal watch list. >> and also rendering philadelphia's racing heroes, smarty jones was poised to be the first triple crown winner since 1978. his story, who goes to that illusive title tomorrow. >> beasley. find out why the team is picking out real estate across the bridge in new jersey, that is coming up, when i join you for sports.
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gloucester county nursing home is threatening to layoff staff and relocate dozens of senior citizens. the gloucester manor nursing home in sewell, new jersey has warned families, medicare and medicaid could stop paying for patients, since the facility has remained on a list of the
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lowest performing nursing homes in the country, for 36 months. gloucester manor is waiting for a final decision from the government. california chrome, is favorite to run into history tomorrow at the belmont steaks. the colt is trying to become horse racing's 12th triple crown champion, first to do it since affirmed, 36 years ago. tonight our leslie van arsdal takes a look back at a local horse who almost made it in, to the record books. smarty jones on the rail, cutting the corner. >> reporter: hard to believe, it has been ten years since smarty jones was horse racing's first trip he crown winner since 978. his trainer remembers it like it was yesterday. >> the city of philadelphia, was crazy, you could not turn on the radio without hearing people talking about it. >> is there pressure going in the belmont. >> reporter: now pressure is on california chrome at a mile and a half belmont is longer then he has ever raced. >> he has had a grueling campaign. he has had horses that haven't
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run since the derby. so they are fresh, compete ago begins him. i knew going in, once we won the preakness, that we were going in the belmont with a bull's eye on the back. that is how it works. that is horse racing. >> reporter: this was smarty's humble home for two years. he has a story very similar to california chrome. >> the people that owned him, the trainer, and he seemed so humble. he seemed like genuine people where they really make you want to root for them. >> reporter: like smarty, chrome has speed and does not take a early lead to win. big difference is chrome knows when to chill. >> he is so relaxed where smarty was always there. >> reporter: which ultimately cost him at belmont. >> the way the race set up with horses making runs at him and stuff he never settled, and unfortunately it caught up to him. >> reporter: bows chestnut colts were doubt because of where their careers began and not from large operations added to their popularity. >> i'm rooting for him. >> we all are. reporting from bensalem, leslie van arsdal, "eyewitness
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sports". all right. well, our weekend is off to a great start in, doubt bit. we really could not ask for better weather then what we have right now. >> it is beautiful. meteorologist kathy orr is live with the cbs-3 mobil weather lab in olde city, a perfect night for the first of friday event out there, kathy? what a beautiful, beautiful day, we are looking at a gorgeous evening, across the delaware valley, it is first friday and the streets are absolutely packed. let's show you our location. on storm scan three you can see nothing but clear skies and as we zoom in with our mobile weather lab the temperature 76 degrees. it is very, very comfortable. now take a look at the stats of the day. high temperature made it to 77. normal is 8o slightly below normal with the record being hundred degrees on this date. as we move along the course over weekend the high pressure will be in control. it will stick around for saturday, and for sunday, and temperatures will be in the
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80's. but by the time we made it into monday, it stays warm but it is going to be a little bit wet. we will see some showers and maybe even a few thunderstorms. lets look the a the uv index in the city this weekend. it will be maryland rate to high for saturday and sunday and then by the time we make it to monday with the clouds and the showers it will only be in the moderate level. back here live, we have artisans from all over the delaware valley. i want to show you something special. can i bureau that? these are ribbon earrings, something you do not see every day. greg, my wonderful cameraman if you can follow me down here i met an amazing woman. don't want to turn my back on you, that made these out of recycled t-shirts. recycled t-shirts. let me try one on. recycled t-shirts and tell us what this one is made out of. >> this was a patchwork quilt that migrate grandmother made. >> keeping it in the family. we will be here until
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9:00 o'clock tonight. all of the wears. this is a new look for me what do you think. >> i think that will come in handy during snowstorms, ribbon earrings are a nice touch, that matches nicely. thanks very much, kathy. >> i need that, that scarves matches my dress tonight. >> these are for you. >> thank you so much. it is so great in olde city, first friday, all this found art and great stuff that you would never think of, and then it is a must have. lets take another look where people are doing shopping tonight, the ocean city boardwalk. we are all familiar with this. you can see folks out there with the strollers, short sleeves, taking a stroll this evening. eating some pizza or water ice. it is great night to be down the shore or in the city. satellite radar shows a whole lot of nothing. we have had clouds earlier today. those have fizzled out and really we are seeing clear skies through tonight. that means temperatures will drop pretty quickly on a clear night without the clouds to trap that outing radiation you generally see temperatures drop quickly, and cool comfortable night.
