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tv   FOX21 Morning News  FOX  March 3, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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3 morni t you ft'
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wer y fothe da's'satour plweilhavenoer da cing up iabou tes. nethth@hour...e claim th nated cr *ineligible prid go befe nerk judgeay toy.tese born in cat ther iamanw -- mos lel la aeehi maurorn citizen" airerhetuti.. the m s vettle ure t hahaen
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narumpd ndividua quening s igibilithave bn filed s sarates stat.nee oso ean our on tbuwapu baec ouperue vo." 3 enint... g-o-badetrt could be thelaha f s repus totracti befo theexrounof votinvollone ss podin as ct beca will not atte. d o lititith aft super es....and ress thueridame.. dolddi strong in pluznow i sesolas ga-- t a reststwithee ekd bi gugutepoers will l s ho stateor evethoughru i g llp io gerno kww alsoe on s tig t sa he wot participat inpeal caing.r ng
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i sgs folldani uc- a owg nuer o peopleruted withhe ocs...n the g-o-dehe oti legate n a ninee the asty g-o-s a llt cod ch corba at tt has o praronthpridenalac..and e the atfice vit at would cos mey -soossi lutiouldtobine pries- wi a l movs onde erese logoical lees. in o to be relan e enal ra we wo tve t presidma he yr. mbe rch.etch eaanre ndte h e nt e used tprim
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ca ste-- ces neaner. w a "dopg orta rk to ohaus a alantoran lm lyeerer-- ll2 2 op p3 it hpear sta fai jt utof railcks. vicms have not yet been identifiej. hbor.. the pla looked like it was "yi t lala on the laing lndlolo. an k and rth l it tooa e. witsssa thela imm we u f-- catg a grfiresc o o t a c forcecademy say. tla is e of its acraft -- the academwanot ng yeery totrong winds. wreckage cas removedro the ea and takeno greeley -- where iestigatorsay it will take at least *year* totermininine cause of the 3 3 ilitary nene...a 21r old rce ca arrest@ after d-aas fod @ a wanho sexulyssault t y%a2 arydqy.y. warmpp arbted@b/ulder@popo at the ai
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llh b ber counvy ip.tht alledddd asaua ppenenn somemin oo epeptyyyyy hill.. j mhnh aargf e c@ts sn@lele oltsts 33 baiter@rre@ instatatatm- aer b a ololice officeis "caut on camera".. a a&u m m 3 e e ting s#sl polici@a iys was * *t* atudentnp t sl.but,tofy r e sex ose*th he epep "on e roer."there was al sendnpresent.tno s s f em.anwhe. aetejngth any shoufie pe the ce thvideis o oid mistve l -- alon wiwier offic 3 3 in thimorning's "goo ne"...lopringsgs prprpr gplplplplplive. ngnghe t t tiviv. n n n
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rerere..ththspriririririceceededinin 1 1 ----uttting itit a a a o o atate...hid. d sco. se ofofof fafafafafacocoidered i iis rvrve: - -memeanananarar. st of living..ualili of fendilitit 3denvnvnv w w wted d the nut.t.folllledededed auauau texexfaille kaas..and d leigigigrham, noh carona. itit t p p throwbacacururayriria entutuasaso!we a ing g yoyo3 ngs thatat memeutn a a ertatayeye.. yeyeye you guesssssschr this is -- youhave a chanananwin a a a nighgh ststst. d cleward free play"... anfreeeeun orororininr r r lld at 169---
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3 3 we'll ha t answer andnd the nner to rowback ursday -- ter th hour. just?
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@3 we he you are enying your morning...@s ta a aive okoat how@gs are sping upor the dayay. have kid w on studio
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mointotcy oladad for pueblo.. anks so`ch fppg by. if you want to have your k onv, 4th, 5tand 64h grers is wt i need t t fox 21 news dot coanclk
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3 3 33 ...(ur nt weatand traffic upten n t 10- minutes.
