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tv   FOX21 News 9PM  FOX  March 5, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MST

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captioned by media a ss group at wgbh acac.wgbgbg comip foxewew rightowow.'s'ser turdthe f)r es continu ..air foad dehip the go c.. 3 rr.le s t movg totoolado sp.. 3 go evengng thafo hi 21 ne at nine. e redein fivates casttheivoter esent day (3/5). first ox mckeore fr n ororans, liana. 3 tateing esidentitests rdrdreblicing to t t polls imama kansas, kentnd@iana...te nated cruz wininng in nsascruz s "if wins, in all likelihool/
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come togher, w wve to e, that's why made a vpryinvitation." do looking ttend sis i ie actiououp ..antatstshi phinudg or r rco umsasaated i dali mco is in'wl, dd n.i ananhisigugot nyroblem d t heme cse to winnin hiown n at"rubio says: seism now loud can u be, w offefee can u be, w w ny bad words can you y, how many dicuus things c you s on television. that ino conser."anwhil moats s nebrask kansasa and uisiana se hillard rnie sas... sders say fter pl, includi rececenn poll, we ar deing trby p ptty bi nuers, mororthananillary is." clinton meeting earlier in the day wi afran amerin ministers inhigato didius rights and the flint water crisis..inton says: : "whei heard about wawajust sick... we e ve much more to help tht people oflt."ats
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ertotricheadato the s on sun(ocam tag)loomin beyond this weekenntests e the criaiarch 15th primariein ohihianflorida -- whihi cld me2 methese new ansn louis, dodo kelwfox news. 3 additit ks.. d cruz ao won aine.dona trumcaptana.d kekeucky in anxtmelylose ce.. on the decratat si bernie saers wiing neka.. and kanand hillary clclton ng uisa 3 new ni.. a doff this morning ds peef a arlrle ho sd 9.. in hundk c janear d st bpolice thsusuear ol yarere bneivy elf h atenin wh a gun. she and sllhire a ato g outth barnvyefused l.nd30 memethe ho aas inustodybeing ged with felng.. rass child.
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four-carshast t night south academy ha just beforerere 10.. just utton proby paway.y. parkwathe chaireaction started wh a c heading southb lt control.. an crsed thdian intthe e northbanesonperson ed a the othe werhospalized..nd are now in sble condntion. li s spepe was a factor the crash. 3 happening now.. 3 a lo womanannd kno ng m m m. . been fou iltyf deral conspiracy drugraickingand d arm marie ontiveras-inez..was nvictetethurin a u-s district courtn denver.she s arrereed j j18th.. 2014.. aeroi through a drivivthrough in pueblbl rs 50 ram in in hehepupue.. . d la fofod more heroin,eth, ack coanbundle of caididn in vario ps at herome.e.prosecutors say drugs a tal value ofore thanousand dollars.e will bseseend julyly 3 3 a prescribn at fort caeecad.the burnrnas sch f
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a rumomoat oscsc wni acacr leonondodo dicapriri mscodo. ising e web.. t y foitik rur. 3 artic bth post.. fe newste.. asch a mmomin colorado springs.andn bmomo
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tor ldhe mazine he chose the ringngbecause felllove w w we rexed feste..and thtrquil betyf thneby motas.hiisntnthe fir time t magazhafoed a couny.....t feweeks o pubsh tt leo@wa moving tstk linois. that rum w dund by es dot c c.. 3 how oumeoonews tonighgh the e lvatn mq r-j montgomeme cenefr was a little ier th normal is morning.. they're the of some much-n-eded upgradesfs. ancadets from e air force academy are ndndg a a ndndfox21's ma d has the stor s)these be havbe e r s(bubu thheelof0 de nelyly00eoll sleeon bra new bunk be "the's aotf ea ons wee replin the @be. ware in frombeds to tabeds fe. i ithere"s less plesor mign of pests," jor richard rson, coun coordinator for the salvation army.plu. they'll be easier to clean.. and create a safer environ. . "andndheheeds ing to b
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'ring to he spin in themajolalaonaid.a project at couldake da.. turnnto a f hou work thas to cet d d srted a aa cls oject.but came way fothesmeananwometoto imct heds of l les."it' finitely ligr an had planned on ii was ju kofinintoet thproj at ende up b sething really greaeacadet said.and cadewa frin't hehetate to h lp"even thou it's s ke a aree saturday for us eoeoe can doot of othethin, th hehe abo a acause li isisndnd a aoluty th w omd eer,r,cadet spencer hnson said.his is easy w wome k. is t ju ngedpartit inem tethed mama d@ thic i i it," r rsd.e aywith able bout 13 moeds. lleflys h` one open fof van in need.. "they pache air foservice fore sf d this is s great y elp homele commutyere a grt orobnization the salvatatarmy cadetohon saidorngn cora
