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tv   FOX 21 Morning News 5  FOX  March 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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heitof en pplnow ad - incling dian nuns. cialaly e gugu ided the h he foth elderltoday... sarhe nsthothers a sh the eyey hanfethe ely pele -d .adesceninto awlessness" -after a saudi- led alition re-captured the city f fm houthi rebels lastumme summe islamiatoup haclaiaid reonsibilityor a wawa of f prior deadly tacks. including suicide mbwhh killed t goor!h sever ssio op p ficive mon @sel throhoheni 3 3 olitnow... a a last ninit's g-pren -kleol minated t inetroro. dethe contende tsts a tonof thr non-traditnal prprpry y ceghghno reibibi
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3 (kh)t's s op fin kh,ryryn to ick policdiussion .in a dehawas s mbhan bstancmuch of ire sed on donald trp-p-(....inuding momeme erefended e size of himad. respoto s s indos s eaie (te referr to ndnd iey all soinelus small i ane you the iso prlel.l.umfacetotoestions s policy sitions at hchanhehe reded by cting hisis flility asn asset. (tmp"ion re. i have a verstrong core. but ve nevereen succcccc person who wasn't't exle.".that assertion ca cko bite h.. an change that laughgh omhe audieice.(cruz) athethat. do(rubio) hen done wit, ca quest" (srsz)i r%ql hope at don'n!yoga othistage." (rubio) well, rump'svery flexible syover ow."an ininsting moment ce at t enof the night.....ouchg on the g-p eablilhmes effort to keep trom e nomination at stny cos atatfforor-m perhaha complite.when trps ls wasked d supphim ife wi. cruzyes, becau gavavmy rdrdhat i d.(kasicicif
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repuican nominee for esident."(ruo) i'll suort the republican nominee.(moderator) "mr. trump? yes or ?"(rubio) 'lt donald af he's e republ nomee."i'm reinioeporting rere de. mit romney came e e with "fice criticm" against donald trump -- laying in the republican fro-r-rner with a sharpetack thahay of h ntde dermet go a a pntl nomineysec a a feurubiseatltltl diedif trumpmpomes g-p noe. added trump is a pny, , .. s omiss wohlesas aegom tru ununtyand er apubl fosus. suere trrdid efrty to dn thg-o-p ontrunnenecos id a lasdidih fort among thparty's dors and lololiop trump he sd thredentia eltionons a "cciomomt" histoto. mney :21 1 :3535thininof nald personal
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greed, the sho off, the misony, the surd trd grade ths." eaeaics."33 therers irony in rom eech... just f fr ars ago -- he courted trump' dorsement even after trump had led e "b coroversy y ait idt ra oma - - ingha amres h certicatto prove his an amican cen. 3 inore "politicalews"... lora demrats and publicanhaha "tentately edto ph fochanging e e ats system of choosing prididtial candidates a prarelinstead a us. caus.ent mes afr a "rdy caucus" night tuesday -- in which h rty ithful i camps *complained* the curre syst of thsandof precinct meetings.mocric caucuses acrs e statwere filled to capacity -- someeavingrather tha waitininong g s. some republans were also anany thathe precinct us did
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chairm says ... he a the ad of the ate democratic rty noage to ph lr ididalprary* vototiti -20 ----o allomoreeople parcite.. while... docndidbern sders m m woradadon ser tuesday.ut -- ill not gel the degateom at 3 ndwothe righ des... whi ptyal lly cln 8. butut e rm secf e d d r gagas rallying behehd her ---- meaning delegagainolorado wi lit evenly dowowmiddle -- despi sanan winnihe cauc 3 ins rng's usinins nes. js inbl are g cu--russ hu units raill. llaccog he asatre -- - e eblohutting wn its "pe producti" . becaus of slow oiand gas ilng inhe y yr... t mill200 workers -- asast back on pipe pruction w la arrest i in 20--ar
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cacocoradodoinol sa. e suspect was arsted in tas....emming f ssuaua on ild inpaso county.these are twphotosf year old joelar om 98.. e otr oms ye polielieve hcoulha hahamo vicmsmsn hern colorado between 1996 d 98. if you hy information u'resked to ca polic 3 anwhile,a felon wand on warrants -- is arreed in colora sings. ring34-year-d sermenenwataken into custody at a hot neaemy an rpt road.s.sinolicicic say... hwowod d b hohoho a strants -- jpingngver the unters and sg the cash d bwemetimes -- even floo lob batms.. ne -- er correl ofcir olado pa oti pleads guilty to attememing sexulyssault inmat. e non city daily recoror reports. 5ye-old g ggory
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days in fremont coty jai ananrs oseoffe teive supervion obion.prutors say smitrbssed ted t inteenders at the arrowhead correcti cent... where he worked fo 10 years. they say he e touc ththnd asked te eir nitalia. 3 in "catol news"...the e cololodo hserovs a a preventinprisons from using adly fordefend thes if someone brbbks in ttheir ce state's so-lled "key daw" fro19-8en edt ast *twi* to car lora iesf kikiing llatho ted thbi s ou vot bere hng. 3 in more news arouncorado. aurorohe s j holmes.. is now being held in a deral litytyut of ste. statat juary, he was transfre. tehe was taed by anher in.accocoing documumum....hf trsf was part of a ge agreementit anothepr 3 3 inncos ns...e te's parent d se etain and
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uld spell the *e* o& peytonanni's carinhe mityty cicoql 1he s i e rehehenc veed t"move " fromom manning.mckee repoed sources whicsaididhe bncososon't en give mannnng hihi mandorysal... an rey extended aofto ilerth decisonhe oncos'erback com st dayaybeth - th the-few d e inn ecom ed3 3 ter a busy wk...ou might init o-ko get a litt lazy othe weekd. ekend.but upext.find outut why expes y at's tualorseorouen 1 rning news r rns!
