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tv   FOX21 News 630PM  FOX  March 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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plpl..werinkt evevy day... b jussafe is yo waterhoyou u n cheh fofo3 and... s s&sesshshks... k haoven t t t most t de? 3 go evening and thanks for joing .i'm lauaufea. jor nstructi on e i-25 d cirron s seet intercnge i# aboboo gin..(th is pa of th hured and irteen million dollarroct... fox21's kody fisher telluspsps w muchf an impact th will hav-25 traraic.. dy? 3 laenenis is whe the consuction is s ing b haenin..ringhaha o th'll rk othe e south bod nd ll taking t the @urren circular south b o o ramp... 3 thththnstrtion w wstt on nd..stararh h
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noh d southbnd ffff on5 will be stricted fromoradoave...d th uth nedaejon artstspm..unl d five a.m.m.. thehecan restp nes toroor trtitieaea and we4 ao haha lalalaiconbetwn rererendnd-2frfr 7 pto 6 ..crdon't anancipate this to caustoo ch o trfiheheache.. 3 babad onthasse pepeence osimilar high wa, usuay ther minimal imct d ding g the y ti. obviouslslght me wl imcdeded wititthe ne osur, oresestions. 3 ththwilllso a apeed t t fif fivivmiles per hourn thatecti oi-25... d narrowerer lesfso pa atntiototoase 2 of thre sposed to srt later thisea..lauren new toght.. 3 cityouils voting on etr oto n mariana ubs inoloradring..
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openinup..ane e l current t ubto clo down aftefive yearsrs.ththe hoping to ut them dodoay.... rit now eye operating g no regulations...and ey're eillegallse tionon marijna.... 3 "tres noegations thesubs.avconcncns about thmoki in tht@ club notnowi exa wh the s sking; th ality of it anth aving, getting into cars, walkinwa thihis li tha it conrns menaeres a l of c cls f svice at thes places and at some point w gottfigure outf is ia goodhi fororhe commuty or not." not."thci councils stl ininpuicjcomments s th d ainst the cls rit now...we'll bryou e comments and t fal decision when n we have them.m. 3in tonight's safaf.. 3 i k kwhahn yo hae ti ny minin rightowow. ter e e ter crisisn int, chiganannow lolly. e e concncns abo the ter quity y inouai pd security wefld 3 x2s or bishop liviv inhe nsroom showing us how to tt yourater for bacterib
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te kit up ealth department... thwhole e th is aut 20 buto do. the suggt takinghe water samplerom yo bathtub. we dot hava onenethose he so we'reng with brea say flflt e faor ve mines... fill the boboo th0 mili leter . put on the lid and thentickt in t fdge yoyore ready tdeli it back to lab. thtestd the el papa coty plic labs deininrilyy thepa to check iththter r su f dnkg. t teinbacterer le coli.ere arerer 27 thousaelo o hihiffect housususpeaccording officials last springhey saw an incin t pe testdue t fldingnd feseqevio yearsot>johnhn"t"tli watestare aesting hedule thas s nadated d by e statbut ivatwe ners do have twever is recccc."foivate wellsers. th s it's good to get your westete
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damaged... y yr water ca quicily me "t"tre's a rubr se u hinere th we e e wa to me rerehahantacac you can imagini if t(t(e' a floooooo aire that rubbebe l beomised." 3 now there's veral difft sts you can havae on ur water. d thtytyy z accept samples mony p thh ..u cachkout r weweite elpasocounh ealtltorg to s yr optiti live ithe wsroom, taylylyl biop1 news. 3 coolereroday and tchilis lookokg toast.t.terologist jeff womack tells use in
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3 yes a small chill oks to er into this eveni. oking bthe n nbers ttleoolfor tonigs back iv lo midnig.. warared o y and er d will t it a a together eek's up 3 back here inin 3 lorado.... a w enfofoement ocsion will precede t memorial servicicr park county eriff's pupu killed on joit's hapapnid nexmomo inrvad..has atatatth bibie apel. cp. yead rporal terigan s shototnd killed ofebruary 24t baey.he waserving a a evicicon notice year-old rtin wirth whoas a lled in ththshootwo hehees were jured. an lves be a ancee fofofo steldrere 3four states rimaries seconduper tsdayf e mpaign...two the demomoats.. r the icans.e s ateses takg
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missisisppi.. michigan. ere are 166 atic a a 0 0 0 0 legates s ske ste.....on the epubca dede donald d ump p ldth leie.. with ted cruz close .ump has 43 rcent of the g-o-p delegat to. cr wh 33 pcent.( marco biand johnich h arara distant 3rd 4t4t 3 the democtic de.... llary inton unni t t race eith h 200 lega lea ererie sanrs..toy.. justississip mhiga votingn the demoatic sid with c(n n proctg clto win the misisippi primim. 33 soso goonews tight.. 3 giant stofr colorado sprinin-profitix isowack in s se e 6 and a t tall gia was en from a ckyard nightit w b for theep ceer..whrs peleh satiesi eaiuy's int ks' y ra. 335 l d.ome depot stacking up the cash.. ca...and handing itt over cuers.we'ltellou w us. y totoy d cool
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wees woh h d more... 3 t firsrs..achuteteaves a father and daughter.. e plane hehein t stree
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cacira t tighd..plplplplll from the inin id th wnd emergency chute attached to it help it landg.thpilowas his daught w wn planlost gine p...lljnarly o thsand ft.both survhe csh wbalyly a ratc 3 chillierndin today.. whwh's the rest of t w le?jeff tells us righdh
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3 a w clou across ounight skies.s.numbmbs a t ol togh....e maininin is wa sou..res s the temp countouand d oust ack this sdip le oen fore ndpush wmer air in fm the westwe progreses looking at highs. ol b asonal with 50sin most lotaons.heheowhe nrs foghmostloudy eay in evening tn comipalyudy. lows in d 20toow 30s0sea
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nohwt after @ midnigig .wednesday...mtlsunny. s to . hwhw nds upoo nph..wededay night...stlyly cloudy unl midnign earing.lows ne0. north winds around 10 huday...sunnnynyhihis 56 to st win arounun10 mph.hursrst...mostlyly clear. lows in the lower to midj30s.light winds. .fday.sunny. highshsn the loooto mid 6 6..rida ght.part c@oudy.ows in
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ght...ststt clolo highs 62 to 6868lows in the d r .sununy ththug da..partly oudy. highs 565667. lowsnthmid
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3 ng up. stterer seens ananlostommuti. ma phohohoamanpl ara. takini.a sesesesend ttg attaca bark.. cocoectiy share.
