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tv   FOX21 Morning News 6  FOX  March 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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3 good morning.welcome to fox 21 morning ithursday... h 3rd.i'm craig coff coffff.ani'kier price
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3 3 3goododororngndndhanknko mumu for watching.let's s ke a veook outuide.right now. next, let's sh y y the weather for the day.and re's a looooatrpday r.weweilve ather
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p ppenintonini.....thfox g-o-babatihe cnc rereres@ gain trti fohe nroofin vo.erll bon umage.....doctotooben n ca w tete lililil
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is issmeanwhe... dild t t ttronin plteuznoin secocolar as legate counts --hahas to a the ste wiwithisisee wewe.d marubio guguantees sporterhe will n s of flflididn though truru i i-- m ot poer. erererer k alsosoontage tonigig - t ys he e e n't participat in "rson attacks... na callg... or mud-slinging." 3 ntui the presidential cecolora sprin.. das s usgrinininininnmb o o re fratedwiwi prpress.cially on p p -- cause they re only tititititi dedega.. n n n nin. minethe elaso county g-o-p sa therea bill tt cocoolor a ifif here wou b btw primimimfofothe . estial re...e the othestatoffices.s havingngt at way w uld c ct re mon-`sososisie tiould be comne both primaries -- thot movinpapasatosir.
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allengin t t t d ventthe esidededel wod ne to the preses pmqmqalili t teaea m mbebe`a`a h.etarch imuchch rlrlrlthananlylyly cafaepep s h hse atsendou mmision arusedo primy. primary.the willthe`peopoh big cde decion....d d th sosos outututst t t t catete c c cldld cpner thther a fofoerntonontaffer - o helped setp her ivate e-il ser---y n n np acacptededn n "i"iunit r" " " fr j j jaremt. dedertment..u r r . rtededed@d@dnvolves s sa papaianong rvto iesgagarsth i hahahahahahaaenskg fos coatn n fo ..igat niedgthy rof mamas.s.nythem weweelsed d d publ -- owg that s s seiveormamaon" pee ipate drdrs t ais.e e aseses wititid... inn's pupuic s s smentntnt
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s`s`at w we mamaeded ssifd".hever we lat dmineto b "highlseive"e" prwilll nowococ clton'prate sese cocotites *criri*. 3 xtxtxt fepesls- urt jujuj may be unded ideratiofofoe e e e eecocot.t.t.sour ss the e` one ketoepla the l juice alia. thdididima d law ho in -- e e eny esth u-coofealsls dar pids, iowo.and unanouy coirmeme thee thppme 3 in capol news...the e ate senate judiciary committee passes a bill -- tuld d *rui* peoponcted of aimimiemeaears to submit d-n-a a mpmpmpmp the bilplpse 3 3 cut lawaqun-bebiutnto a state database in fefeny cases a for minvolving sexualalontathis *ne bill would expand thadatabase -- helping poli androsecutors
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ththbillow se aias d nanccommitee. 3 mitary news...a 21 yea olair e cadet is reeder his d-n-a was found on woman whoho w sexually assaulted last year.. ar.sterday.. jack warmol was arresteby uldepoli at ai emand was n b blder c cnty jail.allelelesu happened sometin april o universi hilth nig.. the woman wawith a gup of air forcdets -- including rmolts. 3 3 nofor a "developg or. . i iesesrs gure what used a small to cra i palmer lake yester killing 2 pele 3 it happened ne tpe santa fe just southxofhe raadadraras. t vic veot yeteteeeeidentififi. nehborsay...nene okokik asastj t on the lakekekeing lnd s sd bb brth til it ta d wnesses yn.. t pla i wentp in flame-- c a ass fi.hool&oicia heor say. iot its air-- andhdhe
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sterday e to stronnd the eckaas removedfrom e area andakenengreeley herenvestito say wille st *ye* to determine e of 3 3wewee now learniout t su retett codogsire ch cpris lean ac-d 013 5-ol seven yearar cef oe pulo fireepilililas n blly giviv asor at s to h suddelee...bucoloradodo sings mamar johnhe sd he thulor ril's service.. pd ate wanot surprised by his dec "ito i wouod conside personelisesfact of e ttet is he madada choice retirana&that wasas oicen his pand that's e extent owhat i wl about t ."." 3 under angreement witrmer mar eve chhi rey lleceiveix mths severanc.or abo 80 thsand dollarsdety chief
