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tv   FOX21 News 9PM  FOX  March 1, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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and rd. weo furtr, syou n. caned dia at cess.wh.org3 ght.. hirteen states andtories get eiy.. hich candidatesill entual use 3 plus.their is a p boom g in ef....but t in way yight t.. 3 and... we ke skykyx2fo othespin.. ts time ta i ithe views len
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riwit 33 33 itas chillier than it peared to beayayt some warmer angegee blbling g ....and atea increisisfor fire danger. 3 meteorologist jeff oks atathe wthth now in the fox cast. s ineed we remaion t mi sidetil e kiki in tomorrowrefl plarontil 7gusty s and didions po fire threaeawake u uweather sunendith tempmp reaching t0s to 60s
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33ra for the wte housese
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upuesd pma and cauces a ovethe country... including here in colorado.a.ahah's whererit ts ltle nfus nfusing.democrats `anan reanchcus inin ve differere w ws totogh decrats conducte resintial erence p while repupuananvo degates to stohe te* are nobound to anypecific cande.reblicanbre tration - -in resnsns nional o-p rulethat could haeft eir delegagas "vle" the naonal c cventioar statewid..ernqsaers is lehillary clinton... will@ contin to upte the latatt eronononon botm of your reenhrouounigh 3 gh 3 the do spr f fe chch cal it t dadaf chchstopheheriley will ret fridathe city ma t aouncemt this afternn.`ney ban his tenuith the fire departnt i20, followin sesen years as c of th pueb fe departnt. befo that.. he was a fireghter r ornifor
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who haed forir department since servrvas interim fire ch 33 cocici reata in n s boomg and offials y 's all thanks toeed. caabis related proje brout nrl15 mlion llcountyid ...thth's accointo theueo gial bldg partme. 3 hererereheheac othis story-- poinbyoint. in0-15 nearl40 pcent of alcommal building permitinhe city and county ofo we rat t te cannabis indusy. b the pact hasasn ore gnifict in uniporated rtof t t cwith whping 65 percrct of pmitsts gog to big sisses. fo1's taylor bishsh t%tls us whatathis anfor rhrhuntytycocomy.. officis sapulo count s be suggl econical d dadeses and thmarianandury mig be itaving gre. >--salht now t cacaab indndingle edlyri t cococialalaal estetem puebloounty.">--lou"if ve told hat i uld be in the cann stuildininfor going thugangetting em ped d d gs lat
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craz"now pisnd tt if it werenor coercialotroduction.n. hes constion busineneould sti be ei e ffcts s the receseson. ot>--l guys s e not oners. t gs a2e bubuneplply're vesting millio upopomillio of dolls in t un and in the of puebloi 's a aat earyryry us."--orthe e ratorieeps a aewd sariri from g g bubu it's grow erationse this ppg g and driving --l"we serve an economiboomompeo dedervrv payjobs. everyoneesves unity put foo thehe and putheir r ds ththugh colllld that'3'3 what we'ng rigowowin
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3 cannabab retles hit one billion llars coloradadin n 3 new tonight... homeowow impted by t landthe city's wt side....ilriday y le an apatn they pe to see re from fedel grant. 3 here tac f... 3 avraiblag d mmsated the s and slopes in th yway a broaoor fseiborhood ....nynythuseshere have seegnificant laidand ininasucture dage.e forcinghe city to file an plicatn for thth &p hazd mitition grara prraraoxox1's kalyn mcmack s down with t countyty assessor to upupte on n e e situat nce last may..both the cit the coun he been acking the damage se homeme . . .and ti ruinfor honet someieie. 3 want p pple ling in lacein their s home."s%veral rents on the side e of towhowever, i theite of eiei "we'vep physically insnsct
