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tv   FOX21 News 630PM  FOX  March 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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, thanyo okayhave a seat on the floor. eldon: t the. that'my spopo33a fiery planasasasar palm lakakwhat w qow rht w.outhe pelee plus... - schoolcolo is helpia wi oubreaking searar... could entllut a ma marar 3 and...ouern colodo an itit aonofhe bt plac to live in e u-s.andn this lholds some clout ere we stand andhich ates we beat o o 3 a a l plplulashed nenj er lakthisningng twople bwe still n't kn if anyone survedndfos taylishoho joinush h e tete. laurennehborsr me
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tro landndke. moving vloan rt of wobbng back an rtuato a e,ppin en craraing tihehet heheaiaid acks 3 wiwiesy e an mediatelwent uin flalas crtiti arass f)fe wh burnesuarter an acre.uthorities are unle to idti a tail numbmb sthers n/ way to know wre it t f o itititeaded.lane wentn just f huned yards om neighboooand ofcicis say ld he en muc 33 yessesaithe plane appearbeavg me ic issueuean obviouslslthere'highininin d guing winds in the aa athis me 3 w the e ctin have bee idfied. 'll coue to foll tstory up you with anyewewormatiti et meanananiss video sent in fm ononof our vwers.. afa fi broke o o n nr r loma park is afteruoon. just west of oro co.. andou cotitu.we're told it t
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clostoou.ews we able to contain itit withihi30 s. 3 oswald ( capt t csfd) peleunrstsnd i iat were in is higre dangerimimframand d nds re ry tryiyiyio sh ts s fi arod swljlj downn is vley gogoa alotot ded graes. maged. 3 yesty.. corado sprgs fihi cisil.. anunund hell bting athe end o othweekek chf ley began c-s-f- in01. followowg ven yes hief othe pulo re department. riley hasot yepupuicen a rean for at see to o is su retirtoday coloraprgs m m m john thers idide'e'akful f f ririt adhe was not susurised by decision. "......" am ing toiscusst i d coid pne issues. fa of the matter i made choi to o and t s a on his`partndnd that theent ofi
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3 ununr anan agreeeent with formr steve ch riley reive sths p severa about0 ound dolrs. pu chihi tetetellhoorfo s-d sincnc wl se e asasp intirchch 3 a 21eaold air rce cadet is ateteaftehihin-a was f/und d woman w w seally assltedast year year.yeyeda... ack warmtsas ated byby boder r poli athe rcacemy.... and was taken to thehelder c cnt jail.thalleged sualt happening someme iaprion erty hihl.thatig.. the woman with a aiforce e dets, incling warmolts. 3 a 37-year-man pleaeaot iltyasoninni toto sbbing hiteteagagag rlfrfr's formemeteher oncoun. t tsday a e orred ni evtior sn overstet - - who faceslew o arararcluding...attempted er, kidnapng andault assault.reet is accuse of having hirlrliendnd- 19 year-old courtneplte
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hoho..berevevetree std him and d d his ie grter a a a strugglethman was able to n ay. 3 itas sun tayututho wis stk ound... causing morece f f fir terolo jeff mack has ren tonightsoxas.. 3 thafor wis.. taki ovee wednday we ow aovothey will at tithcolse of business toght t least in so ity he look he maspspdsug dnteite rm io o nieges hter r 24ovov agostl t 4 toninitndileaea and s
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ek worthn fenus. thths court hehe gumemes tas abortion law. 3 this com as e first major coroversrscase court has led sijuice annin aliaia d. dedeh.texas would que w perform m ortitotoe spal admittinprivileges.w stes n ntotoece whwhher e legisl infrs onon wom's$seg rit to termimimi a pregncy. scal absen leaves ght jujuices on n e bench. and thremaine shpl dided.g g ther rong pbility of a split decision loradota unirsy resecherare rkin a
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impasaf ace on t human by. dythteam of ie on10ed i thsa tn studthey coaring ood mples trt t t sct kellll-- and his tw bro, *f*fr trorort* markellylscototot returnedo earth yesterday after 340 days in n n e.the samplewill loo t t ippactctof r riation a ss ocellll that cod increa thehe risk for ncer. the e d game for nasa?ending a man mari thehe thound thiies 3 cordg new nationa rvey.. colororo springis a eaple 21's abbie rkjoins us now wh moren where e e citianks he uabbie? 3 lauren.. u newand world d report releaseseitit16 "stst ac tliveli t tay.. and not only dolado m m m to. 3e ngceivinscore of 7 point 4 of in survey..puting it ahead seat.shington d.cand even sanis afternoothe mayor sed why earng g is ranwa nonowhy nghtht ... . meana lilile m m
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3 ...."t us world rert has a h hto o ghgh crebili ranngs. it's orgizatat ras s ll a ivsies in ama and at ranng system has greadealalcredibibity. and 's a mage th iread by businpeople thrt e d.d.d. me of thctors coided this s rvwere emoyntate.. dian`tf living.... aly lile d bitynynver.. was eds the nuerne plale le.follow by austin texas.fayettevevle arksa anigduam north caronana une sawawayou.....hack pepeagon. ntagony thsecretararof defens dlaririn seasonthe milita net 3 us.. ad roicks the wrong she how this storclclts back 3 but will have your comete forecast..
