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tv   FOX21 Morning News 6  FOX  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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3 gpdd mor.wee to fox 2 moing ws. is weday, 2nd.m craicffffff cocoeyand m erly pri 3 3 3 morning and tha you so muchor 3 watcet take a live look outside...right,
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3 a "tralert" to tell you that could *sw w wn* your morngom. thrsectionf pors and north carefreeemains clo thisour r in *both* directis. dirererers.police say . singleleit a a tic ligh -- bringingown r lines.the driver ib had a medical conditn. and was tak to the`e` ts time... drs can on *turnightht the intersection. tersrction itit eted totoe-opep between n anthis morning. tuatiothroughout t 3 3 new th morning -a nsumer ert ton you wholfoods res maytag mi blucheese natatnwe ov possible lili contamininion. 33& maytag dry farmsuspended bo production stbution while the cause hedetermined. whole foods says -- at this lnses have been reported in connection
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3 now for a "health alert" -- as the zikaires wo.. ste's hief medical officer" confirm *twoople were infected- aftetraveling to a country e zika wasrent.they ha both since recovered. zika is st commonly spre by a type of mosito th doest liven colora. the virus has be spreadi at an almingpeed in lati amera and e caribbn -- - and uld linind toge in bir defects. 3 3 also new thimorng ----n mimitaryews...e 10ailo brieflheld c ctiti by iran in january -- maface diipline for miske contributing to e incint. indean iestition d thsails ma repeated errorwhich d th intoranian tertorial waterstheyortey also failedo nduct andard opernabriefingefore settg sasa. 3 3 coalestate in s boomin a s getting g l thcrcrcr.crcointo na cod by theo reonalalldldg
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lated ects" brought nearly 15-midoll coun widi. officic say.... pueblo cououyps been ststng enocally for r s and the marijuanana industry might "saving grgre". last year, arlylypercrctcofofll mmerci building rmits in ththty and countre relato theannabis s instry. bu thempact en morsignift in *unincorpoted* aas- opop 6percen perms gog tobig riana businees". 3 3 next - -pu neibobobo stoppebursrs fm breakiki into man h he last momoh... and iwas all ug on cer camerarapoli arere n hing svelae vide-- fromebar8ton hollywo avenueue- lpidentifyfyfy ectststse e hbhbays he wahed e rssusuect knocon t d dr foseveral mimites before dhe sesend wewe to thback door and trieto break in.e nehbor who kw thpeople weren't hoho -- went te suspts anansced theheof 3 3 ore news arorod colorado...a big *ausation* ououlaststummeme stilfrom the golking
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tural resosoces cocoittee e sa...tll was *purursebr bthe vironmnmtal tiongency. agen.he c cedn e-il... which idhe spillappened when t clep teamamam was ving a "ug" +- blockinin the mimi'srara. ananan hoinba t t was ltltltn popoon xi....ndnd ioioly, the e amam adraraone e-e- wajudoep w minenfnfe cl 3 now ki news across americic..spor drs emotnatestimy y cocoued er 7miio arararil l lsuitit@t@tin shllteteand thman who lmlm hakak in he room2020... 20.cjaeaedavavavaba d stat ng andtenced anhalf years in prprpr 'sn re sasapa the eve was mamang....t tns.s.s.llllave`e``to livthth for stheli. drdrs ys: "i t t e ininthatlll,hihime m%m%nd hurure shegirl highschl
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lker thi i i i cacococo`/, athqh's every day. tt n't get better." er."3 andrs' lawyers clahe hotegligegt wht lowebarrett to reqeqst om next to heritut asngueions. s w r ui-- i stl uneao would pay th mas. 3 3 the wait is over for one broncos "free agt" agt".pebo mv-von mier gs e exuse franchise tafrom the onanwill earn about $14 millionextson... th is unlele the team can won lon termgreent... and they ve until jul15th to do that. thatmier is th league bes"impact pass- shers". had 2oint-5 sack... and "force fus" when the broncobeat the pars in r bowl he also ha60 "career regar- ason sacks."
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broncoose to pce the anchistag oniller... quterback brock weiler can now testhe freagent maet --s the am waior a decisi fropeyt 3 nning.3 3 lol high school's gil dia ograisetng mar boos 3 up nex-- find ouabt the neadtion -- rivaling tenogy at some colles.
