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tv   FOX 21 Morning News 5  FOX  March 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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hby. 3 33good mng.wlclce to fox 21 rning is ndnd, march 74i'm kimber pri. prici'm m aig coffey.
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3 3 good mningnd youo mumu for watching.let'tata a e.right no xt, let's showowou the weather story fofothe day.and k atour da
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3-3new this mst leleding pocefferd chen -- after bom in rth- pastan tay. more arenjed. jurea mb cwd eer c c ilding wn astoed byolewitness ri hugexplplat the scenen a wpr dasoar - oas aimed respspty forhe tack... but authities susplolol tan suppppt. 3 3 ppininw.ericanare reacti to the death of rm first ladncy the wi of prprident nana an pasacd aw yay a a o . fil praratioioio are n bemade for b bial at the reag natl liary in rn.righ fos y wright h h e on e of ame's fines 3 e natiti is rememberinthe life oformer fst lady nancreagan t tay..after
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congesesve heart fre. me oncncs he the moicsiiadeba laststsththeno reblican candidas so reacngthe newsthe caai trailbisays: "i 20, wawainviak atn liliar we ha chcefeter, we a anaf to ve dinnenewith her, it was an extordina exrience." t he--- e late prerede rald reag --le orkiki as a actrs in hollyod...whwas so aacacr at t time. lds ograra l l intview t t fororr dydynd wrote h ititry for the new yk times.cannon sayay "she waa teific pergwnxtoarouou. at olo o m rprised at. e a mo intetestg place wiwi nan *rgan* in it."."ny americans are now remembering r as a great 3firs to ronald r rn. mosasa: ber shwas
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coulbero of."but mrs. agan wast juuppopoiv of h's' psidey... theyere al knonoo be epep in ve.: les to be w roldld so theyane eetototh again.n.(on-cam tag)g)nancy reaguneral arranmes ve not y been finalized... bubushwill be buried nexto r husband at his esidenti lraryn simi vallll, california. new york, kelly wrht, , @ ne 3 3 to politicno...ri sunday'semocratitidebatatin flin mhi-- bot caatesaid ste's governor- ri snyder ldstep dow over the ty's water crisit, they al challllged each oers record igovement eir he ceeron..bern sanders continued his claim ofillary clinton's relationship wit walltrt...anshe ar s lackf suppppwhenfighghnguntrolol. ththat prot it.:33 - :57 7 n. bere e sanders: your ory is voting for evdisaststusra agreemenand votingngor
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bailouwh billioiaires on wall seet destrorod this ecomom t ty wewto o ngress anaid oh p fase,e'll be good d ys, bail u uout. knowhat i sa, i saidet ththionairirirhemsels il wall re.:32 -:40 llclintoon gun control:you lkut oratgreehe manuctursell gs to mamu m m athan make." make3 theyake."" ."3 michigan votetheado thth lls for thr prary elecon *tomorr.* ntng n nit upde the politit lanca. datesn crcrl stes have picked their prenins. 3 onhe republiside -- nald tmp stillolds the top spot. and r the moat- hillary clinton has the majorityf f ppt. righno..5-stat on n th sis s have cast their vovo-- alwith prirebll nee intohe a-p.. on the reicid
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legates r thnomiti.. out ofhe 112 that are avaible. a aof rht now... trump leads thck with 4... followed by cru with 300 a marco rubio with 151 das t rdogbio on won e state.. minnesot. but snged puerto rico by a l marginin 3 -- hillary clinton is number one -- wi *one- ousasa-130*.*. - -beru ndisar behth --haines h w wni insuayigthe burdldl bh sides will be the march 15th primaries s in florida... linois..ohio. . h h. calinand msouri.i 3 3 happenintoday... petyon maind thbrcos will ld pressferee... a a discususmaing's tirent... startingngt 11 m.d u h e conferen live ghhe o fox21 news .... as wl online afox21 news dot com. 3 the nver bronc aounced suay theive-time-f-l m-will retire after 18