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c-s-f-d since 1985 will see as interim chief. 3ltimoke police areow investigating -- after a hool police ficer is "caughon camera".. slapng kicking aounman. man. 3 e ac s#kl poce chi ys.. w * adunt ool.t, an attorney for teen sayayexacth *opposite*- e is "on the roster."the was so a cond teen` chars re filed agast eier of em.e. po a det wer anancharges should be filele against the e hoololice ofce.t o oicereein e vide now on paid admininitive lea -- alg oer tffers. 3 s morning'"good newsws..coloradoin is a prettyood e totoive. kikikihe t fiv. . a new st by s nene a wort. .the spririreived
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ping it ahead of seattle... wasngd.c... d san ci e of the factors considered in th surveyer-- unemployment - median`nalary..-- cocoliving-- qualitytyf life.-- and desirality. nv.. lteas t t by austexas.., ns..and igrhrh noh carolina. 3 the american red cross is honoring some ourocaler herosananthis morngng'r
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welcome baba...te right now...we a3 owinyou live lk outse.take a look at you mperatures3 .re'ssatellile and radar iswing uright now.
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opifou are3 heing ououou tow he's a shot of thtial atures and radar.we will va more on your seven day foca i aut 10 minute3
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3 .. nexwehedntrtrup i abt 10. e eredsss honongom"he heroes" usse induals s exify ag..ess.. d ischchacter. 3 isornie li thiss "ctyerhore-- b bgies t a mehe shi moti ise t
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br us his ststy. t so : tatomon a alec):they dginininem bsesehere - as tthman n with t rgoto better.h.h.hgoin helel chchohe.anit'sot art the chchs abou" ypal surda qng roray... sosoray sisita- - morehan meal/ s s s s a unitthth s soe h hngeopl atreettiacto jo. ing cknt carsgettg ihos." in2 hes ks missn to hp rshawh he aed d man aeal.sot: sirota/a/ctct an aea 1sec): way h owa t cnini tle e neeand trngo backckuthomelessss and vey."e"eryeek mo than al over 130 0& pele oveve yeahet cylelele i codoings ( tore me/ 10ec):ene ha oplehat co bk d tetetete ustoes of succs.s whe e e 've gojo th've t r fid th co tok.and ey can also sle in that car.. stead eing outdoorin tent.. os towa gettina .. when h abouthatt's oe prth arerere." randy isisowowhe dictct...and through his faith he h heso change lives..even byisteteng to ththr ories... sot(randy siroro/director - mo thahaa meal10):th lngng r really warms somebods heart for that day.. andhehehe remeererhat nversation f a ek or longerovwo years o@ sererng....nd randyd says it's juststs asay onesosord siro/directore tha al/ sec " kinof toucd antoucs youreart to for the le that life gs a ttle
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3 th w ais mores reporting.hometo hers wi ger ds mat the antl h 3for tickets informaton becoming a red cross vonteer.. head to red cross door peyton manni wat continunu --s the brco.. fans. anju aboutut ee aits hibicision cicici.stl ahead -- his agent spoke ouababt th situion heawh inside
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you nwt incodohe decides tothe me.sports is
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onanngs agent to condononays no manni s not decided on future in the n-f. 3 hepoke wit104 point 3 fafainenver sterda anid m is het to lve t gat s uch.ndano 00-pcent sure befohe makeany pe of cion buno matr whanning de-- hisgentntayhe haa brht fute he bee ers noln n't do. etheit's ti. pocs. tol. anthlodooces
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riains ararona amondbth cks l f....both ams etetetin this afternn. in the n-b-a. 3 the nunuetedand lars in e pepsi ceer...and e nuggets get e wi six p pyeye scorg the d dble fifire asobs s nal gagan nv..l sc-- 7-10-- nuggets.xt u-- thnersey nets in denenr tomorr nig. 3 w to localp acon...the sand creek girls varsity basketba team i#i#anked number one in thst a6. anannow e eit ofof theheyos. seenr liav tooloro unersio pl bal nextbuher is wiinate bere e . a lot of hee vevegivevep, even gh whtsd,sty to come e geer a ststl wng the pions e knowr thfast t... ane esns theyit amamonshipla y y b lost to varistnveoj
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bask at moana ate in the e ll....shs us yearlo ation o seorants teneiei seas on a lo, holl n fini with statchpish." chamip."3 sand cekilplayueo on n id a ap-p-at
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3 he you are enjoying your momoing...letake a l le ok at how ings are shapipi up forhe day today.he's a look aturevi.g a hawe c et for thst o oday and intox morrowunrise and sunse timeas welllnow, l's cck out 3 ek worthf f weht.. n ca to t upor the edeperi.