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0 w tiggestht i i entiti polso f-- oll dald trurp and llclinn n n bi@pey. 3 ghnow o o niona correspondenalexchuman joins s ` ive from washington rere down the tes. good mornrnalex?? 3 feneckcknd necraces,ut all-ininll ad ght t for nald tru a h hlary clton.otofhe frtr aeady starting tk li i inera eltioj. tata a l ok.sot 0:)"i bvev whate neertoda ore ve a k y owititinst building we' g
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one rson thas hill e'wed tht ru run."trtrp n states. the nenerk billirerepulai touth - havg win orand abatatedruz llhis me statef tealso win oklahoma analaska. senator rubio - wostate - minnesota. a much ne w w as he and cruz will ep mpetin be the reblican parts s p alteative. hillarclinton n seven states -anders w four. inn'delega ld pret big, cause is nd rorndraisin- nders is notutut o oth racecethere are still 3535 stat left totoote. ll not see him d dp ouany ooooking
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jojondda -herump could be out rubr vernor john chn thth metes. baon the last night, it unds like moso of the candidates wl be staying i i i when's thebig vote? vote?3 thererare 11ons u mo ofhem republ -n th nexteek. the bigge day, ananthy weould havavsome offici nins - marar 15th. at wn florida, is, , d ohio vote. the
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ve ishon, d-.. our tialorspononn.. ale hu....hank. 333 an herinin c cado... bernie s sdersdefea hillary ininn n the sta cratic psidentiaiacaca ca.-- s sdets sanders at just aut0- percent... cli at 40-percent.eanwnwle el paso cnty... sanders lled about1-perct ofhe votes...nd clintnt about 3 rcent. butltinueblo unty. saers got only out 47-pepeent t the votes... c cpared to clcntonon 52 pcent. percent.codo'straw poll is ninding... t wiv v vehim an imptant boosin a batateground state in his decratic n/n/ do's democrati pay tablishment doed clinton n expec evevlyly wininion.
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3 omck...timimght
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liook outsid a look atteeres's's wh the satatliteadar ishohong,u,u,uw.time totolan its fofo e kiki! your bus stop focaststif you areeadididi out of town,erer of tiemtus and ra will haveon pevevayorecast inin ju about 10 minunu
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. ur nexweheand trafc dada in n out 10- mimites.
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wsonl ghchool utti its students ahead he game. tehing them how usesehe sa tecologththsed in lmsnlikera pirates the carqbqb and thlala star@warsrsilm. x's chststa dadadowias re. 3 ((na))it's movent. caurury lights)) seanybradigital media sts educatat apalmer high sool "titite reflecvels actll piedbyamas tt up othtoheru st. d atatmaon psed ththugh s on t couterwhwhen t% those dotktk to bu skelal structure. madiso ers s 1818nior "itike, you feel scool a lili, powerf like a ninja. stududts a a hh scscol@ hanly beenen wor iit cncnlogy forouplpl eks...utut they'rere aeady leng a lot. tayloravisis yld - -enio palmer hi sool t's like learning a new language, you n't knowhayou're walng intoyou don't ow anything about . but once y y get to it, y catch opr faan wybrant sayszce
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il. . mon th be acedit uhe sa movemens the stststt in theuit. sean n an didital did stududs educat portant for th to understa thihipichl is world, that theyave e loof power and a lot`of opportunity to creatthings right now if ey p their md tot. thisisivacti motion caure alws sdentto4 becomesive usersf chnogy..lelso ttg eati.. mison my- 18 "ing g le toe like, at o that wbs le to`wowo with tionon caure fo colge forereveryonelse andik yoalready y owinda w at ththdeal is.n k lorado spng cisna dawidowic x2news. 3 brana ......ey are the only schoo multistat radi that haha qualaty ofechnology y offed tirir prograra 3 e ros e kn the "bke streeeebombs" for one ason -- the long ball. ballll that might change- a d(ttle.ililahd -- wha chge mht notllow f a many home ruru in coors
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3 rth a ma anuncementututf barcelona.eric skier- - lindsey y y ss e wiwi e cup iing seaso early becauso& sebaand swininng e fees jusgot a litt mo cllenng at coors fiel 3 are ckraising the outftfldld in twtwspots for r r comingn. right-t-nterer b 8 8 ..nd the left-fielfofo le. throck hit 1010of its 18686 hers cocos field .. and ies ger walt weiss ighihi in. 3 " always thoughthtt uld be i iesng concewe is t wall heht. uld h eliminate me o oth chpepeho runs s at we se
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ball in the park here tre itould chaes se things 3 nonoto t n-.. 3 e avalche m mneso agt ththwi.and the av lose thihione -- 6-3-3-3next up theri pananers in denver tomorrow night. 3 w to some lol basketball t vta rge wolves a to e it eight t thetateplayos. anannow ing gain the wis er rgers rivs... w w the lvese e ver be fo.bththteam is looking to cnge e at thisiwiekd. "i"ilili chaha experiencengo e fs, i (blayed on rsit/2 y y and have neverxperered a t t ke this, eveonayay toer p3 an..enou askunio.... huntntnt ldonadadwat posi h hpls..he pys them all willing oro help his s am advance.