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ors.e weo ga four times in all... and set a mounin of records -- earning a e on footbl's mounrushmore. manning wi s the n-f-l's all-time leaderssing touchdowns... ing rds... anquartek wins. 3 in capit newew..colodo lawmakerare ngne aptoppin bloodshed in sls schos.e gazette rerts... a proposed bilwould broaden the circumstances underch mentalealth profesals n report a sdent the elieve* poses s that. lodoaweqntalhethoror thorif pat exprses a "sfiim tt" -an maates they tse being thed. 3 3 king me news around colodo.okers inouer coun parks and opespaces cod face fin uer aet pos.e mes-call reports commsierwill meet tudaand coid rule changes...cluding the smoking ban and specifally pribiting vitors fro consumg od odrink
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r first-time oders t $300 dollarss fensheprosed rule prpribpeop fkeepin animalin vicles when h old mperatures bome healthy. 33 3 now r the test on a giant echaun thais missingn coradoings 6- f gianttoton iday night from marie ban backyard near downtoshhad betoriimnd theor inpe -- local of that empowers people witdisabiliti.the two were gng tbed e comiai's day ra- bryasays they're hoping he'll be turned in time. she also says... the person who hasim can brinhim ba to the independencenter- p hiba or e nc by the way,heai patricks day rade is this saturday. 3
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rning.e cial ympi cadlaun sees has wrappedp for the season.. asonth6 event unge stted in pblo back on februa 6 -and ended sarday in boulder.n total --ngraed moran spiapics cad lodoherganatn provides sports competitions.. training.. and-- free of charo nearly 20 thound etes across e ate. 3 3 it a hall fam-- with on 31 me mbers.cong uod itmatts" -- we'll ll y who is now joining
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in this morning's "military matterer...the man om tersonir force base named afr.eives her big hono honofox 21's kalyn mcmac brings us the story. 3 first lint edward j. peteon was man who was we liked, intelligent had a passflying airplanes. "ju definitley wanty d even after his accident, before he his la wiss to b able tfly again."oaugust 8th, 194. te became the first colorado ti t his life in the line of dutyafter his pl engine lost power d caught
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military officialsamed the baserom colorado sin te army air base honor. here today because of what lt pete ao honor his me and to rememb the gse dire very much tho the learned demolay."demolay internationais a frarn ornionicated to mang young men better pe and leaderswhh has includ actor john waynewalt disney and form president bill clinton. "we co 3 or 4 or 5 years and indu no one, and then maybee find t indivivis a qed to be in that place d lt. person is unquestionably alified."in nearly 100 year historyonly 31 peoplel have been inducted into the demolay inteatiohall of peterson w lds thatont's edible honor. it's quite an iresse ceremony, was surprised wh ctacted abt ity d gi th kd of ato soonposthumously."
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3 if you have a stid for "mitary tters"egment -- emails at news fox21 news dotom 3 3 welce ba...time right now...werehowing y a ve look tside.take look at your's what satellite andadar is swing uright now.time to plan out the outfs for thkids!here's your bus stop forest.if you are heading ouof town,ere's a ot of the natialemperaras d d radar.we will have more on youreven day forecasin
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3 3 nortkorethres nuear tion .... mitary ills betweethe u-and uth korea begin today. and thi begi our look around the worlthis morning. the tion says...t will launch a nuclear s-- responding twhat it cons"aggression from i emies."state media otes a naonefen spo saying -the stke wou show count m ... a shooti at a rehouse in austral leave person dead an inthe violen broke out in they suburb this mornpo surroth building . whifficers rmine e aarmed spect was stilinside.veigat dolie e cidentas teorism-rela 3 lst peoe are ad in kist -- after a suicide attack ts morninga spesma fothe kisti taliban
