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tv   FOX21 Morning News 6  FOX  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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3 3 go mningweome to fox1 rnnes esda rch h h i'i'crg ffey anm kilyricece 3
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3 good morning a t tnk youou much foratchchg.s take a a live loutstue...right w.w- xtlet't' 3 33 haintoy...michigig... . mississippi... idahohond
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-- and presidential candndates bh sisiofof the ais a scrambmbng for every vo. vo.mchanthpr -- wh 14dedecratic deletes at stake... d 59 for the o-p.anwhile ssisppi rs 41 1 des crcr40 g-o-the her r r es wl ho n nttstsep o tcu aninho ahthocc rsne deleicmiigda -- andred at ns srs -- o hr yi eoplkn it ik bor-- dage ctrol. . while ary cln ied p tis abouo%r s esrere.ane. pefuampane michigan. busoow ut where cz enenrsent of sigo nto bio s in id whi holdsts primary mah 15... bu ls fntrunnon trbyht p poorrgha stweprivatelgi bio top out h
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on c-n-n-nsa-- "noay ..after weof spat.. former w yo chaeerg nound he sthe republblresigent a stant id hars coud "3-y " thawoul ly befond tr in c isryin le spkepauln he pridenti race.e. race.neyorkusinessman rlckay"theomom to dra ser rn" rmedaswecko forr ambaor to nland d says- s th o-best he to in ercks wilpu a-ioarof his o y usryn. --ouse ser h divowed e grgrp. 3 cal ws..a public-teto angughas ntro" adbyoloro r mass shoot i-12 ls. after r srvivors of
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lawaitit t *se nsecive mo-led efforts to backck -- the rejectebibis s s inininine e at h h h alwed onceal car of handns" on publischool grounds.s. -- the e all of a 15-r magazine limit...-- d allowing "actiti-duty litaryerel" to cry concead hagunu wit rmthe c m1e8 sti 4 #pnsina permitfo"cobceed cay"exndin protnst prprpren a busines owner loyee usesdeadad &prce"e"in an udud3 makinge a a a a cocococo...(.(e stst sosopopopovgvgvgral otrs a bovoven to pish israelcocalll for s treatmtmof paleststns..the csir a a a direcng coloradoublic employee pension fuo ve fro reiganies partipatg in t torldwi boycott mo. e ho rey y passssss bilil a two senatete needed d nd it ernor
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mpmptoor change operions in raelr th west meanwhile - -me crits accut of ti-s-sism m singlili out isel -- whionori coununies wioor man ririri records. 3nonofor thst o opueblo mamacing chi abu charges aer polole say seriouslhurtwo toders he was cang for.both of the 2- ar-oldldwi*serious injuri fa brbreneg toto bg an"b eeds".eyere tabyby "flight folifefetoto denves ildrdr htal. hospal.e susut is n n entifieded as 21-yr-old jacob saal.puol hriend'withthth ctims' mother.court docunts show sando also accusf ault" d "pomestic violceagainst e childrototr last september. al theest onwo hehe who are now he safe nce disappearingn sunday. sundayr old macguire d 17-yeaold matthew adler-r- gergel went missing after ofroing in colado sppolice sheireep was found near forest servicic ad - -just ha mimi
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were found a half mile fromomhere... nearhe bveve k na area -- suerinoninoror cuts and d bruises. ren "developing`sty. we noww the names of the two men killed in a pl asne palmer la la.thre 7an murray... an60-year-old jeje kaplthe crasashappened st wedneay..plane went dn just a few h yardrdfrom a nghbobo. n-n-ti t gu o ohaca fhioni-e"godo 3 3 ma mne acr era...a nashville ry aw erin andrew 55 milln ar dollars.foor rerereer wt to c crtft a statkesecret rorord her kekein hel room.m. and stededonlineneafteary teteon--ury yseree convictealker the l na are both ry p 5pe thelameae et..nd o to pay st over 28-monollars.... and e l managege g g is 49-prcent respbile...