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3 eaeah alhis ing.bea uch potato the weeeends may be *rse* r ur weight ananor at aesk all week. 3exexciseens as ttle aa -mute e ioinry te h tud suays... relt ia ssf f re
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wanot unth aedonenryime ri week. udy y y pe usually t healthier during the week..sosoey believe "extra activity" may be needed on t *weeken* to balance oue chge in n diet. suggpeople who are *not* physally aive on the weekendso y d redu eieideyr . . up d waing ar 3 d... with so my over-the- r pain medailabl.. 's often hard toele -@trtrconsinthesoptions: like tyl e polaacaminophes --nd are best usetopain. t a headac. or low a fevehor -- dtoay . adultshould t ke re tn 4-nd rams per day. day.eanwhile, ibupis a *anti-infltorydrug- that worksy reducing irriatioof nerve endings.
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vil...en n-i."-- a s sngie mild tooderate muscle. co. or en headhes n nother ai- inflmatory choice.the key is to fd a trent t that worr u. 3 3 wetcome back..ime right now... a showi you ve lk k ide.take a l ouerures.herere at tlite and r ngright ti to poue ououits r e dsahes
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nortkoa responds to newest round ofou-n-impopod d sati
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ok arod thrld d is morng. e naon'sr ---- --ays....(eaea warhds ais militia nee e e e e read aimcomes s ysys befofo the-s idudu "jnt mitardr" korefials sa't'tetie s s htiti e le 3 meanwhlippcoco d ies o rtkoan carl. was inspecteay. andn offisay ey did notot nycis material the qp.thiss onof t first ecec since u ute nations posancncs s rth korea uclear prog 3 ke. a r mbg s led lst ole ofce - k ed this in oe woce cers-and t t fam mbers.cialalsa rdrere are rnsnsle r thbombg. xt. tehersmecan wnrotest presidenrique pea nio's arrivalbteachers threw sthiice unchedr s duig t 3-hour clash.onteacher wa
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3 iv ... an abusedr is n geg thehae to li a pceful's n receiving cil trent from veterinia at a o in la p.heheas rcu from a oper in ruvillagag where authorities founth beareaten ... and with a missing an e.he will now mo into a large ose at the e o -- wle he recovers. next .- ino whale wa spted ofm%xi's p coast.gegehows t ifent crcrtureg califoia.the(brhite whale has been nicamed "gallon ofil"albinism resultinhe absbsce of the pigmt 3 hn maranoccwtar" li ason --re "ld ca tmoing. th're pwi long famy exon
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u yr rshome kep p a h you' m ma bier inom n arere wake up a homthat doesn't even have an yfe evolves, yo dream home evves o,anprectingt ke coitted su
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e u ve ideo delmfam/r3 welcbaime e t w.w.we sho you a liveoooue.takeoo at yr temperes...hers what tatellite aadar is s us s ght t time lae outfits for the kids!he'your b stop forecast.if you are adin out of town, hshot of e national tratures anrawe wilore evecin just about0 mis.
