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tv   FOX21 Morning News  FOX  March 2, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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3 3 good m mng and tnknkou so o oror watchint's take li loooutside...rinow. xt, let'showhe
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looat youy y planner.we will a up c cinupupn 3 th morning -- a consumer alert t@ wararyou about.t.
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lk b be cheese nionwide -- over aose e lier coaminatio maryararpeeded bo proctand dirition whi cse troemdetermin ole s s ys -athihihi int nlness ha beifion wi theecl. 3 3now for r "heah al - -- as e kaus m iay coladad. colo..the state's "c"c mecal fice cfifis *tpeop werinfected-- after travelinto a cnt erka presentth haoth since recovere zi is most c cmonly spread byype ofosititththth esest live in corado. th rus hapreading a ngpeedn america d the`cari- an linkeke a surge in birth defects. 3 also new this mornqn-- i litaryryry..the e saiairs iefly heldapti by an in jbnuary- may face discipline for mistakes contritie indent. inindean ition foe ors de
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into iranian terririri tete.eyeportedly also faed tnducucandada operationafi bef sasa. 3 3 r tudadagood bo do t andililry their rils. rivals.sct mc ili washgt, c . . thhe the teststn the race
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3 1) scottdo anynye other pupuanandibebes
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rw3 the 3 mocraticidt does
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n? at'sexexon t electcalele?? calendar?tha you3 scott. 3 3 meanwhe,ere inolorado... rnieieanrsefeats hlary inton he ste's mocraticicrededeial caucuses. causes statede rests haveant jubout 605 pepepet.ndlinton at about -pepet.t.----eahile in el soount.... sanrs pulledbopercenof the votes... and clintonon a 38- peen----, ueblo o coty. ers goonlyly about pepepet of t
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peent.cora s saw poll is nonindi... but saers' n gives hihian impta osos a b btlegund state e his que for*the demoatic nominn.althou momof cololodo's docrac partrtesishmenenendo -- eecting her entually w thehe nomatn. 3 mmercialall rl l tatan lo is booming *wee is gettg all the it..cred.acrding to data cod byhe pue regi build dent... annabis related d proj" ouououin arly 1d wide. officicls sayay eblolohaen gglill des aheijuana indudury mig just it' avg grac. la year, arly0-rcenofll mmereral bing pes the cityndnd cwere relad tannabibi instryrybuhemp ort in *u*uorpoed* ea w a a pi5-pet of itgogog to "big maria siness". 33 w kiews s ss
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ue her 7lllln aril lsuitgainin a nananalltel and e mav- who filmeder in hehe roomomn n 08 08.chael davirrett t s nvicted d intnt stalking and sentenced to two halflfearsrsn prison. sceeen leed. ews sa the eve was traumating... and thg she will have l lwiwi ththst of her life. andrews thi the inthatat really hi aurts me e wot is when rls,ighschooloand llege,hey`twme and they say 'i want t en ewew except for th marrio stalker thing.' and i n't controthat, and at erday.hat t gebeere" bett."."ans' lrs claim hotewawaneigent en owowow b bretto reest om nt to h witut kingng qstio.if sin helawst -- it'ill ununeawho would y the damages. 3
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a little easie easierjo maris liva lilile later this hour... wiwi some life s tht t ght ... st with us!! 3 3
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centurylis has l youre channene tons oports, mo- all -clear hd. watch wh a where you wt with advfeatur likekeururs set-top whole home prism on t go. choose froroa variet of g packa fit y yme. call. .andndet srth m esntiatv bdldl yoyo g plpugs nnntulilintt.t. alfoonly65 mont thiseaeaunun gre,espeallylyf u lo spos. prism ntmdtv an to 40egof internene onlyly a month. ore! orif l le eat moes. [ uthern acccnt ] hey, clementine, n d t ism esntial wito0 megsf inteet for ly65 mth. ah wh cck]
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geartedd psstial tplpl uto 40 megs of intnet spd.d.d. juju $&$ a f a y spd d y t aabab inouar... onlym nturinin
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3 odoror andhanknkou so mumumu watchihg.t's take a ve l l le... xtxtleshsh you t weher story r the by.d re's's latday anner.we w)wl haha anoth updaominup iabt 10 tes.
