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tv   FOX 21 Morning News 5  FOX  March 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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into-- but did *nono deleveock-out nchcto r ririls. rivava.scott mclean is s ven wawaingtonlnd-wihe e lan thrace for the ite use.ood rnin sct.
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3 in lorado..rnie sandndfes arar n state's demoicreseuc. ucuses.----tatede r rults haveveders at st abo 60- percent...nd clint at about 40-per.eanwhi, el pasoounty...anders pued about 61-pet ofof the tes.s. andli aboutut8- rct.------, ininueblgl coty..sandnds goonly out 47-pernt of the votes.......pared to clintnt's erce. sercentncoradodo s poll non-binng..t sanderer win givem an impmptantnt boost in aattltlund state in his quest for decratic n/ninn.thoughg most orodo'sdratic rty y tablisent`rsrsrs
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evtually win thehe natio 3 3 good mnini a a thank youo ch@hor wating.g.g.let's(tatata li loooooutst now. lelesh weher the y.and re looatatr day plananr.weill venother teomomupupabout 10 mites. ,3 3 "trafficrt" to t tu abt hat cod *slo down* morning cmute.
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north carefree remains cd thisn *both* d dectionon dictions.poli sayay sisilc craitraff light pole -- brinng down por@lines.the drer -- poibly h med itio a was taken to the hoital.ti... ers can on *turn right* thenterseion. intersection. expected -opepebetwand 8 this moinwe'll youated on this situatatn thhout e newsca. 3 3 w w is mning -- nsumer alererto waryou olfoods recas maytag r milklue cheese nionwid-- ovov a possie listeria cocoaminn. 3 mayt d fafmspupued p pduction and distribuon wle the cause of the p pblem ideterminin. whole odsays -- at this poinjh-- no illness beenorted in conneioio with the rall. 3 3 now a "hlth ert" -- us mests w toor colorado..ththstat% medicaoffifir" confirm *two* pele werinin-- afteteavg to a count
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ha bobh nce recored. zikakas mostomspsp a t te of mquitthat doesn't live icolorado. th virus s been seading at an alarming s in tin a anane caririeaea- and uld be ld urge ininirth dects. 3 alsoew t tmornininn milita ns...e 10 sairs iefly he capti by iran inanuary -ma diline f miske ritingo e cide. innt. itigati fod the saorma repeed eorwhh d th in ian tritorial watersrsthth repor failo condt a stan operational briefing seseing sail. 3 mmeral real esesten pulo is oming -- *weed* is geing althe credit credit.accordto new dat collecte the pueblbl regionuildin dement.nannabis lated prects" brbrght nearar 15-5-lllln dodo countyicialslsay... @ooubeen struggling economi deca and thearijuana dury m j zt be it' "saving grac. last year, nearly 40-perct of all
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the city a cntwere relad to the canbi industrybut,mpt ev mersigngnicananin niorporatted* areas -- with h a a a oppipi 65-ent pegogotobig rijua busi". 3 xt- puebghbor stped bularobreaking in a manav he last nth... andt was l caught onamera. rapolice areow hoping th surillae video -- fromebebeby 8th on holwo avenue -- h s enfyhe suec..e igor sayayhe wawcwcd the first suspect knocon the dr foverara mite before cond mamawent to baba door and ied rethe neighb -- who knew the ople weren't home - - to ththspects d ared theoff. 3 mang mororws around d cocorado..g *ausatatn* abt laststummer's toxi e spypl frhe golking a a for the nanaral reuouos s commite says.. tpill was *pur* breached bthth environmental ececon agency. agency citedean e-mail ich said thellappened when tleanp teamam w removing a aplug" --ing