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'v'vjusted v v 17 so e derminedither majo minor, or total deyed ge otherti cavednemen, doors at won't cle and alkinds of cracks and h hes@ss`om of the d dage y yceri mana of the homence rth a ofoney, arno rapidly y osthr valu "the ct towhicicis whatt llake b thehe e ck up to staarfa exeds e market val of e e proper."the ty is rrtly workinon a hard mitition gra proam, whicif approved, wilallo e city to federamoy y to buyout the s%of erwns who o filean apicio"this ishenly prram m can givem any ibleayf f ivinin moy foeihome."the landide currently reins active a with icd owow aninin in the coming nthsthere'no telel what could happen l the houses. hey dot know w the next sto is going to bring g d if they're goi just sit there and la portir hse o an like uthere
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." the ococs.from appl thehe buyouts llltake ateast t three ard cod ngerep h many iene areected. i you'd kee informatio out thlandsl, th ant hat can doad to oebsitet fofoews dot coand ch " "slid" spite someme cononsi r res... ma`peoplplare st hpy to phe psiial ocesfor 20-16 3 fo1's koishehespenthe eveng at corado hagh he jns us nolilili rinow with ver reactionon. as colorans voe eir ope pridenal r... 3 im re aconaigh hool andnd there a tononf people here... there are rohly 35reblblansphere night... and around 5000or more docrats..the are roestis..... 3 nonoattete pty..peop are excited caus fofo eir@candid"i feel its
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evererotet in a caucus. i just recently moved here maynd el le escily raight n its very y y importrtt that we spea . vovo."r op he th isre@ whats most impopoanan.. tll paio d deney thin tatkle themhe best..."for me.he planet and bernie hest t." "therere manissues f fin us right now, but woulsay ineneral to get back on acfincially th the econy.whilildemoats feel e caus procecs is rely simple... s se repupuicans are feeling trated this ye...."its irtio be`vg fo delegatedirectly and n for tandidada, cae u rere knohow th tes arargoing toe, ifyre goto vote fo the candidates t tsasa@heyre going to ve fofopeople are paioiote about howortata this elen for o trtr.. belelts the futurecotr believe we nto be real trulssnatebout our future throught r retionips th othth
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3 ,3 there arlot rst time caucus g grsrs here tot... song and some again justhows much people are caring a thauand election... g from corongh
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a arsce ia!s an elephanbreaks loose.... an wild ring a fesval. festiv.eck ouw more of is d dmativio later as fox2news at nine ctinues.. us..skyfox21 i iat it agn...this time a ta youn a birdye of gl eyrie. 3 and tht for raal ty continueses t asroteststs takeo the stres of-a'rfing for.. cinin
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we d't jusservany fi sawit cu's. weerved-htrthatlaic c.. is cododrows iwater th i i co, ean d prprtifull of flflfununuieies, at tomom tough t tieie is way wep it t yourtaurts. not preadad. not only doe use the hit quality but we hand-batter itheld-fashioned way's remarkakae. ananwe thiget the best fifisandwich becat.
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righghnow. 3 3 we e mer... we he only statlding co@s@sight. t.asupupueayin down...race for the white hohoem bgettina ttle me clear. fox nene cocdennjoel wan is in washshon wit e latete rultsas pol ben to clo .. and nns ben emerge. jl.l. 3 3 nald trump, , poiso win a mariri of e super tuesy y