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3 's'se e fofotoy's s triviv queueion.n. 3 3
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333 33 3 crd inour frzer r ef boug f rawetell a e mpanthming
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ntinpris fave nens, f lirtanrere l inrystalar hwatch a wheouantwidvced es ourelesp x, olol d d,, anm on anooseroa a ri of greka fit your home ll.. ...and g started with the prism esntial tvune. get t plus up to 4 4 4 of cennkntnet. alalr on65 a monthth is dunds gat, especi if yove srt
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r ly $onth. score!orif y lgr.. southernen lentine, n m nt thto0 0f orn foon. ahwhwh] [ aloiceal.. t star thsmssenti pl intne
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fm ce ll and sh inbusiews"le y... jlurws g cpaesoinini the e ille wildfe tki. traffithu-s life traffickg liancethe companies willse tir a of experse a influ in dierent ways.expl-- blbl plaucat paenrsrangtrtrckinot n americ eralli y anogleing efs toldto helif ga prts.wm pohing and t b mke inilifparts is a
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teorm fuin inth of tesbe is not ld cher s... bu dilyrom thcatt nc-- fer spe e one setlcoans p thnilu- * coro.. cuerpipi "ts o a ecicow" cher cellheusreofthcold -- - at ishen hed.d which y stos packa.. a ailed dictorhe cusmemee s d.t't'fo. r...d envialayin h t beef tass s aro a a brewy wery. aompabl t t,t ma
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3 33 3ni tnk muchor wles ta a livek outsidrino neles showou t atheorfodaan rek ouy
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3 wake up p first home. in a homom you'veade e bit bigger. ke a a a address up in a home thatoesn't even have an addss. our lifefevolves,
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o fog - -re-c t news sesy.res tosi copr fe ch chs y s ddlyly igneno oicwo t t hyeavi. 3 e stsete jiciaia commtepassilil-- reirg op convictedf @ certaisdeanors tsubmitit d-a mp thel paenla-- irin-a ut int ste datase". nowea to e sete aroprtitis and nanccommitteec 3 npxt...a former clion staffer who helpedet up her prprate e-ma serr acceptpt immuty from the jujuice department.this offer a abryan paglianoininly p pdvided the f-i withthn inrview. the preme courheard a gnicant abon cace dahetice lit to-4.exasas maatg "hospital like anrdboion cities will go in effec 33 next... the tes s pe-- who arrested sandra blanfor
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al-- h noween fired. threys latershe was founad in her ll. 3 and a pos_ible@ lead in the search f f f missing m maysi airllighth-370. s d on beaean moue..a u-ofci sahe dt pe aift r more iese
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3 good mng3 thank yoso much for hing.let's take a look outside...rexex let's show you t f weather r e day.anhere's a daner.we wilve anotheteom out 1010ines. 33 3 3 he sstormornin th w wma..y whououe id goorour! t-v!the ty os angeleis opening a ass slide thaha hangs onoundt e is a taedo o sif whateen
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19-90.0the u-s nk ter i i stli opepe of the 46-ft-long glass slide o the t0 floor.r.d will o on je. 3 next...colle in vernt hanow banned sale ergy dnks campus -- because ey may lead to "higigriskexual ti" anlcohbubu abususddollelels ys tevesec udents' "acade pepeormae"... and lead "culture of f stress". udent-run per reporthe ban will take effe this ming monday. moalth thoros s lllots can puhaailele 35& next... a en rrievn
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of@f *braces*.wesley's owner says... she noticed the e g s in aot o each time it ate food.d. .so, she brought e do tor r nownwns the dentist".he noticed thth w wleles teetet ot alied s deut b bcehe dog hitlose i h... andthe in in..wesleyeycecewillll only be ofor out 6-eks.her anhangg his et to ofter od" wesy ems e doinst fine.e. 3 3 e pentags tryiyi to become more "tsavvy" savvy"up next -- we'll tell you ich rmer c-e-o i lpghthem with thisoa
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centink pris has all yoavoritanne tonsf liveport and -- alin cstlear hd. watch y wt advceat ke our wireless tobox,x, d, anprism on the g anchoose fm a y of gat packages toour . call.. ...and g s srted w thprism ntia bundle.
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speevaab youar yrom centurk.callh 3 in "litary ns"..ogle former-o iwoing to
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savv. schmidt is appointed to lead w defense innovaon advisy boare cretary as rter s sthe goalal is to the pentawan ke u uwith covalleyasd apem ie liry militat, he's sprongoppopod* t ident obama'policies o ta collelen.n.schmidis rrtly the chairman of alphab -- google's pent y. 3 nextxt- fit la michelle oband second lady jill biararhonori vens ad ho minonoty lear nay lolo's annual "women's hiory month h reception" in wainon -- whererey launched a "joing foes" " tive b@n0-11 201.1.initiatial on icicrt scece meers... vetand d their families -with wln education anplment oppoie ted the otlit femaleirorceilots -- sayiyi they enoverloed for too long." and the first ladydydded ... my won *don't* idtify themselvls "veters" -- so they mimi out on t t benenits thatoee eie. king mornenepeund
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law forcememt is undnd ination in westminster. westter.this ... aer an antitiolice ickewas d at a ice skating raner t wewed. f's'sevin tres repopos.
