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tv   FOX21 News 10PM  FOX  March 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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ar impulse" smashed e recoorhe longest, solar-red solo flight last summer, with alight from japan toaii.but overheating tteries foed e plane stop it'sempt fly around the wod.if evything goeas plaed.. the solaimlse two will contin is attempt to fly around theorld osola poweat the end of riri 3 3 we a worki on the storieright now for fox21 wst 10. 10.oplele killed toda afr a ane crhein hern corado..wherer investigatortook the wrka andusushow ng itl tata uil wknowor swers 3 plus... falies towch inde a cououhoususas a muer triales vererer wrong rn. 3 and t everythirows in ace t appare peoe can.naays scotkey y came back a few ines talr. fox21 newst 10 ptarts 3 happeninright now....
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look at a serious single c crashon wound platte and powers. powers.corado sings police say it happened just after 9 night...trapng t ctim who h since bee ansferred to the hospital. t now thsouth bound ramp from ptte to pows is shut wnhile they invmstigate. wel contin to bring you those updas when we can. o pele areilled when eir sml plane es down ne palmer ke.. and bursts tolas.not-b ing to furouwhat hapne... happed..thplane crhed.. near thean f l just sth of th raro tck the victims.. n beeidentinow ighbors y the e loed like iwas trying tland o the ke. moviery low and slownd wobbling nd forth until y took a nose divthen crashed. s y the plane meaty went uin flames creating grasse which burned les arter of acre. schooofficialat e air forcrcacademy y y.. e ane is not o 3 "eyeaian peared to having some mechchssues and
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anstinnds in the area at thitime." timee wrecgeas been moved from therea and tan to greel where igigors saitill ke atea year r der e e usus 3 ananher a to 2 vot. . e juciy te. painin bit woulrereire.. pepelele cedf certn miears to o bmit-n samps. 3 currtlths a la. requing.d- p io e tata ilonynynynyny cas d r sdsdears involving g sexuctctis new bill would expd thatat taseseseng polole prosecutorenti repeaea fends..e bill to t tate e apriat nanccommit. 3 supey has comend goand. what a fighghit 3 the dust hed do tmpil clcl cha a ar owow nominions 3 o-ndidate.. nana trump stumpepe with ns in n ven at..e former crerary oftate.. h)llary clinn.. surginind.n. now the caates.. are back on the campaigtrail.. plotting theirext moin
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ale...yesters caus has coloradansgreeeeg one g.a ano the currenstst..fofo1's ko fish joins ughnow th more... 3 ys. ninini to you about somepset rublicans whdon't like our curnt caucus system...mere mad that they haveo o te for delegas... who can then vo foany caidate they want later ont the state naonal op wt.t. is too back aririryystem... cointohel pa county g-oherealready billeingalkeabouthat d ch cado ck t a pry statre are chnges thoh...ift were thappen..there d two primariesone presiden race...and one for the otheatoffices... having it thay wou cost moble ti would be to combine both primariese that sounds.. theres a lo of moving parts tor in ario... 3 theres some loical challenges. in order to be relavent in the esidential race we d need to the presidential pli
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ma yet mar is ch earlier anrely caidatorte and ste na andouy mmision e used timary. the will of the people will be a big coideration in this decision...and wi a l of people already speing out agnst the cauc stem... changes uld be cominsoon an lat...guys.. 3policacaseon is in ful ing.pueblo is hoping tget a ep aad otheinomber balls. 3 the amber commerce releed a 10 quesonurvey.. wantinredentk the impo of erenci nitis.anhow lili t dlars snt. e top. publifety, ro ty and ecomic velopmpm 3 "hopefully ts datahelp em as they thi about what shououe k thvoters for in november in o to help usmprove ourommunititi and that's's what t r ntion was.s.s. was."commity leaders and ted ficici totose t t tulul to prove e e cocoun 3 wiwiwiwiwintinued tot and
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wewe......terorogigigi j j cke e fafastst 3 s baa le s il lototo@ ti e to te ugthe rly lf ofthe ghttes in no und s skies..a up of cool days your s woweetu cght t a couple nu.. 3 possibleandida t thvantea tre coheteates erare repos.. . e it usisonsiring jan kellt/ re justice niwh lalaon monthy gradwith
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law inn 19-en rv othe court peals in c rapidid iowa. some conessi repubns are pushing presidenoba t toinine e anyone to place scaleyeyrg obama'succsoshshldldak e mina. 3 toy theisue just.. heardrdrguemes thontrtrersisi cas th face. nterarou tex law.. mamaing hosp stcts abortion filits... opsaif pse. woulforce a a nuerf falitit pem ortis ctnt wiuseit justes a lisi.. wouldllow the statlaw to t te efct. 3 the fight tween apple and thfedel government- er cece tencrypd llphoneh data -is bhhe hanan of cou. urt.mpanhas d pean o -- th i mustthf-break terrors one.however.
