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tv   FOX21 News 10PM  FOX  March 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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llsa wl guarared. alslssay.. the broncos ha ready decided toe`on f fmainin n't en givm a maory ysical.mannin hasn't dedheth he'll play a 19th seas in the l orire.. happeninght no 3 e u.s.overnmenisssuing a neorldwition" to erican traversat is terroououtingttac.. tack s s.entoain t inin pubc...n n counaroundheorld authies believe er is lihood d new aks - especi in e mid ea north rica, rope, anas.. the ssagaso warnsns kidnappis d hoste- fonsom eveves.3 inininig businnene... 3 thpu to gefull strenh beer andndine e ld igry stes is ining momemeum...... moum...the pepeti g gng aroundeedsininy two thousand snaturerereet a bill on the november ballot that would allow just thth... fox21's s fisher joins us live in e e wsroom with mo 3 guys..right noyou can repot twtwt
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cay wi... . b bwould ge l at aea ibibn wsrothe ' fcialal pertldndred twty f miioin e craft sal..t p qotores disagree.. sang icoult more seventseveousand jobs in jejeardy...that the bgoeo awawaados tha small busine findlat supporrsnt totoiqour stores in de ll whi cpetiti with g#ory sres who se ndnd wine...and that its out timemecaup states thahahaalready dodohis.s. 3 it about chohoeswhist th 42 otr stes r craft brbws and our wine in their grory stores, but wean't hi coradad colooby ought out their hard liqours. eir vodkas, ththburbon their scotches. you're s gonna have t to o inndantly owned liurur e to g tha@ therefo stililhavi to go to o o
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stoppping. 3 t of l luostores mom and pop shops th i ithe bill pses s november. 'lke comomting with bi chaiaistores alm imposslele.reportiive the e rororo.kody fr x2wsws. meile.... po jobs ang cut as russian steelmakervrhuts down of cololo steel m mill.accordinhe a-p.... lo plantutting dots pipe prtion becausofoflolooil and driln e u-s.last ar... th l200 wos hey scal back pi produn. 3 comioon...a ange in focarmikmas..todada.. amc ththtrtrtrarmimi cis...annoced d tw haha entnted areememt. agagemt...thth llion doarar..this merr willlle the larg eater chchn world. d is expecte b b t% the e oe e year. 3the coradodo hse h h approv a bilat pners n't t e de for s fr eangl.3e e e'e'cacay
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lorado iatccusus o killing fefeow inmatho entereeir cells.ll s rese vot before heathe nate. 3 warmoday... cooler weher ahd this weekend.. memerologist jef womomk ha more itotoght'fox fastcast winavwod look tstaymherea lolo at tpspshis houotillmild numbepmostud hhs reund he mid cooeweather inou week's worth. hilltocould d steaeang bernie sanderersuper
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sanders won the state by a 20 point in. k home 38 delegatat while clinton grgr2828 doesn'the l ofof colorada$degate dedegatesince e esda clins rece the ement ofof t2 coradouperelegeg -- ing ers in the delate cotanwhile... two colorado super deletes rema clinton e will end up winning e state. at ade in awo ca o sexual assault case colorado spngngnglili say.the suspect s rereed mah h rst tex... s...stemming froroa 199696 se assult a cldn paso county.thesepare twtw otos of 4848 y yr ololjoel maet. e frfr9999. the heheom ts popopoelievee d have had more v v vms in uthern cococodo beteten 16 and 98 you have anformation pole. 33 a felon n waed on 12 warrants esin corado springs.34ear d sermrmo was s ken intotody steratatel near academboulevarairp road.ppce s s hwoulrob