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and i knkn all of us. imeans t totoe puly becse many ople rinow tting g ome doinmethininother spor d d andare still ayinetball." etetll will he r rgers this tu at 7 n at lewis igh ho omombababaime e right nono a a shong you aa live look a l at's wh thehehehelite and rad ishongs ght nomemmmm tolan oue outfitr
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here's a shototf the tionalemperatus and radar.we will ha more on your seven day forecas st about 1minutes. cheebeing recall ible lte 3 listeria. 3 ssleecald r se b bng 3
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in jt out 10 mut3 3 chcd is ininreed f poleistetea. 3on t way- find o ib your fariterands affected.... anwheryou ouldldvoid bung the p pct. plus... an astnaututs ho aftetealmomo a yr ininpace. what oneocalnivetiy has do th h rururur top 6 in 60 e comi up next! 33 but,ir. yourriritime li-up on fox21onight.
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ur damamolve,, anth committ support
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ericanilnce. welcome bacaelelelacacto fo1 1 1 morningpnews -- re-capping tops storirs heheayayhere are 0 todas top 60.donarump and hil clton g r thth parties th tuesday...ea t ting g states. next. whole foods is reag raw milk blue cheese -- over pbltetete contamimion. the lls cheein packaging t t o .so fara tharno s of ae getting supremcourt is meeting da....o hehehe chall exas artion -- thisks the fir major seo eahis rm onlnleighghjusvic.` 3 nana astrorouttco kellylyly earlylylyhis rnin the kazastan dedert, a nearls a y yr r in o o. he a his tw brother m mk ll deo physal tesesng a c-u. colorado sprgs working on a hazard mitn grt ram -- afterereavy rns anideses last t seveey damag homes. it could ta thrhr yearsefore any y home owners e boboht
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millerer g gthe lusuve fre taom mhe broncos. hehes eded to earn 14- million dolliseasoso-- unless a ll is dey july 1 r monformatio on these".".g g wnto o websi- fox21 dot coco 3 3 good mningnd thank y so muing.s take li l lk outstsright nono , let's owou the weatororfor thdad here youday y y planwe w wl anoth upte cominupupt 10 nutete
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3 it's time now for today's triviv queueion. 3 tviaiclicicicroug
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3 3 3 jo martin is le wi us this morning morn showing us some th to o keour li .john? 33 we're fofginclothes in 2 solid sesond..joinwon't
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theasy wato en points thengs u buysoan m wt t love rereree foodmore f fdrks, anuel scous.thmo you use y yr ku& !p&r&rardsd,d,heore e u ge
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3 yososososousthou neeee ery minuten n e y to ttererwell he t#elel help ---- at least. johnn jos us now with lhas to try to simpli your daday ling.john you're anynhingike us, doing the ururcan be a multday or. wawaing anng t f day two is folding, and on three youininly put it a a one lifha that will hopefuy cut down some of t t work t- nd s fol to do lay e shirt fland in
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thahrgh t t midddd of shhorizoallydr a veic l l l lhaway betwew e edgesh lelele of thsht. t tke it eie in dedeabove, theythe ot where t lineinrsa. en tthe ical nes poininb and the bottomth verticalis point c.pinch the shirt at point a aith yoyoxherd, pick k shsh b and fold b down tc out lettg go of point a. at thipoint, ur as should be crcrd. while stilholdin one ha and a c in the he mply uross your armsthen usthe flat surfa to fold the sht ban itlf. .
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rmatto 6 6uauaze sif you' intererted in this fe ha, please take a w minus d eck t th vio abobe;e;coulshten yourndnd process by day. 3 more lififhacks coming up 3 welcombabk...time righ w......tom 3 uphahaming mlife 3 3 laundry procs by a d
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3 moree hacks ming up 3 3 3 lclce ck...te rit w.we a s swiou liveoooooue.ta look
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ngrit now.ti to p pn out the tfits s s ki!heoubus op fofostst youreeadi t of tn, he's shotf thtiemperarares nd rar.we wl hava mon sen day forect in stbout 1s. 33 3 t weatheheand traffic date it -
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(ad-d-b bibiays.) y y o soone you ave a bihd cominupwe wt ow abobo it... jususemail at picrerererthday fox ns t coand dodo forget tcludthe me and any specl ssagyoke . toto. s@"whahatrending" isis mornqng....a farmer his ee, sela, just oke e rnrn record foe "largest litte puppies"s" the tter incs d six girlall g toto rmrminnia. calirn.thrs ey arere bred for st prececon m- and a a an wesome bre". ne... its cocoly uas breakfast fofofod w dots areting t ov. 3 ance camonondedef
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by storm. thconee also edchney cakes".. kes"ththth are a "m"m"mn ke: on a a tratitial illeugh slov ptry - llll trdnik.somef them en have e someth trdeikalledelnik me o evehaveut 3 l beig bac back!bufirst... here'
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3 3 3 od morniwetcomomto@foxox1 morning is esy, mah 2ni'm kierlyce ani'craig g coff. we'r"livandn t rning -- and comg up thiur.. ur...
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3 3 good m mng and tnknkou so o oror watchint's take li loooutside...rinow. xt, let'showhe


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