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hohoing back the wte. 0- reltedthpoon o ri i xicoco utah.h. eviously, the obam raon sd e e- wps st " "g pr w the e ne fororure n-. nongews rorsrs era.spor repter in andrews emotional stony cocoind d h h h5-million dollivil lawsusu agast a nanaville e hotel d d e n who ed her nedn her room i20 2008.michael david rrett was convicteof intstate stkingng stenced t ttw and a ha yearsn ison he'sce bn leased. andrew the eventas trmatizing. . and somethth she ll have e lwi f f f ththrere oher lififi 3anews sasa: nk the thg 's rllhihome for mendurts me the rst is when girlrl higigool and d colllle,heeet me and they say 'i wa t tbe erin andrdr except r th mamaiotttalk tng and cacontl ththand that's evy.y.hat n't get beer." better."3 anews' lyers claim the
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lod rrt eqst roomomext to h witut kinguestions.ifhe ws r wsui-- it's s@stil damas. 3 the its over forne cos "free e agen. enen.super wl-p von ller getthe usive chtag omhe onco..and d earn abab $14 llion nextxt sson... this iun the can work k a long termgreeme... they u uil jul15th t tdo tt. at.llerers onthe leue's best "impt pass- rushers".he had 2-point-5 sack..and d ce fumbles" whehethe e oncos s the ntrs iper bo0. hehelso s 60care r rular seon s sks." sacks."so -- usususth oncos che tolace t franang g onil.. quterbacacbrociler now test the free-agent market -- as the team waits f f a
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3 3 glenyrie getounds of visitorsr... year...but, y havenen seen the famous landmk que like th.up nen-- we' te you ere. with skyf21! 3 3 3
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33 3 weba....ime fjgh w.we showing y a a l l l l yr's what theateltend radar s swings ght 4 tolan outhe tfs for the kids!he's yourustop castf u u heing out of tn, he's a sh o the natial tpeturean radar.weill ve me on sev day foras juju abo 10 nute
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3 . yo nexexweather d
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a nioracebooeeeee is in a braziail@tues over mesvi -- whwhsa. whatsa.and theginour ok arod thworld this moing. 3 ories s say.acebebk ce pdentnt- diego dzodan is cuentlbeg detaintetethe arrere c ces -- afththcompany *refed* prsride e ta fros whwhpp apapication ffortso lp offials s with "seseetet drugfficng investigatioio. 3 ne... an elephant goesa mpe e esesesl nia.the imim attataed ama as 27 vehies parked d temple. e elepha w w thered... manad d bakakree... and d pplever severa vees. . none wasnjur.
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mianan rn stnded the bordmadonia and grce.nearsand grartstsn gree are in n n ofousingand so 85- ndred d hem m e stuck in "wning conononon at th borl.r.rtherer oned ieflthisornihg- allow someefugees ugug 3 next... shcam videshows at loo le e meteorve e skieieofcotland.lolols took to sociedo figure t whwh the@ f fsh could be. the de exexetive dtor theproyayaastrical sosoetthinks t oecec codlve@ been a loloalaltu mumuor -- burning toto ebal 3 3 gugur check-s aren't the ly thing vital in the fighgh agtdoth decay inhire chdr.up next -- whahaelsese nts ne to ... to keep their kiki' eth healthy y -- we e turn!
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these creamerys s e so ricicand d ea. i know. finay a shake for an aficiciado likekeelf. it. you' ske afio? noto a ake aficdo. the shake afiona. -whoa.-(chucklesyeah. we, peaps u u ul one tgo ahead. mm ers coness. , 'sold. okay. ice creais c c stophe p pss, ysys ce cre is coco," pyset pntt.