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..youvuxt weatr d trtrc updaab10 nunus. 3 it's timimr toda triviaueueio 333 3 3 33
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3 r check-en't the wnly thingal in thth@t t against h decay in children. ildren.up next -- what parents w to help
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3 have "brene" ih officia ... a 7-pot-9 magnitde earthqua hasitff the stn coast...nd ty warn it could trigger a tsam tsuni.ithu. geolocal l seice sasat was centered abouousix miles under@th ocean rfacit is considered a shalw rthquakeke. whwhh is more likelyo caususdamage. mage.but, they also say . . the e s located d ou 4p0-mis from land.we'l posted on thituation roughoheheorning. 3now alat t morng... in thgh against t oth decay inin childldn.n. ilil.ilroute check-ups e vita-- proro ly cars as impopot. portt.oral heah exrts athe unirsitof alabama y... pentshoulcreate undaon forid-- and it s srtwi abala
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suga dris.s.nsuming too many beveres with d gacaleado tooth decay. -- also,ake sure yr ds eamore banced mes lude fruits. getabl... grains. prei and dai. da-- f fallyres shou bshhe kids' tee until they're enououo brush on theirwnbrusfo2- minute-- t dayayay focucue e e teteh gumst.nd don foet toss! 3nes aboutthis ar's f v.'s ing etntin yeara the c-c-. this on it is nearly 60-enefe. effee.t, evewithth lower ances ofoftrting the s -- cren have died thisr om the flu.ther e waing gns watchor ...tetf ur ililflu inning t ke ddly turn:-- difficult brbrthinis a huge "red flalablue fingernai bebe are sign yoururhilds not getting ough oge
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ck.atould sigmeniitisis mengit.and youchild fes bettererndhen fes sick *ain*- thth c alsollroubleleleat's use a *sondary* infection n t have s sotrusus g- and
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3 3 lce ck.te ghgh now...hong y a look aoooo at our tempmratures...he's what the satelli andatar is showing urit noti to pn outhe outfitfo the ds!re's yououbus stst forestifoure h hdi out ofn, h he's a shot of the tion tperatus d radadawewel have more on yoyoeven dayorecast in
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everyoneplainsut minials. nonssese mials,s,alute you saoneye nother tion. you shcars, fi passwords,,noes, deodan randndn bor of pas m m today'h) no babboomer eveve of papathe.
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3lcombacko fox2moin news- -capping the t wstori of e are today's p sisiin 60. .ldru and hilary clinton nning for their parties thisupup
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anwhe in c cado -- bernande beat out inton n r the democric caucuc victo. 3 ne....whe od reing ag raw mbl seseov p *l cminanathe nveeold d paing the o o sho hehene far, ere are rerts of aone ininsick. thsue urt will mt toto..ndear r much pated che xas ababonaw.this mks the firyt major ca tbe d is twinly y eijustic. 3 classeresu at t high scho in ohih. . dayser auitieie-yeaeaold ot 4tuntde the cafea.e suspect rema in "venile dtion" -- after enyithchges raprgsgsorking hazazaititatn ant t ogm ftervyai landesast t ar serl d dageded h hes. it takehree years befefe y wners are bought out. 3 an..super bo mn ll gets s e @ exsiveve franise g fr theroncos hes expeed to rn 1 lln dolls this seaso--
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madey ly 15th. moormationon o@ sts... others.s.lolo ontoebsite - - m. 3 p33 3 good m y so oratchininlet'take a liook k ouide.ririt w. xt, t's shou the weorfor thdad he's a lk atour da planner.we wl ha anotherer date cing upab10 mis. 3 re'swhat'srendg".. astronaut ott lly is trying to used to trying to get scoco kly is tronaut trending"...ere's "what's 3
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, here's "wh's trending".... wnaut scoto4ll ng to get used to ravity* this morni. just return from his urthth miion ininpacethat lala nrlr a *yea .kekescend into the khsteserhe soyuz spacecra- alononwith russian cosmonauts. ssn included a bry sts on theffects of zera on the human body. and kewas uniq rese subject subjecechiin broth -- astraut rk kly -waon eaeah thwhole will alalscient to mpmpe how eir near ideal boes afent now tha one t tspenalmost2- nthsn n e. ace.e e nver po# repopopo.. a team coloro statuniversity aremong ient from larararieses iolveinhe astwin". blo sas llelp them inwh chaes s@o kelllls chmomome gone thrgh ringime at t