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3 tempwill be a bit olerer day ith lessssind. chi meteolistustin chambers is up next and will al tell usbo the wr ornext wk. he' have ur trivia answer too!stay with us. but rst, h he are la nighs winning powerball...
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3 numbs.gooduck!
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3 odorning thaha you so much for watching.let's take a live look e.riw. t's ow y y y weatr story foday.d here's a look at your day planwe wl haha anoth dateteoming u i iabt 10
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3 . yourt weweher and affiupdate10 mi
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3 3 3 3 3 trivia winnerrr
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3 hrck thuhuday. d earliewewed d clues b * yea ar'lll wt 're talu ce whohoon -- wh mornrnwset! 3bu firstyourrimetime lili- ox2ni
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dust rve cht lver sd-ughtrt aticthisis gn thatscoeaanan,fullfll nt and th comes tou in t tish. ththe s sito ururestaan 's n preread. so not om,doe usthehit qualy co but we stiand-d-tterer the o-fasased waytharblwehink wt the best fish filetndwich because of that.
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for day'throwbacthay iado younow wh
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is *eale li. 3 sonon total eclip of heart by bone e tyler. tyr. hitumbeonin several countrs including the 3 3 3 ve breh yotakeis sunv bce. popoceit wrien by
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sting.g. a is s ititn it was written by sting... and pped the " "llboarhot 10 sings chart" for 8wewes! eks!s"eryreath you u ke was forramm 3 3 and "beat it" wawaboth written anperformed by mhaelacks jackson.irlelefrom the album -- "thrilr." "thriller.""beat it" received ongrammyantwamerican muc awdsdc 3 now ifouon'tnow now r re tki .is 1! 193!lihty om cora sprinneanswer! swe winsne night d ub ee play"... an ee lun orursyf ceursinocongratulatio 3 webe rig b babut t rst...erers
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.. with 40 megs of inteet spe fr centuryli a family of fofo can all be onli at t e me tim amg, gaming,or downloadingovovs. , thrnet's great but i think ir and makeup ne a littltoo fa ah, thototorking. i much prefer ththtwdaard,d, horn-rimmed glasas just-slept-in-s-kinding. yeah, i ss the rumplplcry cle l lk ay.
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th hh-eern cenrynkn od morng.lcome toox 21 rning is thsday... rch m craig coff. coff.ananm kimberlyly pri. wee "live and local" this
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wawahing.les live ok outsi...rht nowxt let's show y t thand hehe's a look ayour d p pnn. he another update comi a aut 10 mites.
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new th morng.thclai at senatororedruz is *ilibl, to be prepent goes bora new rkrk j tod. y.y.e xas senatot was bornn canabu thers ost leschogree this mahi"nat-bn n" as rereedndhe titutubut, thehe matr was seselein@nourtrt cot.ths broup cz's nt nald iv casesstning ps igibily ha bn led in sarate states stesnew yoaswas os to hean cour -- was p shsh ba becsef er tay voti." 3 happg`toght...thfox g-o-bate in detr t * cnce*or se repupuanto gn action befohe nextxd of votinin voti.there wille one ss diumn stage... actor n rs wl not atte.. ansa h npoti pa f fwa aeruper
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this issueriday.meanwhe. dold trumpolng strong ple crnow sendnd pce as as legaou-- thas to e ate n th wee we.and marco guguesrter w his hometateora even oughs leg inospos er oh govr johnasicll b b bta'n -! ys hn't paicate inpe... . @ call....slinng 3 inui prpdent cen cololoprgs llowinesy ght' ca -- a owing mb of frad he oceses..esescial on e g-o-side --. bec t ty only voting f f delegates...ot a nominin. nominethe el paso county g-o-p theres bi t swswo o prarste. tha happens there wldtw the presential re...e fofohee e ce ha i ith wayayou cost mo moneyso aa psie soon w wld bto combi
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of mg s toonde 3 there logi@4. leegrd to be ventid cewoo have the idtialmaer in tr.ay s s s mah.chch ea cre ndtase se mmion are us to imary. y.e wi of the people is a bigonsideratiti in this si...ananwoththo ny spking o ain usus stem ng couou me soonean l... 3 now for "d"delop story"tigars wowo to figure out what caus small plane to cn lmererakerday -- llg 2 pe. it hd near t san fe ai--usuth of the rararas. t vti ve n yetetidenenfi neors sasalane okioe itasaslan th mg very low slow ... bbling band fortunl took no d de. wsses say. theneedle
