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tv   FOX21 Morning News 6  FOX  March 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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3 good mng.weome to fox1 morng newss moay, march 7ti'm crg coffey. coey.and d m kimberlyrice. 3 3
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gong tha y oratching.let'ke, let's ow you the atr ory foda 's a lk ouda plwe wilhave aer
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minutes. mornghi new lea
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ceffic2 il a aombi in nort westkiaydode4( a`j.jurea suicidbomber atteted d e cr buil when he was stototo by police.ewitnesses descscbe hpln a widprea ge. . ar -noas aid reonty the susut lol taban 33 happno..ericans reacti tthe h of fo firsty nanay agan. the wifef presidenronald reaganasseseayzzterday at t age of 94. 94.arations now ing made forburat the reaganational library lifofoiaig n -- fox's lly wr has mon onof ameri feses 3 the e tionons remeererg the lifefef fo@rirsty nancan todte she passed awasunday at e age of ninety-ur dueo
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moatic@ piadete st nn her honor. republican candites al ngo e nsn the campaign til.o sasa"in 2011wainted to hen ar wd ano , , , ce to inwi iorry riceshher an- e ladent rona rean wng aananrereren lld.s aln theimro agag'sgrheu caon tewethe foer lala...aro h h obibry r nerkesesea sasa"s afi personbe aun great nse ls i real do'm suristh. e wowoa stinplaca#wiwi nan *rn*n ma ans ararw remembering her eat firso rold agags : : rem e a greasupport structururfor r sbanhe s a assy, clsy lad and nducted rsin a way everyone coulde oud of." mrmr r@bga't'tusus presidency...they were also knowto blyn love.m says: t ast now she gets to b rsohecan be togher again."(on-cam t t t narean's'ser nalid...but she will be buriext toer hband a hipresential lrary in simialle cifor n n
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3 3 to piticnow....d dung ay demtic baba i flt, micicn --oth caidatesaid sts governorri snyny-- ouldstep dn* oveth ty wat cris.but, they so challengeeach recordn go governg eir ated nverertionrnanrs ues aila n's tionip wit walltrane gu oppwh ti^o^ounununolol. osat pfi - bninder youy isisotot foersaro t " agreent d ngngor corprpate erid ie against t t t st il blionajs s llt styeis ty we to ress an said p w w be gd ys, bail uououou kn`what i said, i sa $ e llionaires theels
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llary 3 clinton on control: "you lk aboorpota g tpe gugumanufaers s%ll guo ma as muchoney as th cake." ma."michigoters head to popofor thr prary election *tomoow.* 3 continngng now with anate on the pit ldscape... ma delesesn ucial atehave pi their presentialominees. 3on the republican de -- - dodold tru sll holds t top p and fo democrats-- hiary clinton has e rityf support. right now.5-states on th sidehave cast theites -- onwith po o co the rereblicanhomee. 3 accog a-p.. on tpe rereicic sid.. caideseed 1,7 letes fothe nomition.. ououof the 1,6 thaare e avaiblofightow.. trump leads s e wh 384.olloweby cz wiwi 3 and mar r b th 1elat. . ashe derd, his lyon onobnnnn.
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3 --larynt is er on-- wit- thound30*.- rnie nderis f bd th 4 esimngng e'sayight the bigurdlonh des bthmah praries in n orid.. li..ohionorth caro and misi. 3 3 hahaening day... petyon mannind the broncos will hold a p crence.e.nd discususma nt... starting at 11 ....and you can watch the confenceright hehe on fox21 1 ws. asel ont fox2news dot com. 3 ther broncos aounced nday the fe-time-f-l m-p p ll retirte18 seons and o o4r r wl victotie he went to the g four times a a... d t mounin of cos earning a place onlol'l' mounshremanning ll retirerethe n-f-s me ader in passin uchdow..passing yards... quteacwi. 3 itew wmyingne proa" toto
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hoolthgattrt.. predwowod d broade the ciumstancece w wch meal healtofesons n report a stunthey *bve* ses th raroaw ruiremental healthorke to alert ppories if ant expresses "specific, imnt thrt" -- and athey rn tho b threat. 3 3 making me e news around co...smokers inouer coun p apen spaces uld facees under a set proseles.the s-calaeports commisisers wieet esday and nsidere changes.includthe okininn nanecifically prohing virs fm couming food or dr infud wi marijijna.smokg finenerange from $ $ dolla r first-time offrs t 00 dololrs for thehird nse.another proposed rule pribs pe fm keeping animals in vicwhwh h colteererur become unaldl 3
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as ufoseas as..e plge inblo obrua -d en turdr.tota plungra m m 3-laor eccscsadlorgat pr srts etitio nini a-- gethsa hlhles as e e. 3non inkes s me. whatext? ilahd --hehe tione gor main his anunce...d wh
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wakep in your first me. wake uin a home yove mada bit gger. wake uin a home th a bewress..