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jumping over t f counters d stlihe c ch drawers. sotimes p p en distrtingng emoybyloodininbby bathrooms. 3 coloradoheat shoot jamem bngeld in a a federal fafalityut of ate. in j juaua, heas transferred.. after he w attacked by anr inma.... and`hit in theea.. accordg g den.... t t ansfer was p pt ofn exchgeeeme with anotr pris. 33 ecting theirds..rom nd t tnenethat t goal lodo'sationanewae engy \ irktoward. towas.s.accoing thea-p.. researchs g ree en stem...h n in atn airbornet a a lo the tbinetoded bebe theheheme #tcontacwith aird. 3 how muouldldldbe woror to you -- to leave yourel phone e during an tire meal? meal?we'll tell y which f food rant is bettingll it wke is a free ice cream. .. the wdswed d do toninit wereing mo ou.jeffheates yokendndorecect. helt is beiei p sthe sun...whotare dog w to make sure the flight a succes
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3 a colora sin family locaveto t tnk f/f savingng their n ppy's li.. 3 southern coloradverinary ternal micine recent arted usinhyperbaric en trapy on rtaiai pets techny that's only be useon peoe inhe past. . 1's macyland joins s nowowith h more.. peicic o on ery is ofused to helpcu dirsth'vcocop rfrfe o thisetlic ys they' the onlynes southn lorang t thny ononnimalsls eir latest successe litttt wednesday.. who was the e i-u for near 2 wks ffffing fr asperation pneumonin. wednesday's famamam the brooksa fe eks agtop p em heirosinug heathed lam losthe most in eir life..seeaea fstst c ler westbrwho isis lifeer battltlg t-s- 3 "i"i"ie roith him m when he pass a she was acally aecommmmmdation afafinind wi
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recommendation that gs b bng sosoh jjt."" it w w jus3 ys after hehehehebt t t wedndndadame that sheot sick. but luluily,y, mada ll recory lely thankss t e rbic oxygen thap e clic sayayaynxth ture... the chlogyould be used op morepets recover faster..and also reevso pain fo ric animal cpeck k isuta rarelbino .. swimmg with herer ca offheheoast of ba cacaia.the brbrht whi whale s garneredhe ckme "gallonf milk."'s most cmonly in maals, birds and reptilbub%is so see marine mmals in raraases. coolol wther is ing thth weeee..but enen could d eehen?jeells u now. 3 tonight...momolclouou. lows 33o 38south winds upo 10 hbecoming norththstrod 1010ph aeridnight.
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61 to o . noheast ndmdmd 1515ph...friday ghghmostly cldyntil midghth bebeng ptlcloudyws e lolor m0s. southet s up to10 m. day...mosstly dy. his 57 t. uth winds 10 to15 m..s.surday night...mostly cloyd l the d toti upper0s.uthwt nds to 10 mph.undaand sund...mtly cloudy. high63o 69. lowsne 4 4 y...partlly y nny th
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night...stly c cudy th a 10ercentnce railows near 30..tuesdad a tay ght.mostly cloy.ig to 52. loin the mido upupr .wedne a a weday night.partly cl. . ghs 50 to o .lolo near 3 3.thurstsmostltl
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3a solar poreplane e pi to traval theld x-x-x-x- makes a teststununoday o hawaiisisie e lyly solar impuls....asn oundnd othe islala of huhu. ater it'satatates overheated during g e pl cordrd flit t om japan to e state.e aircraft wl begin it'st t uray tri tohoenix -- arizon-- metime in aprior may.. 3 a`big advante to being home- scoledand ashihi to do tshool in mour js..but rath he- sqhool students e e bebe preparedo arn on dai basi.. we'lllain w. pl.. tonal.leai omolicia. brea promise.. that hmade concerng hisampaor thwhe house.we'll te promise he isisow goini back on...