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76 degrees at the airport. seventy-four millville. seventy-five in wilmington. heading down the shore lets take a peak the at your beach forecast, sunny skies through saturday. nice day. seventy-five. water temperature chilly 66. too cold for my blood but bring the wet suit and jump n uv index is nine. put on that high spf this weekend. sunday mostly sunny nice down the shore. 78 degrees. rip current risk is low. if you are heading in the opposite direction up to the pocono mountains what a gorgeous weekend there lots of sun. 77 degrees on saturday. seventy-nine on sunday. great weather for boating on any great lakes up there but on monday, well, that is when showers and thunderstorms will roll back in the forecast for all of us and it will cool down as well. overnight mainly clear, comfortably cool. waldrapp done to 59 for overnight low with the slight breeze out of the north and west. sunny and beautiful saturday. great day if you like it warmer then today. we've got that for you. 85 degrees for tomorrow. the rest of the weekend, similarly nice on sunday, 87 degrees and mostly sunny, great weather to, sit pool
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side if you know someone who has a pool crash their part think coming weekend. because next week, things will go downhill again. we have a better chance for showers and storms, monday, tuesday, and even through the end of next week in the a complete wash out but more clouds then we will see this weekend and break out of that cloud cover until at least friday. so enjoy weekend while it is here. >> it looks beautiful. >> it will be. >> kate, thanks very much. it is definitely a great weekend to head down the shore, and with that we will have delays. definitely on the walt whitman bridge. even on the ben franklin bridge but we are feeling the heat in the opposite direction heading down towards eighth and vine, lieutenant of this has to do with construction but construction is taking out a lane on both sides of the ben. give yourself more time. we have volume on 676, heading down towards 492 freeway. if you are using the bend been to head down the shore. on the vine street expressway we are seeing high volume around the schuylkill, traveling 76 eastbound definitely delays between 202 and gladwynn. as we make our way down toward the city. ninety-five is picking up.
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speed popping up to 556789 still expect a slow down around the area of the construction zones in both cottman avenue as well as girard. we have an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension, northbound at land dale ramp and that is causing delays, no major problems for mass transit, chris and natasha. >> all right, kate, thanks very much. we cannot thank you enough once again for helping us in the fight against childhood cancer. >> our annual stan for hope phone bank benefit alex lemonade foundation was a huge success yesterday. supporters bailey madison and mario carpino took this cbs-3 selfie to spread the word about the stand for hope or social media you can learn more and donate at cbs for hope. thanks to all of our partners and sponsors and all of you, our viewers, together grand total raised, drum roll please, $2,010,461. >> a record. >> amazing. >> wow. >> thanks again, everyone. we will be right back with
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well, we begin sports tonight with big news from the 76ers, the team announce today that it has officially, filed an application to build a new you practice facility in camden, new jersey. they started the process this afternoon, by filing tax paperwork, if everything stays on track, they could break ground in october, and it should be ready to practice there in 2016. desperate for a win, you know who i am talking about now, phillies carry a six game losing streak on their backs to cincinnati tonight. game one of the three game series. fightins coming off a four game beating from the nationals, at 24-34, only two teams in the league have worst records, and that would be the rays and the cubs. rounds three through ten in the major league baseball
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draft today, phillies started out by taking aaron brown out of pepperdine university, two-way player who can play outfield and has been on the pitchers mound. pitching becoming a main focus for phillies in the early round, aaron nola from lsu chosen yesterday, two time sec pitcher of the year, known for command and fast ball that tops out in the the low to mid 90's. round two, forty-seventh overall phillies select lefty matt, out of cal poly, fast ball tops out mid 90's, big sweeping curve ball the kind of stuff that should, eventually land him a spot, right down the streetet, here in philadelphia. we will be right back.
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well, thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at
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6:00. >> "cbs evening news" comes your way next up from new >> dubois: tonight, return to normandy. >> we come to remember why america and our allies gave so much for the survival of liberty at this moment of maximum peril. >> dubois: bill plante and mark phillips report from the shores where the tide was turned and the struggle for freedom 70 years ago today. mark strassman on a shoot-out at a georgia courthouse. plus the latest on a deadly shooting in seattle. and the hero student who ended it. the economy reaches a milestone, and the recovery from the recession. anthony mason has the jobs report. and steve hartman on the road with ernie andrews, out to set a record and preserve one. >> you want people to know what the war was all about and what it took to win


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