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at amen faly iuran we suppo your drea. w w can ve wh id dooelel at a.comingh3 by y aron manng ced s srmt -- whatately hia ototeh me.and he ls thgamettsoseigigor nneaedr r r trtr e e supewowh heonheon arteac win a s dien anchchtetes.brs and lt tt is en..ll re t nfall ti l l l ssucns (539)91 paing ya(71,.he tieie brett vr theos
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nlerat al t 3mag's desisoal memi s s wcebr..ths d nsxprereinththanapprecia. \coco eltweeeed.ytas ytrere- f ouream d whamazizi caer..ankf waso. patat tem m y y tobobo wh.cotutio nseyto aininible caer. you changame revede ee e nd bsd anoranteamte c c anrson s"manankntht mo -ve- e ave a fr 9 y% oo a teteeast o o m" - thngdone... enter ock osweil... 3 ana the cosay y y y wawa to im t n n arng quavack.f- sourcesa--eam s offered oswe aee-yea deal- wortmoren $4 million --lus centives. becomes nresesicted free
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afrnoo..and the usto tens. evd brns a posslyework tsre among thfeteamrested in tki to eilgege today -- wh the free-agent "taering ndow en 3 and in the n-b-a... 3 ggets stg and mave went ttimemen nday... and nv g t winlose one ome -- 1141 overtinep -- t knickst the pepsi ceer morrrr nigig 3 3 welcome ck...time righ now...we are swing yoy a3livetsidtake l your'e' at tlite and r rar isngngrit w.ti tolalaout e r dsrer bus s op recast y yreng t ofofow he'shot o
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3 ... yoururext weatr and fic update in about 10- minutes. 3 dwhou e `s- - a g. e.. oroorehic vehicle?'snds lili a ke... buit''s hntin's la winter r nturur--ightn? ntur inin's a e ge i ilei re went thehe to c
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fois m'swinter e"e".the ski ng event indvil hasaseeee ing`49a tprr evts o " try y.itks v vy alwe tjfueend in .. d stststjoartit a a ance to cht t th aconedgianpo. good mor jn. ski ri ia mpitio where a rse anpu sk a ft pa thrgh
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anans.he 3 ier isimed through the cose, an y missing gate juss pi oe ng the coorrace forash prizes, teare ma u bdon aweforth st 3atupational l thememi am watinskngn vie,oro. g ro /'i??r?6a wier spt whe a peonskis isullea do dogs aororehic the&opop hve ven mingor aleas yea. it juspaf
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leadville, corad l ofork esnto nnua has takeplace e 19. weweo a two y ep priri to thehce whe he e rtain ars whe t toucthe snow, us y yrd. 0 k k s haft geedrrisnu f o'ock in tor, g thre cw t cy l a a unoaoad brbrre soangndngng in.owhere res hinorwn sporor hors haung butt yo hdiiggrip it anp ! ! bure spiafically..he skir r espole faptu six x@ngonheheouwith hijousti stiilstvigaat andndum ies seseed g gateorpspsan misspp t ri"g a it esreal fast. itbout 2 af baielongt -18 ses. that's en
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anywywyw in n the cityf lelelle. qion woulinirsoone lusign up r . ththreneli rusn, w maeoe th p inld. the'nog unni bd thth thrce kippndou evyte yooss hind the rs at the enofhe day 's jt u anthe rs and ris d e gates an the mp 1cos flies pret fasou know. mean n 's entering ator surehigh speed, gh inteity.n to leadlle,e,t's s ome! 3 mark ycas foe
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welce e 3 sack..e riw...we shinyou a live lo/ tse.tataat y's wth tellitr ng us right ntian itds 'sr stopopect. y aeadi outf , re's a shoof the alal tpepetures anan
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,3 3 right no the rn is ininto s fng auto parts. parts.cop -- find out whwhh polatruck mode cocod ha braki issues -- thth more neyour top in 6 n 3 but, fst... yourrimetime
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3 weome ck trnin ne -- re-cpingheopwstoy. are y' 6 60.rado lma are ngng "w approach" to stoppi bloodshed ischools. opososuld brdede the circumst people can report adent the *beliea thre. north koresays. . w lacharike spsnngng to att id"aggfrom its enemie"a natien spoksaysys- the ke woulheountry's taryryry. 3 ne. the gogomes lookininto repts of brakes *faiaing* d f-150 pickutrucks.the coversrs abou42thousands from t 22014odel nenumbfrom the rnmentw 242-2-thnd jobsbsere adlaon..
