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tv   FOX21 News 10PM  FOX  March 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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10.the jourl bebend the 9/11 ats is opened up the puiceywhichehe untry osama bin lalalas rget 3 plpl nrlrlomes tin e ofof foding and ndslides in southern lo..hothe ty i workto clean uthe mess. swinintterr r q g given a a olnew meinfor e rockies....what coors field is n that may pact ththscoror t game.fo1 nene at t p-m startno 3 3 it'super tuesday- -h ggest daso f oe ary calear..d hiarar clinton anno t tmp appebeeng r grn thmoat a blredeial noti 3 and alvoteare inow ias e la pl in alaskjuju cped.... ryan nobobs jos us now liv om the ncatal... ryan, , k about t we kno o r.
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3 3 3 3 back here in colorado... stewide resus s bere sanders tb win over hihiary clininn.n.n.sanderer near 6 6pet to 40
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hour...and people a a oveel pa cntwe eit to caucus tight...fox21's kody fisher i iju bacfr na high school wh ody? 3 guys.s.a loof@eoe re out tonight t upport tir candid..aroundhree hured d fty y blicicanveve hund more democrats... decratvel of peke wititsay y th're first time particantsn the caucus.... some were a a new...whh ju shoch peare e e i su cry... he iwith, , comyh ab regulat t kfep ourcomywing growhe are many ises fa us right no b b i uld say ger to get back on trk nancially thth the economy andncuring our
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3 statewide resuowere e sanders th ain o hillclinton...sander arlylypercenen 40 t ep an eye at theottom of yourureen.for@thlala lo at tonit'lorara uces 30& anotwarm o todayay. bu the ndangs on. memerolost jefmama t tls use inigig fox fastst mild tonighta reflag rning in effect for dnesy...guguy wis and very lowoer t tre heres okyoupup wey and ... stst windy at timimeeksorth
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33& heavy y ins last sinand summer are to ame for thdons of homeson tity's we side verley damaged due to lanli out of the 37 opes ewed... 17st v. two ararconsidered aot loss. cto ha majaj damag( "mor ducon i ier itit slleingiebu it oe vee ememoper. minor stction is where it's still beinoccucued but it's ing g ake a lot t moneyey air thmo." ."the cici icuentl woroin a a h hard mitigation grant programic..f pred. . will l ly take o totwhree y y befe y oers e e ht out. w tonoght t 10. 3 y le binaden docush he d a a nds-onppacto h
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ragyaining, ell as progand propopandabin laalso sed ontrikinth french.. if u.s.gege wen't e. he also ed tmvem e pakistsnmpou in n -... bebee he wted find placents f his hpers. he plannedmove out of therbefore the/11 annirsarthatear.nd i he had been lili wn thma20 rai n -- he uld d @ be longone wh his exteed fily. 3 xt -ple isgain defendinits deci noto rk with the f-b-i i break tohe ihonef onof t t san n bernar shootererapap geunsesebre sewe testststd about ththth controvey day re t house dicicimmite. sewellarneifle agrd d toreak isyedk'k' phone -. it would ma evyone less sa. 3 3 th thehebi would lely e as ececotr cases s volvg other ones. 've ard fristrict attorney van, whs al sa he ablululylans t t usthis` tooon over 5 5
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3 but f-f- james comey ys apple h iall wrong.he testiethat the f-b-i wantis tmoveetet d fark's phone that e e s data w wrong passcodes are gueshe govovnmt cacat foe e ch gnt to wre e softwa iest nt to. 3 ppinarnd coro toght... 3 a las imounty eriff'de died tetes arshnd rd in trinidadada rururul was on duty --- but ring al ofalsay russell's trtr caveed aaffi ing anhit parkedu-v. 3 the zikairus hade its @ way to colado.. loradothe ste'chief medificecoirir t pe werinfe after travelinto a countryre kaas pre.the boecovovedkakakamo coly sprby a typyp mosquitotohahat live in lothe rus has spspading at an alarming spe lricacand the
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illnlns.. eno sympts.s. but zika couldbehindnd in b defec. a a airm fhe nural rereurcommite ...e 3-milln-gall spi of toxiwaste fr t gd ng mi waspose breacby e-p- e-a.edn email. ich saidhe sll h hpenene whenhe cleanup t tm mong "plugblocking mimi's entraraanholding the resulted e ti oven n lorado, new nd evious, ,he e amsttion saithe e-p- was prep work at the mine forure clean-upup 3 withth thohoands of sharesnd kes.s.weowing yoyoa a a perspecec of southeolorado cocorae f the e colo springs landmarar chosveve. plus.. it't'been m spnt in southerncololodo.. but thacod be bad news for fe danger. anana a a ony today` in t erin n drews trtr.. y s e sasat of h paiai
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3 3 erininndrews gavavemotnal teteondaabababab s sa hapned nce a cocoicted ststpostideo of her@red.. o o online.ll-n ortscaststsuing michael rrrrd e ner eratororf the marrtt at va.barretetwawa convicted of sretly
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sie o iral... fe hed 3 t i ini the e inat rely h)t t t%t%tfor mend hvrts me t wors gigis,schoholleg we mand theywao e e eandrexr the iott ing. i't con . d at'sveda aydreweqsa t t teteould he ed herourrt spic kiorm xt t t rsandrs is s s for 75-5- milln dollars 3 wiwi thadreaded wind sy how long is that firir
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3 we're ainly noing g ondustsksk21 is bt... this time flyiyi oveglenyrieastle 3" ust seses voters geinpersonn itomes to googlanpridential pels..wel youhe todi searches... next.