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attack- saying iwain retalin for the exution mtaz dron marchir ne... vice presintoe biden and fe, ji, arard in the unid abmirate rly thisis morningwhwhe ther-- biden will meet with the crown princef ab abi. andhe depy premcommander of the u-a ard fofoes.this ithe first stop on den's middle east tour. will visit jordan and rael later ts we. 3 the 20-16 arcticinter mes kied-off i igreenland on sundaythounds ofthletes gathered in the pital cici for thopeninceremonies ams om acrose arctic gion are cpeting in 15 differents -- from cucuural alpine skii... snowshg.s run thh turd m mico, me than 200 chehe prepared t world'sgest hinita pilthpo- bad dishghs in at - hundred poun. last yr, the
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th theirirwn pordish - whicwewehearly9-ousand unds 3 3 at do you gewhen you combine skis -- ana do.. hoe.. or mor vehicle hihie?it's johmartin's last winter nture -- rightht hn? a wter nte owowasas "s j jing" -and all the ge in leadlle.e. rently went thtre chehe ow yououex
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33weweomck...time ririt t w...we are showing you a live look e.take look at your temperatureshe heelisw.tim t ous thdshe yruus sto
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ouoeof ere'a shshf tiall@temped r.weil moro ev dayasin bo0 3 for isor'swinter mos r is 3
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mning "wi nt..rievin leaille h b ing on since 19-... and is one of the " " "ier r ents o s t coury't athrs lleean dajoarti chance to ecout is
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r t a cehrou a coue as gagaps a. e skier tedhr t t urseanpee asy g gagas ndndmig opnghe etetorh presd d ams are p bydoawefth ats upupational anan40 wang s s jing g
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(pnoun/'i? i wint spo where a perso on skis isulled byse a do aot vecld thet ve ii'cong f eaea is just r coun( lil, lo wk go io an entas taken ace sincweo a a o day prepoq to the where wewertrtn area whereron't touhe sno bee if yououo it get hard. 120 trk loads of that sonow w t dumped on harrison avenu comfriday moing at 3'clo in the morng, we got the street crew from the city of leadville d the county ad ande crewtart loing g d hag snow i w there s hisi eigal.orse inr just ght. g t ci.... e s onble for t pturincoseitithijousting stic...whilst nagatingki gates anananmpmppenaies are by y ssssg gates or jump a by missing or drng anynythe ring it goes real fait's t anhalf f ftbal fids lon 1 seconds. thaengho t yo oveanre in thci of t quti tbe ked.ouldldns metoolunryig is. e adreus i mew w peopl in w w were's nothinlike runnini bin hoth towg upsi bes chun ubeou u bend rse. at the end the day itust you d tht horse d ris and e e ted the jump 16 sends flies pretet fast,ou know. i m mn it's enttaining that's f sure. gh speed, high intensity. ce on down
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3 markr lelears r fiweweend nextth. moh.3 anks, johnhn 3 3 presididt jimmcarterakes an i i ita a ancemenen about his th healthilead d for r s eaen3us..manst gabby dougs' wiwiqhqhkend itould mn n a re t e olympicsisnd more ne in your t60 -- isis nene 3 but, f... urmeti
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millen sutsaeyi+no geneneti yoshararca, wior,,ca, orants. randn bo paiofofofsjsj m toy'ss day. by r arpas mmm sa wititite e e he t t 3 welcomba to&x21 morn news --cappi`e nepesthe herer e top
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aw w prch" r pingshn hool a proposedw de rert tttuhey ve* posesea at.t 3 the wod remng irst ladyan reagan -- of congestive heart t il ndayng.shwas 9494 ars-old.ill now be husnd, esenronaea 3 xtpepeonon mning and t brons ll hold d confcessing g manninins rerement.ititrtrt at 11:1:u can watch ititfo1 1 1 line at fox21 news. 3 itite ped maysisi rlinin flit-370.laves of the victi havunl orrow* tsue e ine r the incident. 3 nene -- the governme say 2-ousandobs were aed pton.betttethth edon economis . rertedalfla 19thou and m rternnou yesterdae lononr needs toe treated focancer.
