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tv   FOX21 News 630PM  FOX  March 3, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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3 uuty ..nder i avaftefficeras ki on b.e shiff ys he made the chs. 3 us... grab ywine and chse. athe s se store.e. e ogress so far he pushsho gealcohol in grocery sles. and. a treatntor scuba dive is noing us on si ps..hoit m havav d this very speciapp 3 3 od ening andnknkfor joing ususi'm lauren fra. todamarks the 25h niversary ofhe united flight 5-85 crh in widefld communy park 3 this ifirst on fox1 tonight 3all 25 peoon were ki...r the planwent
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dogs a qport. years... it was ev that wind shear plaa role in e crasbut nearar 10 year tethn-t-s-s-found was a oblem th t desi o othe rudddd .september -thousand... boeing was required d tro-fithe thsa 7-37's in seseice. 33the park county sheriff discipd two d%putiti.. fiays afteootingng laonth that left one deputy dead and two othe iured jured.threrereputi we t ting ser an eviction notice to8-year-o martirth.. whoas also killed ithsht out.rit no.. undndshererf moe gore isn minirative l- ilt.elles tenehas siedthe ifsayse sciplined them..n deto make sureratnso smoolylyn the e re... but wouldn go to detail. add go ion leaver ncerns rarding the way he notified deput ca fr out hi ath. cpl. carr w wl be honored rctht me serviviar. inonigig'sinwsws.
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sut.ill wod trh ernd wine in ocery esbut no erne is toasng. 3 x21's kodyddisjoins us now with more... l tren...the bill would repealal prorobition.. proponents say thaits mostly about conv..basi creating a one stop shop instead ofintowo separate pces if you wt food, beer, and wine... wine... o oer stes y allow people to y beer and wine in ocery stores.. ial perts say e bi coul aexa hundred ananenty fe mi ars in craft beer sasas colora..the peleho don'nthis billre mom anpop qotorewho say isisisldotally cripthe raraiqour storstry... 3"its gon hurt everybodie bottomine siificany. we're ing upwards of seven ousand people th a b whether its r stor are just wnsizing or because they're goino& beses
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not true. we're e eing it in glen. in gndale,ver area where there are seventy two qour stofunctioning g and ly thriving where there are a kingsosoers and a target that sell fulululstrereth beer aspirits." 3eres a g cololctinin signatur r now to ensure e bis onallo noveer...if i ipase wowowowoil to have t toiqour stores to t ha liqour..laur... 3 thmpmpil w... thth heatibetwtwn sil ide omnened rebl runnonald trp.p. trump.daomomcag outtki his cindnali. lling ics quo e righghois" a not support trp.xp trumred at t lly in portlandnd 3 (mitt mnor estial cdida) wa hohoheess tospee today.hillou wt
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tempen h stality, ansuitility esiden(donald trumr) presen candidatemitt fled c ndidate, h faed, heailed hoib. holytrcrsetotoins ineven state on super tuesy. quarter of nded to w ththnonation. 3not indy tonig but ouds have insed. melogi jf woma the la in toght'fox facast. fak of clouds a les t and ould conune to see rding ste srrowowe t a a boost ofeaweil lookt the ekd picture
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anrr m min a twowo de oldldldl ast se.. 3 colora s sings p. e suspecreedarch fiin t tas..stemming from m 1919 assult on child in el so count county.are twtwphot of 48d market. one om thee f policeelieveve could pharere outherer bween 19 and 9 9ifou hav inn callllllic 3 tight heat... it tecond adg cacae cananr deathsn thu-s.. ananofte. there sy that'y hohoital in pulos starng the "80 0-0-" ittive. thatns thewowod to e 80percrct of adued and oer to crned for ca by 20 right w ---- onl-peen ofdultbeined. con canctarts when cls begieproroce and divide contllably....orming i um 3 luare e ed ups. pallu theca ogress to o nc. 's
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ps of before thomommaliliand event u omavincolon cancer."." caerctord the time get scrned for ncer i beforeou anynynynynypts. the can rang abdom pain.. and change in bowel habits. 3nenetonigh 6:3:3 3 colorado sprin vetet cnic is trying out a fo therapy 'slping mans for yeaand they believe it couldldave sad the life of onmily's new puppy. fox21's my eland nowith re.. macy.. urenuthernoro o teriry ierererdicine lytarted peiclxygen erapapap rtpets a ty sa ter some stu..d helplpanmoe eu. rbrbicn apy, t fofot, iused hp diversrshe 've me utohe sfa fa... bu'r ing it to help animals too.. and soar, it's working. latest success casasis littlt weday.. who got asrati pneumoniausa fedays after the westbrookok took h h he. she wasthe
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the westst and t vet ic believe s's likelel ive and t thanks the t treatstse clinicics s ey're w w usin ost evayay but me workds to beone befo they can sentically prove it's efft on sicican arthritic anals. 3 "is a good t tal b bau it's what's s called a blinded- raraomized tal so o at it kind otakes thplacebo fe ithere's a ue befit thk 'r'rgointo e e at." tt wedsd is y at home now.. but her r rerer was rdn hene whd otheheiteitoni 'lvee t wewemeto brfaly. coming u u h h two inchesesn space but he's ckckn h fiing g t t at el hasng ged.what c-s reseahe thk coha ge wrong... and.. ityp of coou'rcktailil itress in veor ts d!wet ppened rst.jel veyo cplplreca .