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somethg t has madet' way intoowntown colorado springcaur chate coany. cac chchistry..fnded i20-14... 's eandi and%tinit ststesnd treatto nonohotejo`ou cac find ananrom strawberry mamamas toabt t ramel@ trtr..nd of ursese the d wiined cherr coia.every ufe is hd ted.. usininonln fine chole frae. 3 rit no..reil g co is raing s y-levevevewage..'s g wsor eeswho nhebeaid
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doars-an-taing nth.the mps f-f-sa it an n n important thing g - giviv thesil demands`of t t j.costcogs highesid e eloye me 22-dollars-and-50--cents-s-s-. g-ndide trtn.. pledg to ca withth hiswn money..but ti are chngn'the republic front runner reportedly.. plans to raise@ money i ihe wins g-o-p nominatioin private sations, truru apd his des have knowledged that e blic par wililed to bel-fund for the general electionl is te.p haenn accccting donatns totaling in millions campaiai 33& how mu sleep is your child ttjn doc sayororost 's n eugh.h.and ke mt would eses... it's not becae they can put dow thphone.. bause ty' acebk too long r rher it's h t tir bs armade up.clark well h more. 3 ats - alarm gogog off f phe)t was only after he derwt p therapy th cacain joneselt like h cod fuy funcon ithe
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ntn off at t x,ut fou mindnd struggl to catch up. caea j jesay "uld get to sood ty much be tame as allhe othth ds. we were all lst edndinof like 'why are wee atathis tidot wawawao o here!'" shots of caelin packing book bag's not an uommotitude for teenagerut it may not entirelye eifault. perty - y ashe mit - erersily c fall aeeas elys he meltzerer say s t ju tt th don't want to, othathey ha a lot ofivs or feboooo or homork wich do as ll, but they logicay n't fall asleep earlier anymore.".lisa meltzer is a sle psstnaonalal sheah inr.r.he sasapahe pctctn of latonihorme lps retet sleepep ifts by about two hourinin enagers. becse oth th need toleepepet i the inutost t blic andfprpratols@do . (ns - bellll sesethat impac%tnanars compared typicaltudents hosesehoreomesooled. whqh sheouou in irst of a k kd sty,y,as e e-
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are meschooled sleep 9 nunus mo aight. in fac they w we upupeay minutes afteother hohos have star and in public a a prive scols, nearly lf of a a sntn't t t enoughghleepepsa m mtzer says i iimpacts ever aspect of nctiti so y/u u think abacademics, they're ility to lea, , concate, y y teneio )s alal minish when yohavet had ough s." ialso fes hingm teteag's mood to the ity to driveveich h hy mezer usi t j ge schls t tthinththr hohos. natatnal jewi hehethn denver, thisp is s s clark popollepting. 3 experts s soolslst veve d starmes back report leardiss among tns andnd hi graduion n tes. sist tha sdy doesn't't me nhathoswho o o homeschoed a b bte studts,pnenessily, but th are m re rested. ill ahead.a big name runnbacks now avnd he has strong
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kubaik.tss nene. 3 titi n for the`rocki motainondadaealer report 3 e 2nu. ccucuouf apals anhaan srted aring argumeon whe n thehefl's attememem ban of pris arterback tom brady r eflate" shoulu be rnstate 3 ree fedel appualjudges ard from lrsrs f league as the players unthe odds that t -g-ge suspension is s restored rterose considerably t first y arguments.e dg gave ala' ion er a tough time, wiwi saying evidence of baamamng w compelli, if not ovovovmiheededhaha ere waeven bdy enurt anted . thpeals court dit immediely rule... d a cicionay beks aw. 3 3 the uston texaxaeleasing ing aan fter tsdaday)`) ending e tenuref thmost pducte rushern thehteamam hik foster.. whousd for 472
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the xanswas dudua 6 6 in million doll base salary th a salary cap of aost 9 ion r r the 16easo byeleasivi.. t ts saround 6 int 6 mill buckthe last timfo ayed in ames w w 2012..during thehe015 season.. he missed 12 games due to injuriry. 3 night...lakers serstar bryant playededisin game in the end o o the game...byant signed s pa osneakers...d gava em tcoupupupds in crowd.he lakers losto ththnu111111bryazaza nocela lye t t isisis wld bhis final season. 3 3 ger sa he e ststng tel bette gh he is sll not se whwh he ll rurto mpitivivgolf.od asing statt wewmesda. sang he s f ipipngnduttingngme floridaithis n.. ilhe rovs om surgrgies.oo hasott ay in a nantin augu..he has n w o e gust013. 3 3 and spspkikif wood.. was
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golfer c cwnininhiement. r-old er beca theirsterititit a -in-one on&wdslflflf cocoseblbljaational in mohe a ad d e 81rdpafihole. crozier's day ev b f as he ahis ayinpartr bey the shsh 3 coming up...we'rerall l ilty of it using p ps at tpe able... sehow w onfafaood jojojois ptiti a op to it 3 pl..s yo fin p-m cast..t
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3 freeood.diat getetou atntiochchk-fia.. . givivi away ee con.l u haveve t is off your phone it's alarof theicampaign.. to encoure quity mily time.. time..'s sple.placyour orr.. put your phone in a box at your tae for e tire meal.urre.. free than 0 cacaons are kingar part.includinthe e one on hiway y and o olo boulvard ieblo.. andndhe one e near fountain mesaoa. d mesa ridgege parararn n unta. 3
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