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tv   FOX 21 Morning News 5  FOX  March 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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distribuon]33 good mni.weome to1 morning wsits es rch 8th.m ly pce. icm g 3
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goorng ahaou so chcht's take a ve le. ne, les owouhehe weweher ory for the day.d d here a look at yday
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3 happing day...mian sssipp.. idi a haii aolngrima asinecaidates on bsideofheisre
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-- with 147 deic detes and 59 for t-o-p. meanwhile sssippi offers 41 deleges to demoats and 40o thp.the r twtw atesesill hohoho nination ntes fubnlnl acus hawaii d y iho idaho.both democrati cocwdeacigin le-rh michigan mday -- and appred at f new town hall.beie sanrs - whokeafor yi "white pple don't kn what 's like e d ma con..whe hiary clinn trieto put estions about r e-mails go- hohofu cnene mi. dn south -- where ted cruruwowo e t misssipps(governor phi bryayarco rubio wain flor which holds its primary march 15th... and a new poll found himiling frfrtrunnald trump b eight ints. poinin.epep tt stafbfre "praty "
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spul.. formenew rk yomiael g hen't*eeeeth puicic predential statament h said he fears cou lead to "3-way ra" --hat uld ly benef dond d ump. orpolil l supec is trying to lur usr ul rn presenale. raw yoyousinsmsm rlmackhe committee to dra speeryaas lasek.mackwho is foramssador to o finld says- ryans the g-o-s best hope to win i nonomb says he will t a-million lllls of his own money usryann...t heou s h disavowethe grgrp. "pitonews".a republic-led apt to "expand n rightsand "ease co" opteolado ter ototgs-12 *fls* . ter survrvozs gun olence and activists teified before lawmakers. was t *second* coece year a democrated houseel rejected etsale ws--ejbill
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allolod onceed cryf ns" p pol ounds... - -the repeal of a 15ound magine limit...-- andnalalwingactiveut lita pernnelar ncled hahans without permits.the cocotee is still coidering a a to remove all permitfor "concealeded carry"... and expanding protections against prutn when buss r mplous "lyly gainst an tr. 33ma m ad colodothul on join vel ot in oppo a aoycottovemen pununh ramiy r iteat stinians.the statnate will consider bill directing colorado'slic oyee peion fu to vestm reigcompanies rticipating t wldde ott momentntuse adpa bil..nd setere send ito gernor hienlooper.the vement clms rponsibility for pressung some large coanies totoor change operions in ra oe weannwhilesome its cucu it of
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isel- whe nong untries s thoor vman tsords. 3 nofoe oa pueblo n childharg fterice e he riouy rt two toddlers hehe wacariorbothth ar-oldldwins have erious inries*.neas a bn fir...lo wita er d d dneyededt` other has a uised ... th hav"bleeds".. th were taken by "flight for life" to denr's chililen hospital. hospit.the suspecis n tifi as 21-year-old sandal.puloolice viviim mother -- a was susued to beakincare of e twinwh t abuse happen.crt dococentshow ndndig have a story violence...he's alsls seofassault" and esviolencens thil's motlast septemr. 33 also`ohe latt on twowo brotrs who nom ncsan ay. su. year olmacguire and 17-yr-olmaw ad elt miinte ofrog g colorado springs..poce sayheir jee
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road 315 -- justalf a mile south mt.t. hman roro. the boysere fohalf thever eedraina area a - suerg minor c cd uise 3 3 rea a or we now kmes of the o men kiki in a plan crash nearalr keke lake.ey aye dan rray..and -yr-d jeff itz.e hpen lastednesday..thr plane dju fewununed rdfr a also stata slle. n-t-t- s sll w ututcaedhe "o fasi-e" to do 3mang more news acr america...a nashville juju awards erin andrs s 5 million dollars. dos.thfox ts rertereren c/srt a stalcret recorded he nain her hoteloom... and po it online..aftetear -- j d stalr and the tel manageme are b fat.the utpet the blame on michael
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st over 28lion dolol... and thl managentroup 49-percent respon. must pay n nrly y saysys should be solely at fault. and will c csider@an appeal.. stery. bncquaracytytni rmly aou h h rementuring antial news cononnce.e. nfce.@.@thveten` quk aealt eechatched by miio. afr 18 yearso tles... and mouninf otball 18 said en h h carar is jusfgiin meing o discoverer 3 throughout h h speh. mannankeeveryoyo f fm m areeses pls`for the "ovevehelming support"t"t all stagesreer. lkedbo the "little thgshe'll miss -- including shtom team ne des. c bactearar.. mamag said he "walks a ay proud"- avinerything on the fie 3 "when lookack ony l reereri'll know thout t at i havevng elalk there werether
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there s no one who c out prepare me andecse of at i have eg reets."manning cled his speech with a e fence e sg inar-- heght t the gogoht. shsh the rac.. kept t thfaith. 3 33 ator u uomg suermps continin iazaz azt... finout t one t isaitingo be nishedfdwhen we turnrn 3
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ththe ry sha kny r ancio o a shakeado? not shake icna.e akafic esyeahwell, perhyou co bebene t. g/admm.coss. cold'soldn aye crm is cold?