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like bourbon b b sug.d alalshakesf-pre afte
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33 welcome ck.timimimght t nono.. a s swi you a ve l lk ouidta atatour whatatheatelli and radar shoho us rit n#
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the e ds!here'yo s3 forecastf you e heing g out 3 town, hehe's ahot of nati tememres d rar.weill ha mor yo s s dorect in
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ltlt ts mornin.. ithe fight nsnstooth y in chire chilen.elroine ecs e vil -- p *daily ce* iju as importt. poan health perts atniversity ofoflalama sa.. parenhoulu create a unonon for their kid-- and ittarts s th a * diet.-- first -cuba on gagarisjconsumto ma witadd sugacan ad to oth cay. -- ao, me su your kiki eamore bancemeals --
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getablesgrnsns. proteinsnsnd dry.. y.-- f, nts s ould brushhe kids' t tth unl th'rold enough t brushe o.brh r minus -- t tce a day -- fofo oe ththth gums meet. and don forgo s!s!3 3 ne- go newewabouth year fluaccineit's rking than in yeaea st.ththc-d-c ... this seasont is nearl60-perceneffective.e. efive.e.bu evevewiwi lower choftrtrng t t vi-uhireva d d thisear omhe fluththe arrning s atch dmine ef yoyoy child's flu bni t t a ddldlturn:---- ict brthinis huge edlag.g.ue f fgeai ds a aign yo c cld is notten ogen.--so....worraba iff f ne.atouldld sigmeniitis meniitisd ifr ilil
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si *again* -that c al sll's becae a ondary* infeion migh sett i so, trust t ur gut -- anansee a a a f ere e e any concncns..- 3 ke b bk ononarth toin a new s of scientic experts. riment next we'll l ll you one coloraniversity isp helelng wi troject. 3 ul... nd outhy dr.r. being celebrated toy.your p 0. when we ret 3 but, first... . your pmetime line-n foxr1 nit.
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3 3 good morningwelclce to 21 rninws.iisedsday
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3 3 weome ba...time e e ri now... arehowing y a livek outsidke aook atr temperateses.herere wpat theatellind rad swing us right plan outhe e e ououits s r r fofofoe are headin ouofown, here'shot of the nationon temperatud rarar.we wl haha more on ev dayorececin
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3 3 weweombaba t1 morning - -rerepiheheop news e day's top six in .donald trump andilary clintowinning for r r thei parts thiser tuesy.y.eaakini stat. anwhilinoloro -- rnie srseat out clilto for r thdemoic ccu victoror 3 next... . olfofos is
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ch - -er psi *listeononnati. the rellnves sesein ckagg li the one shown herear, thno reports of anyone getting sick 3 the supremcot willee toy. h hr ch tes aboron law.thisarks s e rsmajor ca to be hearism th only eight ju 3 classeresu at ho i iohio..da afterer authorititsay a a ear-ol 4dent` in t t feterithe spect t reias injuvenileetenti" -- ter enying* * e arars codo sprgs woror on a matioiogrant --&aer heavyaiai and slidyeajaj . verleyamomeses @ could ta threeearsefore y homemeere ught t. and.supe m-v" vo mier gs the exlusive anchise g from t broncnc... s pectcdcdo earn4- miioiodollars this season unless aongntermeal may ju 1h. r momo information othe or.. w
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asaut scotkey y trying t tget ed to ravity* this mni. j jt returnedm h fourth h ssion pace- that lastearly a r*. r*.kellllded the kazakhstan desert on the soyuz spspftf. ong with two rsiaj smsmautststs mission incled a btery o tests on thfectstero-gravavy the`man bod lly y s a ique reseah t. subject.roer - - asasonau kelly - -s on eartthwhtime.this alntistsco theine ident diesrerffefefe now t e o theenmost 12- montspacacehnv swepepts..( at cocoradotate uversar amonsietsm 10 boraes iolved the asa tudy". they arepapangn b bod mples frhe twoto aronana brothersthe sasasawi help s s stistterminwhat changessct kes chromos gone throh. the e udy llelp
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who ll@ s e en more time sce. d another pipi being celebratedlping us get lost i igood book erhe today isalead d ross ameri d". dait's certeteevy year on ma2nd --hich happenento be e e birtrtay o riter r and lustrato dr. seuss. the i iative s created theational edioasocicicin. ase e al? encocoagchilir and teens tod.adul canlso keesson omom thihick n ststbobo tay d enjoy. 3 jo "livend local" this s&rning -- conducting some exrimentntof s own. owowhe'sryininint soso "fe cks" -- possibily mak oua litlle easjohn?