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3 hnarisli a lol"s rnin ndndnge exexrime @-hiown. t tg so " ha -- bi make oulis a little easr.john? 3 we w wattetet to open this bottle of wiwi...with this sho
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3 are you so busy atou n%nd every mite in the day to
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..*t*t* to help at let. john mtitijojos ususow w wh me l le e ck--o try toto silify y yr day-to- living.joh 3 the's a r swirling arnd on e intern: if y have bote of win but no rkscrew to open it, then ae e ll do th triccely.reallywell, this frfrch guyrom mirabe wine sure makes it lo easy. jt nine swiftfttrikesinst t ste llllita man's es shsh, and a!he ck ips right ououodoes t parlrl tri wwiththt anoe s, even 3-i heels? a if , what's's t physicbend rk-popping action?n?weweeci`ed try it out here a athe
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rt of nps science . d we c say, without a dot, openi up ne with a shoe d ds indeed- but it susnsn arm sth musclewere sorfor ys aer banging bototof cabe sauvignon agagasthe wall for 10 tonute)d if yououneasnepe nean plastic corks, t en u'ut oluck. ose susus uldn'tge milleterno mattehow hard we pnded theottle ains the llsohat sheshe ut?wi itself! 3
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3 wr daha b t *wd* wke theirir ngerigh.chchf meteorolis jususamrs hase in yoyoecect nene. hll havyour iawetostay wh us$- 3 33 mororhank youo ch fchinlet't'ta veook outstse...right t w. outs..right t ve look t's ka aatchg.souch for and thanknknu od mcrng 3 3 ayusoo!!trivianswer ha youus.... he'llext. neheheforecast morin yr chbersas juin meteorolishiefangehigh makehe fire the *winill todada-- b mucwarm 3 33
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3 3 3 ch w wmemetoto-- but the *win wili,ke the fire dangerchf meteojolistt ustin chambers h h more fororornext. next...llllyour
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3 m mningng and dhankou f w winlet's s ke a veook outside.right ne, t's owowhe weatr storfofoe da re's's look at yr y plplner.we w wl havenother date comininupout t minutes.
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3 ..ur nt weather and traffic update in aboulu10- minusf 3 3 's te w fotoday's triv question.
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3 3 3 3 tvia winn
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3 onfamily home up with a way to protect t famy dog coyot coyos.up next t how ts new de help ker s s s s 3 but, first... primetime up on fox2totoght.$ 3
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wake up in yrufirst home. wa[a up in a home you' me a t biggerere wake up in a home withth new address.( wake up in a home atoesn't evenenave youououfe evovoes, your drere h he evolves too, and precting i tesuppppt. atatmericafamily insururwe suppopo yououdr.
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ring v doorbellat foday's breat banter... coyoyo ataacac on dogs are on ththrisecr ththuntry. couny.pnow... one fil hps comep th a nov way kp their belolod cani anion sa -- the coyo vt. vest. the website -- "coyote-e-stdot-t-m" -- they
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plastic spikes proroct t andk. ck..ver... veterinian *not* * ver aleaat atta.. ,3 no hum drivebehi the thank you!u! you!h sd be d- sus s aple-e-suey. 75centf ers y wuldn'n'safe in a selfrivingar. ca weve 60-0-perceney would ke to some ki of seriving feature -ch utatic b bking o se-parking..somedvatf self-drivings arguth wowod safer than cars drivenmans... cause
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drive e tired o oimpaed finally next. this pture of a aom bfeeding at a a a a beie sandersallyjw ing vi ral.brought r h- old th her... anwhen the baby gotungry -- m her righen at the rarate . bern andnd jane e sanders s me by after%ay --thor beiei aom". gottenrom the publ?she says so r -- it'been mostly positiv 3 3 3 3 we'll be right b bk.
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todapleded of allegianan. youd evevevhingl ghghtototo -i d d, th!h! ! get the new & &sscardm m m & & , , , you'lliscocor how w ststththrewad upup it t t e ey tointshings you bu so you c g g m me whayolo refoododmoe inks, , d mono f f f fscounts..