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say. t p is *noton of i aircraft and theheemt t stery e totrtrg wis. thememed fm e a t to -- wherenvesgatorsayt tak least a a *year* to termine the cause of fhe cras 3 in mitit y%yr olrccadet arrestst a his d-n-aas found onoman w was sexually assauedasasye. yeye.yesterda... ck warmts w w arrrrte ulr poli ath rce adadyn..and wa tatan the bouldocnty jail.hthe ald assut happened sete in april o univer hil night.. e wos withupupup air e cats - - iludi warmoltl. 3 3 inmorning's ws"...coloraro s et gooplace to live.v mange.inew news and worldept. report.the springs received score -popot-4 ou0 aheade..... waonon@n d. d sa cio. sofhe facrs
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dialarost (ving--ty o... andirilitit 3 dunvasted d he numbpot.t.llow b st tyeil arka..andu north carolina. 3 peyton mng wchonties as e bron.. fans... d just about everyone awaitststs s g decision. decisi.ilahead -- his agent okouabout th siation hear what i ioheasshar.. anu wot lieve at manncod do if he d dides
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333 lcococ@3 ....t no.. showowowyovek tsts a lat y mperatureshehethe e lllleld rahowing p nowowme out ouitit the dsdsds re yr r r bustopopporecasas yre heading o o townhere#a a sof
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radar.illlhaon@nyo sevay@ecest ininin 4. ju a0 minus. yoyo nexan afc te iouou- mi
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3 3 peytonanngent toonays henowsni s not ded onn is f fure in the-f. 3po with 104 point 3 the fan in denver yesterday... 3 ansa manni ihesiant toeahe gamat he los h...ndpts t 1-pnt se before h keany ty of decision. but no matter whatanning decide-- his age ss has a brightute head e ere's thinhe cat . whheit's brdcasng. aownership posion... or epoliti
8:17 am
3 the do res ing thfit game of e spri season against the arizondiamondbac.e ckies se 6-3..t bo tes et again this afternrnn. 3 in the n-b.. the nuggetankersn the pei ceer..and e ggets get e with six playe org in the douougure w kobe'e'final ga i i denver...fil sce -- 11717 uggetsxt up the jers n ns in denver tomorrow nig. top acon..e e sasa crelsarsity sket team is ran numb oneneneneneneatatat ......itgh thenienen c cadsat erayaskext fl.bucuis witibe e av "whave lot ohe u eve ts w wl to ndy ome gethnd st out wng." 3 the orpion the ororonr th...
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thad t tththat chshs lastea.. tloriianseni nailplay skbat e infafat s ing la ars lo amo seni tenr seasn a lofu watshipam ndekl pueo ststn fray6 m ndreighool. ig is mog...stinyox rlfrie boboirstu puputhosmeesgood usus 3 um i is angl is p tting thos"rnsns re" isexexn th"meu bron relashilow ems h h tlns rad itback y. the museums noaccpet
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y ----maing its nd rmenlocation. 3 ne..for living... as bds andndnwayt miannow piper, 7-year-old border coisis net suer deof w wt t viarlymillpele clied on deo p. is beg caed t "coost d eve -an n pillot ed o iggle ndety the dog'ownesays a
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yr teager lov animals... they n be pt of the "zoo cre. ew3 ounds from cnnen ta zoo join us next t tell us all abt ititstay
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eyn has al ofctivitie ndon n exex for *t*.stacy anndar here to us l odon! bng! who d dyou u ve wi you tay? tuis a e-yeolananlolo it. ses aop h pet, bebeen bry kind andnd qet, thtn the ill needttenonvi excise likalrabbit e holld lop is aed o bb oginating in e netherlas,utou can find tulip t z ithe loft which isnef the ples vonteeart of the z crew 3 progra 2) at is ur role asas member of@ creas a meerzoew expehaakesesbe a zoo theoft, answeruestions f f gugutshile helpinge
8:24 am iyo`avorite aboutoo cre
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thatative the. 3 do teensnseed to do at thiadnture? goouruweite at o.o.aror en pros s cocoitp2ogm, isisapplation oces opline, ens finth plicion. mia ed to ubmitty tuday, march 22. 3 33
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3 goolorning a ank yoratchg.s take a ve lk ou..righgh next, let's show youhe athestorfor the a y ner.ilve a l
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ha anotherer updatatcoming
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3welcome e to fox2morning g news- ng t news storiesf the day's p in 6 6 fointuesdaghs colora caus arowing mber of o-p vo are frtratedith proc.. nohere tt uld switch c cor prare. veorarartrng fifiuthaus ama ple ra in paere day --ilngng peo e victimcmet been tifi. it could take a a ye to o rmine atped exwa2525ears a --odking stour whit fiitteof cririnal crgeshi inin wched ots around li the peagon iking for a ber-at'siting hacks tryndo ta netrk- toto tete itsnerati. hacks must b*v*vted*.