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escreamery shakes aresoich and crcrcr. i know. finally a shake forlan a aciadlililiyselel wait. yohake aficiado? not a she aficiona. the shakakaficiodo. -whoa. -(chkl) yeye. weperhapu couldbe one t. go ahe.. . thers coolness cold, it'sold. okay. . e crea c ophere, guys."i cam i ico," sa pe.rint it. neow-crn creameryhas e e pmium flavors likerbwn sar. alshak aalicic a.r pm.
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3 this p us news"...g g lier medidiequiagress t pay mo t tn ha of a n doars to setete e ry, kickback c cims". claims".fededel ci
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ericicoff a seme whe en paibribes and kikikicks to a hospitaltooooo sales cording t u attory w jersey----lyus wilid pay 0-intwo miion dollars to resolveve criminalr vil claims. claims.subsidialso will pay 22-point molrs --o o relve chgestemmi from similarcts in lin eric 3 welcomba.timri
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liveook outsidta l l l yr r temperatures..he's he satelte and r swings rit w.ti pn t the ous fo the kihere's yous stop fore y y are headi
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the ti t trareand ra wilveve more e ur sevay f fecasasin just about 10 mis.
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p . your next wean traffic)u*date in about 10- tes. 3e you so by y at you n i evevy minu ithe e y to ma?well ...e' h hel
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john m mtin now@ with me l le has -- ttrto simpli ydadada--da livingohn? the e gi muges is in the e titi proio lleeee tllll size and quic te me that it's tfect oorlrnity experiment yourecipe. e 2 tablpoof sugar will result in a set bluebecake. y y're e r sosoinin healier d less dserx ke, re the s s s t t1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon.1 egg yolk3 3 flour1 tbilk an substitute non-dadad milk,
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buer2 tb sugar (redu to 1 tb + tsp for a l l leet t mumu4 4 p baking powder tsp vanillallllful of blulueres, , esh n 33 wapsoday... but the in cldlde ss ts afternn.chief meorologist jujuincmbers has in yourter theaea
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sele-driving ?'ll ll howany people sayay they are... s4ay with us 3 burst, here lastutut first, her with us!theyre..stay people s h h many 'll u iving rs?sred of self-plus.....ou break.. break.afteforerest mor in your ambersas just meorogtchief after issuth couldlde e he *winay... but wa mps s 3 3 3 33 3 pzezelueberri, fr smalalhaofluluerries,
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3 3 3 warmer today... but th *w cldan issue this afternwon.chief meteorologist in chambmbs s re in yoururorecasasasasr break. k.plpl... are you scared ofelf-ing cars?'ll tellou how many say
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3p baba......righgh w.w.wewewewewewi a ve looooooide. a look atatat yr mpmpmpes..he what the satellite a rad howiwi us riririnow. outhous r @ thththds!here's yr rbuop
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thbtialal tempetus d radadawe wilha yourorecect ininin st a a q0 nus.s"3 fofoday'breaast bant... vnver@r@ nini theheheel?h..... k yo yoyothank u! yoyo..o the e eeeeee drer bind umumba. . asasr da te
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bantnt...nonouman dr h&h& t f wuhhh k k k k u!aato b b nsensus tri er of ivers say they *wouldn't* f fsa in a -dngng . r.wewe0-0-percent y theyeyouldldldik getetome nd o olfrivi uchcac automomomraking parking.g.g.dvdvdvdvdv el ue y nv. because th't gistracted or drive whenirir or imimireded xt. is pre m m m easdfeeeemg at y ybwing viral. x- wh````
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we.when she got huny... mom her right then at th y.momomo.......... jaanan cftrr totoay "thor beieiei". moasasororheeaeaeishe' tttt fpupuicshe says so r -- it' mostly p p 3 33 3 igpt rst... . js ury'
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3 gpdd mor.wee to fox 2 moing ws. is weday, 2nd.m craicffffff cocoeyand m erly pri 3 3 3 morning and tha you so muchor 3 watcet take a live look outside...right,


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