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sto0n toet yr ca dowoad e app and starrererdinyourself with more da kum go. wrens 3 3 goorningwelcome to x 21 rning ne ornini.wel to fox mornininne.iisisededayay ma2fd.@fey..coffffndnd$kimbey pric we'll get your forecastn juminuwiwi wi def a a a 333 bu we beben w wj pociand presidenelalace.e.per tuesday was odo both donald trumpnd hillaryry
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vals...scott t lele i i i i shgtonond-... . th t f f f the latest on e race f f white use. g g gmomng, scsc 3 ank yo scotltl
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3ototththk , l3 tpyou,. meanile, h he in colorado... bernie sandeefeats hillary clinton in ste's dememeaticicreial uces. cacaususus-- statewide reses hava sandet abo0- rcen.. a a cnton a a t 40-prcrct.nwhilele ininpapapapapapa cnt..anders about0peent of the votes.s.`. c about 3 3 percent.-- but, pueo county... sanders got only out t rcenenof t t t votes... c cpapad tototo cleon 52cent encolorododo strawoll isininng..t sanders's's's' win gis him impororor ost in aatround state
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demomoic nination.though st olodoemememtici partestablishmt endoed clinton fxpecting to tually ininhe nomination. 3 goodnini . 3 ododornini a a tnknknknknk f watching.g.let's take a ve look outside.right now. next, let's showou the weather str ththd aoo y ydby anne w wl l nother@r updaabt t tes.
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3 w r 3 now r "health alert" -- e zikairususakes its w coro.. colororoehate's "chiefef dicaofficer" cfis *two* * opleere inct-- afr treling to a countryry ererzi was presese.ey have both since recovered. kas stommonly y ad ae e mosquo that dodon'liveven n corado. e vivihas en s sdidi at anan alng spepe in latin n n americicthe cacaea-- and could linketo a sge in bthefeces alanew this s rnrn i milita news.the 10 sailors briey heldaptive by an january - -mamace dineorortatas ntring@ e incidede. incident.nvnvnvgagaon und d e e ilorororde pepeedy y led them
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rsrsrsrsth repeptetealal @ rararaconducucda opopationabriefingng be insail pp3 33 now making news across amerera...sports r rorter in dpdps'motionon testimomo continued in herer5-5-llio llar cilil lsuititgagaga a nashvivihotend t who dderer ned ir i2020.. 20...chael vid rrrrt wa coictetete i i istate e e stalking and sentenced to two a halfrsn pronon he's since b bleas s saysysheve was aumating... and somemeing she ll h h ( l le e e the e oher lifefefefe 3 andrsa"i"ihink t thinthat's r%rhihiho for mend hurure ththworsrs iphen n n n hhshsd llege, they tweet and they swant to berin ananans, e et for the marrio slker thing i i can'n'contro ananthat's's everday. thadot gegebett better."andrew yers claim hotel was newhen itit aowedarrettttrequest next h witho asking questions.if wins her lawsuit --t's stilil
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3 the roies are knowas @ "bla s seeeebombers" for one reason- ng ball. ll.we thahaght ange -- le.staxead d what t t chan mht not allow as many home runs in coors elorts is next! p3 3 3welelee e e ck..e rit now...we arere shoho y a live look outse.take a look at your's ahheatellite a r r is showi urighnow.time to plat the tfititr r out the ti to an right n. owing and radar ith sateleite hehe'e w wt . teur take a look at outsidi.livevok showing
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3 lcomback...time righ
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at your what the satellite and radar sng us rit now.time to plan out the tfits fo kids!here's your bus stop fore y heading town, here'shot of the nationalempetures and dawe will have moron sen day forecast in justbout 10 mites. 3