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thousas d inry -- y inson -- the man cocoidered to behe mo creor of e-il - hakapasaededat a4. posay -- he di sunda from a h d isr's l es wra uthiske. th6 evenn b fru anendesa in ul fonfores storieths...g - fows - newsws ri's'sos it otohiefst stininhambfor yo "fk fofocaca." 3 3 goodorningnd thank s s mu f wching.leles ke li loue.e.ri xtlet't'showou weher story fothe daand
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planner.r.we whaveer upda cing n abt
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3 it's te nonofor today's s iviaiauen.
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3 vivivik h 3 f-l supersr ytni is sayode ftb n-- w%w a lk
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mng h d to o- el sn ther bncs reting fthal foll bro e news sy. ndnh leath a amonon- spason fullf nririt t w w y ooks bac r l er 3 ablyimrtan sititi ifootll is that of theuartback'v ysn of quteacksd pepeon mag di'ttotoook
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aracres th archieyeye@4 y yrs in th nfl.i could do it lie e d then tt's a grt aclishment becau tre a lot ofays whenen he t beatatp on the field and he lost badly, but hehe signed evevy aph, hd every singng intntview...and tt's what it's l out.t."ion't around bragbout my chdren b he wite-atpe lts isistta bevy passing recds along t y.e only thing msing w a supepebowlle..after eling him for nearly a cade, peytyt cturehis filodi trowhen thcoltto victoryry pebowl 41."this is speciainicto b bab to r with pion."(ns)off the field peyton found succes thnfs topitchman appearing inumerous mmcis."orangbarrel, re-
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forb magagin pton@eaed $12 ion a year i rsemens.s.heurnrd d, his folkcouny y arm into arand all iitse sponsoso noted."e ck srts righnsnsn)ngpe tratat) ,ucky ot."it evident thapeyton's dc skills weren't limited cmercials whes comedic rfore sting saay ncame a ininant as"@k i'sorry ou want t yotct't d jurian tt t thfielafa series ri a mui-miloll bus to eir iconaracache ced to part wa with ."to o s fans erywhe,ha u ve mucfromom btom my het. i truly have enjoyed being ur quarteac"itidididtata long f peptoto fina ie nv b.. whe would win h record 5th n-f-m-v-award and beme the league's career
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toucpasses."ihinkt's s s a unique thing and a neat thg e a partrtf nl histy."in the finalthththislaying caree taons crerd d s out peytyt he was s e several aththtes named in title 9suit against his alma mater, thuniversity of tennesseeas also listan al jazeera documentary that alledis ecved d pplyf h- h back i2011bupeyton h 0 deed aking y it."it stings me whoeoeoethisuy i innuatg g gt i cut corners, that i broke e l l ruleinrdero t alal 's a je, is a a a kiki jokethe alleged controrsiedidn'trent on from winng hi2nd bowlitlecomithe fit starti q to win e bigaor diffenteams.e we greful to he, to ben isisam to`play ithe 50th r nd certainbe viiousit's v v v spspriding offnto th suns as the nfl's winngest quarterbrbk anansuper bowl ampion puta pondin in this finachapof peytyt mng uathomae
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3 3 welcome back...timimrght t w.n. ahowing lootsidtake aook at's the selliadar
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ton out the tfititfofo e ki!here youbustforest.if a hng out of tow hera shot o e naononrareand r.we w wl haoron
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just about0 minus.
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3 ... ur nexweather d trafc updada in about 10- minites. a a a e lag -- you h he to see to belve! bebeeve!e!stililaheeow one pipiwound n n n f coursepl..wewel l br some! t fit, h he is weekeks ing werball... lott casas5 d pi 3 nuergo luck!
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33 3 3
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d-d-b birts.))if you o3 someonyou love birthday coming up, wee wt to knowbout i4i.. jt email us at p pre -- birtays atox ews t co donon forgo cledthe na and y spial message u'd like ee 3 3 3 hehe areomomstories is mornrnthat wililmaou... y whaaaa?!?!?! whaat!?!?!a terrifyi mome fne tge pot w w was f fced ake ememncy ndin floridada t w w. weend. 3 3 herere se sties is@ rng gh will makeou... say whaat!?!
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emerncncing lori er theeekend weweend.the -year-r-and dawere en roto tee coty -- wh thier all plstartehaving anical pblems. 3 unu pit wawasupopod laan a apo i i. rsburg bututrereed couny cl andndnd i t tre there. 3 next. husbands wives clclbered to the fish line at the ninth annual "wife caying race"englan and.oundndty couples d thmore tha d foou cour.course. courseundred ft mohan n 12-tache cples tkled the`rereha12--vred foot course.e. cose.a bibicrd rned out for r e occasion- squirtg water pistols and inin buck watern thcoits. et 3 33 33 3 'll right bk!k!
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