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dollararthe hotel barrere should bsolely afault... anllside appl. 3 3 yesterday...rbrbos quarterbyton manningng rmallyounced his timent durg e eteon news cfencncn+ conferencecethe ve quarterbacgavevertrtltteech wahed by llns aftete1818rso ti. ana moununin of football records...number 18 -- said the enof his car just thbeginnininof thhe yeto dier. thro his s.. mamathanevyone from past a present coaches... play.. fans for the "overwhelmingupport" at all agag of s reererhe lk aut "lile inin" hehemi -- - includg bbtom nd . aheeam ris.hokiac.. manng said h h away y quer ld. 3 "when i bk my nfl carere, i'll know withoua dothatat h he everything i had d walk k away with a win. erere oth plers o wee talented but there was no one who could t eparme and becausef
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remanng g cled h eescririe e --g in part ou fight. fiedheace... andepthfaith. 3 3 3 the e retirementyting manng got a lot ofoftt oth t gam 3 still ahead hear aton ller said his v&w rmerer m m eyton srts is 3
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3 ombae right w...we are showingou a
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at your what theheatel aad srit now.ti totolan outhouititr r e kids's'sr @ st focastif yre heading out of town, here's a ot e natialemperatures an rar.wel oron youren dayecasin ju aut 10 mis. 3 3
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3urext @ atheanan traffic date in nbou10- minutes.3 3 e thef e grtest..isis offially do. peytonanni's hl fame careeset veral n-f-l cords... iluding ceer paing yard cuch down passes... m-v-vp awards.. and won 2 ser bowl he played mos p er for t col... .t e la 4ght colo 3 d il wmimi nnin..e ll assss ga talking footot with th brdcast ews beforehe gaaftedsss e meith my pd, checkintoee ithe antson, ininelfom the team bus, that hand with tom b, , leating wir r
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froro of soany great fa, ahome and on the road, ani'llve ioans s xboro" 3 now w manningetired wh a t ecords. but t all are great.e nished his thprocs -- he set the f- l rookok record r inrcqptiono... a rord he still hos today. 3 he made surere tlet others knowow- wanth rec ok 3 "everyryeapull f a rookuarterck tbreak recd.ndlu hestafrd, mamag, cam newtononi still kid i that hwould verokene if he would ha sta all ames." 3ll -- one tet ba to wimaing's rerentas v n miller. he saide would not ha md it for theorld.. 3anllemember manning as alinusive. 3 he's had a huge im o
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thfit time and how he trys incde erybon th or, and ers eipment guys, oks, jans,dng theyeyllad relationshipith peyt. 3 to-l...3 tharona yotes in denver ta o othe avalchand colora wins 3-3-next-- thaheim du tep ern dny nigjt. 3 3 it'ssdad- d atns utget ry" "ttyco ohn and d aalkiakst inin'sy eses
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33 we h he y#y# g.g.t'takeke live look a a a athre s sping upor's a looktureeen-n
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thst oday and into mosunrise d sunset times no let's check t a a we's wth of weat..seveveven n y forecast get youll setp p r the
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33 tcome back.if you arar lookr local food th really focuseon urng localthenha the acr u. you. 3 t place efoeakf d luh.t's called "ov ea" and wewead t chancto cpeck k'timeor ananher editof "tatay tuesesy. tues"
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ons r over easy.theriginal on tejej stre dntowcolorado risand e onyou u right u uveity vie shopping cenenr... nortnevada.ththe tionto ce... 3
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one starbucks' st popul me items is nounder recall 33 stl l ea- ind out whic eakfititayoninin *lisria*a*with more ws inodayp 6 in :606
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t tforn- - -capaphe top wstories of e e y'y'top siin a w sur-pac c trying lururhospeapaul an to thehpresidentie. new york businesan ear mackays wilput a-a-llion dollars to push ryanan totoun...but --he house speaker has disavowed e 3 next....the supreme court *reverers* an alabama supreme
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to recognize aamamsex rent rorogegi must"fulh anan crit" to theiartrt ci bills s s s exexndndorado o n " hane *failedass . thth hdelllling ceceed car of handns" on pc scpcrounds.. and ng "tiveuty milita psonnnnnnto car concead ha without peits. 3nextthe s. olympic coitsa.v. htetes willeed ecide ether toto coete e thiyear'smer olypics inrazil ere zi virus s rais travel concnsns 30 funeral arrangents f former first lady y nay have en aonced. will be buried nexexr persident t ronagain idd a athe rean prtial library 3 and starbucks rec one of i "prcked breakfast sandes accordidg tohe f-a-a. the e ahedddd sesh muffimay b cocwaminated with *lteri 3 information oe or others...log onfows dot m -- andnd search "news". "news".right now... let's toss it@ meteologist jujuin chambers for your k fo."."
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3 od morndnk you s s mu for wching.let's s ke a ve look outsidid..right now. ououide.right ve l lk let's ta 3it's time f f for today's
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3 t tvia k through 3 3 it's tsd -- and means areut to get t ry "tasty." "tastycong up --ohand stin aalkikiki breakfast..d breakfast.'snoth "sty
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3 3 3 welcome back...te t w.we a shohongou a li look outsididtake a lk our r temperatures...he whhe satnd rad is sng urit now.timeme
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the kikihere'sour bus stop foreca.if you arere heading out own,era shot o o the tion temperatures d dar.we will ha more on ur seven dayorecast in just about 1 1mis. 3 ... your next weher anan trtrfic ten abt 1010
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3 welcome back.iyou are lookr frh local fo really focuses on sourcingocally, then we ha
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3 a greaplacacfor breat lunch.....s ll bover easysyand h t thae e
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3 two locations fothiginal treewnto rado sgsand thone you sagher..atat univty vlageing nter.on rt... wi morcations to 3 come. 3 wel be fht bk to
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3 d-lirts.3 ifou or someyou lo have a birday comi up, w nt to ut i just emai at cture rthdayat f 21 newsot mandon'torget totoncde name and any spe messagagyou'd like tsese 3 3 he's what's trding...these orges fr wle foodsad loofofeople ei red on social media- anits caususg ththgrocerchain act. 3 this ptu -rst posted ttt-- showsackageof reeed oranges" s sti in psticicons atathe food sre. ste.afr thsandof retwts, whole foods twted it was a mistake -- andulle the theweet, whole fos also psed to leavthe orange"in thei tural packaging." 3
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webe rht b bababut first... here's
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ceurylk prm tvas l yo fave netonsf li spos, d l crystal-car wawhen andhere you wt th advananfeates likeur welest-tobox, ole dvr and isheo. anchoo froa vaetyof gat pge fitr me.
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lyroceylyl calltchcy. lemme get a mcpick 2 thers a hot w deal on donald'mcpick 2u!u! lelee gemcpick 2 2 w pick any of yoururvote css fojust 5 bucuc. mix match. shn your avor seny 2nic tastes,a big mac made with 100% % a fly y seared quarter pouer wiwiwihehee crispy 10-piece chien nuggets for $5 s. rrin for an azing 2 2 r $5 al othe donaldyou ve badad ba ba 33god mni.welcomto fox 21 rng is esy.
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pre.and m aicocoeo. we'r'r"live d locahihihi morning -- and coming up tpihour ho.


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