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3 in tonigig's b binesc#news... homemeep is s w payizehe 4 icicaftetea 14at br.. thaa fected millnspeoplele pepepe.the any w handin over 13 milln bubus part of t stlemenen depot agreeg to six a a hail..tound itec and impvecuty.. 3em py rmlele@ rit?wella mashle statatc sa3. n so much
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dirom selfif-relat ines... thhark attacac! x's s vito has more. 128:15 when%i`m m red i jujutart takinpictureses- - mart/s,udent
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e fod wowon take more selfiec%than men. itiays young women end about 48 nutea day ta[ang selelel. . while w/meke m me pics, % ofesfie victims te to be menen39 @1:35 hmmmm. llepe in mind t tre are plpltytyf places thahahave said `no` tototofitaking all ther.mbai outlawe seflies after related at in dia. i is so nnuring thnnin the bulls...nd nork k cameirsttata t tba geseses, afteroncfs s fn zoos.t'prettyild. 07 7:49 i s d d ds uth we`e` putting oursrsseininin - profesr ovot>> 3stigs y small ancrashsin coro 2 years agwas likey usususus the longngfifi. meanwh. lorado p anwilili u notot to tselflfs th elk this paall.l.d engh.. wawaeeurl rts asany as 1 i1010 tinder profilen withigs s ir pics! 33 ng u.. jblue i lookr fegoodod pilottv-be.
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periencenecessar we'll shmore... nextx 3
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the dread acked scre losigr evev dropping g ur phe w.ra nervrv finds nearlyofmericans have done just that. many admittingt asing way to damage -- dropping itn nhe totoet.
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reroppinghph least on a w w a von manar says on avage.e. peop are spendin750 dolls lacinghehe 3 3 rana howften do you brea phoa ys twice aonth." moh."ld s s on average, of man,uring e razo`.a..i.irobay we t tou 50 m. em."rerearmost t t t as liky b bak o olose thr phphe th u whoututut forillenis -- ey drop their one at leastst ur t a wee w to ter toy asng howowowanantis la ar hac far 5prec 7 pre 1 1 3 nuxt....americanwie spspdi altle gen is st dd day..ack lessbectcoing the tion retl federaon...on avege.. will spend d dolrs. with 56 percrct ng o for@food and driris..28percenbuying cloth or acceors.... an percentnt spenng it t`ecor
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nepitrai progr where no ivgh pecequ.s joe tooh has m 33 oicially ed gateway se - new p ben blul anened pipipiusiness r yentsive ograwith the gof tprning inend newbies into freent rsrsp tristani ia foirlili pilot over years flyi expncnctrqrtani sasa"any othese e programs at jetlue is startinghup - the itial l lectiois gon be vy ry imptantnt rwise u'reng your y and so i ithe indual pang for i iwhates i fferis t t tththe iso prevus flying expeen requed the airline@ ss it was signeded specically way akthe profsion accelelend to gepeople who have qties m ed i ia so what is the best quali f a to have?trisni " nse e horm my pepupective so there's a a titudede wthings starto go bad you rur
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buthere is hor in a 9 suation that t n be life or death - bc no aser contllers wh hi akbu th tirt - a aspceenenubbed will put students throulassroom learning, extensnse reworld flyingxpience d ll flighth simats alalalwhil raing theaa-requed 1,500 fl houou.wh is said and jetlue says the pilo will,become new red beben orie standardrdor embraer e first cer. 3 caatesust have a hh` scho didloma oequint. and t least eald at tndfoe e - program.wannnnbeilots mu submbm an esesy fo conseranpaa 200- dollarppcaon fee.. o-dozen n n leilene chohen a p a 1 thsand dla. 3 a chillytart to the ... whqt's ewing for morr?
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3 ththyou so yououflight leaves tomorrow,o... ye if we're ever gon have sex, wgotta do iright w. now, what-whatwas actually gonon say is do you`want to print yourboboding pass at the airport anuse their ink instead of ours, but i like that yours endedeth sex..
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ohi hed thatata th's wt i heard. i heard meaningless sex.x. i'm gonna be in my room. yeah, i'm ribehind you timemeisisis m m t pitching p. okay, grea holyly. jesssshi oh, my god!i am ssorry. nobo w w he wh i gotomom and t e beb%justst look so good, i we full goldilock and yomustreagan! 'so good to meet you. i put my specialderwr, bec... nick! jeje ick ani made a promise myself when youeft i'd be wearing t t when y/y yamamback!and i'm doing it. oh, my g! thank you! i'doing it. i'm doing it. right, great,i'm got t t of here. no, stay. nah! nah jess: the la county courthousegifthop is`straiait up bull. n yobelieje i had to he the shts mad yeah, i can believe that. whe's reagan? prablylyuttiti her shirt stillll yeahreagan's not exactly the matchi t typy. i-i i el like the momemehas passed, dot yoyo ah, i fe likik'so ssed mm-h. yeah. th's thehehing out moment though.


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