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wiwi alalady y tched d win n inin secondnd bgest dele e ab of t t night - grgia. the ceceorecd now ...betwe marco and ted crth keenly awar at's at stake. rubio says: "i h he to ln i hear trcallin to dropop out aftetenighaughtete //ted to /i will go toto l 50 s ss ..."ater a barre of rapidide attas fromoth rubio d uz .... aimed trump..wiwihe frfrfiring back .ie vorsn to weigh in.. it appears e elte is overerermil y favoringhenti-i- blishmbibiioe caidate ....laba tenne anmassacsett also goingng tru waytru]p sa: "we are gointo start nnina t lks,etse to it."on the democtic c de ... wher*865* gagas e e up f grabs..illary clinn aparheado over alvictoror...wh ns
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sa: "nowmpai mes fod d theent ty,y motor ty -- b%b%ndnd ." nds,, wiin hihime statermrm in dominanang fhion... sas says: "thiisotot g ger election, it n n wne al// b bted d /yo roy end up wthe same ou of degates in a atat" 33 ght no.. 33momohan a dozezelives maerroteststs yingng roh e stetofofof dodotownosngeles. demonsators lkg e sts today in white t noa homele m k kled poli lt year43 yr d char keung w six timeduring a a alrcation with polole. acrding to oicia keunang d methn his syem ri t shootin6. whihi
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a viofheent poedine. today esto callefor police accounty ......n.n dedended t freedom of trishawnwn car... . ntly me womanaw arreor pic up an ti a tr svey finds... 75-pntf drdrersay they wouldn't fl sa ia self driving cahweveve. - peent y th wld like get ininof sdring ure,uch as aatic brakinor sparkiksoso cate seldrivinrs argue they wouou bsafefethan carsriven byumums... because they can't ct o odrdre when tired ormpaired. 3 goinrossmericao washgton d-c tonight.. 3 ere leletututu-- twn planane f-b-b- moves om the couuoto capitol hillthe use judiciarcotee ldinaring on encion n iracy. a day a aer a federajudgdgled apple favor@in a separbu silar ca. fox's krtin fier has more from waington. as l b b btwee apple and the f-i
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s s s ca to las toto..asking for cgres- nothe t whher hould be ford to hele t f-b-i prerereredata om a aphone used be of . e sarnardrno terrorists. sewellays: "thdecicion should bmadedey u coess prentis ofheheple,e,atatr than throh a waanre sed on a 220-ar-old ate.e e aring comea day after ple'seot a t fr a fededal. ling t f fcan't force apple p p pccess to locked iphin a new y yk case involving a drug dealer. me the f-b g with fedal p pvacy in *bot cas.d ernoalasisor ple's reresal to h ckm says"won useheools gigito us une law. 's o job tsisi tl peopop there ia prlem." anwhilel a numbe lawmakers have sd 're preping legiation that would compel cpanies like apple e asst the b-when neneedbut stal expis y th's unliky to happpphile theasas ststl ininlitigad. goodlae says: doion of w mmmmatioteolog by iendingarar americple is outpapang
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no says: "thcongress has usiss intnuding thmiddle of a se in federal cot. thehert i branf f vernment, the co iotr r brch e urt decide and thehe congss can me s iniry." g)attorn g ttttncalso weiing in tefsdsd..callg foan pen dialue" twtwe vernmm and tech comps.toiss li ts the futute. i washgt, krisn fier
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3 pepe mescaca's o' a aporthiternoo 3 .tonightartltltly cldy in the e eveving g d overnight th becoming mtly clou. lowsss theower 30ssouthe wiwis upto 10 mph becoming
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edostly y nny. highs v to 70. hwest winds 15 to25 mph with gusts a45 mphph.wedneneay nit. c cudy. lows in the lower m 3.not t winds aroundmpwithus to aroun m ..mostly sunny. highs 58 tsouth wi to15 m..thuday nigh..partly cloy. ls the mitoppp 30s.rthwhwt s around0 mp .fday...paly sunny. highgh 63o 6969da ght...partly cloudy.s lowetototo 3 saturday and saturday...mostlcloudy. his 616166.wsn e mid to upp0s. clou. 70. lows in the mid to u uer..