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lemmm get mk 2 e's a honew deden mcdo's s menen lemmgegea mc 2 2 2 now ciny two of your falasssss for just b mix n match. share n savor. 2 for $5$5name youflavav chooseny 2 icofoc tataeses a big mac maititit &f, a y filet-t-fi seseed qua pounderererwihee or criy ce chicken mcfor just $5 ck hurry orazing for al on th mcdcnald's tasteyou .
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id you fererhialrighghdadada, thqnk g ghe &rewardscard fro& go,,, u'llishow st e e e s d 's the epoints he things you buyy so you can hat you love more freeefoodohohre fre drdvks, and more fuel l scountnt the mor ku& ewheoru ge
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. wre & means m m how chdonaldmp woh. and is bernie sananrs a veven?those are justom the top endinges t the p is searchch..cont edn. just tname a few.the e&bsite also bringing out ca feature.. making sure@ vovors know all thth canthisear's ececon. 3 ifeah r a particular id namam i i iyou ro down, you'll see what we'r calling a usel a gives u a t ofd informatiothat tante wants ututororndnde e avavla avavlalaetotoeeeeoee ends thros tiononon as go ooooe co sltren. 3 tonight'sot sts.. our dronringews gathering tollllghtsts ev forhilelee re din fabookok faceok..anof ce.we uldn't't'tthat witutour nds ofofofes andhares. ton n sugstionsns o o e ly nexnight.t.
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" hi tre, tolen eyrie" (noervoice of dace eather general mager of gn rie " the glens tuallyuintesesnt colorado history.... causgneral willlllmer isishe fouer o ocololodo ring"the casis selis built 4.. its t nteeeebedrooms, entyty four and aloloofof eurn tas. he spent in europe sing of the fixtur and wt not th ououthe stle.."top ofhat weweweofs and d thlls ed by the y y 3 eyri glelewewee takingngou og en e eie. 3 hi t tre, weococtotolen eye" (no supoici of ce steather gal maner len ey" th is ac quisential to colodo sprgs hisry... cause g%ral williapalmer is t found of colora spris "tastliself buililin 1 1 1. . go seeebedroomsenty- four andndloof eean ils. he spt ar in europepshoinfofoalof t xturesnd what t t ugh h outhcale""p top oftor roro iand d bell..thbells manucturud bthsame coanhe liberty bel s bl ngngg""its got autiti3 ""nats bell ing" of the intresting ures of the s you feel like, en though your
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downtown, you fefe l world d ay.."" there noing romananenen coeongo a castryryeek someonmes tme and saysysoh my goshive lid re my whole fe and knew this s babaere.""" we nestled right to the north side of gardenf the gods.." the glenens 3 deffinly a hidtreare that i w all of colorara rings to come explor and sefor ururlfhaan ararecturaand wi din
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3 ming u. thers soig cpananadadg foth roies isisear.. yeye....we'lshowhat ey'r di. itould xth spor
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tytytyor theockyky untaear spor rfrt the it ioverer o free agentnon t b bossu bowl mv-v-mill gctth exsi f fnchise tag fm e ons.iller rn abo14 milli ts season. seasas..unlesshe team n on a ter agreememt... and they have untily 152 do that. ller ionththagag's bestmpact pa-er..he had 2.5 sas and two o forced fules as t t bro beat e pant 24-10 i ir bo 50.he h0 0 reer regulalaseason.and cacae thb2jns chche to place ththanchise tag on mill..ha quarterbk ocosweiler
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rket... t t team waitfor a decision peyton man. 3 swingi the fenjust got little morchchinin at coorsrs f.dthe rara rockieisinouie in ttshe n.nce ne ghghnterie wilbe raedy y fe.. and a n ofeneathth leftfid foululole wie isedeetm t rki h i 1 homomatrs fielelst season.cks manar walt weiss weighing in@n about the e anges. p3 " i always thougug it woulbe an ierting conpt if we isis the walhehtitit d iminate me othe eaho r rs th we e e thananifou caneep a d. ballthe park herer t itououhange thgs." 3 w to hockey...the avalanch in minso tonhththt against coming off a tous against thoit s outse onrs field o
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now to some local baetba tion..the vista rie ese advaed tthe ite ght he pyoff ananeyeyre goingp agt mimimi f... the lewi lmer rgers. lotime . whwhwoloes have nevebeen before. team is log to c cnge th w 3 "ia lilihangngg g exenoingntntnte e ay, layeon@ varsy 21 yrs a a hahaha nev eerienced aeam me tveveone pls s ge 3d.d.enou askior. huntnt onado whwhwh potion he playwe h s s l ofofhem for e lves..and he's willingo wowod d anynyosioioto helplpis teavae in tht stanngs. 3 "we e plg fofofoach her r d i all of us want it lorsonally many pelu righghnow e sittg at he ing methtnotr spsp d we we l playing basketball." sketetll."e wo wil playhe rgers third at 7th weros n neutl cour..t npw ey will lala at les paererigh ol s sce th he e higher rking.
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efinity somein lebre - t 's i iorta to make susu youououacally won firsthe illvil brcos celeated littt too o y y ainsthechiho arge on ndayayat t e te bronpay w thllnto e air rudodo the.thamam cebratedilihon tp of each otherthe mi of f f the cot. hower...tre w s ill seco the c arge cled time-t. tatabout aazlala se placharrsnbnbnd papaith a quiclayup..... win ththgame im wi0-59 nish 3 3 3 tomoor theunine'e'out. buthwiwi be g
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3 atoes for us.fofonews
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fox21 ws dot.hhat time is your flight? 8:00 a.m. wow. nt mee to lrive you?0 that b b.. so whatimememeyou k k uld d 6:0000 totoe on tafe re yoneveow w)wh afficnd airportttserity andnd wod you rath i call c? no, no. no, i n't ar of it. i' call one for y, i'm goa miss you


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