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data. . ssueuewhwhwh geged ofhaft oncepp c c it.t"thfb riacacsayi natl sety trumps pracy. 3 3 ckckckd becrimals cocoe this teak haha on ourri andafety. comey says"i donee i th way there are issues aboubackdooror. there' alrey dooronhat hone we're asngpp to takehe ciard d .. l k thoc ssaybi qution is trtrng tlancnc tional and cyberecurity. lawmakers aparg spt -- wiwi se ying igigis liooh por.r.when othe s its n n enoh. 33 co sin iac to live.kinghee.e. lis u-s-s worlrlrt repo.thspngvi a e of 7 of .. ting it ahead seale.. ingtonon.c..ananen s sio. mayor jsuthers says..*this list*.*.hoa more clt ththers. becaus the credibili u-s nendepept
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rankhe america for e bestlace live are gointothat seriously. ande ararry oud atolng was nked thehehe bt city in ame tlive. (cla 3 some of the factors nsnsereded thiey..e ployme rate.median ll aqualitof life d derabity. deas listededs thnuernelace toiv.followed by y austin tes..evle, ka d raleigno ca 33 stl ahead... i ce of fe one cashier took the riskiestst. e.e. 3 he saiaioot u i id g ahd yant toe, oot me. me.w than w w ght a aeded rr. 3 plus..itunny tough the t those ndnd jeff has thlaten athe wpekenholds...
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e c-d-c rms s t w w w eople beecby e of 2016 3 33 lemme get a mcpic2 thers hot new deal donana's mcpick 2en lemme get a a 2. w pick any two of your vorite classics
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mixix matare n r. 2 fonamer flavor oo 2 iconic tastes, a bidedeith 10 b bf, !pflaky filet-o-fish, searar quarter p pnd cheheeorririy 10iece ccken mcnunuets r r st $ $bucks.
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nald's tasteteyou love. ad ba ba 3 the ka virus... is a growing con... thehend of ik year "huhureds of f thsands" peocod poibly be infected..
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. toto con.. is v....e " new anhe als rtrild be hi 3 "ier rdaaseses li wk. b e are ke to see widespre trarassn in puerto ricican by ne, squito s sssisisikely to starin par of ththu. wherthe squitot n read z present presenaccine effts to o fight isis vir are ithth brazimeurur e beinke tackle ka rihef f f summer olpipq 3 wiy ain da. d wee oking g toool downoo teus morrighno temperer in e 30s s 4 high pressurd westerly ndsbrg calm dry
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here's a look hhs tomomomostly mdle upp 60the ek's wor features a uple coownly rv lowar 3orst wiwissso 15 m hursday.stlnny. highs 58 t. h nds s nd10 mph..thurs ninit...part cloy. ls 9.orthstinds to 10 mph..friday...part sunny. ghs 63 to 70north winds around10 mph.y pghpartrt cloloy. l e e wer r to mid 30s. winds up to ph.urday d rday night..ostl cldy. hi585863.@ in e mid 30.sunday and nday night...-.lyy.y.ighs
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per .mon..paly suwith a 20 0 rct an of rain.ighs54 t6t..ony ght antuesday.mostly cloudya a a percent chance e" inin sno lows near 30. hi4653...tueay nht anwednday.molylyudy. lows i ithe mid up20
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3 astronont cott lly y d d s brher markre twins..rd to tell art... uil now.. becausof noticeabl fference..sct llisow 2 esaller then h twtw... l l thanks to his out ofhiwoip ...ththghisis bragginin rights will be srtivev.. the anges tempmpar nas astrau g tallerers t sne elgate..ndndiltu toreigeitea
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lly rern yteteay 34dan spspe. stl ahahd... he e e takehe ch d n buis clerjustxn't t ving it. hestor howhe fght back 3 pl... a murd trial takes a tu the wsr a a ctcts d s sp fs starthrong pches and st t days aftea stt t ord a a fe d std shootingsses resud.o'o'in custo now.. and what pole say t thth