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3 it's'simimfor *the list*. and toy...e arartelling u thp most aractive bs for n .acaorng t er sry. 3 number 1....t- rad
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3 mb..ctor 3 3 numb 3. firefighr3 3 numbs. 3 founder or entrepreneur
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inveve."anmber3 and nuerneu se it... a t lo 3 a popur piece of technology y ow *bannerom rplane t soe packg irarryn luggage. 3 but, first... your primetime line-up on tonight --
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3 lcombacko fo1 moing news -- re t newsrif f e re are e toy'top six 6 3 fofoowing tuesy night's coloraaus -- a grong numbererf g-g-p voters are tratith oc.. w -- tbill tha ul colorado back to a primary state. 3 veigs e yi fi o o o wt t sll ple crash ipalmererake stday -- kling 2eople. thvictimveve y b identifi. cld te ye to teinpe 3 ext -- is 25 yeago da-- rodnenekingrrted whiicfi werecqui o ocrimal chges ininis beating- whh h violent riots oundouthern california the pentagon is kior a'sin hackcks to try andndreako the litary's nrk - -to te its vraliti,
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the penton's "mo ssiti networksll *not* be part p 3 u-s trsportaon sectary ananonynxx mada a ling dnesy atcigarees are t allowed on commerci ftsts saissrsn rr g g rot ofhe ure not alwewe s ske on board. 3 and a ssib ld inhe ch fissingalaya aiaiines fght h-370.debr d ique..a u-s official heri he same of raft 3 renfortionn ese stie..nd oers.g. ur wsi -x2 co
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hopyou are enjoyiyour morng...leleletakekeive& lolot hohohaping upororororay today.and we have aid whos in stuo to he mdo theer. rning.toy in cor spris..... for p po.... ankskso ftog g . if yououant to have yourid tv, 45th and 6th graders i needgoo fo21 nt m d ic
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33 3 3 it te nofor toy's trivia queion.
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rivia icro
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tack?u[p next -- a a heal alt -- a resh owyour put your healrisk. . ur dreams ,
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fsu3 ts morning'eaea alerer...obay inncyour risof hrt as sears he datae ththndennd wom5 d d, thefofod ploys woininales...(nnce orood rvicjod ave rk k r hearase e. tpeop anagl or ofesal j bs.-- rheay. leledulthe bsoroften smoke. don t t althy... arereedenta . haha high ood essusu. -- the team so diovered... fo service works had the worst ti bits oanessi..d mo tone ofofvevee ansptiorksm. okouce fifighrs... curity guards and o ptectiv ice works were overweight or obese.hree- quarte of those d olestel levels. and d onthird hahigh bod prre.y auors say -- mple on thjob chchfrom chcheaejnackto inuprom yo desk casilyan i h hrt
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3 weome ba..rit now...we are showingou a vek outsididke a look oyr's
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is s swi us right noti laout e kidsrebuop forecast.if you areeadi out of town,e's shototf thth tperatures an
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3 3 ... yourt atheand affic update iou10-
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3 ( or someo u love have bihd u wwaow it... just es ctur--irir a wsanant forget
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see. 3 oparjoou..le lolo at hoinre sng uporhe t..d k who is t webgood morniny oladod ri.. fue. so ch f stoby. ou want he your
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grers is what i ed3 so to x 21 newsot 3 clicst nk. 3 3 wewelfbe rhtack!
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3 3 link.ekidscandlick on ns ick thkidskn 3 3 ckt e'
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