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3 . your next weher traffic upte iabt 10- minutes. 3 3 ta with mar anuncement this morning out arcelona...american skie-- linds vn says s willnd her w wld c skiing asonarly because of inju. w to baseball...and inging for e fences just little more chlenging at coors field. 3 this because- the ies ising e tfield
8:14 am
upcoming sean.ght-center goes up by by 8 feet.. ahe ft-field foul pole 5 fpet. e rockies h)t 102 s 18hors at coorfield last season... 3 and roies manager walt wei weighi 3 " alwahought it would be an interngoncept if raedhe wl height. it would ine sof e cheaper home runthat we see there and if you can keep a ball i here or the itould ces somth." 3 now to the n-h-l... 3 e avalche innesota ainst the wild...and the lose this one -- up -- the florida panthin deer tomorrow night. 3 w to some lol baetball acon...he visge wolves ace to the el eiin thetate playo.. angoing up agast the les palmer rgers... longtime rals. the
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before.the team ilookg to cnge that this weekend. "it's li changing experice going into the playoffs, i havelad on varsity r 21/2earsnd i have neverxperienced a tm lihis, everyone play ther." and...en you ask junior... hunter ldado what position hays..heys themll for the wolves..d willing toork hard to help his teaman. 3 "we g foach other and i know all of us want it. so it means a t me personal because my people ght now e sitting at home doing somethg other ort anwe ande are still playg baskll." skball."the wo will play theangers this saturday at p-m at lewis palm high school 3 3 it's wednesday.. and that mes anher fucritter is here for you to take home. home.coming up next--we will introduce you to p.. and talk with oufriendfromhe
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gretchenressy is with e ne society of the kes pepeegiogood morning. morng.tell us abouthis 's ftured pet.* rcisis a very handsome orangeiger* he camamin a aa 3 yw%s out 3 ars old.* percy very friend anddent* *`s oatatolonomomso he tototehehekitttts we* me ado hodayhi adoption fees $7hi inud v vcher f f a vevenaan exam, vaccinatio days of p p
8:20 am
microchi3 it's n srtime yet* the niceeather means pets e ouananabout enjojohe beautil ather.hat can also3meanore chces fo pet to get lost! what arararar firsstuxs pet owrshould tata when they realaze their pepeis missingng we rern 50 pereent ofogs that come in as strays to their owne. rtunately, we`ly return 6 peent of cats.0firsof all, we urage all pet t owowo o ease microchip license ets and keep aolol on th at t all meou have lost ur pet, pleaseome by hsppr look througr kennel and fill out a losrt t withososd foun depapament. that way, we c get erneoushelter on
8:21 am aom3 they find a stray anal?* ways c cck to e ifif s has taga or a llarhat coulul idedeify whwhhe belo* he animalb seems to brt, bring him us rigwa* *f the a ama wswsou tcah him, se bringng h to hsppr! we wi p putheord at we've hihief s owners will be in claim him soon.* if youind ananalndeehim w wle look fo his ner,ou als d poith r loststndepen withhe cantartrt
8:22 am
ldohis dog eeorti th socty, the phononmbererer ,3 473-1741 or t oror" 33 hsppr.r.3 333 welclc..imri no.. showingouou ve look k k outstakeook k your temperur...t t the teteitd rais sng n.@plananan o ooitfoe e e !! herer bus stop fofecast. if y are h hding out o totohererererehot t thehe ra dar.r. wililhave more on your seven dayorin
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centurylk k ism tv has ur f forititchch tons oveports, anmore -,- all cryal-cle h h tch whennd wre wt with advced feur o w weless t- whwh evr,,, d onon ansea riy atacge toour r mememememee cal, .n.andtataedititit e e e m esseiqiqtv bundle. yo getetvususp to 40 m% of centuryrynk i l for $65 a mth iseal undsreat, esescici if u loveveveveve geesseia anup t t40404040@f@f@rnet only $65 aonth. .e!e!e/ ifou l lelelelt ...... [ sorn accent y, cinininin on n d d@ esl tv u uto 4megs o fo6$ a m m m mhyah whck] rmal voi c..