8:35 am
networksll *not*part he program ortionecretary thadcigarettes are not allowed ny commmmcial flights. he sd paenrrrsoi out ofhehehe noto allowed totomoke on board. 3 d a ssead the archor msing malaya airlines flight m- was found ach in zambiqa u-of sa...t.t dris is part from the sampe of aircft infmaonn e lo onto wws dot m. 3 odorningnkmuch fatchinletakekee lioooutse.ghw. t's show thehe atstfoe an hehe'sat yy plner.we wl lbve aer upup comomom iab minutes. 3
8:36 am
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todada..e are tellinyo thto5 most aractivjo r me...accor t ti surry. 3 number 5....t-v or rad pepeonalit
8:38 am
33 number 2 is. founder or entrep3 and th mbne mtrac fomen? n? 3 "srtp on a.... was ierted." inveed."you guesseit... pilo lot
8:39 am
3 a g evenis cominup *n*nt* weend -- toefit e coloradodo spr coerry --lll l ouou wine e stst hiye. 3 but, f..yourur primetime ne-up on fox21 -- 2-hou omen idol ntur h alavore e lsto of -in cryal hd. w wre wwianced feat ke ws set-to whhomevr,and prison to. alchoose froety ofka youho call ...and getettarted wit the prism esntiatv
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get isisessentiatv anup to ms of interne fo65 a m ore! or, if lovovgreat vies. [ utrn aent ] he clemeine, gogon d ge prisessential thp 0 megsteet foonly $65 a mth. hyhy! ipra [ rm v vcel.l. get stted th prism essenenal t us utotomegs isp just65 a m for yr. eemay not bevaille in youea. onlyrom centurin
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3 if we isour "passisi a a eare "--ou don'tanto miss t t premimr wine feival ofolorado springs s coming up p nextnd. a colo sings
8:43 am
linda weiss and elizabeth yogqui arereere to tell us abt ititood morning! moing!3 1) ts is the 25th anal "we feivf codo spd thisr it aturesof favor vints ofas-yrs. u u n't nto miss this evevt onarch 11-1- " " clgdgome of e favo ntnersf the past 24 d l p2oceeds from event nefitstshe colorado springs ervatoto.featured wimake:- christainer, maine emil ben pietro, papietroroer winery- cristobal unrraga, koylylfami vineydsken wrightken wright cellara e lbby
8:44 am
11, broohall best te nht in fturing ovov 300 wines plucunary deligh from loca restrants d carersmusi by the coloradrpng nservary, , silent ation dj andndananan, 2) the "grandasting" next friday... and the ne friy... and gououet dinners on surday.nd
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exciting uesthef"!tu this y%ar wl 3 featanitg "g"g chefs,s,ararmurphyf od ork 'cpped' mend ef and ownerf bencc restaus and nchmarc entsy marc participation and aparance will varthrougholl the weenenfestivits, and he willpapa the gouet er at t gardenf the ntertament rohohtvall rorod mentorornd a amni ofhe conservatoryured tony awd winning nsnsvatory umniosh anklinl be ppppti theestival wi sic fr his j jt released cd. gourt winener and veuction -- -bay, rch h 6:30 t f gararn the gods cban egandnni experice createdy gut ch marmurp with wi rorourst vivirsieliveucon ofe e d collectible wiwis and festyle packag, $2003) there are al seminarat vaous cations ound tow senars andridalunch1h1 "swe wines a theoods that lovththsday march 10, 5:30pm, th mean $752-2-t your ch on"uncheowithuestst ef brother lk, fday, rc1112pm, ththmeanin $953- 5 years and counting wiureatutukeke iday, h , , 30pm broaoo$4- - zers and grap" wine and cheese, saturdaymarch 12, , the gardrd of ththgodsb, $503 sow,fs s e ev fie cova?the witil l ri harevent foour unitithance`fo eryone tperience the al cting edge.e.
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t scrcrn 3 5) )nd you canet tickets online? log on tl neal or call 719 5 4556ask t the special rates for gion young essi 3csnservatoryrg/ neival 3 33'lbeht@
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3 (ad-lib rthdays.)if yr someone you ve he a birtay coming , weant kn abo it.t.usail at pictu -- bibihdays at f 21 n ncomdot forgetptinude mend y meu'd li . 3 od mornind thank y so
8:53 am
lik ts....t w. xt, t's sh youhe weatr story r r e day.and he's looatr day plannewe wil anoth upupteoming up in aboul
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3 3 ..ur next wer r
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