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58 t.onda nigh..mostly cloudowowin
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of rain. hio 5433 3 3 gog ou the wor gh.. pen ththcu tariansi.exs castir vot..and elephant goes wi 3 nsioio rise.. . thousus egeecaed on e bordrd bet gree and d cenia dedend aayo eu.otesrsanaged tl iefly y y downhe fence, and tri t tpushsh way ugbut th we stopd th tr s rd polole rge donserinjured - clg ilen. this extlwhhabeenen rnininother u statesatatat iff borrs clend gece is len its s own, the refugee cpisis wach h il in2: it isisy me
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ght has.amanicans livibroalfill thei civic dutymany arica cacatheir votetefor th pry elechihisupe esesy frtrtgermrm 5959reblan delegat and 8686democratat are at stake.anlet n a agduring a fl l soutndim ating m my as tweneniclepa ar templelepnt initlly y er to meg, banagedo breaea andple rked cars,bibis nonoas injured hundrere of ptpte ephas okededor frs a a stststs ininan acdentare t unon. e. 3 still toomomtonight asox21 at nineontinues.r wl-v-von willer't'te avthe leleh e the st on n his cotatus
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lemmeme mcpk k there'e't new nmcnas mcck 2 2en mmt t mcpick pick a twof yourfavorite claics just 5ucks. ixch. she n n vor. fo$5. namemeouf avor choose 2 2#rnita, a bimamamadede100% bee a fly let-o-fi,( searedrter pndnd wiheese or criy 10-piececeenenmcnuggets justst5 buck rry in for an amaz2 for deal othe
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in tonight alus news... 3 one gh school isis g thehr ststtststs 3tehing thehow to use t t samehnolololthat'ssed inin films likeransformers,piof t tbean a thlatata star warsrs film. here are the facts f. 's called actioin caurur. and jorityf schoolusg this technogy e hig ols st onef a handfu hh schoolin the nati havthis technogy.. thechoowa leled ttheir digitamedia studies s progm m throh anan. funded by y e corado springs r ry club. fox21's chstita . dawiwi s s#us how studenre ming move. in the digil field.d. 3 ((nats))itovent. edt.. ts)) anyb- - tameme udieuc apalm hil "t"ttle ectitiallsre a u ull picked teras thtt upthe top of theru sysy. anat infma is psed ugh wis onhe computur,","whicen takes those dodo.. to d a elet structure. ma mys 18seor makes you o oo andnd
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studtst palmer hh h sc hahanly beorkingh the cnhology for aouple weeks... bub there already learni a l l davis - - 18 senior ata0 palmer "it's like ning a new language, youou t ow whatbyou'u' walki into, you/n't knowow anything abouit. t once you int, you cch on pretty fafa."sean wrant ss once atkelelel struruure ilt.a model n en be placveitnghe ma movements as the uden the suit.eawybrant- dil didistudies at pmer gh schoot's imrtant for em to unrstand thahahighchoois nono from the real rld,hat th havlo r and a lot of opportuty reate thinightow if md t." l ltion motn capte alwspntto bebebebe passive u urs o technolo.. wle a getting crtititiadison myers - 18- seor "bebeg able blike, that one kidt waableo workitmotion pture folege and bere eveonelsend lik you alady knowda what thdeal is." colorado rings,hrti dawidowicz fox2 3 wyant t they e the on hool in a multiste rs at has ts ality ofof tegy ofoern eir
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3 he somof the sts a workiki on righnow fofofox21 nenenet 10. 10.inhe mind of a terrorist...ocumumtsritten osama binaden arere rele to e bl..wh was found.and he watargetin plus s sersday results ape coni to a wrapapthe cavotes pouring now. who else theatiohas picked as toght's wiers. 33 nasa may be going supeonicgain... at theiplan go back into thpast is coming up later fox21 new ate contins... 3 pluseck thisut in ninioverhe u-........ 3 d 's bketball ayoff time'lshowow of f f vatcpso wah th ekenalal is s xt in n
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it is for theocky moununinonrs spopos repo... 3 e s eror o oe agt on the bncosososr bowl m-v-p von ller gete lusi franchi tagrom thbrcos. milr will