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egand..fox21ew the ioiomy s ss ght noy' worki to cofug new f fheom's's se.. th're pio ha preccompte witthne fewth kiacss ghw. a sout t rges a s s ter' givivgututututph oher he@ foun the.e r.. leigiganne artr.. private picres we supposed to bebeor herusba the studt portedld too pictesf heheotos whehe shleftft herell phone h h desk a walket of the student is nono chgewi voyerurisisd computer cs.s.arthur says she s reatened wh teinion by the school l bobod...and has sie reregn..but ououndhave gneditn cag for r restatent. a a ratotoexes aa texarefi..setting off a e fire. atst o tent of ries is knn at thiic black okuld ben pouring om thehee for 3scis havdidiov nespecof o ous while
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waii che outhis little y! was sipip on a flatk at me than4 thouound f ft below e ean's surfqfe.his ique atures includek ofof pigment lls..which gives m at ghostlikeke appeararae. he also hasasf ckers in one row arm...(her theal two. rsof kind d er is noen in monume cominga ter.e'll takeou oa tour.. al sti ahe...a loof have probay ntede e a k..but ehe n.. aclylyenthroh wi we' show you thmage cau.and theroub ey'rin.. b fir.... here'stititi 3
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ill c.arin big e inrelala..te tang yrididththe reet
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3 ankso ththgenenety of locadodo...the fifit of s teeceer i offially open men.. fox 's kcmacn s us a aook. 3 his be great sp foem t tve aivities at are sanjust a place for them."the nument ca and tri-las young g life have tururd a drm into reityffering dthe mm"f"wm to have j` a ceo me, di to relationsd@ into life each her ju alace to...a ho awa from home."e ly wan ace where theyeel l fefe whwhe theyave pportuni to felhip with each her,
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healaly lifestyl andhey can really bontogetherthe er clud a baskel co lili room area, and a peormae steforids ustescho"wll he the ere e r em tdo home, to do convsaons.s. he x, w whave ja er of erent ings thep@p kids s inined.d hoply k kp coming."the en center is open to almile s soolers anb high schoo in givre tha10 thousand k ks nouse be ting in moment, kalyn mcfox 21 n n 3the teen cenwillll host its r event t vening for high sl students intereed i ing g the new cili -mki newaroundhe w" nigh.. o n in northn ireland.. olice cuy leleleealing a fir uck d king i yridid.popoceayayhe m.. 66 a a tther. brokinto airst the truhen tore ofhe street wi ghts ablg. is is s e damage ty le behind..least n cars we serely
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brons quarrbk peyton mainuld beetetetg... t e team has ady me ananff to anher arrbrbrb 3 fi o iisndhe meme dl thbrone willintoivm. fox 2s kan ckinxt in ts
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e ininon deal s 3the l'eegegeops xt wk s s.. coarinnonoe ncomeoc up a alh osacing toeveral ancs, ththtete hasffffed o oeiler r r t three yearar dwoup mliollars nohochchs actu guaraeed n'ye own...t 's sll ofeysiri nlar7 vme e he bs ar amamr s in a arteacane istil t t ges peyton manni...'s etete ake nqnqdecicion o
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iseek.but ther way... y r th e pred on wit 3 sprg ning.e ckmymy hometn n ....he d padads to 3 chchwo on d ainsdr stag pihesorossssthis@sas e firsmeood tcdehais secondommyohnsurur. alghs rew o scs ngthiehax eith inng...w a twiwian av o predorathesi c da.. in f b cou figh o t tende g e e aalalalhe boa fi..ze ll td enenes uthe icgal es e in. vi a a aleadad ent h for thirdiod. talfour gt orsrn th 2 2 d s nown dog ce@ererla today.they r ben anc ahe als to cete se uns mo o thod acss`e sta. ou
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arin year. hever..hadadat enhe 'th rait w w fuua aholy inng twoncofnow to thareasohey de o haul i iwho woof snowka.ol plthatoes orts.abbibackyo ay with us..justba th fal lk w wther afr thbrea 3 that does itme get a mcpick k a hot new deal on mcdonald's mcmcu! lee e t a mcpick 2. nowo of your favoritetelass for st 5 bucks. mix n me n savor. 2 for $5. name youavor chseny 2 iconic tastes a g mac de with 100% b b flaky leteo-fish sear quarter pouer th cese
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bada baa ba maplg g t sot'd you ink?ititood. oo? i joi whenou tol s gointo ososg gity dn't yeahoraras thet arthfirsme. my apologiesose wor prlrl i shouldid you were abo toave your world ckmy couch. anywayank you for ra it. o all-l-meavorites. it was ventertaining... spitetthe e ing story problem. storprlem? (lghg) yo- oh, amy...


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