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heres a look at persistent windswell l lt walk throu ththfiorst half of wis this evingreflagning short h he thsc rrowtstsa sunnone.e. a fe wclouou l lk totohiur way evenghighs s ightly erl abovnoal settlilio e 6060by t
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tonigh aew gusts 35 mph clr. low ar0. norwe wds 10 m. gust t35ph unmidnight.ty...mos tltlsunny. highs 58 toto3. south winds ararnd. huday night.partly dy. lowsb2 toto northwt windss to 10 mph. .fda..partly sunny. gh 63 to 70. north jnds arou1010 mpridanight...part cloudylowsn thlor mid s.asts up t10 mp.saty ansatu ght.t.mostlyloudhs 58 t63lolon@mid s. unday
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wswsthmid upr s..mony...part sunnwiti0 perct chanan of raian hhso .monday night d tuesday...most clou. a perntnce of and snow. lnear 30. 4646464646ueay d nesdadastly clo lowsthe mid toupr 20s.
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3- readcross america.. dr $- seuss's b-y- miss mcal first grade class pe prere p3 n ra tigig 333 e e k refu be a can see robber tunter r y somemeing -- a when th
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thcashegister awer.3uns s and she g a a maer, , adto figig suspis stin the ru whatato itresses... . fifighters..ops.. and salelerepse inommon? not t t od t tat's coming up3 plplpl hsaved ddy's life... and s chly rerd.k ououor this edle s....lo..
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3 the pepeagon@#ikingor a cyatck.... and it's not ke .right t w they're invititi hackerso y and eak intohe mility's network to test its vulnerabities.but t t hackerwanto paipate. thavto submit to ckground concey y passhaerwill he liteaccesso sometht militaryet.ththprra kicks off ne month 3 a a litary couplhe knurindream in-- that dn't st thea ce. the sto osacre at memem standutbo do of litary cples p who o efeftht. fox's aarosmas theirto. 3 chchyou naw and ouou ki your beautil bride... chris d samahae's marrge is buil l le i uldnhappieand sacrife anit started loefe th walked d dn the leefore
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a rgegeg g rind eir r vevebaba fewew yea h aclywe pture of be we dd d`ki heots for her ba chrew hisevenalalt t an sauauahas s r brian lblbn.chrian army sergrgnt had bri in his squadrant ither haany ea what fhad to fhehe stepd a 30 un homeadexple and i lo bothy legs my leftftthat s infghanist i20 risavebrians le he's onofhe r rnshyhy ststdingerand my bababsistetetet mared as theheedrianecov, chris d nthao knowow each otherventually th we insnserableevytgn fell into acan peect ever sth were ged d stust an entere contestoin a 3 ndndlar dding at old c mieys rm c mot conser himlf a hero th
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comeack or t ones ca bjuredt ei ory hoismesesny wowoov vs and won th a dream weininthatad everytytng e en a bride in 57 cvyd st itantly.. 're ood brothers.. fily d friendtherto c cebrate the newlwleds whwhed the best msionf their yo caare`it tanytng ppiestay o l 3 sectns havco under - incrd scscti. scscny.and noth're nk toa%c%c te oocancer
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3 in tonigs alrt... 3 is your job lling u? chsay g on what lepof w wk yore-- yourisk of hrteand stro may go .the st und.hosekingn leor fooservice jobs... . hava theigst risisfor hearse 3ininstigatsay middle-eded ad in e jobs more often sme, don't e healthy, arerereenry a ve higood essure.ethe amlso scover seworkrkhahathe wors abits of any ofesnine out of poce, , firitersnd seserity guas were erweht o oobeshree arters of them had bad chestel and e-irha gh blo thors y y yhoe
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ocsialy t up fyour sk -you can improve yo heth new ud t uvers ofinnetaas f fnd ain ]wn c-sesesensndnd lemia.foxg ck highbger r hamore. 3 it a produ so mmon it t requir onlleer q word...t in recent t -- sectioe come uer incrd scruny.rkotte saysys"we e e ly just ginnintonderand the long-derm pacts of c-seseion e offspring."" researerhave already overed conio een cereanelivivy and mape o diabes an otchroniconditio.but0 now researers athe ersitytyminnesotare alsoinding anotherangero linknknkmarkototay "f"f c-sections urior r anned cpsectio tre was an incrseriskl."dr. erinarkokoe e p p the team thaserved 23% crease ithe riri of one type of leia in mothers who unrwent pre-labor or so callanand sectns." rerearchchs alyzed3
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bjects...ruling anyny elevat risin emeenen c-sens b finding el risk of ate lymphoblastic leukemia or all. in planned cons.rkotte says: e cawith the advaes tt have beede in t lseveral des in eaeaenos ertments come e long-g-term de efffftsts that e life lo." 3 chchs want t tmake e risk of childhoooo lenserw... t that sd e sus ofisranging rerearch
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're back afterreak.. itch to ceurinpristv, ant thsame grennnn ble veve oung to deal th d? and.thths mevr. onn mandnn you c wteteteyeyeany doou g th t fir rofmpro ses a," ccitdby ouredpars, paul yeighti kn
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elike holloo thsmfrrynk. prprioly on "rosd"d". you're gng o o t tountry, ar? i'm g/ing g k k k. cts thout rds. i toldhem at i changed mminj.geur mind? i ve ner m m ybodlike well, g wel, uh, tk la s thking cldthth. n n llllk? you' made esstup mon


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