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season.unless theeam`n workn a loer reemt... and ty have ju 15t do o at mi is ononthe leagae's's bempasaspa-ruer had 5 sas antwrced@ a#a%hehe b panthers4-10 in supe bowl 50.heheheca regulase sacksand beusthe ononose plalthe frananise on mi..ththeans arteack brweiler wi be le to te free- agent team waitr a d cici from peyton@n manng. 3 3 t ere waa lot of tagging go tod. the e rolinana nthers placed the fran tag on pro bl erbaba josh n nthe tag guarantees normorthan 13 millin 2016. 3 anthe tagseep rolling .the waingtonins ar ing a nonoclelive frfrise g on quauaerbaba rk csins.e move guartees csins a mimin salary t016 seas. usins papa f momohafo thos d tdoas asonped ad t rens tththnfc east titit d ...the kansns citchie
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the ieielan ranchi tag safety eric rry. t tagagag fosafees s s s le re tn $1mimimo 3 now ome losketll ri wowoes he advancnco @ ite eighin t plaffs and they aoing up ains a familiar... e lewis rge. loloti . whththwolves hav neneat befe.bue am i ilookinl change e at thiseekend. "i"is changing pepeence going inte , i have plad% vaity y r 21/2 years and have nevevncnc tea ke this, erye play together."3 an nou ask humamaonado what sision hplay.we he s of tfor e wowoes..anhe'sling to work hd at anyositto h h team vavae inhe standi 3 "we are ayin each her d i kn all ous wanit sot meanlot m m person b b bse my peoplelele right nonoartting home dog someing hehesp we and wstill playing ball." baetbathwolvl l l play t ranrs this sard
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noth wbe playing at les er high scscol s s they have the hi ranking 3 glenie gets thousa sitoto ery yea..but ey don'get to seeamou lamark quite le this this.we'll ta you otour ofeyeicomi up. nonono h h 'je.. 3
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switit to ceylink prisistv, d gesamemereathannelscablgivetht vingdeal cab s s d? and.there's whole me tonof on demaptio yououan watchchhatevewhev yes and? why do you guyuy keaying that?
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ele a llywd inder withrismfromenturylili.winlnlto slaed io (3(3reating ngers coitions f drs. 3 .tonighty cldy in the evenind overght then becoming mostly cldy. ws in the ler 30s. sohe windnduptoh ming nohwest afteightht ednesdayostltl highs 62 to rthwest winds 25ph with st toro45phph rtly clolo low e lower toto 30s.northwt nds arndnd0 mph thth gusts
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.thuhu..mostlsunn ghs soutwind10 ph..thuda nith..papa cloud low in e mid toto upper 3 3.northwest winds s nd 10 mph. ridapartlyny. hihis o 69..frida ght.....rtlylyly c cudy. ls ththlower toto 30saturury d saturday nig...mostly oudy. ghs 61 t t66.lowswsn e mid to uer 30s0s cldy. highs 63o i the mitopp0s. .my...mostly sunny.hs o 64.mday ght... cud lowowin wer s..tuesday...most
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tonight shots. 3 late lasarar. iroduced our lateteewgathering g skyfox21 @drononon of our first flights waover sen falls... givinviers unsptive of the colorararaprings laldmark. thresponses was off t charts... wier a a o oboth oubse and facebook. the video was so shshedednd tonight... 3 we're takingngouigh er one tewel's ocolora
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eyrie" (no superice of d de stararther geralalaner gleri" thglen i actulyntessel radodogs hisry... use gelliaiapalmer is the founderf loris "the castle sel3 in 1904 its got seventeen mstw four a alot ofopn tails.s. he spt a ararn europehoppfoall of t t ur s wthroug out the e caca.."" up op tha3tower roofd d bell.. the bell inufafaur by y same compathe e libert."s of b bl ringing"ts g toneneneats ofell l ng "one of intrtrti fefeur of thglen i iyou fefe likik evethou your tenutes aw fro downtownyou feel le ur world d away"" there is
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mia st"everweek someone mes o memend says " m mgosh! ved re my whwhe e fe never knew this was ba" we are nestleleririt to t n de of gardrd o othgodsd." the glen i ideffinitly a a hien treasure,hat i welcome all of colorado springs to come and explore e anfoself what anan architecral and wild find that it 3 3 she ysyst waan iion n