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3 thbr 3nt tpera rain n. re ithlaveveth urumbe in n e t0 and d d50s acro there.ok at t arcrc cloudd cer pres in fr t wing around t t r..r wis
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keg g anfromom iding ouwayclouds wilililbe from time to time friday lastest lookt the sky coveenefor e en the ek.highstill manage to ma ito the mid0sith a w r s to t sou.. toght...rtlouououws the to pe30s. sou nds s ekekekg g hwesar 1mph af
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.frinight...moudy untimidnight then becomi rtly@yclcldy. lows in the to mid 30s. utheast up to. atur..mostly y oudy. highs 57 t62. south wis toph.surday nighst cloy. lin e d to u u u 3sohwest wind to 10..suny an oudyo . lota 4 onpartrtsuwi perntnce of o .y nit...mostly cloudy with a 10ercent 30..tay and tsday night...mostly cloudy. highs
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upper 20s..wednesday a wednesnight...partly cloudyhihis 50 to 56. near 30..trs..momoy sunny.ighs 57 to 6
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d cro- a jur inth tex --ad the h of ttg the first shotot othe firs hoho..e urseirir day.anand mentntntrigh ont ofer w wds?and wh. he got a h o the crowd went brs.. a wowos veverozier a big hug tough t to flow-tiger upup nextheos he stkes. ilil w w a a a guilty of itusing ese di tle.... hoe st fd i pug stopo it.. 33 eshehought of havini the "curfew nvsati" th your teeenageryou wa to sd them to live with th duggar familif so. you'll wantnto stick orur
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tonight's fily 411.. 3 curfews ways seem e an sue tween teand d res.but the are t find a happy mediujoining me no. s s larkey y a linslinici rker -- at the air force academy.kristin, howhoul parents decin a cuew? it works best if pares allow theiteens to negotiate rereon t ue to be hoho. "reasoble" is the key factor and thti will e eh night sed on a of thgs
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theye with. "reasonablbl time to home mighrang 8 pm to midnighw does e love andogpproach gggst parents g'ut vivi t ts tataparents n n. wn with their 16r ansay thing like, realize that in ju s you won't witus e a w t a j jlowi ma mororchchce'r lyd at iwhen y g g flollege. we likikyou start dg whou ou commet t ghgh lo ayou u ble. tsr ki aheae e wh consnsnces wl .. if theyey k rfew?the most imant message to get ac to our ki is o o main cononrn itheir safety. nts casa "let us know who you'll be with andhat ch persoonnu is @ so wcallnd get so hif you don't come hon timearents shod so explahat if somhing mes up andy can'make ack by t agrupov time, they need to call beforend a a let u uknow if teens dostick to these guidelines a show up lala witut calng? when
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would y, "i wawowod ck about t thank goodness youorek. i donhink i the energy orry about you like ts ananororso i'l ededhe car keyeydon't giveve th as amount of time for when thell gm yosure ent be e if y y r rllhan me a ht th t s m m seded uutonwn7worabouoio ve rs o& lo ts kes. 3 3 3 still ahead.. he spent a year space wle h twin ayed onarth.. earth..c-s-u is doing its rt to understand the tol spaccan take on a peon's body.we'll show how... ne
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thtusess ws. yhi yfalyly t thnn- th neheckg r llhone phe?chicl-into coure qlity fam by ibinomom eeooam s. tl dos e e th p i a a at fhente me mo tha0 0 locaons e
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thor higig 5d oo ipulo e arnt roadndririe parkwa in fn. 33 al mg hene do.. researeratolororo state univivsity areakinpart in a na astrauotkell. d hibrrk.'r ing lopl to e vin e ly aects they. fox'tammvivihas re 3 thic twin brrsrsith the *sn-a. n baileyay " pt they ce twin sdyt c-s-u isl heirir n *difft...afaf er sttly sperl acd rkel disisn rth.n baey"warinoosuesof t."they brot' blbe sct avel tthe tel ac iowhe he w erannothe'ck susabaetmpn,rtrt wed.eiy will ine *howcott
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of as n igssox thisr fos: a lomere on chso "thif shoelacas a chroend is cled telelere. it's a proctive cap onon theosomtat itm veling. anan whent nttet ca havevacta pe'sonon l saays: " hypothesrees involvn spe flhtill ccelelatthatro scy.'lbe ing moreck."wiwi genetivese l, t asca.t ud broadethju s tl.suba ys"iould fig a kmere r longioofime,e be atod li sp 's resof wk lwe'lou..
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3 thananu ch tylylk tv,anthsare chael cae veou tde th c yed? d...whe vr plofn ns
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f attfere t@ @sow@w drifi n)n)n lliloo rht?nobroun. mwhqhihiho finaa%%gr speak of the topen is s roro ititng tguetet% ofthem. >> this seas is ial. whenust sett ty ve dealn yoecord bel. wanisst "ameriidid t benef f t. yanth last one in the


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