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3 udududd toss daininhihi jt days ter r ting inside the school14-yeaold bo d openidede thththcacandndtwtwtwtsts we hihibyle ililo ot erershalalfofo a a a a eecd ururveveveteenens s hehe i ia a a leetenenenenen cece... 3anut b b b eededska cothouse tension betwa er ececs fa andndndoled twtti pililto t t h l,t,t,t,t,t polili say3030re inan l f sd.-3sds sf a nvmcore e e cag of i chihis a rohexoxoat'ssu she stood
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to stor@$nd httinying she uld hands christie ethrh... 3 sut a g g ir face, w u 0 bhbhbhpatedd ) ststvgto o ca dra stt atinhim witht d stusthguaway."a @ucaawayh ly her hs. a h ar@imps/cto"i thih stalel%t(e ap out im. i think that was the sphing he tel s wointhstore sterdry en a hman mifor a tainshe cotell by s body language on th rvllanasp wasnhtn n demd hemoneatt@he registershe rely tatete t choho ben fifit oolilili...... chose tack.(b(bmimi tetescarararayay no i iayay s u! i i sayo ahd. iu wao shoooooo t t er g c humika patel/scaofofofofofof erer try t tfafa off f f thihigui juju ap i i i i i t tt."""""""enenhe
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roroer))"aftft picicicicr r r y totototototochchut h h owrururururururut.""" surveillanceho h chasg him outside e or......r ststst sisis losisisisies, ththththth ererasn'in but nehehewas s a.(bhu pateed oobob"i a l ltlatch herethlo. that's it."e video islreadydy gendunksll) "sot lotrv aroun son/stom)n i wawcwed`dheste,eb 0i ` w wlghgh inin that t wajust kfmft e hurt andneh lau a)a!!!!uo epep aut(( ger)*"plel l nono bbcomemeo tts" d acrdintohe veo.. atht be stdvicicic a robber could get 3 the 17r old susuect.n. acseof tryintoob the storiscuod
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armerobby, aggravatete assat, and posssion of a rereduring a crime. 3 peytonanningngs keepepg fa guessingboutis fute in thl. nfl.w hiagenis aing moreuel the fire.alison hs all the detai in n ur spor w wp... 3 3 cx to o nturylink pristv, and gethe samemgreat cels cable ves yoyo wiout to deal cablele s and? and...whe homo dvr. plons ofn dedede optns anchveve whenev. s and?why do you guys sayayg that it'she firststule of improv. say"yes and," accept threality y eated by our c cy partners, paul. yeht, knowdo y? el le a a lllld inside
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owor t roc mouninonear spor rt onnis agent m coon says he knoanning hanonodecicid onon hisisutute in the nhe spoke104 point 3 n in denver is mning... morng... awentn cat ing hestanto l tam he los so man nts be 0 rcensure before he mas anpe of decision. but noattewh mannindedes hiagensays he h bght hd
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owhipositi 3 to..e codo ropling firs o sn diamondbthe rockies se @ themond b s s t t threbue teams will m again rrow the rocks a chae rehes. s aye agait the keke koryt payininis st g gathe cenannunugeththwi thix pla sng in thle furesesfinascore nuets 11lakers07 3 no se locacaacone nd creek girls rsititba teais nked nintete ey 5anaf i i lee tinlaffs. niororter liiss going to coloradste universityo asketball l next fallt her focus is winnr shool ste s leaves. "we have a aot oart, we ver eveou when i har wstl to
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l l 3 the scororons own for thempo..d they e thlves on thei densade it t ate championiplaststea lovavqvqchrist mbo gud d and senior oa uiuiuill be e in pla skbat montana e ..but issiast years loss ttivate h.. os thelp lead thteamthfit stat tie. "no ninwan to enthei seonn a sspey i can a stchsh." chshipndre wplayyy pblo eastn friday at t 6 pmt sand c higschool. 3 3 ststth us.....0efha fil 10 pm fost... next
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