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new slow-chuhu ryryhakehere ininremium f f like sugar.
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no..we a sho livok tse.take a look atou what the teitd radar ishowing us ight now.timeo anan o o ouits the kiki! he's your bus stopopecas if you ani to's st he naonalemperatures radar. wililhave me onon your seven dayay forecast`in ju a aut0 minutes.
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3 up to 150 0 susuected fitete are a single u airstrikekisomalili somalia.and thisour r ok ad the worlrlth mornin 3 dr andneneaircrcft hit an ashabaab traiaiag cam is past end d il wh the mility e specabb tete. "special oraonforc haven eyinghe caca foweeks -- pof a small ea afric natio 3 next -- at l 45 were left ad mday y y afr tunisisi rc cla with extremist tackernear the libn rder -- mang it one the deadlit clashehe rect s.thgoveme cd s two o bo c cingsith a after the ck 3 next..a laadadweons -. believed to beberoroan -- se o the oa of
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patr foundore th 2- ousaeapo on ard sml fishing vessel. th includa-k-4747. d rocket- prprellegrenese lihehe wpo y toouth ls. &y y y ly mar two ars sincnce diearanc ofsirlrlrlligh mhmhthe malan parlmentd a ment o silence inin honor of th victims.m-h-370 disappeared onon march 8, 2014 with 239 pple onoardthinveion contues. 3 next... ride jeiro i prngor t t uoming er olylys.ere be a w, 1wawa io fr ctral rioto the "olympic pa west ththhty is waing on fun to o o finish t prec-- t goverent *a* the ayayill ad time for game 3and two giant panda cubs bn str atat toron zoo now ha nam.prprminier struauost cereny to announ the nng namefor thndas.
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and jiyuuewhich mean cana hope d na joy english. 3 it a ual *menene- but not thisee week!upupupt -- w h re on l "wenn constructioneek"... en
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3 welcomomback...time right now...we ahowingou a veoooooue.ook at your temperatur. at t selndad ishos rinow.timeto plaout the outfits fo the kids!re's youbuoplp forest.if you arere heading
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e alemperatus and radar.we wve more on
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10 minutes.3 hig's s newsly about0-perct of@ womenake- couc indan ilthnts grer stin overerl orge. 3 this is whcoloradoprgs utilits is makg a sh t increaea diverty in thth workfo rig ]- ere's only a handful of mework ithe eld with c-s-u...but t erare nyther dartments within the tenical aft. s-u offialy.ob trron touou i lingo main compite. "t t optponmagh scol a colgedu d t asas tiecri to o to tictilies craft wat, s or elecicwaste water." water."c-u officiad it'slslternative thososwho may not wa to ue college....andnstill ort a family.
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researers ... malicious software -called "raom ware" --as scessfuy et app computeor the rst time. ti."rm " is th hijks a compute.. and loout its userntil a ransompaid.thprram esll- "kger". ir victs pay oneco which is a lileor 4 dlars. to revehe feses 3 and ..veriricommunatios will n pay a fine ..and ide by 3-year consent deee. th -- afth l coion co se ans wiss u"vlated the privacy of isers."thlargest s moompany iprted " "ue tracking cos" in its uss s affic -- for adrtising puosos 3 e f-c-c ys veron wireless faile disclose e late 213 rough 20-14 -- which 2 f-c-c regu oteet ansparcy. under th agreement sumers mt opt to low thei rmation to bshared outside verin wiless.