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spster eririandrewis fighng back. back..we'lhead tthe cotroom as the cililrial againsmaririt and he acd stker conts... 3 an....azazvzo a womom 4getsouou..n e middle oa tornsee it alll
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lemme get mcpk 2 the'e'honew alnndonas pick 2 menu! mme get a a pickck w ckny two of yoyo fafarite claic r ju 5 bucks. ix m m. she n vor.2 for $5. name yr flor
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a fllet-fish ared quaer p per with cheheee orrispy -pieieheckck mcnuggs for j st $5 buck hurry in f famazing 2 r r dede othedo's ttes s u love. ada ba ba 3 ca on ca tonight. d drir nanana escacathado ararped d rolouiui steek.newlreleleeded survrvan video sho ka sog upupo a hahawa s. thehwewewe locked a johohoneh by drine mts fore tordo dtroyed the ste.e.jojon the
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tithe rnado passed. 3 shcavideo ows whatooks like a meteor ovhekies ofof scotland. f f shows a fiball ithe y moay vie from roain taking to cialediao speculate onon what the brighflash`cocod be. the deputu ecuirec for thl tronomic soy sa...he belve isas s low-altide mfte, burninintoti "fireball.( 33 weave re n ns from across america ni.. 3 spcasterrin andr ururagn toto fing ososaminion n he case ainshotel she sa enled a stalker t e nude vide of he.... thehehehe onle. 33 fox'ura ingle inew york wre.. 33 anher toy in crtor x ts brocaster erin@ andrew the t-v perernaty crying as deriris e nudvideo secret shototndnd posteonliney a
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relalaonsh with boyfrienen hy play rret [toll.drews says: : .. thihk he wove loved the e rl morthat wasas t fore thihapppppp a i feel very il aut tha ys".".ant to be e cool ss portnd dag th trs thth he's sroud i don't waim to see thiswipes tes)michvid barret mitting in a rded detiond mond, hang shohovideo of andwsws after altering the peeho of herot room dodo.she sasahe fooge h caused her to have ust issues, and mamas her feel insece 37-y-yr-old saysysheelies shshll bdealg with all this yearso co.andrew ys: : .what t ppwhen omhome from schoho a a they'r'rlililimokids a yi tt !neded e ternet?"ews says: "..sne men ' thi ill gonna beise wh you're 60?' o gonna expln it to randds ...y." andws is thth owner operor o>h nashe maiottttan barrett,or5-millio
9:55 pm
sh theeo is s fault,, andrews clms the hotes negligent when i and barrett'request fo a room nexexto hs.drs s ys.the nashville rriott`t`t him in room neo m% neveralled anasasd me if at was ok. (on cam tag)andrs sa d have cd d ce if she knew maned tbt i anandjact new yk, laa ine, fox new 3l vid rrng o a halflfea in l pronhe n nin o ogoanandrdrdr m d d trufoorts i rt of twtyst ctury fo whichchs also tarent mpany ofofews. 3 faceboborted as a y r people tstay connected connected...t it haso turnedednto cash c forts fofor rk zuckerberg.e wpe e ran now othe
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3 ton's biness news... 3 face founder mark erbebe is he movovup stst lisl.forbes sayzuckerbe thegest g gr 16 bons.s. zuckerbebeing up tenpots frast yearrbes ss... 's now t world'sth richest .. a tot t rtesmated atat 44njnj bilollars 3ansa is vestg inhe poteteial re supersonic jet travel.ththth space agcy h gntnt a 20- lllldollll cont to lo marn devop passenent at c st ttheed of s nasa say t plan is intended to make flying r, r ananr.thishows prelimary desithe jet wod usteno to crte soso tmp instef rattling sicoo while i fligigpersrsicomrcia jetravel eed me than a a dego wite grgrnding ofof the crde. 3 were wororn e right nofofox21 1
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10.the jourl bebend the 9/11 ats is opened up the puiceywhichehe untry osama bin lalalas rget 3 plpl nrlrlomes tin e ofof foding and ndslides in southern lo..hothe ty i workto clean uthe mess. swinintterr r q g given a a olnew meinfor e rockies....what coors field is n that may pact ththscoror t game.fo1 nene at t p-m startno 3 3 it'super tuesday- -h ggest daso f oe ary calear..d hiarar clinton anno t tmp appebeeng r grn thmoat a blredeial noti 3 and alvoteare inow ias e la pl in alaskjuju cped.... ryan nobobs jos us now liv om the ncatal... ryan, , k about t we kno o r.


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