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contue to be- an resume treatment, if for re imaeses storie a others...log to our websi -- fox21 ne rit t's ts orolololl stin chambmbr ur "firir lforecaca." 3 3 3 weome 3 back.time right no..we are showg you a veoo oue. look you's what e sated radadaispwi us rig n.tiot thtfs fods! he's your bus stop forect. if you a heading o of townre's a shoof tional temperatureand
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ur say fororast in justboutminutete 3 re'strendidihi momoing...ape'i-one @ could atan o-l-e scen in eith the uomg i-phe s...r i-one
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techiantad planned to introducphon that us "organic light-emittode" in0-18. but, rollthw *nt ar*.o-l-e-s stinct advantages over older l-c--- or "liqu cryalisplayb)-- wh ud on t tre i- phon 3 maermoreididid colo..anmas s moregyficiciofof babaerchge.-l-e-d reen othne i-phpne could inteteifthcompany' valry withamng 3 next.. gymstnd o ompic ld malt bbbblas won the "arican cup" this ekenher victy ve h the first tr to thp of podiumis w lylyl-ou" " ldon 20-12. ...s-a day popos... she isryinto go tohehe olympics f ase* time -- a belves she can quote - - chieve mome."si19190, only aricawon ha gonetobten *sond*lyic. and n w h repteasas
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3 shs new music vifor "try erying"s trending this morni. moinin3 it's frothe soundtra the momoe e ootopia.icic domid ththbobooffifi this weweend. weend.(in just fourays. the vio s mo than 3-million vis on youtu. youb 3 3 a study is ging usew
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rgiendut w exp w itit be o chom--g on
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3 weom3 back.timriw...we a showing you ve look tskeke looat your tempereshere's whae
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usight now.time tplan o thoutfitr thdsds rebuopoporast. if you aeangut of wn, here a shoof the national temperatures
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ureven dadorecast in just about 10 nus.3
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3 in this ins "h alert"..introducing g fos th typicauauller toldren whare nsive mp p* fatal tionto these foods. 3 research showed posingng infants to bitof peat tter held otect many chililen fm developing allergie aond sty sechertrietoepepte the results th other foods knowto pducees.... and d e sultwere very simir to t peat study. 3 e sses thei work canan be coid concsive -- cause veryew faeses wab"s"s ththhe d dfi fding men". eay both studi offffdence be t te to chae some longngtablisd feeding recoention 3 next -peopleho dnk a lot cfee may have a lower ri of developing mulple sclerosis.resecherlookok atatwoturobo incledho opepe a w
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eraged 30-nces of coffee a day or around * *x* cups wmost one-irless l have s thon-drinkestudy authornotelimitis*- thereli on le's ll@di- so matatnts stpepe inkikiofusof sysytoms. 3 seerst... none ould kick-up theiroffee bit warof-- r studt deinin why isink ts 3 w a "safetalt" to wa you out... as the govent lookinto reportsakes *failing* on ford d 150 pipiuprucks. trucks.the probe co abo 420-thousand v vics from the 13nd 2014 model erpo ted goththoor a mpletetengford says . it tas "customer safetysesly -- andil opatwith the instigatn. theord's s esickup is t top seing g vehiclin the u-s 3 3cole
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thexetai owhe goio gege bathroomtolean theves! 3 but first, he are wed's winning werbal lotto... cash 5 and pick 3 3
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welce back...te ghg
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look ide.takeoo at yates...he's what the satellite rar howiwighnome to plaouthe outfitr the kire's yr s stop
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of t he's shototf tionalal temrereanan dar. will havee ur s dec justbo 10 minute3
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3 for todadas breakfas banterengineers at ei sayey have a lution f smelly airplane lig! lighe aineer h h fifid a te a sf-athroom.e sign u light to o si alsuesinust 3-cos! ndboeing plao usus u--- w#i dierent than theaves ud tanng beds and isot harml to peoeoe.e coany sayst stl s totudy thst further be
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3 'll ighthk! 3but fit.t. here'e'y'
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3 good mng.weome to fox1 morng newss moay, march 7ti'm crg coffey. coey.and d m kimberlyrice. 3 3


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