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t ofriortion wi vizon 3 the urm ttle f orts repororr erndws finly or. stl d -- find ouwh e e dge led the case ait hehelegegestalr. 3 pl..starbus is realngne of itp#pular menu itete.ose stories and moreomg in todas s "t-6 i60". 3 bu f... your primetime
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3 weweome cko o x2 mrng ne -re-cpingnghe rif re e toy'top siin .ig is thbig pre s sur tuesdapart two
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1818degateare at sta foror democrats -- 99 for the g-o-p. meil-- and hai willold mination ontests r publicly. next... former yormayor mibloog w sae *won* seekek t republican pridenti nominioin a statement he sd he fears it uld le to a "3-racece -- thawould lyenit nald trump. next -- fox r errews iar 5 miiodos -- aer stalr secretlyecorded nad in her hotoom postt onlie ry gave 51-pcent oehame chl rrett^ and -percentesponsibittoto l. 3 funeraarrangements for former firstadnancy reagan have been annonced. ll be buried to her sb sid reanridae ag alry i li.3 ..e tee ys..ththtes stece whheoroto competin ts year s olicin brazil --he zi vusas`said travel ncnse u-s-o-c does not wawa to in poonf
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3ananstars isisow rng e "pre- eat nd to the-d-d... e saage,ggndnddd chehsengshn y be contaminated wit*lteria*. re imaon on the stor ath..g onurte- 1 ne srcs"."newt nonoetet toss it o or to chieteologist inhahaerebfofo "fir look forest." 3 3 3 welcomomback...time right s swiou li lk ouidtake a look
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what t t satellitete ng ughno to plalaouthe tfs r the kids's yr bustop reca yeading ouofff tn, here's otf thtitial tpetured d d dar.we wl veor ur s sast
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iml*the l. and toy.v.e are t@l@ing u "topenz donet." net. ng in nbe5. cs is a lifornia win-- thahais "butryndell balanced". "diododd" - -with pear... citr... and vanilla flavors. verrefreshqng.. and a great complilint to pork and chken. chickeke 3 numbmbmb... yeowail l donnay..thth winin v prchableor loong ov der whihi w. c cnd clean fm m beined in steel barrelas opposed to oakhoweve.. eris still aubtl of oakakha welming to those faliar wh chardonnays aged ioak.
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3 mber 3... twtw fin poto noio.this wine has a dark oak d erer nose at are qulea wit so h bf an "alcoholy" tast is ne and ch tho re mpntpi s, a with r s. 3 sj..obav ate ioiouvn blanc.this wine s "ne cici flafrom t west coast with nts grgrefru. is s t hoday ---.h spicfish.and -- a aood alteive tooror exnse saignon blcscs de in n soh eric america.
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ranswood zine e moths ofla ana hi of f peppppynes thend.t is fairly dry.y. but a greafind forhe r r winene lover o oa budget tt wantsomething th can real sinththr palate into. into.3 toeehe wines and others. tototopenz t ne" net." 3 3itit t tsd -- and t`ateans are about tget v%ry "tasty." "t"rty."comi john inre tkingbrbr.... " aoc lol"it'stasty tuesda...
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ever comns aboututllennis. enen. mimiennial i salute u. you ve money liknoth neration. shar, wi passwor,noorts nt
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arsavi with the e ywhere unt toy! res atreinthis
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narratesriteeo@ t hibrother, p peon. writteny rinaldi.i. a he- movisnippets- with threremanng ot: cooperpeyton and e.let's s take ak. looo 3 0 o takes okckckthca o o anninganananhow faly fl his n%
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3 w. swing live lootside.takeook your's wh t satlite and rad s swing ught now.time n e outfr the k)ds!here your bus op recast.if you are h h out own, hersh of na tememtutus an
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youreven day forecast in just about0 0nutes. 3 3 3 lce back6.u e g frl fresh lo
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3 welcback...if are okg for freslocal fo th reases on urcing lococ, then we e place for u. 3 a gr fofoeakfas d'call "ov easy" and we h tnc chit's tim anher editn tatay tuesy." tuesday."
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3 o lolotions foover sy.therigil l l ton ststet downtown colorado ringssanone yoyhw w w ght th..y villshpingter.
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thn-l0is nowegotiati with serej compaes tlive strehiyear. year.on the way -- yomit e* tial mea si
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3 3 3 welce back...te righ ....we awiwi you litetse.takeke lk atatouteeresesre's atheelnd r hxingngs t nome plan out the outfits for the ds!here yr bustop recaou hding of town, here's a ot of the national t lperarares s d radar. will have me on ureven day forast in juju abo0 mis. 3
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today's 3 r toy'eat sa.. says... " tixtotoive- re n-feserhiar year@3 a facebo exetive tells "varty. thsocial media t is bidngli- reurht las.s.s.mes.amon. rin.. anototr reamles e altoe nteste t p pkage thn-f-l prusly reacheded angreement with c-b-s and n-b-c toroadadst t t g g erer the next two on t-v.'s'sotar how mh a coana&will phe n-f-lo litream otballll gamesthe e thsday t-v pkagegeworth
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3 3 'l right
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pledgegef giance. p3
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3 3 go mningweome to fox1 rnnes esda rch h h i'i'crg ffey anm kilyricece 3


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