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tv   FOX21 News 10PM  FOX  March 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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the bill wou alignol la@ birth certificates wi dererepolicies for thosese chgini t cial s%cury portrtanheme e cle-upupt thld king mine.. will pick bacacups spring or earlmmer.. su aust last yeyevil l. accidentally .. trd a 3-3- milliogallonpillf waewer... into ts river.-term memeation ulbeonons or yearsway, evev thoh cal officis@ d gogo john hihienlo haveignef superernd eap ofite. tonht wreing imovemts to the wate ality inountn an ty w wefie. new st resus re jleased today.. 3 theseolololup tests on n water diribubuovystems reveing ther lownon- dectab levelr- ooood mpmpnds. chemals used in mmeria ododtsor carpetstsclhi aneven fightg effort 3 ninwe tyou abou usfireren e spririri mo comeldest onhoe.....d burning fiy peofnoer...
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leararng morabt ors reaction thi mov re......x21's kody fisher th theheore.kodydy 3 started around elevorty this mog stn... 3 it totk multcrews t entyive mites to t under control...nehbtes thtz hea mtie duriri earlytages of the fire... donw y wh we...t someeighrs st could opannkarou hous..'s scking is ju*howaseverhi happened 3 en itartedunning dn ere it was contaed blln the ckor a a by e ti @ goarunto therontf e use you ulsethth flamesomouou. prty yuch gulfed enre back heheou 33 huays thhonenecamep d ldim tt his twgs werenside hoduri the re....but thflam we tooostroor tm tototoinin and cre 't cononrmif dog were insnse not..and r ililinveatinthe causep of theheir..repoing live
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an aircecedemyetet accuseape and abuse al contact....has s been found t guilty.this eving.panel officersrs.four men andour men.. acqed cadet 2 2 ass zachery l. chu of all chargechb, footbal player, was s accused@of ling f fale caand forcing g her totoouchim.. ringn ademy dorm roooo unter.. in o#oober o14 3 e sueme urt kshe fofoenofou l of ttate's aioio clicto clo cle.e eistic efctivy rersrsanrder by t fedppppls c new orlrlnst t wed louia in enfnfnfng itit-14 4 icicegulatioio la. s 'seing chalaled ie's that a mir law tes alsold be per. at leqrectoto provove abtionav ading priveges aarby hospitals. 3 dydyoday ae'reoolili a b thiweekend memerost jeff womackck tel usin tonht's foxox stcast
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bitjerre's a loo yo wake ueaeamix x sun and clouou slighylcooler@rhighill l ge to degrees evenarmer sund before a a coolown earlnext weekwe ook thain aoue nus....
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consblemt no thers s waepororthem.... om yr cecehone wite ty * co sps* app fos taylor bishoholks tproughow se it. 3 -tawhenen fir open t t athe me you several o repoothole you'l'l too to n n i... choose potholol... you p cacaad mmts you'd lik you can en add a photo of it and yo conta info fofoan update.. you'll wa to ene locati. and st like tu've l city know a r rr neede de.folorris cors ovev 194 s sare e les.e ve er 500miles roadady ntain by folks calling g it justet know inindvan to gout anangededee things fix --taylore app is dnload ... ju se gsprings just ratllhe mber it'385-ad. in the
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happening sleeping ir ral cadets from the air fcademe.e academem they wi be and ready y totoork... instalalng 10000 new bededat the men's shelter at t s son armyheer &vicewith l thtrtrhands ing t.t.the project e finish ihorathn .e`new ds will ove meusefits fothe city's largest homeless shtefretter ndicap ce t tsesevisibi anclclnlins the eltl 3 unitit airne. pupuing igig pnsns frogrd juonhousn nfxtxt month acacrding he.. the flht w wusueed f f the loo keket wi permant disappear on april. 3 yoyomight ce somethi dit tget.the reta cha..s upt'. ga.n.aln fort to o ma ia one-st shofor custers.s.thehmo notle chanan will .. ithe grocery es.cuomers.. ew pntn, disp, sign. and mo..
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program...ey're looking to icleaeaand simple gueso understand. 3 as a localt un meone snapa ph otos a rear-d-j -engr ieaea sorof thi n n ... y have e of these..... 3 will it beold warm. weekeje has all thans.. 's getng uy.. onhe campgn trail.. athe top ththe o-p caidates... continin ttake swingat eaea oth...
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3 the po for g-o-p candidat.. igetting retire neneosurge... ben carson... annound he is ending his run for the ite house.the nouncent com aft disappointing mbers oner tuesday...and d pipi last nighghs fodeba.cacaon i inin e eorse a ndidate r e republican nonation, thoughe says h has alked all of em th week. 3toy..t rememningng blic cdates.s.waed nono time.. ttininckn e mpmpgnrailil. trai..this aer a heate debate last night etroitit wherthey hurled pid re sults atach r .. -between coving so
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immigrion to ntind...the g-p trunner naldrump wen onhe attagain agaiai mitt aftomomdede st-minuteleleto vs rejectrumums bid r the whwhe hoe. senenrz so nol a mpai sto mne sa dalalump em.. washgton corptn that oplere mad about. 33 an.. othe democric s se, nator bern sananan campaigninhe mwest.. crisissing thetate of chig,,lookg toru support ahead of suns bate in int,nduesday's crriryryie ermsmo an00-delegatehi hiy clinton .. 3 itoo like we are ifor a co dn.for thweend. jeffells umore rht now 3 onigig...mostly cloy y early the evening tn cong paly cududowin t
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10.aturda..motly dydyhighs 58 to soh s 1015 mph wgus to aroun mph..atury night...stlylyloudy. lows 33 to9.est around10 mphph .sda..mostly ou. highs 66 t7171st wdsro mp.sdanit.momolyly clou. lows near 40. west
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.monon..dy wi a 30 percenchchcu of nnhighs oudyh a pernt chanraind d owlolo ne 3ueueay a t tsday cudig 4552in m to upr 20s.ednesdaynd weesdanight.paly
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idayay.pary cloudy. . ghs 5858. lows inthlowe 30s.s. students at t praiqihill elenenry got t texpepement wiercrcrt sciewith littlep frther ststents 3 mberviide scscol's emluinodedtudes to stem gang actities. titi.udents g@o tr out hoveraftoard.. wered by a leaf blower and a 3-printer. teaers say th stunt--mentor relationship ys rfrf and effecte.. . . allongnts tout wt they lrn.. stighthte. 3 it was a perfect.. ltoffor space .unching italco ni" roroet from pe veral thisvening.. eveninin..irty minut aftft ch... falcon n ne.e. succsfulul delivered the satellite it w carryininto e part.. space-x x llry to land its
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a cana mecha buhe rfwintermobi now ththisexcumss wo 3 hebrkingng abuse.a do thateieitsts9 ds..