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@ mthor a ar.r. eee vailib yar only f f fceuryl
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3 we areolbreang nene" th hourva ple has crashed nearlamer lake -- out ha-a-as thlake.. .it is a s)ng engine te e, pasascounty ers ` office is heininl. ght nono w.'ll l onhis fluid sisususuthrororout the mornin andour webse --ox21 news com. 3 3 lets re-cap`the e h%p news stories of the dre are toa's top siinin +dold tmp a a hilar clintonnink fothei rties isiser@r dayn..eaching 7 es. while ininolado --
8:29 am
clcltotor e democratic caucus victory. ... olfos is caing maytag rawk ue ee -- overble *listea* contamination. the ca invols cheese sololin agwnwnwn farththe are rts ofonongeg sick.. the pueme e ururll m m today... andndear a ch anticipatechalalnge to a oron mararararar e first major caseo bebe aris twith only eighstices. 3 cls resume aa high ol in ohoh... 2-ysft authororors say a 14-yold ot 4 s snts side t t cacateria.a.the suspececremains in "juvenile dentiti" -- aftete*denying* * chges 3colorado sings worng on rd mitatiogrt prram aer h rai laslidasyeye seserl d daged homit coulta tee years be any home ownererarbobo t. 3 .. "per r wlwl-p" n miller gets the exluuivev anantag frfr the broncos hes expect to earn 14-
8:30 am
un a long termeal mamamby july 15th. 3 fomore i ioron on e s.....s. onto webte - -ff1 news t m. 3 od morning and thankou so muchoring.t's take a ve look tsid..right nelet's ow you t ather story for thday. anr.we will have another upte coming up in ababt 10 nutes.
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3 for today's breakfast baer... a miouri gl battttng cancer want to help hommunity b mat look *eaner*. 3 the mamamamawishououation n oftoive r anytyiyi she wawa ---and shld tm -- shed totok- trash ater local pk. pa.ndds heleld elia at ope parknd spots arod kans c cy.e mar has named satutuay "eliaiaeyer take care of yououwowod" day 3 ne..f u nd yoursrsf avg a lot of sweets --t y be bausese yououno gegeg enououslp*. acco a new study... eeeedeprivivion can tually give youhemarijuana munchies." munchiesthe medical urnana sleesasa..whenave
8:33 am
chemicin your boan produce milar effects as inme wewd -- which can te to a snacking. 3 ofcials say your brain lling yourody to eat lotop n sleeping can bh dangerous s r h hhe long g n.n. 3 nallllraffn n ge owawawa a aill l l semomoinin-- all becae of a truck wd ben a guardrl and a retete brier. barrr.r.r.the drdrer w gone -- and so were keys pedestriraffic a vechlegsere shut wnor mor an n hour - asws red t t. truce drivold d d ce@ shshgot sts -- aftete following the wrong pathe will *noe c p33 3 hn "ve andnd cal"l"s rning -- ucti some exrimes s s ofof hphpown.
8:34 am
has" -to possibily make r lia littasasavhn 33 3
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e e u youeeee y nute i ithe dato mama?we . .e're herto help. help.*try* totoelp -- at ast. jo martin jojoususowith me life has -- to try to simplify your day--
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3 rmrm temps today...buttigh fireanr wi stog g nd. 3chief meteologist stin chambers will l ve yr
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8:51 am
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8:52 am
foowinthem arod all day you u kn especiaif the st othe ass can't rely communatat(dexyrae clarke "ianted to bablb to talk to rmy and i wte be le to o mmunimime with him-" ananat h h themerica sigue club was born.n. at grp ofptunts-ho wted toe e able tta tie myrvi was thll they were iesd anan at ty learso si langue e d they rereakinso ititiive ae to cmucaore ctththne of f r clsmsm."."li their is frencclassehe uden say they' finding thathere's's@t thahagoes inrning is language- anthingsren'ways easy. (tabriitith er "setetoullllwanto lk whileoue siing but then y y have to likiked j jt t your hands instead of your moutto communicice wiwither peopop.")but--t-thave a teachein theirrid (nat of rhe teaching)--showing themthat sopmuchan b said--out sang athin at all(rhemyls "it makes feel liap.")(tam
8:53 am
walktotoim a a you k kw y eyow a t', it's rlly 3 we'lbeight back...
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3 hererehas trding" this ing.....fa s s eest, e caiad e "lgestittereof puppie. 3 the lierluded boys and six girls.all arg/into fas in calornia. californ.e ne s. . thth are bred folistock otection -- ane e wesome breed 3 xt... s only ud as brkfast donuts areti a tasty keover. ce creamamde outut of nuts is taking thentne by s. nes are also
8:57 am
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