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broaoaoor world arena ... . r big laughs a btball. basketball.yester..joh d lliahad t oner...and they join ocalala rere antow th sketball skis..go morng gu.. 3 3 thiciciclem
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e world coloro co w heir unrilefalyhow, feme ote eteses on pletth crcrcrall handngng zardrdamg li dusns, g comedy andnded oncot fan ion, thi st ey ti memories ill l lifife.n rota gahelly fo phhotot a e fans jecto o avaitythe etlla challethisisear, as ththinmoasto gegerarae dere than e e etot t t t ttthne e eae ers, a a now coaoaed by aormemeerf that 71ea theararon ssiowill do whev itesith w w tete tha s se give the etrotters a run for
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3 titiets harlem globetrotttts, mar0 on leoday.mand ar low3. 3 tickets may be purchased online at w.broadmoorwo rldarena.comomall etswest locaonby dialing 520-show or by sitinghe pea cedmwo arara box ofce b jng a oup tohe game and sa on ery ticketcall the group
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472116. 3 3 yesterday.y.ewlk about the t attrobr ."."." mene...the li" show te catagory -- for won .... plu--orne r "t---- 3 t, fst. ur
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3 welcomba to fox2 ws- reapng t top neriri of thhere are top siin coraocra publics doeen push ch ithstews systemchoooo esid cdi
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mitt rney delivestng s* astonald p. mneyg ..the for fe f furis `greatly minish' ifrumpom the g-mimi 3 nene -- e mpetitioisot -- au-airliles s s to fltouba. daiound tr feten the us d havana. and 10aily round-trs to ninotr cubacies wilbelled nextxt. accointo denver'r' 04-3he f's" darrer mckee.-the broncoe que "moving on" fromoyton mamain.. and oing brock osweerer newtract. he thte even ve manngisda icanhas exnd afetoeir. 3 next -- - in "el chapo" guzman defense team is asking thahe drug lord extraditedo ths. they say nditions athmaximumu curirin in mexicic wher's bei helare makingim siouslyll. anthe u.ernmt nonosuedworlrle utioo ameran tralersrs it s isid other r rrroups arotting
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level vanan". fomo iortin es ors. others.g g g to our webeb -x21 dot m. co 3 3 lclce back...timri w... shong you a live look tside.take a ak at your r's wh t sellitend r rar ngright ti p pn t ththtfttfo
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t ow hshf naonempeture rawel mon yoevayor st0 nunu 'se forl*t list* yesterday ug atate bsor men" nd tod. we telling u to5 fo*wen*. acacacinto tr r ey nu 5....acr. 33 mb 4..blicelelions caons specli 3... fodeor epur(iwas er fon)n) 3 mber is... ateor
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d thnumber one "most attrtrtiveor w wen" " is... a physic t trast 3 3 3 3atenti wld it take for you to lvecell phone *alone* during an entire meal? meal?one fast fd rerant isis b btingll it will te e is aree ice cream ne!findnd out ere you can get on..
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3 3 3 weome ba...te @rit
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liveveook outside.take a look at yr teteeratures...hehehe whhe selelte and is sngght now.tme to plaoue itr ki!hehe'sour st foca.oure headi
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thtiemtares d we wve more on yourur seven day fast in
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3 thimoinivs ess ws..doou thinknk your r mi canouin ithoanneheckg eine phe?icicisoping g encourage e so "quy family time-- minus cl phon b*bribing* ers wi food- ieece c cones!all you to do i sisiyo phonethen put i boxur tle f t entire mea 3 xt... tentn "sr wars fans.. "the force akens" will bavailable for digital doloadilirsts can downloadther feaeares as ll mlikeeleted snes s anmari fro ct-j abram abrams..e first x @"stata wa" fis were made
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fothe e rst t me evelast april.e most recent movie will be e releleed on blu-ra d d-v-d april fifth. anananiv ape t s toour obilwallet".the tech giant announcing plans f a mobile payment seice -- called andsree.'itallow users s. pay -- usg a *voi coand* 3 the customer wl simply say, 'ipay goggle.' and thymymwill be se the rvice is cur being sted in san fran 3 warmer temps oday -- an bit eezy at times.chief meorologt just chaers has s re in your forecasas ter the brk. wll havyour
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me g a acpic2 there's a t new deal ondonald's mcpick 2 2enen lumme e t a mcpick 2. w pick anywo oyour favorite cssicic for ju 5 bucks. mix n match. are n savor. 2 fofo$5na yr avor`r
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a flfilet-fish, seaeed qrter p pnder th c ces crispy 10-piehicken nuggetetr just $5 s. hurry in for an aming g al on e'syou love. bada ba
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lcoee 3 backe 3 right now...3 we are3 showinu a 3 live loooo3 outsid3 a look at your teatures3 (3 here's what 3 the 3 d rar 3 shing us 3 righnow.3 me to plan 3 out e 3 outfits r 3 thkids!3 here's you3 bus stopop fost3 if yououre 3 heading ouof 3 , here at of t tionalperaturereand radar.we wilhave more on your sen d fast in ju about 10 mites.
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3 inay 3 friday 3flicks....abcop" and ox con-art tup a "rabbit cop" " d a "fox con-tist" te "otop oopidiey flk is s ab a-al cietit a a msi h witi ics.inint, analysts t d op was mu a-monol - - whwod beat "froz"'s
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,3 ... . erer -- usus gerd butler! a ek ter he debuted i i"gs of yp- butler returns to theaters in "london s faen." 3 he pla the samcr service agen did in "olyas falleleaaro ect d morg frereae al rurn for the sequel quelbuo far,he film is getting eak* reviews."lon has fallen" is rated-r 3 finally, tina fey blasts into theatersrs- with "whiske tango xtro 3asjona memo about repting fm afghistan and kistan pakistan's recngecent t reviews...and is rated. rated-r. 3
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wewetebe right back! 3 but first... (ere's toy's s
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3 ........." ur dreams evve, wi c cmi spo


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