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thescrmery shas er so rh and my.i owownay y shake r acionado keysf.wait. uore a ahaadnot a ake afionado. th ake afafionado -whoa. chuckles) ye. we, u coul ogohe. .. ths cone. cold, 's c okaycr cold? stop t pressesesguys. cere ico,","sayse. pri it. new slowowhurned ry shas arrere premiumumlavors li brb bwn sar
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fit agagnscancer. tselie.. ty' discered way.. forhe dy ownmmune stem to c cr... 33333cho,ia, rger-- iss s ncerargege bebeedt th cou ange..researcher ersity ldo.. y the imme sy s iersnown a s icvevehe aty toececniea inincaer cel en aem. cricinite)"therobl he c ccer hat ll tsleep s ho cellen'tsentn ve largnumbmb so they're` prest i&ery minu numbs. it't'our job to ti tnd pam gckpatspefuoverelmor. tur. unt now imnothynts at hararhe imme stbvbvly bn le to tget soso canr ll. d noothers.e y beinhq as ican ept hehen n th devet of traes r etr r 3 ging children peuts otr alrgy-duci foods cod he... t long runhat's acrdininto w ar.. sgestg
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e dietofnfts -- who arat hriskskf dedelong a peanaallerey -- gnany redududuthe sk theyeyl gon evelol that allergy. 3 a fighghngrit.. 2 yeyr olbadly abused.. makin a recove recocery...the dog.s dropd off atenver dumb iends le.. weiing ly 19 pounds.s.w shhas cked weighfox'x'dave y
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need...ter r in rescd from a p ppy mill.l. . from chuahuas tgrman shepherds re found in te living condndndnsey were ke eighedand the use... ind upagthe meowr.. rested.. faces two coun of misdememnor the t anndisclosed cati for treatme veas... re than e ndred d ts are bei eated afthey wer scued from a sma homen. northwt ofa huma soety spokpeon says.. e ermecall neecte. . ated for rasis aninfectio atuaraine fality. five l le-thateneng lnses d beow thma s ort xas see datioio to lp theno wd wh n owner wilil cminachges. we all know...ttinin aroundn ow covered streets is difficult difficult...a main da.a changg th.. isque t ca sar.. 3 . a highl baetball gaoeoeintoour ovovovmes.d thth's not
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ick aroupopos nex everyoyo cai autllenensl nsevse.millninis,s,alutyo
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you are rs, fi psw caes, deorantsrandsougug a pr of pantwi me. today's pants day. y boomererr sharededirf pathe. sa with ththanywhere acact today. 3 p n for the ta hsporor port 3how millerer l lks in orange e d blue..but t what out tap shoes sequthe super bowl 50 m-v-p is reportedlset to co theoming season ofng with tharsrsr is expd d to be jojoy alpro wide r rr r annio offl announce ll be mbde tuesdayorning. 3 3dallasowbo qrterbaba ny rim gettingeadydyo gogo t t knife.he is scduletoavsurgery strength a wk collarbone. hero it twe la is ping to o beullylydy wheninincamp beginin juju 3 falaons ha issued d apoly y ter ohio state rnck e.. s on theoaesim an ita qstion at last month's n-f-l scoung combine. app said during
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sportsnet philadelphia- at a coach d him if h%hliked men. he e ididd ri of my interviews tenduct with n prpects..and rdtoto applwas @rst queueuon the coach ked him p the nuggets s onrtrt totaking othe ooklyn nets...they fl to the nets.. bubuint.t.nall121 20 3 ch outast night inbattle r ta champp..(o ota high sch sk tmsrade buzuz beaterinour ovore thrier.thfifit three came after madfree throw put secap 72o o t th put secap p 72 to o" athe enofegulatio. mallllll pushinthe marsha gutiononnd o72 to t pututupto 6 the e e ef gugution marsldng bup cot @rey y nce ras hree per se the ge e to oime. mall up 9to 91 the fil l conds of third titi per.waseca strikes ck with this ful courprhat drops in to nd theame into aourth h ovtimemew.. coreti aning . warunnin ree-ememteteto p away for goo theynowono compete for a stste
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3 tourna.class 3 minnesota clas3-a tourname. 3 round d styty..styla caateeee u mole...f the ug snow covered streets... looat youou ekend forecast...let knknwi need one of
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yoy a snowmobi..t hoaboua car?this is ski r... designedednd created by a canadian mechahaha mechanane dieselled mercedesar.. a d dveveto jet across e upo 44 m per hourur.while staying .and rg arou in styl. it too
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that ds it fors...r news and 1 news dot c i'i'gogoa hate this`movie. how can yoo sure?


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